Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 14, 1972 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1972
Page 22
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47-- Roul Etrtilo-- For Stilo N»M n i y u t l u v l l l o -- 'nmtjurliiml mid nnulurci wltli B jicro lake nixl iilirlnis. 1,11 wo I m n i mil or liny iriiclnri wltli ntl:iehnunl» Included ElGiuillrul n n l l v o alone r.nd i ou Iwmfj. II nodrrjoiiid, a':, I j j i t h a ?1 /Irepliicc., I'horry ivincli!,! llvln«. room, c.ll., C,A,, Idcnl h w r n l m o n l Ternw. 8mnlJ down. Cull ClmrUa ONLY $16,500. MUST S E L L Jftve oily ncrcs, 7 room rustle home. Carpeted, Broil vlow. Open lioiwe Illwny (12 west, t n k o ronil ncroM from H a w k i n g Hody Shop, lop o( hill. brown liotuo wllh wallow By Owner, 442-6390 The Best Home Buys .. . Before Your Eyes BARGAIN TIME! Now It h only 510.000. Brand new i v l i r l c x , 3 hedroom home. Central - air B e a u t i f u l cm ni-lhii; ... Dining .area nntlo. Happy Hollow. School District. boss company real csUta 2!00 N. College -- 521-727J a f t e r (event Gene Garrett 412-8022 ' TWO bedroom house hy owner, large rooms, HreplaL'e, new cnrpel, new paint, targe lot. Wellington. Phone 521-S36. . 31-ACRKS, 15,000 capacity broiler houst., automatic equipment, cltr water, natural sas. 1 bedroom home. 6SI-5741. 'l/HBonl E»to|»--For Sola U "I "Maw A i'iiw"~cTporntioh W««l Of riio M l M l . i l p n l l Corner 5 rowry I l i i i i d l l n g Boor Anil Nn. ' V,c Wlnc.l X'lnt Llsrliitf Clunrlor., »*«,"W|. 25% Downl nollrlnii Owinr Will frlnanrc. J. C, CAMPBELL GRO. 275 Hunlivllle St. Fayoltovlllo, Ark, 72701 $21,500 Thrco bedroom, US bslhi. flre- lil.icc. I n i l l l l n t kitclioil/dlnlnx comb i i i n l h i n . fl/10 ncro. Old Wire Road N o r t h , I M i U c r f l o l d .School dlatrlcl. Over 1,300 sq. f t , of llvinir apace. Phone 443-4(596 11IRBH hcitroom brlcle, V/, MUi for , tlT.SCQ. f!.;ln|dalt. imnll down. laiH Hill Taylor, Outer Html, Will 1'torlr, Aik. Also imorott block Home vary nlri, wllh all furniture, I1J.OOO, 3 lj«'lrooni!f nii'l funitly ro«n, J1W) down, flirea Mi, Or pall Mariarcl Taylor HI 8:30 ·.in,, m-Mlt Kajetlivltu. May rent- ligmo Wtit ITork, IHJ i month, liill' f u i n l i n e d , In couple, no cMEtfrln. BVKHVBOnSf icaoa Oi« TIHfcU WANT Ang. You aral VIEW THE VALLEY BIIICK CONSTRUCTION -YEAR A R O U N D A I H - CONDI. TIONED -- Him thrco bedrooms nttd a paneled Den -- Large HvhiK room -- Formal dining -- Nice kitchen with all bulll- i n s -- Two f u l l baths -- Double carport wllh workshop -- Mnny extrns Include wood b u r n i n g Ilreplncc. covered pntto with Ijorbcque, fenced yard -- wall lo wnll carpets and drapes In. eluded. Owner nnxloua for o.utek sale. Price 531.000.00.. Imm e d i a t e possession. Call us today. Offlco 412-7331. NEAR ROOT SCHOOL CHOICE THREE BEDROOM BRICK -- QUICK POSSESSION -- Large living room -- paneled family room with fireplace -Formal I n f o r m a l d i n f n g area -- Large kitchen with all buill- Ins -- Two tiled baths with vanities -- Attached carport with storage -- Central heat and f i r -- Carpeting Be drapes -- Extra large lot wllh beautiful plantings trees -- Designed for real living -- Priced nt only S28,500.00. Call us to-. day. Ortico 442-7391. KINCAID COMPANY REALTORS George W. Lewlfl 442-47$) Mike n. Watson 442-G711 Hugh Klticatd . 521-6054 ROOT SCHOOL FARMS: 75 Acres -- 10 miles esst of Foyclleville on blacktop. 2 bedroom home tins large kitchen w i t h dining area and hie "living room wilh native stone fireplace. Also larce pond and a new'lully automatic 12,aOO c a p a c i t y broiler house. Priced at S45.GOO. 11 !i Acres -- Hi miles from Gosheti. Very nice 2 bedroom home has Jots of shade and good garden spot. Plenty of good water -- S J'S" , crcck a n d Iar B e lTM n tl with lots of natural Jood for the Jlsn. 6. or 7 acres of good Brass and good s | ze ba rn ma ],e It a dandy deal at S22.500, B R Y C E DAY I S e c o. i N c. 1617 North College 443-2336 Brycc Davis David Cleveland Frances Langhani 412-8071 Vine Blumenhcrg 521-1197 Nancy MaWer 443-3157 Herb Duel] 442-53M 142-4192 47-Reol Esfal*--For fa\%-- A'J'Ol' Ml, 8»iUDy»h. noomy, 5 roomi, 3 tt*rfg9, iorrji«»; 1J^ linUii, uULIly, no'liit loli, 110,0X1, (120309. Just Haled JO ncref, flood tfnrden, I bedroom homo Juit fhilihcd, tull bnvomenl, attached l«r«gc. 2000 feet floor Bpaco. Wall lo wnll cir- pellng. centTM I n l r and heat. Gar- !»((« compreuor, 2 butha, ntnri»c Hhed, It n w o n d e r f u l view And taau. llrul homo lIUi your pl«ni hett«r ice thUi, Will carry la r« loin. NEWLIN REALTY CO. West Tork, Ark. TO BUV, «U. CH OUT, OLL CHOICE NE LOCATION 1SOO «q. f t , . 3 bedroom, 214 bath plus paneled 2-car garage. Haa all Ihe noodles plus 1800 iq. ft. walkout basement. For detalui · call. VERY NICE 3 bsdroonv 2 .bath brick. Kitchen with all bulltlns, dining nook, carpet and, drapes. Covered patio, fenced backyard, CH and CA; 5-ROOM HOME on tree studded lot. Paved street, city water, and natural gas. 8 ACRES Open land. Close In on blacktop load. With terms.. FAYETTEVILLE REAL ESTATE OfflC U2-7M1 3247 N. Collefa Omcr Verwera 442-8415 Thelma Culv/eU : 442-7102 Barbara McCleiiter 267-3336 Jim Watfion 442-223* He Ij(li11 A'ldlllon, · tubdlvljlon n( ihr pfit of laid KfdHEon on file In the oflliffl til ih* circuit Clark and BX- ofHew nicorder oi Waihlnilon County, Be and 'iht urn* \t her«by forme'. nig a local asitnmtnt dlilrlct [or the urf-oii nt Improving Jackson Drive roin iMlMJw] rvd«vard to forth Jackon Ur.vB. i ^lai 3. Thst th* inveral loi«, locki, or other igbn|vli!ofii of rtil . erty w i t h i n wiM Aiimmtn. (Ui- UIcl bt, and they h arc by art, aneticl i per th» scJicdul* o[ *iimm*nU on Je wllh Iht Clly cieik ol th« Clly ot 'ay«!l«v'jl!t, ArV-inias, which amip~ i*nli b e a r Interest at Ihe ral« of ten lereent [10%) per annum from Kcpttnv wr 1^107!*, unlem the property own«r(a)' ehooiflfB) to pay | n a im^p wm a| «re1ni(lftr provMed. Ketillon 3. ThM Jen percent (10%) of atii ameisnunl of (he vntuo of lha tenellli of each t* the IB Id loU, btocki, lUWlvlifon* of fand »hail h« paM lally on or btfore Bcpitmbtr 1 of . e«r until the whole of eaH M esi,mcnt shai] - have been ?a!d, bC2ln i l n a fe'eptcmlMJi- 1, Vft'i. Section ·*. 'iii*i the property ownern) nay pay the anscMmfnt levied In a ump Aum pa-able within tKlrly ISf» · Ddfr llifl completion ot thi prod Improvements. cllon 5. 'J"hat all ordinances anrt all [nr(i of ordinance! In conlJJcC htrewllh \rt 'ht^tby repealed. ThEi ordinance hall tw in f u l l fore* and effect tiom fend a d c r Hx paiMKe. PASSED A N P day of AUEUH, 1 Legal Notices-' OnniNANOB NO. 1871 AN ORDINANCE LJDVYING ASSESS' MENTH AGAINST THE PROPERTY; BEMyETTBD BY THE lirPROVEif OF JAOKBON DRIVE FRO^t MISSION AVENUE TO NORTH JACKSON DRIVE; STATING THtj MANNER JN WHICH SAID ASSESSMENTS ARE PAYABLE; AND SfTATINO THE ITAfK WITHIh WHICH BAID A6S105SUENTS ARE PAYABLE. WHEREAS, majority in vatue of.the nwners ol real projwrly benefited by'the Improvement of Jacison Drive irom ilisjlon ' Boulevard to North Jackson Drive Have pet I Honed the · Board Directors for the con'slrucltoo of said Improvement and that a portion ot Hie cost thereof be assessed upon the rea properly benefited, according to lh« benefit's received. HOW. TftEREFORE, EH IT ORDAIN ED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE crrr OF FATErrEVH ARKANSAS. Scclion i. That all ot the real property situated in the following territory localei In the City of Fayettevllle, Arkansas: Lots 18 through 31, tnriuilve, Jick-j STUCK WITH A WHITE ELEPHANT? 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CLASSIFIED ADS Bring BIG Results 442-62.42 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Weekdays 8 a.m. - 1 2 noon Sat. «gal Nolkei- APPROVKD thli lil iz. j, r. surr. Mayor AITEfiT: Helen Youns, Clly CIcrV 1-lc-H onniNAMiK no. lint N ORDINANCE ACCEPTING TERRI- OHY A N N E X K D TO THK CTIT OK FAYETTEVJIJ.K, A11KANSAS: A8SIKN' NO 8AJU TPlnniTORY TO WARDS' AND KOIi OTHKrt PURPOSES. WHEHEA8, Hie County Court of Wlh- nitlon County, Arkansas mitt «n order annexing the followi/i* rtcsorlbed lerrl- ory lo Ihe clly o! Fayellivillt, Arttan- aj, lo-wh: A part o/ the Nnrlhcast Quarter (ME ol the Quarter (BE of Eccllon Thlrty.lotlr (H), Towmliln Sixl(M (16) Norlti, Ranffe Thirty (30) wesl, and bcine more particularly des- cribtil as tx«lnnlns al Ihe Northwtst coiiicr ol raid 40 acre Ifnct and ruunfnR (hence East 980 /eel, Ulcnce Eouth 300 reel more or less, or lo the North right of way line of Ihe County Road, thence Northwesterly with the- NorlK rljrht-br-way Line of «ald Counly Road lo a point where Ihe North rlzhl- of-way line croices the West line of said 10 acre tract, aald point btlni ?H feet ajulh o( the point ol beilrt- thence Point of North 335 fett lo WHEHKAR, the County Clerk of Wash- nsrton County, Arkansas,- haf forwarded Ihe transcript of said proceedtn(r.5 lo th« Board Of Directors of the City of Fa ellovllle, -Arkansas, and, WHEUEAS, more than thirty days have elapsed ilnce the date of said Order and no proceedlnga have been Instituted in the Circuit Court to prevent said annexation and no notice thereoi hag hcen xlv«n as required by Taw NOW. THBRETORR, BE JT ORDATN- BD BY TUB BOARD OF DIRECTORS 1. That the annexation ot Ihe above Iejrtbed lerrUovy to Ihe corporate limit! of the. Clly of Kayetlevlllc, Artf- suisai bt. and the same l hereby ac- cepled and all of ca!d territories are hereby slencd to and made a. part of Ward Three (3) of the City ol Fay ellevllle, Arkansas. 1. That Ihls ordinance shall be In la] force ajid .effect from and -»fler Its passage, approval and publication. PASSED AND APPROVED this day of A«IU!l. 1071 APPROVED: J. F. SUIT. Major ATTEST: Helen Youn«. city Clerk Bottle Cap Crown Won't Be Displayed WASHINGTON (AP) - Pros- I I c n t Nixon's bottlo-cap "crown" may not be displayed at a U.S. exhibit in Berlin next month aflcr all. Up to a few days ago, the U.S. Information Agency was going lo have the crown--made from auto emblems, bottle caps and other odds an ends--shipped lo the annual German Industry fair opening in Berlin Sept. 15. The theme of this year's fair Is on environment and technology, said USIA project officer Paul Kcrvin. He said the USIA display will feature the ,heme "garbage Is beautiful" Lo stress recycling. So be thought it approrlalc, Kcrvin said, to include in the show the head gear of Irash- llke items which appeared in the August Issue of The National ' Lampoon,' The " magazine called it "The Great Crown of King Dick" and ran a composite photo picturing it on Nixon's head, along with some uncomplimentary remarks. Kervin told the Lampoon that the "crown" would be shown at the 10-day Berlin fair. He said USIA would pay shipping costs. This was until Kervin's boss, Gerhard Drechsler, chief of U S I A ' s exhibits division, learned about it. The project had never been okayd by those responsible for what will be shown at the U.S. exhibit, Drechsler said. He saic it was only through a slipup that the proposal went as far as it did. The junior officials "didn'l obtain authorization to do it, 1 ' he said. "They won't get it." At Eddie Jaffc Associate in New .York City, a public-rela lions firm which had publicizcc the Lampoon's expected display In Berlin, a spokesman said he had not yet heard 'of USIA's turndown. He said plans are still under way for a mock crowning of a Nixon look-alike In New York Tuesday. Lawsuit Over Bid Specifications May Be Filed LITTLE ROCK CAP)-- How ard Harper of Little Rock, president of Hie Arkansas Of (ice Machine Dealers" Associ ation, says that a lawsuit prob ably will be filed soon over new bid specifications for the sale ol office machinery to state agencies. Harper said the bid spccifica lions shutout or reduce competition on some kinds of office machines, principally typewriting and dictating equipment. He said the contracts would result in wasteful use of tax money. Some of the office machine dealers believe the new bid specification favor Inter national Business Machines. William Gaddy, administrate! of the state Purchasing Division, said his agency through the proposed contracts were fair and reasonable. He saic the bid specifications were designed fo strike a balance be tween fairness to dealers am the needs of the state agencies. He said the atlorney gcner al's office had reviewed the bi request and had rendered, an informal opinion that it is legal ly defensible. Clara Muhammad Dies CHICAGO (AP) -- Mrs Clara Muhammad. 72, wife o! B l a c k Muslim leader Elijah Muhammad, died Saturday after a long illness. Mrs. Mu hammad held no official posi lion in the sect but was active in women's work. Bethune Claims Tucker Evading Punishment issue Memphis Firm Sells Soybeans, Grain To USSR MEMPHIS. Twin. (AP) -There wns no cloak and dagger stuff lo it. Just n normiil ommerclal Iransactlon," E. W. Ned Cook said Friday of his orporallon's recent $225-mll- ion sale of soybeans and grain jo Ihe Soviet Union. Cook president of the Mcm- hls-bascd Cook Industries, nc., leaned back In his hlgh- mck leather chair, propped his eel upon his large desk and ixplalncd how the agreement vna reached. When Ihe announcement of he sale was made earlier this week, U.S. Department of Agri culture officials said Ihey con- idered it the start of a mulli- jlliion grain purchase by t h e lussians. Cook said the negotiations, which resulted in the pact, began in June when three representatives of Export Khleb, the purchasing agency for the So viet Union, contacted him. "They asked Us how mucli we would like to offer and we sold all we felt we could reasonably handle," Cook said. NOT UNUSUAL Cook said be does not consider the transaction unusual cept for the amount of commodities involved. His firm has been trading with the Soviet Union since 193G. "Mainly, we have purchaser cotton and sunflower seed oi from them while we have sole cotton, and both European anc U.S. grain to them," he said. "Really, the only thing differ cnt is the amount in volved...and it Is the larges single sale this company has ever made," Cook added. "These people are very (a mlliar about U.S. business They know our language anc the various phrases we use here in business and are vcr' competent and well trained ' Cook said of the Soviet repre sentatives. Cook himself is no strange lo the Soviet way of life, having traveled there last year in wha he termed a "getting acquain ed trip." He said that trip was no directly involved in any way w i t h the mulli-million-dolla purchase. He said he met several times with the Soviet representatives including one in Memphis Cook said he made at least five trips to New York for talks, where the deal was finally closed las week. LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Pros Atty. Jim Guy Tucker of Little Rock said Sunday that he had made his stand clear on'capita punishment. His Republican opponent, E Bethune of Searcy, had again charged in a news conference Sunday that Tucker wa "avoiding the issue." Bethune challenged Tucker t' make his views known to I'm statewide news media in LIttli Rock. He said he had been advise that Tucker had comment 01 capital punishment in r e c e n speeches' in Mountain Homi and Pine Bluff, but he said tha his investigation had shown that Tucker was vague on thr issue. "Tucker was in both place; recently, but he again avoidei the issue by not taking a plea position." Bethune said. "I di not belabor this point in th campaign, but I am not going to let Tucker slip around thi issue or create a phon; record." T u c k e r said he had frequently taken a stand. "Let me make a statemen for the record once and fo all," Tucker said. "I do favo the death penalty under certain circumstances." He said that he would favo capital punishment in cases o planned, premedialed murder the killing of prison guards in an escape attempt and in th killing of a policeman in th line of duty. Tucker said he did not inten- to spend the three months be fore the November election talking about capital punish menl, hut he said it seeme' that was the only thing Bethun had to discuss. TOP OF MT. SEQUOYAH on a large secluded lot u-lth chade trees. Sound like the location you want? TMit 2-bedroom, 2 - bath contemporary Vt*ith a view can be yourj. very t a s t e f u l l y decorated. brick and cedar construction. vaulted beamed celling. Call Irene Smith lo ice your dream home. 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(AP) --| upport for a strong nuUonal cicnsc plunk rejecting Derno- rntic proposals to slush the 'enlagon budget and pull two (visions out ot Europe was ex- eclcd to emerge at Republican 'iilform hearings opening lo- ay. Secretary of Stale William P. logors-was the. Platform Com- mltce's featured witness, and en. Robert Dole of. Kansas, G O P n a t i o n a l chairman, ilanncd to greet the committee. Rep. John J. Rhodes of Ariona, COP platform chairman, old reporters Sunday that the ludget cutting plank of Demo- :ratle presidential nominee 3eorge McGovern is "an isola- lonlst document" lhat would cave Israel in peril and endan !er American Interests In other roubled areas: The defense and foreign pol- cy plank of the GOP platform ivill he made public next Friday if the committee keeps to U schedule, Rhodes said, and other sections will be released in.Saturday and Sunday. The Republican National Con- Hijackings Drop As Airlines Tighten Security WASHINGTON (AP) _ Tighter security measures b the nation's airlines and a de ciine in fhe number of person arrested have given Federa Aviation Administration off cials hope that would-be hijack crs are being deterred. Th eFAA said 170,078 person u n d e r w e n t special secuit checks in June because the ; appeared to fit the PAA-deve! oped profile of hijacker behav ior. This compared with 80,05 such checks in May. The FAA says 453 person were prohibited from boardin in June because their action were suspicious, they could no properly identify themselves o they were guilty of a law viola lion. This compared wilh a Ma total of 474. There were M8 arrests i: June, compared with 192 i. May. There were 16 arrests fo various phases of air piracy, G for narcotics charges, 14 fo possession of handguns, 4 fo being fugitives from other ju risdiclions, and 54 for immigra lion violations and other ol fenses. The FAA iast April ordcrei airports to provide improve sepyrjty arrangements at ler minals and told the airlines t tighten preboarding screenin lechniques. In July, President Nixon or dered airlines operating shultl flights to start checking all car ry-on luggage and lo deman that all boarding passenger show two forms of ident ficalion. The FAA urged th airlines to check all band lug gage as well as checked bat gage. Investment Group Opens Business LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- A investment group headed b the Rev. R, J. Hampton o Little Rock, a black who ra for governor in 1970. plans t open a United Dollar store i Marianna. Hampton said the invcslmen group decided to open the bus ness later this month to hel Marianna rebuild economicall from a black boycott that wa ended recently. Hampton said blacks nil' whites would be hired to wor In the store. He also said the invoslmnn firm had plans to open a super market at Marianna. Raps Waldhcim BANGUI, Ceniral African Re public (AP) -- President Jean Rcdgl Bokassa. who recently ordered convicted robbers to h hoalen, has charged that U.N Secretary-General Kurt Wnltl helm is intcrferring in the country's affairs. Wnldheim sent n message t Hoka.ssa following (he rccen healing* of convicted robbers The vfclims were exhibited in the center of Bangui. Som died. Support For Strong Defense Plank By Republicans Seen vcnllon opens next Monday and the completed platform w i l l b a prcscnled to the convention Tuesday. APPROVAL E X P E C T E D ^ Approval was expected to bo virtually automatic, Rhodes told a news conference on the eve of the four-day platform hearings thnl a.38-page working draft of the platform, which had been reviewed and revised by the White House staff and himself, already was in tho hands of bis committee. "The finished document will, we hope, bear a close resemblance lo the draft," Rhodes- said. Rhodes culmly ansyvercd charges that sessions of the 108- member committee, which will hear some 300 witnesses, will be largely perfunctory because an unpublished draft already exists. Such 'a working draft is standard procedure, Rhodes said, and in this case the White House made so many suggestions that the document grew to 211 pages before it was boiled down again by Rhodes and platform committee aides. Search For Plane Missing Since February Under Way KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -A search is under way again lor a ..light .,, plane that disappeared with two persons aboard last February and never was found. Capt. Costo .McGhee of the Knox County Volunteer Rescue Squad said foul weather prohibited a satisfactory search after the single-engine Piper Cub disappeared shortly before dusk Feb. 10. Piloting the plane, which took off from a private strip in Knox County, was Elmer H. Reynolds,.30, of Knoxville. Authorities say his passenger .was Jinfla Hendrich, 16, sister-in: law of Andrew Tabo, manager of the Cox Sky Ranch where the plane took off. Knox County authorities said Miss Hendrich had been reported as a runaway from her home in Adrian, Mich., shortly before she arrived in Knoxville and a few days before she took off with Reynolds. McGhee said the new search is focusing on a portion of Ft. Loudoun Lake not far from the Cox ranch, the same center; for the first search. .'. Several persons told of seeing an oil slick or the lake after the plane was reported missing. One boy reported actually seeing a light plane go into the lake, but his story was doubted becasue of his age and weather conditions at the time . Additionally, searchers could never find the oil slick. McGhee said Sunday authorities have new evidence to Indicate the plane might be in-tho lake. - . ' · ' , He said .a pilot' tola '.him recently of seeing such a slick. The pilot had not mentioned the slick before because of other oil such reports and because the lake was being searched at the time, authorities said. About 80 men from seven rescue squads from Knax and surrounding counties resumed the search Saturday morning. Brazilian Judge Called A Saint Of The Courtroom . By BRUCE HANDLER RIO ,DE JANEIRO .(AP) -Brazil's poor people cajl him the "St. Francis o f , the^- couir^ troom" or simply "the good judge." But Criminal Court Judge Eliezer Rosa of Rio says he's just applying the law the way it was intended: "as a work of love." Rosa, 62, has gained nalion- wide (ame for his unusual and generally lenient sentences. He lels criminals go, when most other judges would throw the book at Ihem. He gives 10 per cent of his salary to the poor and to families ofi pris oners. And he has refused pro= motion three times to the State Appeals Court, "because I would lose contact with the people." "Society sometimes forces a man to commit a crime," the soft-spoken, while-haired jurisl says. "Society tells a man it's better to have a new car than to ride the .bus. Society creates more desires than means for f u l f i l l i n g them." RULED ON CASE Rosa became a front-page personality last year when he ruled, poetically, on an assault case during Rio's frenzied Carnival. A samba band member had whacked a -fellow over the head with a t a m b o u r i n e in a bar, because the man couldn't keep the rhylhm while lapping his fingers along with an impromptu melody. The judge ordered the defendant to take his tambourine and band to the slum where the p l a i n t i f f lived and serenade his victim in the moonlight. And he admonished from the bench: "You will learn that in the history of the tambourine, it was never raised as an ins t r u m e n t of war. The hands that once played il were those of the beautiful Hebrew woman and the young prophets' of Samuel. Bui you misused your musical i n s t r u m e n t , injuring a companion with it. Your salvation remains with the tambourine, which w i l l sing out as an injured soul in repentance f a r your mistake." SYMPATHETIC Rosa says his tendency lo he easy on defendants is due to his n a t u r a l sympathy for the "little guy" and his com-' mitmcnl to the principles of justice expressed in the Bible. Another reason, he says, is t h a t Ihe penal system in Brazil -and i n . m o s t of the world -(1 CDS n't work. "We haven't learned any- Ihing. Prisons should redeem people, not punish them," he staled. "If jail really improved men, we wouldn't-hnve so many criminal repeaters." The toughest sentence Rosn ever handed down In his two decades on the bench wan 23 years imprisonment: once to an nrmcd robber who killed a man, and again lo n group ot men who committed a rape. H» claims he hasn't erred by letting most defendants off lightly and says he.firmlyj-believes human beings are basically good. "The people I've let go write to me and visit me. They tell me when they get jobs. A lot o' them name their children after me." WAIT QUIETLY Every · afternoon, Monday through Friday, p e o p l e mostly poor -- wait quietly on the wooden benches outside Rio's 8th 'Criminal Court Ior a word with Rosa. .Some ask -him how cases involving a friend or relative are going. Others are former defendants who say hello. Many are from prisoners' families, coming to' ask for money for eyeglasses or medicine for the children or clothes. In addilion to his donations of money. Rosa often walks Ihe slreels of Rio on chilly mornings and places blankets over sleeping beggars huddled in dingy doorways. He also appears on TV variety shows --· for free -- to dispense legal advise and summarily "scllle" cases between feuding neighbors. Rosa keeps Biblical sayings and homilies on the walls and near Ihe door of his simple chambers. He has several moro hand-lettered proverbs stashed under the green blotter on his desk. "I used to have them nil on 'the wall. Hut there's a new rule lhat says no posters allowed in government buildings," he says. Judge Rules May Must Give Up Council Post LITTLE UOCK (AP) -- Circuit Court Judge Warren K. Wood has ruled that former North Little Rock Alderman John 0. May must give u p , h i s seal on the City Council pending an appeal of May's conviction of illegally inducing an abortion. In his ruling. Wood cited n portion of the state Constitution that prohibits persons convicted of crimes from holding any office of trust or profit in the state. Mayor W.F."Casey" Laman and the City Council had appointed Dell L. Edwards lo fill May's seat June 26, May contended in a suit that bis removal should bo stayed pending the outcome of an ftp- peal to the slate Supreme Court, that his removal had lo be ordered by a court snd lhat Edwards WAS Illegally usurping the council office. Wood handed down his decision

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