Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 53
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 53

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 53
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r I Z i J-3-4-S * * * * Tempting Lunch Box Meal Easy to Prepare By MILDRED K. FLAXARY V r-T FM LUNCH_BQX^ GO-TOGETHER^._._ _ Y^SorDthir^hot,:_?oni^hirjg x c«ld"rT-ihat, seernjs^to Jbe tbe^ definition of.thie'oonteriEs'of the perfect lunch ·· " j- box. And wfiat ^coald fit thus aesortptwii tester- than hof soap" and c6Id" isanclwiciies/or perhaps*a salad.' v 'Today, along Vnth'a variety ef iahdwidws^'vi-e' suggest^ChJve' cfose"Soup, Tomato Rice Creole Soup, ^Cream of Celery-Tomato Soup'mate^r^Cheese Soup, as-^.-HCarnpbeH Soup'nhojta) " In this era of snack bars and coffee breaks what*s happened to that great American institution, the lunch box -- (the one that politicians u s e d to campaign on. with their promises of a "full dinner pail")? A new survey shows that the lunch box is still very much with us. In fact, in 400.000 of every 1.000,000. American homes somebody £ets a packed lunch four or five times a week. And who eats it? Figures say that 20 per cent of all lunch boxes are toted by grade s c h o o l youngsters. 11 per cent by- teenagers and IS per cent by women. But it's father who is dean of the dinner pail -- 54 per cent of packed lunches are eaten by the family breadwinner. Tempting l u n c h box meals can be the most appealing of the d a y when they are packed with a variety of foods that provide contrasting flavors and textures. A good rule of thumb to follow in lunch box menu planning is to include something hearty -- something crisp or juicy -- something sweet -- and a hot nourishing beverage such as soup. * · · · ·TODAY'S LU.\CH° BOX has come a long way from the paper bag days. Neat little containers for sandwiches. salads and desserts a r e familiar equipment. Wide mouth vacuum bottles. designed for soups and other hot foods, are recent conveniences which make preparation and eating more pleasant. Dispensable plastic soup spoons are also accepted , lunch box equipment Sandwiches can be prepared from such a legion of supplies that they should be infrequently repeated. Breads, spreads and other ingredients broaden t h e sandwich scope to almost l i m i t l e s s combinations. Cupcakes, fruit, individual pies of firm texture such as peach or berry, cookies or fruit b a r s , stewed or chopped fresh fruit (in containers), a slice of jelly roil, apple turnovers, s u g a r cookie sandwiches, frosted gingerbread and dozens of other sweet-tooth goodies are available and safe to transport for dessert. Surprise extras i such as candy, carrot or criery sticks, dives, pickles or a new kind of cracker or cookie are the l o v i n g touches that add additional happiness to lunches away from home- Chive Cheese Soup I package (J ozs.) cream cheese with chives, softened I ran (I1',J ounces) condensed green pea soup 1 soup can water. Gradually blend cheese with soup. Add water. Heat. stirring now and then, but do not boil. Makes 2 to 3 servings. Tomato Rice Creole Soup 2 tblsps. chopped green pepper 2 tblsps. chopped onion , Dash orrgano 2 tblsps. butter or margarine 1 can (10*{ ounces) condensed tomato rice soup 1 soup cm water In saucepan, cook green pepper, onion, and oregano in butter until vegetables are tender. Add soup and water. Heat, stirring now and then. Makes 2 to 3 servings. Cream of Celery-Tomato Soupmate I can ( l O J i ounces) condensed cream of celery soup I can (101] ounces) condensed tomato soup 1 cup milk I cup water Dash ground cloves In saucepan, stir soups until smooth. Gradually add milk, water, and cloves. Heat, stirring now and then. Makes 4 servings. Cheese Soup I can (\0\'j ounces) condensed cream of chick- :\ en soup · ; 1 soup can water I ftp shredded cheddar I cheese - ·'; In saucepan, stir soup; until smooth. Blend _ to" water and cheese. Heal! stirring often, until cheese; is melted Mikes 3 serr- ings. ^-j: Sandwich Suggestions,;_-." Triple Decker Sandwich' --Use 3 slices of white bread for each sandwich. Fill one layer with chopped h a r d - c o o k e d egg and, snipped watercress coin-; bir.ed w i t h mayonnaise;" season with salt, pepper' and onion powder. Fill .sec-. ond layer with pimieatg cheese s p r e a d combined with chopped sweet pickle.' Tuna Salad on Whole Wheat Bread--Drain 'tuna;' mince. Combine with fine-.; ly diced celery, chopped stuffed olives and a dash of ' curry powder. Add enough! mayonnaise to hold mix-; ture together. ;;· Lunch Box Crusty Hera' --Bake b r o w n 'n serve; French r o l l s , f ollowin g package directions. Split in" half, lengthwise. Fill with lettuce, sliced tomatoes; and sliced ham. roast meat' and'or sliced chicken or" turkey. Sprinkle with salt; and pepper. Top with dressing of mayonnaise mixed with chili sauce. ".Cv Salad Suggestions I'.;. Stuffed Tomato -- ;Pcel skin from ripe tomato,' scoop out about i j of the pulp. Sprinkle inside with salt and pepper. Fill with cottage cheese. Place on lettuce cup in waxed container, wrap in foil or clear plastic wrap. ~ Garden Potato Salad -Dice cooked or canned pd-t tatoes. Add chopped green pepper, diced hard cooked egg and finely sliced green onion. Season with - salt," pepper and celery seed.* Mix with mayonnaise thinned with vinegar. ^~~_·· Apple Raisin Slaw -Combine shredded cabbage with diced apple and raisins. · Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. ISWENSON'S GUARANTEES EVERY PURCHASE UNCONDITIONALLY--SWENSON'S GUARAN iWENION'*! IUA1 DEM fHOM--HI Z-SIlt 1451 ATLANTIC HE 2-9059 STOIE HOUIS D4IIT7J9 OPEN SUNDAY HI CIS EFFECTIYt THUIJ, AT 111 4th Ikr. SAT. Aft II ifi DRESSED Whole Body ·Fresh Eastern Pork YERS PORK ROASTS PORK CHOPS Ceater Cut Rib CHOPS FRESH LEAN Ground BEEF FRESH LEAH Ground CHUCK COMES IN A PACKAGE i : ' . . Believe it or uot-^this American Style Spaghetti Dinner comes in a package. Keep it in mind the next time you're in a bit of a hurry.--(Kraft Spaghetti Dinner photo.) . . . thustasts. has just .ij mild Aids Phoi °9 Dinner Is- rec/ . By MILDRED K. FLANARY . . i. r-T r~4 t «*r. · O yt . called CHICAGO (UPI) -- It's aNurs« Notes.'a publxation 1 Z jAraencan s t y l e spaghenu! snap U kmg pictures of tots'for the nation's nurse corps.) lUke its tangier companion, it.^n you give them a piece says the sticky stuff k«Ts' requires only, the addition of rf eeltephane tape as a noy.-;the lots very busy and -very a caa of tomato paste, the Mary Martin, reporting in'natural." spagheni and mild sauce mix * are conveniently packaged , . . r · · · · 1 . for your use. Try this new .__ ·_ . ' ' ' ' ' \ mild spaghetti dinner "as is" or add sliced mushrooms. Almost everyone l o v e s browned ground beef; saus- spaghetti. nita Hi rich tomato sauce and piquant sprinkling of P a r m e s a n age or shrimp to the sauce. More Fun On a Bun! WITH For lunch or dinner, you'll find this quick and easy din-; ' » _ _ » . r . . I cheese. But 'many foftj-- ln *r · handy package to have youngsters and »duhs a!4e--I 0 " Jwr self. ; ! find it difficalt to acquaint , ---- -j themsetve* *-ith the heany.) CASH IN on the high read- spicy seasoning of true ItaJ-'ership'to the ·Personals" Colian (paghctti. . . r mnn in OassifwL Dial HE For these jpaghetti en-12-5353 today to nan your ad.j CHILI HOT DOG SAUCE · - on fh« Frank CtUirfl*! CHI thi 0« «· HTM ££!·«*·*· 10 .t. ft?.. 4 8 9 Cream Style or Whole Kernel MAYONNAISE Country Sfrlt SAUSAGE I 29k FRUIT Cocktail Laura Scvaacrs PEANUT BUTTER £ Homxl CHILI witk BEANS · America* · Punemta (-ex. FOODS riCTSwm · P*oi · ft tech Fritt · M»sfoni 6retns !crii · Torn'p Greent F O R San9fitU DETERGENT -· . YOUNG TENDER BEEF STEAKS ROUND or FLANK STEAKS CHUCK STEAKS or Arm-Cut SWISS STEAKS GARDEN-FRESH PRODUCE LETTUCE "'""'" CELERY """"'" STRAWBERRIES TOMATOES tr«5i... 15'» ·····MMaDEUCATESSEN Ardea's SEccd CHEESE :i mffm^^mmmm FROZEN picTswtn · Olro · tlacttyt Peai ·v

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