The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 11, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1920
Page 4
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THB DAILY fREE PRESS VICTOR ROOS5E MCaslerman,.who overiookeb^ nothing, had explained all this in his letter to Donald. He had also,told Mm of the mean? of controlling the sea monsters, rhelr auditory apparatus being still In •': Its most rudimentary stage, they heard lotmds only as vibrations. Masterman had discovered, during those weeks of exploration and imml- • uent danger, that G was the signal for aispersal. -A; on the contrary, was the kssembly call. The sacrificial bone ^nlfe vibrated to the sound of A, and ."ift was this "which had given tie herd |B>e key-tone of their lariguagk : Unfortunately for .MacBeard, he had 6een unable to learn much more than this. The last page of the manuscript, RS well as the first, was missing. Mae- JBeard was sure that Donald had kept possession of them. , Had he possessed them, he would have learned that the power of uttering these calls rested with, the queen pf the swarm alone, a human organism, tiie type of the race toward which the monsters ..tended, differentiating prom them as the queen bee differs from the worker or the .drone. He had discovered that the search for food was the one purpose of the - creatures' existence. It had assumed p religious aspect. Their god, their altar stone, the sacrificial rite were all the soul's instinctive groping upward, based upon the.dominating animal impulse. ; The .-tune that Clouts had played, with its discords, had been the deep.. ..sea equivalent of an artillery salvo, iThe terrified monsters had dispersed In all directions, letting down the curtain of condensed hydrogen. Fortu- hately for the professor, the main portion of the herd had kept together, and this afforded him a medium m which he could, with difficulty, breathe. But .their rapid movement kept the ihydro- ^en stirred np, and he was nearly asphyxiated before he reached his refuge v within the cave. He did not like Inhaling carbonated jelly. Seeing Donald and Davles upon the Island, he had attempted to .open nego- Hations with them. Repulsed, he fled In- terror, and on rounding the point : saw Ida alone at the cave's mouth. At once his scheme was born .in his mind. Pushing ashore, he entered the cave by the narrow way toward the rear. He came upon Ida suddenly, and grasping lier In his arms, he placed pne hand over her mouth, preventing her from crying for aid.' Then, dragging her to the top of the precipice, he . bounded the Instantly the water beneath began | to dissolve. Thick clouds of steaming hydrogen rolled -up to the cave's roof. Boon there was a natural passage, three hundred feet deep, from the interior of the cave to the crater below. He carried Iila down the descent. The girl, who had contrived to drop her handkerchief, was no match for the professor. She screamed once or twice, but the echoes of the cavern absorbed the sound of her voice. And so Ihe found herself again within the submarine temple. : MacBeard released her arid stood in front of her, devouring her with his faze. He could not understand whence ,,this novel emotion in his heart derived , jts power; and, now that she was his eapove, he did not know what to do. Geometry, physics, mathematics and the calculus all failed to help solve his 'problem. 'Overcome by the presence of the woman he loved, the professor stammered like a youth with bis first sweet- ieart. "Why have you brought me here?" *sked Ida. ., .'^Because—because I—er—I love ' .fOO<" .answered MacBeard. '.Ida burst into ironical laughter. The .'• Situation was so impossible that there mis room for no emotion but amuse• -Hint. And in that laugh the professor • felt 'a -thousand arrows, of jealousy • rend him. "Listen to me!" he exclaimed pas. • siouately. "You don't know who I am OT.what trying to do. I am going to obliterate the earth, as it is known to, you.. I command the Man of the' Future. The Man who is to come. The new race of the sea, which is to sweep away the puny monkey-man. And I want share my power with me." Ida laughed- hysterically. She could not help herself. MacBeard glared at her. He did'not know-what to do. "You shall see!" he cried, beside himself with anger. "You don't believe what I tell you? Til prove it." "It doesn't make any difference, professor. I am not a blackboard," answered Ida. "Will you kindly take me back to "the place you brought me from?' sBoutefl MacBeard. TonTl Irtay here until you learn to love me. (Why can't'you love me?" , Ida's look was touched with pity. She did. not answer him. MacBeard "sounded his tuning fork, jnnd Immediately the monsters gath- jered about them. The hydrogen haze polled higher, disclosing the entire in- ot &e cave, and the idol. Mac- ard Bounded toother fork, and the, atures began edging Ida toward the it tjwi<ave. •", ' "You Don't Believe What I Tell You? I'll Prove It." - •ma.-perfeetly passive, waited. The monsters guarded the entrance. She was alone. Outside MacBeard paced up and down beneath the sea In fury. He had encountered a problem which seemed, insoluble. As Ida waited, all at once a most remarkable object broke upon her gaze. Advancing through the midst of the luminous, vague monsters outside the entrance there came.a perfectly human figure, a man with a ''square beard.- He passed through the monsters without the slightest difficulty and entered the cave. He was walking exactly as a boy walks when he drives a flock of geese or a herd of pigs; that is to say, there was a straddle in his step quite different from the rolling gait of a sailor, and he had his arms extended. With his lips he made a hissing sound which resembled "Shoo!" , And in front of him, retiring backward, Ida thought she saw a phantom woman's form. But it must have been a delusion, because it was only by straining her eyes that she could discern anything at all; and now and again the figure seemed to vanish into the air. The man was Clouts. As he passed IUT. Ida called to him. .Clouts jumped. He looked at her with a comical expression of fear on his face. "Clouts! Where is Donald? Can you get me out of here? Take me to him at once!" Clouts looked terrified. "Certainly, marm," he said. "But that isn't nobody. There's all sorts of' shapes and things here, but it isn't a real person, marm. I'm telling you this so you'll understand; marm." He hastened past her, and, far ahead of him, Ida discerned the shadowy shape of the queen. "Clouts! Help me! You aren't go- Ing to leave me?" cried Ida pitifully. She heard Clouts' muttering tones come back to her, and he was lost' in the hydrogen haze. She was astound' ed at his abandonment. Hadn't he understood ?_ __ (T» tra continued.) Aren't those words music to your ears— especially when you know that he xnesrc them? And you can be sure that he does if you use Valier's Enterprise Flour. It does full justice to your cooking ability and enables you to bake things really out of the ordinary. Valier's Enterprise flour is special-milled from the finest hard winter wheat grown.- It is rich in gluten, remarkably fine and has great-rising -powers. Of course such flour costs slightly more but it is economical in the long run. It gives uniformly better bakings and More Loaves Per Sack Call up your grocer today. He carriei Valier's Enterprise Flour. ta Valicr a hisn-Erade popular p Hour. It has made hosts of ft] DR. H; H. ROTH Practice limited . to Diseases . of EYE, NOSE, EAR and THROAT Over Woolworth Store, • Murphysbero, III. Phone 159- . ; . JESSE HAYES All Kinds of Moving .and Transfer. Work. LAUKA M. SWARTZ O8TEOPATH1C PHYfclCIAN v -.Chronic Dt«««ie« a •p*e!aity Offloa' In U»ud«r-Ntehol» Bid*. ECONOMY GOAL YARD J. B. WOOD*, PROP. Wa<h«d Nut, Egg and Lump Phone '149 K. •i-^etSw _s VICTIMS RESCUED Kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid troubles are most dangerous because of their insidious attacks. Heed the first warning they give that they need attention^ by taking COLD MEDAL The world's standard remedy for these disorders, will' often ward off these diseases and strengthen the body against further attacks. Three sizes, all druggists. Look for the nune Gold Medal on every box and accept DO imitation State Senator Wins Race From Pacific.Coast anci Breaks Deadlock. NEED ONLY TWO MORE STATES Suffrage Forces Are Sure of the Legislatures of Washington and Delaware—Kentucky House Passes State Suffrage Bill. Charleston, W. Va., March 11.—The West Virginia legislature ratified the federal suffrage amendment late Wednesday afternoon. Final action on the amendment was taken by the senate in adopting the ratification resolution of the house of delegates by a vote of 15 to 14. The vote of Senator Jesse A. Bloeh of Wheeling, who made a record- breaking trip from California • to Charleston to vote on the amendment, was effectual in breaking the deadlock between' pro and anti-suffrage forces. Senator A. R. Montgomery was not, permitted to vote, his ' seat having been declared vacant. The assent of but two more statesr^ Washington and Delaware—are .now needed to make the suffrage amend-, ment effective in time to penult women of the nation to vote in the presidential elections next November. The favorable vote of the legislatures of both these states is assured, suffrage forces claim. They are both..scheduled to vote or. the amendment .March Bloeh Receives Ovation. Senator Bloc.h, who hurried from California to Charleston to cast l>Js vote, received au ovation when he appeared on the floor. Crowded gulleries cheered, and au enthusiastic woman friend of the amendment -made her wcy to his seat and pinned a -yellow flower on his coat. The special train which carried Senator Clocii from Clik-nyo to Cincinnati, a distance of 290 miles, in a fraction over &--c hours, connecting tiiere with a Chesapeake & Ohio train for Charleston, is believed to have established a record for a passenger locomotive. The fight in the senate centered upon the right of Senator A. K. Montgomery to vote. He had come from his home in Illinois in an effort to break the deadlock and bring, about a final adjournment of the senate before Senator Bloeh could arrive. Suffrage forces, by the vote of Senator Burr, who had been listed as an antisuf- fragist, succeeded in preventing Senator Montgomery from voting and brought about temporary adjournment Before adjournment, Governor Cornwell was asked to provide the senate with a copy of th« letter which it is said Senator Montgomery wrote to~him when he moved from West Virginia to Illinois relative to his resignation. Pass Woman Suffrage Bill. Frankfort, Ky., March IX.—Women of Kentucky wtnild be permitted to vote in the 1920 presidential elections regardless of whether cr not the federal \v-omsm suffrage amendment is< operative at that time, under provisions of a bill which passed die lower house of the legislature. A similar bill is pending in the senate. • Representative Lazarts. Republican floor leader, is author of the house measure, which is viewed as a compromise in the fight of "state right" suf-. fragists. TURKEY HAS NEW CABINET Constantinople Announces Eighth 1 Ministry Since Armistice—Will Prove Powerless Against Opposition. Constantinople, March 11.—Pal Pasha, the'new jrrnnd vizier, has an nounced. -with ;the sultan's approval the formation of a new cnblnol. the eighth since the armistice. Diplomats ir.- this city attrveh Ijttlt- importance rp-the changes made, considering., the cabinet to'be vir':urtll.\ po\verie?!i to oppose the nationalist group in the chamber, which is i directed by Mustapha Kemal from Angora. " , •• . • W. W.HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phone 204 DR.j;W.BAKfcpW NEW HAMILTON BUILDINQ Hcura • to 11 A, M. and 2 te • *,. .. PHONE *S Vlrfllnl* Bulldlitfl HENRY BAIN TRANSFER GET: OUR PRICES ". Phone 342 K H.O.HALL&CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 w. A. BRANDON; M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND THI EYE Eyai T««tod< QI»M« PlttMl Virginia Bids. CarboMdal*. lit, F. L. LINGLE, M. Dl General: Practla* . •peetal attention. to Eye, Ear, and Threat Qlan*a Fltud Phones.: Residence 330-2, OfflM SJMS HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorneys at Law Phone 252 K Suite 112-115 New Hamilton Ludendorff Not in Finland. Berlin, 'March ai-—Semiofficial denial was- given .to the ; report .that General .Ludendorff, former first quartermaster general, is in.Finnish-territory, it is said, he is. in Berlin. Burden Government Wins. Ottawa,'••Ont, March 11.—A vote flf confidence-^yns gi\;en the unionist goy ernment in:the house of common-,!. DELIA CALDWELL, M. D« McANALLY BINLDINQ 211 W«it Main Street Pfflea Hour*—B to lu «.M.; 2 to 4 r».», CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candle* x and, Ice Telephone *t4 Y i-^Money back without que*tioc l.:.5f.JlUNX!S.-Silve fails In ttx treatment of ITCH, ECZEMA. RINQW^RMs TETTER of • 4jther itching slda disease*. Ttf V 75 cent box at our rink. ^ ["S.DHTJQ BTOKE PHICHESTER S PILLS \f-_f-*. TIIE DIAMOND BRAND. A MO* in JteSVul ««ld mdnmJY bines, wled with Slue Ribbo.. > Tftkv'H*-«tlier: ^Bnr of TMP l>nccUU AskforC!in.CrfE8-TEK6 DUB<U«1».BIUNB,1>IU,B, (or W yeuskoown as Best, Si&tt. Always Reliable SOU BY WUWISISfKRWIERC FOR CO N STE PATJ ON LITTLE LIVER PI LI VS. 5DAYS OF THISlTREATMENT WILL DO MORE FOR ,YOOR'COMPLEXION -,T'fiAH-L.'A-JM£ /THE ~BEAUTY£DdcTORs siM CREATION! 'oEHjurafi THE \to* WoR 1FOJJ— —-""BeaririitSignature PURELY VEGETABLE T,ne family- Nobody is going to pass five bucks'as easy as .thatl', \P.UH OVEP- Flsiter 1

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