Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
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FEATURES INDEX Amusements ..C-5 ciussifica D-s Comics . ...B-«, 9 Deaths A-10 Editorial B-4 L.A.C. Says ..A-2 Markets C-8 Radio-TV ...D-12 Sports D-l, 5 Women ... .B-2, 3 Phone HE 5-1161 -- Classified No. HE 2-5959 ** Indenenden Y The Southland's M Finest Morning Neivspaper - PAGES LONG BEACH 12, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, I960 VOL. 22 -- N O . 159 WEATHER Partly cloudy today. Mostly cloudy tonight nntl Friday, with chance of occasional light rain late today or Friday. High today near 63. Complete weather reports on Pago A-2. HOivic EDITION -- 10' Dr. Finch Denies He Murdered Wife DR. BERNARD FINCH, left, being tried in Los Angeles on charges of murdering his wife, shown on witness stand with his attorney, G r a n t Cooper. The attorney said the doctor will testify that his wife was killed accidentally in scuffle for gun.--(AP Photo.) 'Absolutely Not, 9 He Says to Jury By DIAL TORGERSON LOS ANGELES (AP)--Dr. R. Bernard Finch ended six and one-half months of silence Wednesday to deny under oath at his trial that he murdered his wife. It was an accident, thel physician's attorney declared.! ~j Barbara Jean Finch was'J£ shot through the back last July 18 and died on a lawn near her fashionable home in; suburban West Covina. Dr. Finch, charged with her murder, refused to talk to authorities about the f a t a l ! night u n t i l he took the stand' Wednesday. By JOHN MORGANTHALER His attorney asked him bluntly: "Did you murder OKd for Olympics WIIS'D ROBS BURGLARS OF §1,000 LOOT S A C R A M E N T O '/?--The wind howled o u t s i d e w h i l e two burglars pried at the Sacramento A u t o Supply Co. safe w i t h a crowbar. Several hours of hard work and the sale was open. They stuffed SI,000 i n t o sacks. Then, detectives said, t h e two men set t h e i r loot flown just inside t h e back door w h i l e they looked outside to see if ihi: coast was clear. The h o w l i n g w i n d slammed t h e door, leaving t h e burglars.outside and the loot inside. Forecast Rain Called Oft T h e W e a t h e r Bureau Wednesday night called off its prediction of f i v e days of i n t e r m i t t e n t rain and substituted only high cloudiness instead. A high-pressure ridge, building along t h e coast, has formed a block the storm p a t t e r n i LOST: OA'E APARTMENT your wife?" THE HANDSOME doctor replied in a firm, clear voice: Newcomer Rents Home, Mislays II A slender Michigan man has been walking streets of Long Beach since Friday evening in search of the a p a r t m e n t he rented--and losl. SACRAMENTO t/Pl -- The C a 1 i fornia L e g i s l a t u r e Wednesday approved a mil lion-dollar "snowy day" f u n c for the Squaw Valley Winter "Absolutely not.'' His attorney, opening the;' case for the defense, outlined jOlympic Games, but only afte a about five-hour wrangle. The fund -- insurance tha th e Olympics won't run shot I what Finch will say · the actual shooting: of money in case a blizzan j The doctor grabbed a r c l c u l s , lickct sales - was ap ivolvcr from his wife's | iands ,;P''°ved 54-21 by the Assembly lined to throw it away, it di.s-j c x a ^ Y 'charged--and she crumpled,| U l "" d s '' le dying, to the ground. the of the James W. Glass, 33, paid a month's rent in advance Friday, put the rent receipt in pocket and left for to purchase supplies. When Glass arrived in Long Beach lie asked a cab driver "Finally lie saw that she fell," said attorney Grant B. Cooper, "and went down and kneeled beside her. "He will explain to you the for help in l o c a t i n g a "rca- very brief conversation they sonable" a p a r t m e n t . The cab- had before she died--and that house. required two SO - m c m b e Nixon Breaks Tie, School Aid Boost Stalled WASHINGTON (AP)--The Senate Wednesday night turned down on a tie vote a Democratic-sponsored proposal to double the size of the school-aid bill and Vice President Nixon then helped seal defeat of the measure. The proposal, sponsored by Sen. Joseph S. Clark (D-Pa) and 22 other senators, first lost on a 44-4'! tic tally a f t e r one Republican in favor of it switched to withdraw his vote. Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex) then moved to reconsider the vote in an effort to change the result. Senate Minority Leader Everett M. Dirksen (R-Ill) countered w i t h a move to table and thus kill the reconsideration proposal. The vote on the Dirksen proposal again was 4444 but Vice President Nixon then moved into the presiding officer's chair and broke the tic to put over the Dirksen motion 45-44. This had the effect of killing any chance to revive the Clark amendment. Nixon could have broken the 44-44 tie on the Clark amendment and put it over had he favored it, but the Eisenhower administration strongly opposes any federal aid to education program as broad as contained in the Clark proposal. (Earlier story A-G). S e n a t e , which hac t h e bill with exactly - , . l ' lle c v c l l l n R was Wilrm a n d : i 'y complied and took Glass she did die w h i l e he , . And there's chance ,bed as he l e f t . 20-Ton Tliefl PHILADELPHIA (UP!) -- of f a i r weather for the weekend, the bureau announced. BEIRUT, in Beirut Lebanon t. Three men were arrested in King Mohammed V of Moroc- Columhia, Pa., on charges of .·stealing 20 tons of copper destined for t h e U.S. M i n t lifrc. The copper WHS valued at $16.000. co arrived here by from Baghdad Wednesday for a four-day visit, the last stop on SINCE THEN, Glass has; walked over countless hun-| droils of blocks in search of l a n owner 'rent.' 1 house f o r j The passed the required voles on Mon day. concurred in Assembly amendments 32 to 3. fr ,:: * * WITH THAT, the Legislature recessed u n t i l Feb. 29 lo allow its finance committees to work over Gov. Brown' COOPER DIDN'T disclose 1 P ro P°sed budget of nearly 2/ 2 · ' ' '· j t h e nevcr-bcforc-told details' 'THE HOUSE isn't the of Mrs. Finch's dying states l a r l l n in search ot b blR j t s Jlome .. Glass ment. Neither did Finch, the two-room-and-batli a P a r t -! s a j [ j ment whose front door lock f i t s the key he has in h i s j I But day on the] Since Friday. Glass has stand did go deep into pocket. stayed in a hotel, an all-night problems "I'm not lost, the house is," plaguing his mar t h e darkly prettyi his cood-wil world. theater and the bus terminalnagc to the Battle Creek lab t e c h n i a s his cash su PP'y dwindled, iwoman-and his reasons for billion dollars for the yea July 1. The 30-da; session convened Monday. Brown had put the Squa\ f u n d before the law .'makers in extraordinary scs sion. The games start Feb. IS Ike Raps SAC Chief for Stand on Alert WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Eisenhower Wednesday sharply rebuked Gen. Thomas S. Power tour of the Arablcian said at police headquar- |tcrs Wednesday night. Across the Nation I n , hi* rnsh ^nnnlv Dwindled iwomaii--and his reasons f o r j a l u l officials said if ticket ,,,,,,,.: 'his extramarital romance with salcs d o n ' t i m p r o v e they sleeping·_. rcd . hiiircd Caroic T r c g.;might not have money to pay r | food and travel bills for for... n . ,, no , · c eign athletes. Miss 1 regoff. 23. his former. ** receptionist, is on t r i a l with! The state already had put I t ' s not onlv f u n n v i i \ ri t h e ^-year-old Finch on .up eight million dollars for d i c u o u s " Gas sa l^rgcs of m u r d e r and con- the games and many legisla- dicutous Uass said. L, ira i. v tors thought t h a t was enough. l o a d d t o h i s problem,! 1 - I 3lass is now broke, uncnv! Cooper explained t h a t Finch ployed and with only the f i r s l dlltc1 Miss '''rebuff ' m clothes on his back. for insisting--against the views of his superiors--that part of the U. S. bomber force should be airborne al all times to forestall any Russian missile attack. "There are too many oil these generals have all sorts the top m i l i t a r y command, of ideas," Eisenhower .snidj w ], 0 f a v o r slower-paced when he was asked at his' t j f ,,. h news conference about test,- ai ,.,; oi . nc alm (hcy ^^ I I i s immediate (problem was solved \Vcdnes-j ;day night when police al- c owed him to stay in Cityi Jail. ' 3 Die as School Bus, Truck Hit COV1NGTON, La. ( U P I ) -- A n e m p t y b u t a n e truck rumbling down a wet highway in a rainstorm j a c k - k n i f e d Wednesday and caved in the f r o n t of a school hits, k i l l i n g three persons and injuring 2-1 children. Pick Conversion Silos The bus driver, a woman who had been d r i v i n g the children lo school and hack for more t h a n 15 years, and two 7-ycar-old c h i l d r e n who were to get out at t h e next, stop were killed. Killed were N i n a Mae Revere, 47, of Bush, driver of the bus; Sylvia Jean Jenkinsi 7. Covington, and Christopher Icehans, fi, of Waldhcim. Stale Police said the truck driver, Jesse L. Shirley, ;il. Mobile, Ala., told him his tank t r a i l e r jack-knifed when he applied his brakes in a driving rain, f Die in Plane, Crash ROSWELL, N. M. ( A P ) -- A f u e l - l a d e n jrl t a n k e r p l a n e w e n t out of control on t a k e - o f f Wednesday, smashed i n t o planrs and cars and t u r n e d a huge h a n g a r i n l o a f l a m i n g hell. Tons of jf'l f u r l , triggered by exploding magnesium ;ierial flares, fed a column of f l a m e s which engulfed three 4 4 - m i l l i o n - d o l l a r KCKi, r jet tankers, , . iiboul 10 parked cars and the giant -.·ijiangar. \' ' The Air Force l i s t e d t h e f i v e crew \ members of t h e KCI.'IS as presumed dead, although only one body recovered. The body recovered was t h a t of Maj. W i l l i a m I . Burko. 40, F l i n t . Mich., an i n s t r u c t o r pilot w i t h t h e Gib Air Refueling Sqdn. at. Walker AFB. Beck Loses Appeal ;, OI.YMPIA, Wash, f UPI)--The Wash- iiigton S t a i r .Sunirmc Court Wednesday upheld t h e I!,'i7 grand larceny conviction of Tlavr Rrck, r e t i r e d Tcamslns i r»on president. WASHINGTON (UP!)--Secretary of Interior Fred A. Seaton Wednesday selected Webster, S. D., and Roswell, N. M., as sites for the two brackish water conversion demonstration plants authorized by Congress. n Downtown, WU Office Held Up A middle-aged bandit .SFATFACKD Mrs. Donna Jean Dickcrson, 17, who said she t u r n e d burglar to pay for her wedding, was sen- Icnccd in M i a m i to a year in prison a f t e r pleading g u i l t y to three counts of burglary. She m a r r i e d Roberl Dickcrson a f l r r charge was f i l e d . -- ( A P Pholo.) AFIT.R D E B A T E , a l t e r .early 1957 and was en- nately b i t t e r and f u n n y , the j a m o u r c d of her--and i n t i - j A s s e m b l y approved the new i m a t c w i t h her--by March o f r f u n d w i t h two amendments. j" 11 " v c a r - While t h e A s s e m b l y · · ' · · · wrangled, s t a t e senators at THE PREVIOUS November.; t |, c opposite end of t h e capi- Finch testified later, he andl t o | waited uneasily p l a y i n g his wife completely cea.sed! cr j|, ba g c alK | r c a jj n g new s- j h a v i n g sex relations. He said|p a p C V S frigid '- ' K: " mony by bis strategic, air commander before two Senate groups Tuesday. He d i d n : mention Power's name, but his questioner did. The President underscored his trust in Secretary of De-: fense Thomas S. Gates Jr. and WM'S WIFE SPEEDS UP TO DAWDLE WM's l i t t l e woman always gets straight to the point. She was e x p l a i n i n g to the commander-in-chief. j s h c was frigid toward h i m . j Finch tcstilied t h a t a f t e r the b i r t h of t h e i r son. Kay- may become necessary sometime in t h e f u t u r e . With some irritation, Eisenhower declared: "I hav-2 been long cnougn in the military service that 1 assure you t h a t 1 cannot be p a r t i c u l a r l y disturbed because everybody w i t h a parochial viewpoint all over the plac? comes along and . . . sav.s t h a t t h e bosses know n o t h i n g about i t . " POWER DECLINED comment on the remarks of his T r a f f i c Court caped with about. ,?40 r r o m mond Jr., in April 1053, things weren't right in sexual rcla- judgc why she was speeding The senators, who passed!while passing the bill without a v o t e to'anothcr car. spare on Monday, were an.x- "Your lion- the Western Union office at 214 Locust Ave. late Wcdnes-' t i o n s bclwecn h i m a '- ld llis wife. He said he thought at I recess. day night. The bandit simulated a gun in his pocket as lie threatened (Continued Page managers Mrs. Jennie Matthews, 37. and Charles TCas- pcr, 28. Mrs. Matthews said she slammed a cash drawer on the bandit's hand when he reached across the counter. Five other employes were in t h e office but unaware of I he robbery. A-2. Col. 3) The Assembly adopted two woman said. "J was speeding first that it was her fear that amendments to the bill which!" 11 lo K c m I front of t h a t (Continued Page A-3, Col. 4) ' m a n so I could slow The SAC commander and other top Air Force officers were bad: before the Senato Space Committee and preparedness subcommittee Wednesday, this l i m e behind closed :loors. A f t c r w i v d . Senate Democratic leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas told newsmjii (Continued Page A-S, Col. 1) Slain Bandit Leaves Twins. 2. and Sick Wife / / tj Drop M i n e S;;ir:li Y U B A K I . Japan ( U P I ) -O f f i c i a l s Wednesday called off rescue work at the Y u h a n mine, g i v i n g up for dead five men s t i l l trapped following a gas explosion a half mile u n - derground. LIQUOR-STORE owner draws g u n . forces sneak i l i i e l In r e t u r n loot. 1'ngc A-.1. H E A V I l . Y INSURED, "diowned" w o m a n t u r n s u p in S.KT.imrnifi. P.ipr C - 1 . A b a n d i t shot, and killed by police a f t e r a l i r e - b u r n - ing chase through Bclmonl. 1 leights w a s i d e n t i f i e d WediiQ.sday as the g u n m a n who robbed t w o o t h e r Long Beach businesses in January before a t t e m p t i n g the crime that cost him his life. But at t h e white f r a m e house al 11.T7 J u n i p e r o Avc. where Victor Ernest Monahan, .'J7, lived, his widow, Angclinc, 38, declared he was a wonderful husband and ,1 loving father to t h e i r t w i n daughters. Monahan, t h e father of twin 2-year-old girls., was killed early Wednesday m ii r n i n g a f t e r he had robbed t h e Clipper B a r , .'!.".2." A n . i h r i m Si. 'I he b a i - lender. Jerome R. I l i n k e r , 60, flagged down o f f i c e r s Don F. Rhone and R i c h a r d L. Grace. The patrolman spotted M o n a h a n as he jumped i n t o his car and pulled away. He ignored red lights, siren and two warning shuts. WITH HIS lights out and his tires screeching on t h e high-speed t u r n s , he /.ig- zagcd through the quiet, tree-shaded streets of Belmont. Heights seeking to shake p u r s u i t . The o f f i c e r s f'.i r".l ' ' shots and a ' from .1 shotgun. The chase ended at Ar.a- lirim St. ami B e n n e t t Avr., where M d n a h a n ' s r i r jumped a curb and struck a u t i l i t y pole. The car was riddled w i t h bullets, the shotgun blast had torn out the rear window. M o n a h a n lay dead on the floorboards. A slug had penetrated the back of his nock and shattered his spine. l: '· V DET. INSP. Crcighton Wiggins, head of the robbery detail, .said Wednesday night t h a t witnesses had postivcly identified pictures of Monahan as the bandit ulio ro'obcd the Neighborhood Liquor Store, 1885 E. 10th St.. On Jan. 20, and the Happy ilour Bar. fi240 Long Beach Blvd., on the night of Jan. 2f. The bandit took 510(5 from clerk Robert. T. Gary, 57, at the liquor store. He robbed b a r t e n d e r Chester F. Davidson of $125 at the Happy Hour. Bartender H inker of thn Clipper said .$.'113 was taken from h i m . He said Monahan entered, ordered a d r i n k , t h e n held a gun on him. Awakened and told her husband had been killed after a robbery, Mrs. Monahan at first didiVI believe police. It must' be someone else. MONAHAN had called her only three hours before he died to tell her he was ( C o n t i n u e d Page A-3. Col. 1)

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