The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 21, 1957 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1957
Page 8
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~—' ' _ Marilyn's Designer Speaks Of 'Figure Limitations' Bf OAT rnvuii UP Stiff Correspondent NEW YORK —(IB— Marilyn Monroe"* dress designer said today that: He doesn't think hie elient ts pregnant: the actress still isn't wearing anything under those glove-tight evening gowns: and she does have "figure limitations." Designer John Moore, a sandy-haired young man who has n^ade most of Miss Monroe's special occasion gowns for the last two years, hastily explained the limitations did not refer to flaws in what is generally considered flawless construction. But he said the blonde star with Sir tturenc* Olivier, I floor-Ienjth dresa hi the ie is -a me satin. The dress huffed the fi«ure to the knees, *n3 ended n a circular flounce. JO Yard. Ol Satin Twenty yards of satin in he dress ... and just about 11 of it ir, -he flounce," said loore with pride. "She still doesn't wear any- hmg underneath . . . except he dress lining. We fit them to tight she can't." Just how Miss Monroe holds up her stocking* the designer wasn't 3 prepared to say. Moore, the $ on of a lumber- iian. was born 29 years ago in Mice Texas., near the M M i- —o— can't always wear current Jean border. He fashion trends. If a season calls I University of Texas North' • for a flat look, she's out of (western University and eradii" MV !f' " S 1f ? re ' y Cfln Wear a l"i ed from tnp Parsons School ready-made dress" said the de- of Design. New York TO signer, who also has a whole- Moore sees the Mari'lvn Mon " IP ™!>o, Limitation,, aTd w^^h'lT ^ "" "But I guess most girls sigh ' "Lots of sexy clothes " ,,jd for such limitations" he added.: Moore. "Every woman thinks She has good clothes sense, ishes a siren." said Moore. "Certainly she dresses a certain way, but that is her stock in trade. She doesn't want clothes decorated much. If I were making her daytime clothes, I'd put her in shins and straight shirts . . . she looks best in them." He designed the champagne- colored dress for her marriage to playwright Arthur Miller. His latest creation, which she wore last week for the New York premier of her new mov- Lake Pavillion Is Site Of Area Youth Night Meet Bridal Parties Are Honors For Martha Woodall A continued round of prenuptial parties is being held '•omplimenting Miss Martha Ann Woodall who will become Ihe bride of Larry Autrr of West Columbia Friday evening in Ihe First Methodist Church in Sweeny. Invitafons by the parent!" of the couple. Mr. and Mrs. Ben , _„_ _,. _..,., IWIIM ,j 11VIIV With Recent Tea Held !n Angleton T£ rtI..i" l .°I i , n «\ M i»" . M «ry orated with serin, n, I LOU o PadurjK Texas, bride-elect of Irwin D I M [««« HJ Mln« recently, w |t h Mrs .Bryan Burleitli serving a« eo- nostes it, I fable decorations and refreshment! carried out the col- ,or them* of pink and green. Mr«. Larry Drummond of Houston; and Mrs. Guy Purnell, !""• J - P- Oi« «nd Mri. t. S. [C«WwelU »lt of Angleton, pre'• »>*s<l «t the jnmch bowl The honoree was presented I *« v ' r J! nd cr - vsul compote Hig * in ' " nd M «- » ur - -. with sprln« flowers, throughout. Miss Driimmond ivas also J 11onor ** »t : » luncheon held at the^Hourtan Ctub, with M«. Houston Hdmemaker , Hints By United Frew this ta»te treat. Use left- 'o» pickles to mar, Approximately 80 .guest,' 1?"!! ,*?* **"* m C " ery Icalled durhlf the afternoon , cur "' L "' h «™ *r.nd overnight \. [.« i. " nd Mr '' Au «"»* Rob-l' n th * refrigerator, and serVe ,„._. *rti honored Mis* Drummond'CBiHed. . *°» T ' with «tup»r party attended by j ' twelve Mends and former Use a "IS. 1 JK«f*. « f . th * I""""- Protect >nd Bttogte Coanty, Friday, J an « M. Freeport RoirSovvGHs And Board* Sponsor Chicken Spaghetti Dinner Approximately »M ».^.i i—7 .... _ _ Approximately MS \ver* present «t people the « chicken dinner held recently Freepjrt Community The dinner was spon- ?ored by th» adnsory board ->f the Rainbow Girls, Trecport Assembly, and th* Rainbow Tirl*. •1M »M.i. **" ;''*' Vl1 ' b f .««tl to send the Mrl« to Dallas on July ], j **S to attend the Grand As-' Th V, R ° inhow """nber..! The featured meal for the evening consisted of ' Mvfr •---- ...«w« «i tii v groom. The Roberta' horn- wa« dec- 'SllhoweTfJeid For Miss Thielemann — __ tranjparent tape to t0 To avoid sogfy undercrust In frozen baked pie, make the St. then chiir the undercrust the pan while the Hllin* Jeine- prepared. Chill the t crust on wax paper. Heb.rH el >w«enf win named eaunlr •iwr.ror „ Bluebwinel Ofrli Si.ti, h.I .Hh. T.K., ichaei for lh« Blind In AuiHn. Mill Robert, w.. lm «nf 910 J un - lor itudtnt. Iron or.r T.xa. who attended the 10-dar ertnl apanined b r the Am- •rlrtn L»ti«n Auxiliary a va- the ed tea or eoffee, *r.d ety of rak » , qi ,,re» All of Ihe member* of , Joilrtl h ' lp * d ln mg the dinner possible The' ' re »" follows: Mr... R w frvm. Mrs. r. N . Mr. and Mrs. c. P Brock Mr >nd Mr... Al ? x Walked - C ' felif «. ""• .Vlvf.n King, '""-h. Mr... Wllmp Kgrnon. Mr. and Mr«. Charles Evan?, Mrs. f. R. Miller, m ,f Mrs. Velva Lashle*. This was only one of »«v«f. nl money-mnking projects u,ed *' further Rainbow activities ThreH Pine* OARY^HDW. IM W. ft r m,i Ph. A. *e FHERPORT Is Garden School Hollywood Also Can Boast ~ ' c /-** *-* the ' Some Qreat Composer ^ JT i pro*! •m & T T W it*fiot*-«r ... , * jhostess wa»'MisVJo lI Artn"*Dr7^1 l Dol.* h ^Iil.. Wi .• h ci *™»" "'''pine-1 Members O f Ihe Clute Gar fman. • •• ' ,«pple juice For large quanti-ld*n Club met recently for a 1 Some 20 guest, were present _.'. ° fT * upp '"i *!«• » h f slices ( £"ed meeting in the home o you cut them—m cold.'Mrs. R. J. Lvker to discnos at Mtnvutn nt •.!* tpnriiner th« ^._,i__ _ . * . ' , Yn ° ru *.'" ?" »" «q««i «mou"nT of protein m egg, i ounce Cheddar-type- cheese, 2 Uble Spoons of cottage cheese, or 1 ' of >alt l ^^^^^^»^^^^ the prominent shower tifts aJ*' i.Z" 5?°ii "* ht - "P 1 *" d*rk though many useful shower iTiT v »h«de (infn were presented to the ' ' ''•"^•rsnt ones. . . . o scu.s tending the garden school Tues d«y and Wednesday. ' . Meeting with the'nt was Mrs r Raymond Kelly of Lake .Jacke .ac- son who told members the im- prospective bride. s e m- portance of attending the school By ALINE MOSBT Better follow the maker's dl iclub and restaurant UP Hollorwood .•"""" " re m«Ker, u,.. ..... ~.v,^, cu n «|n-ciaiiv lor tl m use of bleach, fx-j benefit of all club members uan LJ Women To Meet sports cars roar and actors en- Woodall and Mr. and' Mrs. HOLLYWOOD -Jtp_ Holly ers There were also hanbook. • not whiten fabrien anv ...for those who wished T __, , vr , Hll>v UCllCI or faster, but they do weaken Authors Gerald ance to ask any question.' ! topher Isherwood. Aldoiis Hux- 'room-clect's parents. Mr. ley and John Van Druten: com- composer on his Mrs. Autry, complimented the Freeman and Lucie Ann Gas- . voun * couple and members of ton nresented a humorous skit' [_ he "'irftjing party with » re"Ma afld "" ~ ' ' - „ Her Check- bnnk." Scaltrcd at various places on the parkgtounds, youth could be seen playing baseball, volleyball and other games. All Pf the sports activity worked up hearty appetites for a meal of hot dogs, pork and Deans. Fritos. slaw, cold drinks and cookies. This type of activity is planned for all young people of the Brazosport area and all are invited to attend. hearsal dinner which ws» held in the Morocco Room in Bay City. o—"= Calls For Care In Use IOWA CITY _<u china which is often --•- *>-•• and cellist Igor'of retiring »t'7*""c'r' "! c " * Piatagorsky .,„ make their : reedy L fanning „""" homes in Southern California Japan * Few film celebrities realize ' Stravinsky lives but a stone's throw from their habitat.. He and hu wife. Vera. dwell in a modest home in th. hills abov. Fir* Hard Worker rn« composer itill works as much at 15 hours a day in his f.,*!?* * rowded « tud .v H is filled with four desk, and a p i. no . . ..i,...,.- ,,, »ii w iiirifl apOVB .hejunsetjtrip^^..^^,.. ^ d -,-J 3,,.^-™ U- n- r. h Fr * tlch » rti '<. Jean Coc'teaJ New Ring Says "He's Mine, Girls" Girl Scout Day Camp To Be Held . an nis on one wall. The hold, other memento, , of compoaer's fabulou* life c»d,ng hi, i. rf . collecl Russian mcons religious p . int . wife recently took up NO CARRYINO CHARORi MogPADDlN W ELR Y •C««niT TRJCAS LOCATIONS *ht Ri-«rn<ip«rt Are* 24 HOURS A DAT N. Parking, L J. pt,, 7-J«j 1*1 W. Broad, Frerport 1 4IM fast-rtee ricku* * Hefrrer* HeglMerMl PhannaeM en dnty at »H tlmM. Mfht •r J-l«T Tew GARRETTS' PHARMACIES \ ^t Crosbv Ranch i^ handle, ^.^ „ puts , He - nry , „ s535SSS'g?SS5BS ,u :_i_.._ f~, . ~ . i «. . rnntlv »t^__ i --". fiaiuwxi io IivvS WPT6 6Staoli«H- of ed during 195» In the United m States. L",I.Mt27~P«Mdb Witfc Bimiitritf B. M. Mill., 129 Taft Bird., Ian Antoni6, Te»a«. itat«. that J7 pound, wer. l ort taking - to each registered Girl Scout. Any girl not receiving a folder should get in touch with her neighborhood chairman. Heeistration for Jones Creek should be sent to Mrs C A Kuehn. »t. 1. Freeport. 'and rcsistration for Freenort Scouts should be sent to Mrs A W Umland. 1.119 Broad. All registrations should be turned in by July 1. Training for day camp helpers will he held at the Crosby cr with a mild .oap. T .'hould be of uniform "iff, with no jcaldir used as a rins. She do... Annual Reports Given By Brazoria Outgoing Eastern Star Officials Fuefclav nizhi Mr. «i..,i . Tuesday night. Mrs. White conducted her meeting line* Myrl tr.asurer and first '-»"''•'• Ford, 1606 Grand, f.rt i worth, lost II pounda. worth. [ I J "' t ?•'., B « rc «"'f»t. from ymr worthy matronjdiujrgiat. Mix and take accordin* »l reix.rts wiih ;to nirectiona on label. If th« TIT* L.l«, „,„„„.„.,;*"< «»««• -l«.»'t -- ** Scouts are urged heln is needed. " For further information, call Takp Tl/Un ^IJrP? Mrs. Kuehn. :i.206fl, ~- "., ' arc ' "U OIILCO . . . Umland, 3-3213 , or Mrs Of Bread, And... Forty y.,r, Ir ,, j, Jun , ^ .„, Company r^v.d i M ch . rwr fw- ,,,. «/ th?* C ° mp * nr n ' CAMERA TIPS : CHICAGO — nn— j uit in time for the sandwich season— a booklet of ideas from the American Institute of Baking The booklet, called "Turn to Sandwiches." includes tip. on hot and cold sandwiches, picnic menus, sandwices for special occasions, even sandwiches for breakfast. I Typical of the suggestions: . 'or Ihe picnic season is I his.' recipe for barbecued pork' buns. Ingredients: | cup .-atsup I cup chili sauce. { (up brown sugar 2 tablespoons vinegar i tablespoons Worcesiershirt: »uce, 5 slices cooked pork, and 3 sliced sandwich buns Combine caitup. .-hilj sauce brown sugar, vinegar and Wor- heat thoroughly. SmvT'a ba"^ ^!lj^ sl "'e on «ch bun. T • *unu and an «« dowment fund for the Order '•' 'h* Eastern Star', horn. ,or '"« »««d at Arlington. Due to the nine., of Mr* Vera Schwebel, chairman o, decoration., no floral ar.anne- ""Mr. T" "'^ '" the h «* i Mr, Vera Chamber. , nc | •Mr,. Virg.1 Burke, aerving a • r*/re.hrner,t committee i«rved punch and cookie, during the social hcur. nouncta, Th. Op,nl B , u r BROWN'S 8ervic« Station and Trading p oa t }• Z*« *n4 »!«!• g(. Ctate Sutloa 'W* buy aud *tti HAMTARV FARM D* 'at /our t^n «r at yew deer* I. Maln-l>b. S-M)tS-CI«lc NOTHING DOWN 3 to 5 YEARS TO PAY BRAZOSPORT LUMBER CO. Klrby Lu»b«, » U |>pU«, old Bond Rubber But HUM*, HUMBLE

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