Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 35
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 35

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 35
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MUSIC SPEEDS UP Notes Hurried* in 'Shorthand By GEORGE EKES The stenographer who can take dictation at 300 words a minute has nothing on William Byrd, 45, a pianist. Byrd is the Gregg of the musical world. He developed and teaches the only known "Musical Shorthand." a system of taking musical dictation. "You can write melody as fast as it's performed, once you've become efficient at the method." says Byrd, 45, onetime pianist with the Will Osborne orchestra and now pianist at the Palms Restaurant, Tor- ranee. * * * * "WHAT'S MO11B, you don't use] music manuscript paper. "All you need is a plain sheet of paper, a pencil, knowledge of the method and a good ear/' he says. By "good ear" he doesn't mean perfect pitch, which, he claims, is not necessary. The system is devised primarily for professional musi-i cians, but Byrd says any "instrumentalist who 'fakes' with to learn, the method and months ease or any untrained person of practice before you can who "has the ability to 'hear' melodies in his head and un- INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELESRAM-MI C.IH, Years-Old Slug Didn't Kill Him an autopsy. Dr. Peter Harvey . 'NARCISSUS' TAKES A SHORTCUT Those scrawls underneath the notes show how Ethelbert Nevin's "Narcissus" can be converted into "Musical Shorthand." The system was devised by William Byrd, pianist in a Torrance restaurant. CHRISTMAS GIFTS CAST ASIDE WILLIAM BYRD Music World's Gregfj It takes two to three weeks der stands the relations of the notes to each other should have no difficulty with the system." The 'letter names "write down the music while it is being performed." Speed and proficiency, as 'with everything, depends on the individual. Byrd, 5623 Blackwelder St., Los Angeles, worked for more notes, C, D, E, and so forth, The system .is of the than five years developing 'the are not used, "mental not instrumental," Byrd explains. What is used is the simple range of Do-Re- Mi-Fal-Sol, etc. D!O is represented by a short horjzontal line; Mi is a short linq slanted upward; Sol is a vertical line. Other characters repj-esent the other sounds. There are characters for rests, 15OU CAN WRITE anything in Byrd's musical shorthand "Involved passages, modulations, tricky 'rhythmic patterns of classical standards or the quirks of the modern popular forms can be written in the shorthand," says Byrd. You don't do this the day you start. Car Makers Soon to Test Smog Checks method. .- He put it on the market as a home-study course about two months ago and also takes students. Research of Small Fry Will Test Future Toys By CLAIRE COX |for similar studies in other! haven't had any voice at all I in the selection of their toy is going to appoint! gifts. NEW YORK (UPD--It is stores, only nine days since Christmas,! Hess but many of the nation's small i juvenile juries of children from Ier|l8 months to 9 years of age. "Uncle Dudley buys a com- how soon Santa is goii come again. One-by-one, the dolls, scooters, with a selection of toys, books and space guns that were There will be four panels a in Santa's pack last week are year, selected through a study They will gather in his toy de^ P licated steam-driven engine for North partment periodically to play Junior at an extravagant 569.95. Von1 " ' Liner to Bear 'Bremen' Name BREMEN, Germany W1--A luxury passenger ship svith the proud old name "The Bremen" will be sailing the transatlantic route this summer under the German flag. Actually, the 32,000-ton liner which goes into service July 9 is the reconverted French troop ship Pasteur, bought by the being broken or cast aside. Many a child has already begun counting' the 356 flays left until -next Christmas. Max Hess, Allentown, Pa. retailer, is deeply concerned at finding a general trend toward juvenile boredom over the toys adults buy for children. One of the musicians who is' He is so concerned that he is of application forms filled out by Allentown p a r e n t s and teachers. Hess wants unusually bright youngsters as well as average children to participate. year ago. Now what happens? Junior eyes it with suspicion, caution and timidity. He can't fathom it, so! Jet Runway Due KARACHI, Pakistan UPl--A he goes right on plajing with gr°"P »f American engineers the George Gobel TV show and whose band was a Long Beach' attraction for several years. Another is J. Leigh Kennedy, arranger and first tuba player repeats, and other musical now jth the Long Beach Municipal tatfyns. ' ~ Band. KENNEDY SAYS he uses Byrd's shorthand method for that can be written'by regular his own score on the bandstand musical notation on manuscript sheet paper. "Why." he wants to know, 'does Junior get tired of most; of his toySiWithin a few days' after he receives them? "Is it true, as a recent survey of the Hess toy department indicated, that adults buy the toys they like without regard for the kids? "Is it because Junior does not get what he really wants? his penny marbles. "Grandma buys a beautiful stuffed lamb for little sister, * * * * [which features the dreamiest SOUND MOVING pictures' eycs and a concealed music box will he made of-each play ses-' w hieh tinkles out Brahms lulla- sion. They will be studied by. D j e s uttle sister is completely buyers and sales personnel so awed Dv lne stupendous gift, be ghn pokes it in the dreamy eyes ; with an empty cardboard box that once 'contained oatmeyl. .s due here soon to design a new 10,500-foot runway to handle jet airliners. Target date for completion is early next year. type and age. A small group of youngsters. this adds up to great at times. Byrd sees the system as a practical instrument for musicians to copy new or hard-to- get songs off the air or learn-| ing rare songs from some customer who hums the tune. ·'. ·. "Many side men use Musical Shorthand right on the band stand for talk-over arrangements worked out at rehearsals," says Byrd. "Some of the musicians copy their part in shorthand\ for easy transposition." Byrd said the system is being J experimented with at the University of Texas music depart_,, _ Iment. The Music Shorthand DETROIT tffl - Studies of method got a boost down in Or is it because he gets too study would be published in many things heaped upon him pamphlet form and distributed ·all at once on Christmas day?|to parents, schools and toy "Are his toys really suitable companies. for a child his age, and are. ' Up to now," Hess said kids they suited to his individual ^-capabilities?" will be selected from each panel disappointment and frustration, to accompany buyers to "New r or adults as well as children, York to play with toys before. no t to mention the money they go on the market. The was ted on fancy toys." buyers will take only what the children like best back to Allentown for next Christmas. Hess said the results of the Nur$2S Training lr.s;i:ure A Qualified School for Chi, training DENTAL ASSISTANTS MOUSING AND IVININO CLASSES NOW ENROLLING Limited Enrollments HEmlock 5-0105 31) E. Flril St., Lnl ll«h Special Offer MIRROR RESiLVERED Special--This Week Only .,*' Your Old Mirror 150 Resilvered -- and I Prtl madt like new! '..., I Sq. ift. Or, We Will Modernize It to Your Order Just Phone HE 7-7475 or HE 2-7943 for Prompt Pick-up Service Marine Glass Co. FREE DEMONSTRATION BALLERINA ROOM, LAFAYETTE HOTEL. MONDAY, JANUARY 5 -- 7:30 P. M. SCOTT-WOODARD-SCOTT Sit. OLASS FOR ALL PURPOSES _, J ·," COR, i4TH I MAGNOLIA HE 7-7475 ir HE I-7M3 Memktr ·* Long iMth iullden' Exchange HESS IS NOT going tojl teachers, child psychologists or parents for.his answers. He is going to the children, themselves, on the theory that if they don't 'know what they want, no one else does either. If his local search in Allen-^ town is a success, Hess hopesii it will become a pilot project;] January ROEBUCK AND CO. OFFICE SUPPLY SALE brings you our greatest values off the year smog and automotive exhaust 'emissions now are at a stage where four separate approaches to exhaust-gas cleanup can be explored, the Automobile Manufacturers Assn. said Saturday. The association and the Los Angeles area have been engaged in a sharp controversy over the exljaust-gas responsibility "for the smog problem. Industry engineers, the AMA said, will report in detail at the Society. of Automotive Engineers meeting in Detroit Jan. 16 Jin five years of research into thai exhaust program. The association reported a prototype muffler device now is ready for complete road testing and proving-ground evaluation byiall motor-vehicle companies. The device is a low-temperature catalytic converter that can be made by conventional steel construction. It is estimated the price would be nearly $150 for installation. Texas from a columnist on the Houston Chronicle. Happens that the columnist is a Byrd named Sigman. "My brother," admits the man who "writes presto." -WANTED- Corporation S t o c k Promoter. Aru man to take over local factory-coated area top quality, high profit operation. I., P.-T. BOX 3931 NOW...YOU CAN OWN INCOME PRODUCING RENTAL TRAILERS / AMERICA'S fASrSST \ (GROWING BUSINESS) if Pcopl, in all walks of life ^ftO/ *.»«J _O«A are receiving net incomes of *" /O QIIQ mOr from trailer! operated by an established coait-to-coost rental system. idl This additional income is earned by you No time or effort is required on your part. Trailers can be purchased for as little as $275.00. e money alone. A ALSO KEADV for explora- ( lion are a muffler device utiliz- £ ' ing high-temperature chemical I catalysts, and a flame-type aft- J erburner. r "A fourth approach," said the : l association statement, "is the I possibility that a carefully ad-1 c ministered engine tuneup pro-1 ? gram in the Los Angeles area I j may be of great help." | I VMany of the problems asso- j dated with exhaust-gas controls j and possible smog relievement," j said the statement, "are far I from being completely under-J slid by either I.os Angeles or | City _ Phone _ _ industry experts." i l _ _ _ _ _ . . _ _ _ _ -- _ _ MAIL TODAY- FLINTRIDGE TRAILERS 526 W. Chevy Chase Glendole, Calif. Pleas, send additional information Name _ Address rental trailers. 3 0 x 6 0 - i n c h S t e e l Executive Desk Regular 154.50 SAVE 24.62 12.99 DOWN, Sears Easy Terms Popular naw choice for prjvatn or general office. 32xtO" iop provides big working area. Double pedestal style with 3 drawers on left side 3 on right. Stenographer's Chair 31.75 steel chair with foam rubber seat cush- "tA QQ ion, adjustable bact. i»W Steel Office Unit Reg. 109.50 SAVE 19.62 Rotractable dusk with plen'tyjof* '. ' typswritsr room, sturdy 'safir storage drawers, book compart- ] menis, files. ·IT" Suspension File" ~ 57.30 tile with etra £O OQ strong drawers. T'.W 1 r L Four-Drawer File 29.88 Reg. 39.95 i SAVE 10.07 Two-Drawer File 19.88 IKALASH KALASHI ALFALFA TABLETS Pure Selected Concentrated 100 45 200 --75 500 ....1.75 1000 ....3.00 VITAMINS BY KALASH Vitamin Specials Kalaih conducted much of the original research in vitamins and has made vitamin production ancJ distribution a life, time work, Ov*r 36 years of experience that makes available nuny advances in the fields of nutrition for your use. . . SINCE 1924 Time to give you pirsonol attention and formulas based on the latest vitamin knowledge--theie are the reaiom KALASH VITAMINS are sold only In Kalash Branch stores. SLENDRONS Aid to reduc- I ing using bulk | method 100.... 1.651 200.... 2.95 500.... 7.25 1000.... 13.50 Built of high grade fornlture steel. Drawers glide on roi'er bearings. Adjustable followers.., 18 in. deep. Reg. 25.50 SAVE 5.62 learmgs SMI easily when full. Adjustabls fol- l o w e r s . 30'/ 2 x !4 s / 8 x 18". Gray enamel finish. Utility Cash Box Usually 2.95 1 Now Only I · Cantilever typs coin tray, snap lock and key. Brown beige color. Ojtsida dimension 13/2 * 5 x 7 inches, Typewriter Table 5.44 fed Two-Drawer File Reg. 8.50 SAVE 3.06 Sturdy steal braced for extra strength. Easy moving castars, drop leaves for extra space. Grey finish. 24.88 Reg. 32.50 SAVE 7.62 Adiusi-abls followars. drawers on ball bearings. Ideal for home or office. Safe ttoraga for papers. PROFESSORS MULTI-VITAMINS and MINERALS WITH THE NEW B-12 "RED" VITAMIN Two tablets a toy exceed the patency requirements of Iht National Research Council and supply at least: A. (Purified Fish Liver Oil)... 6000 USP Urals D. (AcliMteo Ergosterol) 1500 USP Units B-l (THIAMINE CHLORIDE) 6 Milligrams B-2 (RIBOFLAVIW 5 Milligrams 8-6 (PVRIDOXINE) 1 Milligram B-12 (CRYSTALLINE) 3 Mlcrograms C. (ASCORBIC ACID) 100 Milligrams NIACINAMIDE 35 Milligrams Your Choice--Storage or Filing Cabinet I Usually 36.50 CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE 5 Milligrams I E. (MIXED TOCOPHEROU 4 Milligrams I YEAST M ms. LIVER (Con. 1-20) 64 mj. I COPPER (As a Catalyst) 0.1 Milligram .Iron-Ferric Pyrophmpnale 15 Milligram! 100 -- 2.25 Two Tablets per Day for Adults and One for Children 200 -- 4.25 500 -- 9.50 ·jrns I MANGANESE' '.. . ' . . . . . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 10 Milligrams I IODINE (Potassium Iodide) 0.20 Milligrams I DICALC1UM PHOSPHATE 330 Milligrams I Plus other members of the B-eomplev from natural f sources, liver and yeast. Four-Drawer File 34.88 1000-17.75 A superior formula (higher potencies--more Ingredients) tnntalnlnj the loom essential vitamins and minerals. IDEAL FOR ALL THE FAMILY--ONE FOR CHILDREN--TWO FOR ADULTS. I Reg. 44.50 SAVE 9.62 Elra deap file, 27%-in. in depth over-ell. 4 ba'l bearing easy rolling drawers. Grey enamal finish, Steel. KALASH Vitamins KALASH 12th Vmr In l^inn llmrh I 2 T E . 7th St., L.B., HE 2-1272 KALASH 29 each 2.99 DOWN, Sears Easy Terms Filing cabinet with 2 big letter file drawers, large storage compartment. Lock, key! Adjustable storage cabinet of electrically w e l d e d steel, 4 shelves, 2 handles. Key lock. All-in-One Cabinet 39.?? Reg. 53.50 SAVE 13.62 Vault, storage space, index and letter file in I sturdy unit for contraliied itcrags of records, valuables. Downtown Long Beach American at Fifth HEmlocIt ^01?1

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