Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 5, 1930 · Page 4
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1930
Page 4
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-RAGGED PRINCESS A Great Mystery Story. By EDGAR WALLACE, Gftft* A»M«f." "the Man f**m *iorW*o." "f ns Prof," fcte ,** C*A**Efc SfcXVlt. fttH BUFFET LIFT, figure Iky motionless, fearful to ttftmt, ahfl then the grwsn oblong dimmed and went out, and their ears oatne a hollow rumble of and like distant thunder. Ftttek stumbled to his feet and ran ss the room, but his groping nde , felt nothing but the carved eling. The strange apparition had Blshed! 'As he felt he heard the sound of et in the ball below. "Anybody here?" shouted a voice. '" "Com* up. We* your tamps; the Aghts are gdne." , As though hi* wol-ds were a signal, the lights Bared up again. "Who opened the Dick quickly. street door?" 1 don't know, sir. It Just opened." r "There's another set of controls •bfhewhere. Steel, get that- ax ; it's Upstairs. No, one of you men get it ; jfou'il find It in the little room on the top landing. Use your lamps and Xflub anybody you see." Thfc ax was procured without any Untoward incident and Shannon attacked the paneling. In a few min- itttea be had laid bare the cavity where h* • had seen the body of Lacy Maf- shalt lyfng. "A buffet lift," he said. "They have them in some of these houses — the width of the sideboard and on the sideboard level." He reached in and felt the twin •steel cables that operated the elector. The kitchen was In the basement, and the stout door had to be forced — since Steel had visited the place earlier in the evening somebody had shot the bolts. When an entrance was made he found, as he expected, the buffet lift at rest. But there was no sign of Marshall. "That's how they got the body away in the first place, leaving the lift suspended between this room and the kitchen. I searched this place before. If you notice, Steel, the opening even here is carefully masked by the paneling." Th« detective led the way through the scullery into the little courtyard to the rear of the house. The door behind was open; so, too, was the gate into the alley. "Marshall's body is In the house, there's no doubt about thai," said Sick. "They couldn'l have got it away. Where's your cordon, inspector?" he asked sharply, looking up and down Ihe deserted alley. The second half of the cordon were late in arriving, apparently, for they •were .not on the scene until ten minutes after Die had returned to Mai- pas' sanctum. "This room must never be left without' a guard," he said. "If there is one thing clearer than another it is i cended a dozen stairs and stopped. 1 "We are now moving parallel with thfe wain stairway, listen." He tapped at the wall. "You could almost put your finger through it," he said. "That accounts for the slippered feet on the stairs— an old theatrical trick. If you give Jne two pieces of sandpaper I'll show you haw It's produced." TheJ went back to the big room again. "And here's a second door." Again Dick tapped at what was apparently a solid wall. "This takes him to the next floor, and he was up there wait- Ing to noose our policeman." "Where is he now?" "A sane question," said Die dryly, "but I'm not prepared lo answer you. I should say that he was some miles away. If that cordon had been In its place there would have been one ghost less in the world." He examined his lamp. "I'm going to have another shot at the roof, though it is unlikely that our bird will be nesting there. By the way, Willitt's detectives have been withdrawn?" "As far as I know, sir. Willitt is still under the orders of Marshall's lawyers, who have put a caretaker in the house." A search of the roof revealed no more than that the detective was still on duty. They saw the red glow of his cigar end before he himself was visible. "Rather unnecessary, isn't it, your being here?" said Shannon. "From my point.of view, yes," was Ihe reply. "But I carry Out inslruc- lions from my chief as you carry out yours." "You've seen nobody?" "No, sir. I'd have been 'mighty glad to have had even a ghost lo talk lo. This is surely Ihe coldest and mosl lonesome job on earlh." "You've heard nolhing happening below?" "I heard somebody come oul of Ihe back just now; I thoughl il was you. There has been a big car waiting there for the last hour. I looked over, but I didn't see who it was. He was dragging something heavy. I heard him grunt as he got through Ihe gale and loaded it into the car. I thoughl it was one of your sleuths." ) To Dick Shannon it seemed impossible thai one .man could have carried Ihe body wilhoul assistance, and there was something unnatural about the thing. When he came back to Steel he found that the sergeant had made a discovery whicM was eventually to solve Ihe myslery to some extent. "I found this in the courtyard," he said. "Our friend must have dropped it in his flight." It was a flat leather case and, opening it, Dick saw an array, of tiny phials, a hypodermic syringe and Iwo needles. The syringe had evidently «..*•' '.jT«i,MJfia*CK^i5iA ' **- tStiMWi ***"&** *** * ttt *f, ^rWWffit lUtM* «tt«L UMftltM WIN* be*, t»Wfth'e*1»t*««l 84 shot twic« because Kf driving ft graph. v in* ii^>*^c» J^' that this Wa« ftot BJ th« mother a! molar* Itrs. Julia Wat* complained- that fno^etl • wfrenty -n .. ..miw U »..» D —r- alf'tMt they had been hofne paoked With ftnu, the velvet b«d an which it lay wet where it had leaked "it look* ** if ft had b«*ti cently," said Steel. "The needle certainly give* that Impression," agreed Shannon, examitt 1 - ing the threadlike «t*M, "B*»a lh« contents of the syfing* ttralght away for analysis. 1 am Beginning U> **« daylight." <Tr, fie Continued) TIME OF YEAR HEftE FOR DIPPIKO SH^EP The 6,000 sheep of MunClngdon county a:.- almost all Shorn of their fleeces now and much of the wo61 «rlll be sold next week through the farmers cooperative pool of which Oscar Hata» of Petersburg is secretary. . When the old sheep aw shorn, most of the ticks go to the lambs where there is some wool covering. Ticks arid lice eat much pasture grass in their indirect way. Lambs pestered make slow gains. The general practice is to dip the entire flock from*three to four Week* after shearing ttm«. County Agent R. S. Clark explains. It is wise to dip the second time ten days 10 Iwo weeks after,the first dipping. This second dipping Will kill the ticks, lhat have developed from the eggs since the first dipping, artd should insure a clean flock for the coming year. Use any good coal lar preparallon or slodk dip. See that the sheep are held in the solution one to two minutes. This will make it possible for the sheep lo become Ihoroughly saluraled wilh Ihe solution. that the old man isn't playing ghosts I been put away In a hurry, for It was from sheer mischief. There is a good, solid reason behind his antics, and the reason is that there is something in thif room he wants to get at." He Inspected the narrow stairway that led below to the old drawing room, but found nothing, except clear evidence that this system of serving stairs was general throughout the bouse. "You' notice there are no servants' jltairs at all." He pointed out the fact to Steel. "Probably this house •was built long after that on the left ind ^the right of it, and the architects had to design a method of working in 1 second staircase without encroach' upon the room space. 3'ut there are no stairs from the drawing room to the kitchen,*" said Steel, and tapped the wall where the italrway ended on the drawing-room tavel. To his surprise it sounded hol- fbw. j "That's a door with a concrete facie," suggested Dick. He put his •boulder against it and it turned easily. "That is the way our friend came jnd -went. Come up here." He as; ITCHING TORTURE \ ENDS frhen mouthing Zemo Is used }t'» remarkable how quickly summer itching vanishes -when Zemo touches th« »kin. Use it for rashes, bltea, ivy- poisoning and itching, peeling toes. :Th}« far-famed antiseptic draws out Heat and pain and quickly soothes 4w»y irritation. Use safe, healing £zpino freely to clear up ugly pimples lid dandruff. It's invisible and odor- pea*. Just the tiling for sunburn and Other summer skin irritations. Have JSenio bandy always. Any druggist. Wo, 60c, 11.00. JAY KURT? GRADUATES FROM DEVITT SHOOL WASHINGTON, D. C., June 6.—Jay Banks Kurtz, 17-year-old son of the AHoona congressman, Representative J. Banks Kurtz, was graduated with honbrs last night from Devitt school here, one of the outstanding preparatory schools of this section. Although he has been in attendance at the prep school only a year he led the institution In French scholarship throughout the year and finished with an excellent record in all branches of study. The youthful Altoonan intends to pursue his college career at Brown university beginning next autumn, it is understood. 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Abojftrtl «. outhern Pacific ferry, Mrs. fteft fell, ufftred Injuries to her thyroid fend ituitary glands, Which set In motion hemlgtry that raised her weight from 45 16 225 pounds, i Damage*: 11,800. ' .;'•.'»•«. " • In Grand Rapids, Mich., ' Laborer George McGowan. dfearot that f Wall ell on hlrti, crushed hint, tfftbiessed, a told his efnployer* about' it, but ent on with his job Of building a oncrete -wall in an excavation., .The wall fell, crushed but did not kill Laborer McGowan. * * * In Havana, Cuba,,Mrs. Bernard Duls ought twA' bright, lively birds whose lumage matched her red hftlr. When he reached Manhattan by* boat, the irds no longer matched her red hair. Artificially dyed, the colors had run, aded. in Chlckleha, Okla., W. k. Draper willed $2,000, a twenty-Beven-acre ract of land to his mule. . • .» • In Chicago, the Society of' American daglclans held an election. The rc- iring president, Theodore' Hardeen, ivas in charge of the ballot box. When all votes, had been cast, Theodore Hardeen reached Into the box,'looked urprlsed, drew fprth a rabbit. Next o come 'forth wM a lighted candle, rt rapid succession followed hand- ffs, a glass of Water, a lantern, a year ahd married. In Cleveland, a Jury, of setteii and five wbtttn •, dlf «*d that td Mrs, •d Kuttler pay 6 . OrvltUs fiutfer, Dr. 2*. whom thirty pairs of Ifheh, scarfs, ' All unuoBU* JUM»J*••»«— ••«»,• w.*^*.v*— .•*»•-?•»ton, long poor, ntiwl? rich, Hia boTitht everything for wMttt all heVHfe she had wished to shop., * • CORNS IN&TANT RELlEt* IOO% SAFE •Keeping rid of corn* ia simply • matter of using the right method*-&r. Scholl'a Zino-pads. Their soothing, healing medication ends pain instant' 1y. Their protective, cushioning feature v re» moves the cause—friction and pressure of shoes. , Once a corn is gone, it will never come back, if Zino-pads are used at the first sign of irritation from new or tight •hoes. Catting your cotn«te,<l*nMf<M**4nvites blood poisoning. HsrsK liquid* or plasters often caose acid burn. Dr. Scholl's Zino-p«ds are s»f«, ittre. Doctors recommend then. Sizes also for Ctll6n«*» and Bunions. Sold «v«rTwh«r«—35c bo*. DT Scholl's Zino-pads Put one on-tht *pat» it foiwf ... They cojne itt the all the fit* jiliuhes. • •'' SeeWinJowDuplay Furniture Arrow Dial 2-9537 HOMER B.,W*8TBBOOK, 8««< An Amazing Discovery that Offers Health to Millions Fermentation controls health! And Sanovapor controls fermentation!'! By the control of fermentation months ago. Many miracles are Sanovapor has almost unbeliev- everyday affairs to us.. yet less able power to control disease. 5 We live in an age of great discoveries* We take music put of the air . . we flash messages around the world . . we sit in theatres and watch. . . and hear. . . plays that I , ' • - , • I' '' , • A 9, were acted before the niotion picture camera than a generation ago everybody said "impossible; these things can never happen." j It-is' like that with Sanovapor! 5 This great discovery is as important to health as is the radio to entertainment; the airplane to transportation; the motion picture to the theatre. A Marvelous Healing Gas We all know about some ofjthe many kinds of gas; gases that heat our h'omes and cook our meals; gases that keep the great Zeppelin in the air, gases that the dentist uses; gases that worked such destruction In the Great War. But comparatively few have yet heard of SANOVAPOR—the gas that controls fermentation. Sanovapor was developed only a few years ' Some Truth* About SANOVAPOR Sanovapor is a Gas that has almost unbelievable power to stop FERMENTATION! 2 Sanovapor gives you this gas ia a liquid form that is easy to take. v I Body heat releases the gas and it is taken up at once by the blood stream. Sanovapor is carried to every tissue in the body, to regulate the process of fermentation. Sanovapor is not a "cure-all" —but each Sanovapor Compound is a treatment for the specific ailments it is prepared to correct. In addition to the Sanovapor, this tonic contains the drugs recognized as helpful in the treatment of ailments for which they are prescribed. Sanovapor contains no alcohol, or any other harmful or habit forming drugs. ago in the Sanovapor Laboratories in Huntington, West Virginia, because the experts at the head of those laboratories discovered that a certaingas.known to medical science, had the power of controlling fermentation. What is Fermentation You see the effects of fermentation every day. It is what makes milk or cream sour . . . what makes fruit spoil when it is left in a warm place ... it goes on in your body when disease germs attack your skin and causes boils or carbuncles . . . when it attacks stomach, liver, lungs or other organs. In disease, or death there is always fermentation.' The shortest way to 1 health is to stop the process before it gets well under way. SANOVAPOR STOPS FERMENTATION SANOVAPOR has an almost unbelievable power to stop harmful fermentation. SANOVAPOR is a GAS Naturally this gas cannot be brougbvto you in tanks. That would mean that you would have to keep it under pressure — and have a complicated apparatus to carry it to the lungs, stomach Qr wherever it had to reach. Research at the Sanovapor Laboratories showed that Sano- vapor could be taken into the body in a much simpler way. Many gajes dissolve in liquids just as sugar dissolves in V'our coffee. Sanovapor is one of that kind of gases,» First we worked out just the solution that would hold the gas the best... a solution that would .release the gas and send it into the blood stream when it was taken into the stomach. When You Take SANOVAPOR Treatments Here is what happens when you take' Sanovapor. This healing gas goes almost at once into the circulation. It dissolves again- in the blood and 1 the blood stream carries it through the system into the millions of tiny veins that are everywhere in your body. Whereve'r it reaches, it begins at once to stop harmful fermentation. Jn this way it helps nature in the rebuilding process that must go on td bring back ^'healthy conditions to any tissues that have started to ferment." But Sanovapor does not stop there. In it are also the standard known remedies for treatment of those diseases for which its use is recommended. What Has SANOVAPOR Done In hundreds of experimental cases Sanovapor has proved its value. Sometimes the patient has been in what seemed to be-1 a hopeless condition. Ordinary remedies did not seem to get to the trouble. But in hundreds of cases Sanovapor has afforded relief, because it is not an or* dinary remedy. It is NEW! It is different, A new combination of medicine. That is why we say that Sanovapor is worthy of your full confidence. Not a "Cure-All We don't say that Sanovapor will cure anything and everything. Nothing is further from our intention. But we do say it will stop fermentation—this great healing agent— Sanovapor —with standard medical agents recommended by the medical profession for the treatment of the various ailments showp in the list of remedies, will produce miraculous and permanent results. Each Sanovapor Remedy is compounded foe the specific treatment of certain ailments. ' Select Your SANOVAPOR Treatment for These Conditions SANOVAPOR GESTROL-For acid or sour stomach, nausea, headache, pain in the stomach, fullness and discomfort after meals, heart-burn, palpitation, a smothered feeling, weakness, vomiting or tenderness of the stomach, nervous irritability or apprehensiveness, pain under shoulder-blade, for relief from gasthatpressesupwardandcrowdstheheartand lungs, causing a feeling of shortness of breath. SANOVAPOR SANLEN-Fordisor- . dered conditipn of the circulatory system with headaches, pain at the back and top of the head, general debility, loss of appetite, fainting, dizziness, cold bands and feet, early failing of mental powers, absent-mindedness, apoplexy, throbbing or pounding sensation in the head when lying down. 'SANOVAPOR FEMININE HY- GIENE—For general rundown debilitated condition, bearing-down feeling with pain and weakness in the lower part Of back, nervousness, loss of appetite, insomnia, paleness, shortness of breath, palpitation of the, heart, constipation. SANOVAPOR •ANOLENE-Fcr ulcerated and inflamed mouth, treatment of bleeding and spongy gums and gums receding from the teeth, offensive breath, gum-boils and other pus formations. SANOVAPOR SANOX-A system builder and blood purifier. Recommended for Rheumatism, Neuritis, Constipation, Sluggish Liver, Insomnia, Headaches, Coated Tongue, Loss of Appetite,iNervousness, Auto-Intoxication, or wherever a General Tonic and Bloow Purifier is needed. SANOVAPOR CREATOt-For e *. ternal application in relief of fermentations that causes "athlete's foot," eczema, ringworm, boils, sores and to aid in the. rapid healing of cuts and other external injuries. See the SANOVAPOR Lady at CENTRAL DRUG COMPANY, l**l Eleventh Avenue She will gladly explain these wonderful SANOVAPOR Remedies to you.

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