Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
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Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 21
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Encourages other women (Continued from Pago K-G) to lake a full-time position with the company. As far as she was concerned, her carper propects were better there than anything she could do with a degree. "I didn't know much when I physics classes helped some, but other than that I don't think my formal education was really all that helpful. "The main thing is to have a good head on your shoulders. And not be afraid to ask questions." At first, Mrs. Kausen explained, her chores were routine -- typing and keeping track of orders, doing stock work and answering phones. Gradually her responsibilities increased. She did reading on her : own, attended conferences and, on occasion, made . her own discoveries. "It's true...I did tear a connector apart," said 'Mrs. Kausen in response to some good-natured ribbing by boss Broom. "I just wanted to sec how it worked." ; , Mrs. Kausen learned so well that soon she was ..doing some sales work on her own. She could answer , questions (or customers, knew parts that could be · substituted for those that were out of stock and in ' some cases was giving customers ideas that they . .hadn't thought of. "Sometime I'd watch the contractor go out of here and I think to myself, 'Wow, I could be doing that-' But having your own business can be a real headache...I'm not sure I'm ready for all that." - MRS. KAUSEN SEES other possibilities, how. ever. As a stock holder, "I do as well as the company does" -- which is pretty well right nosy, she added. And she believes that other opportunities arc available to her in the field of electronics manufacturing and sales. "There's a lot of potential in this field. That's what I was looking for...something that was a career, not just a job." Broom, who described (he slightly-built Mrs. Kausen as "worth her weight in gold," seems as committed to attracting women into electronics as his vice president is. According to Mrs. Kausen, a second "career-minded" woman joined the five-mcm- . her firm. Mrs. Kausen hopes to train her to take over · some of her duties so she can go on to do other things. "I think the potential here is unlimited -- especially as the company continues to grow," Mrs. Kausen said. ' Added Broom, "More women ought to be getting into this field. I think they have a lot to offer." Bruce Polay to conduct The Aces on bridge IM X CO«N m. TUMCWT1M DEAR ABBY Choice letter brings laugh When choosing t h e stronger of two suits, it's not always the high cards that count. Often the intermediate cards arc more important and can decide the issue between success and defeat. Today's hand offers an interesting contrast. He who goes for the glitter gets nothing. He who does the spade work scores a well earned game. South wins the dub jack with a deceptive king and pauses for a c o u n t of tricks. He has seven top winners and possibilities for developing cither of the five card majors. The hearts look stronger, so let's s«e what happens if declarer tries the hearts. Dummy's jack Ls finessed and East wins the q u e e n to r e t u r n a diamond. Declarer wins the ace and l e a d s another heart hoping for a 3-3 break. Unfortunately, Wesl discards on the third heart and declarer is in trouble. With nothing better to do, declarer concedes a heart to East and dummy's last heart is high. Now declarer must settle for only eight tricks and the game is down one. THE SUIT with the lop cards awl lots of holes is not the one to buy. Better to forget the lop cards and pick the suit that's sure to yield more winners. Look what happens if spades arc developed instead of hearts. After winning the club king, a low NOKTH 3 * Q 10 : .\ K J s 2 K 6 1 + » 7 3 W EST EAST » A 5 2 » K 6 3 : » 4 1 4 3 * J 10 » 6 ' + « SOVTH » J 1 1 1 I 7 3 t A T 5 + A K Q Vulncrahk' Sotilh The bidding: Soul* «·* I t l'a« 2 NT Pa*. By A B I G A I L VAN BUREN D E A R READERS: 1 am presently writing a book t h a t w i l l contain choice letters I've received hi the last 20 years. In selecting the material, 1 came across a letter that gave me a chuckle. I hope It gives you one, too. It was published In my column in October, 1968: HEAR ABBY: I'm a 41- year-old bachelor who digs women, but I'm not looking for any matrimonial involvements. I live alone in a modest bungalow and enjoy my privacy. My problem is an aggressive d i v o r c e e who lives next door. She's not bad l o o k i n g , but she comes on awfully strong. She's a rip-roarin' Republican and a Nixon booster Snrlh t:.iM from way b;ick. If she sees a light in my place, she runs right over with a prepared meal atxi an armful of Nixon campaign literature. She's even offered to cook for me and do my ironing, but I'm not about to fall into (hat trap. When site's not trying to sell me on Nixon, s h e ' s talking about marriage. Last week ! had it, so 1 moved my refrigerator, stove nnd TV down t» the basement so she w o n ' t know I'm homo. So iviw she phones m e ! W h a t should I do? - NOT INTKRESTK1) DEAR NOT: Tell her you're going to vole f o r llubcrt ami move back upstairs! Everyone has a prolt- Sent. What's yours? For .1 personal n'ply. write fo ABUY: Box No. 6S700, Lm Angeles. C-alif. 90069. Kn close stamped, scl(-atl- drosserf envolojx.', please. OpcninR k.ld. JjcV of clulM spade is led to dummy's queen and Kast's king. East returns a diamond and dummy's king wins. Dummy's spade is led to declarer's j a c k and West's ace is knocked out. D e c l a r e r w i n s t h e d i a - mond return and claims an easy overtrick. 11 all boils down to individual preferences. Those wlw like to lake chances go after the enticing heart suit. Those who'd rather have a sure thing establish the solid spade suit. BM With Corn South holds: · O n i-·: ii » A h .1 6 : + K ij : Answer: Two hcjrls. A raise to three clubs Ls conceivable but the hearts are good and the clubs arc bad. CINCH ASSORTED CAKE MIXES or FROSTING MIXES Macaroni Cheddar GOLDEN GRAIN (MACARONI 4, CH DINNERS 7'/OZ. DOX . MOTHER'S PRIDE BEVERAGES . COLA · ROOT ME* 1/2 GAL. BOTTIE . CHEF BOYARDEE BEEF or CHEESE RAVIOLI 15 OZ. CAN Bruce Polay w i l l con' d u c t the Latewood Phil- ·harmonia Saturday at 8 p.m. in the Little Theater uf Long Beach S t a t e University. He has programmed "The While Peacock" by A m e r i c a n composer Charles Griffes, "Concerto for Two Violins and String Orchestra" by Malcolm Arnold and "Music for S t r i n g Instruments, Percussion and Celeste" by B c l a R a r t o k . S t e p h e n Bryant and Kiki Collins will be soloists for the concerto. Admission is $2.50 for adults, $1.50 lor students and senior citizens. Tickets may be purchased at the door or in advance by writing to P.O. Box 487, Lakewood,907M. CLUB CALENDAR Seek excellence in music, speech I Mbr. Long Beach Hcrirdroisere Guild ( WHEN IT COMES TO CUTTING HAIR! WE'RE NO. 423-2452 Richard s International i 1*0* E- South St.. N. Long Beach Iloun Daily Man. -Sat. E»». «ppi. INSURANCE-CAREER? CAREER OPEN HOUSE SET For men and women considering insurance as a new career James R. Foster, Vke-President and Los Angeles Regional Manager of Farmers Insurance Group announces a special "Career Open House" Thursday, March 25, 1976 at 7:30 P.M. in the Matador Room, of the Rochelles Convention Center at 3333 Lakewood Blvd. in Long Beach. In addition to a dramatized presentation, special speakers will include R.E. Lee, Director of Agencies, who will explain the unlimited earning potential wilh the Farmers Insurance Group. Guests will receive a free Booklet, "A NEW CAREER" and full information on how to secure an Insurance license. They will have the opportunity to meet management and some of the firm's top salespeople and ask questions regarding an Insurance Career. The event is open to the publk and ·there is no admission fee. AH items in cJub calendar must be received in the LUc/style section titc Thursday before publication to be included. Meetings must be open to tlie public or guests of members. Sometimes there is a guest fee. TODAY RKALETTEToaslmis- tress Club, 6:30 p.m., Turkey 'n Stuff Cafe, South Street and P a l o Verde A v e n u e , w o r k s h o p on roicc projection presented by Ixmdlle Skaggs. TUESDAY LAKEWOOD B r a n c h , M u s i c Teachers Association, 10:30 a.m., lacaboni Library, 5020 Clark Ave., Lakewood, meeting with Dr. B a r b a r a Crockett, Ixng Beach State University insturctor, as speaker. Second in series. Topic will be "Preparing for a Performance -- How to Practice." LONG BEACH Chapter, National Foundation for Ileitis and Colitis, 7 : 4 5 p.m., Community Savings and Loan, 3901 Atlantic A v e . , m e e t i n g a n d progress report. Dr. I'eter Barrett, director of education at Bauer Hospital-St. Mary Medical Center, wit be speaker. WEDNESDAY P A R E N T S ' Adoption Lcatjue, 7:30 p.m., community room of Mercury Savings and Loan, -1140 Long licach Blvd., program with Mary Jo Bnr- ron of ALMA (Adoptee's Liberty Movement Association), an adoptee who was recently reunited with her natural parents. IX3NG BEACH Chapter, National H e a l t h Federa- t i o n , 7:30 p . m . , Great W e s t e r n S a v i n g s a n d L o a n , 350 L o n g Bead) B l v d . , "Nuclear Controversy" will be explored by Michael Befelcr, coordinator of Project Survival. INTERNATIONAL City Toastmasters' C l u b , 7 p.m., Sambo's, 1760 Bellflower Blvd., weekly meeting. All interested men and women may attend. TOASTMISTRESS Club of Los Ccrritos, 7 p.m., community room of IAS Angeles Federal Savings, 113.V) South St., Cerritos, monthly mooting. Further information is available from the president, Jim Rodgcrs, 12715 Droxford St., Cerritos 90701. THURSDAY LONG BEACH CHaptcr, ORT (Organization lor Rehabilitation t h r o u g h Training), 12:30 p.m., dessert, 1 p . m . , meeting, home of Ada Fay Kucha!ter, 36-10 Julian Ave. Latest dcvelopmenLs in ORT's around t h e world educa- t i o n p r o g r a m w i l l be presented. Pat's Pointers Adapted from a Mohawk Indian design, this eye-catching a f g h a n , knitted in two colors, is sure (o he a conversation piece in any home setting -- a delight to make and a treasure (o own. If you wish to have the yarn on hand, ready to start your needles clicking w h e n your pattern arrives, you will need 32 ounces of the lighter shade and 28 ounces of the darker shade in knitting worsted weight yarn. To obtain directions for m a k i n g the Mohawk Valley a f y h a n , send your request for Leaflet M A R - 2 1 with 50 cents and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope (o: Pat Trcxlcr, Dept. LBI, P.O. Box 17G35, Charlotte, N.C. 28211. DEL MONTE ^_ PRUNE JU1CER QT. BOTTLE A ill EYELASHES li-:i H prici t.'. "I I'.l AIKOI. I I N A I . NKT H A I R SPRAY ' ' HAIR BRUSHES THE ORIGINAL JOE WEIDER 5 MINUTE BODY SHAP6R H.95 Vllufl ffi M illinlra'cd av*V. $595 CURLING IRON *!£.zz /T95 M - l . l "'T I J ·/ -^ Fcrmcrlv l l l . ' r t V^/ CONA1R-1000WATT OSE MARIE BEAUTY SUPPLY 2!) 1'u.r /.· m * m DEL MONTE 303 CAN GREEN BUNS . SEASONED · WtKHf TOMATOES KL MUTE CU tEttWHES SALE · LEAF SHUCK · HUQED TKETUUS 303 CANS 4° $ 1 DEI MONTE FRUIT cocrrwLw SLICED POCKS 303 CANS 3° $ 1 DEI MONTE WHOLE DIHS 22 OZ. JAR 59* CEREALS . CHERRK3S. 10 OZ. BOX · TOTAL, 8 OZ. BOX · WHFAtUS, 11 OZ. Box 59 C, H. B. t HACH . rf «M mumi 2 L B . JAHS 89' YOU CAN'T , v ., AFFORD ·V*-V-\ TO START ENROLL FOR '"* n MEDICAL ASSISTANT Q DENTAL ASSISTANT BEACH COLLEGE OF MEDICAL AND DENTAL ASSISTANTS tS AN ELIGIBLE INSTrTUJKN VNDl* TUf FIDERALLY INSURED STUDfVT IOAN PROGRAM "SEE INFORMATION ON RIGHT" LONG BEACH COLLEGE OF MEDICAL AND DENTAL ASSISTANTS 4439 ATLANTIC AVE., LONG BEACH CLASSES START ON MARCH 31 CALL NOW 422-0481 ^HAPPINESS IS.,. SECURITY is -TM 5 i MEDICAL ASSISTANT · · DEOTAL ASSISTANT 1 · imiCAL RECEPTIONIST I CALL 426-8388 I WRITE OR DROP BY | THE BRYMAN SCHOOL · 3633 Long Beach Blvd., LB. HUNT'S . POVK ft BtANS « 01111 BEANS . SMALL BED B1ANS MO ON'. DOWNY FABRIC SOFTEMER 1* Off LABEL 33 OZ. 69 PALMOLIVE DISH DETERGENT 1O Off 1A8II KING SIZC PROCTOR GAMBLE BIZ CHAN f BOX 89 HI OR I tXTHA STBONO TOWELS JUMBO eon. 39' BALLARD BISCUIT RUWRMIIIC OR i ·, 01 rmsr. DELI SPECIALS' 335 KRAFT VELVEETA 7 u IOA; 1 99 KRAFT AMERICAN SLICED INDIVIDUALLY WRATPID CHEESE I J O Z . PKG 89 KRAFT PARKAY MARGARINE ONE IB. STICK 39* FARMER JOHN ALL MEAT WIENERS ONE IB. PACKAGE 89 CAL FAME, PURE FROZEN ORANGE JUICE 13 CLASSES ^ Located in Main (Confer) Bldg LONG BEACH, L.8. vC«07 PLEASE SEND ME YOUR FREE BOOKLET "LEARNING TO WORK IN A DOCTOR'S WORLD" ortn fviiTO»Y » 10 4. ixcrrr MIDAT g TO » SUNDAY 10 TO ]

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