Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 11, 1976 · Page 39
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 39

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1976
Page 39
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3 Card of Thanks J1\ f.AMILY ot Sleohen Darrcll Mitchell wish lo express their oiin oratilude lo all ol Ihe wondefrul D^ pie who attended me services ami sent all 01 me beaulilul flowers M r . Mrs. Sloy M l l ' WE wish lo lhank our lr[ends~aniJ neighbors lor their kindnes and Itoral offerings durfno our bereavement Mrs. Rose While. Mr. rl Vvril . Speer, Rcoerl Perkins Florists FLOWERS BY MOOE.SPEfiDWAY 3 2 5 - 2 6 3 4 hi Business Since 1920 Tucson's 1st in (lowers since 1911 "CHARGE IT" BY PHONE ON YOUR B»NK CARD OR E S T A B L I S H E D ACCOUNT 886-2548 622-4638 E LCAPKIShoppes DOWNTOWN 12 Memorials-Markers-Lots BEAUTIFUL single Everoreen lol 5^Uic£jHCA^JL2??i8J9, TUCSON MARBLE'GRAMITE co 30?0_0RACLE RD. __623.542 1 GRAVESITE, South LawnrRi^h location. 298424?. 14 Lost Found YOUR cat misses you! Grey i white found nr Tanque Verde R, Jones Please 296-0067. Have 3 or mv own ! FOUND MALE^Siberian Hus T KvT!b"2 years old. 50 pounds. 327-E071 __ FOUND; Muni' colored fDmale Cock-a-poo PUDPV at Vesev school _ FOUND: Sm male d . Gold R. while _ _ FOUND; SMALL TAN~MALE~PUP at_l_8_tn. Eucltfl. Call 326-495 1 , ____ LARGE Reword for return of Black Great Dane in need ol medical aiten- tion. Campbell _pr i nee. 325-7737. _ R E W A R D : large male dog -- part red Dober man /part Pointer, long lait. Lost seen Skyline Alvcrnon Answers to "Dofaie" 2W6J7 LOST: wrapped uackdtje for mailing !°A a1 ! L^c City. Prudence. 8. Esca- i_ . B L A C K Ian Afghan lost in vicinity o! Golf Links Camlno S cc5i_2?6-^6SJ ._rcwa_ra^ LOST: Golden Retriever, male Black spol on tongue. Area: Stone RP-^-°-C--E£:'^J. r JL^nJ l J^ pet. M7-327j LOST: male German/Huskv "mix, 2m^yWlarof. RewardJ!Jfr*3Mevcs. LOST oregnani OldE"r*girsh Sheepdog U[niy. l ACgJj- R JLV^aiJjJ^;3597, 8fl4-7014 L O S T ; Alaskan Malamutc, male puppy, "Tftor", reyarg_792 : j7jg.__ _ LOST: Black "~white female toy poodle, near Levy's El Con on Solur- day. LOST; BLACK fAN HOUND" University ^rea^._Rj^svprd._6^^1iSi, LOST; Black lemal-2 ciog^v7bTov/n i wnile markings. Golf" LinXs/Kolb area, answers fo ''Brdndv". ff found ptenje call 296-3i«. t-OST; Blue dc-nim citfarelle case on 4th Slreel bv Itie Thrift Shop, Thursday Fcb 51h. ConMins Jitlle glass doll Great senfimcnlal value. Reward. 37-T962. 325-9011 ak (or Dave or Su- slo. PLEASE? LOST: dearly loved Sealpoinle male cat, answers lo v 'Pinq", 3rd Coun- !Ly_Siybarea.jRcwjrd. i2S-79I5._ _ _ LOST: Female cot,'stack lomThair. A Men. L O S T : Female Irish Setter wearing silver rhoker. Downtown area, Wed f-Cp^A.Beward^623-9172 LOST: Female German Shorlhair "Happy" Anmhi Area 623-57-19 68-J494 LOST; Large gray male cal In S, Campbell area. Collar , laa Reward. 327-0735 L O S T ; Male black tan German; Shepherd, no collar or tags, Prince f. Flowing Wells. S10 Reward, 8B7-0109. LOST: wale English Pointer pup, brown marki'nss, Wflmot/Broadwav area. Answers to ''Raleiph". Reward. 298-8??2. _^_ LOST; Male "Morris" cal, shorl lall, Prudence Gqtf Links area. 790-1523. LOST; man's gold'wedding band wllh carvings, silver star with diamond clifp. At car wash on S- CraycroM. LOST: Monday, new biack umbrella, Park Mall or Savcco fijeward B67-6957 LOST; Purse -- aT 51, Margiarcl's Please return to Recforv or call 62J-5107. No questions asked. Reward, LOST: Since Nov. Cat, white w/prav P-gJgi l ^i--L a Jl!_P3':S. Reward. 299-D3Z5. LOST; Vicinity ol Gol( Links/Wilmo). Orange longhaired spayed female c a t , wearing green colldr with bell. Answers 1q^Mu if in." C a II 790-3994. _ L O S T : white German" SHepnTrB female, 3 months, vicinity ol Kolb S. Escalanle. Reward, 298-TWs LOST: 10 d'ays ago. -i yr. old while S a moved named " Husky", Orange Grove/1st Ave. area, has small brown area on car, sick wKen lost, clli'drc-p miss. 297-6623. Reward. LOST; 1 week old Australian Shepherd ouppv, black fi, (an, bobbed fafl. Reward, 3322 S. Langlcv. 7WOOB2. ,MISSING: "Lincoln", 4 year old male, black Ian German Shepherd, Tucson Mfns, l l i i i t , under Dr 's care. Reward, Phone 7-13-0864 16 Personals ALDORADO PLACE a non-prof ft corporation needs T V ' s for Alcoholic ReliabiliMNon Training. Working or ilfflvy* prkinfl.^yjjjjcb-uja. fSfirt ) -1L _ B E A T THE HIGH COST OP DYING. Call Hie Tucson non-profit Memorial Spciiijy [or more into. 326 8955, ___ SCIENTIFIC advice to all problems AAr Golden ._J245 N .^Ro mcro. e^7-29jA E T H E T S N Y D E R ' S " ____ InlrodLJClion Service, 296-9551 , 624:3979 HELP 't know ation r y jce , Confj g_e _ ___ LE AR N TO DANCE, Sl"6" l9''V-'l ft Cour^trj/ JjoiKgjl'U^. 795-1730 l.EAviNG tor SI- Louis, nave large truck, can luiul anyltimg. 2?L-A9JS. ___ LONEL.Y? Send" vour description, phone no,, self-addressed stamped envelope lo Paradise VaMev Guide lo New Contacts, P.O. Rox 22U. Phoo- nii. fl50?a -- Honesl. Dependable, ^MRS. LEwTs Scientific Pwrhic readings, One visil will hefp solve your most difficult O^lPIB-: ^point.'VjPnL'y lv ?93 1 1^5^ MRS Meacliam Psychic Clairvoyant f .Pj* . a .! n . ^:_? y.apogJDXrncnl.J.TS-jUjS. __ PROBLEM Pregnancy? Counseling lor all alternatives. Call PlaoneO P'jrcnltitxxl Counseling Dcpt , Town Country Massage Liceose/J mcisvapc Iwrdpist. O C.Al.LS. Call fo . OUT .ippt. 3122 N. Camo - _______________ YOUR bust can look better! Cameo Bras -- custom tit for beauty comfort. ?97-?J77 tor^pgoinlmDnj. Alter 3^ YOUR PREGNANCY " a Problorfi? r?'LBJ:AC;HpUX 672-WJ6 or 298-2827. 26 Travel Opportunities D R I V E R S TO M'-JOR U.S. C I T I E S A A A - C w Auiti Transport !pc._7VV/ll8 R F T I W E D iiiilitflrv man" (fir I vino to Las Vegas back, will 1dkc 1 or 2. Shrtre expenses,_747-7551^_ ' T R A V E L ALMOST FRF~E A U T O D R I V E A W A Y SflJ 9,70 C -U S, 6th A YEAR GET RESULTS IN HL88W3B BUSINESS SERVICE DIRECTORY WOOD, (ull '/j 'A cords. K o Feeds, 3025 N. 1st Ave, MJ-5139. NOTICE TO All REAM Is According o Ariiwio low, J"" 1 " »»»"l« cl«wn,ranc.i, li l» unlawful | 0 .09,5. ,,, ^ b«»ln.., ( art o, o«.7, 0 «,"£ MM «|KK|»Y, or purport lo hov. hS. copcKlty, of t onrr«- rlJ^"*" h ° Vin * ° Sto »» tomrortof i Ueru«. | on, queitlon or!,,, r^onjlng II- oni.l ol cootroclor. odv.rtl,. Ing In rhl, Soiln.,,.s.rvle., Dir.rtory, plea,, contort rh« Arirono *« a l,trt,r ol Con- trtuti. Phon. SEASONED MESQUITE Laroe auantltv ol mesqulte, cut and stacked In cord lots. U-load. 2 II., J30 EXCELLENT Firowood delivered 8. slacked. Servlns Tucson 28 vears. LNordslrum trtMU,. M.nvt 49 Businesses-Services Furnllure Refinlshlno Repairs, lor- mica-work.Reas.p.^opDlnlck 2vg-59H. Accounting A C C O U N T A N T wouTdlTk'e'booklieeR- -'·8 DOZER work, house pads, roads, land clearing f. r Kltmc 298-lias jVppHanceJtepair JiTM/^?LhTMMF'*»TM'v scr x appliance repair. 889-5927 JJiU-OWERY APPL. 889-6S50 APPLIANCE 5ERVICE~8TREP5|R- Automotive Repair O V E R H A U L S 4 minor repairs" _ 'l- nk ' c o r r a l - w «xl «T awn Ings Bookkeeping Service LUPlTA'i Bilingual answering and downtown, 882_-rj215. a e ' near Building Contractors " NEW REMODEL IDEAS At '4TM Rooms carporls conversions FREE DESIGti-ESTIMATES 'OLE'Olson Const. Co. LjccjTied-Bondcd 327-3215 eves. "HOME ADDITIONS Lie. Rcinrxleling Repairs BonrJed lycs_on Home Imprpvernent 298-7S4I _ 25 YRS Exp In room auditions and rDnuxJelino. will help in desianlno plans. For free est call 743-7871, He bonded J5csc£l_HilJs_Cotislrijction Co. Jack Courson Licensed-Bonded Con- struclion at lair Price. 3-S7A2. BOYD Q. aaKcr general conlraclor Custom homes, rm. addiltoni, car- porfs porches. Wood storage rooms. Free esl. Free plans S, / , 5 ?» Iet1 conlrai:l a vrs. In Tucson. Carpentry Cabinet Work CRONIH 8, SON5r20\rs. spec, in remodeling, carpentrv. int. painting custom shoo work. Vour ideas ours. Lic-opoded-msur. 7?5-9ft5?. CABir46TS, stor'aae walls, book es, bars, elc. Free estimates. Bonded lie. Aruona Woodworking. EXPERIENCED caruenfeT^vanis work not food stamps or relief Kpru, 621-5265. CARPENTRY, handyman all phases. Call Jerry Gwin. 689-261? QUALITY Finish, frame, new, remodel; natural wood specialists. Schmldl Kroupa 296-I3M. 1-72JJ. C A R P E N T R Y , doors, paneling, remodeling, 8S3.0817 E.U. Flaurski. Carpenter an phases, modest price Free csf. P. Arenas 29.J-629, 62-I-9281 C A R P E N T R Y work Targe or small. Frce_cs|. RE Spencer 790-7816. Kitchen Balh Remodeling C A R E F R E E KITCHENS 376-2131 27«N.Campbel 7*7313 6J28 E. ?2nd KIRCHENBERG Construction r? modeling, room additions, carports, elc..Lie.. Insured. 296-5C8S, 7)7-0073. Carpentry Work, All Phases EXPERIENCED RELIABLE Porches, Porch Enclosures, Framing Trim Work, Doors, Ariiona Rooms our Specialilv. G. Broivnell 8S3-3M90I 689-297.1. References, Liq^ Bonded. QUALITY Carpentry", references. Carpet-Rug Cleaning G U A R A N T E E D Carpel Cleaning: 1 tagmjm.oy.a'5. 294^501 or Tit-ink WHY nol set the very besl service vour monev can buy? Competitively priced, free estimates. Advance Carpet Cleaning Service, 296-25U 5TEAW, shampoo-furniture foo! Gyaranle^d_NOW! V. Torrev 622-710? SPECIAL: one room ss with regular job. Nowi Victory Torrev BS?-tM91 Cement Contractors ANY SIZE, Anv kTnd includlncj Cement Work TRAILER" SLABS, Paiios, lootings, ble. Licensed. W. CONCRETE DONE WITH LOVE Reas^K. Luscombe. B67-0747, aB8-77M TOP QUALITY CONCRETE WORK. Reasonable J. Serolko 8SS-0273 CONCRETE llarwork. Driveways, patios. Free est. R. Welham, 622-0138 CONCRETE work of any kind. Best prices. Merit Concrete. »9ilU. THE V E R Y BEST PRICES ON ALL CONCRETE WORK. C. Hill, 294-8232. B A R R E T T ' S CONCRETE. Drfye- wavs, walks, pallo slabs. Licensed. bonded, Irec cst. 297-1627. 622-5563. re- g, irc-e est. ni^tfii. 622-; Cerainic^riI e INSTALLATION, ~ooairs. " remodels, o. Mover. 3?ft.g^j INSTALLATION, floors, w; pairs, D. Dierinro, 888-7645. Diggings Excavatine LOW COST T~RENlCHTNG'rF r wlde"up iQWdCCP. H^r^mll. 668.76J9. O A C K H O E , loader, dump truck work, Afler 6, B89-61JJ.. G. Bryjn. BACKHOE, grading, hauling, gravel, tiJU_Qpsoil. Fred Greene, 623-1548. I)rafting Service PLANS T O meet Counlv City codos. rhc J^stest draw In the west G.Johnson. 29B-S772 or 88S-5319 Draperies-Slip Covers Electrical Repair HeatinrK llglilinq^ coolers mobile home service. 298-0".^? Electrical Service J F Eleclrlcal Conlraclor. 24 hr service Free est. Residential, coni'l 4 J !idustrlaL6M-M65 or 29J-0583. TJt. Elecfrfc" Licensed, bonded, insured. B88~15S5. F rcg estimates. AMBER Electrical Contractors, licensed bonded, reasonable rates, commercial residenTial, Free estimates. 325-2630. OANNA Elect. Service. Lie., bonded. insured. Ron Shlckcl 624-9OT. NORTHSIOE Electric, "licensed Dryers, ranges, healing, 24 hrs. Resl- rJcntal, com'l. Industrial. ?97-Opoi Fertilizers COMPOST Manure SA.SO yd Deli- vcrcg. luslom mixed. Cook's 687-0164. MANURE -- dump truck load. S20 CaJj_W. Pafforff al 689-7914. Firewood PRI/ylE MESOUITE for e x t r a large and small fireplaces, X60 per cord. Dell vcren and stacked O E S E R V W O O D PRODUCTS 673-7078 __ One or Two Day Delivery ! __ UHAUL mesquiie, '.'j cords or lesT BIMSCO, 2619 N- S lone, 623-5481. __ MESQUITE. S60/corrt. Del. stack Incj^CROSSIN WOOD CO. 624-?8vO. 00 YOU wanl good mesqulle? II so, . 546.50 PER" Cord, Mes^uile Oeii" , _ ^ , _ . _ _ VELVET cul seasoned mesciuite lire" wood, delivered slacked, 555 a cord, you pick up - 15-15 S. Craycroft. 748-7317. Los Amlgos. 50 Business Training 49 Businesses-Services M6SQUIT6, oak, coal. 550 cord. del. Al Swanson, 325-3921 or 624-3933. DRY MESQUITE, 529 '/i cord, dell- yered slacked. M. Laos, Red Oik; V, Green-** , orr j ; jjs v , Cor a, $jo Crick. Olher Hardwoods available. A. Havdcn, «a.nj7i CAR RILLO'S FIREWOOD 8K3-U17 Furniture Refinlshlng Grading Leveling Handyman IOME office remodeling and re Pairs. Call flnrh_eoKer. rvices: evervlhlng, mechanl- alorolhcri Frceest. Call us661-DS36 COMPLETE remodellna-door hang- mo, root repairs, wall repairs. No loo loo small. H. MeCallisler, 883-3317. EXPERIENCED painter, average room i!2 labor, D. Williams, 886-2719. HANDYMAN retired, 40 vrs. exp. In Painting paper hanging. L. Barnes, ROOF repair, house painting, lobs, Joe Sums. 6g-g.9j. 8gj7 odd PLUMBING, painting, repair, w/cooling repair. Lawn yaro work. . 623-2173 CAREFUL painllng, repair, maintenance, R. Anderson, TO-13!a. IS YOUR HOME CRYING? "" IN NEEDOF REPAIR? Lei us wloe awav Ihe lears. Sunshine Limited, J2J-J363. Free estimates. CARPENTRY, eletrical, plumbing, coollnp 8, healing. Dependable. CalU. Markliam, fe-lllM. COOLING, Healing, Plumbing, elc Call Home Repair, 86a-6(K1 HANDYMAN, carpenter, odd lobs, C. STROMME.886-H90- CLEAN, palnl repair water coolers, repair rools, clean gutters, repair. B. Thomas, 623-2373 Hauling HAULING, trash, yard work. Lois tieamLA_se«iiH 687.4563.297-6100. MOVING -- w e specialize in furniture appliances, etc. Low rales. Pree cstlmates. Call Ron Miller, 888-2171 PUMP'TRUCK SERVICE, clean w . 2 vd loader dozor, backhoe, Irepch- ing, nraqing H F Cox Sons 79S-^s?n_ BUTCH'S Sand, gravel, top soil, (III. Also cleanup work. Have loader 9 yard dump trunk. Reasonable rates. 883-0668 Alloys, Irash, yds cleaned fast. 1 cJav service, no load. A. AoulIar 790-1826 SAND, gravel, ton soil, till, haul. loader, do?cr. B89-4125, J. Lee. Clean-up Irash, hauled to dump P McClure 6B2-3698. Marana collect. HAULING all kinds, reasonable and gylck. cleanup. F. Barber. 793-7352. HAULING, debris, Iwik, clippings. Fasl. SIO load. J. Glbbs. 7-B-3360. ALLEY, vard, cleaned. Trash hauled SB load. J 8. D 748-7251. 7904960. TRUCK tractor service, trash removal, hauling, gravel lawns, grading, leveling. W. Bell 682-8J66 Dealing, Cooling, Services WOC)D stoves from 519.95. Furnaces filters, valves parts, new-used BIMSCO. 2619 N. Stone, 623-5481, AIR Master Cooling Heating Co Prompt City Wide Service. 3928 S. 6th. 294-9358. Emergency Scrvlce 294-7597 SOUTHWEST Heating Ventilating Air-Cond. -- General Sheet Melal Sales S Service, 298-6108. Home Improvem en t PAINTING repairing ceramic floor.tile, N. Brcvkk. 623-3880 cvi"j. EXPER. all wall repairs, drywall, acoustic sprav, marlite, piaster, sluc- co repairs, T. Howard, 853-1791. DRYWALL, repairs, also patching plaster cracks on inferior walls or ceilings. Sprayed accouslical ceil- Lnas. E_. Bcntley. 298-786J ALL Types. Roofing, remodeling, fencing. No lob too small. Free Est C, Dclorme 682-3698. Marana collect JR Home Improvement - vou name If, we do ff! No fob too small. Free estimates. Call 624-4363 Housec lean ing FAST efficient cleaning, homes or business. TWO B'S. B87-MJ7 ADI SHAKTI DOMESTIC SERVICES Dependble, conscientious, honest 326-6736 jio^vjg THE CLEANING LADIES Carpel shampooing loo. East a. northeast areas. 88S-799S. Income Tax FEDERAL stale income lax re 'urns prepared In the privacy pf voui romc. Jim's Tax service. 29311 INCOME Tax'prepared at mv home, Ed Lane, BBS-3316, Moo. thru Fri, 6 lo 9 p.m., Sat,, Sun, noon III 9 p.m. Richardson's Income Tax service, no wailing, no appt. anvlime Mon-Sun- dav. Oul ol state forms. 294-8066. TAX Returns prepared. Pickup and delivery. Reasonable. T. Peclersen, 298-8435 (days). 296-2542 leves. and weekends). INCOME TAX Preparation. Federal and stale, call Gene Stoul, 791-9944. INCOME TAX RETURNS PREPARED. FINIS E. LANGSTON JR. CALL 795-6474 INCOME TAX, Professionally prepared in Ihe privacy ot vour home. FEDERAL S STATE. Complete accounting services nofarv public avall._Call 665-3150. Tony Antalone. T A X E S Done accurately, reasonabl, privately. D. While 790-3J90 anvlime Janitorial Service COMPLETE janitor service housecleaning, mobile hpmn root seal Joe Burns, 6a-aS2. 668-6768. Landscaping I- A NOSCAPE design, conslaicTionT maintenance. Free est. Oasis Land scapmg.lic bonded. 886-6166, LGE palms-cactus-boulders. " price planted. R . Smith, 29-I-E396. 294-47QI. GENERAL cleanup, tree work, trimming, hauling, complete landscaping. Lie. bonded. Norman's, 88-2U7. NANAK'S SERVICES Specialist in roses; planting and pruning. Begin now for spring clcan- u£._Frce esHmales. 326-8736. AZTEC'LANDSCAPES Licensed, Bonded, Reasonable. W, Escalanlc 889-2966, 883-16-17. Y A R D cleanup, treework, hauiino. renovating. Frank Barber. 793-7352. PHIL'S Landscape main! tree shrub pruning. Gen clean up. 326-6624. Masonry Work PATIO WALLS, block, brick palios. i . ^ _ BRICK, block, flagstone, palio walls, cement slabs, room additions. Roa sonable, Irec est. CL Const. 749-3914 BRICK, block, stone. Fireplaces 8, fences. Reasonable. B. Riggs, 296-9902 CALL a Union brick mason, yrs. ol exp. Get it done riolit. Free Est D. Misklmins __ 883-0076 Painting Decorating G8.M Painting, bonded lie. free est 624 0037 after 4:30. any)jrpe sat DAVE PARKER PAINTING native of Tucson. References Free eslimatcs.-887-4092 PROFESSIONAL. Semi-relircd. Fast, Efficient. Clean. J. Picoult, 298-9761. PAINTING 4 roof-coaling, free csli- mates. Lie. 8, ins. C Sharp, 79S-8752 EXPERIENCED, duality euar Inl Ext. Ref., clean. A Rogalskv 297-2870 LOWEST 8. best painl iobs in Tucson. Frecxslimatcs. G. Bungcrl, 748-1021 _ FAST, clean, efficient. Free estl- males. 2944223, A. B. Maxev. SMITH Brothers Painting Co. Interior, exterior, patch repair. 885-26J9, if no answer call 88^2165 QUALITY PAINTING IN OUT Z. TEZER Free Estimate 883-0091 YOUNG man establishing own busi~ ness. Exlnl work, eciuip. price. Handle any job. D. Mindcnhall, 863-5619 50 Business Training «M Our Motto Is )fitlfj n'htil vf/ rMiliy tt'nnt to dt -- \ifinfi ir/io yriti re.ntly mini In Iti:" Classes now forming * Secretarial * Legal-medical * Stenography* Keypunch * Accounting * Drafting Visit cir IM 11 DURHAM BUSINESS COLLEGE . 2525 N. Gauntry Club 793-7694 ] 4? Businesses-Services 0. Interior i ence. Free~eYtimVies"8^."lri e ' Mr SPECIAL OFFER. Palnllno, a types. M.50 hour. 10 years ence. M. Allen. 7" -I lake pride In mv work. Lowesl (Jrk- es, oualllv ausranie«l. free esli- malM.62M81ii. R.Boylan. Paper Hanging PAPER a wall, a balh or vour entire house. Wall westan'.ym ?r Patio Walls PATIO, retainer, excavation, lanrj- scaping. Fred Greene, Plastering SWIMMING Pool Plaslerlno. ReeTaT terlna Specialists. Licensed, bonded. Tea Armslroni) Plaslerlno, ·""··· " SVVIMMINO pool, replaslerlng. If esj. Meadows Plastermo 666-2706. PLASTERING stucco, all phases 26 vrs. exp. 88J-7992. R. Burns Plastering, stucco, accoi/sfical spraV- Ins palchlng. M. Benltcz 792-HOS Plumbing ALL kinds plumb., repairs, sewers drains cleaned, o. wiscner. KtvjCT, PLUMBING, sprinkler repairs, all types. Reas rales, p LocKler, 79HODQ PLUMBING, furnace i-cooler repair service. Rlnaldo DiCenio. 327-4024 ARIZONA Sewer Drain Cleaning Service. Drains electricallv cleaned. 24 Mr. service. No exlra charge tor weekends, no travel charge Free estimates. 882-8564 or 832-8004. ACTION Drain Service. Drains eared lor imp. E X P E R T service on all makes of water healers. New glass lined heaters, M gallon S74. 30 gallon $78, 40 Gallon $83 + Installation. Air Masler (Licensed conlraclor) 3928 S. 6lh., Property Management MANAGEMENT MAINTENANCE Lei he Professional eliminate vour oroWems. All Ivoe properties, fal, J. J. V/ILSON, Diversified Invest !. Management Co.. 3i?.M)l. Remodeling Repairs HALLMARK BUILDERS. Remodeling, room additions repairs. No lob too small. Licensed bonded. 298-1498 REMODELING. Freeesllmatev-- Lie., bonded. R.C, Kino Co.. HOMECRAFT: Remodel Repair Bankamerlcard. Mastercharge ac- copied, licensed, bonded, ins: JOHN'S HOME REPAIR NO JOB TOO SMALL. 683-7055. Rooting Materials BOB'S Custom Roofino. Complete root s»c. Lie · -- -RALPH HAYS ROOFING CO _FREE ESTIMATES, Ba7-HM. NELSON ALVARAOO ROOFTMG All tvpes ot custom roofing, guaranteed. Lie, bonded, m.llja ROOFING ROOF REPAIRS JiEAS. T. DOBBINS. 83MBSa/8aj.7?g^ Sign Painting LETTERING -- all kinds,"large"~ small, old pro, JIM HALL, 790-2312 Storage A-AAAAAA SELF STORAGE W Mo. up. Rooms, lockers, Open . Covered. Trailer Vehicle vard. iMO N. 7lh Ave., 623-1414 Swimming Pools Maint. SPRING cleaning -- all makes. Free e s t i m s rnainf. c e a n n g -- a m a e s . ree estimates. Experienced. Fair. Res. inf. avail. --Call G. Ross. 885-0)8: TV-Radio Service, Repairs HOUSE CALLS. Dealer-Zenllh, RCA, ,. Victor TV, TV,REPAIRS. Guaranteed anten put up. Ch II perfect. Bob's TV 885-1563. EXPERT TV SERVICE All makes, color BW. Guar. Anfen- na installed. House calls SB, TO-2SM. FREE TV Shooext. N o t i x n o p a v Argentina TV 3606 E. Grant 9:00.5:30 FRANK'S TV Repair any brand. Service Call 57 90; atler 5S1Q.M. Topsail JOHNNY'S DIRT PILE Marana loosoil, u per varrl. r TOPSOIL, »2.75 a yard; till, 12 a yard. Card! Rock Sand. 888-3000 ERNIE'S HAULING. Special on verv good red top soil. 622-6329 or 622-5313. RED MESA TOPSOIL . . FRED GREENE, 623^1548. Trees and Shrub Service TOPPED, trimmed, pruned. Free esllrnales. Debris removed. D. Bell or M. Perry, 623-M29 or 687-2057. TREES topped, trimmed removed wilh care. Dennis Davis, B87-8I73. QUALITY Tree Work, exp -- reas C. David 6230896-- BB7-e»l TREE work, haullno, yard cleanup; exp, reasonable. F. Barber, 793-7352. TOPPING, removal, tree, holes dug, topsoil. Fred Greene. 623^548. Upholstering MARSHALL'S Upholstering. Your tahric or ours. 32S-6397 or 795-6886 HELP: We need work. 1 !! Reupholsfer bed, divan or club chair, SW each piece, labor anb material. The Barn, 5970 s Palo Verde. 294-1213 FREE ESTIMATES, satisfaction guaranteed. M. Oieda. 747-5498, UPHOLSTERY CLEANING Sunshine Carocl Upholstery. Sofa--$18. Chair--512. Free esiimale en carpets 8. line rugs. 326-8736 Yard Service EXPERT gardening clean-uD Prompt, most reas. J. Glhhs. 749Awl CLEAN-UP, prune, planl. haul. Reas Prompt. Lie. F. Sabraw, BS3-44M. ROTOTILLING for gardens lawns 2Q'x30' lor $36. Chicken manure avail- ahlc. Ron's Home Malm. 297-6435. Y A R D work bv dav, week or month also repair work. B. West 6Z3-9794. / SCHOOLING \ Inn n DO 50 Business Training ALL MARCH REAL ESTATE CLASSES NOW ENROLLING IS OUR BUSINESS Successful Graduates For 16 Years TUCSON SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE FRED BRODSKY -- DIRECTOR Morris Mac Bttilsh -- Assoc Director 881-1610 Country Escrow B*dg 4733 E. Broadway CLASSES Beginning Brush Up! · Cashiering ' Accounting ' Secretarial ' General business ' Ollice machines Placemen! Assistance Veteran Approved LAMSON BUSINESS COLLEGE SI7 N.Stone 622-7421 70 Schools-Instructions Classified Advertising Information CLASSIFIED INDEX ANNOUNCEMENTS fun«ral Notoi Card at IXanli In Mxnoriani fwwal 0»r«ctor( Lett l Found Auto Traniportafkx'i Tro»«l Opportvnilwi Corpooli BUSINESS- SERVICE DIRECTORY ClauHkoHon 4« BusirMtMb-Scrvical 49 SCHOOLING Claiftlfkattoru 50 thrv 70 fkiunest Ironing 50 Employment Ptep 60 SchooMnilTuctiofii 70 EMPLOYMENT Oatstficotlom 100 thrv 180 Ernpfoymont S«nnc«i Rt$um«i, Coonullng 1 00 Employm*nl Ao«nkai Job lilt mm 1 10 H«(p Wanted, Htx--rly and Sdory Posllkwit 120 Httlp Wanted, Soles, Commiiuoni, Bonuuii, elc 130 Kouwtiotd H«tp . UO PoiilkMii Wonted 150 Day Car »- Baby \itting 160 Baby titter Wanted 170 S«rvk«i for ExcFonge ISO TRANSPORTATION C1a»!fl«ittoiu 5OO thru 292 Auloi Wonttd 200 Auto Financing Insurance 1\\ AuToi for Sain 222 228 234 235 237 240 245 249 . 4-VVhe«IOriv«l aaiiki, Bugayi TrudoWanM Trudl (or Sda Co-True* ftanfoli Car-Trudc Repair! Cor-Truck PamliSa Utility Traiton 2iB 263 Motorcvdet 270 Riket-Gocartl, fttc 274 fkxrtl-Motori. Supplies 379 Sporting Goodt 2B1 Aviolion-Sales-Servk* 292 EQUIPMENT ClauJfktiDoni 3O1 thru 3S9 H«l«y Equipment, Buy-Sale 301 Fixm-Rancr Efjipm«nl 333 Machinery for Sola-R«nt 3 69 MERCHANDISE- MISCELLANEOUS Cla.ilflcirHcxM 4OO ttm 493 Wonted lo Buy 400 Muikal vnltrumtrili 40\ Pjanas-Orgarl 402 TVVRodiol 407 Sleico^Recordars 40B Mlicellonaoui llemi 4 1 1 Gihldras 414 Carport-Patio Sol»i 420 ClDlhing far Salt 422 Offk*-Buiinail Equipnwnt 424 Phorogrqpriic Equiproenl 426 Slomp».Cotni-Hobb«*t 430 Ariv-Croftl-Suppliel 433 Jewelry-Wotchu «tc 436 livmlock Supplies 440 Dooi-Coti-P«l. Supplies 444 Birds-Tropical Rlh, etc 451 Poukry-Egevfroduo 455 FoodvM«*-FilhM 440 Swap MMtl 464 Antiifwt 467 Apdttncti 473 Auction 478 HountwW Gcodi 480 iitui« 482 , taHoi. GvdMii 483 . toKfioli 484 Air Conditioning 489 L.l'i Swop 4?S RENTALS CkuiHkaHara 500 thru 5(4 Wanltd to Rtnt 500 Room Board 303 Room WjKxxjl load SOc HotiukMpinoRowm 507 S8ar.liviraOuarl.fi 309 MottU, HoHli 510 R«it hornet 5 ) 5 Vocation Rtntdt 517 Reiorti 5)9 Trailer Rtntali-Courti 521 Ruilal A0WKM1 533 Aparlmant»-r\jmiih«d 524 Apac1rrv«ntl-lr,hjmiJ.ei 330 HouMt.r\jmit)ud 335 Ho*j»*Unfurnijh»d 540 Oil of Town Rtntoli 551 Buwwii Rentoli 562 Industrial Rantdi 573 Sloroo* R.nldi 57a MJicelton*oui RflnToli 584 MOBILE LIVING CiQuHkotlon MM thru 6»B MobSe Home. Wanled 600 RV Rental Sitei 615 Mobile Home Sittt-lou For Sale 620 MotJ. Home SilfJ-ioli For Rcnt-Lftatt 627 MobC. Horn, Cartel 629 Mobite Honw i. Rent 633 Mobile Hornet, Safe 644 Mobile Home Service t 666 Traitor Hauling 6B8 BUSINESS-FINANCE Cktumccrtlom 700 thru 777 Want buiin*u Oppor fvnitwi 700 Buiintit Opportxinrtwt 71 1 Moo«y Wonted 722 Mon«y To Loon 744 Moooy To Invert 755 Real Eital« loam 766 Mortgage i-Cocitrcxt i 777 REAL ESTATE Clttulfkattons 8OO thru 899 Real Eitate Wanted 800 Red Estate Exchange 810 Real Eitate Service 820 Real Eitat* Appraiid! 824 Retort- Vocal ion Property 825 Income Proparty B30 ln»*irm*nl Property B33 Suburban Piaperty 840 Buyriflii Property-Froolage 844 Induitrid Property 850 Axiiooo Properties 855 Out of Arizona Property 860 loft-Acreoge, Sole 366 Farm i, Rancnei B70 Honwv Southern Ariiona 877 Moc'-Hojrm 878 Cuitom fc dir*g 879 Townhou»i, Co-Opi- Condominium) 881 Homsi-Weit Area 883 Homes-South Area 864 Home i- South w« if Area 685 Honw ^-South «ait Area 666 HomevNofth Area B87 Hornet-Northwest Area 588 Home-Mofthvoil Area 899 Hornat^EasI Area 890 Homev-Cenhal Location 891 Open HOI/MM 895 Homes-All Areas 399 Call 889-5333 to place your ad COMBINATION CLASSIFIED RATES VOLUNTARY FAMILY WANT ADS Tbeie rotei ovoiloH* only to non-busin»if, indinduoli, veiling their own personal itemi horn their own hom«i ond locoterf within the Stale ol Arizona, For 7 or moie coowcuHve dayi S i t per tin« per day. For 6 con»frutiv* days 59* per Ime per day. For 5 conttcutiv* day* 66l per Jine p«r day. Fw 3 and 4 eoflwcutivw day* SI per line per day. For 1 or 2 dayi or sVip day orders 95t per line p*r day, Minimum od 2 ogate linei. Minimum caih od toil $1.81, Minimum chorg* od coit $2.01. VOLUNTARY OPEN BUSINESS ADS Thil rote opplkable lo dl non-controcl buurwiMi and wrvk«i located within the Stole of Arizona. 81 * per Ime par doy (r*o multiple iniarlioo diicounli ovailoWe), Minimum od 2 ogate lin*i. Minimum cash ad cost $ 1.55. Mtmmum cfiarge od coif $ 1.72. A 10% discount on ofl line rots* quoltd obov« will t* allowed if cadi awompaniai copy -- before copy ii inserted. All ads are wbject to City and State Safe* Tax. Change of copy on odi appearing in pap«r coit $1.25. ox number service coi» $1.75 per ad, per monnS, wtlh repFiat to be mailed upon reo^J«it. CLASSIFIED AD DEADLINES FOR CORRECTIONS OR CANCELLATIONS FOR PLACING ADS 12 Kaon 12NM« 12 Noon 12NMR 12No«i 5:00 f .m. 5:00 p.ffl. M«LforTm. Wri.fw Ttan. Ttan. f tt Fri. 12 Noon 12N«M 12N«Mi 12 Noon Fri. far MM. 12NOM MM. far TIMS. TMs.forW*d. WM\ f tt Thm. Thm.iMFrr. Fri.f»rS*t. S*t.!orS«. Sm. for Men. LOST OR FOUND DEADLINES OMLV 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. weekdays, and 8:00 A.M. to 12 Noon Sat. Sun. for the following day's paper. Business Hours ,, P 1 . 00 ", °TM °P?" * li| y 8 AM to 5 PM o«c»pl Saturday, Sundoy gnd Holidavi fcx pjacmo rt«w odi. Pfiorxi are open Sohjrda/ and Sunday, from 8 AM to 12 Noon for Gcxretfiani and cancellation i only. Oowd Holidoyi. The lathy counler ii open ai 41 SO S. fork AVI. for bulinen doily from S AM to 5 PM bo! do Kid Saturday, Sunday and Holiday!. Nol*: In replying to Slor-Glilen BOB numberi, Be iur« to include rKe tipcode 85726. ^^ PLEASE PHONE 889-5333 Check your od the fun day it appeari. In ewnl of error, the newipo- !«ri will nol aiiume reiponiibilly for more than one ineorrtct iniertion. Tucion Newtpoperi Inc- reserve! the right to edit, properly daiwfy, of reject oov»rt[ino copy. Tucion Newipopen Inc. prinli and dittnbulei Ihe Anzona DoSy Star ond the Tucion Daily Citiiea and lelll lingle paper ai well 01 combination odvertiimg in th«t« newipaperi and Ihe Sunday Star. 70 Schools-Instructions DRIVE GIANT DIESEL RIGS Short Training -- can you qualify? Approved (or Veterans -- 795-3020 TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING Home Office --Alton, lit. · CALL 889-5H3 - . Slar/CINien · · Wanl ad Deot. at Your Sr-rv(ro · Medical Dental CAREERS ENROLL NOW SHORT TERM COURSES 6MO'STO 1 YEAR 'Medical Assistant ·Dental Assistant APPROVED FOR VETERANS ·Resplralorv Therapy Tech 'Medical Transcriber SCHOLARSHIPS - GRANTS STUDENT LOANS Accreciled School Bv National Association ot Schools 2 locations in Arizona Tucson-Phoenix Brochures -- Tours 622-4851 2354 E. Broadway, Tucson REGISTER NOW CUSSES START FEB IB ATTEND CUSS MORNINGS AND DECEIVE {366 MO. AVERAGE FSOX VI OR 2 NIGHTS A WEEK AND RECEIVE 5275 MO. AVERAGE WHILE YOU KEEP YOUR PftESENT IOB KO ADVANCE Pimm. EARN AN ASSOOATE IN BUSINESS DEGREE. To Find Out If You Qualify Phone 327-6866 5001 E. Speedway 70 Schools-Instructions AIR CONDITIONING SCHOOL Cash In on the faslest growing field In Ihe US todav · Job placement svc--* Student loans · Dav, Eve Classes--* Shoo Training NEW CLASSES BEGIN Feb 16 "APPROVED FOR VETERANS" Western Technical Inslitutc 21 W. 301h St. 622-46M ARIZONA SCHOOL FOR CONTRACTORS, INC, Preparatory course for fne State Contractors examination. For further informallon call Monday thru Friday »106. 1-2.18-8118 I0?5 E. Indian School, Phx. Sulle 650 NIGHT CLASSES OPEN Certified Arc Weldina Hellarc Welding APPROVErj C Fo e R VETERANS ABC TRADE SCHOOLS, INC. 3648£.39lli 748-176: SPANISH LESSONS Beginning, intermediate, advanced, Intensive-Small Groups. Enroll now. __6 week course begins Fob. 23 JJ. -- -- " Jjnnls CamTnoRea TUCSON SCHOOL OF HORSESHOE ING, V E T E R A N S APPROVED. CALL GEORGE GOODE, 294-6848 VETERANS Universal Trains Tractor-Trailer Drivers, Heavy Equipment Operators. UNIVERSAL SCHOOLS PO Box 1ZD4 Tucson, A z . 5?32 EMPLOYMENT 100 Employment Services Professional Resume Scrvlce Resumes Prepared and Typed Satisfaclfon Guaranteed. 325-0351 110 Employment Agencies SALES REP l7SM50»ComrriCar. Will tram, Exlnt benefits, exisflno accnls. 884-5521 Republic Personnel SLOANE PERSONNEL "WE WORK FOR YOU" 3308 E. GRANT 120 _Help Wanled ABOUT TIME Sec our ad under GasslHcallon 130 120 Help Wanted ACCOUNTANT: Co. oavs ««c .. .. 2/2+ orouo Jns. supervisory abjlllv Is t SMfrToOmo Ca'l Hal Miller 792-06?: SneUlno^SnelJino Personnel Strvice ACCOUNTING clerk, 10 key by touch, filing, llohl typing. S2.20 an hr, 4^ hrs per day. Call Larry. 88J-7a» / TAX ACCOUNTANT xlnt position w/exp In lax deol Ambitions to be a CPA? Call Jin "S-SiOS 6W76 HtIC AMMON PLAC6M ACCTS. REC. CLERK 10 key Oy touch, excel location, 40 hr wk. 4J.4) an hr. lo slarl « Irlnoe slonal Placcmwl Service, IT PAYS TO BELONG TO THE ARMY NATIONAL GUARD BENEFITS INCLUDE PX PRIVILEGES EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS FULL-TIME LIFE IMS. OPTION: S3.40AMONTH RETIREMENT PAY i B E N E F I T S AFTER M Y E A R S SERVICE PAY Individuals wllh no prior service will atlend 4 months ol actiue duty for training at 4361.31 a monlh with an automatic promotion after J rnonflis service. Individuals with prior service come back in with th? rank they were discharged as. Between IS3.6S and SIM per weekend drill, I! YOU are Intcresled in Ihcse part- lime Dosllions, call 682-1757 and ask lor Sgl. Beck or SP-tRcnti OPPORTUNITIES ot a Illetiiiic Join Ihe A r m y Reserve and have an added part-time career. Good cav. Aoe -1. No exp rcq'd. Call 6a-27Zl $150 OPPORTUNITY TO START Dependable beginner to assist branch manager. Prefer: 23 or over, married live locally. Call 327-4940 tor interview appolmmcnt ASST MGR: Attllude counts VO't co will train. A-t optv. Start U.670. S7,- 830vr call Jean Henson 633-3405 Sncl- lingSneHIno Personnel Service. NITE auditor 6 pm~to 2 airiTDesk cterx 10 am ID 6 pm. Must have exp wllh NCR5. Apply In person. Royal Inn. 1015 N. stone. Factory Distributor L ookfno (or men women to fill v.iri oiJs posiTions dt« Jo cro\v))i, No experience recessarv. EARN UP TO $4.07 PER HOUR Call Mr. Evans 3 2 5 - 2 6 8 1 FINANCE MGR. Salary open for some finance exp Sloane ^Personnel Service. 330Q E, "" "" , LIKE TRANSMISSIONS Do YOU have exp rebuilding tansmis- slons? Salarv open! Call Charlie AVIATION LINE SERVICE CHIEF Active aviation sales operation seeking an experienced man tor line chief. Previous avlalion line experience a must. Excellent opoorlunlly for a qualified person wilh a compa- nv ol grcal wowlh potential. Call Tucson Beechcrafl 8B9-6315 for interview. BARTENDER Part lime bartender needed for early evening hrs. Some exp pref. Must be cfean, neat and personable. Apply in person. 2 -- i pm. CLUB 21 2902 N. MIRACLE M I L E QEAUTICIAN with foilowjng Cor The Headquarters, 5687 E 22nd st 747-:ug._ BODY MAN TOD pay (or exp. bodv man w/tools. Modern facilities. Apply at once al BOOKKEEPER Musi be full charge, 1 girl ofUce profit sharing i other benefits Business established, 15 vears. Near downlown. Send full resume including salary requirements. Star-Citizen SMALL OFC. BOOKS FEE NEGOTIABLE Full charge exp. in a smalJ family ivpe. business. Sloane Personnel Service. 3308 E. Grant. 327-627%. ASST BKKPR $400-550 Accounls knowledge for highly disorganized establislimenl. Sloane Per- iij278. S C r V ' C D l M06 E ^ Grant ' BOOKKEEPER: Cenlral localion supervise Iwo assistants. Free meal S550-700 call Ruth Hi!l CEC 623-J405 Snc 11 tn g 8. S nel H ng Pe_rsonne I. S e r v i ce BOOKKEEPER: Thru Profit an« Loss statements. Supervise assistants 1550-700 call Jo Vance 772-0622 SnelllnpSncllfng Personnel Servfee CABINET MAKER. 1 vr exp in tills field. Exlnt hrs. S3.50 hr + . Call Bob, 327-A2.il, Koacn Personnel Service. CAMERA DEPT MANAGER WOOLCO Excellenl retail opoorlunitv. Experienced in merchandising, display, stock control, adverlising, promotiod and sales. Immediate emplo/mrni ii qualified. Salarv open. Exim emoloy ee benefits. Apply ^150 E. 22nd, Moo day Ihru Friday 10 am to j pm. An E qua] \/ CASHIER Reoisler oqeration counfer work Ability to handle peoote. Call JVlya 8B6-5505 6347 E. 22nd Oxford Pra/d GAMAAON PLACEMENT SESVlCE CASHIER: Mix weM wi I h peoole Aggressive amlbilous. flenefils 52 30 hr call Jacktc Gregg CEC 623-3405 SnellinqSnclUng Personnel Service^ CHAIRSIDE ASST EXD. please 4'/7 day wk Sloane Personnel Service. 3308 E. Grant, 327-A27S. CHILD Care Worker for residential Irealmen* center. Fulltime. Previous experience wilh emotionally disturbed youth desirable Call 297-2215 on Feb. 11 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. only CHOIR DIRECTOR oraanist lor Welhodist Church, send resume to ~ 0. Box OU,. Tucson. 8S7I7. V CLAIMS ADJUSTER Expd bodilv inlurv rep needed. Property casualty bkod helpful Call verta 377-3424 4439 E Bdwv GAMMON PLACEMENT S E R V I C E CLAIMS Adlusler Trainee wifh ma|or insurance company. Equal Opportunity Employer. 57DO per monlh plus car olher benefits. College deftrco required. VJrile to P.O. Bo 12S)9, Tucson 85711. CLERtCAL: Learn While Working life medical 8, denial ins. 3 wk vac 558^400 vr call NikVi West 792-U22 Snelj i ng Sn el Ijn g_P ers.ann e I Service HOTEL desk clerk secretary Far eastsldc guesf ranch has year round position open. Live on or olf Exp, fn P8X, posting machine. guest reservations, typing^ 29^-6275 Collector, prefer Spanish speaking, steady fob. CaH between 9-jO,j24-44Sg SKILLED C O N C R E T E FINISHER CONSTRUCTION Secretary/Bookkeeper for 1 girl office, must have knowledge ot tax reports, workmen's compensation reports, job costing, account payable receivable. Salary commensurate wilh ability and experience. Send hand written resume lo Star-Citizen Box 3H7-B. V/ CONSTRUCTION Can you make take-offs a estimates for commercial bldgs? Then don't wait.. Call Ross B8J-f«80 3013 N. 1st Ave GA.ViMOM PLACEMENT SERVICE COOK, experienced lunch dinner, (or prlvaljchooL Call 749-33JO. SANDWICH COOK, day evening, or evening: only, apply Home Plate, 4S80_E L 2?nd St. after J p.m, v' DINNER COOK immediate need. Good place to work! Exlnt co with exint benefits $3 OOVhr Call Marlen 684-64Sp JOO N Kt Av GAMMON PLA Now Hiring, New 24-Hour CARROWS Family Restaurant ALL SHIFTS A V A I L A B L E . "APPLY IN PERSON" 8 am -- 12 noon 3 pm -- 7pn an. Camnbe.ll Ave. jtsi- COOK/TRAINEE Woman wilh experience in restaurant cooking tor small line qualit/ tea roon- · from our M us t have car. 298-7208. 3m. Learn easy menu cooktng iur chef! Far Easlside location MCDONALD'S Part lime help needed. NO experience required. Day time weekends. Apply in person between 3 a, 4 McDonaia's,J7n E^Specdway FULL-TIME day help wanted, must be neat, dependable eager to learn fast-food Industry. Apply in person al Hardee's, 1203 W. $r M«"vVRd?or 2209 S. 6lh Ave., between 6 10 AM ORTHODONTIC chalrslde assistant, experienced, full lime. 1 PUBLIC SAFETY DIRECTOR Iil489-»1658). Desire lamillarilv wilh Police and Fire Adminlslrallon. BA or equivalent In Police, Fire or related Held, minimum 9 yrs. exp. In pub. lie safety work and 3 vrs. In admin capacity. Apply city Manager, PO 6Si.3?8'_Cool!d8e. .mxntJsE^ DISHWASHER BUS6OY Positions now open for day * "'"' apply al Howard Johnson's. DRAFTSMAN $6.00 RANGE _ Exlnt Slots: (1) Exp Detail, Sled Cons I ruction; [2» Desicn Exp Steel, Concrete or Timber, intearltv Env Bioymcnl 5crvlcc,881-3330 DRAFTSMAN. Experienced in rcsi tlcnTlal design. M2-5I5I. 120 Help Wanted DRIVER -MOBILE UNIT ASSISTANT Unusual ooportunlly lor experienced ocrson to drive 2',i ton van, load unload truck, sel up technical work siatlons 4 other related dulies. Must be capable gt backing truck In ughl posllions with mirrors. Handle routine Heel maintenance. Must be tlcxl- be In working hours which can Include early morning i late evening sh s as well as regular day time shjfl. Starllna salary 17500 a year. Excellent benelils working conditions. Submit complete resume lo Star-citizen Box 317-B. Equal OpporlunMv Employer E L E C T R I C Motor Repairman, musi have exp, and willing to move lo Sler- ra Vista, A;. MM-reft, evr. l-4a-|rag ELECTRICIAN. General exp" Good hrs. First rale Co. S2CO v.k Call Bob. 327^241. Kooen Personnel Service. ESTIMATOR Start $1,000 Mo. Material Take-oil ep. Commercial Indusfrial Backoround inlegrttv Emmovjnent 5rvko. gai-j^, , E X E C . SECTY: satisfaction is some challenge + diversification eQuats here^ WOO up/mo. Call Peg Check 7V- 06?2 SnelJing^Snclling PersOfine' Service ExP, ijress ope7aiorsTsTca5~ PAVING FOREMAN. Asphalt cxp'd Abte to make bids, supervise. Able to operale equip. Sal, neg Call Bob, 327-6 2-JK Koqcn FRIDAY T Y P E : Ho$p. Lite INS"! Good Hours Raise In 4wks. PD. VAC S2,HHir. CALL LISA Armor 792-0622 SnellMQjnelJjng Personnel Service F R O N T DESK-GEN O F C ; Becotne integral part of vital learn. S400-54SO call Glvn A Wilson CEC 623-3-105 Sncl- IjngSjiclling Personnel jej^vjce. v' VARIETY SPOT S55O6SO General oltice duties w'loH of stal typing. Elficipnt 1 Call Billy 884-W80 3013 N 1st Ave _GAWM ON PLACE MEN.fj!ER; V i1CE GENERAL OFFICE. Need general olfite fiirl to help carrv load. Part time to sfart. Typing essenlial, 60 words per mlnulc. Call 327- 1M?. GEN OFC-FRIpAY P E R S O N : "oVa utiie ol evervthmo, work on own S500 cal» Glvn A Wilson CEC 423-3405 Snel* lingS.Snel I frig. Per son nel Service. E X P E R I E N C E D HAIRDRESSER in all lines ot cosmetology, good hourly wages. 793-0034 M O N T E R E Y SALON OF HAIR DESIGN NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! Is looking lor exp. hairdressers WITH FOLLOWINGS. Exlnt working conditions, company paid insurance, paid vacation, memlie/- ship In credit union, 29SO309. G U T T E R I N S T A L L E R S , musi be experienced, completed work inspected bv Corp ol Engineers, $6 90 BET .hour. 297-300J atter 5:30. BILINGUAL Instructor lo leach job seeking skills end teach work fiabifs and attitudes, Must have college degree minimum ol 2 yr industrial experience. Salary open. Aoniy at 2328 S. 6th Ave. v/ INSURANCE TYPIST Med occnls - Top nolch in billing! Paid med care for family! i-l-500 Call Del 327-3426 0439 E Bdwv GAMMON PLACEMENT SERVICE KITCHEN WORK, female, small restaurant, 5 days, 8:30 lo J PM, Wand's Ice Crearn Parlor, 6761 E Tanque Verde Rd. Entrance on Camlno Principal. 296-6962. v / KNOW ARIZONA LAW? Ldroe legal firm needs vour know, how skill. Probate S6CO Call Ida B86-5S06 JJ7 E. ZTnd Oxford Ptdie GAMMON PLACEMENT SERVIlfE REAL Estate Loan Officer Experienced. Call American Savings, 792-2153, ask for Mr. Hellwig. V LOAN PROCESSOR EXD w / V A FHA loans? Know all reoulalions? Laroe co S5SMOO' LOAN PROCESSOR $550 UP, GcxxJ bcnelits. East side location, 686-5521 Republic Personnel Service 48JO E Bdwy MACHINE TECH: Local Company 4Wir promotions, excellenl benefits S60O900 Mo. Call Tom Kerr 792-052^ _5n_c[IJnq_SnielUng Personnel Service MAID. Female. Par) time. Exp preferred. Apply in Person. Linda Vista Motel. 1130 W. MI r acfo Mile MAID/WAITRESS tor dude TancK Live-in, home-like atmosphere, sala- ry--fcoard and rm., tips. Box 157, EKrJda. Ar. 55610. Tel. 1jjM3l2. MAINTENANCE MAN Tor large eastside apartment complex. Musi be fmmedlatley available. Has supervisorial experience, live on siie. General building experience required. Provide own tools transportation. Semi-relired person in good heallh ok. Please road this ad carefully 8. if you meet all requirements, calf for appointment wflto- yyjcjjf B.%-5559. LPC. COUPLE (or malnrenance clean- Ing. High class apts. Salary + apt or premises. References required Reply Star-Citizen Box 33i»B WANTED: Top Tllghl managemenr couple Ic msnage 100 unit ap| building. Experience required. Salarv. -*· aot- all uttiiiies. Call Mr. Fisher, 795-1190, MANAGER/cashier. diLhwastier for Chinese reslaurant. 795-98)1. SERVICE MANAGER Dealership located between Phoenix and Tucson. Modern tacllities. Con- lad Brad Slier, 1-723-5473 until 5:30 PM, 1-723-i823 evenings. Sizcr Chewro- RESTAURAFTf~MAHAGER "wanted' Evening sliill open (or srcadv dependable person. Cd'l Will Wright at 337-6313 for appt. ASST MGR T R A I N E E FineNaVlCo seeks coll. prad. wllh bus bkgd -+-' oood ofc. skills to learn business Exlnt fulure. Pd. vac. Ins. $500 Mo + 327-6241. Koflcn Personnel Service. FEMALE MEAT WRAPPER No exp. necessary. Apply WA6 E. 291 h faj_Craycrglj_, Full and parMime PROTESSiONAL mechanic wtlh 5 years garaqe expcrfencc. paid holidays and vacations. Call after it pm, 325-7049, MECHANIC: All Company Paid ins ·*· benefits, advance fas), large Co SWSti-fvr call Mary MoseJv 623-J-tflS SneinfinAS^eMinq Personnel Sjr^vice. MEDICAL SECRETARY Start Jnimedialely. 6Z3-S44. opera'tloVT.'Exp. rcq. TulT'limc permanent pgsition-J)?2;5j31 ._6Z^552P MCff. TRATfJEE"J2.95-3.50 Ndt'l firm. good benelits, OJT, Hurry' fi86-5i?l Republic Personnel Service 68JO E Brty/y MGR, T R A I N E E : Leading Compa"nv Company Trains, Free Benefits Great SISO-lBOvxV Call DICK Shaw "/92-06?2 SnelHnoSnclling Personnel Service MIDDLE aged couple lo help manage motel, steady, *2QO mo. apt. No heavy maintenance. 1521 S f i t h A v e MINISTER ot Evanoelism (part fimet for Evangelical Reformed Proteslanl church. Salary open. Send jjaage resume to StjrCj,lizcn_lij^ _ _ ACCORDIAN R Steel Guitar teachers, good 1 wifh bcainncrs, part lime for expanding studio- Also other in. strurnonts. Reply fo P O Box 27091 BjCSOn, 65776, ____ REGISTERED NURSE (nleresfed'Tn becoming representative for nan co In Tucson., Salary, commissions, Iri- nge^ ben ejjj^. Apply SfrO E, Gram R a . LIC. PRACTICAL NURSE Current Arizona license. Experienced in sub-acute patient care Proficient in current medication Part time, two fo 4 nights a week on 11 lo 7:30 am, Apply Modi Center, 35S5 N WjJrnoL ____ NURSES RNs -- LPNs AIDES Tucson's professionals need vou to work full or par! time, any shift. Stall relief, private duty, out o( town as- sformienis. excellent sfarfrng salary group health insurance, no fees, paid weekly. Call the Professionals, ..call 296-7187 Tucson Professional Registry ___ 6764 E. Tanqug Verde Rri. Nursing Assistants A unique oorxirlunlly (nr skilled exni rienccrl nurslna fls^l^l^nfs lo work In ft varlclv of stlKflfioni providina riwilnn care In hospllali «, homci work Ihe days anrf sRnis ol vour choice. NO FEE- Joe wanes en a weekly basis. Call tor an Interview. MEDICAL PERSONNEL POOL F ASH1ON Tralncc/no experience necessary. 21 vjar^ eld and over pre- teLtJXL P ho/iejv7 2477 a _M_gf_ j_gm^_ NURSING DIRECTOR -Community Health Educator Privale social service oroanlration with ouhtandino record in ottering nonie nurslno training, preparation lor parenfhood courses, 4 convalescent patieof aide courses, has unique ooporiiKiiiv awailabk Irnn^edialelv. Candidate must have experience In field ot training teaching. Must be RN with college degree Masters degree in nursing educalion will be helpful. Position requires flexibility in work- in3 hours ability To work with yol- unleers. Experience In community orcanlia lion working with olher social 5erviceorgan»*ations desirable. Starting salary Mill deocnd on e«oe- rrencc, valh minimurn salary ol $9 600 3er year. Excellent benefils work- no condilions. Subrnll complete resume to Star-Citizen Bo 795-5806 E, Broadway Suite 21 120 Help Wanted -- order I v aide for sub-acule palienl care P a r t time 3 to 11:30, 4 davs a week. Apply Medi Center. 3SSS N. Wilmot. f PARTS PERSON ExceNent opportunlly tor someone v*Hh invenlorv auto par Is exp. Call Greg 327-l4» 4439 E Bowv 5AMMQtLPLA£EM£tiTLSEavi£E_ . A R T SALES: Blue Cross Blue Shlectt. Paid VacalJons 5 oav wecX \ 135-140A-K C all Oeto Gljdv 792^22 PERSONNEL Tucson General Hospital BENEPIIS C L E R K - lull time, 6-1:30, must !vpe 60 wpm, insurance exoerl ence preferred, ability to work we 1 with people and must have exwjri- ence in genera! ottice procedures RECEPTIONISTS/CLERK - Full ime, 8-4:30, must type 50 wpm, must exoerience wifh general o^ice _ _ - d u r c and work well wilh Ihe oublic. ApDlv Mwi-Frt B:30-12 8. M i Our personnel Departmenl An Eciuar Opnorlunitv Employer PERSONNEL TRAINEE. Excellenl opt'v. Learn personnel Ifeld In our ofc. Your ability will dctermln* earnings, tl vou are a mafure A outgoing person, this could be vou 327-A2A1 Kj3flgTiJ 3 cj'Sj3ringl Service. PHONE Work, part time or full time. Exlnl lor sfudenfs $2.10 hr lo slart. 622-3720. 1 . _ _ P A R T - T J M E S E C R E T A R Y wilh limited boofckeecina experience, deal situation lor semi-retired per son, Esslside locallcn, send resume ^Ud^'J^Jtox 33OB,_ ___ ECRE TAR Y for cpS'orficc^i'iatTsiT- cal Ivplsl 8* genera! secretary EKCP!- en\ salary, call 7V2j609. _ Secrefar' Receptionist or Real Estate Property Manage nient Co. Good typing shorlharct ""jired. Light txc*VecDlng, s a l a r y LOAN PROCESSOR TRNEE Must t!? v S ft 0 ?^ P fc sklllb Some finance bkod helpful. Star), $400 Mo ·+·. Denise, 327^741, Kogen Personnel Ser- V!C E. LEGAL RECEPTION $400 RANGE Don't Miss This Ont'v! Phone f Fron! Desk Reception w/Potential 1o 7 rum into Leva! SectV tnlegrlfv Emnlovmeol Sorj^njjjlHIlf?. RECEPT S100. tile type, Idcaflor PR onenled. 8865521 Republic Personnel Service. 6fUO E . Bdwy. R E C E P T - S E C T Y : Organized tike to run a smooth day? Min sJartino W50 calf Glvn A Wilson CEC 6ZM4Q5 Snel- lingSrielling Personnel Service, RECEPT/PBX $520 Front Desk Rcccotioolsl, Swifch- ijpard, Typing 8. ID Key. Fine Firm! Niccsl Doss! Don'l Look Further 1 Hero's THE Job for You! luloflfllv Employment Scrvjcc^Bgl-1130 __ REGISTERED NURSE Par I- time, 11 lo 7 relief, Call Forrester's 6?J-ga77Jgrj£Pj^: __ _ RHTIREES -- SAVE 5 5 $ Reapwisihfo active work in child ccr.ler. Work ','3 day for 1 txlrm turn aol ufils provided. Ask about our salary option. Call Owen, Kiddie KdSfle, 623-0061: eves. 623-9863. ___ RN'S LPN'S Join the First Team! Be a inemoer ol |he no. 1 1eam in Tucson. Providing stafl relief 8, orf- vale duty care in the finest medical facilities in the vallev- Flexible shlfls and weekly pay. NO F E E S ! Call for ' MEDICAL PERSONNEL POOL 795-5806 4625 E. s roadwa v suite 211 F I R S T class executive secretary at well Known local inslitgtiotx Superior skills, shorlhand, typing, knowledge of ollice equipment required. A| least 10 years recent progressive oraclical experience, including public contact tfesircd. Also own Iransporlaflon lo supplemenl carpoollng. S61S fo S670 per month depending on experience £ qualifications. Send resumes 1o FVOJiox 5607. Tucson 85703. LEGAL Sccrolarv, Ariiona law orly. Personal injury preferred. 795-8200 EXPERIENCED secretary. 1 lo 5. Good shorlhand typing. Real Estate background hclptul. ColcJirvell Bankgr Mgmt Corp. 7?£-9202 SECRETARY/TYPIST fo work In psychiatric (acilitv Tor boys. Must lypc at least 70 WPM a be experienced on dictaphone. Call 5ECRETARV: growing company. An Unusual Opening. Good Atmosphere $100 y/k call ANN BENSON 7V2-06Z2 SnellingSnclling Personnel Service WED.. FE«. 11, in*. TUCSON, AZ. 1* ·IMPORTANT* Check your »d .· th« firit day It appears. In event ol any errort, call 889-5333 front 8 a.m. to 12 noon on Ihe first day to correct for second day's JnMrlion NO CLAIMS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR MOKE THAN ONE INCORRECT INSERTION 120 Help Wanted AGOODSECTY TO S700 FEE REIMBURSED E xlnt skills dnd exo. tor this comrnu- iify minded co. Sloane Personnel SECRCTARY/RecCDtJonisI "" MA lor T ucson conslr uclion !i r r Some college preterred. Send resun ~ "* 0 Bo 5G236, W, P Conc-l! 5'Oi?tLw Co 320 W. Alluras- _ EXEC SECRETARY sfcno A IvDirio, idles Meet £· greet clients, Fun job all Bee 327-J426 -uy? E SECT'Y TO OEPTMGR START $597 One of Tucson's Finest Firms otters Full Senofifs -f ideal Work Afmo- iWhere tor Qualilied Sccfy. tnteoHiv SECT'Y $600 UP Terrific Opt'v! Gel info Fasclnallng Field^ Manv Benelils 1 Integril/ Ernpiloymen TJcry ice^ 8fl_Vj33_0. SECURITY GUARDS Applicants must have blrlh ccrtUi- cafes -- plus DD2U it X-mililarv due Jo stale licensing. Appty 219 W f lO'es SI. from 9 lo llarn 2 lo pm No g_hgoe caIIsj^le^^. S E R V I C E R E P A I R : WHI Train Right Person, Repair Ofc, Equipment WQOmo. Call Jack R Y A N 792 Qi22 SncltinoSnellino Personnel Service SKIP TRACER $7200 YR Retail collection exp. Sloane Person- L£l j i rvice. 13M E. Grant, 327-6278. SMALL apt salary. For editing fyping, Sfar-olizen box 196-A SPOTTER/CLEANER Exoerlcnccd. Call Bob 325-2133. EXPERIENCED car stereo Inslaller needed now. Expanding company lias good opportunity wilh good bene- Ijls. Call B86-5S79. SUPERVISOR $6.00 RANGE Assist Shop Foreman In Mfg. Fabrication ol Heavy steel Work. Integri- l.v Employment Service, 6S1-3330. SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER Will) E.H. and/or s.L.D. certification. A rural position. Call Phoenix (or . appointment. 1-944-2239. TECHNICAL INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Exlnt opportunlly with local Tech school. Admlnlslralive exp. retiulred. Please send resume ID f 0. Box 12025 Tucson. A?. 85732 BENCH Tech. Exp Hi-Fi, stereo, tape recorders i TV. Apply: Tape Re- cordcr Clinic. 1106 S, Wilmol 790-UIO. ELLER: Plush surroundings. Great benelils. Room lor advancement, St. S4-ISO call Rulh Hill CEC 623-MUS Snel- llngfliSnelllng Personnel Service. ITLE Clerk: Is an automollve Career your "Baa?" Eslabllshed Co. needs You. S450+ Call Ida 797-0622 SncllingSnellinq Personnel Service EXPERIENCED travel agent for well eslabllshed, centrally located Tucson iravel .agency. Experienced only need apply, no others will be considered, call Ms. Zepeda or Mr Randall, 795-6400. GOOD Accurale Typist willing fo learn in advance, varlely ol work. Call Mr. Hunter. 624-3745 Now Hiring, New 24-Hour CARROWS Family Restaurant ALL SHIFTS AVAILABLE "APPLY IN PERSON" a ? ~ '?noon 3 pm -- 7prr. ampbell Ave. 881-4462 V E T E R A N S -- trainees needed lor Truck Driver Training. Nationwide Job Placemen! Assistance See our ad under schools. 795-3020 VOLUNTEERS needed at Bonnie brae Nursing Home. Apply lo Adivi- tv Director, SH38 E. Pima, 296-7151, EXPERIENCED wallers, gouTrTieT foods. 3 meals. Live In, salary, room board. Monthly raise, bonus, good lips. Double u Ranch, 298-2356 Budget Analyst The successful candidate must have a degree in Business Administration with a major in accounting. The individual should have 3-5 years experience in accounting, working lor either a CPA firm or a private industrial company. Anamax Mining offers you a great location just south of Tucson, competitive wages and many fringe benefits including company paid life insurance, health insurance with salary continuation, paid holidays and vacalions. Interested applicants should inquire with the Arizona Stale Department of Economic Security. 5151 E. Broadway, 4lh Floor. Tucson, Arizona. equal opportunity employer m / f 130 Help Wanted, Sales 130 Help Wanted, Sales Like to earn some EXTRA MONEY, but want to stick close to home? Prince Glenn Our carriers need MATURE adults to counsel them in their Route Business. Ideal for Housewives, or 2nd Job. Work from your home. We'll train you. $2.34 per hour. Approximately 25 hours per week in the early morning. Must have own phone. Mileage allowance (or your car. Contact Tucson Newspapers, Personnel Dept. 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., Mon. thru Friday' 48SO S. Park Avenue bqual Opportunity Employ; M/F

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