Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 31
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 31
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Help WonlocU Worn.) 24 J · " · i ."- COIL FINISHERS Immediate Openings lor Qualified Applicants . _ , s Wth a Minimum of 6 Monffis Experience Ajl qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard fo race, creed, color or national origin. U.S. Citizenship Required - :'. . Apply in Person HUGHES EL SEGUNDO MW E. IMPERIAL BLVD. · Just East cf Semrfveda SECRETARY Mature and comely with -- v«nid ·xperlencft. Short' ' har.d and iyping should bo lu peri or. Job of fact many benefits wHK a arg» firm In a itabl« in. dustry. Send Resume and salary desired io . Box A-6220, ndependent, PreJi-Tele- · gram. GROCERY CASHIERS V/6'r« acccpilng 10 scpllcanls to train lor o/ocery checkers. Earn S93 to SUO 3 wX E-Z terms. AliQ train PBX reteot. fo S-1CO mo. IBM keypunch-- Earn to WW mo. ·MMreSifioo1.245E.7Ul HE 2-0945 LaVtwocd area GA 3-9SW Norwalk, Artesla Hfc 7-6890 PBX RECEPTIONIST * 'Sheet Cowse-Free Placemen! CLASS NOW STARTING L B. BUSINESS COLLEGE 4W U B. Blvd., L. B. HE 6-4263 See Class Ad 22 .E C 1 TY ' " A · i DRAPERY SALES p«rlencff necessary. Llbiral ompany bfncMis. Apply BARKER BROS. 1 E. B ro adway. LOT.O Be acti P1ST, 18JO, accuracy essential n IBM electee. i\r. Brl,rn TE7-46M HARCO ENG1NCERING CO, 58.Canr.crv SI. Terminal Island · MATURE person (or boo ; kee Ding deol. of medical office, experienced In credit i collection, 1yi- Jng central office. NEvada 6-7929 FAMILY wlrh 5 school age cMltfren · needs housekeeper 1» live In. Musi have recenl local rels. Pflv, room T. V., S35 wk. While piff. Call 9-5. HE 4-7301. TYPISTS Hcm» «J dressing, apply typed e Eer, olvlno 2 refs., felt no,, · * typewrHer make. MusT have transp, Write Inrf,, P-T Box A- 591 2 CAPABLE worn in 1o help mother wilti housework children. S-dav week. Live In. 5 children, aa« I o 12 4110 mo. GA 7-7J25 GIRL, experienced on grill " ' w ch board. : KIRBY'S RESTAURANT 503 i Faculty, LaJcewoed §T A^ouum iiNt? VJ.LCKK. 5ra. 1 vr. acclo. ach. Ace 23-35. Pub. actg. ol:. S. Gate, LO 7-1357 Y yS!^a°^ UBr HoS 1 Ie CO o I ^ m 5lvli5ts 2209 E Centralla Rd. cor. Cen ralla Rd Norwalk BL UN 5- DM TOYS-fcarn SWQ to $2000 + free Ml before Xmas. No dlv.. no Cc 1 Car Goofy Goes* Parlies HA 1-7J36 \ G SALESLADY Exo. ladles' wear i accessor es WHITES 4900 E. 2nd St., Blrr.n Sh Lrcdlt colleclion. U'.t book Keeping. Apply to Mr. Hen son 14\ 5. PacitTc, San Petfro. motel for a-jt and salary. Dav otl Wed. 12410 Long Be«h Blvd. Lvnwood. E G f\RN ex1ra rnDney 1e!eDhJm r no Permanent position. Hen- smoke onJy.'Call /Aon, or Wed. TO 7 439 exper. Age 19 la 79. Lynwcxx area. Wrile Box A-5551, 1, P-T. EXPFR, ha^r stylist wanlcd. Guar ·4 .comm. Evening hours 4:00-10:00 - G A - J 9 3 9 7 3920 AHanli SHIRT Presier on formatjc. Salan + i bonus, 2251 E. Pacific Coai V WV-- GE 9 3677. ·"PpESSERS -- Spolte/A -- Maiker Counters. Ex p. Harbor CFeane ·"A«n., 2292 L.B. Blvd., am. only txp. Photographer salei perso. o maiacc slud'o In Norwalk. FrrCne UN 3-9376 HOUSEKEEPING for malherlrs hcrr.e. Must live In. T 0 p 3 0 0 5 HOUSEKEEPER WANTED 1X1 LOMA Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 H NSURANCE FU ] , GENERAL c "^ CLERICAL H MINIMUM AGE 23 ·it Excellent Salary ft Hfo'llf Sharing n New Modern O f f i c e ft Frse Parkins PaclllHet Sdav, 31% hr. wk. 8:30 lo 5 Located In beduMtu) Blxbv Knolls area ot North Long Beach General Insurance Co. of America 1155 E. San Antonio Orlvt GA 20911 Mr. Davis FRANKIE BARNHILL'S ALCO EMPLOYMENT AGENCY., 221? Long BeacJi Blvd. GA 7-7*15 NEEDS TYPISTS SECRETARIES BOOKKEEPERS F/C BOOKKEEPERS ASST. -GENERAL OFFICE N C R - I B M OPR. COMPLETE MEDICAL LISTINGS SALARIES M25 TO 5500 HEW LISTINGS DAILY AMPLE PARKING CLERK -STENO. W« oiler salary 5338 to Wll cer mo. Crvll srrvke ilatus, Many eTiDtoye beneUls. Slimulalir.g lob aiilcnment. We require h:oh school grnrfuallon, 2 years Unreal experience, shorlhard, 90 worn., lyp'ng o wpm. Applications accepted unlil July 16, 1F61. Comolon Union HlcJa Schocl Dislrtct, 417 W. Akmdra, Complon. NE 9-4321, ext. 239. WOMAN WHO CAN DRIVE -- 1 Y3U would enfoy woiklnn 3 or 4 hours a day calling r«tw!arlv Girl Ccimellc tlfenl* en a route to be «!abil5hcd In and around Long Beach, and are will In 5 to make Uchl deliveries, etc.. wrile to STUDIO GIRL COSMETICS, -- ocot. JYD-*, G1enda!e, Cdlifornla. Rcuta will pay UP to 35.00 per hour. MODELING as a CAREER. A1 aaes. 8lo demand for nwSu/* wornfti In exciting gl^morou^ field. Excellen) pay In TV COMMERCIALS, FASHIONS PHOTOGRAPHY, if Qualified, you win t« tra'ned by staff cf TOP FXPERTS or, West Coa^t. Gradyales placed wilfi AGENCY, Call for FREE modet-r.g analysis. Lrmlled time. Hours 10-10. GA4.U91. 3 WOMEN Neat aooearing, ace IS to 40, lo work part-time hours 8 lo 1, n Clrtulatton Dept, Above average earner gi. Rapid advan ce rr.ent. Ar pty 8 a.m. Mcndav, 225? Pacific Ave. BOWER EMPLOYMENT AGEMCY 310 Pine Ave., Rm. 404, HE 4-231I S-VrptrfryV ?*'*$ , 1350 UD Acc!s. Rec--- TVPlit ^'40 Pffff.} ?«;/T: r^r MM Exec. Seecry. 25/45. Car, 5350 ur GIRL with phone sales ability for permarvettt position on So-jlhwCi 's largest iemi - w e e k l y r.ewipaoer. Ma^y Co. bcncflh. Will train If YOU have sales b acker ound, Call Mrs, Bu^h, NE 1-5151. MED. ASST. EKG, some X-ray to ,, S4 X FranVte Barnhlll's ALCO Employmenr Acency 221? Long Ueach Blvd. GA7-741S EXEC. Secty. construe. *xp. m .tops F/ ankle Bamhill's ALCO EMPLOYMENT AGENCY RESTAURANT hdp -- exprlenced. Apply a.m. P S Restaurant, 945? EXPERIENCED rcntat saleswoman, ANDY'S RFALTY, 1413! San Antonio Dr., Norwalk. UN 3-5'33. Musi drive. No amakrr.g. GA 75419 Call Monday. "BANK TULLER -- ExperierTced. Sccurlry Firs! Kafiondl Bank WANTED -- allracllve corV- la'1 wallresb. Anply In perjcn. 221 (I. 1st. LADY lo make pnone appolniinenfs In cur home. Prlv. llni. Box. W-104M Indtp., Pfc^s-Tclcg. HOUSSKEEPER-Own lran=. Eai L.B. Call Monday. GA7'S51. SL'CRL-TARY, SINGLF, TRAVEL. CHILD Care lile nouieorork. 3 days week. HA 9 4019 EXP. dance leacher. Full or part Cook Waitress GE 1-9146 CHILD CARF house work, live In, GE 1-4!6B. BEAUTY OPERATOR, beach 'area r Ca'l GE 1-9476 HOUSEKEEPER. Live In. 3 children Ariesia area. UN S-4D90. EXP. barmaid*. "Nile sWri.""ApD!y 1:30 D.m.-3 p.m. 444 V/. Willow. BFAUTY oiwrarof wan^ed, es .ib- lished shop. Call WA 5-?324. Dfiwistafe -- Exp. Sales Clerk Apulv 3195 Pdtlfrc Ave. ; WANT clrl as companion, to live fn. t BFFR BARMAID -- Smitlv's Doo- houie. 1K114 L. B. Blvd., Lynwocd s FXP. dental nurse-- mature. Vg'rl r off.; exn. X-ravs. ME 4-1954. - SEA-'ASTRESS-Cutfer ~to"r reuphol- T s'cring- Call TOpai 2-3773. BAR ma!d, yourrg, allracHve, App y 5973 Allanlic bclvreen 5 9 p.m. \ MEbiCArrcceDlTDrJarBTPBX relief. 7 820 V/. Cooipton Blvd., Complon. HOUSEKR. for 2 adulfj. Live In, 1E-35. GE 1-1114. Help Wanted (Men) 26Help Wanted I Men} 26 | -. ^····OBBiHBBHB ^-*fa'tfS'f'¥teS'#^ * ^ C O R P O R A T I O N D O W N E Y HAS IMMEDIATE OPENINGS : FOR ORDNANCE DESIGN ENGINEERS * Mechanical design in warhead field. Knowledge of *xp]oiivr» appl cation i required*. Chemical · - irain ing or expertinc* desirable. B.S, cfegrei in . M.E. or Charn.E. required. Capable of assuming project management responsibilities. ELECTRONIC TEST LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Assist in developmental ^citing and installing , ' radar tyttems, «tc. CALL OR APPLY ·TO' 1-9711 SP 3-0130 -«7rf^0/e£-(Pe'a6* · C O R P O R A T I O N 1 1 7 1 1 W O O D R U F F AVE. D O W N E Y C A L I F O R N I A ALL QUALIFIED APPLICANTS WILL RECEIVE CONSIDERATION FOR ' EMPLOYMENT WITHOUT REGARD TO RACE. CREED COLOR OR NATIONAL ORIGIN A fell M1«T y l,r filMU^MI I l.llll t c.'** v- - J mmmmmmmmmmm elp Wanted (Worn.) 24 H LL time c*r« lor (our lors. Lioht SH icuiekccpinq. Live in. Reftrenccs. AEtcalf 3-JM9, RE or 1 cWtd avid tight hoine- tork. Live In. GE 9'4154. elp Wonted (Men) 26 MACHINISTS Engine Laihe Tracer lathe Turret Lathe Hardinge Chuclcer Horizontal Boring Mill Jig Bore BoremaKc Gear Machinists Raqutrct experience set- iing up from pnnii and producing lob iKop lots of work. Mint hays recent experience and have own ioolf. Good working condi- rons, rafei of pay, bcn- efih, pensions and op- porluniiles. WESTERN GEAR 3600 E. Imperial Hwy./ Lvnwood ThJ» Co. compiles wim E.O. 10915 MEN f you are wo r kin a disiatfsfrct! or not working Toe king, we are n ereiled In sincere men who V/anl to build a sound [ulurr. * A pr«t!o* product. ·fr Llfctrme secuiMy. ·ii Enioy a plush atmoscherf. ·fz Train wWIe on crescnl |ob. If vcu are Interested In vo/Vlng hard la be In the top irtccme bracket In the USA, clea:e car for EuHher [nformaKon. Success Requires Sacrifice CALL GA 7-0989 SALESMEN WANTED Large cloarette rnanulacturer ot- t e r s permanent employment *, excellent opportunities to qualified amrb Hoys young man 21 lo 3X lo sel 'tobacco prorfuct* to re^lller5 n Lonu Beatfi. 43-t\r. work v/eek. Car furnished i exccnses paid. Starring salary $75 weekly. Hospl- taMzatkm, Insurance, rellremcnlr paid vdcallons other adratJfve bcnetits. 9 to 1, window V/, Menday, July 17:h. DEPT. OF EMPLOYMENT 1 3 1 3 PINE, LONG BEACH BURNERS Musf Be Eiperienced Torch Burner See Mr. Rancich Gale 4 Belwcen 9 AM 3 P.'A Natl. Wcta! Steel Corp. Experienced Jewelry Salesman Salary Open Permanent Position Excellent opoartunity KAY JEWELERS SALES APPLIANCES, TV HI-FI Experience necessary. Incentive basis. Liberal company benefits, APPLY BARKER BROS, Ul E. Broadway L. B. PLUMBING LAY-OUT WAN With abililv to Ko from Prints-- Su\ite/r.!nc^n uni!i, multiple story acts., residences, and to supervise Tibrlcdlion. Permanent cositlcn sr\d Icp pay for rich) man. Appi\ Box A £142 ir.d,. Press POLICE OFFICERS INVESTIGATORS NEEDED P/eoare new. WrjFe Na icnal Academy cf Law Enfcrcemcnl. 7W S. Spring, LA 14. Phone day- nf e or weekends. fAA 1*5913. col- ect. See ad In class 29. tf. EN -- For work lead 1 n B lo For- e'.yn ErmplDymenl pojiHons. 19 o ?7 years of age. Must have car arwj neal appearance. 8fh grade etktallon or belier. OPMT (unity could lead to management. 5450 PER MO. SAL. TO START CALL PERSONNEL MANAGER Telephone HE 7-BSCa St=F OUR AD CLASS. 22 GROCERY CHECKERS £ MFAT V/RAPPERS A URGENTLY NLEDED Apoly In Person V;EST COAST TRADE SCHOOLS 1834 Allantic Ave., L.B. GA 33A9 3206 E. Alondra, Cmp^n. f*b 9.07I3 107^5 Rosccrans, BoUI. TO 7-WU Fine opportunity and lulu/e for a vocng man 21-35 vrs. old wilh ambirian. Old estabMjherf Co. with frr.est drinXino water prcdjced n C.illfornla Phor.e Mis. McCudtfen Help Wanted (Men) 26 YOUNG MEN AAA-l CO. NOW HIRING Need Men 18-26 3 DEPTS. OPEN Ko experience necessary. We train you ot company expense. $100 per week Only tlioss wfio can jforf immediately need apply. For Appt. Col! MR. WILLIAMS 9 am, fo 2 p.m. HE 6-1934 elp Wanted (Mtn) 26 (Help Wanted (Men) 26 IPPINO WRAPPER N PRESERVER Wth a minimum of 1 year's experience in wrapping machine and e ectronic parts. Must be able to check and reconcile parts numbers a n d quantities with shipping tags and packing sheets. Must tie, wrap and protect parts from corrosion and must cut and apply stencils. Contact Anaheim Personnel Office 500 E. Orangethorpe Anaheim, Calif. Nortronics A Division of Norlhrop Corporation An equal opportunity «mp:cyer ELECTRONIC PROJECT ENGINEER Lcciil non-defense Manufacturer P c t r o-cttemlcal Inilrumenlal sn field has a challenging opportunity (or a graduate Fleclfcmc Eno'neer. Offers advancement fo CHIEF ENGINEER as Supervisor o stalf of flporoylmafclv 10 pro ctt engineers draf'irr.en. Experience required In solid sla'e digital log'c circuits. Knovrletfge of digital le!eme1erlno f, dnM idr.cS'T.g advantagcocs as appi ed ndustrlal Imtrurr-cntallcn In pr» cess InduslrJcs- Suservlsory e^- Ccrlcnre In praletl level v/ork ce- i rab'e, Salary commensurate wilh dbintf. Furn ; ih ccmplele r«ume of «tfu- calioii exDerreoce intlud.r.o sa a.-v re^jfrcmenls. INTERVIEW V / l LL BE AR- RANGFD AT YOUR CONVEN- ENtL. Writ* BOT A-6339 C/o Incfependent, P-T Aircraft Structure Assemblers Experienced only Apply employment office Mon. thru Fri. 8 a.m. -4 p.m. or telephone OVerland 9-1502 ROHR Aircraft Corp. 8200 Arlington Ave. Riverside, Calif. OPPORTUNITY Manufacturer's Representative Rttt'Cient C A R N A T I O N COMPANY In the Lena Beeth-0 ranee C o u n t y area. A crowing comnans' Iliat oflers opportunity for advarvcemrnl. Gcod ilnrl- Ir.a salary^ comcanv car provided v*Hrt privilege of cerso.-wl use. Grcufl life, hospital and medical in* ·iurar.ce. Profil shaiing retire rr.enl plan. Prefer man 23 i5 years eld, wi h Dce^e*. APPLY TO Calif. Deol. of Eirpfovment 1313 Pine Av*., V/fr.tJo* "W" Tuesday, July IBlh 1-X p.m. and Vretf.Tesdey, July 19 9-12 \-4 p.m. JUNIOR ACCOUNTANT Retwlrcd 1 vrs. work exoer. accounting degree. Age 75-35. Pub sect. ok. So, Ga!e, LO 7-2357. Help Wanted (Men) 26 1 GENERAL i MACHINISTS Vertical Boring Mill Operator EXPERIENCE ON PROTOTYPE URGE PARTS MANUFACTURER ! OVERTIME TOP PAY FOR QUALIFIED MAN APPLY IN PERSON j 8 o.m. to 5 p.m. B M W 1740 ABALONE i TORRANCE Help Wanted (Men) 26Help Wanted (Men 26 SALESMEN AND WOMEN OPPORTUNITY Volume response to our program necessitates AGAIN enlarging our sales force in Costa Mesa : and Sanfa Ana areas. If you are over 30 years of age and want lo take advantage of this opportunity for TOP COMMISSION RATES in a dignified field, apply for interview ASK FOR MR. HOULE MONDAY, 9:30 to 11:30 A.M. ONLY PACIFIC VIEW MEMORIAL PARK (No Phon. Culls Pl.a,») 22220 MacArthur Blvd. NEWPORT BEACH /lANUFACT'RING ENGINEER Small ofant maufaclurlng or eclslon c u s t o m buill Items Vi lot) tal qvianUiei. needs ln services of a Manufaclurlna Enolneer lo soeclfv procesie*, develop and cei'cn looilng e-.j eoufomenl reoulred for tft«e procenes, established methcdi bv which tools a-d cnulpnienl will b« uietf, arxJ to work en Ir* irnDrowffnent of phvil- cal facilities fn JKcordia-K* w Ih ICKIB range aid mauler plani. The Ideal aooircsnf Icr Ihli position v,rxi!d be n man vitw has served a Tool Die apprenllshlp. has some experience In years recent experience in m 61 Iwds Imp roveme.nt «.~.d processing for pre- clsslon nuKhfr.e i h o r cr m d Ir.g a« emb \v c pe- raMonv Collffl* tralnlntj In Inrj-jslrial or m«Jian'cal c^oincerrnp wtll bt accent- able In lieu of apprentl* ship. A'n lelecled will direct a Tool Designer a n d n manufactwlno eno'r.eer as trJlfal anrgnrnen F, and SUMT v 1 s o r v exoerlencfi wo-j^d be hlohlv dealra!). Alt Qualified acDllcanls will receive considers 11 on for ema'ovirvent wllnoul r«- o^rd 1o race, creed, color or narionaJ OTloir. Send comale'* resumi In confidence lo: BOX A-6330 ndependent, Pr«n-Te!«gr«m MAINTENANCE MAN Tool Rebullder Mn eiperiencod in comple rebuilding of heavy machinii equipment, qualified in over- hau ing rebuilding of · LATHE · BORING MILLS · GENERAL MACHINES ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL EXPERIENCE REQUIRED TOP PAY FOR QUALIFIED MAN APPLY IH PERSON 1 TO S BMW 1470 ABALONE TORRANCE SALESMEN QUALIFICATIONS AGE 21-30 '-Kisswa.. 5UCC£ED IM 2-- DETERMINATION TO LEARN 3-CONFIDENCE TO START TO- PAY. EXCELLENT INCOME" WHILE TRAINING, APPLY MR. MORGAN 10 A.M. oils' Monday 1hrir Frldiy 429 E. Ma-fcet NLB $150 Per Wk. TO START FRESH LEADS DAILY SOUNDS LIKE THE KIND OF HONEY YOU NEED WANT? COME IN AND LL'T'S TALK ABOUT MONEYJ ApDty dally 9 lo 12. SALESMEN Callfc.n.a'i (attest growmcr bat cry 1* interested In salesmen vtfo have lh? dbilltv ant! rjsLi/e (o cr crate an established house- fo- lKiui« bakery loute In Or once County. Successful applicants will receive pjld training program n Ihi derail of rou!e o^cidlion. JL 1-2OK) Or Call at 1517 Harper St.. Santa Ana tetw, 10 a.m. 2 p.m. OPPORTUNITY Intelligent, neat-aapearina man from 15 to 55 wi!h car can have betrer 1han average Income be nf real service In BEFORF-^EED Depl. of ROSE HtLLS Memorial Park. 3WO WoikmJn Will ROFU! fn WWtlier. Sales exccrier.ce no reauucd, See O1ha Sinwns from 9 a.m. fo neon MONDAY. AUTOMOTIVE MEN-- Now calling on dealers, r«3air shew, garacc a lake orders for 1cAd : r.g ajtomo- TIOMAL AUTOMOBILE PARTS AND LABOR MANUAL, ek. OvB 8S% r e c e,it a rder s . Conti n uou earn'rgs vear ailcr vear. Libera corrmiiilcKi arrjnacn~,cnl. tiari N. Eaton, 5a ! es Manacer Halional Markc^ Reports, Inc. 900 5. WaSash, Chicaso 5 BOWER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Acct.-- Deo, Gov't ccnf., exp. JiW Claims adf t/ncr. Colin* gradusle S35 -I- ca Si'es-- 2 vr. coll. 2V30 1390 f c^ Mffmt. frnee IVX, _______ S3CX 3?0 Pin« Rm. XCM HE 6-721 YOUNG MEN 20-28 to train for management uoi liont Salary $450 + Bonus to those who oval fly. For Acpo!ntrne/i[ Cdll Peisoor.el Oeot. SALES OPPORTUNITY PoilJion offers base income U.OW Ojalifie/ will recede cocio!: training, f^vanagement a de inlt oo^ibllity. Married, .ige 17-45. vears college, sa'es or bus. exn call TOoai 95215, 9 a.m. to 12 PROTOTYPE ApollcatFon* accepted 9 a.m. 1 2 p.m. ALLIED PACIFIC MFG. MEN Hrest, cleanest deal we fcr.ow Striclly fav worJc Transtwrta 10 Pcrmar.crtl. good fufo^e. |?22 W. WILLOW PRESSES, CLEARER, ipoiter, E=xp Harbor Cfear.ers Asm- 3272 Lon Beach Blvd., B a.m. to 12 on v TRAINEES YOUNG MEN fnteresled in a career in fhe MECHANICAL FIELD Must tw hlg?i school oracfu-fe, veteran and have a mecnanlcel background . Musi aoory In ptfion Aluminum Co. of America 5555 Alcoo Ave. Vernoc, Colif. tip Wanted (Men) 26 Hi EL immediate Opening USED CAR SALESMAN Sell th« Top O 1 Th« Line new car trade-ins {or old citab- liihed Ford dealer, i'/ Large itoci.. f: Top ccrrm. ft La roe adveMNro Budget. Oi^v 1oo f l i g h t eirpcrlenced men. AooJv In person onlv to DUKE KlRTON between 1 a-.d 5 P.fA. ^HALE YOUNG FORD 2641 E. ANAHEIM -- 3-SALES TRAINEES To Learn Ihe Automobile B-jiir.cii A No Experience Necesiary j* Free Complete Training ·fi Oe.iK) Pldn, ·i; Fret Groyo Insurance jj Paid Vacarlons Be ready for introduction ct 1he new 1962 rrotiels. SGE JOHN COROSU (Apcly in person cnly) Chief Chamberlin Ford 15727 S. PARAMOUNT BLVD. PARAMOUNT, CALIF. FIREMAN City of Anaheim SALARY $469 - $570 Mfn. rcaulrenient U.S. cltlieniVo, »o« 21-31, helchl 5'3"-4'4", xlnl ohyikal condition, or ad. frcm hi school or equivalent. Apo!ica-it must crcsent oroof of meeting education requi re m en rs at lime of iuinnHilnfl application. July 27th Aoplv Pcrson-.el Dect., Cllv H^'l 2C-4 E. Center St. KE 30321, ext. « UNION OIL CO. TaVlng ApplicalToni For TANK TRUCK SALESMEN Position In Long BeacTi ar^j San a Monica area for youro rr.en interested i.n a sa'es career. Col lest background herptuL txjl rot essential. Between 15-30 year* ol Ace. ITxcellent company ? and starting salary. Good ocpcr- u.tfly for advancement. HUniley 2-7400, Ext. 401 Fat ADDotnlmen!. "·"·'·' ·"·"© REAL ESTATE SALESMAN "LEASING" Liberal Safdry Plut Cgrnm. Apply 815 Hcartwell Bldg. For Appolr.tmcn) Phone HErnlock 2-1850 · · · » · · H A R B O R EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 141 W. OCEAN HE 2-8993 Frigr., all bkgrd. U/« JWW up Esl. lob shoo exo. .-._ i^i3 Recent chcm. or ad. No exo. SS15 Dratrsman, rnedi e^p. iS30 Jr. ac^,j BMd, No cxo. S-50 Credit t. G/0 e*P. U/2B S3» Gen. laborer, 17/74 mid. $420 SALES REPRESENTATIVE Vie o f f e r permanent sales poslllon with good orxwi^nlly Fcr ad- vanccn-.cnt. Excellent InceMfve p'an employe bervefits Ir.cludir.g RosoUal. surgical, medical life Ins- Also rellrcmcnl plan. Auto Club of So. Calif 8500 E. Florence Ave., Downey TOpa* 1-!?31 CLEAN CUT NEAT APPEARING Between 2M5 vrs. of ase, to work In expanding Loral t-acfarv Branch. Must be .able to net alwia on 5l7i.50 per week lor HI mo Posllion 1s permar.ent, Srsrt [·nmcdiaterv. Ask for Mr. Knighi, Boulevard Rm. Lafdy«tte Hotel, Linden S. Broadway. MONDAY ONLY JULY mH AT 10::0 SHARP SALES TRAINEE NATIONAL FIRM Oaenlno r.ew branch oil Ice n l.akewocd area. Need 5 men m- ^'^O^'lNTERVIEV/ CALL UN 8-5492 TO 6-4483 between 9 a.m. t* 1 p.rn. MONDAY, JULY 17th VETERANS with ov«r K'J, d:s»bllllv *!0 can walk ar.d talV. [Jeflt aspedrar.ce- MAKE UP TO SS30 A MOtlTH WORKING ONLY 4 HOURS PER DAY ItVtrvlcw! from 1 fo 3:30 dally. 7«/ E. Imperial Highway DOWNEY STEVENS Employment Agency Mecfj. Enor. oil fcofs, exo. JoOO Co. Odvs fee Buver-- A/C m.'ssl!i exp fee -.SS50 Comn- Cor. hvy. mulfi, fee _S3« Bkkors. F/C. fee .. ..«£ Prec IniD, A/C 1st art fee 2.50 219 E. Comofcn Blvd. NC 8-5193 WANT R.E. SALESMAN or v;cman for torkC3'ed office In Lakev/ocd ares. Specialize In LaTcewoocf -I 01 Alios area. Pfenly cl ftocr t;me. AH calls conliacn- tial. Cdll Icday for kiter- SUNK'ARD RLTY. HA i-s?3i IMPORT CAR MECHANIC C."STANDLEE MARTIN ?7S9 Lor.o Beach Blvd. GA 6-3377 FRY COOKS OSCA/'S Drive-in ^121 V/OODRUFF LAKE WOOD F-I-S-C-H-E-R EMPLOYMENT AGENCY B-j(fg«t anolvst WCJ Systems anaiyit s* Caiher twnk cxo. Gard. S^U 115 Pint Rm.6?1603 HE 2 59?7 115Pme Rm.A21 8,601 HE 7-5W V/AMTFD-- Driver witfi clais A l-c Must have foe" t" live. Exuer TO A-701A. Earn as YOU kam. For Ngti pay IRQ field. Commissions only. TA 8^515 or UN 5-2917 CARPET Layer wanted 1 , 4 vrs «er. MuM be « lo 55 vr. o'd Percent aw basis 30%, A c o V B tc 12 am. Sunrfav. Phone TO 7*^1 EXPER. Service Stall on Attendant Tire trak*; top pay for rioh man. Apofy fn oerson. 1233 5 LSTAB. food ro-jte, XO customeri TaVe orders by asot. 57.50 hr, Fu or P,T. Vy4i vrs. We show you 1 1095 E. Vterd!cw Rd., A.W/s. A.V.B1TIOUS men, 17 t» 29, wwire (or reward : no parT t:m« v/ork Good: heair:i h'chtwoufid. Ca Help Wanted (Men) 26 Help Wanted (Men) 26 f^\t^\s^^\?s**~^s\ss^~*s\rs^~s\s'\r*s\f'\*-+s [WANTED! DRIVERS ( Pleasant Outside Work ^ Good Earnings and Job Security '\ Paid Vacations \ Paid Group Insurance | DIAMOND CAB { 7444 SAN FRANCISCO AVE. T\rS^S+-*\fS^ir+~* v j\s*-*\fS^-*\^S*~f\sS\S^* s *lpWan»eiJ (Men) 2 f INDEPENDENT-PRE5S-TELEGRAM-D.3 ECTRONICS H AUTONETICS i Downey B ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS and MECHANICS To ba responsible for functionally ieiling elec- Ironic lyitemi. Raquirei ·xpBcIance vr!)K traniii- tort and iosi equip me r-t build-up and checkout. mainlertance ar.d calibration of e-lacffonici equipment. Two year* military or teclinical ichool training and true* yea;s industrial experience required. Saf- iiiactery JCOIB on electronics Irieory test ra- quired. A 1 q^HHied apDllcanli wMI r»- ce ve conslrjerallwi fcr emplDV- rrenf without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin. Apply in person: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday Thru Friday AUTOKJPTIP^ 12830 So. Clark Avo. Downey, California AUTONETICS Division of North American Aviation TOOL DIE MAKERS M n mum of 5 vears experience In n^n-jfarJurlna tools Qiei. Mtnl have oosd knDwIetias and back- cronnil In !ool rocm procedures. Excellent working conditions and liberal employee benefits. FOLLOWING OUR PAST PRAC- T f C E , all qualified appllcanls wli receive consider allon (or em- clovmtnt wllhojt regard. 1a race, crcerf, color cr nallwial cng'n. APPLY IN PERSON CANNON Electric Co. 666 Dyer Rd., Sanfa Ana PUBLIC RELATIONS 1. Ar» vcu between 33 f. 40? 2. Are you self suDDCrtfr.o? 3. Ar« you ambitkM/s? 4. Do you need abovg eve rase ncome? 5. Do VDU own a car? 6. Above alt t?o you deslff to be of service to pccple? If your aniwer Is "yei" io *fl of these question!, then our company, which has been proudly jorvtng Ihn necdi of ikis araa for over ^0 yean, can use you. You will receive free life, hospital and accident insurance, pl-js on-the-job training. APPLY CALIFORNIA Dept. of Employment 1313 PINE AVE. ASK FOR BR. BARD Window V/ MONDAY, JULY 17TH 9 A.M. TO 12 NOON · · · 20% - 30% Fees Carpenter, tiusky ....$2.55 Truck mechanic $2.95 Vrvlrr M*'1TM , SM wk Inspectors Madi. pis »z.. Machinist- to $3.14 Welders, local $2.52 12 Employers Agency SALESMAN EXPERIENCED ONLY 1 am k:kin? (or a c«r a n type n?n or h'sh Inlccri v fi-xj lop cyaWy to l-arn every pr.a^e ol my business. 1 WILL GIVE HIM An oDporlunlry to mafca high income to itart and ir.ore a; scon as he is caoatle of assumfr.o more responsibility. Rm, 1003, 19 Pine Ave.. L.D.. on iVioo. or Tu«s. betwn 10 Am 4 pm 25-59. Sa'ary topj. BUYER, 5 vrs Duj-ch. hydrau 'c Dsrfs ^5504- CHEMIST . ... Tori ELECT. Engr. College SSOO-t- MECH., 4 yrs exp. «OQ COMPUTER, ha-Kl cak., SlTde ri/e. 7 vrs Coll ma!h ,, Sl05wk ELECT Tech. 3 v r s e * D , lo 5200 wk BRAKEMAN, front wheel a'iorjTient 1t 120C COST Cleric, 2 yrs. Coll. _ 13« 1ST Article Inscector, 3 vrs. rnach. shcp CXD. $2.65+ nr }-ranli« Earr.riill'i ALCO EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 221? Long BeacJi B'vd. GA 7-741 AMPLE PARKING Now Hiring. Div. of Afcoa Full or part 1lme. T9 to 47. Ca nee. Phone HA 94364. FrJ,, 5at. ffn. Toes. ? fo 6. R.E. SALE$MEN-Men women full or oart time. We I/ a In. Max uo lo 5iOO «r week more. Fo Interview TO 6- 1412 or UN 5-872 LIQUOR clerk, part tlrr*. 0:de man preferred- 6677 Oranoe Ave EXPER. Mexican coofc. 5033 Pa cific. Aooly before 10 a.m. Help Wanted (Men) 21 MEN rlLM 30 fo 40 with prov«n in' t^nrity and vanattl* abil- 1 Hy tn mtrchandUing pro- k motion, per(onn«1, ale. L Train for managemer.f in 1 our planned ttafe-wide lalvago goods fhrift store program. Long houri, hard f worlc. Worth ir, if you or*. ' Write for Appointment to MR. ELLISON 21 Locust Long itneh :lp Wanted (Men) 26 H CALLING ALL ·ELEPHONE SALESMEN EGINNING HUGE SUMMER CIRCULATION DRIVE J JULY AUGUST " OR INDEPENDENT PRESS- TELEGRAM BIG CONTESTS PRIZES GALORE! Clocks, Csnr,en»i, Cash, etc.! NEW NON-SUBSCRIBER LISTS 70 WORK FROM TOP COMMISSIONS WE NEED 10 MEN FOR OUR LOCAL OFFICE AT 302 E. ANAHEIM, RM. 2 CALL IN PERSON AT THE Abovo Offica Daily Between 9 A.M. 9 P.M. SAT. 9 A.M. TO 1 P.M. -OREMAN Sinall manufacturing concrrn, produciro custom byill prod- uc s on snort run basis, needs versalile man »xper fenced in all Dhdics of pfeclislon machining, Inclixllng ay Ionia t cs wilh, or emDh.isis on 1. D., 0. D., cenlerlcsi and iur ace o/;rdlng. S to 5 yean supervisory eKMfipnce. Ag» 0 4i. Al qualified accents will rece ve coailtJeralion for emc ovm*nt yrllhojt regard to race, ereerf, color, or nah'ona! orio'n. Send coTiolele resume, in- tljCing s a l a r y 1s, n corrnlere confidenx:* 1a: BOX A-6330 Independent, Pre«-Te1egram Police Patrolman City of Anaheim SALARY $469 -$570 W1n mum reoulremenli U. S. CKrcnshlp. A{je 37-35. He'Oht 5'3" --6'4". XI ant. pfcvical tcndillMi. Graduate Irom H!oh School for «qj(va!enl Apollcn.nls m'jit submit P;CD( of meelma cducallooa rea-i'rcir.pnl? at the time of sub- mMIing aochcalicn. LAST DAY TO APPLY WEDNESDAY. JULY 19th Apply Personnel Dept., City Hall 204 E.Cenl«r.KE3-l32l,oil.46 2 SALESMEN To Represent Sunset Fence Patto Co. In each of thcie areas: Tor ranee, Lena Btijch Ofaiae Coi:nlv- Mu^l have car abHiiy Eo mee 1he public. Acnrv 9 a.m. lo 5 p.m. 3626 Long Beach Blvd., LB. HOME SERVICE Bakery Roufe Salesman Opportunities ur limited. Easily so d ororlud. Refundable tfeposlt rcculred. No^ u.-^ier aa« 25. GOLDEN KRUST BAKERY nlervlers 3 5 htanday ihru Friday ME 0- 1 660 Mobile Home Mfq. NEEDS EXPERIENCED HELP ALL DEPARTMENTS FRINGE BENEFITS CRESTLINE 1400 W. 260TH ST. (CORNER BELLEPORTE) HARBOR CITY, CALIF. MULTILITH And XEROX OPERATOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED APPLY LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL DIST. S3! LOCUST AVE. Men Aqes 23-55 Certified 7 Plan Cerllliet* to Mako No Selling Involved Work [n Your ow . area Ca 1 9;30-8:30 Dunkirk 8-5012 SHOE SALESMAN EXCELLENT EARNINGS Gocd WoikUHj Cundilio.ii Oppcrlunllv For Advancemfnt Appiv Personnel Office WALKER'S FRAMING CONTRACTOR EXPERIENCED Tn room dddiHon reinode] work Others need not apply. WrMe In- IF YOU CAN SELL OUR PRODUCT V/e need amblKcus ycu-.o men between 21-33. Inlereslc-d in .ibove average Ir.come, wMh a secure proscerooii fjlure. Call TA S-6515 or UtJ 5-297 YOUR OWN BUSINESS SI 03 weekly ouaranlee slart -t J34 expense allov/sr.ce v/Uh adv p;coram tr )153 weekly take home. Married, car, ace 25 to 40 Tr-.e Fuller Co. TO 6-4?*5, GE 0-liSO 1ST CLASS WAITER For Italian Dinner Houi* Must have some win 8 exp. Hours 4 P.M. fo II 910 E. Willow after 12 noon SALES REPRESENTATIVE A procfucl r-eetfed by every bus! re 55- Re ores, mu^t he real -s o- pcacEng able to converse v// businessmen. Car nee. Anoly 1-5 p.m, wk. days, 444 Soul?i St., L.B AUTO FRONT END MAN MECHANIC -- 50V. Steady em plovment. Excellent eau'pmen Pleasant Working Cor.cJi lions. W. F. /AcPHEETERS USQ LONG BEACH BLVD. BOYS Need money? The Long Bead independent, presvTcreoj-ain ha^ ; (ev openings for carriers In Ih soulh eastern ieclicn of tons Beach. Morning evening roulei Auto Frame Fron* End Mar 507. -- Steady Employment. EX VYorklno Condition, W. F. McPHEETERS M50 LONG BEACH BLVD. MAINT. MECHANIC All arcund experience necu3r electrical. I7«crianlcal w«ldinc O*n tool!, ttr. RobD, TE «!! NEEDED: EXPERIENCED /AANAGER-SALESMAH ^ LO 7-2131 Help Wanted (Men) 2 r WANTED n a. A Department Managers for * Jewelry · Cameras for ZODY'S LONG BEACH Los Coyotes Spring Inlirvi.w Jaily 9:30 lo 5:30 n ·ID Wanted (Men) 26 Career Opportunity ermanenl DOS'tlon wllh ntw v ilcn ol International ccrp. Young Men 18 lo 27 $120 PER WEEK If QjalllKcJ Call Penonntl Mor. HE 6-0404 Career IN CONSUMER FINANCE lur Co mo any Is now faking \ m' ed (KiTifcer of vouno men tn ·n cr M'A management training rogram. You learn ln« entirn ^cnju-Tier Finance Field v/;ih waranlecd promotions salary n creases every 6 months. Atr- cnd.|;oned clHces many co.-n* 33nv benefits. High school d '· Horn a reoArired, Generous car aN iTo'lONG BEACH BLVD. ROBERTS NELSON PERSONNEL AGENCY TF^ir.H FMP,» V.-V1 ASST. BUtXiET ANALYST S500 + ADMIN. TRAINEE WM SALES TRAINEE ,,,,. TtO S600 TOOL CUTTER Grader ».Ohr. + FREE AND FEE 5305 Atlantic GA 2-M23 PJumbing Take-Off Man . Exw.-enced in taking Information. from blwprlnts and speclflcaUcns, for Wd u-jroosos. Fe/mancnt employment In San Pedro area. Sla'« cxcErlcnce, cniAlltlc.n'Jon^ salary exucc'cd. Reply irvdp., Presi-Tcle., Box B-S375. TRAVEL WESTERN U. S. New adv. moduct. Every Inn. · prosoect. Have openings for 2 l»t- (io1cfi salesmen who can claie 01 i ca an ised to big cr-or,ev. Contact Mr Escalade, 9 !o 12, Mon.-Frl. U5t Ga^ord SI.. L. B. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Nnl crwl organlzat'on opening rc« braic^i ofl.ce. Work lull lirr*. OcoortunUv for l.nt advance- mer.l. Must be neat Booear-no, ivnbJllcus, v/Mh pleasing ixr- 3=n»:ity. ADD'.Y 1 Jo 4 p.m.-??59 Paciffc Ave Precision Lalhe Man Experienced on eng".r-e lathe. Vcrv cro 5 e 1ol cr^.nc c wo rk, too 1 1 ng 4Cm- prodjctjon. ALLIED PACIFIC MFG. 1/873 5. Santa Fe, Comcton. CLERK Civ, Serv. exam tv L.B. H.S. grad + 6 month's recent offici c arlcal cxper. Tvne 30 or ntcr* v*om. City rci'c'ence r«ou!red. _21S V/. B^cadway_ Kocni 33Z SALE sin an -- Local exoerEence. Aci 23-35. All Inilde work. Sa'arv 4- ccmm. Xlnf. cha-.ce lar advance- incjit for rloiil person. Apply 1n Mr. Henscn, 7^1 S. Pacif.c, S«i Pedro. ESTABLISHED balding craantzatlon fian S3le: posHIcn wllfi unllmllcrl rxlent : a! for man having 1op covi- f'derKf sales ability. Tra'nlng proa^am If auailfled. LA J-5270 or UN B-3213 WORK FROM HOME $7 HR. Stvl Ir^lnTna today. E-Z Icrmi A'.ocre School, 245 E. 71h HE 2-W5 La"«*ocd .Bellflov/er GA 5-96M MACHINISTS CLASS A ONLY MILLAR MFG. CO, 17?^ W. H^h Salesmen -- Canvassers ROOM ADDITIONS AND REMODELER CLOSER Plenty of ]eads. Only exoer. r,urt';i:ed In Ihl* line of v/ork need aopJy. rV.ust have refif«nces. JA 7-2171 ITALIAN r of Italian descent and 5 vrs. DC 3 1 re ·.Idency, vie h ave B 1 1 f · t'rrm poilllon-salarv. Malor Ccro. V.'ille brief history, ccnfldcntial. AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINE OPR. apofy Bl 2410 E. 67lh, IJ.L.B. MANAGiHR, Orracn RlnV, borvJab'e, experience public relations, famllv man voulh Interest/ new business references. Write Indeo., Preis- Te'ecram, Box A-10399 LIFE Z. DISABILITY AGE UTS Full or part t'me. If vou ari interested lo h'cher comm^stons, call Mr. Sarxller. All Inquirie* confldenlldl. GE 1-W26-- 7-9 p.m. MAN TO OPERATE FURNACE CLEANING TRUCK Apply 9 to 10 asn. Wcnday l-lollanri Furnace 349J AllAr.Uc Precision tqu'prncrt Co., fnc. 1743 Crctiihaw Blvd., Torranr* FA a-5733 Mr. Hill PRINTER Experienced; 1250 or Heiderbero. Phone HE 7-W77 COOK MUST BE FXPERIENCCD MURPHY'S. 7402 Lwio Beach Bl. Service Station Man Unusual Jcb. Salary tommlssJci. 1735 Bellflcwcr Blvd.. L.B. QUALIFIED" reiitJsntlal dralliina.-i", steady cTploymenl. Palo? Vc/de? area. Serd full rtiL-me to: Box C-S37X, Jnrf., Pre-s-Teregram. L. B, S*3 weekly guarantee *tarl, THE FULLER BRUSH CO. HE 6-43«; HA 9-33V6 FORGE prei or hamn-er opcralor, ecer. In foro'ro cf a'um Mo olh- prs arnly. Aircraft Hydrofcrrrrng, Inc., 131 E. lAMIi S',, Gardenia. have own rcoli, .iblc lo Instil cus- Fom cahinds. 11S1J E. 16?nd., Her- Upho'stery Salesman A^ust havr rcfrrences. AacIV Snino'elon's, 613 E. Willow. SALESMEN-- Ge.ieral Bea-jly SUP- Blv. Will irain. Guar. 2. Ccmm. la local mnn. Established rcute. 114 E. BROADV^AY EL TACO DRIVE-IN has opening for manager trainees. Age 1S-25. Aoply 2-4 p.m, Mcndav, Julv 17. 432 E. PacEFIe Coait Hlchway, Highest Profit Dcat N? D.P. No Reicclj ESTABLISHED Dry Ctean'r-g Rcul« Ace 30-50. PETRI'S CLEAHERS 1350 Oranae Ave. EHGINE LATHE MACHINIST HOWARD TURHEH MFG. CO. GA -M972 30. EXD. cnly need acply. 3S01 GOLDEN AVE. KIROY Mon wanFed For new brrKtrh UN B-WW; TO 644Z1 MANAGER Trar-ee , _ . . S3«) Po'ly Pricsl Err-ploymenit Agency 1?*} Pine Ave. HF7C1WT TRUCK mectwnlc with 'ools. l.nter- vitw between 4 5. VW E. In- , R. E. SALESMAN. WIM oJvc S3W mo. draw:r-o account fo cualiised man. Call Mr, Hauser TO 6-1791 LAB.-TECH. COLL. EXP., «CO Dorafhv Sierling Aocv. HE S-35* " EXP. Photographer for top Naw foe. HE 4-1344 wk, days, 10 to B. EXPER TELEPHONE SOLICITORS 19 Pine, Rm. 907 HE -W37 INSURANCE InicxcFor. Exoer. Bureau invesllgalcr. HE 2-7-428. UPHOLSTERER, e*P«:r:enced lot recover shop. TO 2-3773. Kclo Wanted (Men) 26 AUTO SALESMEN BUICK Immediate r.etd for 4 mtn to sell Nev/ IW Bu'ck 2nd Ufd Cars. "No experience nKts- "WE WILL TRAIN" Earn $1200 a Month Let us ejrpfa'n our MONEY-MAKING PLAH 1. Demo Plan ? KosDifal Plan 3. Liberal Bonus Plan 4. Free Sch^orng Many olhcr wsrlhwhife beneflls "One of Californfa's Ottfest BulcX Deafen" : HARRY C. CLARK BUICK 1M So. Loog ElKh RlMd. COMTTOH-- HE iJUl

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