Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 4, 1960 · Page 48
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 48

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1960
Page 48
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Do You Recognize These Garden Pests? Yoti can fight those garden peats better if you know which oaes you're dealing with--and what damage they can IirfHoc. Match up the following insects with the picture above: A. Aphids (Plant Lice)-Soft bodied insects about ] / 8 inch long. Green, pink, red or brown in color. Usually found at tips of young shoots in clusters. Reduce plant vigor, curl or distort leaves and buds, cause malformation of flowers by sucking p l a n t juices. Controlled by spraying with nicotine sulphate as soon as infestation is noticed. B. Red Spider Mites -- Extremely tiny mites. Found generally living living in swarms on undersides of leaves. Their attack causes paling or brown- ing of foliage. Red spots first appear on upper sides of leaves then entire leaf reddens, curls and drops. For control, spray 50 per cent Malathion and wash frequently with a strong stream of water. · C. Rose Leafhoppers -- Soft bodied insects with s l e n d e r shaped body, not over Vg inch long. Yellowish-white in color. Cause leaves to whiten a n d curl. Kill tender plant tips by draining plant juices. Repeated spraying with nicotine sulphate is recommended f o r control. Take care to spray both tops and undersides of leaves. D. Rose Chafer--Hard shelled beetles with very l o n g legs. Grayish-brown in color. Generally between Vi inch and l /£ inch 8 long. Found in clusters feeding upon flowers. Very destructive to peonies and iris too. Controlled by frequent dusting with a rose leaf floral dust. E. Thrips -- Slender shaped, h a i r y insects. Yellowish to brownish in color. Cause flower petals to become flecked and discolored. Deform flowers by feeding on their tender parts. Thrips c a n be controlled by weekly sprayings with nicotine sulphate. Their spread can be p r e v e n t e d by disposing of blooms that have reached their prime. F. Mealybugs--Tiny bugs only about 1/5 inch long when fully grown. Covered with a white, waxy, mealy covering. Found in dusters along the veins and undersides of leaves and in the crevices at the base of leaf stems. Cause stunting and distortion of leaves. Controlled by spraying with nicotine sulphate combined with white-oil. G. Striped Cucumber Beetle- Dark yellow beetle with three black stripes on wing covers. About 1/5 inch long. Feed on leaves, stems, and fruit. Can spread bacterial wilt. Dusting with 1 per cent Rotenone Garden Dust is one method of control. H. Onion Thrips--Tiny yellow or brown thrips, about 1/25 inch long. Have distinctive fringed wings. Suck plant juices causing leaves to wither and turn brown. Spraying with nicotine sulphate or 50 per cent Mala- 10 --Black L»«f 0. SkatchM thion recommended for control. I. Tomato Fruitworm--Green, brown or pink worm about 1% inch long. Identified by light stripes along sides and on back. Cause great damage by eating holes in fruit and buds. Dusting w i t h DDT recommended for control. J. Bean Aphid -- Tiny, soft bodied aphids, covered with » fine whitish wax. Cluster on stems and undersides of leaves. By sucking plant: juices they cause leaves to curl and thicken, turn plants yellow. Control by spraying with nicotine sulphate. How did you score? Check your answers: A-8; B-4; C-l; D-7; E-2; F-«; G-10; H-3; 1-9; J-5. Ask your nurseryman for m o r e information about controlling these pests. ..ForPromp* In Tucson Since 1896 Horn* Dvcorater Service -PHONE MAIN 3-3611 Kp-eav*n y vphelftormg? CaM 't and Ho« our »xp«ri*n«d decorator bring »· your horn*, «ompl« for your «»l»fion. tfi* vwny »f gum-work, our wiH amir* you of xriitioction. ·STONE AT PENNINGTOtr A AND NURSERY WHERE YOUR FRIENDS TRADE 2950 N. Stone, Ph. MA 4-8089 Old Albert Say*: We have some very good 5-gallon fruir trees ready now. Apricots, Peaches and Plums. $3.00 each. Summer Bedding Plants in individual containers, Zinnias and Nfarigolds, 75f! doz. Periwinkles, $1.00 doz. These : plants are not to be confused with the cheap bargain priced oocs from flats. CLOSED SUNDAY ····nnnnnnnni HERMO SAYS: *** Custom Building BAR-B-Q's -- FIREPLACES PATIO PAVING -EXPOSED AGGREGATE Bonded Masonry Contractor* VWt Our Yard and See Our Variety ·f Building Stone Materials Hermosa Stone Co,, Inc. "The Best In Euitiing Stone"--Open Weekdays 8-5 2927 N. First Av.nw. MA 4-3753 NEW HOMEOWNERS POLLEN-FREE HYBRID LAWN GRASSES Derel*pe4 by U.S. Overwneat ENOUGH SOO TO PLUG 1OOO Sq. Ft. Only *1O.OO £*»·« MM! C«l tt -- r«faf It Home mm Sod -Cut »· Small Cfcwufc* -- W WW/ "NOT A SNIHI OR WHiIZE »N A LAWN FULL" STEEL MEANS QUALITY IN SWIMMING POOLS Priced Fi $IM5 Desert Pools Mil EAST PRINCE RO. EA 3-2228 Cooler ready . for tvmmcr heat? Our expert service con'f b* bea/.' PARTS IN STOCK FOR ALL BRANDS We recommend and inttall famous \ Arctic Circle COOLERS The World's Finest 1 1 EA 7-6301 for 24-Hour Emergency Service Remodeling your home or business? PERMA-STONE IS MAINTENANCE FREE PHONE EA 6-8153 ANYTIME FOR FREE, NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATE Covers Brick, Adobe, Frame, efc. S«« How LittU It Cotts to Modernize! NO DOWN PAYMENT Ex«ct Payment Chart Coil » J.k $150 $200 $300 $500 $1000 Wioklr F»«ym«Bt Hum f»r J« M.ntki $1.19 $1.5? $2.39 $3.99 $7.99 This offer limited time only Let us estimate your remodel- f int needs. All types construction within 75 miles TUCMMI. PERMA-STONE Southern Arizona Co. Department af Alfin Construction Co. IMS £. Allen Road Phone: EA f-8153 I Pleas* t«nd Fr«* Booklet I |Nom« I Phon* SMITH BROS. FENCES w9f r ffVWCV "LIT · w- «. ·*.. ~ -·- . -- - -- «- / \ S\/\S \S\ SATURDAY. JUNE H, I960 TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN PAGE 4?

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