The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 20, 1976 · Page 7
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 7

Hays, Kansas
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Monday, December 20, 1976
Page 7
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December 20, 1976 PAGK 8 HAYS DAILY NEWS Parlor Pressured To Close OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (UPI) — Sylvia Hughes went to a shopping center a few months ago to buy some ice cream and took an impromptu tour of a massage parlor. Mrs. Hughes said what she saw at the Light Touch prompted her to start a campaign to close it. "The more I saw, the madder I got," she said. "I came home and typed a letter and said we didn't plan on sitting by while this kind of sexual immorality went on." Last week the massage parlor buckled under community pressure and impending legal snarls and closed. Bank Robbed Of $240,000 MADRID, Spain (UPI) — Five men firing submachine guns robbed a Madrid bank today of about $240,000, killing a guard and wounding a customer in a guerrilla-style attack. It was not immediately determined if the' attack was political. Few professional Spanish gangsters use submachine guns. Such weapons are more in use by urban guerrillas—such as those who kidnaped an adviser to King Juan Carlos nine days ago. Left-wing and separatist gangs sometimes rob banks to finance their operations. The gunmen held up a branch 'of the Hispano Americano Bank in eastern Madrid. They shot guard PolicromioChillon Lucas, who died on the floor of the bank. A customer was wounded. The suspense surrounding the kidnaping of Antonio Maria Oriol mounted Monday as more than 36 hours passed with no new word from his captors. The parlor had been operating behind closed blinds in a small shopping center for almost a year as a health spa. In the fall, Mr*. Hughes said she and some friends were invited inside by a man who wanted to give them a tour. "I guess he thought he could scare us off," she said. Inside, Mrs. Hughes said she was shown a small amount of health and massage equipment and several "exotic and sensually furnished bedrooms," which she said the guide told her were for "permanent customers." After the tour, Mrs. Hughes sent letters to churches and neighbors asking for help in closing the massage parlor. Citizen complaints resulted in a few arrests for prostitution, and the city adopted a new ordinance requiring licensing for all employes to ensure proper training in massage, strict regulation of the clothing to be worn by employes and other regulations to prohibit the touching of genital areas during massages. Undercover officers gathered sufficient information to allow city attorneys to draw up nine complaints against the Light Touch. A hearing was scheduled last week, but an attorney for the massage parlor surrendered the spa's license. Canonization Date Set For American Crossword Puzzler ACROSS 2 Conjunction 3 Pronoun 4 Topof h3ad 5 Parent (colloq.) 6 Abstract being 7 Diplomacy 8 Picture holders 9 Cut to Affirmative 11 Departed 16 Sun god 18 Male sheep 20 Armed conflict 22 Go 25 Free of 27 Before 29 Meadow 30 Bespatter 32 Fondle 34 Goal Answer lo Saturday's Puzzle 1 Possesses 4 Barracuda 8 Soar 11 Clean 12 Scene of first miracle 13 Fish eggs 14 Latin conjunction 15 Period of time 17 Fragments 19 Recent 21 High mountain 23 Scottish cap 24 Former Russian ruler 26 Prefix: before 28 Pinochle term 31 Tear 33 Native metal 35 Ocean 36 Saint (abbr.) 38 Climb down 41 Hebrew month 42 Stroke 44 Golf mound 45 Plunge 47 Wordof sorrow 49 Man's nickname 51 Bird's home 54 Insane 56 Obstruct 58 Beverage 59 Shovels 32 Soak 34 Spanish article 35 Lubricate 56 Slender 38 Part of foot 1 ro Confederate gonertt M Part of eye 12 Bark DOWN 1 Detests 36 Resort 37 Hindu cymbals 39 Deposit 40 Noise 43 Mexican dish 46 Edible seed 48 Mournful ~ 50 Mends with cotton 52 Slumber 53 Narrate 55 Secluded valley 57 Pronoun 59 The sun 60 Baker's product 61 Bishopric 63 Old pronoun 67 Article 69 Babylonian deity 37 43 WJ~T 33 H 33 36 fir ®" 63 "vv 3T 63 68 73 ; 58 m m 39 Dlslr. by United Feature Syndicate. Inr. (2-20-7* VATICAN CITY (UPI) — Pope Paul VI Monday chose June, 19, 1977, for the canonization of the first U.S male saint, Blessed John Nepomucen Neumann, former Roman Catholic bishop of Philadelphia. The Pope chose the date as he convened a consistory of the Sacred College of Cardinals and read a letter outlining his thoughts on church activity over the past year. Neumann was, a Bohemian- born naturalized American was the fourth bishop of Philadelphia and served in that post between 1852 and I860, when he died at the age of 49. The Pope beatified Neumann in 1963, making him the first U.S. citizen to become a "blessed." The only Americans so far raised to sainthood have been women: St. Frances Xavier Cabrini and St. Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton, canonized in 1946 and 1975 respectively. The ceremony to make Neumann a saint was originally expected late this year, but the Pope and Cardinal John J. Krol, the current Archbishop of Philadelphia, decided to shift it to next year. The Pope also selected Jan. 23,1977, for the canonization of Sister Raffaella Maria Porras POPE PAUL VI of Spain as a saint. She was the founder of a religious order. In the course of the consistory, the pontiff also names three auxiliary bishops—two in the United States and one in Australia. Msgr. Manuel Moreno and Msgr. Thaddeus Shubsda were named auxiliary bishops to Cardinal Timothy Manning, Archbishop of Los Angeles. In addition, the Rev. Patrick Murphy was named auxiliary bishop to Cardinal James Darcy Freeman of Sydney, Australia. NOTICE TO OUR NEWS ADVERTISERS Earlier Deadlines Must Be Set For The Coming Holidays And Will Be In Effect As Follows: PUBLICATION DATE SUNDAY DEC. 26th V, Page Ads & Larger — 3 p.m. Dec. 21st Ads IMS I ban Vt Pag* 11 a.m. Dee. 22nd MONDAY DEC. 27th 11 a.m. Dec. 23rd SUNDAY JAN. 2nd 12 Page Ads & Larger — 3 p.m. Dec. 28th Ads Less Than Vi Page 11 a.m. Dec. 29th MONDAY JAN. 3rd 11 a.m. Dec. 30th oil from the Llberlon Vessel that has been stuck op Nantucket Shoals since Wednesday. (UPI Photo) Ship Battered Strong winds and heavy seas continued to pound the grounded Argo Merchant the past weekend, hampering efforts «o remove 7.5 million gallons of Hare Krishna Santas Given Cool Treatment SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — Beneath the caps of street Santas this Christmas season are some' shaved heads of members of the Hare krishna sect. The move to don Santa Claus costumes to solicit funds and distribute literature, is by design, says a spokesman for the eastern-oriented religious organization. "We're not a Christian religion," said the" spokesman at the Hare Krishna Temple in nearby Berkeley. "But Christianity has nothing to do with Santa Claus. "He was a saint. And we are also in his spirit in our closeness to God. We are trying to interject the true spirit of Christmas by going out in Santa Claus suits and offering books and,accepting donations. "But though we have permits, we get into trouble sometimes because people don't like the idea of an eastern religion relating to Santa Claus. Some think we're hippies, or they don't like our shaved heads." In Charleston, W. Va., three Santa-costumed members of a Hara Krishna sect from Cleveland ran into police who thought they were panhandling. They were arrested. A spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department said three or four Hare Krishna Santas are making the rounds in the downtown Union Square area, seeking funds. "It's the first year I recall them being down here in Santa Claus costumes," he said. "But they have permits." In San Mateo, a suburb south of San Francisco, police said a meter maid reported two Hare Krishna Santas "harassed" people while soliciting funds this week and last. One woman said she was asked for $10 and was offered literature. She came up with 25 cents and got the reading material anyway. "So long as they come in and prove they're nonprofit, there is nothing we can do to stop .them," said a member of the San Mateo License Department. Said the Hare Krishna spokesman: "All kinds of groups use the costume. It's Christmas, isn't it? The trouble is, everybody tries to label us, but we are San Mateo Police Depart- simply a way of un- ment: ; ; derstanding life." "I guess Santa Claus is .all Said a spokesman for the things to all people. Simon Sees Eventual Collapse Of OPEC WASHINGTON (UPI) — William Simon, outgoing treasury secretary, says he is sure the Middle East oil cartel will collapse someday, but he's not sure when. Simon said he was "extremely pleased" that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates raised oil prices this month only half as much as other members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Asked if the split OPEC decision on price increases signaled the breakup of the oil cartel, Simon said,"I wouldn't be that near-term optimistic, but I've often said it's not a matter of whether the OPEC cartel would breakup but when." He said the cartel "will break up faster" if the United States encourages oil independence by freeing WILLIAM SIMON domestic prices from controls, to encourage exploration dnd development by American firms. There is a variety of stingless bees that inhabit only the tropics. News At Ellis Alpha Rho Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha held the December meeting in the home of Mrs. Gertrude Weatherholt with Mrs. Catherine Wolf serving as co- hostess. A report was given by some of the members who attended the Silver Anniversary Tea held on December 5, in Hays. The Christmas party chairman informed the group of the last minute details of this year's Christmas party. Attending the meeting were Mrs. Redonda Baugh, Mrs. Becky Bray, Mrs. Dorothy Bray, Mrs. Suzie Clark, Mrs. Judy Hart, Mrs. Margaret Hurt, Mrs. Sally Juilfs, Mrs. JoAnne Keller, Mrs. Lois Keller, Mrs. Linda Keller, Mrs. Betty Hall, Mrs. Liz Kolacny, Mrs. Suzanne McDaniel, Mrs. Roberta Powell, Mrs. Cheryl Rathburn, Mrs. Marabeth Scott, Mrs. Gertrude Weatherhold, Mrs. Catherine Wolf, Mrs. Pauleen Edmonds, Mrs. Joleen Fisher, Mrs. Cindy Keller, and Mrs. Mary Wasinger of Ellis. Monday Bridge Club Members of the Monday Bridge Club and one guest, Mrs. R.C. Richards of Hays enjoyed a dinner at the llth Frame Club Monday evening 1 , December 13, followed by a Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Henry Keller. A Christmas gift exchange was held, and the evening was spent playing bridge, after which the hostess served dessert. High score favor at cards was won by Mrs. Darrell Steel; and Mrs. Keller was second high. Members attending were Mrs. F.A. Brown, Mrs. E.A. Fitzgerald, Mrs. LeRoy LaShell, Mrs/ J.H. Leisenring, Mrs. J.R. Nicholson, Mrs. Darrell Steel, and Mrs.- Keller. Supper Club Dr. and Mrs. F.A. Brown were hosts to members of their Supper Club at a Christmas party Saturday evening at their home. A seven o'clock Christmas dinner was served from a buffet table, with the guests being seated at quartettle tables, decorated with Christmas candle rings and lighted candles, as centerpieces. Bridge was the diversion of the evening, and a Christmas gift exchange was held. Scoring high at cards were Mrs. Lawrence Reed and Frank Fuller. Members present werf Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Leisenring, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Downing, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reed, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Nicholson and Dr. and Mrs. Brown. Wednesday Bridge Club Mrs. Henry Keller entertained the members of the Wednesday Bridge Club and one guest, Mrs. R.C. Richards of Hays at her home Wednesday afternoon, December 15. The hostess served a Christmas luncheon at quartettle tables, centered with poinsettia candle holders and red candles. Miniature chocolate Santa Claus favors and Christmas tallies marked places for Mrs. Richards and the following members: Mrs. Agnes Kippes, Mrs. L.C. Walker, Mrs. Lawrence Reed, Mrs. J.K. Nelson. Mrs. J.H. Leisenring, Mrs. Frank Fuller, and Mrs. Keller. The afternoon of bridge and a Christmas gift exchange completed the Christmas event. Mrs. Nelson scored high at cards; and Mrs. Reed, second high. Pre-Christmas Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bray entertained at their home Saturday evening, December 11, with a pre-Christmas buffet and gift exchange. Family members gathering around the beautifully lighted Christmas tree were Mr. and Mrs. Don Jernberg, Chris and Braydon of Salina. Mr. and Mrs. George Bray, and the host couple. Holiday Luncheon* Mrs. George Bray entertained Wednesday at her home with a holiday luncheon for members of the Ellis Insurance Bowling Team. Members present were Lois Schier, Vicki Halligan, Mary Ann Schoenthaler, Judy Hart, and Mrs. Bray. Ina Cass was uanble to attend. Following the luncheon the group bowled at the Ellis Lanes. Mr. and Mrs. Celestine Brown spent last weekend in Ellinwood with Mrs. Brown's sister, Mrs. Howard Baker, Mr. Baker and family, and visited her mother, Mrs. Barbara Denning. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Walle and son, Brent of Virginia, Beach, Va., are visiting Mr. Walle's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Walle in Ellis. A daughter, Mrs. Don White and Mr. White of Hutchinson joined the group for the weekend to help Mrs. Bernard Walle celebrate her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Zealen'Fon- doble spent Wednesday , in Salina on business. Floyd Henderson, who has been on sea duty and ;' at Okinawa, arrived lastweek to spend a Christmas leave w,ith Mrs. Henderson and Evan, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Henderson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Plomomloii of Denver are visiting Mr. Plomondon's mother, Mrs. E.J. Plomondon and other relatives in Ellis. Mr. and Mrs. Celestine Brown visited their daughter, Mrs. Pete Miller, Mr. Miller, Troy Jason and Toby Jay in Hays Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Mickelson and family of Alexandria, Va., are here to spend the holidays with Mr. Mickelson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mickelson. Mrs. John Ell of Wellington spent Friday in Ellis with her daughter, Mrs. LeRoy Walz, Mr. Walz, Laura, Ann Marie, and Kenrick. Other guests of the Walzes were Mrs. Walz's sister, Mrs. Sandy Dirks, Holly and Shiela of Littleton, Colo. ] Mrs. Joe Zimmerman -and James of Grinned spent Friday in Ellis with her i parents, Mr. and Mrs. ! Dominic Bollig, who had been ! in Grinnell ten days to stay with the Zimmerman children i while their parents visited in I Hawaii. ; Miss Marsha Kippes o i Denver is spending thi holidays in Ellis with hei parents. Mr. and Mrs. Doi Kippes and family. Mrs. Peggy Appleton o Deming, N. Mex., arrivec Saturday to be a holiday sues of her daughter, Mrs. Ro< Clark, Mr. Clark, Allyson am Meridith. ,

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