The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 11, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1920
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS IDE DAILY FREE PRESS Established Weekly 1877 Press Publishing Co. MRS. JOHN J. GALBRAITH Editor »^ Manager Telephone - - 218 TERMS .-sSatoBorlptlon 15 esnts a weak. -,*.<jT«rtlslnK bills due -weekly. wo« stncuy cam. SUBSCRIPTION $7.80. Entered at the po9toffl.ce at Carton- fltle. JUli»olB, as second class matter. JMac« in the Frea^ Preei „ Building, r *«»H Main Street. 11 1920 LEAGUE URGES ALL TO WORK Supreme Council Gives Rules for Solving the World's Problems. PROFITEERS ARE CONDEMNED ANNOUNCEMENTS ' ' ' i-HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER. ""The Free Press is authorized to announce GEORGE A. FORE as a candi- ..^siate tor Highway Commissioner of . Carnondale township, subject to the ....jaqpaUlcan Primary Marcb»20. ' The Free Press is authorized to an- JACOB ETHERTON as 'a - ;3an.aidat« for Highway Commissioner '•••at Carbondale township, Subject to '«£h.e Republican 'Primary March 20. / ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR. .."Hie Free Press Is authorized to an' aonnco WM. M. HOLMDAY as a /candidate for reelection for Assistant •'^•.Supervisor o£ Carbondale township, 112 Millions used last year> to KILL COLDS HILL'S -..-subject to the I 'March 20. Republican Primary The Free Press is authorized to an- v. -flounce J. W. CRANDHLOL. as a candi- ..• date for Assistant Supervisor of Canr- :-, fttradale township, subject to the Re,- miblioan Primary, March 20. TOWN CLERK. r '. "The "Free Press is "-authorized to an- _-'nounee WM. M. GALLEGLY, as a v candidate for Town Clerk, of Carbon•»• dale Township subject to the Republi- .... -can-Primary March 20. ' .The Free Press is authorized to an- -ncunce W. J. BROWN, as a candidate -&KT Town Clerk, of Carbondale Town- saip 'subject to the Republican Pri- jrnary, March 20. ASSESSOR. Sees Great Need of Toil', Economy and Big Loans — Aid for Germany la Proposed — Production Must Be Pushed. London, March 11.— The supreme equncil has issued a memorandum on world economic conditions. Its conclusions are as follows : 1. It is of paramount .importance that peace conditions should be fully and completely restored at the earliest possible moment everywhere. ,-To achieve this it is 'desirable (first) that peace and normal economic relations be "re-established as quickly as possible in eastern Europe ; (second) that all armies be reduced to a peace footing, that armaments be limited to the lowest possible figure compatible w^th national security and that the League of Nations be ^invited to consider proposals to this 'end; (third) that states created or enlarged inime- cKately re-establish full and friendly co-operation and arrangement for unrestricted Interchange of commodities. 2. Not only the government of each country, bnt all producers, should immediately execute all measures tributlng t» full resumption of peaceful industry, to encouragement of better output by workers everywhere,, to improvement of machinery and transportation and removal of such disturbing factors as profiteering. 3. Each government should immediately consider means for urging upon all nationals suppression of extravagance ond reduction of expenditures, so as to bridge the gap between demand and supply of essential commodities. Credit and Expenditures. 4. Early, steps should be taken to deflate credit and currency — first, by the reduction o£ recurrent government expenditure within revenue limits; second, by the imposition of such additional taxation as" is necessary; MAJ. GEN. TASKER H. BLISS remedy {or 20 yearj £orm—safe, sure, . no reaks up a cold in 24 •elleves grip in 3 days. back if it fails. The Red HUl's ine box :has with -Mr. iicture. At AllDruf Sfor«» GERMAN MOBS ATTACK ALLIES Assaults Reported FromJJremenj Breslau and Wernitz* Near* Potsdam. KILL MEMBER OF ONE PARTY Japanese, French and Italian Officers Victims of Popular Fury—Police Try to Protect Foreigners—Assailants Warned. Berlin, March 11.—Eight men said to be members of a French military aviation commission, who drove into Wernitz, near Potsdam, in a motorcar from Berlin, were attacked by the inhabitants, who accused the men <-t poaching and summoned them to surrender. Four of the men obeyed, but the others tried to escape, one of them being \younded and later dying while being taken to a doctor. Two of the^others later surrendered and thi> fourth m escaped. A report on the incident, has been transmitted to the French charge d'af- faires here by an allied officer. Stones Allies in Breslau. Paris, March 11.—Members of the al lied military commission at Breslnij were attacked by a mob, but were saved from injury' by intervention the police. ,The allied representatives : «>fl tnel the people's savings; fourth, by Immediate limitation and gradual curtailment of note circulation. 5. Raw materials being essential to Industry, countries which are, under present exchange conditions unable to I purchase in the world's markets, should - j, i. ' "The Free Press is authorized to an-, be ab]e to obt . Un commel . cial creillls . t n»uece Sam Anderson as a candidate ( G Tne con £ erence powers recognize , for "reelection for assessor of Carbon- ^ tue necessity for continued allied co- -dale -township subject to the Renubli- . can primary March. 20. SIG LOSS IN TAXES URuling by Supreme Court Costc .Government Huge Sum. third, by the funding of short-term ob- were hootetl aml some stones wert ligations by loans subscribed out ft I thrown by the crowd before it ccnilc] be dispersed. Japanese, Kalian ami French officers members nf the allies' naval commis sion, also were surrounded by a hostile crowd on the piers at Bremen, Ger many, accordinjr to a dispatch'reccivet here, but the police protected thorn. Dr. Mayer .Knufbpuren, the Germm charge d'affaires here, called on Pre raier Millerand and presented Germany's regrets for Saturday night', demonstration against members of the French mission at the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, which Prince .To.inhlm Albrech of Prussia is alleged to have Instigat ed. Premier Millerand took occasion fr direct the attention of Doctor Kau£ beuren to other similar incidents. H added that these incidents -probabl operation and for removing obstacles to easy, interchange of essential commodities. They will continue to consult regarding the provision and distribution of necessary raw materials and foodstuffs.' , - . The restoration' of the devastated areas of northern France is of primary importance for the establishment of the 'economic equilibrium o£ Europe. This work of restoration cannot be woul . d not llave happened if. German •Will Take Months to Check Up 4,000^ 000 Dividend Returns in ', Bureau's Files. ', Washington, March 11.—The loss_to •idle government as a result of the Su- jpreme court's decision declaring.stock •dividends not taxable as income will ' Jbe -nearly half a billion dollars, ac- -x»rding to an estimate by C<jmmisslon- •4er of Internal Revenue Roper. ., With some 4,000,000 dividend returns 3n the bureau's files it will take* jooonths to make an accurate estimate iaf the effect of the decision, Mr; Roper •said, but. a hasty search indicates that f$70,000,000 paid in 1917 and 191S will -have to be returned while the loss in - suncdle'cted taxes .in 1919 will be ?100,(900,000 and (hat for 1920. $300,000,000. Some of this loss, the commissioner :sadl, will be offset by the tax on stock .'•sales. Mr. Roper emphasized thiit HS- rtlmates of the government's loss are •--.act official and Hint the loss migiit be to be larger tlinn now esti- postponed until the German reparation has been received. The council recognized that the capital sums required for this restoration may properly be raised by market loans in anticipation of the reparation, payments, and that the restrictions •which they desire on new borrowing do not apply to loans and credits raised to meet this abnormal capital expenditure. New photograph of MaJ. Gen. Tasker, H. Bliss, U. S. A., whose reward of distinguished service as a member of he peace council and council of allied ations has, been '-he assignment to command the Soldiers' Home at'Wash- ngton. This post carries with it the.use if a beautiful home and SOO-acre park surrounding," and is the most coveted billet of retired army officers. Accused by Austrian Count! Count Metternich, an Austrian; who sat nenr the prince's -table, charges that Prince Joachim Albrecht not only shouted. "Throw .out the swine! Kill the dogs, if they refuse ,to go!" but declares that Joachim Albrecht threw irockery and glassware at the Frenchmen, whereupon other guests joined :n the attack on Capts. Klein and Roughevin. A certain Prince Hohenlohe is charged with removing one of his boots and' striking one of the Frenchmen with it. Gen. Nollet, head of the French mission, has forwarded a report to Paris in which Prince' Joachim Albrecht Is primarily blamed for the attack. "KIDNAPED" AMERICAN, SAFE U. S. Mining M2j) Is Found Near Nogales, Mex.—All a Mistafcn. "Washington, March 11.—James M. Arthvr, manager of the Mexican Consolidated Aliiving company, lias nol been kidnaped by Mexican bandits but is safe near Nogales, Mex., the American -consul there reported to the sti:jt» department. Itot. Arthur, who is In Nogales Ariz!, telegraphed "her father, F. JB Avery, at Columbus, O.. that her hus band needed $2,000 and this was said to have led to the reports that he had been kidnaped. . . . had shown greater promptness and en ergy in suppressing the violences of last winter, of which General Klessel, head of the allied Baltic mission and later the supreme council, had noti- ! fled Germany. • Germany Threaten Assailants. Berlin, March 11.—The imperial government has . Issued a proclamation signed by Premier Bauer, condemning attacks on members of entente missions. It declares that the minister of Extend Reparation Parley. , . ,., . . 8. The powers have considered fir- clefense wl " act < wlth the srantest ^•mated. -Strict regulations were issued by the "ibureau of internal revenue to safe- c-guard the government in refunding >-taxes. ]» applying for overpayments due • ih<:m, individuals, must set forth full •.derails of the stock dividends received, ••together with a statement of nny sub. .sequent sale of, such shares, and must . -present statements from the corpora•.••Hons which distributed the dividends . ,us to the amount paid and the yesir. ticle 235 and cognate articles of the treaty and passages in the letter addressed June 16, 1919, by. the supreme council to the peace delegates, which contemplate that Germany shall make proposals for 'fixing the total of her reparation payments and that fncities may be given her to obtain necessary foodstuffs and raw materials in advance of the payments being nnide by way of reparation. The powers agree that it is desirable for Germany and her creditors that 'the total reparation should be fixed at an early iTate. They observe that Bunder the treaty four months was provided during which Germany should have the right to make the proposals, and they agree such period should be extended. Concerning Germany, the memorandum says: "She should be enabled to obtain essential foodstuffs and raiv materials, | .and if necessary in the opinion of the I reparations committee, sliould be al'.owed to raise abroad a loan to meet i j her 'immediate needs of such amount and with such priority as the repara- severity in,punishing excesses. Prince Joachim Aibrecht, fnusln of the former German emperor, and Capt, Baron von Platen are still locked np in the Moiiblt jail awaiting final action of the court respecting the legality of their arrest. Both disclaim responsibility for the attack in the Hptel Adlon on members of the French commission, but the prosecutor has confronted them with damaging evidence given by dining-room employees and several guests, whose corroborative testimony apparently Implicates • the prince and the captain as those who began the, In Every Drop! Stove Polish Black Silk Stove Polish is different. It does not dry out; c -n be used to the last urop; liquid and paste one quality; absolutely no waste; EO dust or dirt. You get your money's worth.- Black Silk is not only most economical, but U given o. hrll- lldnt.silky lustre that cannot beohtalncd w!t)i nny otbur jjollsn. Blnek silk iitove Polish docs M-K nib off— Ulna** fnur (tmelj aa Ipnpr.ns orJIliury (i-!- lah—so It BU.VOJJ you time, work and nionuy. Don'ifiineei—wlieiiyoii wiuit Btove pollttli boyure toiisk foi- Blnck Silk. If it isn't tlio lirst Btove pollsb you evi-r uneil— • your dealer -will rotund your money. Black Silk Stove Polish Works,, SterlinB, Illinois. UfC Ctncfc Silk AirDrjlus Iron Knnmrl Oli jjratOB, ruyiftt-rs, Btovc-plpea, ami auioinolillo tiro rliiia. Proven in ruutlng. • Try ft. Use lilnch Sltli Hi-t:ilPiili«h for nUvcrwure, n'.ulJL-i. tin ware, or bnuts. Itvorkocinlckly,easily. anrt leaves & brilliant Hiirfacc. It lias no equal lor use on in.- assault. No Waste Motion Here • .... The packing business is noted for the elimination of waste in manufacturing. Swift & Company is equally effective in saving waste in the distribution of products. . From ranch or farm to your meat dealer there is no loss of time, money, material, or motion. , • • • ... Four hundred branch sales houses in large cities and towns, hundreds of regular refrigerator car routes reaching small towns, all directed by wire from a central point, bring meat products from our packing plants located in producing areas, to retailers in all parts of the country in the best possible condition, in the least possible time, at the least possible cost, and over the most direct route. ' . ! . . . The total e::pense, for manufacture, freight, and selling direct to the retailer, is less than three cents per pound on all meat, sold. ' ' - . ' • " " r ' • • Our profit from all sources is only a fraction of a cent per pound. Competition compels this close-cut saving. Large volume of business, a well-balanced, nation --wide organization/ and expert attention to details by men who know, make it possible. l « We are in your service— at least expense and profit. Send for our 1920 Year Boole and get the facts about our business. Address Swift & Company, Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois. Swift & Company, U. S. A. EXPRESS STRIKE FAILS More Than 1,000 Return to Work in Chicago. . Officials Claim Backbone of.Walkout Is Broken—Yards Are Being Cleaned Up. Chicago, March 11.—The fifth clay of the strike of express handlers and clerks 'brought assurances from offl-. clnls'of the American Railway Express company, that the backbone of the" walkout Is broken and that, the yards are being cleared of accumulated express matter. .More than 1,000 of the striking- employees have returned to work, they declare, ,but this Is strenuously denied by H. E: gheperd, leader of the 3,000 who., quit work. \jeorge T. McGrath, president of the Chicago Teamster's union, issued a statement denying that the teamstei" had "double crossed" the express'__. handlers in voting to remain at work. Representatives of the 378,000 maintenance of way men and railway shop employees, who voted to abide by the I- decisions of the wage adjustment board have concluded their labors and adjourned. The committee named to draft wage demands will present them to the new federal labor board upon its organization here in Chicago early next month. Two Die From Polsonid Boose. Marquette, Mich., March 11.—John Bloom and Andy Thompson died at a lumber camp r.ear here after drinking "moonshine" whisky alleged to have been s«ld them by Joe Shepherd. Str^te constabulary are searching for Shepherd. When tbe claims are verified^-the - taxpayer may be reimbursed or have •the overcharge credited against any tax installments to which they are •..-^liable. ."«K. C. Hinton of Recruiting Service Reported t/> Hav? Disappeared ; in Mexico. "j El Paso, Tex., March 11. — Chief Yeo- -'iman. K. C. Hinton of the El Paso navy Trecralting station is missing in Mexico, -according to reports made by Lieut. J. •3?. Hupp to the American consul at Juarer..~ Hinton, whose home is in Clii- •cago, was last scon in .Tuurez v.-riHe vls- Iting there^ iHupp. Saturday, according tions committee may deem essential. "In the case of Austria the powers | recognise that eveti more active assist- 1 ance may be required." I! I. TIE U. S. AGENT; TAKE WHISKY Baltimore Robbers Bind Watchmen and Get Truckload of Liquor From Distillery. Baltimore, Md., March 11.—A party of masked men entered the Meunt Vernon distillery here, bouna and gagged the s;overnment agent and two j j watchmen and hauled away In auto : trucks between forty and fifty barrels of whisky worth, at government valuation, about $25,000. - Wanted Several Hundred Oirls , ' AND WOMEN FOR CARTRIDGE MAKING. THIS WORK IS LIGHT, CLEAN, EASILY LEARNED AND PAYS A MINIMUM WAGE OF 25c PER HOUR, WORKING 55 HOURS AND RECEIVING PAY FOR 60 FOURS MOST OF THE WORK, HOWEVER, IS ON A PIECE-WORK BASIS AND PAYS CONSIDER 4BLY MOKE THAN THE HOURLY RATE. PROVISION HAS BEEN MADE FOR TAKING CARE OF HOUSING. ... .';". . .. . ' • •'•-- : '1>^V Western Cartridge Go. Bast Alton, Illinois

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