Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 14
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SOUTHLAND SCENE Slain Man Believed Norwalk Sailor INDEPENDENT-P«g« A.I7 NORWALK -- The mutilated body of a sailor who was slain and dumped Into a ditch 20 miles from For- terville. Calif., l a i t week^ was Identified tentatively' Wednesday as W. T. Fambro, 21. of Nonvalk. Authorities said the victim wag a seaman attached to the Long Beach-based USS Kearsarge, which is in dry dock at San Francisco. The body was discovered late Monday below a Highway G5 embankment south of. Portcrvilte."W.T. Fambro" was stencilled on the uniform. ;'. Fambro had been beaten, slashed and shot twice in the chest with a .22-caliber weapon. Sheriffs officers theorized Fambro · had 'been shoved from a northbound vehicle three days earlier. There was no sign of a struggle at the scene, indicating the slaying occurred elsewhere. 9-Foot Steer Gone NEWPORT BEACH -Bruce Card noticed t h a t something w a s missing from his West Newport Beach restaurant when he went to work Wednesday. A " ninc-foot-long. steer made of fiberglass that had been placed atop the restaurant last week for ad- Using was-gone. Card said he would not file charges if the thief or thieves bring back the model steer. In fact, he offered a reward of two steaks -- cut from a real steer. Held for Trial BUENA PARK--A Buena Park father a n d daughter and another man Wednesday were ordered in Los Angeles to s t a n d trial in Florida on a charge they bilked a wealthy Clearwater, Fl.i., woman of $19,- R09 by fraudulently claiming to represent the Vatican in a fund - ni'lnp scheme. U.S. Commissioner Theodore Hockc issued the order for Rubin Robin, 46. 6321 S. San L o r e n z o St., his daughter, K a r o l , 23, and Frank H. Hicks. 55, to face the charges in U. S. District Court in Tampa. They are charged w i t h swindling Mrs. J e w e l l Thorn Welch! R o b i n and Hicks allegedly posed as American representatives nf the Vatican with papal authority to collect $500 million for the Jesuit Order. The trio allegedly violated a federal law when they had Mrs. Welch cable money to Rome. Matron Tells Loss Matson Navigation Co. reported a net loss of S1.0C7.137 Wednesday on 1961 operating revenues of more than $100 million. The passenger liners Lurline and Matsonia showed a pretax loss of $3,800.000 on their operations between California and Hawaii, according, to the annual report. The report said Matson's two subsidiaries, Matson Terminals, Inc., e a r n i n g $185,000 before taxes, and Oceanic Steamship Co., earning $1,250,000 before taxes, were the only profitable operations in 1961. The parent company reported profit of nearly $2.600,000 in I960 on operating revenues of $113,400,000. Cor Kills Stiilor WILMINGTON -- A n 18- year-old hitchhiking sailor was killed Wednesday when he was knocked 50 feet by a car as he was walking with a companion along Anaheim Street near Cervera Avenue. ' Robert E. Maxwell Jr. was dead on arrival at Wilmington Receiving Hospital. His companion,' John W. Davis, 19, was Injured but did not require treatment, police said. Both were stationed aboard the USS Maddox. Police booked the driver Poiping Raps Missionaries TOKYO (UPI)--Communist China, Indicating c o n c e r n about the continued impact of Christianity on China's masses, has launched an at tack on American Protestant ·ind Catholic missionaries in Asia, it was d i s c l o s e d Wednesday. A February issue of the Pciping People's Daily .received here contains a long article condemning the missionary activity In the Far East as an "imperialist" plot to "encircle ... sabotage and vilify" China. The Communists h a v e fought the church on two fronts internally -- expelling, imprisoning or killing foreign missionaries and attempting to establish " n a t i o n a l 1 churches divorced from such authorities as the Vatican. of the car. William W. Bradley, 35, of 2515 Olive Ave., Long Beach, on suspicion of drunken driving. They said he failed a sobriety test. Acting Chief ·GARDEN GROVE --Assistant Chief of Police C. W. Michaells will take over as acting chief when Rcece Ballard leaves the department April 15 to campaign for the Democratic nomina- tion In the 70th Assembly District. City Council decided that Michaells will advance to the chiefs pay of $1,125 a month while he is In acting command. ' · Michaells also will be eligible to seek permanent appointment. The city's personnel office set May 14 at 4 p.m. as. deadline for accepting applications and said It will welcome applicants fiom anywhere. FANFARE By Walt Dllaen -*v'~.: '''^*^^ S.«f«.4 U iii mil V .. .1 ··_ pirt!»l«r' · .' ' · So Anil ·'·' tulti · 6A MIX Photo Supplies BROWNIE "Flash 20" Camera'' Versa!.!! tupshoc!er... »iil b'Jt-u JUsi... 1 Cwtrcls (or _W|M, siw pictures. Dttble-ti- poswe peri's*. Syliae Bh* color. '11 CO lilt 1151 BROWNIE "500" Movie Projector feuds iiitif utooaticilly... ri|U ccto W last tale-uj ml fcr tall bw jten. forward ltd mme ctsfrcls, r:«r rnrai s« · CO OR still? lUc. Ult SU1 KODAK "Zoom 8" Movie Camera Brownie 'StarMite' Outfit | The caren that fives ysj 12 J:j;s cr jsjersWe: ca *127 l.b, en it-ii flask. Mix « in" 1 lilts itatteriesincliielliitlMS[ Bmm Reel Can KODAK 8mm Film' XODiCHIOMC - 2 sided :S' r,1 isrtitlealtyee'ored ' KODAK Colored Film KOBACOUI-YosrrteiMef W, Ilium. KODAK. Black White Film vttiCHtoiK m - choice ci o; 1 nn HO. I?/.JZOsJe. lilt 55c U . I .UU STUART HAIL Writing Tablet and ENVELOPES Cbcxt cl -frenck P«tels* cr l^erial ttiiti". Pa* ct 34 ohite cr cat ct 28 tastelesvt!c;(s. 29 C in. 3lc u. «C3UI Cuddly Plush Animals 2. MUSICAL Plush Animals Uf I trsei p tei h assorted VI lister cclors. A.1 a-e Irjt u sue. Choice of · Beijing Bonn/ · Cuddly Bonny · Sleeping B»iy RUSHTON Assortrert consists cl a tinty »'.ti i carrot, y »it!i a (an a-d a Al colored » 7 iH 11 ten. ef .ir *C:t Coc5e"»ilhkat.*Gjss'e Ccote" «iU tcf.vt r.ttsa cr 22" sU^.- / ».th Easter celarj. u vir'd Easter colors. $trd.Tt cr jitSfj. EacJ *i'Ji i (ay K'a- CANNON Blanket Garden Needs 60' Garden Hose Sitiatiri-WIirt UiS!«e'£St trees ter?ered f!astic iKA Us more fleiilty and steitt. f:1 Cjw teary trass cccp- licjs. f.nk-proof, till ret kiritt cr ._ ... crack. F^sists wV-t a-J wires* V HU terferatees. IITiarCiiriitti Uitu All Purpose Fertilizer ftf Unas,, liters. te:s, »ti QQc Sal. 03 Rose Floral DUST GUN rniWT - 12 u. el Cat lulls se:ts, controls c'a-.t diseases, tet.2.41 - 12 e;. el cV.t lulls h- 1 pn Garden Gloves ·EliittM"-liec:re«r,iter»:tatsit 1 in ccttKilisirtN:nsi}rp. «ej.MJ I.Id N.PJ -- Balanced icti/e rcet.cj rsi'.erial 'nn IV ia ii te^s fir'* 69 C HOMIUKH - The trass'stcdywcai 0 nn Mryi^t cl Ue jeif. 5 Us. £.i)3 VIGORO Plant Foods nit. n. ·lueful · Emiriufiid i:'l"U«»a?w ·AiiliitClBillii CHILDREN'S Hand Bags He flas'Jc tats ii I'l MI til taster ctlcrs xiti tlcner in- cradors. MA t trass fnxed Jtylejitefcdel 1C /*-/r3.29 JgMS 3. m0i/ CANDY ^^^^r ··_ -1 t Marshmallow.uuirs tec curt VarsfczaHc* center covered *·' fWE cteco- la'e. 12 ens t) t bci. Rabbits on Parade E:t ef 12 nrsksu'le* ratiits COUred »tt c^K'ate. Easter Eggs . cectert, sijir sielis u asserted colors. Ctott cf rti. u STJ ; | sin OQc eits. Zu Easter Eggs men s Choice cf Frst 1 N.t cr Cocwit Creri certers, each chocolate covered I OQc Malted Milk EGGS -OIF Urfi tut ens »ith Jtl. ?TQ£n3EI2i.*^d J BENTIEY « Butane \ Cigarette Lighters A kind il 14% rajn, IX JUtilll. lK-tl fy ItrAi »rd »an5tk. Cjar- r.tttJKtttr»of.ln!ir«is »ashat!« colcrs. In cr toile bed ji;t 100% r/. fi f . itltfrj. § j! Ite fabskus 1'thter »itt e«!ssi«i "throK-inay" tark. L'iia »art jenelry »' st»!«d reiels f:r rn i'.d fc ims. UfitimcCuoronlii 4.95 75 Girls' Panties Ire cctton cav.ics i' is- strtsd s!js a-4 celcrt. Sies2t3H. 3i1.00 SHEAFFER'S Ball Point Pen Wilt IEHINDEI CUP remits w r^t la Kitchen Charm WAX PAPER Ul'Iill _ 1.95 Insulated Bowls Welch's a% Cittird NiSitarAd; 311.00 UaxCmirdCraii NaSit« Added 24 oi. . foci t«»!s ii asserted co'crs »it!t lloral d 311.00 Vegetable Basket PUJTIC - g'iillVW . . . to real l)0d stoni i) tre re! lords,e!e. . 59 C Salad Bowls fire Quality 6" cc»b r.t'.t cl Cterryotci Stock tp at ttis fcw, to* price. 3 if.00 Hold-Ail Container 2Vi7ilP c!aste ur.ta:i- er K/JI 101 cses. Ki-js ci wn, fccr cr staids itee. 59 C BOYS' OR GIRLS' Kill' · fillii(-4its.Vr'cc::u · Cuer -- Tes; fcrtst t'tes trjadcls',!l littia t duty: $j?por.d rijfl it assorted colas. · liiiit- Solid FUi-.(l · Iiiitr-3S"Kea/yEra;s G.E. Spray, Steam Dry Iron F-ll-Desi|«dt:r "flask '« Wear" raterial wairj. lv[e, easy b M tesl, h4r.j,csrdLfL XEAPSIT ky Aciricai Tl»r«l«ft - f:a:k tr C'»y, M Vicavn Eitt'e. LUNCH KIT 1.69 Cascade Spitlm diiiit, ini ii tird liter. Ftr AUTOMATIC DISHWASHERS 3:1. Paper Plates DIXIE Lit Diner Sin CtlliWraiied Pik Zest BATH SOAP 61.00 Piiitln Dudirait Pri ttttin. Eictiititf fn iraite.litkSIti ||! Hershey's Fortified with Vitiraii B-1,C,D-2llroi. Knox GELATINE UNFLAVORED Boio(32F.»iltpes ALL DETERGENT For Aotomitle Washers. Infants' Diaper Sets Assatont cf ct'.e stU ii ktitted i^d ww- . . T«;itce«.!ie! 1 p-.ts. S;es: 6 U 1! ex. 1. Girls' Polo Shirts M« sprir; desi;f» t utt U lotted fitriu s.Vir.»a{t cu'A'led, »:it' resistar.L Tte ideal . 7bl4. 1.49 Cceted yarj.(B!!W(a- tric. P*tt tMc k|. As- Boys' Briefs C»T:»I jjrf, t/M re.v lof-.ed k| seiTS. Mitt e'tts er Wetten Prill 3;89' KING PAX Food Container Dtcoraled 64 5H.OO IL\ Royal Woolyn '^)l Cil Water Sup ItiLlIJUIOir Fat', cnntio Mr. Clean umE$'"Casual" Shoes f:rec,:a!, All pirpose HotseniK Cle!" r ' Ei«tSiie nerr- Mouth Wash SAV-ON Vttal tc« «.:!) ij- Id'ers a'd rsit'i Piriml file - CoT;!e!e ».'.s I'ffatetsa'.'y eiatt -TABiEMODEL- J. fe"jK«g Barbecue f " m Freezer Paper KYP - Wet st:tn;'h f,v a"td ncistj-e lr,s. '.V'i'.O' INSTANT SWEET MILK COCOA Ceramic Ash Trays cf siies i Vary iXracti.e ptalei revtM*; riil »'Ji scrt»- 2VV feep to»l. leT.icir. cular kind tai-A Three ?i" tlaled 7" le|5 tiastc t;s. T«o t'aled $:de ra^es. REFRIGERATOR Defroster HOST m - Spiar cji lor soeedy, easier t':t;\- ifI.Cai'tr*nfocd,l«a.t» rocdcr. nit nc 69° CHARCOAL Briquets Folding Syringe L HH1IOHIL Whisk Broom fi'l 3 eL u^citf n i n:ti !:'d l.i ic'.t ct t.t ·; » :i i m'er i^rfft tnj tgse.tiaraileid4rs. Rubber Gloves M pr^ie laUt tlfttt i He* ^ialty. E.f tw arj ItepcaiitUcar.Cdort Va-tco-nol Nasal Vti:at*t Je Sewing Thread s Sptilt 1.00 43, M t U t »Ve. iO httackctry. StarJJ urJyt »') U'i t 11 e.'. ox Ail PiicesPieiail: April 5th-8th Thurit*f Ihrawgh Sun4f/ Self-Service Drugstores Op* A t a.m.-JO p.m. It try Oi FOR YOUR PROTECriOH - c.^,* '"* r *" '-'"-"' ' ',1^ |, ),, gM i ),

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