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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 38

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1976
Page 38
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PAGE 40 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Roy Skidmore rites tomorrow W K D M ' S D A Y . F K H H I i A K Y 11, 1976 Funeral sen-ices for Roy W. Skidmore, 82, a former Southern Pacific railroad brakeman, are scheduled for 11 a.m. tomorrow in the Red Room of the Scottish Rite Cathedral, 160 S. Scott Ave. Mr. Skidmore died Monday at St. Mary's Hospital following a week-long illness. Burial will be at Tucson Memorial Park South Lawn, 5401 S. Park Ave. Mr. Skidmore joined the railroad as a brakeman in 1916 and served on passenger, troop, official inspection and convention trains. He was born in Little Rock, Ark., on April 5, 1893, and came to Tucson in 1916. He was a member of several Masonic organizations and earned honorary degrees from the International Order of the Supreme Council, Order of DeMolay, and the International Order of Rainbow for Girls -- groups that he assisted after his retirement in 1958. He is survived by his widow, Gladys; a daughter, Margaret Lockhart of Sacramento, Calif., a granddaughter and two great-grandchildren. Model U.N. starts Friday at UA UPI Telephoto They're dog tired Chris BelJ of Massachusetts and his Irish wolfhound have had just about all they can stand, what with the grooming, caring, feeding and trying to look their best. Chris snoozes as he waits for the final judging for "best in show" at the 100th Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York City. Calif ornian held Ex-ieader's kin in bogus bills case A 37-year-old California man was arrested last night for allegedly trying to sell about $1,300 worth of counterfeit bills to an undercover agent. Charged with passing a counterfeit instrument, Dennis H. Jocque, 37, of Lennox, Calif., was booked in Pima County Jail this morning. Bond has not been set. Police said 65 bogus $20 bills, many bearing identical serial numbers, were taken at 11 p.m. yesterday after Jocque allegedly made a deal to sell them to Sgt. Kenneth McDaniels for $700. Police described the bills as "good quality" and said they suspect that some already are circulating in the Tucson area. killed by bomb BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (UPI) -- Police have launched a citywide manhunt for the killers of former President Alejandro Lanusse's daughter- in-law, who died in a bomb explosion at her family's downtown apartment. Police said Maria Caride, the 26-year-old wife of Marcos Lanusse, was alone when the bomb exploded. No extremist group claimed responsibility for the killing. More than 800 Arizona high school students will converge on the University of Arizona campus this weekend for the 14th annual session of the Arizona Model United Nations. The theme of this year's session is International Women's Year. The event will .begin at 8 p.m. Friday and will end at 5 p.m. Saturday. Meeting room assignments will be posted at the registration table in the Cactus Lounge at the UA Student Union. John H. Haugh of Tucson, a former member of the U.N. delegation, will address the plenary session at 4:15 p.m. on Saturday in the Arizona Ballroom of the UA Student Union. Secretary-general for this Banks to reopen BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) -The army has moved tanks into Beirut's financial center to guard currency transfers in preparation for reopening of the banks. LEGAL NOTICE A R T I C L E S O F INCORPORATION OF KACHINA BU5INESSMACHINES CORPORATION Thai we, Ihe undersigned, having asso- aaletf ourselves together Tor The purpose oT forming a corporation under and bv virtue oT the laws of the Stale? of Arizona, do hereby adopt fhe following Articles of Incorporation. ARTICLE I «Ji,£rJAr?l e of IJ ? e corporation shall be "£ACH1NA BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION", and its orincioal place of business shall be wllhln Ihe State of ArJzona, County of Pima, Cllv of Tucson, in the Board of Directors may designate such other places either within or without The Stale al Arizona where other offices mav be established and maintained and/ or all corDorale-business transacted so iar as the same is done so according fo law. ARTICLE LI The names and addresses of Ihe incor- oorators are as follows · HOWARD SLOANE 344 West LasPalmaritas Phoenix, Arizona 85021 B A R B A R A M . SLOANE 344 West Las Palmarilas Phoenix, Arizona Hi021 ARTICLE III This Corporation may hold its meetings at such places and al such times as the Board o( Directors mav designate, A R T I C L E IV The general nature ol the business in which The corporation shall engage Is as follows : 1. To sell, rent, lease, manufacture, repair, and maintain business machines and supplies ol any kind and nature in* cfudlng, but not limited 1o, copy ma- cnJncs word processors, photocopy machines, typewriter, copy machine paper and coin operated copy machines, so Tar as permitted bv applicable law. ?. To ac) as acerit (or others or for fhe Corporation in selling, renting, leasing menufcturing, repairing, and maintaining busjness machines and supplies of every kma and nature including, but not iirniled fo, coov machines, word processors, phofocopv machines, lynwriTers, copy machine paoer, and coin ooerafed copy machines, so f a r as permitted bv Applicable law. 3. To purchase, contract Tor, or otherwise acquire in any manner, take, holcf, own or sell, lease, rent, morlgage. pledge and ofherwise whalsoever. whether real, personal or mixed or any interest (herein and lo develop, improve, subdivide, culTi- vale, farm, mine and otherwise work, manage, ooerale or conTrol Jhe same, so tar as permitted by applicable law 4. To plan, erect, builrf, remodel, enlarge, furnish, equip, purchase- lease or otherwise acquire and to ooerate, conduct, sell, rent and otherwise control and dispose of houses, apartment houses and olher buildings ot all kinds and classes, so far as permitted by applicable law. 5. To deal in franchises, hccnses, privileges ana riohr'sflf-wdv of all ktnds and cisses, so far as permitted bv Hppticabre law. 6. To grow, buy, sell, store, warehouse, process, grade, pack, ship, maikel and -lo deal generally in goods, wares, merchandise, buildings, maintenances, materials anO equipment, so far as permilted bv applicable law. 7. To Issue such Noles, Bonds, Debentures, Contracts, or other securiTy or evidences of Indebtedness upon such terms and conditions and in such manner and form as maybe prescribed or deter - mjned bv fhe Board of Directors, as far as permitted bv applicable law. 3. To purchase, acquire, own. hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise (o acquire, dJspose of, hcJd, or deal In the shares of slock, bonds, debentures, nofes or other security or evidence of Indebtedness of mis or any other corporation, association or individual ana lo exercise all Ihe rights, powers and privileges of ownership, including The n-QhT fo vote thereon to the same extent as a naiural person might or could do, so far as permitted try applicable law. 9. To lend or Invesl Us funds with or without security upon such Terms and conditions as shall be prescritied or determined by the Board of Directors, so Tar as permitted as applicable law. 10, To borrow money and to issue bonds, debentures, notes, conlrads and other evidences of indebtedness of oblioa- fJons and from fime lo lime for any f a w - lul purpose To morTosge, pledge or otherwise change any or all of jts proper!/, orooertv righls, privileges, and assets to secure The payment thereof, so far as permitted Tw applicable law. \. To act as agent, trustee, broker or in any other fiduciary or representative capacity, so far as permitted by applicable (aw. 1?. To purchase, own, hold or aoolhe- cate any patent rights, privileges, trademarks or secret processes, so far as Permitted by applicable law. 13. To act as surety or guarantor and lo underwrite Jn whole or part any contract, issue of stock, bonds, debentures or other securities or evidences of indebtedness of any other corporation or assocfallon or of anv Person or persons, so far as permitted by applicable law. N. To make and to perform contracts of every kfnd and descr^pfion fo cnler fnfo folnt venture and patnership doree merits wi,h individuals and olher corporations In carrying on its business for the purpose of aJtainino ona furtherinp any of fts oblccts- To do any and afl Things which a natural 1 person might or could do In which now or hereinafter may be au- t nor i zed by law and in general to do and perform such acts and things and transact such busfness In connection with the foreooinQ obJecTs not inconsistent wITh law as may be necessary and required Design a Uon ot «nv object or purpose herein shall nul be conslrued To be a llml latton or qualification or in any manner to Mmil or restrict the purposes and 06- fects of mis Corporation, so far as p«r- mJtted bv applicable law. A R T I C L E V The authorized amount of capital stock ol-ffw Corporation shall b*'On« Million LEGAL NOTICE [SVgoo.oppCO) Dollars divided MO Ten Million (mfoO.noo.00) shares of common lock oT the par value of Ten cents (j 10) per share which shall be issued and paid or at suc!i time and in such manner as the Board of Directors shall determine AH or any portion ot the capital stock of me Corporator! may be Issued m payment for real or personal property, services or other things of valuelor the use and purposes of the Corporation and when so issued shall be fuily paid the sameas (hough paid for In cash and Ihe directors shall be the sole judge of Ihe value of any property, right or thing acquird In exchange for capital slock The shares of Ihe capital stock of the Corporation when issued shall be fu Iv paid and non-accessible. ARTICLE V1 The Corporation shall have the right to adopt By-Laws or enter Into Agreement with its shareholders Imposing reasonable restrictions on the sale, assignment or transfer of Ihe shares of Its capllal stock m giving to the Corporation or Its shareholders the preferential right or option lo acqufre snares of sfock (n fhe Corporation of shareholders desiring to sell such shares or obligating the Corpo- rallon to redeem or purchase such shares. ARTICLE vn Ttie business affairs of Ihe Corporation shall be conducted bv a Board of Directors of. not less than two nor more than nine directors as shall be set forth In fhe By-Laws. Such Board of Directors shall be elected at the annual meeling ot Ihe stockholders which shall be held en the 31st day of December of each year commencing with the year 1975 The said directors shall serve until their successors are elected and qualified. The Board of Directors shall have Ihe power lo fill alJ vacancies occurring In (heir number and each of the persons so selected lo fin a vacancy shall serve unlM the next annual meeting of the slocknolders or until his successor Is elected and has qua filled. The Board of Directors, wllh 1he consent and approval of the stockholders ownfng two-thirds (^) of the issued and outstanding, capital stock of the Corporation. sha» have the full power lo amend these ArlScles. adorjl By-Laws and amend The same, and make all rules and regulations expedient for Ihe man- agcrnent,of The affairs of The Corporation until Iheir successors are dulv elecled and Qualified. The lo I Towing persons shall serve as directors of Ihe Corporation HOWARDSLOANE M West Las Palmarlfas Phoenix, Arizona 55021 B A R B A R A M. SLOANE 3-u Wosl Las Palmarltas Phoenix. Arizona 85071 A R T I C L E Vllt The time of Ihe commencemenl of this Corporalion shall be from the dale of the issuance of Hie Certificate of Incorporation and shall endure thereafter for a term o! twentv-five (25) years wllh Jhe -iviiege of renewal as provider] by law ARTICLE IX Tre executive officers of Ihe corporation shall be al least three in number to include but not be limited lo the President, Secretary and Treasurer. Any one person may hold, two positions, but net more than two positions as an executive official. The Board of Directors may determine olher executive offices and such olher assistants and officers as they may deem and designate in the By-Laws The executive officers shall be elected by the Board of Dfreclors Immediately after each annual meeting of the slotkhoJders and shall hold office for one (1) year or until their successor is elected andqualf- fjed- The Officers need not be members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall have Ihe power and au- thonty to fill any vacancy otcurr/ng among Ihe executive officers of Ihe Cor- poralion untif their successor is duly elected and qualified. The following per- sans shall serve as officers of the Corporation unfjl successors are elected af fhe nexl meeting of Ihe Board. HOWARD SLOANE, President DAVID BELL, Vice-President-Secretary BARBARA M. SLOANE, Treasurer ARTICLE X The highest amount of indebtedness or liability direct or conlingent to which the Corporation shad at any time subject fhemsefves shad no! exceed fwo-fhirds 'V) of Ihe authorized capital slock A R T I C L E X I Private property of Ihe stockholders, directors and officers of Ihe Corporaflon shall be forever exempt from Us corporate debts and obligailons of any kind whalsoever. ARTICLE XII The CorporatCon does hereby aocolnt PETER T, VAN BAALEN, whose address is 1650 First National Bank Plaza, l O O W e s t Washington, Phoenl*, Arizona 85«D, and has been a boria fide resident of Ihe Slate of Arizona for at least three (3J years, Us lawful agent in The STaTe ot Arizona, for and on behalf of said Corpo- ratton to acceot and acknowledge service of and upon who may be served process in any acllon or proceeding thai may be brought against This Corporation In any of fhe Courts of fhe STaTe of Arizona, such service of process or the acceptance Thereof by said agent endorsed thereon to have the same force and effect as If served upon any officer of Ihe Corporation. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, WO, The unrTcrsigned, have hereunto set our hands This 2nd day of January, 1976 HOWARD SLOANE BARBARA rV. SLOAfVE S T A T E OF A R I Z O N A County of Marlcopa On Ihls, the 2nd day of January, WA, before me, Ihe undersigned Notary Public, personally appealed HOWARD SLOANE, known to me (or satisfactorily proven) fo be Ihe person whose name is subscribed fo fhe within instrument and acknowledged lhat he exccufed the same for the purposes therein contained. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, | have hereunto set my hand ancf official seal, PRTER T. VAN BAALEN Notary Public Mv Commlssfon Expires- Aug. 17, 1978 LEGAL NOTICE STATE OF ARIZONA 5S. County ol Marlcopa On this, the 2nd day of January, 1976, before me, the undersigned Notary Put*1 'person ally appeared B A R B A R A wi. SLQANE, known fo me (or satisfactorily proven) to he the person whose name Is subscribed to the within inslrumenl and acknowledged fhat she executed Ihe Nolary Public Mv Commission Expires: Aua.17. 1978 Publish: Feb, «, 7. 9. 10, 11, 12,1976 The Tucson Daily Cilfren o fST'c! 0 s alul ° "·"· 28 -M of Arizona Revised Stalulcs. Nollce to any and all creditors. William J. Shatllcv, DBA. H^l* ? S a ! lcrTs ' Ioi:ated al 3772 E. Klein- dale Road In Tucson, Is being sold and transferred to Duane and Margaret rSal-V'l W6 C " Ve fla ' e Thur5a «' F »- W 18 l F 97a rUa '' V ? ' '' '"' "' '*' U "' The Tucson Daily Cllfzen STATE OF ARIZONA Corporation Commission To all lo Whom these Presents shall Come, Greetings I. EVO J. Oe CONCINI, secretary ot tne Arliona Corporation Commission, do hereby cerllly that the annexed Is a true and complete copy ot the ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION ol B A R R ' S SUPERIOR PAINT BODY SHOP, INC which were lileo in ttie office ol the ArlionJ Corporation Commission on Ihe 15lh day of January. 1576. as provided bv law N WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hcreun- to set mv hand and affixed the olflcial seal of tne Arizona Coraoratlon Commls- Jl" 1 'at Ihe capital in the cltv of Phoenix, this ISIh dav ot January, 1976 By EVO J. be CONCINI. Secretary ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF BARR'S SUPERIOR PAINT BODY THESE P^SE^T?! 7 A L L MEN BY That we the undersigned do hereby associate ourselves together lor Ine purpose of forming a corporation under Ihe laws of Ihe Stale of Arliona, and do hereby adopt, sign and acknowledge the following Articles of Incorporation' ARTICLE I: The names of the Incorporators and their respective address arc' Stanley L. Barr, 1416 W. Alleghanev. Tucson, Arizona. Idamae Barr, 1416 W Alleghanev, Tucson, Arizona and Dean A. Lester, 17« w. Klamalh Drive Tucson, Arizona. . A R T I C L E i;: The name of the corporation shall be: Barr's Superior Palnl and Body Shoo, fnc A R T I C L E III: The principal place at which business ol Ihe corporation is to Be '.Wf ic ! ea !? p|ma Couniy, Arizona, and shall also have !he power lo establish branches, subsidiaries, or divisions In any stale, territory, or colony ol Ihe United states, or In any foreign counlry or place, and to cooauct business in all Its branches, subsidiaries or divisions, as may be determined bv Ihe Board of Directors ot Barr's Superior Painl and Bodv Shop, inc. ARTICLE IV: The time and commencement ol this corporation shall be when the Articles have been tiled in the office i, I 1 " Corporation Commission ol Ihe Slate ol Arizona 91 its office In Phoenix, Arizona and a certified copy thereof Is recorded in Ihe olfice ol the County Recorder's in Pima Counlv, Arizona; and the corporation's termination shall be B llwenly.tlve) years thereafter with fhe privilege or renewal as provided bv law ARTICLE V: The general nature ol the business to be transacted bv Ihe Corporation af anv branch, subsidiary, or djvi- 5i on ..' n ,. ar jy, statc territory or colony of Ihe Uniled States, or in anv foreign coun- Irv or place Is as follows: To conduct the business of a body and fender repair shop, Including but nol limited to body repair, fender repair, painting, sanding and delall work both on the exterior and Interior ol aulomobils, boats, trucks buses, airplanes, bicycles, motorcycles, railroad cars and engines and also do mechanical work, welding and curling, soldering, frame straighten- mg and alignment, buying and selling, asslonino, leasing or otherwise acquiring salvage cars, parts and accessories; lo operate a lowing and storage service for customers of the Corporalion and tor any Slate, Federal, County or City Govern* menial unit, and for Ihe general public. To hold meetings al any branch In any state, territory or colony ol Ihe united Slates, or in anv foreign country or place, fo carry on any ofhcr lawful business whatsoever, lo do all and everything necessary and advantageous in connec- I on with and for Ihe accomplishment of the lorwofng or which Is calculated, dl- recllv or indirectly, to promote the Interest of the Corporation, and to do any or all Ihlngs herein before set forth to do the same extent as a natural person could do, all upon such terms and conditions as Ine Board of Directors mav determine. In fur hcrance of the preservation and acouislllon ol capital assets and in conducting it's ordinary business the Corporation shall have the following powers: To rake acquire, make contracts, buv, notrf, own, maintain, mortgaoe, exchange. Improve, Insure, and olherwise (Teal in and dispose of improved and unimproved real property, personal properlv, PMC ot Improved and unimproved real properlv, personal properly, lo buy and iell commercial oapcr and olher evidences of Indebtedness lo loan, invest and borrow money, to Issue shares of slock, debentures bonds, notes, conditional sales contracts and other obligations and evidences of indebtedness and secure Ihe same bv real or chattel mortgages or otherwise or upon such other securllv or terms as mav be arranged, lo, handle, conlrd, Issue, cancel, rellre and reissue shares of Its awn capllrtl slocx, lo own, hold, buv, handle, control, vole, sell, guaranlee, deliver and otherwise final 7n stocks. LEGAL NOTICE bonds, debentures, and securities ol any other corporallon or person. To enter inlo partnerships or Into anv arrange- menl lor sharing of prorils, union ol interest, co-operative, lolnt venture, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any Person or company carrying on or engaged in or aboul lo carry on or engage In anv business or Iransactlon which the company or person Is authorized to carry on or engage In or anv business or transaction capable of being conducted SO as to direclly or Indirectly benelit the company,- and lo lend money, lo guarantee conlracts ol, or otherwise assist any such person or company, and to take or otherwise acquire shares or securities of en i v 5uch ,j£ rtl ° an v: and to sell, hold, reissue, wilh or without guaranty, or otherwise deal with Ihe same. The foregoing paragraphs shall be conslrued as the ooiects, purpose and powers of fhls Corporation, and II Is expressly intended lhal said oblects, purposes and powers shall nol be limited or reslrlcled bv reference to or Inference trom the terms of anv other clause, term or paragraph herein contained. ARTICLE VI: The authorized capital slock of Ihe Corporation shall be S1.000,- 000.00 lone million) divided inlo 100,000 shares ol J10.00 car value each of conv mon stock, stock shall be Issued when paid for in cash, services, real estate, or personal property, and shall be issued as fullv paid for and forever non assessable The luogmenl of Ihe Board of Directors as TO the value of the property or servlc- « rendered in exchange lor stock shall be conclusive In the absence ol actual fraud In fhetransadlon ARTICLE VII: The highest amount of Indebtedness or liability direct, or contl- gent to which uus Corporallon mav at anv time be obligated to or sublecl Itself Is that amount as prescribed bv taw ARTICLE VIII: The affairs of the Corporation shall be conducted by a Board of Directors consisting of nol less than rwo nor more fnan seven, whfch shall be elecled annually bv Ihe stockholders at Ihe annual meeling ol Ihe stockholders and shall serve for one year or until their successors arc elected and qualified. The * r ??t°rs.need nol.be stockholders ol the Corporation. The lirsl Board ol Directors shall be elected al the organizational meeting of the Incorporalors and such rjfreclors shall ho!d office until the annual meeting of Ihe stockholders . A R T I C L E IX: The annual mccling of the stockholders shall be held at the time and place sel forth in the Bv-Lawj, arid unless provided otherwise by said By- Laws, the annual meellngs shall be held on Ihe third Tuesday ol December of each year. Special meetings mav be held at such rime and place ancf in such manner as may be prescribed by the Bv- Laws of Ihe Corporation. At the annual meeting, or anv special meeting called for thai purpose, these Articles may be amended bv a vote of the malorlty of the shares of stock issued and outstanding and entitled to vole. ARTICLE X: The officers ol the Corporation shall consist af a President, Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer, and such olher officers as Ihe Board of Directors may from lime lo time elect Any oHice mav be consolidated and held bv one person. The ofllccrs shall be elected by Ihe Board of Directors at Ihe annual meeting of the Board after the annual meeting ol the slockholders and said officers shall hold office for one year and until Ihelr successors shall have been elected and oualllfed. The first officers o the Corporation shall be elected bv the Board, of Directors al Ihelr first meeling alter the Board's election. The Board of Directors shall have power to adopt by-laws and lo change or amend said by-laws as mav be expedient. Any ana all vacancies lhal mav occur In the Board of Directors or In any olfice may be tilled bv the remaining directors and Ihe person so chosen lo till Ihe vacancy shall serve during Ihe unex- pired term of his predecessor and until his successor be elecled and qualified The Board of Directors may amend Ihe A/'Icles ol Incorporation by a hvo-thtrds W vale of Ihe Board it any annual meeling, or at anv special meeting called for lhal purpose. ARTICLE XI: The prlvale property o' Ihe stockholders of this Corporation shall forever be exempt from all corporate debts and llabllillcs ARTICLE XII: DEAN A. I ESTER of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona who has been a bpna fide residenl of the Stale ol Arizona for al least three years, Is hereby aoponted the lawlul agent of this corporallon, to accept and acknowledge service and upon whom mav be served all necessary process or processes in any acllon. suit, or proceedings lhat mav be brought agalnsl this Corporation In any court of the State ot Arizona, and for Si 1 °y*S K reoulred by law. The Board 0 Jl ire £? rs °' 1hls Corporation may revoke Ihls appointment olagenl at anv time and shall have the power to nil anv vacancy In such position. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto stf our hands Ihls 11day ol Novem- STANLEY L. BARR, Incorporator JDAMAE BARR. fncornorator DEAN A. LESTER Incorporator and statutory aoent (SEAL) S T A T E OF ARIZONA COUNTY OF PIMA The foregoing Articles of Incorporation were acknowledged before me bv STANLEY L. BAfiR, IDAMAE BARR ANf DEAN^A. LESTER this 17 day of Novem- DEAN A. LESTER, Nolary Public Mv commission expires May 10, 1977 i034U ARIZONA CORPORATION COMMISSION incorporation Division FILED JAN. 15, I9?6 At 8:4S a.m. at request ol TSts n on A , A L z" AddrD " : P °' Do " "«" By Nalhalle Schaub, Secretary Evo J. De Conclnl Publish: Feb. s,6, 7,«, 10, n, 1976 The Tucaon Dally Citizen year's session is UA liberal arts senior Andrew Campbell. Among the topics the students will be debating are the status of women, the Mideast political situation, population control, arms trade, nuclear weapons and the rights of ethnic minorities in occupied territories. Kirk forfeits bond Pima County Treasurer James Lee Kirk has entered a plea of no contest and forfeited a $290 bond in connection with his arrest two months ago on a drunken driving charge. Kirk, 43, posted the bond shortly before Christmas after he was booked into the Pima county Jail. Kirk was stopped by a highway patrolman near Interstate 10 and W. Prince Road. The no contest plea, which is not an admission of guilt, was accepted last week by Justice of the Peace Lawrence Condit who ordered Kirk's bond forfeited to clear the legal records in the case. A simple assault charge filed against Kirk after he allegedly struck a detention o f f i c e r in the jail was dropped. Installer will get license A Tucson contractor charged with installing ductwork without a license has admitted the allegations and promised to obtain a license before performing any more sheet metal work. In an order dismissing the case, Superior Court Judge Alice Truman noted that contractor Benny Marin admitted he installed heating and cooling ducts without a license which must be obtained from the state registrar of contractors. In December, the state attorney general had filed a complaint charging Marin with signing contracts and collecting money for the installation of ducts in at least two residences but failing to do the work. Home security stressed The Tucson Police Department will present a "Neighborhood Watch" program tomorrow to help home owners secure t h e i r homes against burglars. The program at the Tucson Medical Center auditorium, will be held from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., and is free and open to the public. Policeman George Biggs will demonstrate special locks that residents may install to prevent burglaries, lighting techniques and precautions to take when on vacation. A half-hour film, "Before It's Too Late," also will be presented. The "Neighborhood Watch" program was founded in February 1975 lo train residents to spot suspicious criminal activity in neighborhoods and ways to guard against burglaries. Barry to help UA fliers Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater will speak at a chicken dinner Saturday night at the Tucson Inn, 127 W. Drachman St. to help raise money for the University of Arizona flying team. Goldwater, a Republican, is an avid aviator and has agreed to help the team raise traveling expenses to a National Intercollegiate Flying Association competition in Miami, Fla., in April. Tickets for the d i n n e r , which will begin at 4 p.m. and end at 8 p.m., are $5 and include food and entertainment. The UA flying team is one of three chosen from the western states to compete in spot landings, navigation contests and airplane identification. i Funeral Notices Funeral Notices i 1 /^ANNOUNCEMENTS^ 1 Funeral Notices B U R K E , John W., 79, of Tucson, passed a w a y February f)lh Survived by wife, Ragnhild, of Tucson; daughters, Audrey Hartley, Mass, and Dorothy Olsen; five grandchildren; two great grandchildren. Graveside service Thursday at 10 a.m. at Evergreen Cemetery. Friends may call Wednesday 7 p.m. to 9 i- p.m. at ADAIR F U N E R A L ' HOME, Dodge and Speedway. Mr. Burke was a member of Morgan McDermott Post ^=7 for 57 years and Golden ^ _ CARMICHAETTMurTeT.!., 65, passed away February 10, 197C in Philadelphia, Pcnna. Wife of the late John Carmichael; m o t h e r of Mrs. Linda Alker, Mrs. Barbara Filers. Also survived oy six grandchildren. Two sisters, Mrs. Margaret N e f f , Mrs. Jesse Meadows. Two brothers Leslie Lilly, Eurie Lilly. Services 1 p.m. Saturday, HUGHES F U N E R A L HOME, Athens, Ohio. _ CARTER, Raymond Charles, passed away Feb. 6. 1976 at McMinnville, Tenn. Ray was bom Sept. 17, 1924 in Douglas, Arizona, where he spent the first 18 years of his life and was inducted into the Army during World War II where he served in Germany, was wounded and received several metals. Ray made his home in Tucson for many years after being honorably discharged from the infantry. He is survived by liis wife, Mamie; three step-children and three step-grandchildren of Florida; two daughters and three grandchildren of Miss.; brother, Floyd Carter; sister, Mrs. Harold ( J u d y ) Smith, of Tucson, Mrs. N a t h a n (I.ouellen) Johnson and Mrs. Thelma McDonald, of Douglas, Az. ; brother, Howard Franklin, of Denver, Colo.; many nieces, nephews and friends. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Friday, Feb. 13, 1976 at Brown Page Chapel in Douglas, Az. CLIFFORD, Grace Louise, 47~ of Tucson, died February 10, 1976. Assistance finance director of Tucson Public Schools System and member of 8th Ward LDS Church. Survived by husband, Richard C. ; twin sons, Stephen and M i c h a e l , of Tucson; parents Mr. Mrs. A. J. Huggan, of Phoenix; brother, Robert J. Hoggan, of Salt Lake City, Utah. Arrangements pending ARIZONA M O R T U A R Y EASTSIDE CHAPEL, 4601 E. 1st St. (1 block W . o f Swan Rd.) DITTLER, Lila~L7~73, of Tuo son, died February 10, 1976. Survived by daughter, Mrs. Barney Montgomery of Tucson; granddaughter, Mrs. Melody Rogas, Las Vegas, Nev. and grandson Perry Montgomery' of Tucson. Memorial services will be held 10 a.m. Saturday in PALMS MORTUARY CHAPEL with Pastor Curtis E. Jorstad of Calvary Lutheran Church officiating. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the Calvary Lutheran Church, 5601 E. Broadway or the American Cancer Society. ENSDORFF, Dorothy E., 5~f died Feb. 8, 1976. Wife of John Ensdorff; mother of J u d i t h Stapleton of Calif., Victoria, Dehra and Richard Ensdorff, all of Tucson; sister of DonaJd Reid and Patricia Booth, both of Mich.; two grandchildren also survive. Mass will be offered Thurs., 9 a.m. Feb. 12 at St. Francis DeSales Catholic Church, 1375 S. Camino Seco, burial in Tucson Memorial Park, East Lawn. Friends may call from 2 In 8 p.m. Wed. at BRING'S BROADWAY CHAPEL, Ml 0 E . J5r oad wa y.. _ FAIRBANKS, RosemafyTVU," of Tucson, died February 8, 1976. Survived by husband, Charles, of Redby, Minnesota; son, Charles G. of Kileen, Texas; daughters, Mrs. Linda Massey, Miss Sally and Miss Dorothy Fairbanks, all of Tucson, and Mrs. Joyce Fafard, o! San Antonio, Texas; sister Mrs. Dorothy Baer, of Hazel- hursi, Wisconsin; brother Warren Hahn, of Hales Comer, Wisconsin; six g r a n d c h i l d r e n . Memorial service will be held Thursday 4 p.m. in PALMS MORTUARY C H A P E L w i t h Mr, Paul Hutchins o f f i c i a t i n K In lieu of flowers, donations may made to the f a m i l y of the deceased for her memorial wishes. Arrangements by PALMS M O R T U A R Y , 5225 E Speedway. G I L L E N , DoFoYhylfownTngTfi of Tucson, died February fl.' 1976. A native of South Pit- isburg, Tennessee and a Tucso- nian since J940. Widow of Dr George H. Gillen, Survived by sister, Mrs. l.eighton D Browne, of Wilton. Connecticut- nieces, Mrs. Eugene R u t l i i t . of Indianapolis, Indiana, Mi:;. George H. Easton, W i n c h f - s l e r , Mass.; several grandnieces and grandnephews. Arrangements pending A R I Z O N A M O R T U A R Y EASTS1DE CHAPEL, 4601 E. 1st St. (1 block W. ot Swan Rd.) GONDER, liana M., 23, of Tuo son. passed away February Bih. Survived by husband, J e r r y Gonder; son, William Joseph, daughter, Ilona K a t h l m o Gomier, Tucson; mother, M a r j u r i f r B a k n y , Akron, Ohio; h r u i l i e r , David Bakay, Denver Coici Services and interment w i l l be in Akron, Ohio. Local arrange- m e n t s by ADAIR F U N E R A L HOME, Dpdgs^and Speedway. LO R USSO, Trank" JTM"55~, dii ; ii February 10, !976. A r r a n g e - ments " pending A R I Z O N A M O R T U A R Y , U n i v e r s i t y a t Stone. MORENb7~MTgiiDi'~Anaya, Wi yrs. old passed away l-'rbruury 9, 1976 in Sahmirita! Father ut Edilia Flores, l.ucin Vita!'.-, Teresa Moreno. M a r i a lU-fugin Trujillo, M a n u e l , Miguel and Antonio Moreno, B r o t h e r ni Manuel Moreno ul Nogak's. i\2. 31 grandchildren ami 'Ml »ral- grandchildren. Rosary w i l l be recited Wednesday 8 p.m TUCSON M O R T U A R Y . Mais will be offered 9 am. T h u r s d a y at St. Augustine C t u h e U i a i . Interment w i l l follow in Tubac Cemetery. POLICH, Pearl E., (54, dii d Feb. 9, 1978. Wife ol J o h n M. Poltch; sister of Thomas E. Wellon of Kentucky. Funeral services 2 p.m. Thurs. Feb. 12 at BRING'S B R O A D W A Y C H A P E L , burial in T m ' . m Memorial Park, Smith Lawn. In lieu of flowers the f a m i l y suggests donations to the "Heart Fund. Friends may call f r o m :i to 6 p.m. Wed. ' u l B R I N G ' S BROADWAY C H A P E L , 6010 E. Broadway. R A B J E N O V I C . DusarVU. " d i i \ i 1 I'Vb 8, lOTii. T r i s . i v i n n 5n virc.s ~..'ii.' [i.m. Wi-d l - ' i ' D i l ;i( B r i n k ' s M u m n i h i l G n t x ' l und f u n o r a l si'jvi«-. : ; 11. .'til p.m. T h u r s . Feb 12 i s t Hit ING'S M l - M O R I A l , UUI'll!,, l - L t i r u - r A m i i r a i y o f f i c e . nil-,; l!uml in i'uc.sun Mi.mnri.il I V . i k , Swiui U i w n . Friends m:.v ;..tll ( r u m .'I lo 3; .'id p . m . U ' l ' i T l-rfi. 11 at U R I N G ' S M L M O i i L U . ( H A I ' E I . , 2 ' ( t i S S u ' t i . R A S K I N 1 , Byron M., , dV.l I-!i 9 , i S V i i r . i t i i ' - i - uf W i l l i i i m A. R : u l r i H ·; V . . . 1 , ; b r - ' t i l l - ; ul' M r s , D o n I M i f i - r :.)! K J I I - : ; I : . . Cir.iv-.-sidc- '.i.-r.-nv; i p . m . T h i n s , ri'b. H at I'lKofm M - v n i n ii:i! P ; i r k , !·;:-,! ! ; i w n . I-'rirnds niay t a i l f i u m '.'. 10 X |j n: Wed. Feb. 1 1 :ii I l K i N G ' . S M E M O R I AL C H A P E L . 'i'n; S. Sc.iH SIMPSON, .·VlasHT Screcsnt D a n i e l , M-h" sT,v i M ' . - i , ITir.) n, ! · ; ; : . . Funeral Notices T'in.'iy I ;-;i)i.'i'.- ('i:::^.'::, j l l i f . I'., · I W l l s l r v p i . T i i t s i i i , S!::"VK-.\- W l ! l I / l i . ' l v l ' P n n - i i i i 1 .' , s i '1 ( i i ) p. in ut I'.n- I ' r i : u r v Ttait'k- C . M . H . { " i i ' i r r i i . I n l ' J i n i - . ' i U ' a t S u n t ' i ! ,-!'vn C V i n i ' l ' T , ' . SK!!).V;()HF. Hi;', U . , ·:: c:,-J " .md G r a n d Chapter, Order of Eastern S l i i r o f f i c i a t i n g . Honorary pallbearers Woody Parrish. l-'aye Blackman, Dr. John B. M c Q u o w n , Bud Miller, George Bay s ami Clyde Nicholson. Acir.'o pallbearers; Dr. (Jeorge ( i e i l o r , J(» luey J r . , James Currie, Harold Y o r k , Clay Gib- OOIB, t.awix'iici' Seamands. In li. j u of fiuwi-rs memorials may le made to the Arizona Rain- i x t v / ( r i r l s Camp Fund, in care of Mrs, Dorothy Beallt Secre- l a r v G r a n d , E x e c u t i v e Commit- u-c! 7031 N. C e n t r a l Ave. Phoe- n i x , A r i i . , 8fi020. Friends m a y call f r o m 2 to 8 p.m. Wed. Feb 11 at BIUNG'S MEMORIAL C H A P E L , 2;ifi_S. Scou. WJUJAMS," Gerlruile~~Sterba; died Februiirj' 9. 1976. Resident of Tucson for the past 30 years. .Sun'iw.'il by husband, Liirry R. W i l l i a m s ; sisters. Anne G Knr'iiip, of Madison, Wise.. Bess S. /HnckT, of Milwaukee, Wise.; o t h e r survivors include a niece, Gloria (l)alx) Summer, of 275(1 ·; fi-:!l St.,- M i l w a u k e e , Wise ( r i : ! ; ) 2 ) . Mass w i l l b e offered a t St. POUT ii Paul Catholic China]-, al 9 a.m. T h u r s d a y , February 12, 1976. Privaie c o m m i t t . i l at Tucson Memorial Park, S f K i l h Lawn. Remem- b r a n c e s may Ix. 1 nude as mass i n e r i i o r i r i l . A R I Z O N A M O R T U A K Y , U n i v e r s i t y a t Stone i n charge of arrangements. u ·OODWARD'; ~lrga~Heieiv;5, d'ed 1'ebruarj' 10, 1976. S u r v i v e d by H u s b a n d . /Uriert Ii.; ('.'.n sons. Donald C., of Calif., 1 "ny. of Tucson; d a u g h t e r . Iris R o z , uf 111.; sister, C h a r - iottC' HenniT, of St. Louis, Mo.; f i v i - j i r a i u l c h i W r e n . Rosary will bf r»Kited in the A R I Z O N A M O R T U A R Y CHAPEL. U N I V 1 - H S 1 T Y AT Stone 7;.1(l p.m. T h u r s d a y . February- 12. !97ti. Mass w i l l Iw o f f e r e d at 9 a.m. in Holy F a i n t l y Church. F u r t h e r M'rvices and i n t e r m e n t will bf h u k l in Si. Louis, Mo. A R I Z O N A M O R T U A f n ' in charge of local a i i a n g e r n i ' n l . s . 20 Announcements 20 Announcements d can tell 123,774* re ies what yoy have to f to buy. It's inexpensive, it could cos! you as IHMe as S 1.81. It's a proven winner. More Irian a million Want Ads ran last year. It's far-reaching. Your daily ad will appear in both the Arizona Daily Star and the Tucson Daily Citizen. Combined daily circulation is more than I 23,000. It's easy. Write your own ad by following these simple guidelines: · Be precise. Lot the reader know ex^cily v. h.H L, for sole cr vh;;t you want to buy. Include information aboi;r ii.e buii-.d, -r,cl age, condition, size and price of the item. · Avoid abbreviations. Unless they are standard, ribbinviaticiii rira confusina to 1he reader. You might save a few pennies and lose i sale in (he process. * Proofread your ad. Check your ad for accuracy. Be sure *o include your address and phone number. * Enclose payment. Determine the cost of the ad by check 'm Send a check or ,1 money opjor iv.--.de o Inc. Do not send cesi;. a Mail early. Allow at least two cUyi for VG-J; ,i:i K- re ad for Thursday's papw r-u..,r r ·;.-,:,,. J i .,:, h you should mail it on Mond.-./. W-- p- ,.., ^_ Monday ads by rndny. An r -,,J ft.-, '|-,e ^ as an ad that runs in both the '.il.ni- jr/.i f|-,r- -. | :0 i example, an ,-. Wednesday so ,.,..,., ^,, n -u., ,' r \ - ' - ·.- L I 1 V. I ri '_· rj i i Cl ;-,:,,, coyli the same n rii-nncj the week. . . . Voluntary FcrnHy W-r^nt Ad Rates (These rates are cwciluWo o.il ro Ari,r,no , ^\ f l- · i · -,i|- i their homes. They do no, ap --\ ,- t, ' , . - V' V ' PC ^ 0 " ° m$ ' r ° m 5 3 3 3 ) nu ' '^ " '" ""·'«·-···!'!:. fr.r h,,'.:nc-,s :oles, phone 889- Lines 2 3 4 S 6 1 Day 1.81 2 Di.2y^ 3.6,-} 2.7-2 f 5.f,~{ 3.63 4. S3 5.44 7.-i: 9.06 10.8ft " '' r "^' ^ !)i 'y r ' f- O-nyi 6 Days l5 20.26 7 Days 6.SI 17.03 _. 20.43 ' 1974 ABC An:u:tl Ai,J:'t Import ' wo or more days apply ro coni..c»livo combination insertions only.) Use this coupon !o w,ito you: ad. Pience print. Wrife approximafely 32 [r-viat-c cinri spaces per line. 1. 2 3. . . . . 4. 5 . _ . 6. Minimum copy: 2 lines. Mimnujjyj cost: $1.81 Name Address City v,,:,. 7.,, Phone Classiftcafion -- fj,-;v f irJ',;,·,!!·, Chock endoier! i i'.jn rnv , , ! Money order enclosed; A- Mail coupon to: Star/Citi/.on Want Ads Tucson Newspaper Inc. P.O. Box 26837 Tucson, Arizona 85726 t ___ _. __._ ri- . i

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