Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 30
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 30
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D-? 1NDEPENDENT-PRESS-TEIEGRAM Annwineamenh 0 L ^·······^··Sll F° r Convenient, Car»tre» Shopping I^^Httillipl^^J^I viir-nr i-inuo ununn IBANKAMERIGARD BANKAMERIGABD. - DRUGS AND PHARMACIES Migdall Pharmacy 5881 Atlantic Ave. Vermiliion's Rexall Drug #3 1942 E Anaheim FLORISTS AND NURSERIES Circlo Nursery 4740 Los Coyotes GENERAL SERVICES Allied Carpet Cleanen I34S Newport Ave. Bonnie Bennington Beauty Salon 189 Argonne Sleeping Beauty Hair Styling 3920 Atlantic Ave. HOME FURNISHINGS AND APPLIA Acme Mattreii Factory 3415 E. Anaheim SI MERCHANDISE AND MISCELLANl American Jewelry 35 Pine Ave. Chryttaen 4518 Atlantic Ave. Conley'i Recordt IZOO E. Pacific Coa Fun Harris, The Tailor 122 E. 3rd Herbert 1 ! Jewelers 122 Pins Avs. Jo Kaye (Women't Apparel) 401 Long Beach BIv Village Bazaar 139 Main, Scat Bsa AUTOMOBILE SALES AND SERV Advance Muffler Service II 10 E. Pac. Cst. 1- A. E Transmission Exch. E53I Chtrry Ave. Ed Barbari 6200 No. Bellflower Barnes * Delaney 2600 Atlantic Ave., Bill Barnett Chevrolet 1440 E. Comofon Bl Bixby Knolls Garage 3619 Atlantic Ave. Blvd. Motor Clhic 3250 L. B. Blvd. Cl Cormier Chevrolet Co. 601 Long Beach BIv Dale Brown Moton 2440-2441 L. B. BIv Dick Browning 1227 L. B. Blvd. Guy Moothart, Inc. 1 1 1 2 No. L.B. Blvd., Jamestown I350L. B. Blvd Me 'J. P. Lamerdir Pontrac 302 No. L.B. Blvd., Halo Young Ford Co. 2641 6. Anaheim Harbor Chevrolet 3770 Cherry Harry C. Clark 150 So. L. B. Blvd., Kott Smolar Ford 338 W. Anaheim, V Long Beach Engine Rebuildert 3525 Long Beach Bl Mel Burns Ford 2000 Long Beach Bl Nationwide Safti-Brale Center! 1430 W. Pac. Csf. Rancho Rambler 2160 Long Beach Bl Soverin Motors 1427 Long Beach Bis Snavely Langford 410 No. L. B. Blvd., C 00 Florist F MOTTELL'S PEEK v FLOWER SHOP 3n) end Alamllos HE 2-6907 HE 6-2284 C AGKEW-- Annte Lucy. 20 7th Place. Survived by husba-wJ, William; *ii- fers, RachaeU Fa.wY V.av Oard ne r . Servlte Mcnday 1 D.m. Rev M MOTTELL'S AND PEEK 3RD ALAMITOS Florida St. S-jrvlvcd bv huiba-^d, p Frederick!; brother,' Edoar' Flll- mcrp. Service Sunday 1 p.m. Dr. Frn* M. officiatlntr, Sfrvlc» concludes In chapel; no funeral processor). MOTTELLS AND PEEK 3RD ALAMITOS fcVERROAD-- Harry F., of 304 Coronado Ave. Masonic ierv- ice wai held Saturday, 2:30 p.m., at chapel of DILDAY FAMILY, Funeral Diroctori. Military gravcilde lervice Monday 9:40 a.m. at Fort Rosecrani National Cemetery. GRISMER-- Guy M- oi 117 W. 2QrJi St. Sarvicft MoTiday, 2 p.m. al Gracfl Chapel, Ingle: wood Park CBmelery. DILDAY FAMILY, FUNERAL DIREC- -. TORS. ' . HALL-- Etta Grela, 5927 E. Plymouth St. Survived by husband, Charlei A.; sister, Avli Laufih- - Inshouie. Service-. Tuesday; 10 IrvQ. S«rv ce concludes In chapel. " r No funeral procession. MOTTELL'S AND PEEK 3RD ALAMITOS . HANEKAMP-- Roy. Service will bo announced by DILDAY FAMILY " fcNOKE -- Roberla MacMUlan, Iffi Granada Ave. Survived by da-jgh- ler, Mary Elizabeth McKcnney. Member of Grcup H, Ebell Club. Service Tuesday, 2:M p.m. Rev. MUfon G. Gabrielscn officiating. MOTTUL'S AND PEEK LAMBRAKIS -- Fauloi of 2082 Cheitnur Avs, Service will be announced by DILDAY FAMILY FUNERAL DIRECTORS .. ' Colorado St. Survived bv husband. Bruce (Attorney in L.B.); daughter, Mrs. Edward D. G. McKt.i- jie; ora.-wlchlldr«n, Douglas Bruce Scott Kuoh McKenilt; bTOlrMr. Hugh R. Oavlei. local architect. Ebfll Club, Junior League of L.B. I Sustaining member, Cherler . Life Member of Assistance League, Cheater B.D. of PEO served is rxtM'.nl tor 2 terms, Pr Chairmen of Junior Matrons of Ebe;i Club, General ctnlrman ol tnc 1st Ba'l given by the then newly oroail'ed Junior Charter League, Chairman of Fend rais- thc Vrtst Slrfe Girls Club of (he A«1itanca Ltagire was built. During the W.W. 1 served as a Red Cross Voti/nieer In arts " ' Skills fit V.A. HosDt. Conlilbu- !lcns 10 be m^e 1o Assistance .cawJB for Kathleen Maion Memorial Fur.d are reay«;led, *· St. Rowwell Ave., L. B. Sirv- Ice Monday. 11:30 a.m. Rev. F. C Beruon Belli ss Dfiitialiny. MOTTELL'S AND PEEK 3RD Sr ALAMITOS A'.cGINrllES-Etlra wbht. 14T4 E, 8tti St. Survived by slep-oajon- 1crs. Florence M. Hobscn, Jessie Bau er sf eo-son/ Vf\ 1 1 ! am (v.c- Glnnles; nephews, Lewis Or- vlMe VolcAt; niece/ Mrs. James Rudden. Service TucitJav, D.rn. Rev. Robert Prentice ofKtla ino- Servfce conciodcs. Tn chapel; no funeral proccsi'cn- MOTTELLS AND PEEK £UGH-Layra, 4?« EHco SI. Service Drnd r.g at MOTTELL'S AND PEEK = · ch.ref City of Long Beach, of 712 - Qolrcy Ave. Survived by wife Evelyn (Efeanor); son, Do-jpia^ S of Long Beich; dduotiler, Mrs Elbartor G, SwiOM of Ro^^Tnoar, brother Gorrfon S. of San Fran r Cisco: sister, Mrs. Nar-cv Farvard of Vancouver/ B.C.; 5 flrarKkhil- r - dren, Ch'ef S»ndtman will le 1n , i' att with hcnor gua rds from rhfl Long Beech Fire aid Police · Deoti Saturday 9 a.m. 1o 9 p.m. i SutxTay, 9 a.m. lo 9 p.m., and . Morvday 9 a.m. unlM noon a the · PEEK FAMILY COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME ; 731 BOLSO AVE. , MIDWAY CITY, WESTMINSTER Service Monday, 5:3C p.m. at Ih r ·- First Baptist Church, Long Beach ; Directed bv 1 PFEK FAMILY COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME ' CTAAL -- can Gutiav, aw wa R \ Ave. Survived by wff*, Marie r riai-gMei'/ Aones Vlulchlnson; soni Edward/ Richard George; sis 1fr, WFjs Anna SIa,i1: 4 grand children. Servfce Monday, 10 a.m · Rev. OHTva) A. Awerkamo g. Re ffondo Beach Lotfoe 1375 BPO i CffjclatirxJ. MOTTELL'S AND PEEK 3RD ALAMITOS tTOCKER-- Fran* C., formerly 0 Lono Beach. Survived by dduan t«0 Mrs. Rdn V/«tllg: also iteo 1 daogtiter, Mrs. Alma Bergtn 1 sons, Frank L., WllUam Hcv* \ ard, Ralph Lit; brother, Vem * and ilsler Mrs, Arena Ham' In · ftTflSJj'jflUWLVTfiAfifi unerai nonces i AN NATTAN-- Ruby, of 646 E. Willow. Servico will b» tn- nauncod bv DILDAY FAMILY. FUNERAL DIRECTORS. ard of Thanks 2 for Ihc courtesy and k'nd.-ieis sho'wn to cur moiher, Mrs. Bar- 3.ira DkXerjcn. Slared ty/ THE: DICKCRSOH FAWILV SS AGUES V/ALCOTT wishes ID ow rn brrnclng her a bauguc) of tver- a^tfnu hapa'ness, 5al.. July i, at 5'erra Madrt. uncral Directors 4 WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL PARK Morfuary -- Chapel -- Cemetery EVERYTHING IH ONE BEAUTIFUL PLACE GE 1-6577 FOREST LAWN MORTUARY On* Arrangement for Undertaking and Comoiery 3749 Wlllon SI GEnevB 47474 447\ Llnccln Av«. Ctirxeva 1-2517 HOLTON SON Slxlh and Lccuit MOTTELL'S PEEK 3RD feftStf" 051 Zemeterles-MausoleumsS SUNNYSIDE 3 Crypls In tieslrabte location. Price greatly reduced. HE 20131. COMPANION crypt, WesSmlmle Memorial Park, Mausoleum o Falfh. GA 3-4912. HIGH side of Mil below mausoleum WESTMINSTER ? lots in Gcod Shecrisrd Seel. «72-». HE 2-6631 Insurance 10 WHY PAY MORE? Wt Insure those needing llcens rernslaleff. caiiLc'ed, refused ifo anyone regardless ol record o aoe. DMV FICnas made same da GA 40707 JAROSSE ZM7 Allanl AUTO, lire (. casualty Insurant Monthly Dremlum en aulo. A risks. Call for Infor. Saffle. 4 E. Broadway. HE 7-*3». Personals 1 GENT fl7, W, 170 Ibs., have ca retired. Lc.-wlv, rr.eflt nice lady Club Sox A-S110, Ir.d., P-T. Ay^ ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS PROBLEMS CALL HE i513 Beach Social Cluo, P.O. Box Ml LONELY peopla seeking frlendsh: v.'rile Beverlv Social Club, P. Box 177, Bellflower, Ca! TO 6-72 MEET-- vmte Welcome Pen Pa Send SI ace you desire. P. Box ill. Long Beach. 300 L.B. B For a op). asK for King JE '-372 AMY CAR. any color, S35 Barret Palnl. I7C3 Alam'.tos HE 7-257 TRUCK GOING TO MID-WEST HE «3W WAllT MAN with [eeo Inlercsled PSYCHIC, Carman, now al X03. NICE PEOPLE ONLY-- WRIT LORI CLUB, BOX 66M, L.B. 1 L GA 3-8437 r HE 2-0949 s CC ^ (\K*l^ HE 8-2086 GE 8-3602 L Open eves. GA 4-9397 NCES GE 8-9785 ' .OUS HE 7-3545 . GA 3-8451 f Hwy. HE 2-9224 HE 7-4404 HE 2-2232 L HE 2-3692 cti GE 4-8042 ICE Iwy. HE 6-738 1 GA 2-6575 Blvd. TO 7-2731 .. B. Tfr«i Retreading yd. Compfon First In Auto-Air ConcJ. lyton Dynarnometer Serv. d. HE 6-5291 d., Autoi Motorcycles Olds. Parts Service Compton NE 2-7171 r^q^Qs-Benz Parti Serv. Compton NE 9-6666 Parts Service GA 6-3341 £mptn. Binck Soles-Serv. /ilm'ton Ford Sales-Serv. vd. GA 4-0407 vd. GA 6-33 M Hwy. HE 5-7550 vd. GA 6-2111 d. Rambter Parts Serv. ^mptn. Dodgo Safei-Serv. en on a Is 11 DONT SIT HOME ALONE] Have friendly pocrf lime T OUT Ml acquainted dances- Old Urn* mcdern dancing, all at«s we!- ccniB. V/ed., Th.ur*.. Frf. Sun, Adm. 50c, Sat, 7$c. Slarfs 8 p.m. AL SKIP ORCHESTRA 5 cash drawings Tt.L-rs. Frl CLOVER BAU-ROCW 337V W. PiKe 12nd f:txir) 1_ fl. PERSONAL INTRODUCTIONS --THE CONTINENTAL-- DJanlffed A Contteenllal = in«t o( Character onlv Accented HF 5-9994. Free Brochure 8. Interview. 5uMe 611, Heartwell Bids. 19 Pine Avu., L.B. HE Hsmeslead Matemlfy Horn* 'or unwed mothers. Prlvale, con- tdenfraJ. best p/ofMiloral o! stefrlcal care. Ream and board] wflli work!r.g privileges. Licensed adootlve service. P.O. Box 9315, For! Worth, Texav Call collect EDIton 2-1M7 or feDIsan 5-59i2. wish lo compliment my wife. Lois Blvd., Los Ala miles, cf (riving me Ihe irail haps'«st 17 yrs. of mv [lc. V/lthoul her love life WAS wlmout sunshine. OMPLETE DENTURE SERVICE Repair* V.fiile You V/alt IS monihs lo pav Pension Worfc DR. C A, VARVEN 5831 O-.errv Ave. GA Z-7906 ANYONE knowing whereabouts o Anls-, please contact J. L. Mc- Klraile, P. 0, Box IS 33, L, B.. concern In B e^tnlc OY, aae ~\4 -- fatherless -- wanli contact with men interested En hunllng K, flshlna (or week-end iripj. Pay mv part of expense. INVENTIONS wanlerl Pa!en!ed cr urpaten'ed for women or cWldren Call for app't, Arr.elda's Laboratory. U70 Dale, Buena Pk. LA 1^780. REFINED, mature woman wishe to care fcr your Kerne or madern downtown apt. while vou travel Available Bbout Aug. IS. Let's lallc It over. Mrs. Boyd- OF 1-543$ WANT auJreis WTS. ScotV, VJldcw of Dealh Valley Scatty. Son claim eil.ile. Healon, 300 F. Arbor H.L.B TONI FRIENDS CLUB Atone-- Chceruo-- Ton 1 has a friena fcrvou. 6D7Allan1ic HEi-5557 r H-7 V/HAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? Prayer can help vcu lolve » Join Th* Prsyer Cl'nlc a 60 Cedar Ave., each lues. aJ 2 p-m cialii^rvo In a" types of Investlga tlon*. 1431 257ih SI. Harbor City DA 6-6365 FURS RESTYLED Bwifamln Furs WE BUY OLD GOLD, ^amends 8 [c.vs 1 r/. Dcrt Lcax c, Wla. Jewe ers. 314 E. 3rd 1 , next Buffum Hofc DETECTIVES-- All 1vues Ir.vesllqa lions. Cai;f. Oet, g. [rwcitlffaHn SeMce. HE 6-5311. 5J2 nine Ave DANCING TO 6-311 3 PRIVATE LESSONS-- S2 Social Cfubs 11/1 V^ANT Happfncit -- Rcmanci -- Lcve Cal! Clara Lane of L. B. Call 1-7 thU wtllc 4-1? Orano HES-7515 HE "2-337 ADULT Gel Acquainted oarlle Instnxllcji. SI.90 Vvaekly. Ca CE 4-3737. M'ss Phillips or Mi MJcliael*, MO p.m. /ton.-Frl. Losf and Found K LOST -- Brc'rvn wallet. Sarlng SIydcbaV*r or Scn«t Beach. R( ward. Imo't I.D. GE 1-0932. Cemereries-Mmisoleums5 Cemeteries-MausoleumsS (And Monumenh) (Ar.d Minumtnrl) \ WESTMINSTER '?W!nrtnai-u-^liaae/- \MtMomAi PARK/ 1 r lorluarif-\^napei- \jSHf/ (Cemetery 'Wv/ Beaut j tverywhen and every- \f thing in oat beautiful place. Beautiful Lets $100 including ·ndowtd ear* $5 dti -- $5 mo. No lnt«reif or Fret Insurance Ava Comparab ·for complete k *~-^ Be prudent -- Do not until you have made y and determined the cost '· charges in flu dm g the i Westminster 1 1 "Thl Rest Cated-for :| [4801 Beach -; GE 1-4577 Mausoleum of Peace Crypts S39S including t ndawed car« $10 dn. -- $1T mo. Carrying Charg* abU en Unpaid Balance e low costs Mortuary Services buy anything jrom anyone our own visual comparison of the opening and closing rtrial box or vault. Memorial Park Memorial Park Anytvbcr*'' Blvd., Westminster HE 6-8944 oil and Found 12 E WouFd von like to hov9 i r cw pel? Call al Mvnkfoal Ajiimal Ovr kennefj. T/i'S Is Ihc onlv Mtncy au^horlied by law to pick OST-- Pearl rlno~(2 laree ofarisT. v:c, 2nd Canvo, (Japlfs. OlMhr dav present. Rtward. C«!| Mr. Nanscn HE 6A77S or Eves. GE 46W3 tS REWARD. Ptl.lV dramcnd wed- diro Cfigapfmcnl lino scf w/ad- juited rjnfl $u«, lost between 16W t. 3rd crcperly east. Call tfaytlmei, NEvada 6-753J. OST -- Fra.Tied e'asses w/plw1lc ho IB over ear pieces, Losi b^ twcen 3011 E. 11th downtown. Rwrtf. GE 8-1572 days or vrkends. OST -- Reward offered? Female black Toy Poodle - Child's pet. v:c. Lonff Beach Martno. JA 7-5094 after 5 pjn. "AAiESE, *ma, name "Spookv," lost vie. Sleami LOS Coyotes. Rrward. TOrrev 7-8338 OODLE-- Black ma 1 * Toy, 2 yrs. Losl vicinity Valfecilo Yuba, Westm!nsl«r. TW 3-3242. OST -- Seaioclnl Siemcso fema'e. 5 mor.lh. Vlcrnily Penlniula. Reward. CE 3-4141. OST 6-1B/ 3rd Linden or Cherry nr. 7 h. SUN BIFOCALS lite rirns. J A Harris case. GE d-4!44 OY poodle, blk., strayed from vie. of 70th pi. on Peninsula. Oilld 1 * pat. GE 3-1037. DOODLE, black ma. 1 *, lost vlclnltv 2423 Alfred. Lkwd., namt lv T£ny." GA 2-6MJ. ·OUHD-- 4 to « mos. part Cocker., bm. blk, 4?l Amer. Geld Star Home. : OU NO-- Small brown ma!« Chihuahua at Atlanllc Anaheim. Mrs. L«. HE 7-1*54 aft,' 5. .OST-- Red male cocker. Tan 02707. Vic. Del Amo Cherry. GA 2-8990 OST-- iV.tx Docdl*. Black sv/whlte feat. Nr. Calif. 19h. GA 6-2915. 1 LOVE BIRD oray 8, blue. Tost Thura. JO Ptxr.ons. GE 3-5771. LOST red wa"el In t;.L.B. area. PIea« corJact NE B-PW. LOST. S'lver poodle vie. Or*ns« Sa,l Antcnto. Rtrward. GA 7-WS7 LOST-- Small female chlhyahua. B!o.-.d Vic. 55S3 Myrtle. GA 2-55=5. Hypnosis 13 HYPNOSIS EDUCATION PROBLEMS MR. COLVIN GA 3-7975 Travel 15 FLY VEGAS ON THE FABULOUS HACIENDA 80-PASSENGER 4-ENGINE AIRLINERS RADAR EQUIPPED -- ·-- GLORIA CARPENTERS Tlwrs. nlle fomUi'r.e fashions from LORRAINE SUTHERLAND at A'hambra if Dick Winllow at SVy Piano CHAMPAGNE TOUR S 24.50* INCLUDES: 1. GOURMT-T BUFFET OINNER 2. LIMOUSINE SERVICE IN VEGAS 3. 2 ROUNDS GOLF NITE 4. 4 CHANCES AT UOH HOLE- IN-ONE I CONTINUOUS EHTERTAIH- i D^i/CINQ ALL KITE 7. SHOW RESERVE, al th« NEW FRONTIER HOTEL AFTERNOON i EVENING DAILY RIGHTS FROM ·fr L A. International ·ft Burbanl: ·ft Long Bgach O'Niijht Incl Abov» Plul Dli. Rm. (Dbl.Occ.) J31.50* Diners all Nal'l cardi honDf«d Fcr rcservallcns i schedules ca 1 LOS ANGELES TR 7-3«i LONG BEACH HA 5-1269 ·15 Add Fii.. Sat. Holiday* FLY "EL CAPITAN" CASINO HAWTHORNE, NEVADA Champagne Tour $ 10 Every Day Mon. thru Sun. Tncludei FREE elr Iranso. rcunl trip » Dinner · Cocktail · Llmo. service · Lounge enleria'nme.n « Oi'er '.^ million dollars pa a In Jackets In 1560--5210 cain g ven away every Thursday. Also FREE Mtnk I'clc 1 Triirrsday a mo. * SPECIAL DINNERS rt V;EDHESDAY-- HRiwt RIO SUNDAY-- HAM TURKEY (Overniter) met. Above Tour + De Luxe rm (DM. Ace.) fcr Only J16.SO Depart Long Beach 10 · m., 1 D.n. 6 o.m. Special Sun. KloM 10 ft.m.-l p.m For reiervallon* ichcdul* cal Long Beach HA 5-6309 ! LOS ANGELES TR 7-5i2l ' Or see your local Travel Agent D ELDERLY centieman fc i Chlcdcra ab^ut A-JQ. 1 In sir cond 1 car Wilt taXe or 2 la than tfrivtr.g exrenset. Refs ex chanatd. (JE 2-6«3. 2 RIDE 5 mofnlngs v-'cekly 7 to 7:15 AHanlic at £1li to Bell at Senl ' Ana Ana. Have rldo hornr, Pho.-.e HE 2-3i?2 Mrs. A. KodaEon LEAVING Jyly 19 for Missouri v;iii take 2 rfd-rs to Ohrahom CIJ/ or EDflngCfild. Call Sun. on \ UN 5-^96* Eid«rly ccusle. Sfca al nigh . PJ ITTTSII trailer. About Auj, It GE 3-3061 or GE -X-T39Z Santa Fe, t\on. la Fri., «:«M:Xl GE 9-4329 after 6 D.m. DRIVING to H.Y. July 22. TaX one. nar«. Hef. Box 67, Buea Park P.O. DALLAS, TEXAS, leaving Ju y 171 LEAV. for New York City July 1311 jJON-Smofciiig lady wishes rW« I LEAVING fcr Memphis, Ttrji. TaV · 1. Share. GA 37216. I S. F.-- LCAve July 21. Take ad^ 1 Share. Ref. HE 7-6257. Health Aids 1 RELAXING MASSAGE Is « much more rclax'ng Soikes. scfl vrBfer lowers, loa. rubber lAb'e;, skilUul uiidcrsldn Irtg msis«uses. Same //.5n-igemtn1 lor IS Yea 12-10 tten ttiru Thun 11!5 MlinKc HE 7-3S. LA PARISIENE MASSAGES //aan«i;c'iDrcjtra:«, Ffench p;a' rubs* Japanese baths. "mus?C- 6 lady JKhnicians. LU 5-3W9 7 Dayj HE Mi JEAN'S Massage Stud'o, 5?5 Pac. Coa II HW. GA 6-35' K"Jjr«^*'5n : -_Frii_'j--. s . 81 ' '"* For A Better Massage Call HE tTUt mt E. 0 T E R R Y ' S STEAM OATH i _1W_E...ljl. S V _ ME ?-li 1 6ATH-- Colcn cs I iiv.ssVoe 1C ! VV. Como'cn B .C 1C 1 li£ iJS 1 JANS-WHIRLPOOL 273 PACIFIC AVE HE 5-M IDA MM al C'r^erclla Massa; in E. 51h HE «J9 ba'.l. Weekdays Sun. HE 5 61 L Hr A s l "^J T o' S s79 H i W 'lffiy 'J1 WEST'i, 173! E. Pac Csl. Hvs _ Kit. 1M. H: Sun.. Wen. nf= t-i'i mpl.Ag'elHfWom.) 23 lmpt.Ag'elei(Wom.) 23 $ FUPI nVMFNT ARFNPIFQ CfflrLUTniEni AuCMuiCd WOMEN ConiaH These Placement Experts GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 19 PINE. RM.9I4 HE 7-0501 ^. COMPANY PAYS FEE *lef» 1 girl o!c. Payroll, ttc., ma ure gal, car , To tiUO APPLICANT PAYS fEE SectY. IBM Exec lyo«. M/35. Casab'c n!« olc. L.B, , »75 Secly. sa:ei Dtp). S/H dcfaph. IBM iypc a/ft car to tSSO PDX Reccpt. alert atlricS. IS/30. Bea'jt. olc. L.B. car S?75 F/C BKor. 3)«0 L.D. . S375 Bkor. lyCHil Gen ofc. oood exo. 35/S L.B, car 53?3 Export Traffic c'k, tyofst 0d. at detail L.B. car KM RR Key Punch OPT. L.B. woo Typist BIMer L.ftcar --- S300 Exp'd G?fl. Ins. oirl Frl. M'jsl liava recent exc. L.B. -- 1330 4 Escrow olcr. Torra-'.ce _ lo M50 Trali:c Clk. od. lyplit t no. Bkord, 30/45 local S3l! NCR 3100 Our. L.B, car 1303 Saleslady exp'd 30//S L.B. «25 + LONG BEACH EMPLOYMENT AGENCY SECY, lo 30, dnln. .._ lo MOO STEHO-- Blxby Knolll S350 TYPIST-- oranot Co. - V316 CLERtC-Tyelsl. aoe lo « _«75 SAFETY Oeooslt Clk. Torr 5375 GENERAL Otc./ rr.ed., [oc. S?iO STENO.^KY. Orann Co. _VJ50 TELLER Tr, Tyce, dfttn. _.J?50 SECY., excrd. ^ yrl. col., t3JO OTHERS TOO 15 Pint Room 420 HES-ltW Woman's World AGENCY PRESTIGE AGENCY FOR WOMEN V Our Monday 'ad' (or 1re BEST JOBS IN THE AREA 3770 Atlantic, Rm. 205. GA t-3933. INDORSED EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 1M» BELLFLOWER BLVD. BELLFLOWER TO 6-0077 Rem. Keypunch oper. S32S + oyer 25, 5/H 100, typt M. o»pr «, lite shorlhand. PBX Recept, (evp. tVPfsU 1JOO + M A DIM A MAKIINA PERSONNEL AGENCY 508 KRESS BLOG., 5TH 4 PIIIE HE 24SI1 G=!l./0rc, Flos, t, II. type. car _ . V75/t500 MARINA PERSONNEL. AGF.NCY 508 KRESS BLDG., 5IH J. FINE HE 2CT11 FILE Clerk, III! typl. High I.Q. C»r. Atlrnrt. S7M MARINA PERSONNEL AGENCY 100 KRESS BLDG. 5TH PIHB HE 2-E911 1ECTY., oood of humor, n'cg bcss. Allract. S4" FREY Employirenl AOfrxv 2317 Allanllc Ave. GA 0771 Steno. 5/H 100, ,YP* 60 « Gal Friday. S/H, Jvca. It bfcpu. Cierk-fyplsli IK tkpo. °_.S3K CANNON'S AGENCY DHY P.f.nt .. 11-,* Sar V . Ire* SJf Grrl ofc.. no S/ll, (ee .. S3S Factory trnee, fee $1JS up nsoectcr AN hardv;a:e $2.1 E/U Firestone. Downey. TO 2-1816 6707 Pacific, Hunt. Pk. LU 28331 PERSONNEL Employment AocnclEt OLDEST IN TOWN «03 E. 2nd, Belmonl Shore, i H Krtsj Bg. Ooen O 6 HE 1-1S2S Health Aids 18 MAY'S (HASSAGE-OPEN 7 DAYS. HE2-5I3J. 1151 E. 7lh St. CINDY -- Holland Dutch Masseuse. STFAM b.illt, shov/er, rnaijaQe. HE 74552. 516 E. 7IH. Hrj. 1M. Sanitariums, Hospitals, Homes 20 St. Christopher Convalescent Hospital and Sanitarium COMPLETELY NEW MODERN BED AND AMBULATORY PATIENTS Beautiful Recreation Room With TV and Patio SPECIAL DIETS a Raqulrtd 74-Hour Nursing Car* 1880 DAWSON GE 3-0408 PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST NFLATION a-.d coiU of unexpected Illness wllh a LIFE MEMBERSHIP al thl EASIER HOME. One fee Lpcn ad.-mlssicn pays for evervlhlrw-- Includ'no room, board, medical ar.d nursing care for life. Mo. rates If you prefer. 1015 N. Bfm.. 'Santa Ana, Calif. Plme K mterly 2-3JK. ^ CRESTWOOD % CONVALESCEHT HOSPITAL RH S'joervlsor 2«-tir. car Gracious cheerful surrcundrno C-OM.p.A-R.E Modern + Modast Rates 1775 CHESTNUT HE 2-8467 LOS ALAMITOS SANITARIUM U YEARS etxntr.c« K " r( GE '"s'sa 3 " 1 ROOM board (or eMerly. HE 2^412 Board, Guest Homes 20-A CHEERFUL, camfoilablB room nvrse's tiomt for elderly lady Personal Tied reh.aBllllatron care Country living, afternoon leas. UtJ 5-3^52 Prlv! rm Ladv GE 3-2281 BOARD end Room for alderr Fades. "Just like hcme." GE 0-2365 , VAC. 1-man. redec. rm. home prrv Eslab. home. GE 8-OWa. AWBULAT,tY folks who orefe oocd meals t, hcir.e. TO ?^743 sernl-priv. Reas. HE 2-7539- Loans 21-A (Salary, Aura, Fomlhm) ! VACATION LOAN PLAN j GET $100 CASH NOW! Coif* Only $5.00 | If Repaid En 3 Mo. Payrnenfi r . . . 6r cit any amow\l UD To Kicn« eh»«] lor vour loan . . . tf:e,n vrhtn arranoed, t'c' tp the ~ Local Loan \^o. Q'jr S3rd Year Corner J;i Lo:u5l HE 7-fl3 1 Free PwiVins W4 cr 355 Lccust * Ooen Friday itr-lil 7 D.m School Instruction 22 Tl J California Collegi i of Commerce B A (Rvlsln of 5^wYe^ SchoMl tl 8uiin» Since 1SU ''Over 100,000 Grarfuafts" ^ fBM-NCR Career Tra!n!r-o Tabuiatina Machines - KevD' w Wlrrna i^OMraron^w^WM :". Mec^ian:i«j ooovkeeptno "3. Denfftf AsTfslIno | Denial Technician Complex SecrcfarlaT and Acccuntlryq CourJM h . Orcgo or SptEdwriiing ;j | Frei Placemen! Ais1tantg »! * *ppr r e a ,"ed ffeS^?^ " * lilSSl? V5 «iH. 1 ««:i / e - Plans So ted ATJ lino il AVAILABLE «orW Famoui j I HEnlocK 6-9787 Y, LMO Biach/ Cilff, Sferlingwood Offers FREE EXTENSION CLERK . lo ,«» exwr, Frleden calc-rKrwrltioe. E^T'fv'fe'sfdTY. MM S^RE'fA 1 ^'" 11 "" 0 - " r TL"i4 S/H M. rySr~W, In K 1 GAL OFFICE -. ,«» oood iVIlls, seTupsalei olflce, C arr^ir gal 22-2S. FEE SECRETARY . «325 use slenoretle. cufich. raw materials. Cg. cost. 3549. ACCTING. CLERK , lo «00 2 vrs. acctirio T- dlclaDncneexc. TELEPHONE SOLICITOR,-. «M orev. cl^ssillcu CXD. neloful dy. HCK nppBflTnR ^tia must know 142 145 In addil. to 3100. DOCTOR'S A5ST. S275 mln. 1 yr. exwr. trnln. In procedures. Beautiful ofllces. L.B. STERL1NGWOOD AGEHCY 7639 E. FIRESTONE, DOWNEY TOpai 9-09M SP 3-0454 BENEFICIAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 19 PINE. RM.208 HE 5-8911 pru PAMD Rbr-ft ,, s-\u BKPR. F/C , J35CYWOO K|J V U"SH OPR. _ KOO/W2S STENOS (SEVERAL) to i350 DENTAL ASST'G ___TS2;0/53W SSUR. RECORDS CLERK la S250 IHSUR. INVOICING to W75 TELLER S L or Bank e*p. . _ la S27D VOGUE AGENCY 4249 Allanllc GA 7-42H PREFERRED JOBS FOR PARTICULAR WOMEH Adv. reo. alfractiye BOT.31 Lcb. tech.-- some exo. iJCO Exp'd sales soecraltv Ahcp _ U25 mdli full part time. Parllal Listing Only FOR JOBS TO GO SEE FRANKIE FLO 10XK of SATISFIED CUSTOMERS Fr efKfly, ccnl'dtntial ccunsellnn FOR THAT SPECIAL JOB REGISTER TODAYI FRANKIE BARNHILL'S ALCO EWPLOYMENT AGEHCY 2219 Long Beacn Blvd. GA 7-741S AMPLE PARKING MARINA PERSONNEL AGENCY KK KRESS OLDG.. STH C, PIHH ME 2-8911 COAPANY PAYS FEE JTENO. pert/alert. Top local ALSO PAID JOBS. MARINA PERSONNEL AGENCY K3 KRESS BLDG.. 5TH PINE MEET the public, personable/ prc-lly. All benellls. DIvcrcee 2i/i5 . -.570 wk. + A H R E L L PERSONNEL AGENCY tuile 412 Times Blda. HE 5-5M7 LET US HELP YOU1 V O N EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Juroery asst. LVM u/05 _*300 MD Wed. recent, u/30 _ i250 5375- A Atlantic Ave. GA J4405 School Instruction 22 REAL ESTATE SCHOOL Mew cla» ilarllno JULY 17TH. AH fundamentals for 1st fc 2nd Examination. Instructions bv act.vfi realtor. The stati examlnatro/i s oei no harder. Interview* by ?p^t. On ^c |ob ti-alnTng Rfl'«i nlruclion by real active a»oc ^ i sociate. V/B moX* vcu MAKE MONEY! DONT V/AIT -- call NOW. JOE HODGE, REALTOR GA 3-79U 1400 ScuIJi NE 5-831 FKcc PLAOtMbNl for GRADUATES. Be a PROFESSIONAL BARTENDER OR COCKTAIL WAITRESS DAY OR EVE. COURSE WEEKDAYS 10 A.M.-9 PJA. NEW METHOD BARTENDING SCHOOL 236 E, Broadway, L.B, HE 2-5WS Barbara Moss College of Real Estate Knowledge 38 vn. excer. ; Realtor secretary to L.B. Board of Realtors. REGISTER F O R SALESMAN, BROKER Of RENEWAL EXAM. License ready for FALL SELLING. 6* mv ccest MON. or WED. 7 P.M. Brochure. HE 7-C541 GROCERY CASHtERS We're acceoi:no 10 BDDllcan i to train for grocery checkers, Earn $92 to $l0 a wk. E-Z terms. Also tra'n PBX receol. to WOO mo IBM keypunch... Earn To t*M mo. Moore Schcol 2J5 E. /th HE 2-09^5 Latcevrood area GA 2-9W Norwaflr, Arfcsla HE 7-6SM START TODAY BECO.V.F= A GRADUATE PRACTICAL NURSE EARN AS YOU LEARf: Gaylord Syiicm of Nurj ng Mrs. E. Gavtord. R. N., Dlr. 1KA Allnntlc, L- B, GA 6-1707 MEN-- LEARN TO REPAIR Au!o Transmission Tuncuo. EamMcri dollar. Learn now--pjy l.i!er. Gc terms. Trans reoa!rmen can earn up to 51 SS Mr vreek MID-VVE5T TRADE SCHOOL 9735 Lo.ig Bcich BL, S. G LO 9-«« LO 9-67M KBC TRADE SCHOOL 40 MEN AND WOMEN Nee Jed for ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY PLANT TRAIN NOW -- PAY LATER 17313 Be:;fkm*r BL, Bellfov/er MEN -- WOMEN Many local opsninas for e!ec!ron:c assemblers a f f e r jhort Iralninfl period. New class starts Ju y 26 Call HH 7-W5 EXP. Teacher Starting Piarw ClflSiej, Contact Mrs. Wallin, ?KO Poopv Circle, Wei'mlnslir MEN -- ALL AGES Learn reoalr-v/ashers dryers Be in Wz far self. Earn 56 hour PBX OPERATOR Earn lo i3?5 mo. [Jew claw start na JulV 2J. Call KA 9-1EM. School Instruction 22 {Joj$ Wfatifta^i pSeMMuef^ !· luu --' 0 "-..' ---.-jaMB II 1 '* ll ,'" i ? y£ i' 0 ' ti ' 1 »;:WM593 New Classes Ecgia Every Monday Srvtti-Up and Compltt* Counn Secretarial · Slenographls Clerical · General Olllcs Bookktsplng · Accounting PBX Receptionist Office Machines ABC Shorthand CAREER TRAINING Piograras for Miil!i\ · Dtntal /Jf^V AssistanU WSfj *V · Medical \«»/ Secretaries J A*"Tw CERTtFICATL '\\ IVj 1 COURSES / \ ( / . FREE \l'A/ PLACEMENT ' » CLASSES BEGIN AUGUST Hlh Anil IH) Long Beach Business College SUM 1»5 WL.B.BIVlI, L.B. HE -4U ehool ImtrucKon 22 H V MEN ·v/ WOMFM V COUPLES rVanred for motel managamint nvesfioote poislWlilln In Iht fBboroui MOTEL INDUSTRY. Don't let ftgi or prevloys educa- tfon hold you btck. Trainlno will not In erlere with vour pfestnt »TTD. oymcn I. Free ofacenient av sis ance. Ptione or wrlle for com- ple a In form all on or appointment. WHITCOMB SCHOOLS Eitabllshnl 1TO OL 2-40 16 p W/LSHIRE BL., Btvcrly Hllli MEN AMD WOMEN Approved School ELECTRONICS FUTURE UNLIMITED ASSEMBLY-- 4 TO 8 WEEKS Radio, TV R«palr-- 3 \a 4 mos. TECHNICIAN-- A TO » MOS LOW TUITIOH-EASY TERMS FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE CALIF. TECH. TRADE SCHOOLS S523 ATLANTIC. H. LONG BCH. GA 2-S467 Aulhorlied bv Suot, oT Putlfc (nitructicn lo issue fc cor.ler cer-. tlllralea or d!£' fof Uil above ccurspL Howard Butler ICHOOL OF REAL ESTATE LEARN l7 GA H R T T R E'A e R H N T MONEY Perionallv conducted elan In- ·trircllon. Individual attention to each stude-it. MONDAY, JULY 17TH LAND DESCRIPTIONS G'jests Vr'elcomet Many years as an active Realtor mv pracilcai tisy-io-learn method. Complete coverage on aU aubjccls. S EPARAT EENR R°E L N L EVW COURSE «74 F /!fL?NTIc" nd " r °GA r £*)7l LEARN A TRADE In y/3 lo 6 v;ceV; as: Eleclronlc Assembler, $75-111$ wlc. IBM KeyrwncH «50 mo. O Fsst prlnlcr W.30-13.60 hr, M«a Wracper^ _ 55?-5125 wk. DAY EVENING CLASSES Free Placement Service Enroll Today, Sfart July I9tn Wait Coast iWa Schooli Kew Lkwd. locaKcn HA 9-185 1334 AttanllC, L.B. GA 6-3369 2?OA E. Alondra. Cmpln. NE 9DJ13 T0245 Rosccrar.s, Dcliflr. TO 7-2/14 BARBERS IN DEMAND A^ r R°" B^^-fglLlg^Or Lena Beach. HE 2-9747; Ht 293IJ ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLERS Earn lo SI 7 5 wk. Hew clasi siart- Ing July Wlh. Call IIA 9-1365. VOICE -- Opera, sfandard, popular. Child vole*, speech. HE £4541 ORGAN Instruclicn. Befllnnors w e - ccme. HE tvJ57. 717 Rose Ave. Driving School 22A CALIFORNIA DRIVING SCHOOL Larcest In tht United Sleres Private L«ssons. (Jcrr.e Pickuo FREE BOOKLETS Call HE 5-7E22 PACIFIC DRIVING SCHOOL »?.50. Home Pkkuo GA -«n Help Wonted (Worn.) 24 NOTICE TO JOB APPLICANTS THE LONG BEACH INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM does not knowlntfv aecepl help-wanted atfverHiemc.its from (Irms covered bv Ihe Federal Wage-Hour Law* If they olfer less than tho \ga\ m nlmum wane. If VOLT are offered, leu by covered firms, or \1 you have q:j«)tkni cancern'ro this law or olher u-age-hour aclivlt'c^ cf 1hc U.S. Decarlment ol Labor, call or wrlie Ihe dcnartmcn 'i 3ca olfka af 4]H Atlanfic Ave- GArKeld 6-3381 General Office Ace 73-05. Interesting career DOS! II On wJrfi a progres5lv« Company. Muit have general office excerlenc* and llkt working w th f 1 o-jres. Som e typing rwul r«d. Starting islarv to S300 month. GOOD COMPANY BENEFIT* Mrs. Lani GA 44411 Long Beach Blvd. filar Carson SALESWOMAN -- Specialty Shop -Exper. Ready-to-Wear CALIFORNIA DEPT. OF EMPLOYMENT 1313 PIHE WINDOW "W" INSURANCE Dent, of NaKcnal end In a tnilMuHcn has opening for secrelarles. itenot clerX-tYD- iti. Good Kours, advnncemcnti crclit shir; no. Jr.sfDullcnal Mori* oaae Co-, 9S58 E. Arteila, Betl- l.'ower. Call TO 6-9731 Ext. 72 for STEVENS Employment Agsncy Bkprs-- F/C, many S5M Slcrvoj -- ijletao «xn «vi Recnt-- tvnfi fA yaw 219 E. Co.-noton Blvd. HE BJ191 GIRLS 18-29 Dane* leather* X, Interviewers. Part llrrn eves. Mcn.-Frl. S25 to SiO wcex. PhcriC survey work. No exner. nee. stt Miss Brown W P.m. 4324 E, Anaheim. ARRANGE TO WORK Thos» fre« hrs. and add $100 cr mora to family interne. "AVON CALLING." Dependable woman can atari fcrfay, work r.ear home. For a"e!ai!j GA 7-C019, Ext. C LOCAL and wt fop pay FRY cooVs. MMY , ***75 wk. No Decosll. Fees 15% of 1st tAa. GWINN'S Employment Acencv 316 Elm, Long Beach, HE 7-2885 Lie. Lab. Technician 5-dav wk. Ho call, wfcer.ds. or nlohts. Perm. Petition open; a so vacatfon ref'ef. IK L.B. GA 2-7367 GIRL FOR OFFICE WORK Aoe 30 to 40, heavy telephone, tvo- Irtg, filing. AAA-1 national company. New afr cor.dlticnetJ cffice, Excellenl comoanv bEr.efllJ. Car INTERESTING Icb for 1adv wilti car. K'p" «gi limit. GEJ-3^7; GE 4-2231. GOOFY GOOSE TOY PARTYS Msnasar S. dialers. No collect ng na del. LO 7-331S; HA W340 OPEN AT 6 A.M.-- V/anted Bar rnald, M-3S, exoir. 510 shrfl to s art. Aik for Miss Lee. GA3 -9M FULL or parMlm* Inc. unlimited direct selling. Be your own boss For details acpf. TO 6-5591. n imaM cieit home. Live n o out. Wrlfe 10 Box H-/863, -P-T APPLY IH PERSON. H90 LONG BEACH BLVD. BARA1A1D or cocKlaM waltres wan!ed. Musi b« attracflve. Hi Santa Fe. MIDDLE AGED hotel maid. Steadv work. Tntervlrw £a). r Mon. ]0 K 12 a. m. 330 Cedar. COCKTAIL waitress wanted, mur be over 21, tna\v Tn person HOUSEKEEPER-- Llva In, doctor' family. Private room, bath, Non vnofcer, ovrnker. Refs, GE 1-776 rw'rse. 11-7. Artesla Community HosoJfal. UH 5-62X HOUSEKEEPER to Mv« In, B. F Follman, 1« V/. Varencfa Avt Help Wonted (Worn.) 2' WANTED Saleswomen lor Millinery ; Accessories ! for ZODY'S , LONG BEACH : Los Coyotes Sprir.g : Interviewing Daily 9:30 to 5:30 elpWmtid(Wem.) 24 H TV / r\ i /^ ~T~ ~* TYPISTS EXPERIENCED V IBM EXECUTIVE STANDARD V TECHNICAL V STATISTICAL V LAYOUT V REPRODUCTION HIGH PAY LOCAL TEMPORARY PLACEMENT U.S. CITIZEN-- DEPENDABLE Call HOIlywood 4-6666 9 *.m5 p.m. Mon. ihru Fr!. COMBINATION TYPIST RECEPTIONIST PBX OPERATOR Portion Is In General O(!k«, win varied duties. Hsurs 8 lo 4:30. Good Cornpany Benefits. AppiY 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Personnel Offlct Coniinenfa! Can Co. 4550 LONG BEACH AVE. L. A, 58 AD Mm NURSES Regli!er«d Ln California far DQiiticns in Lena Beach Torrafc« area cocniv noscl- \u $ No exper. required. 5al, Ml/ mo. Benin [or r»:ohJ work. Aucly Persoiw.el ollica of Long Beach Count/ HCSD. 2i?7 Redortfo, Tel: GA 7-9951 cr Harbor County Hospital, 1124 W, Carson St./ Tor- Statislical Clerk Aoe 5! to IS. N«al trot! ranee. QMl transDortatfon. AoMludQ for math. Must use frddlno maciilne caculatsr. V/ill train. Good tallnr 81 ' r n 0 t bt »,RE DE:AN VAN LINES, IKC. * 1EI23 So. Sante Ft, LB7 NE S616 or NEv 6-9221 MEDICAL OFFICE ASSISTANT (o Ira'n (cr Medical counselor In our ace lev. MUM know Medical Term nilogy. Med'cal Job Clnsi - flcatlons 4 be Personable. Typing an asjel, Aik fcr Mr. Sane. CALDWELL PERSONHEL /1GEHCY 1» Pine Ave. HE 26*11 MULTIL1TH XEROX OPERATOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED APPLY LONG BEACH UNIFIED SCHOOL DIST. B02 LOCUST AVE. HOUSEKEEPER -COOK Experf*nced refined Oriental woman for family ol 2 adults. Muil live In fr have A t references. TCP IB arv. Write Box A-4957, c/o Independent, Presi-Tel«gram, atotlno qyai flcatlons rnono number. GOOD OPPORTUNITY National concern needs severa wa-nen 17-55 to asihl manager In Order Deoartmenr tfawntown Lona Beach, No e^rerlcncc necessary- Salary 4- bcnus. InJervlew 10 a.m. ihBrp. ]1S Pins Ave., Room 521. CAR HOPS Apply \fi SlchS Oscar's Drive-m 4121 \VOODRUFH LAKEWOOD X-RAY TECH Reg'sfered or eligible for registration. Xlnl ematoye benefits, cood ·tarl!.i3 abia/v- Rio Hcntfo Hov- oMal. 4300 Teleorapn, Rd., Downey. TO 1-6761 BOOKKEEPER., EulL-tharoe, relnl exper. liirougn cpcraHr.g stateaien A balance sheel required. APD!V beUvecn 1 i 5:iO D.m., Rey's Hardi'/dre, 1223 Hermosa Ave., Hermoia Beach. WOMHrJ-EARM EXTRA MOHEY1 It's «asy to sell delicious tar.d es m vour own area. Wri!e for FREE Ave., Loi Anitelei 36. SALESLADY Experienced only -- ready-to-wear. Foi Tfrno Salary Comnvs3.on. THE MODERN V/OMAH 436 PIHE AVE., L. B. WOMEN, AGE 40 TO 60 necessary. Work full or oarl tlm*. Call PR 2-W44 for appoint. Ball Rd. BrooVnursf area, Anaheim. WAITRESS Experienced. MURPHY'S DRIVE- IN RESTAURANT. 2602 Long Beach Blvd. EXPER. BAR MAIDS Full t!rr.e part tfmt niohll. Apply ID to 11 a.m. PEANUT HOUSE S024 E. Rosecran* RELIEF BAR MAID Ho fl*perfence nEcessarv. Dcll'i Bar, S5I9 E. Ariesla, Beliflower. Ask for Beverly or Joe. DIRECT selling o* 1 party plan exo. can wallfv you at once for BONUS PERCENTAGE lmrr.«d. ENCORES -- Je.velrv -- Toys 2 LADIES ever 15 fo d^stribult fr«t sample, M hrs. whly. =.1.25 hr. tnlervtew Mr. Coonee, -W? Boyar. tf.on. 3-4:30, 2 UX:. E. ol 4300 Bovar. 25 to iO. TvPlnBr S.H., diet. Sa - arv cotn. Vlr\\t qoallf, and cxncr. la Box V/-537I Irdep., Press-T«le. BEER BAR WAITRESS THE SUNDOWN 1331 E. Anahe'm, WHm nglon {Kiar^nteed In com a to tliarp, self suppcrilno perscn. C a 11 Mr. Hau*er, TO «-1791. HAIR STYLIST Buw Los Altos salon. Paid vacft- HOUSE KEEPER, Scandinavian or German prefer. Live In. Prlv, rm Must drive. NO smoklno. ME 3-7444 SILVER BRAZER Wi^h 1 Year Aircraft Exp«r encf D. BECKET at tU 7-7131 , HOUSEKEEPER (btlween 25 40 chrd care. 2 bo;"j, 8 vrs. A IV mo. K5 w««, room boards (fav a week of/. GA 7-007 ul r«HSent. CaM HE 6-335S fo Interview aoot. 5 EXPERIHHCED rredlcal Imurancl fr«i?, 9:30 V to 1 """' COCKTAIL WAITRESS EXPER. Mexican waitress, must h ' over 21. Apply btfort 10 a.m ' 2C» Pacific. . ROO.'.V board in txchanov fa a care cf 2 chl3dr«i, ao« 3 yrs IB mo, GE 3-6527. ; X-RAY TECH. ' WANTED-- Mature nursn-leacben Educ. fl«:d. HE2-7W3; HA 9-1109 I Help Wanted (Worn.) 24 \ Want Vacation Money? DO TEMP. WORK Office Job! NO FEE . . . GOOD PAY . . . TEMP G/0 No. L B. - 3 wks. July Sect.._sl.50tir. Star, typing _ 51 Sfl ft r TEMP STAT TYPIST 1 B : Finan. slmli., sht. lerrnll.M hr. I P/T STENO. Wilm'notw : tisc-!rt«. 7-3 da. wk. si.7?l!r ! PErt'.V TYPIST dniwi L B ifat. SMC, MS wk. i WBTERS i girlinc. 1 AGENCY 1 110 W. Otiaa, Rm.l», L.B. f elp Woflftd (Worn.) ItM H cTc\A/ARnPc;^P^ n 5 1 tWAixUuOocj M c: nn L · '. |H S'2" to B'8" B| Ag» 20 to 26 | | Coniacr L«naai Okoy H TRAIN AT OUR EXPENSE H UNITED AIR LINES H 1 PERSONNEL DEPT. B fWvi..Frl. 8:30 ajrn. to 1 D.m. H txa Avion Or., 1_A. Airport H -·- 9 LONG BEACH I INTERVIEWS E WILTON HOTEL 1 Unlfed Air Linel Ticlet Ofc. f 208 E. OCEAN f 6 Tociday X JULY 18th ONLY 1 ) P.M. to 6 P.M. 14 i Cost 1 Accounts | Cleric 1 mmsdiafe poslllon nvallab!* fcr tl woman ovir 24 years of eg« with H hiart school educatfon, min'mum q experience 2 years In cost ar tl counlsi vrorfc wllh a manufac- «J tur no co/rpany. AblElfv 1o cper- |i ch nfti nicessary. · ? 8:30 a.m. fo 2 o-m. , LOBBY · -·. i VICKERS, INC. j (Dlv. of Spsrrv-RarKJ " Cop.J s 3701 LomUB Blvd. i b«tw. Crtsnshaw Hawlhom Bfvd ', Tor ran c» ; All qualified applicants will r»- , mtat wltrKuf reoarrf to rstt, u creed, color or national origin. fl POLLY PRIEST . ll EMPLOYMENT AGENCY | 12« PIHE AVE., L. B. 13, CAUIP. |1 PHONE HE 7-oror a SERVICE IS OUR PRODUCT H Medical a$sist«nf_.....$300 PBX [type)..._ fo $300 Figure clerk ' $350 Cost cleric -,.$325 NCR-3100 opr...: $350 General office $225 F/C bookkeeper. :...$375 Stenographers ....$300 + 1 Exec. $400 1 Typist _L$260 1 Dctaphone opr._-- J300 1 Legal iteno ....$325 j| Teller trainee .to $250 I IBM key punch $300 | MORE JOBS AVAILABLE I] Auto Contract i CLERK-TYPIST i Fimaf* part · tim» »onfrac.t 1 c ark typlit win fad, Mutt b* M · iparianced In handling euro- g mobil* contracii. Excellant B hourly wages. Call · B PARKWOOD S CHEVROLET | 5059 Lakewbod | Blvd. ' . 1 ME 4-5407 . : B SALESWOMEN 1 QUALIFICATIONS 1 AGE 2f-30 · · = · · · H 1-OES1RE TO SUCCEED IH H J-DErlRMIHATlON TO LHARH. 1 BE A TOP SALESWOMAN. U J-- CONFIDENCE TO S T A R T M TODAY. - H IXCELLENT INCOfAB WHILI H APPLY · i MR. MORGAN § 10 A.M. DULY , H MoixJay Thru FrWff/ - H Beauty i J Operator i GOOD SALARY S No Night Work' | 2337 Long Beach Blvd. | SECRETARY 1 for D+rionnel offlc Infersit- B ciiTng chaUwigrno dtitlw; 3 Liberal Co. benflnii. XlnT. U *tar(ino i alary. Aat fo 35, B Easl L. A. area. Hr. L, B. Freeway. N wd own tran si portal ion. ^ Continental Can Co. 6001 S. Eastern Ave., LA. Efectronic Assemblers ATTENTION WOMEN ' Wait Coait Trade Scho^* rt accepilna 50 freine«$, ** 1J-5, crior fo July 21$t. Local electronic firms ne*d all vvt csn train, Acoly Tn perscn todav. New LVwd. location HA 9-TSJ 1854 Alianllc, L.E- GA «3W K06 E. A!K.dre, Comp. NE W" 1 ^ 1KWI Rosecranj, B*!llfr; TO 7-2714 Sec cur fid class 22 F-1-S-C-H-E-R EMPLOYMENT AGENCY INVENT Cost cik, etfe; -*gf r,rr)--r»\r ivrt SECTY-fJo*., It. */H . .--' S3JO Asst. S«rv,-:aifiier-- GJVTTC^SO m P;OB R^T «i AM fl@Tl?37 LEGAL 3«cretary. Calif. e *P e £ apr '' Help Wanted (Worn. J 24 WANTED Saleswomen for 1 Ready-to-V/ear I for I ZODY'S j LONG BEACH : ; Los Coyotei Spring i Interviewing Daily 9:30 fo 6:3P.;JX ·

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