Independent from Long Beach, California on May 23, 1957 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 2
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Page A-2--INDEPENDENT - ' '"· *"*· ·'"»"··"» *·" "· lfir i"""" ** i«l --·"**«.· *-·· *j* ·«« ' i**T* ** ' IB. * ! » · ' k" » " he World Arou ifjff-v '-UT-. n' -u." - j ·* ' * - j . . . . . . . B y B O B WELLS , , ··f'-:A couple of eggheads were sitting around at the ^University of California 'In Berkeley recently, splitting £»Vflfth of Old Ivy Twiner or something, when the though Recurred to them: · · ;'; · : What happens to a f e!la who washes down his happj plBs with a saucer or two of sauce? -. "NOW. WAIT a minute. Mac, wait a minute. I know wha going to say. With a saucer or two of sauce, who need piilsl That is a very mature and reality-oriented view Spolnt, but what we are discussing here is science not philosophy "!·',· ANYWAY, Dr. Thomas M. Burbrldge and Dr, Vlolette h '·gulherland dedded to peer Into the topic under the supervl 'iloa of Dr. Alexander Simon, clinic superintendent of tho Call ^'lornla Department of Mental Hygiene. Their findings wer ;;-tontalncd In tho first report of the State Alcohol Rehabllltatlo '·rcommlsslon on research and treatment of alcoholism in Call Death Penalty . . . . . - · · - . , , . - - , . , : Y- 4/ · " Ban Defeated in Senate, 31-9 -I- ' I THE FINDINQ8T Well, If you (Imply want to get gassed -itlck to »auce. If you want to be eight feet tali, fly like a Nik tid' brush your teeth with comet tails, try tranqulllzers am tonic. DOCS BUUBRIDOE and Sutherland conducted tests on alcoholics and mice. V- ' · "WE HAD a group of 18 alcoholics to work with," Bur *' ~ ' B said. "Tho first week we gavo them alcohol alone, the week the tranqulllier--In this case chlornromazlne--and ·-'·alcohol together . . . They simply got drunk quicker and there £wtas' a change In their overt behavior." ·"·' · THE STUDENTS were given J of a gram of Old Gram de o^lentho or Old Cinch Notice or whatever it was, tor every kll : : iBgram (23 pounds) of their body weight. Roughly translated ·-this. Is about four Jiggers for a man weighing 160 pounds. ·Is · "THE EFFECT, when given with a tranqulllzcr or its chem vleal! equivalent, was bizarre to lay the least," Burbrldge said ·i-.Th.ey not only got eay. out many at them tried to put each £binir In showers and! things like that." '^' 'BUKBU1DGE Is worried about the effects of combining ;tranquUUen and booze. He points out that a happy pill Is not u ·!-}t}ie)y substitute for a pretzel. J I . ."WHEN YOU consider that the use of these drun Is by ·^rtsri^lly troubled pertons, many of them potential alcoholics, £ the .problem becomes dangerous." he (aid. .-., -. .-roil MANY of these persons, drinking as such Is not soc)ally acceptable. But the effect on them can be the same. Then, :*Jt coupled with only mild social drinking, It can become positively ;HE SAID there can be a delayed effect A person hooked on r;Jiappy pills could take a drink and notice no change. Yet some ;jtlme later It might hit him--while drivlne a car for example. .'»·;. ·! -ANV OF THE current tests for drunkenness might show the *?-alcoholic content of his blood to be below the .13 per cent stage. * ~ according to the scientists, the driver might be drunker i a martini addict eating his way through an olive festival. ·THE STUDENTS were given .8 of a gram of Old Cram de v-JLf' __;_ r t _ A University of North Carolina «oclologlst CjiUarrwge ial(J Wednesday that .Americans are, in effect, inking a "trial marriage" system. ·*:·;. ;PROF. REUBEN Hill told a lesslon of the National Con 'M«r*nce on Social Welfare In Philadelphia the American family ~;l5'lot breaking down but suffering growing pains. "Marriage *.haj'never been more popular," he declared. 'KEUB POINTED out tho divorce rate has dropped by one- L ' since Us high point In 1946. He said 87 per cent of divorced -pertoru remarry eventually. , · "WE ARE operating a type of trial marriage system, In which the first marriage domesticates the two and the second often reaps the benefits." ANYWAY, REUB, we can all agree that sometimes marriage does become a triaL JJ When her husband went to jail for 60 days ^ ** on n drunkenness rap he told her he'd phone her just fa toon u he got out, Mrs. Florence English, · 48, told the judge In a Klversheacl, N. Y. court Wednesday. THAT WAS in 1934. the (aid, and after 23 yean of waiting by tho telephone she's given up hope. JUSTICE DAVID Kusnetz reserved decision on Flo's petition to have her everlovln' declared legally dead and the marriage dissolved. SACRAMENTO UJ! -- Th Senato Wednesday soundly' defeated a ban on the death per* alty after opponents objected t sparing the "lascivious lizards on San Quentln's Death Row. · The upper house voted 9 fo and 31 against the bill by Set Fred Fair (D-Carmel), which would have prohibited use o the death penalty In California for six years. ,· The nine who voted for th measure were Democrats. Thoi against it included 20 Republicans and 11 Democrats. Sen, James E. Busch (R-Ukl ah) went Into detail on the cases against the 23 Inmates on Death Row and heatedly object ed any measure which wouU spare "these lascivious lizards.' Sen. Robert L McCarthy (D San FrancUco) also argued against the bill ort grounds "I believe wo can take a life In self-defense and In defense o, society as a whele." , MCCARTHY also made the xilnt that the death penalty "Is t deterrent to many murders that have not been committed," I In admitted, however, In a well . organized presentation, hnt the death penalty Is not elng administered justly. "I believe a wealthy man with a capable attorney has a much better chance to escape the loath penalty than a poor man,' ha said. Tho Senate vote was a death knell to the Issue at least for his session of the Legislature. Another somewhat similar bill s bogged d o w n In a-Senate committee. , , . , , -.. FARR ARGUED t h a t the oath penalty as now admlnls- ercd In California Is "like spinning the wheel of chance. There re now more than 400 men In late prisons serving time for murder. Why do some get the as chamber and others don't?" e asked. · · Other developments; 1 BUDGET] 'A free conference committee of three senators anc three assemblymen was nppoln cd to work out a compromls on the largest state budget 1 history. The Senate Tuesday adopted a spending program o almotit $1,908,000,000, near) 16 million dollars less than tha passed by the assembly tw weeks ago. Tho conference com mlttce will begin work toda to resolve this difference. Appointed to the committee wer Sens. McBrlde, Williams an Miller and Assemblymen Bruce Allen. Caldecott and Reel. . SCHOOLS; Sen. R i c h an Ulchards (D - L o s Angeles Wednesday denied that a bill ti Increase state aid to schools b; 70 million dollars was "bogged down." Several legislative lead ers affirmed that a move to cu the amount of Increased ait was under wny In the Senate ilchards said the bill "canno and must not" be sidetracked In a major departure from Sen ate and Democratic thinking on the bill, Richards said "I am low willing to consider an even- y spread tax proposal with the wceptlon of a sales tax to ralEc the needed ,. funds , for , the schools." ELECTIONS, The S e n a t e Election* Committee approved and sent to the floor a measure which would abolish cross-filing n California elections. Sen. George Miller (D-Martlncz), uthor, told the committee the tnto's unique system helps can- Idates to deceive the voters. Tho present system permits andldates to cross-file on both major party ballots to . seek omlnatlon to office. JUDGES i Th» Assembly vot- d 66-3 to pass a bill by As- cmblyman Patrick D. McGee R-Endno) to Increase the num- xr of Superior Court judges In Los Angeles County from 80 to Vast Life Bj PETBONIUB A. THE NAVY SHIPYARD 1s big asset to Los Angeles al though not as vital as it is to Long Beach. "it Is probable half of the ·htpyard' employees live In Long Beach and half la surrounding areas. . · . . . ' . ' · ·"."'*» BUT ITS »SB MILLION I fear payroll Is new money com ng Into tho area as a tremen dous Impetus to our economy., ' That ihould cause Los An- irele* anil other nearby cltleaj to join In keeping the yard np«n. , IT MEANS COOPERATING n stopping subsidence. The State Asaembly now has B blU before it that give* hop* of stopping that dreadful alnhlng of the earth. · · · · ' ' WITH COMBINED support of L. A. assemblymen It Is prob- ible the hill will pass at the ircscnt session. ' The Home Armed Services Committee notice that the maintenance of the yard U questionable ibould awaken the entire area. THE CHIPS ABE DOWN and we should show action or we will almost certainly lose the hlpyard and Its 7,000 (killed workers. . . Weather High and low tamparaturti ·· r*. portad by |H« UnltMl stataa w»th,r uraaui H. L. ong Baaeh 71 M 0 Anglltl 72 68 Omaha 11 · Vagaa oaton ilcago avaland · ianvar ii Molnit 17 U n HI Pittsburgh B4 65 7761 Okla. City Phoanlx Portlind ·362 6941 SI41 Stroll SO M SinFrincltCO (2 B? Irbinki.A M 40 Suttli (I 47 liml M SO Thimiil it 12 ·w Orl»ni Si 7S Wuhlngton S7 M iw York M4BI , TIDES High tldti todiy will b ].] ft, 155 «.m, and 4.7 fMI l liM p.m id low tlili will D* 1.1 fin · ISO a.m. High Illdn Friday will b* I.I ·I at 4157 a.m. and 5 (Ml at 03 p.m. and low tldii will ba 1.1 ·I at IMS a.m. and 1,1 fMt a i2B p.m. aunrlni Bi47| luniiti 7iBJ, BOAC Buys Vickers Jets LONDON un--British Over- teas Airways Corp. (BOAC) has ordered 35 new VC-10 jet alrlln- · ers straight off the drawing boards of the British Vlckera INDEPENDENT Carriw Drilttry __ «« I Wngl* Oapy ,. ·y Mall - LO9 ' 14.00 Publltlwd dally mMW Sunday at ·loth It. ami Pint AIM., L»"» B*aeJ1 IS. Calif. Cntar«| aa M*nd cISM nwtMr Mar. IT, IMt, at Lena Itoach f, Calif. AdiudlcatMl by Swptrlor Court, LM Ana*l*a County, Oct. (, 1*41. D»4M* Na. C.1C«a Armstrong Co, Minister of Transport Harold Watklnson, the minister responsible for the state-run airline, said Wednesday the jets will cost 68 million pounds (190 million dollars). Delivery will start In 1963, The 120-seatcr plane, planner for cruising at over 600 mp will be used on BOACs African Far Eastern and Australia routes. It will be jiowcrcd four Rolls-Royce company en glnes. Preparatory work on the aircraft's detailed specifications still under way. OfOf«ry Company Prices Effective: mmmm^i KIDNEY BEANS SIR FRANCIS Onrk Rtd SPECIALS Tbondqy, Friday, Saturday, Sunday May, 23, 24, 25, 26. 1957 FROZEN JUICE OLD SOUTH Orange OMEGA can offer «uch r»re artlf try · luch unequalled accuracy · (or Omifat are prized the world over. For the happy hour ol a graduation · for somebody's birthday · give one of theft Omtyai and your gift will be prlied long after the big day. ,, Price Include* Federal tax Charge or budget lud«et Termi 1.50 a Week Without Extra Cost i MEATS NORBEST U.S.D.A. (MADE "A" MATURE Hen Turkeys EVISCERATED READY FOR THE OVEN ShMllfol7lbt. -, Lb... £t THICK SLICED EXTRA HEAVY SMOKE Bacon Lb, i FRUITS VEGETABLES U.S. NO. 1 WHITE ROSE afJI .f|| C Potatoes 10.^ 19 I FRESH ALL CREEN .M^ Romaine .*...:'.;. 4 FANCY RED RADISHES OR Green . Onions t Large Bunchel CAKE MIX :INCH Splca or Devi 19 CINCH . White, Gold, Spice or Devil's Feod 14-ox. DETERGENT SURF Giant Pkq. Marked "12c OfT . , Price 71 e Lets 12e , Sale. Price DOG FOOD VETS' 5' Buy now/ Save enough on Grants low prices to enjoy added days of vacation fun 11 Girls' cool fashion-exciting Cotton Romper-Skirt Sets 177 This isle only! Sm«rt. n«w cotton* in one- piece romper, detachable matching ikirt. Fabric and faihion like theie tell (or dollar* more elsewhere. Many lummf ry printi. Sirti 7 to 14. Llrtli Girls' Rompcr-Sklrt Sets, 3-oX _ 1.77 Grant Brand Anklets Your Proven Best-Buy 3 ~ $ l DiKover greater comfort. Mercerized cotton, nylon reinforced hwl, toe. Crew l o r triple-roll styles. In sizes 6 to S/,, 9 to I I . £ Infeirtii 4-4* 4 pn. SI VALUES for MEN 'UO IS'/i^z. Con FROZEN PEAS BIRDS EYE 2 25 ·rood at any Thif SB WORTH 25« Par aitn wv*iai ta.m wttk mk) aaaaaa HM 29i ti»n« malM la T I x, «M ttt |M. · · FOLGER'S INSTANT COFFEE Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, May 23, 24, 25 and 24, ·tTTri'M'l'iiiurf ONI RALPHS AND ON* WWIK1 COUPON PIR CUSTOMIR? Your nearest 7teS± store Tenth at Cherry, Long Beach Broadway Shopping Center, Anaheim) '.Lakewood and Firestone, Downey Wash 'n Wear Sport Shirts 'Dan River' Plaids Stripes Reg. 2.98 Sale 2'"5°° or $2.57 each ·" £fj' Tty practically tike are of tlwmtelvet; re- siit toiling, wish in · fluh, hint dry, need : ·'" little or no ironing- Tailored for ml comfort. - 2,98 I'sis Casuals Leathers Fabrics 047 «fc»«lr Summer bright colon, our best jellerj. Price cut for this iilc. Slip-ons, insole cushioned, sling bickj pumps. Sizes 4-9. Chllo u il«r*fo«tSa*a«ls Buy 2 puirt at thit M'ine»l Soil Itslhcr, lieht, cool, Whijc,rcl,t»n.6-2. -\fl Vacation Time! luggage 3-Pc. MJlcheJ Set · 12" Train C«e w/full mirror · 21" Weekender · 26" Pullman 18.93 Value . SPECIAL $ M 95 Galey Lord Swim Trunks Colorful plaidi that keep their good looks through sun and lurf. In S-M-L- XL sizes. 2.98 333 PINE AVE. Phont HE J-63351 6000 LAKEWOOD BLVD. 4450 ATLAMTIO AVE. UKEWOOD CENTER BIXBY KNOLLS Stretchy Nylon. Swim Trunks. Miracle nylon stretches to fit sizes 28 to 38. Populsr brief style comes { *90X ' in bn'jbt colon. ' O TAKE LIFE EASY Vie theW.T. Grant "Chargt-lt"Plan..; t No Jown payment..* lake montht to payt ' 17450 BEUFLOWER BLVD. BELLfLOWER '7.

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