Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 1, 1963 · Page 47
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 47

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1963
Page 47
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For 4000 ""elm «7.SO~ Are" ^,-Q.EfILM^ojn^ · m Cooler THlRAGLE PADS · Make ANY Cooler BETTER. Chem..Wy Treated Ainon Fibers. Sold fjcluilvelv by . Arizona Maintenance i»30 MIracI* Ml Open Evei, .''·" _, c nn«t Cooler Pan RIIV" and Gal. for 5, SPdwy, COOLER SERVICE Dogs, Cafs, sl » m "« 73|Housahold Goods 83 SiuTsYrvlee. I ' " 4 -- · · - - · ' .."-.--- . ^ ·household Goods I/In. · PADS .65 Copper luhlng, valves, motori, bells, pufI«Y»i fans, etc. NAUGHTON PLUMBING SALES CO. 5.0 jja -' - PERSjSHS" REGls'TERED "Tektnoe'e lj "l.ui.,, , ARC AIREDALE PUPPIES -...- ffl:«7H , r Shepherd puppies, excel, pell and watch doys, J10. Msl-s, $25. 4625 E. TiTm a I e .. months oldr$75 H0 ^ br0 E ken 25.h, m'. _ ., -- » pEf~sH6p ~ Pedigreed puppies «. supplies-reasonable. Also baautlful mixed breeds, snmoved collie mixed, tabrador retriever-- German shophcrd, $5 up had shols. Rare Chinese Crest from 9«,? n i °1 dis n''v- Terms available. 3Bi *.-.£-., G ran.l (NrL_A|yernon)_327-8714 BEAUTIFUL red male" Dachshund', 4 mnnlhs, small miniature, papers, i^ysb'e.. EA...5; F i v e , .. -- does a,. abrlcs. Orlg coil over iJW. itiil nai 6 mo a u a r . - p a v bal ol $101.30 OR $t mo Sec al Auto rnatlc Appliance Brokers, 4664 E Quality Auctioo (OTPOINI ifeclrTc puiivbutlon rande. A-J condJUon. Can b« seen alter ;30, 375-7S17, ._ _____ ___ _ AUTOMATIC washers, dish wsiheri, Ironers for snle, or will rent I Cactus Appliances. 33J5 E. Cody. 3!6-BX7._ I END iouchej. JifPl'E. Bermuda. . SALE EVERY THURSDAY 1:00 P.M. «. 7:00 P.M. 2311 N. 14th Ave. Corner of Nth Ave. I block So of Gran! 8. Sohuaro .. Rd. 1 block W. of Oracle BUY-SELL ON CONSIGNMENT Furniture appliances, Free appraisal - pick up Service. It will sell belter al auction. AUCTIONEER fllll McVey. AfJME-Suprome, fruit, meaT vegetable llnuefler. New condition. $50 326-4?8_7, ______ _______ UTO. washers, refrlas. new 4 used", rom $49.50. Terms. All Appliance male. Scl fox terrier, 1 months. Housebroken. ool lor DOGS. MA, 4-3351 . _ ____ _ ' C A S H IN A FLASH nn anything of valuo-- qyns, Diamonds, old oold. tools, *lc. EA. 7-8497 BOLD SPQL. MIO J. Craj-crol! i"plA"STIC P fPE ~S'AL.erii«of I' In tuft roll?- Vi In. 75 Ib. $5.35 per 100 r =!" m. $4.75. other sires comparable Full line fittings, clamps a. sprinkler supplies. Am. Maintenance, 1920 Miracle Mile. Open Eves. rrOATsTMOTOfrS TRAILERS. Used OarQ.ilns. All repairs. Thunderblrd, ,-,-tn So Alvernon, eves, a. Sun. rfTcE iiUIRY bottle will) olnt John slon's No-ROftch Kills ants, cock- ronchas. %\,t9 A!_aH Gqodman'i. S uTEDTilRDrrTE POMP^ATso rV built submersible and used pressure lank. -_CMp!_J9?0__MTracle_ Mlle^ E wlfl buy, trflde for or repair vour old Indian lewelry. stones re- reasonably FREE KITTENS. 220 (J.'Cvetyn Av'el (Al 8951 nroadway) AX. 8-6855. BEAUTIFUL Dnc'h'shiimrpuhnfes. At?C", ressonnble. MA. 2-6394. 2411 Arroyo _ . . , u . NING set, Duncan Phyfe, pads table, 3 leaves, 6 chairs, buffet chlna_closat 1 _J125 l 6316_S. Fontana. "VUTOMATIC WASHE'R-KETTMORE- used onlv 8 mo.-bulll-ln lint fllter-- t year new quarsntee. $97 50 Pay $8 mo. See at Automatic Ap- ONLY I LEFT 7-week male DalmalUn, Chamnlon sired, Outstanding Phone evenings. way 79 3- 1 6_4 1 Wa re nl. cDifJ? r i EANE'RS U5 1 ejrs. 1111 E _ , _ "101" OALMATIONS, reglstereS. OuT- stAndlno a-weck beauties. Fond of children, oood watchdoos. Reason- jible. 624-J[935._ OllATitV toy Po«iirpups=solld~cnT- ors AKC, 1414 E. Adelaide. 326-2757 spednllzc In women s hftlr slvllng. W A N T E D : Blonde cocker mixed male don. Nol over 1 year old. Phone EA 7-3569, REGISTERED German Shepherd Piip pies. Also Miniature Dachshunds. EA 5-0?59 1 _9050 N, Vine Ave, PART B AS SETT Hound pups "for sale. Trl-color. B102 Tlmrod St Sherwood Village. ances. Pole Inmp. TV tables. 673- filler and sklmmor for IB' LATEST 62 Encylopedla Americana, Case, $300. 1625 N. Camilla, apart- mental, afternoons. TWO All SCO hydraulic automotive end Illls, $75 each. 214 E. Mabel, a BOBS, 2230 N. Country Club' AlSUME" balance on "equVpmenT~for two chair ·---'-- 1 -- '" {"""CRAFTSMAN table saw. 6" Crafts man lolnor, Vt motor. Good lumber, corruoated, and corrupated roollno. Rack l«r Chevy pickup. Numerous tools etc. 3947 E. Belle- vuc, EA, 6-7197. COLDSPOT freezer. 219 bahll Road. Call 6-9 P.M.,_MA._3-79K. BARGAIN--2 bedroom, 1-llvlnp room sets, apt. size refrigerator, stove, excellent condition^ 2319 N. 7th Ave. LES" PAUL" Guitar. Sllvertone 50-walt amollfler. Wallensak recorder. EA. 5-7553. _ _ . LARGE M cu. ft. upright freezer. Perfect condition. Cost $750, sell for $250 cash or_best offer. EA. 6J258. bBL'DRAIN slnk."12' x 14' rub, roof tile, refrigerator, davenport, silver, wall cabinets, steel windows. Inside PJ'S POODLES Oodles of Poodles. 796-1294. REDUCING KENNEL " AKC Pomeranians with pedloree. Bal p'fur, cuddly t._cute,. MA,. 4-]3?6, KITTENS want oood homes. Olde .c.hl!d7eri,_793-7457. after.,?,... AKC renlstered black small mlnla ture female Doodle, 10 weeks. See to arprec!at)j_211$ JE, Spring. BEAGLErJ-vr. male. AKC reglslered Someone who will give him lovlnn care and a good home. Champloi background. Reasonably priced. Cal 622-0239, _ SCOTTIES A«C recjlsfered", last chanc of champlpnsWp Itller. $50. EA. 6-959 QUALITY Dachshund puppies, AKC Small 7850. LITY Dachshund puppies, AKC ill. $35. 5341 E. 25lh St., 793 OF'ABED Manufacturing. $27.95" up Thomnson . . Couch Company. 343j, Open ,_ , _______________ . 2 CU. FT. Unrfoht freeier. $185. Cal _ EMERGENCY 83 TVs, Radtoi, Phonoi _94 f* INCH' sTTrnTlrTTrvT' months, Per- t»f.' ?.ond.!tion j _?07jy, _BI»cklldo«._ TV Jl" lalo mpdeV excellenl condition. con- SlFRIGeRAfO^ Vry good"" dlllpn, $25. MA. 3,|347. WAPLE furniture--dining, living room and bedroom, Chairs. Beautiful double kitchen sink $70 Chests of drawers, $3. Beautiful sewlno machine, golf clubs, 2315 E. 6th St. 'back yard), Need RouieholcnurnlsKlno! badly Ton prices oald Immediately JAKE'S FURNITURE 317 S. Ath Ave, _ j CASH CARRV Couch $14, i PC, dinette $14. 6 dr desk $9.50. 5 dr ctiest $7,50. Twin bed $72. Baby bed com P. $19 Bed room set comp w/bx sprg $49. Beau llful couch i. chair. 21" TV $29. Piano Piano bench, L»wn mower $4.95, X-lop lre««r r»frlo $39. Floor polisher $9. GE filler-flow auto washer. Gas r«nae $19. Relrla $29. Chinese Chesl. 3 speed record player $4.95. 4999 E. 22nrf, ORANGE FRONT. J^TjgiJI^jrr c al_Avj, J'l'.'JAfi. Ovtr 300 C O M P L E T E L Y RE CONDITIONED TV Sets with 90 nay exchange prlvlleot. Only $5 down PLASH TV. »4} So «lh Trailer* For Renf 1131Apfi. Furnish.--Rent 115|Apls. Furnish.--Rent 11 51 Apt*. Furnlsh.--Rent j]j LARGE 10' "wide ? bedroom trailer _apn 'nrtmenl. il4B Southland Blvd. i Spacious ' \ND 2 BE'D'ROOM'lraHcrs for rent.' °' , u "' urn _ ' THE NEW T E R R A C E " T S i . 'urn ! AND Alter 3; $_12_Slmmons Ro*d. _ peting. Service JUpain IV Ra*o rsonfrfric)" prki's Free irlpi MA ?-B»38 M - . M i - Rgnlai; Pfinco VA Also smalli, trailer. Adults, No pels. 3126 N.I L . Stone, _ ._ . CLEAN, modern, 3j'. SFade. AHults, no_pets. 3253 _E. Speedway. 30'" MODERN t r a i l e r . ' $ 5 5 " monthly" Utilities Included. 301_E. Pastime. Tfaller and~Apartments i nv.1 _ W E. Delano _ SEVERAL nice" 2-bedroom' trilled lor rent. MA. 3-7674. _ 2 Bdrm. H4 bdlhs. GE Klfcheni W'V» Carp r i v a t e pattos raiporls rives heated oool 1 7 ? F 95 . · 470) SERVICE reasonable rales All sets repaired R'EN'S" mobile Office, Business, Equip. 98 OFF DESKS and" S qood cond -Self reas, or rent with option Desk 8. Sale " facilities. S. elh. Utilities furnished. ^ _ . _ NEW £ U"SfD~6fllce desks files chairs, adders. tables safes calculators Ivoewnter' no 3531 kpts. furnisli.--Rent . Kardexes etc I ow prices deliver Offki* . ToiiUnTnrs 7W N PnrX USED APPLIANCES MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Refrigerators from $29 Washers from $49 TV Sets from $29 CECIL GAVER 4044 E. SPEEDWAY S e ryjn o_Tu cs on_37 _y r s. _ USED long carriage typewriters; Also new and used adding machines New Clary cash registers starting at $199.50 Plus tax. C L A R Y BUSINESS MACHINES INC. idway 326-6683 TwrITer APPly 3 mos. lo RENT a 'vpewr-- purchase ol new machine. TOSCO i l520 | E Heated Swimming Pool urn. Apis., Rooms, Summer rates. SIERRA VtSTA LODGE 2512 E. Grant Rd. , _ _ _ _ _ . . Leaving town. Complete house of fur- r A n'r' A IMC f^ A f 00171 I nllure, llvlno room, dlnlnp room, bed- 1 nAKUAllNb UALUKt! ! p ro Ifvlno Ifvl room, Early American dining room, French irovlncial bedroom, gold 8. white. Vaperles g. carpeting, TV, brlc-brac L antique chairs, with needle point. " E. _ _ '"63" WHITE ZIG-ZAG 3rand new, scratched In shipment. Tv/ln needle button holes, monograms. Fancy work without attachments. 20-yr. ouarantee. $33.50 or $5 per month. Elite Sewlna Machine NEW R E F R I G E R A T O R S 2425 Cash Registers 99 NEW USED - Also arMlnq machine e jjCP^C9-.^hOae -.M.A.JJJM? ,, Wanted To Rent l)3 DACHSHUND PUPPIES, stud serv Ice. 6212 E, 15lh. AX. 8-5070. EXCEPTIONAL buy -- I vr. old Weimaraner, miniature lonq haired Dachshund PUPS. Call afler . _6_p.rn._AX, fWSgs. _ _ COUNTRY CLUB PET SHOP Poodles, oeklnnese, chihuahuas, cockers, mixed breeds. Honey bear. Specloi: puas $50. Dally 10-7. Frl. to 9. New Refrigerators, 16', 2 dr, . $199.95 New Refrigerator $189.95 New Refrigerator, U' $179.95 New Refrigerator $159.95 New Refrlocrator, 10' $149.95 New Refrloeralor $139.95 Above refrlg. sllohlly marred. Many one of a kind. FLASH TV «. APPLIANCE _ 842 S. 6th AVC. KELvTNAfOR automatic 2-cycle washer. Girl's 2" bicycle. EA. 7-26B9. · TAPPAN gas range. 40" divided top, auto oven lighting. Glass'AdV top, auto oven lighting, glass door. Only $59.50. Terms. Christie's Ap- .pllances «.JTV_'s._3013 E. Speedway. EASY, like new, sacrifice, $50. 4625 E. 17lh. Bedroom set $39.50 up, beds complete $14.50, Bunk beds $15 up, baby bed $9.50, New upholstered Nylon L/R sets $69.50, New trailer divans $49.50. dinettes 519.50 Z. up. Chests, lamps. TV's. Refrigerators all ouar. antced $29.50 OP, oas ranses cleaned adlusled $29.50 up. W/washers $19.50 up. Automatic washers $39.50 up, plus hundreds of other BARGAINS to choose from, whether you need one Item or a housetull, shop at "TARGET" SAVE. "Target" 201 E. Grant OPEN WED. fc FRI. EVENINGS TO t P.M. Open 9 to 6 Sunday "" · ~» · · · ·""· · i Sim'S "RE^PO'NSIfJUE coupie will care for home June-Auo In return for rent. References available, University graduates. Call Rla Rogers altei 7:3H p.m.. MA. 4-8871.. RESP'ONSIBLE coupfe to careTSr home In exchange for rent. References available. Call EA. 6-3135 after 6. . 3J40 N. Country Club . . 3?J-J23J Birds, Trop. Fish, Etc. 74 G RO 6'MT N G b y Jefr r-^all bTeTd s". Academy Pet Shop, 6216 E. 22nd. SAL OF 3 freezers In perfect runnin condition. Cactus Appliances, 3325 ALWAYS MORE FOR LESS! Bowling balls $9.95, shoa skates $6.95 up, Noxon metal polish $7.15 gal., house palnl $2.39 gal., camp cook stove $3.50, Crallsman jig saw $42.50, adding machines, manual elect, gas mowers $24.75 up, outboard motor $24.95 lops, camping equipment, household Items, and many olher Hems all reduced! Mahog. jewlno machine console $44.50, car coolers $9.95 up, fish tan $5.95, used doors $3.95 up, used a ft. ladder $4.50, lugpaoe, \nrvt suitcases $4,95, used cnr radios p.50 up, boy'* racing blkt THE BROWSE AROUND SHOP 1'ropical fish Clearance Must sell hundreds ol tropics) fish. Rosybsrbs, Mollies, Poacocks, etc., 5c each Neptune's Gardens. Open dally 11 to 7:30. Sun. 12 to 6. 2428 N. 1st e,. 6.22-297! Trade Your Fishbowl or broken aquarium -- on a new 1961 model aquarium. Any plcf Droken tank and $2.49 w|H . bowl or et you a DRAPES -- Off-white nubby weave, two pair six panels each. $75. EA. ng E. S P R I N G SALE ON Early American Name Brand Furniture Miracle ORTHOPEDIC spring « mattress. REG. $159.50 NOW $79. 9 Hotel special SPRING MATTRESS REG. $99.50 NOW $49.51 new 5 gal. aquarium. Limited rights reserved. OPEN TODAY. This ad nood until Sunday May 5th. NEPTUNE'S GARDENS Dally 11-7:30 2428 N. 1st Ave^ Sun. 12-6 622-2971 Livestock 75 I R R I G A T E D qreen horse pasture Close In $20 monthly Rldlna trails J124 N. Swan. EA. 5-3965. SALES E V E R Y SAT. PAYNE'S Livestock Auction 12:30 P.M. CY. 7-1187 60 GH corral lumber, aTl dTrhen slons. DV foot or by thousand. 511 30lh S^ 623J703_.. " dairy calves. Also Angus- cross. Shipped on approval. Write for prices. Qtlo Vanderburg, North pralrTej_WiscpnsJn. "Went/. Bros. Livestock BONDED LIVESTOCK MARKET Sales Every Sat. 10 a.m. 502 W. 20th MA. 2-0696 TUNE-UP Here is what we do for only $9.95 t. Replace spark plua FREE 7. Clean and adlusl breaker points 3. Clean carburetor screen, lets and air passage 4. Check qas flow 5. Channe oil (In crankcase model) 6 Check ennlne i tlahlen all bolts 7. Check belt and adlust tension I. Align and adlust cutler bar on ree type mowers *. Remove shroud and clean enalne fins 10. Remove carbon from exhaust por (In 2 cycle cnolnes) gomery Ward Service Repair Dept. 3699 E. Broadway EL CON SHOPPING CENTER EA. 7-8174 Room Board IN. 104 . Men. Delicious meals omey, TV. 437 E. UL_623-4A02 ROOM 8. Board for Senile person Good food. 622-3743. PRIVATE room. PLENTY _. FQQP. E^derjy oreferred^AX, 4-386i, PRIVATE. Good food. Famlly"stvle Reasonable. 792-0102^ Room B'rd Wanted 105 WORKING mother Is seeking horn Jo.f-.htr 8..JO. mg.-QlOaby.JL93j7J84. Room Without Board 106 PRIVATE entrance and bath. Nea .G_rant_an.d_CampbeJ!,. EA^5-6347, SLEEPING room, private entrance Kitchen privileges. For single work Ino woman. 623-5284. S25 MONTHLY, cooler, hotplate, re- frlgerator, gas heatnr, town, Un _y er sj ty ._£ A._5-_234 2^ 101 W. 6TH ST. Odds Ends BEAUTIFUL--Twin beds, pvt. bath entrance. Reasonable. 2840 E. 5th. ROOM for rent, furnished, kltche privileges. EA. 5-5484, 1334 N. Camp _be 11. WORKING man or woman. Larg room adjoining balh. Space In «a rage for car. 2112 E. 6th. MA. 2-083 LEAN trailer, ntar shopping center. bus. 1523 N. 5-3621 Rosemont Blvd. EA. , one bedroom. El torvE-l Rancho shopping. No pets. 3618 E. 3rd St. __ ATE model modern Irallsr, wash- DONLEE APTS. I Bedroom, $60 P'us utilities. 1 Bedroom, $75 utilities paid. Studio, $85 utilities Paid 2701 N Alvernon $2(f WEEKLY UP Full kltcnen unilt Everyihlng tur nlshed. TV. large pool, shuffteooard Opposite malor chopping center REX MOTEL In town. 7343 S^ftlh Aye. lffiE? GrdTT^PIs l^Tbdrm Poof VISTA S I E R R A LODGE A P A R T M E N T S · ON 10 ACRES- BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN VIEWS · ONE; ? BDRM 1 BACH APIS · COMPLETELY BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED · UNSURPASSED LANDSCAPING · EXTRA LARGE HEATED POOLi CARPORT; SHOPS; ADULTS REFRIGERATED 6. REGULAR ECONOMY COOLING EA 5-«« ?5- MA M703 Rl From ..... . - . -,, .... , · CbNVENIENT ouTet sleeping housekeeping rooms, low rates A-mln. downtown, 1920 Miracle Mll«, MA, 4-554) FOR PEACE AND QUIET ·Jew refrigerated, close-In. U ot A Studio, $70 up; l bdrm. From $90; . _ 721 E. ADAMS Nice larie ? bdr apt J95 Nice 1 bdf dUPIen 175 7431 E. 19lh, studio, i _ = __ i . ^, EA._7:6«76 LOW SUMMER RATES bdrm apis Danish modern turn ure, Holpolnt kitchen TV centraJ efrlgeratlon. Heated pool, ramada, huffleboard, B-B-0, laundry. WEEKl y MONTHl y LEASP LAS VILLAS APTS ,45-$55 MO. Refrigerator, lawn fur nllure. Adults, no pels. 250 W 1.2, 1 RM. »35 S45. *55, J65 Coolers. RefrlQs.. laundry facilities. Utll paid. Grand Court. 2536 S 6lh. =ORCED to drop standard I F 7nd St 375. «.U' OU MUST SE"E THE 5EAUTIFUI ELIZABETH 5770 E. 10TH ST. LUXURY FURN . UNFURN. APTS Studio, i and 2-bedroom. · emulated Heated Pool I block north ol Broad vav 2 blocks East ot Cravcroft MANAGER ON PREMISES 'E AC OCR INN apt In quest n setting: bdrm and studio $25 up DAM Y MONTH! Y rates Lowell al Swan Rd EA S-9351 _ BROADWAY GARDEN APT* Heated pool Weekiv monthly. ** ncl . , s u o , 1 Hea;d oool Laundry facilities MA bedroom · SEE U! AND Yl FOR DAILY. MONTHLY ARLY ACCOMMODATIONS iLENN-VERDE APTS. ew I S. J bdrm. Apli.. from $!05. eattd pool. Carports, Storage roonti rlvfite Patios. anfsh modern furnishings, Carpeting, /aIk-In closets. Central neat, cooling. Adults, Lease or monthly 3430 E. GLENN J6-H40 327-Q303 SUMMER R A T E S NOW. «01 E. B R O A D W A Y PH. 327-3XJ1 $114 ....... . OP standard rents. Showplecesi Pool. You MUST seel From Jlli. 3727 E. Glenn, Alter 5. 793-7030 $21 WEEKLY LINENS, DISHES i. ALL UTILITIES PURNISHED STAGECOACH RANCH ETTE, 8504 NOGAL_ES_yjWAY_ AROlE ^E'F-F fCTE N C~Y D"D P L £ K GARDENER, BUS, PATIO, PARKING. REASONABLE. 1226 E. WATER. plus $14 for ail utilities ATTRACTIVELY FURN. AIR CONDITIONED ELEVATORS SWIMMING POOL on lease or by month-the rent Is the same. SAVOY HOUSE DELUXE 1-BEDROOM A P T , Heated pool with Therapeutic whin pool El Cor El Rancho A r e a . Laundry facilities Bus Service. lOlf N Palo Verde 793-1164, 2475 N. Haskell Off Grant 8. Alvernon MA. 2-774 AX 8-8382 . -- , farlv 5114^ E. Broadway EFFICIENCIES. 7 rooms wftfPBath J*TI per mo Ransom's Cnurl 2944 N Oracle Rd Deserf Winds Apts. New Luxury Units. Swlmmlnu Pool e Invite you to make comparisons udlo, 1, 2 Bdrms. Linens. Dishes allos, Trees, Shrubs. Green Lawns, o. Wk 3 Blks No. ot Speedway, off ountry Club. 3124 E. Falrmount GRACIOUS LIVING 2 bdrm beautiful apts. retrioeratea Oellqhlfully spacious, private Patios, pool, many other features 2121 N Country Cluh KENNEt 1 Y APTS SUNLAND APTS. Convenient loca. New 1 br. sum. rater lJ6a N. Beverly Blvd. EA. 5-2863. GUEST HOUSE. TV, twin beds, linens Ilshes 4 utllllles. Summer rates. W. tna Rd. CY, 7-0873. ROADRUNNER APTS. 2 bdrm., fully turn., refrlg., car ports, pool. Week-month lease. 3737 E. 4lh St. EA. 6-S63-4 PRIVATE entrance, bath, employed, .close Jn, 125_N._3rd_Ave l _ CLEAN pleasant room, private entrance and balh. 825 N. Tucson Blvd. NEAR D-M -- Kitchen privilege optional. $11 and $12 weekly. 5641 E. 28th St. PRIVATE entrance, bath, clean, comfortable. Employed gentleman only. 415 E. 5th. THE ARISTOCRAT "Tucson's Finest Apartments" NOW AVAILABLE 2 3 Bdrms -- 2 Baths . . . Bunk Beds (HAROROCK MAPLE w/reverslble. orthopedic type mat tress, guard rail, ladder. REG. $179.00 NOW $119.0( 7 pc. DINING ROOM set (drop lea ext. table, 2 Captain, 4 mate's chairs REG. $269 NOW $15 5 PC. MAPLE dinette set extension ........ top, 4 chairs, box ,,, __ ....... . NOW $79.95 7 PC. WINGBACK divan 8. chair (upholstered In too grade tweed). REG. $269 NOW $149 BANK TERMS Ooen Friday eves til 9 Sun 12:30-4 P.M. O'DAY F U R N I T U R E 5400 E,.PJma table. Lifetime pleated. REG. $139.95 Savings up to 50% on Furniture Mattresses--Box Springs Lounges, Odds Ends, etc. Shop our Warehouse Now and Save MANY ONE OR FEW OF A KIND TOO NUMEROUS TO LIST Convenient Credit Plan Habla Espanol LOVELY, large room with king size bed. Kitchen privileges. Desirable northeast location, EA, 5-4308. DESIRABLE location, nicely furnished, private entrance. _Sawtelle, EA.JMJ362. _ __ BEAUTIFtJL location, near town, en trance, bath. Kitchen use optional. MA._3-7130. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ EMPLOYED gentleman, private en- "GRADUATION GIFTS" HI-FI Portable Record Players Reg. $89. Now $49. CECIL GAVER--4044 E. Speedway ·"CROSLEY "refrlgT 11 "cu'~f1." cross lop freezer. Excellent cond. Only $69.50 terms. Christie's Appliances 8. TV's. lQn_E._Spe«dwaY J ___ I . _ WASHER'S FOR RENT, $s "monthly. Wells Washer Rental. 298-1315. 4-PC. BD~. suite without spring maltrcss. Good condition. $50. Also 2 floor lamps, $15. CY. 7-1916, 4300 W. Sunset. 3EAUTIFUL Quarter Horse colts. Oast blood lines. Permanent res- Islered. Fletcher Ranch, Benson Hlnhway S, _WI|moJ._AX._4J996._ '·'YEAR-OLD Cheslnul slud, $iB5. See or call 4710_S. La Cholla. 294-4713._ RRIGATED horse pasture. Clover, fnscue, herbs and bermuda. $20 mo. South_slde. AX. 4-1030, .._ FOR SALE. Red Sorrel mare. _623_ 1 4W,_iL!tpr_*_P-'2 AT STUD, Snvage Son, ·Antiques," 3372 N Dodge. 37?-;?6i IqulHatlng everything, bur loss, your gain. Pick Fair Antiques. MA. 2-5271 Call BETcfE sculptured n y l o n carpet, J5x12,_new_cond!tlon,_$50._EA. 5-2803. HOLLYWOOD bed complete, $15. Wardrobe, $12.50. Chrome Hl-Chalr, $4.85. Roll-a-wav bed complete, $10 Portable TV, $25. Dinette set, $13 End coffee tahles, $1.50 up. Chest $695. Metnl desk, $16. Baby bass! nctte, $3.50. Sofn bed, $15. 3156 E Grnnt; L. G i '^ 1 _Open_Eves. 'til 8:30 ALL eTcclieint condition^ ReTFlgerator $50. Gas stove, S25. Lady's desk kneehnle desk, chests. Principals only EA. 6-4797. lrr 299-0063^ Tiy Depth Poultry, Eggs, Produce 78 BABY Chirks Turk»vs Duckling. Gosllnos. Chukkar Partrldne. Al-i complete assortment of Bantams Show and Ornamental fowl. , ... nnrlv Feed. J,..5up Plv, Foods, Groceries RO _____ THE~foprcsenfatlvc for San Mnrlno Preserving Kitchen Foods of Pasadena, California will be In Tucson M«v 2, 3, 4, 5th. Telephone Llllle ifiyjttuJL? 5S1LJ rjn^MA HousfiholH Gnoch PPAUTIFUL slvln llvlnq room suite Excellent condition. See to appre cl?te. 926 N. Columbus or call EA 5-2145. PC. 1-lort window re . Cnrtop carrier. DINETTE set, 5 frlnerntlon unit. Must start early to clear before closing for summer. Opjip r lunltv House __ 44I_E _._Pr I ncc For NETD~E~V E R YflTTNG Apnrtmenls 1 Cai' E A 6-3*19 Gen ~set home 8, Hnuselul Auction ASSUME rial Botrm.. llv. rm. sew mach Pose 375-0101 ,, I A S T "cnrnei cvcrvnnc ciin afford! Bukev St.v r a rpnt WJir«hnuse 19W N I nth "? in A !··· f " M rfll« R~FNT Blue Lustre E"lcctrtr REDIICF.n HAVE BEEN REDUCED! Swivel lype office chair $15. Maple drop leaf table Iron-Rile Ironer Westinahouse Ironer .. for onlv $ Pcf Carburetor "Hdqtrs Carburolor headquarters auto pnrts 5i!C yellow pages. Carbs. 10 pickup JlOO up. Air Condition Serv. 4010 S. l?th. Aye, 394.5J01,. _ OrnsrnenM'lnron "rallfnD $1.50 llri. "ft. Ornamental patio gates $25. · PAT I O_ PRODUCTS 2820 N. 1st BLOND upright piano ancl bcnchi good condlllon. $250. Net play pen. lump son), walker, all practically new. AX. 6.0005. NATURAL Ranch" mink stole. "'Besl o f f e r . 623-9247. _ PLAY pen7"crlSrhlah' chair, slrolfer. rol|.a-way_bcd. _296-q356. RCA J963 portable t'c Ic vision!' with Jiand. Man's large shoe roller skates. Deluxe Gibson guitar. Sacrifice. 634 " C a l l BLOOM'S First FOR FAIR PRICE FOR YOUR F U R N I T U R E g, APPI t A N C E S N STONE DON'T SEI 1 vour furniture f, «p»ll- ances for peanuts Cal' G R A N T W A Y r w l -- X£- USED Healthm.isler luice extractor, J31-. 294-4314 .32 pistol, movie camera, record player, dlnlnn table and chairs, will trade. EA. J:yB5_vnt!|_2;30 p.m. _ _ E X E C U T I V E , C H E R R Y WOOD DESK like new, cost over $200, only $135, wllh olasj lop. Voice of Music Tape recorder only $75. Mr. Bird only, CA, 7-J«4,_ _ _ _ TRUCK CAMPER, for 8' bed, $300. EA. 7-7588, 4-149 E. 3rd. Clothing For SaJT"" 67 i ALMOST NEW SHOP ConVlnnrhcnt scc?ptecU47a E._29lh. 327^0951 BARGAiN cipf'TARE""Resale" n"ua"llT _ _ . _ P A L O VERDE Resale Men 1 ' Womon' rmjdren's "Ig^lhes 3jj6 E Grant _ DRESS FOR LESS RE-SAL"E SHOP 2627 N _lst Aye. __ 624 3330 Solecl~F»ihlon's"" 3376"E 'Griin Womeri'^ BeJ!er_Appjirol-- Rcsnjc __ CEE~hjis spring clothlnq qnlnr* R ^nahle 2808 E _ Grant Rrt GAY Garment 15 E. taauna, 6J2-7761 Globe, 434_N. Broad NEXT-TO-NEW SHOP, 1638 N. Fre _ _ . _ . . . _ O O K s m a r l . Shop at Thrlltv Mod^s Jijlalai^J 9 E^ Bj-padwn y_g A^j New Merchandise 68 ~RUMMAGE HOUSE General merchandise '·0 to '5% on «7 u ciowlnp Welli Rd «7-7fln Let's Swap 69 slan's Swap Shop buy. ull, trade ouh . tools. «nllgy«» f repairs 13 N 4tr BUY -- SELL - TRADE GUNS -- MOTORS - BOATS LEO'S ·'B23 N. STONE g«, Cats, Pet» 73 ^N £ FEATHER AIT type pelt · 1 7 i * N Campheti EA t-?3?' nnodlon »aen I'^ms MA 2-5 Groom $5 Pampered I _Prlor^ir3''"'F" H'«mpro'n"'EA v £?351 Jules Poodle Grooming ruttfyln id (frit a your dog Is our business Hind tlrtp'plhg ot AlTtdnles S. Schnfiu Mrs. Poodle accessories Free pick _ « , _ d a l . 325-4341 If no nnswc · MATTRESS «. Box Sprlnn $29.88 2-plcce Living Room Set S79.BS · USED TV's from S29 95 UP SE HABLA ESPANOL Southwest Furniture 8.9 49.9 19.5 9 Drawer Dresser Base 27.5 "oly Foam !·' x 30 x 74 2"x3?x74 Reconditioned hot water he.iler vr. Duaranlee Chesl table combination 1° 7.7 29.9 15.9 12.9 140 S. lh Ave. MA. 3-5514 Used Chest From Chesl-Typ« Deep Freez* 99,5 THE BROWSE A R O U N D SHOP 2538 N. Country Club p FURNITUR AJ_I jnsb E EA rpcclvr From !115 Grfl _ ___ , _____ ____ Riviera, Wllshlre. Scrla Many tn choose from Furniture. RENT Refrrn'7"wVshcrsr"fy"~CEClt GAVER 4044 £ Speedway, E V_7 : 6571 3 C'OMPl P T E rooms of new lurnl lure 1390 sn Pose 33S-OIOI ANTIQUES «."fur"n" Desert Furniture. ^^'%M®tifer-zs* 1819 E Prince. PrLnce_Fiif_n1ly_re. ___ (TETTER" i]"sc"rt Firrn"""An' T niies Ml" Furniture Hnmc 908_F_^nil"^yii v _ WE "PAY M O R E trance, bath. E. 6th, Bus, university. 1703 LIVING ALONE? Just $50-$76 Mo. Buys Real Comfort In VERDE MEADOWS · Studio, 1, 2-bdrm. apt. homes · Big, bright rooms · Private, fenced patios · Street and alley lighting · Carefree desert landscaping · Carefree desert landscaping · 9-mlnutes to downtown MODEL APARTMENTS 1338 E. Irvlngton east of S. Par! Phone 794-9421. Open 10 a.m. to dark ntiques 84 ntiques Furn. Misc. Christine's Cun osltv Shop, 2B26 N. Stone, MA 2-8773 NTIOUE furniture repaired re- Inlshed. Don-Specialist. 298-1Q25. THE VESTERHOOSE 1-ROOM guest house. Comfortable No cooking. Shower, cooler and bus EA. 17743. r __ _ SVAALL but nice! $25 rnonthry. TV. 135 N Alvernon 793-2 IS New, Large Roomy SAFARI APTS. FROM $82.50 FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED · 1 BR. · 2 BR. · STUDIOS ?efrlg. air cond.--Pool, Good close space. Carpeting, drapes, range, re Vlaeralors. 3703 N. 1st Ave. e telephone, linens. Gentlemen. E. Blh. 1326 ROOM with' kilchen privileges. Men! P r jva te_ entr a nee ._$30 ^_ ANTIQUES JUNQUE 19 E._4th_St, MA, ,.,,,., ARE CAPODI - MONTE. Plaaue. nlaid Rosewood loveseat desk. 296-5589. House keeping Rooms _1_Q7 2~~Rb6MS, suitable two, close in. Shopping, coollno, utilities paid. Reasonable. 423-3C2Sl_ SPACIOUS room, kitchen privileges. nr. bus. 702 N. 6lh Ave. SPECIAL SUMMER LEASES 1 4 2 BDRM. LUXURY APT.- MOTEL, THE IDEAL COMBINATION^ OF GREAT CONVENIENCE AND COMFORT IN TUCSON'S MOST EXCLUSIVE RES1DENTIA1 AREA. DAILY W E E K L Y O R MONTHLY RATES PHONE EA. 6-0692 150 S. Eastbourne Ave El Monterey Apts. ne 01 the newest tlnesti oeautltuiiv ndscaped. furnished -- refrlpera on -- Pool-- caroorts-- 1 7 Rdrms ,2j_g, Lee SI Ph EA 5-007 SUMMER. RATES COMPLETELY FURNISHED COUNTRY CLUB APARTMENTS STUDIO--1 t I BEDROOMS POOL-AIR CONDITIONED COFFEE SHOP--TELEPHONES ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED DAY, MONTH OR LEASE 3033 E. 6th 2 bdrm., 2 bath Luxury Apts urn. 8. unfurn. Resort Facilities an Clemente. Randolph Park Area, 55 S. Irving EA 7-5631 Catalina FtHills Lodge 5250 Oracle Rd n dust-free Thermal belt area. Furn Pis. Must see to appreciate SUMMER RATE S HEATED WO AND THREE RM. SHUFFLE OARDS, BARBECUE, PING PONG. NENS. DISHES UTILITIES, T.V. ENCER-JOY APARTMENTS. 1340 . COUNTRY CLUB. EA. 6-5200. UMMER RATE S, APRIL 1S~ Tucson W«dn«diy, M«y 1,1WJ IMMEL PAR"R, pool. J btdroom c uxe, $135. 2433__E. 2nd. MA. -«68 EW larst I Nicely furnished. - 4J6Q 5, 5th Ave. 294-3785, . -- . ,«S9*_ bedroom apartment. Utilities Included FLORENCIA APTS. SUMMER RATES -2 Bdrm. Apts, Studloj. Car Private patloi. Bu»s. Ex 'ark-like setting. (Quiet anc i. 3120 £, Plma,_3}7-2417. EXCEPTIONALLY large 1 bedroom 185. Twin beds available. One et $70 arge 1 orts. usite _ J _ l _ _ _ J . ONE bedroom. Reasonable, rent, Convenient to shoDolng center, bus ?849 N._Tvnd»JI._. BEDROOM duplexes, convenlen University. $75, one month free WO R'OOMS kitchenette. Clean homey. 110 W^Jsclnlo. SS. PETER PAUL PARISH Move In. Very rice. 2 bedroom Phone 324-?535. S'WIMMINfS POOL. 2 bedroom fur nished. SIOO monthly. 2547 N. Win stel olf Flower. Arli. IMPORTANT: Check your ad the first day U appeari; in event of error pleas* cat) immediately U hava it corrected. NO CLAIMS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR MORE THAN ONE INCORRECT INSERTION. Apti. furnUh.---Kant ATTRACTIVE on* bedroom arid din". *95 Including utilities. 413 N. Dmrf. Phone J98-ia95 or 73-94»l. MICE I bedroom. uillltltjfurnlstSd". $45 mo. 3333 Flowlna Wells R)., MA. 3-3111, X6AN small 1 fdrm. »dot« coTfto*. Besutlfut surroundings. Also bachelor apartment. 393i N. Counrry Ctub. EA 5-3171 EA- M335. r--r-~ .IKE new, larg* \ btdroom duplex. 4 closets, nicely furnished, central cooling. $75, 257 W, 8l»ckltdge. APARTMENT for rent. Low rates. Nice neighborhood. Se* at 2M5 N. Treat. BEAUTIFUL \ bedroom. Central heating, cooling. Exc«ltent location. 1323 N. Palo Verde, 5 ROOM duplex. Wishing machine; S Block North of Speedway. 5110 E. Bellevue. MA. 2-0455, ?»-«, ., _ w v » - » T Y T T r '*.*'_ · J"--"" i r TWO bedrooms. Carport. Fenced yard. Pets allowed, 3715 E. Flower,^ $16 WEEKLY UP Kitchenette apartments. Everything furnished. Copper State Court. 19)5 S. 6th. MA'SON APARTMENTS. 422 E. 91 Nice close In apt. $65 $85. 326-322 296-1970. QUIET, clean, comfortable. AmphT shopping. Utilities furnished. $70. 3048 N. 1st. $75 UTILITIES Included. 1 bedroom. Lawn. ·(4X7. 843 TIPTON St. Clean, carpeted 1 bedroom duplex. Carport. Paved street. Utilities, $75. EA. 5-8720, LOVELY, 1 bedroom duplex. Central heating, cooling. Carport, Stores;. No pets. Days, 793-0240, Evenings, MA. 3-9730. EL RANCHO AREA Nice 2 bedroom. Central cooling. aundrv. sto_rase,_623-410i, __ : ___ _ PA'CIOUS" Apartment. Park-Ilk* qrounds. Utilities. Adults. 1501 N. ;odae. __ __ ,,____ NIVERSifY -- Two bedroom duplexes. $75-$90. One bedroom, US. MA. 3-1046. ____ "E4.L APARTMENTS Clean. 1-bedroom duolex. Near bus, hopping and Medical Center. 5111 EA. 7-34 PALO VERDE APTS. 2 BEDROOMS--POOL AIR CONDITIONED--SCHOOLS ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED 2152 N. COUNTRY CLUB EA. A-8181 STUDIO AND 1 - BEDROOM APTS. NEW AND NEWLY REMODELED. $60 TO $90 INCLUDING UTILITIES. SWIMMING POOL. CONVENIENT. SAXONY APTS. 204-211 West Kelso St. FURNISHED newly painted 3 room apartment Reasonable, Inquire 838 5. 2nd Ave., after 4 p.m. Comfortable living In completely urnlshed modern apartments Close D shopping, soil course, and trans- iflrtatlon. Beautiful qrounds. heated iool. shuffleboaro phones maid service, laundry facilities ill N Al V E R N O N a" 1 ?rO £A '-62/t LA POSADO DEL SOL: Large bedroom, nicely furnished. Ueautlful lawn, carport, V? block shopping, bus. Adults. No Pets. 1743 6. Adelaide. LUXURY APT-MOTEL NOW AVAILABLE 1 S. 2 BDRM. SUITES BY DAY. WEEK OR YEAR. ASK FOR SPECIAL SUMMER LEASES REFRESHINGLY NEW BIG FOUR APTS. 1815 E. SPEEDWAY (AT CAMPBELL) Cameo - Falcon DeVille - Commodore Furn. U n f u r n . Studios, 1 BR. 2 B R . FROM $89.50 · Luxury living at moderate rates · Refrio. air conditlonlno · 4 heated swlmmlnq pools · Spacious rms walk-in closets. · W/W carpetlno, custom draw drapes · Storage laundry facilities · Ideal University location · Close to everything · Speedway bus at door · Adults MGR. ON PREMISES--APT. 101 Phone 325-4291 1 BEDROOM, also efficiencies, suit able for 1 8. 2._MA_ i _3-463_4. POOL Large 1 bedroom. Quiet resldentla area. Near La Madera Park, bus shops. Carports. Summer Rates. 30)' _E._La_Madera_Drlve._793J876. SPACIOUS' 1 bedroom. Swimming pool, Carport. Close to shopplnn ^90. 1545 E. Water. EA. 5-3705. · DUPLEX. Nice quiet area. Mountain view. 2 bedroom with dining room, lots of storage. Furnished very nice. Carport 8. outside oarage. Convenient north east location. 3 blocks to bus. A. P. Brown Co., EA. 7-5961. LARGE I bedroom apartment. Idea for couole and baby, 570. 302 W. Ir vinqlon Rd. EFFICIENCY Apts. Fret utilities $5* $60. El Rancho Area. Bus. 1106 N - mllla. 27S-2420. $65 -- LARGE efficiency apartmen 4146 E. Brown Way. EA. 6-99M "DOWNTOWN near university, delui" 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, $85 MA. 4-1384. 3Vi ROOMS. Ample wardrobe. Twl or full beds. Carport. Ideal locatlo for 2 adults. Summer rates. 4640 E Falrmount, NEAR University. Extra large 2 be room. Adults. SIOO till Sepfembe 79J-3332 1 BEDROOM furnished, 2 bedroo turnished or unfurnished. Utlllti 3727 E. 5lh St. EA. 5-442? $21--WEEK--$21 MODERN EFF., FURN. S. REFRIG., ALL UTILITIES PAID, TOP N. E. OCATION, 4253 E. FLOWER. 793653, MA. 4-6942. Musical Instruments 90 INEST handcrafted violins, violas, repairing Inspection Invlled iartos, Organs IANO LESSONS. Cocktail, Jan, etc. $20 per mo, Don Lavar, MA. 3-1154. ROWELl Organ-Piano Studio Prof Instr. Classic, Pops. MA. 7-7697. BALDWIN PIANOS Piano Co. ORGANS 2631 E. Speedway Cash For your piano NEAT, clean, private entrance, enclosed yard. Vz block to bus. 1100 West, (near Congress) With retired German coupla. MA. 3-9739 2103 N. TREAT Ave., 2 rooms, mod. kitchen, Inclu. utll. $15 wk. 793-2164, CLEAN, close-In" 1-2 adults. No l $45 up. 2614 N.J3albga_... Motels 108 $15 WEEKLY AND UP Kitchenettes and sleeping rooms. Furnished. Intermounfaln Molel. 1431 Highway Trailer Courts 112 CALL EA, 6-4384 .__JOrifc!SON_ .FURNITURE PIANO INSTRUCTION - co.. Adults children Barbara Ewald AX 6-4842 REPOSSESSED PIANO Console model, like new. Huge sav- ngs. Will finance for 36 months. See t today. W I N T E R S MUSIC 2648 E. Broadway $39.50 A MONTH Now you can lease a site In Tucson's most luxurious Mobile Home Park THE HIGHLANDS. Woodall's Five itar Rating! ree thermal -Valley Country Club. Five minutes North of Casas Adobes Shopping Cener on Oracle Road, turn left at Tangerine Phone 297-1478. USED SPINETS Zable-Nelson, Winter, Wurlilzer, Slarck, Everett Spinels. Kohler Campbell Console. MULLER PIANO CO. 101B__E. Broadway (at Park) PIANO LESSONT Especially" experienced with younger students. Michael Eliot,_793-Oa61._ _ MOVING, "must sell, Hammond Chord organ. Excellent condition. Phone EA._7-407_2.- r - - 'RIVATE party has~ovelv Everett Spinel piano, French provincial 2156 E. Edison, EA. 5-6298. _ ATTENTION ALL ORGAN OWNERS AND BUYERS It's here--The most fabulous N6W space-age organ with features thai will revolutionize the entire future quality organ Industry, features tha' makes the novice into a miraculous musical giant. P R E P A R E YOURSELF FOR MAGIC Hear the sounds of the fufure now here exclusively at Broadway Organ Located in the dust- belt overlooking Oro Tucson's Fmesf yAporfmenf Selection By Day-Week-Month The Chateau The Empress The Chalet SPECIAL SUMMER RATES Heated swimming pool 1 and 2 Bedrooms Completely furnished or unfurnished Heating i Refrigeration (Individually controlled) Close to shopping «· bus Meld Service NEAR HUGHES Adults and family Clndrlch's, Nogales Highway, 415 E. Corona Road, 294-9995. City limits. SPACES any size Ramana* frailer ..odge, mf N 15th Ave. THE FAIRMOUNT A DELUXE COURT Beautiful one-bedroom apartment. M newly furnished. Wall to wall arpel and drapes. Swimming POO . ll individual units Quiet and prl- ate. Near malor shopping center, _nd Catalina High School. 3619 E. ; alrmount Ave. Phone EA. 5-9742. OFFICE AT 3666 E. 2ND ST. East on Speedway to Dodge South one Block FAIRVIEW MANOR UNDENIABLY THE PLACE TO LIVE. THE NEWEST AND MOST MCbERN f R A I I ER PARK IN TUCSON LOCATED AT MIRACLE MILE AND FAIRVIEW CALL 622-1449, $16--MONTH UP. Grass, shade, quiet Near_ shopping. Inq. 520 E._Mohave. FOR ' GRACIOUS' LIVING, move to beautiful Noblesse Oblige. Woodalls 5 star rating. $35 per month. Adults. Also have cabana, will rent, sell or lease. Plus trailer for rent. Square dancing for residents. 3426 N. Romero, MA. 2-9876. LOW RATES NEWLY BUILT Pool · Balconies · Landscaped Patio · Laundries Storage WAV car Piling · Built In Appliances · Large Roomy Apts · Tastefully Furnished · Summer Rales at 1 BR 2 BR $105 $125 Center, Tucson's "FAMILY store al 4530 E. Broadway. FUN" - HOHSEHOl D GOOD? 7 ivtii »pro CACTUS RUG Ouallly carpel $2.99 so vd We clean £ rcpnlr carpets. lealnre cuslom made nr mo 3013 AUTOMATIC WASHER -has hart belt care-- like new -- party will ssl' for less Ihnn bonk value Mo. payments O K (W A.C 1 $8 See at Automatic: Appliance brokers. 4AM E Speedway ______ .. . ____ ..... -- i'WHiRfPOOL auto w-ishor. Deluxe 2 spoed model. Like new. 6 mo. nuar pay bill. $9.65 a Christie's appliances 8. TV's. E Speedway. "More $$ For Your Appliances, F u r n i t u r e Phone MA. 4-5733 "TARGET" 201 E GRANT · DON"! BUY a new refrigcralor o freeicr until vou call Mil' at ivrlzona Vlntnlcnnnco 624-5541 Expert repairs on all makes Swllchnonrrt open 74 3 PIECE antique walnut bedroom se _cgmp.lel8. M A . _ 4 L 49 07. PICK FAIR CLOSES On May 1st. Hurry to net your ba gains. MosMtems_at cost.,_MA i _5-527 · SPEEDQUEEN auTo washe'r. Stal less steel tub. A mos ouar., » re b a r n a I n. Only $89.50 term Christie's Appliances A TV's. 3013 E...Speedway. ._ Railroad Damaged ALL NEW V 2 PRICE CHEST-walnut $27 BOOKCASE BED $17 DIVAN --nylon $59 PLATFORM Rockers $19 RECLIMERS $37 TABLES $ 4.10 4 PC. BEDROOM $99 DINETTE C H A I R S $ * DESK $33 BARGAiN CENTER F U R N I T U R E E. 22nd St. at Swan Rd. PIANO, while upright, with bench". 1 year old. Excellent condition. $350. Call AX. 8-0948. USED HAMMOND ORGAN t chord organ--I spinel oraan--1 model A-100. Like new, All priced below market for quick sale. Cash or $15 PER MONTH On paved street, near school «nd shopping. Large spaces, friendly al- mosDhere. Also trailers for rent reasonable. Inquire et Shouse Body Shpp._l43_2_W.._Prlnce Rd. terms. W I N T E R S MUSIC 2648 E. Broadway NEW GRAND PIANO FLOOR SAMPLE, SAVE $400 HARMONY HOUSE OPEN SUNDAY 4349 E. Broadway TO 5 EA. 7-4391 TVs, Radios, Phonos 94 ~ ~ ~ -- T u n j n g 92 PIANO TUNING AND R E P A I R iene 7v~RENl A L S i _ o v v price SX T V _3JU3 E Spdwv _ no 1epul EA 4-043J ' _ ORIGINAI TV prentats fjoldmn'r D nn cvory dav Low rates EA 6-7778 CASH PAID FOR TV'S, WORKING OR N OT. B 8, J TV, 294-0181 J W3 PACKARD Bell portable TV. Sale. Cost $15995. will sell for $119.50 cash. Senvcr Electric, 296-4069. SPECIAL LOW RENTS $25-$30 INCLUDING UTILITIES, ONE MONTH FREE. SWIMMING POOL CONVENIENT. SAXONY APTS. . 204-2J1 JVF£STJELSO_ST. ;i? Op--Includes pool, children, pets. Pink Poodle Trailer Park, 3311 N _Elow!nn._Wells_Rd^624-7951. ARTESIAN SPRINGS 5445 N. Shannon. Near Casa Grande Highway, ofl Ruthraufl Road. $30, one month rent FREE. Heated pool adult section, school-age children section. 397-lJiVL · E"S"tATE SIZED spaces'atlow rents In the new 25 acre Tucson Mobile Home Park, all roads blackloopcd. 3740 N. Romero Rd. Ph...MA._4 : 23*2. APARTME"NTS, trailers, and spaces for rent. Low rent, bills paid. 702 _E._3«lh St, T R A I L E R space for rent, on 2Vj acres. Small corral for horse. 6220366. .., SWAN CREST APTS. 1060 N. Swan at 1st St 1 block So of Speedway Resident Mgr. on premises--327'690 Oracle North Lodge FOR THF DISCRIMINATING · Luxuriously furnished 1 2 B R apartments · In exclusive dust-free thermal belt · Spacious grounds. larg* heated pool · Adults, bv week, month, season. · Llmlled number of annua CY. 7-1136 CAMPBELL 6TH POOL--MUST SEE Lovely l bdrm., $110 up. 422 N. Norris El Encanto Apts. · Convenient location. Busline. · 1 and 1 bedroom apartments · Completely furnished · Choice of refrigeration or evaporative cooling. SPECIAL SUMMER RATES NEW APARTMENT Furnished, 1 bedroom, carpeted, ull bath. Water furnished. Adulls. ^lo pels. $80 monthly. EA. 5-5501 2412 N. Bryant. paid. Walking 231 E. 15th. distance downtow . . Grant-Columboi *rea. 793. _ J6ST house for 1, In lovely netgh- xjrhpod, 2215_E a _Adamt ___ "pToOMS, $52 month. Couple. No ets Near Southqale. 3555 S. Llb- 'i-ty. Phong.... ^ _ . ________ OVELY ntw large aoartment. Nicely furnished. Carpeted and lawn. $90. Also apartment, $70. Caroeted. both central cooling. Very clean. 2644 M. yyin.stell_Blvd. · BEDROOM nicely furnlshedToart- ment Near bus, shopping and _schools._$ap^_26 E. Jjjenn. 623-4447. DEDUCED'. AvaTfable by week or month. 3 bedrooms. Lovely fenced ard. Inquire at 4455 E. Monteclta. TRIPLEX--2 bedroom Quiet, Immaculate. Adults. No pets. :A. 6-3884, 4333 E. Bellevue. .ARGE 3 bedroom apartment tur- nlshed. 383! N. Oracle Road. Phone 792-0534. ._ 538 E 1ST ST. 2 rooms, $50. Laundry facilities. University district. 6240075. -DELUXE, 3 rooms. Near shopping, bus. 1826_ E ._Leste r,_E A ._M507 BEDROOM, living room, dining rom, tile kitchen and bath. Cafl 793-7206 or EA. ~6-7977. SELAIR Court. Modern 1 bedroom. Pool. 3414 E. Bellevue. DOWNTOWN, ROOMS, APARTMENTS i44 5. 5lh. Low Rates MA. 4-2684 "LEAN, attractive, 2-bedroom apartment Near Amphl Plaza shopping. Quiet, pleasant. Beautiful lawn, flowers. Adults. $80 monthly, utilities paid. 219_E._ Delano. ··MCE 3-room apartment furnished^ Reasonable. 1714 E. 8tji^ SWAN-PIMA Refrigerated 1 bedroom. Large Hot- oolnl kitchen. 590 month. 325-9692 alter 12 noon. ____ . SUMMER RATES room cottage. $65. 1 r 0. Innulre 1315 E. Leg. BEDROOM duplex. Low rent, $ month, including utilities. 2223 N. Sparkman, MA. 3-2773. NEAR UNIVERSITY 3 Room apartment. Very clean. S61 monthly plus ll_gMs_i_S§s._3?jy734._ Attractive Comfortable Studio duplex, near El Rancho Speedway- Large, modern, separate kitchen 8. balh. $77.50, Includes all utilities. 3518_Ji_._ Bellevue, $65 MONTHLY Attractive, modern 1 bedroom trailer with cabana. Nice yard. $67.50 MONTHLY Large 2 bedroom apartment, carpet shade trees. 3811 E. Presidio __ __EA. 7^5323. E ' DON-TERR APTS. Luxurious. 1 bedroom apartments Quality throughout. Spacious rooms, "anellng, indirect lighting, refrigeration , king-size bed. Complete shopping 8. fine restaurants within walking distance. 1 blk. north Kal Rubin City. Adults. No pets. 5039 E. Bellevue. NEAR U OF A Deluxe 1 Bdrm..Cent. Cool, Priv. Patio, garaoe, shopplna, bus, adults. 3 blks. Lot_Speedway, 1325 E. Drachman. I BEDROOMS. Near bus, shopping. schools. 4M11 E. 17th.. 326-5971. i BEDROOMS, ideal location. $35 per mon llv_2610 N. Dodge. P hone 793-7995. vIHEERFCTC clean 2 bedroom^ bus. ..laundry. $78. 4913 E. Plma. TE"F"R~TG"E"RXTED, i bedroom. Private patio. 1425 N. Belvedere. Phone 327-4071. BEDROO, range, oven and plenty of cabinets In cheerful kitchen. Summer rate SIOO mo. 1209 N. Srvant; 622-8171. . way__aad._AJye:rnorL EL RANCHO AREA Modern studio Apt. Pool-patlo-ullll- les. Suitable for single man or woman. $80 lease, eves. 325-5948 2 BR. - POOL - $110 Nicely furnished duplex. Central heat, ng, cooling, carport. Adults. 1503 E. A£eja!de_Dr._E-A. 6j6470._ NICELY furnished 1 bedroom apartment. Private patio and storage near base, E 2820 E. 61h St. EA. 5-7221 TROPICANA APTS. · 1-2-bedrooms · Completely Furnished · Beautifully landscaped grounds · Special 6 months rates now, · 3815 E. 3rd St, _ _ __ _ 1 BEOROb'M, clean, well furnished. Adults. No pets. $60. 3038 N. Rlchey Blvd. _ _ SOUTHERNAIRE LOW SUMMER RATES Spacious, luxury 1 bdrm. apt., ref. cooling, heated pool. Private storags S. carports. 910 N. Alvernon. NOW Renting--t Unit Court located at the corner of So. Irvlngton i S. 13th Ave. Clean 2 bedroom apis, furn. 8, unf. $75 per mo. Call EA. TRUST, me. else in Tucson can you all of SUMMER SPECIAL Attractive 4 room. Adults. Beautifully landscaped. 1220 N. Wlnstel Blvd. CATALINA FOOTHILLS Beautiful 2-b«Jroom, 2-bath, all-electric house. Pool and other resort facilities. Ranch House Lodge, 3 blks. E. of Campbell en E. River Rd. EA. 6-2652. 1 BEDROOM near Afr Base. 5028 E. Baker St. 326-5547. MODERN - NEW bedroom apartment, beautifully furnished, electric kitchen. 5127 E Speedway. Ca11_624-0063_pr_326-0529 J _ LA PLAYA APTS. 2 bdrm., furnished, refrigerated, heated ooof. 3647 E. 2nd St. 327-0840. LARGE and private 1 bedroom. Near Mountain and prince. $75 month, waler Included. MA. 4-2895. Eve- nlngs, MA. 3-2846. . SPACIOUS, 1 bedroom furnished apartment. Near shopping center. Summer rates. Patio, garage. Call Mrs^ _Fackleman, 793-2195^ U~NTVER~S7TV~aistFlci. Large 2 bedroom apartment. 1116 E. 8th. $70. MA 3-2120. NICE CLEAN furnished, 1 bedroom. $60, utilities paid. Close to Hughes Adults. EA 5-9372, alter 4. Ask for Waudenberg. DUPLEX, 2 bedroom. Very clean Near-new living room. Near shopping *nd schools 4527 E. 18th "QUALITY VALUE TUCSON INN Apartments. Swimming Pool and Recreation privileges. Completely furnished Efficiency Apis, with pullman kitchens. Including linens, maid service, and utilities $92.50 to $97.50. Without kitchen $75.50 to $79.50. Monthly with lease. Inquire: Tucson Inn, 127 W Drachman^ .ease available starling at $165 furnished 5945 N Oracle Rd NEW '24 PAl MS A P T S " Swlmmlno pool 1 or ? br I 3 /* oatri carpetlnn carports airb rlKp G E kitchen, refrloerallon 4425 E Lee. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 2901 E. 17th St. 1 and 2 bedroom furnished and un furnished apfs. Carportes. storage * laundry facilities. From $80 up. Call 793-2971 or 633-6961. Arizona Trust Co, IDEAL for couple, 1 bedroom, car port, utilities furnished $75. 820 E Grant. EA. 6-8551. ALOHA APTS. Large one bedroom apartment Poo ana shuffleboard. Special summei rales. Week, month, or lease. 380' E, 4th. Efficiency apartments, $40 up. Al utilities. 900 W. Congress. BACHELORS! Do you love desert foothill living. Scenic. 623-1651, 624-8664. LOW summer rates, clean rooms . elflc. npts. 22J5 S. 6lh., MA. 2-9467. · LIVING JUST A 7-IRON AWAY FROM TWO IB HOLE GOLF COURSES 4 10 TENNIS COURTS PRIVATE POLICE PROTECTION. · PRIVATE WINDING STREETS i LANDSCAPED, 18 A C R E ESTATE. i ONE STORY DUPLEXES, WITH LARGE FRONT AND REAR PATIOS. i PRIVATE CARPORTS. i RECREATIONAL AREAS--SHUFFLE BOARD, CROQUET, HORSESHOES. VOLLEY BALL -- FOR DAY AND NIGHT USE. 2 HEATED SWIMMING POOLS. LARGE GUEST ACTIVITY ROOM 1, 2 J. 3 bdrm. apartments Furnished 8. Unfurnished Available day, week, month or year. SUMMER RATES "RENEWED" ALVERNON TO TUCSON? OR JUST VACATIONING? Variety, completely furnished Act), King size Pool. 5 acres beautiful grounds. Trees. Lawns. Clubhouse. Laundry. Children welcome. No opts. Tucson's newest and finest Invite* Vour Inspection. Catalina Village Apts. 5324_E._Js.t_St._ 793-71H AVAILABLE NOW THE FLOWER APTS 3427 E. FLOWER, near Grant and Alvernon. I bedroom furnished Apt., like new, In quiet adult 12-unit court, landscaped and paved, pool, carport, storage. Attractive rate for summer or lease. Phone 327-2900. Broadway-Country Club Monterey Apartments 2933 E. 10th St. 325-5557 OA\ (\UCINO S. ALVERNON 327-6011 Opposite Randolph Golf Courses 2 ROOM, utilities furnished. Oute entrance. 429 E. Helen. * RENT-- Nicely furnished 1 and edroom apartment. Carport. Laun/ . No oets. 109 W. Prince. EK, month, year. $60 and up. $45 Mo. Util. Inch For one. $55 for couple. 2 lartte modern rooms and bath, nicely furnished. Near bus and stores. 459 W. ONE bedroom, near" Rlncon Hloh. Screened porch, large closets. Water SUMMER SPECIAL Batchelor's kitchenette. Quiet, clean. Summer rales. 1521 E. 7th. CHARMING, 1 bedroom. North east. Utilities 5-7556. furnished. $78-$80. EA. C R A I G APTS. SUMMER RATES Flowing Wells Area, very attractive ' 2 bedroom duplex. Close lo schools. $90 month. MA. 4-1655. $1.25 PER WEEK USED TELEVISION SPECIALS The Big Reliable House TO BUY OR SELL General Auction Inc. TUCSON'S OLDEST LARGEST Sales Fri. Day Si N i g h t 4628 E. SPEEDWAY EA^JMt . MA. 4-2034 Wanted lo buv good used furniture SACRIFICE """" Maple poster, twin beds, complete $50. Full slie Hollywood bed, plastic headboard, complete, $50. Miscellaneous. 2032 E. Monte Vista Drive. EA 5-8255. _ FOUR POSTED maple" Bed, com- plnle. Chest, dining set. Picnic table and benches, end table, lamps and miscellaneous household goods. 4157 E. 16th SI. Opcn_ll to 4. GE'IJEPRIGERATOR'. Douhfe"~Hoor: 12.5 cu. H. Like ..pew 1150. J2J-2439. T3 cu. ft, Frigldaire refrigerator, ex- cellcnt cond., very reasonable. EA. S-24J9. _ MARINE o~frailer toilet; oood work- Ing wringer washer $15; nood used working relrlgs. From $19.50; new b,iby bnd A mattress $75; We buv X, sell. ART'S FURN., 4702 S. 131h, 2 WOOL """ PHTCCO t . ._ _ MA, 3-5569 KENMORE electric range wfih grld- dle and rnnne lop rollsserle. $75 LKtirt iuir. Free Pedigree. EA. 5-79ii lowest prices Tn Tucson. Call 296-4705 for n car pot layer lo Drove H to vou *ftcr p.m.. ,,_^ i - r _,-.-. i ,-- M 5 g l 6-3A17 F U R N I T U R E Immediate Cash GENE Entire Hous'choid""Furnrshinos EA. t-3880 _ 40" FRIGIDAtRE electric Vange. Rea- AUCTION FULL sire Tanpan electric Funoe. Moved to new home and have no place to store It. will »»crlflcl (or 17 21' 24' F o rR e n t 1 1 J| _ _ ;35 nn3 UP. "Gas and llqrils furnished No nets. 2110 E. 13th SI. Phone MA 4-9039 10X5: FT f P A I l ER I h e d r n om Adults onlv Only O.K Trailer Sales 3901 N_0racle._ _ LARGER late 'model trailer, f "Bdrm. $60. Adults. 108 E. Prince. _ 5? (VEEKI Y "IONEF° T R A M F.B b _ 4lh Ave T R A I l F?p houses Apartments Ren vinnbk i955_W_5ind]e. _AX _-Ji04_ C"i7Y trailer apartment. Pool Ree Jiall ShopDlna^MA _4 : 514I _ 1 BEDROOM modern tr'aller! Small apartment, swimming pool. _No_ pels ..... ml. 43R E. Prince BRAND NEW ADDITION OF 47 More Apts. Now Ready For IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY 1300 N. C R A Y C R O F T New 1 bdrm furnished in earlvi American. Carpeted relrineraled.i lovely pool pallo. summer rates Close' to shopplna bus Phone.296J5BJ Eves. AX. 8-7174 CABINS. $35-75 per'monlh. Adults. MA. 2-9534, 2545 S. 6th Ave. Tucson's Best Values WHY PAY RENT? We will rent you a MODERN MOILE HOME for as low as $48 oer month and apply all the rent toward he purchase orlce. How can vou lose? nvestiffate today Choice selection of econdltloned Mobile Homes--all sizes. Desert Trailer Sales New and Used Trailers 125 Miracle Mile MA., 3-577.2. BEOROOM, $60 month, utilities furnished. Inquire front house, 470 E. Yavapal. 18 NEW LUXURIOUS UNITS ALVERNON-SPDWY - , Clean, a.tractively furn. 1 bdrm 4 1 BedrOOm from $100 udlo apts. Carporls, pool, washing ·) rj^r-rv, ·) T3-?ifK T7v C l O i studio apts. fac, Reas. 4128 E. Falrmount. Adults or with Infa: Rd. SWIMMING'POOL 7_be_d_rpoms, modern, 37fl? N. Isl. 3 BEDROOM, IVi hath. Front kitchen. Adults. MA 4-3360. Deluxe Trailer FLOWING WELLS, Modern, In small quiet court. Shoonlnq and bus. 1354 KHhurn Rond, MA ?-3393 Completely Guaranteed 2346 N. CAMPBELL 2202 S. 6TH AVE. Open 9 AM 'til 9 PM AL.EPPS Rod/'o Television Co. MODERN 2-bedroom. Space, waler furnished. Adulis. $65. 294-1645. 6412 5. Country Club. "WHY PAY RENT? We will rent vou a MODERN MOBILE HOME for as low as $48 per mo. S. apply all the rent toward the purchase price How can you lose. Invesllgalc today. Choice selection of reconditioned Mobile Homer.-- all sixes Desert Trailer Sales New and Used Trailers 21?.S MIRACLE MILE MA. 3-5777 T R A I L E R , deluxe coiirl, 319 W. Plats. Clubhouse, pool. Lot 41. MA. 3-8949. l'- BED ROOM Trailer Flowing Weils shopplnp center. (6(1. Bus line. Adults MA. 4-?iflrt _ _ __ 28 P'T TRAILER". MO Mo, i. pool. Utilities nald, 335 W, Pa«llme Rd. 1 BEOROOM. Adults." Excellent loci- E. .2^ = 5 5 ~ ..^. C1.T S ± E f t SdT. ^ c ais'T;^:: - tudio Apts. BR 2 BR. I i iaS la§ « 5=1 FURN* SHED AND UNFURNISHED TUCSON'S LOWEST Bdrm. Bdrm. Bdrm. RATES UNFURN $ 95 $115 FUR I" $11! $135 $150 lion. . 29S-3461. 2 neateo swlmmlnp POOH--AIF Condilloned 2 'aundrys -- Eaulpnc't piavprounJs Storaie Rooms - Janitor Maintenance 1C Minutes to Downtown 334W.VRLENCIF RX 4-4291 BRAND NEW ool · Refrigerated Air condlKonlng 1 W/W carpeting · garbage dls- osal · built-in range/oven · re rlner«1or ancl drapes. .OUNCE COLOR TV Unturn. Furn $ 75 $ 90 $ 90 $110 $110 $140 Downtown U of A Area SEE THE NEW BEAUTIFUL BRENTWOOD APTS. 835 N. 6th Ave. CORNER OF 2ND ST. Resident Manager on Premises nr rail 622-4443 2 Bdrm 2 Bath Fr. $120 · CLOSE TO EL CON SHOPPING 3 BLKS. TO RANDOLPH PARK 460 S. B R Y A N T AVE. - 793-2033 40 NEW G A R D E N TYPE UNITS .arge Studio from $ 70 1 Bedroom from $ 90 2 Bedroom from $100 · NEAR DOWNTOWN and U. OF A · 951 E. TENTH ST - 623-2023 Both Units Feature i AIR CONDITIONING - POOLS i BEAUTIFUL COURTYARDS AND ALL THE MANY O T H E R MOOERr i AND DELUXE CONVENIENCES COURTEOUS RESIDENT MGRS. · UNFURNISHED OR FURNISHED Just A Few Available Call or See Today! SUMMER RATES bdrm, swimming pool, resor grounds, knotty pine Interior, B-B-Q pit, $85. 3668 S. Belmar. CAN'T BEAT THIS ne bedroom, danlsh modern, laundry duties, pool. $75 per month. 3424-C . Klelndale. AX._8-3222... Shady spaces, $15. Stay II monlh» -- 12lh month free. Saae Brush Trailer Ranch. 1601 W._Prlnce_Road. 623-7241. · 1-BEDROOM-- 418 E. Palmdale. $63. Near Veteran's Hospital. EA. 7-6388, EA. 5:1352. _ _ _ _ _____ $50-- 2-room efficiency, utilities paid. ONVENIENT to base. 3 room duplex. Fenced yard. $70. 5733 E. 1st. EA. 6-6909. . _ . . FOR "RENT) funf^sheti 1-bedroom apartment, swimming pool, close to D-M. 325-4755. 5349 E. Ferry D.r^. R E A S O N A B L E Efficiency and three room apart enls downtown, EA. 5-4129, Inquire 25 E. 12th. $60 1 bedroom. Near University. Utlll les paid. Call EA. 6-0312^ E F F I C I E N C Y apartment, university area Utilities all furnished. Close to bus and shopping. 793-7441. EA. 5-6651 W._LlncoJn._294.3792. _ . _ . _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2-BEDROOM apartment, furnished. 1653 N. Magnolia. $75. 793-0279. LARGE one-bedroom aoartmenfl Campbell and Amphl snooping. Pool and laundry facilities. Summer rates. Blacklldqe Lodge. 1126 E. Blacklldse. MA.3-7277, LARGE I bedroom. $75 Includes utilities. 2820_E,._Valencia. 294-9708, NEWLVremodeled 2 bedroom. $67.50. Larot efficiency. $55. 319 E. Ft. REASONABLE. Lovely 3 room, balh with tub. Amphl Plata. 3121 N. 1st Ave. BEAUTIFULLY furnished apartment. $62 40, with tax. Utilities oald. 113 . LARGE . .^pt^li ______ rooms. Doolln-Cafallna _ _ _ _ _ E ,__G r n nt.__ V E R Y clean, rwo bedroom duplex. nicely furnished, five rooms and balh. _H ij)h._J70_mon I . d u l t s . _ . - ______ __ ATTRACTIVELY furn I Bdrm. ef«c. Kitchen, private pallo. 1624 N. Belvedere, alter _5_p.rn.,_or_weekends J 2 BEDftOOM, clean. Landscaped. Cooled. Speedway-Campbell area. 1421 E. .Drachman. __ __ ~ " ~ " . . O~N"E~Mm "efficiency, 1414 "N." DODGE $70 3 ROOMS, NICELY FURNISHED. C A R P O R T STORAGE. GOOD LOCATION .. TERRA ALIA Garden Apts. R E F R I G E R A T E D , Spacious 1 S. 2 bsdrooms. Heated pool. Ytfarly-mcKifhly rentals. SPFCIAL SUMMER R A T E S 3122 E. Terra Alta Blvd. __ , utilities palf, $40 m o n l h l Y . 3 1 E^_Grajit._622J7rt. t'OR'OOM duplex. YaroT CenTral cooling. 4564 E. Seneca. EA._4-6?81j 2 BEDROOM" near Campbell Plaia. Extra nice. 4-3324. . For appointment, MA. - . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CENTRAL cooling, clean 3 rooms, laundry, pallo. Near bus, El Rancna Market._JL103_.N. Camilla... _ C L E A N and newly painted, 2 beT room, good furniture. 313 E. Al- iiras. Phone EA, 5-7166, _ university. Living room, b«d- tile bath, ktlchen. Alio two rooms, re'riqernllon. MA. ?-Q416. rTEW" large efficiency'. "Beautiful view 8, private yard. Quiet. 2319 N. Cr«v- crolt, room, (off County Club between 4 8. Sis.) 5th 2527 E. EDISON Beautiful clean 3 rooms and balh. Storane and laundry, SUMMER RATES 2 bdrm., spacious grounds, conven- lent !pca!lon._2124_JBJ_N, Forgeus^ CASA DE AM [COS Bellevue at Dodge 1 and 2 bedroom triplexes. Heated pool, Summer rates. TANQUE VERDE VALLEY GREEN BELT 5 MILES FROM TOWN Studio apartment. 1 bedroom. Inn room, kitchen, bath. Hloh walle patio. Very attractive surrounding flowers, shrubs, trees. Located In center, 14-acre Ranchetle. Keep horse, excellent rldlno, no t r a f f i c area. Complete privacy. Utilities paid, $125 per month. Phone AX. 8-0134. after c weekends. PH. 325-6422 Children-- Pets Welcome 2 I, 3 bdrm,. Inc. TV, unto washer. , rm,. . Weekly-monthly rates. EA. JTEFFEN REALTY, 4540 *-09JO. E. m Studio 1 «, 2 bdrm furnished »pts $J5-$150 mo. 40 (t. pool. 10 mln. from downtown. 793-IJ04. After 6 p.m. please HEATED POOL New lame furn. 7 bedroom burnt adobe. Children accepted. Low v««r- round rent. school}. bul, EFFICIENCY apartment. Close lo University, churches, shopping. $65 month. 1121 E. Lee. 336-5964 eve- nlnos. . Ranch House Lodge In the beautiful dusl-fre« Catallnc Foothills. Pool, resort facilities. Ef rlclencles 1 and 2 b»droorn apart ments. From $65 per monlh, Including utilities and weekly maid service. 3 blocks east of Campbell on E. River Rd. EA. 6-7652. LOVETY two bedroom apartment. loy us« ot beautiful pool. 245 E. OV En Delano. L/WVERjiTY. _ __ __ , __ . __ , room »iftdency, . $65, ulTlllleb Rear cottage, $40. 2 4410. """^ Near snoppma, 2876 N. Cherry, SUMMER RATE! EL CORTEZ Laro* 1 and 2-bedroom--completely furnished--beautiful p«tlo--swImmlnB poof--covered carporfi. Day, Week. Month, Y»ar 147J N, Swan Rd, 6A, VERY PLUSH New 7 bdrm., 2 balh apt., carpet «. drapes throughout, large w«lk-ln closets, private patio, pool, exclut v- are». Walking d'sta ' " -·----'- A but. 969 N. Jones I . One bedroom, private pallo. Storage, carport, 793-1733, 1545" E." CAMDEN. Newly turnished spacious 5 room apartment. Adequate storage, quiet restful. Adullt, EA. 6-72C4 lor appointment, _ - _ ' ' Middle aoe and retired, best of courts al reasonable rents. A t t r a c t i v e l bed room apartment. Lovely 7 bedrt furnished. Cfnlrs »pt. ·lion. . . -- r ------- .-·-- ..... ± ron\. For further (nformallon C« 1402 E. MANLOVl _, 1, 2 «. 3 bidroom furnljhfd Oir menti Private patio. Wifir Mlt Close In »J4-3nJ.

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