Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 50
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 50

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 50
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Pag* III HEY KIDS... EASTER TIME IS TIME FOR KIDS P ADS FREE USE SPECIAL ORDER BLANK IN TODAY'S CLASSIFIED SECTION AND BRING YOUR AD TO THE FRONT COUNTER OF THE INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM -- TOMORROW, APRIL 5th, IS DEADLINE -- HURRY Hornet for Sol« !3» LOS ALTOS . . AREA PLUS . . . "- MEAT AS A UN : IMroora. dbL tarage. w-« car' Sets t pram. Lovely Yard 4 patla. Ouitt street, wait a the - Broacwav. Try SIJOO dn. So new · m. Can ... M'OORE . loan. Cal Daj -- |X · · IX IX PRICE REDUCED J-tEDROOU. I IATHS Fireplace. forced air heat. aetio. pray vsrd. Carpets draoes. B* lot landscioML »1)OT1 CU lor Homes for SoU 131 NORTH LONG BEACH TWO DUPLEXES XM. cond. klr. rits. L-B. Bl«d 14 LOT--TOF LOCATION twin. AV», klr. Soutk 4 Atlantic ,8550 --J390DN. Itedrm. Hr. Alondrk 4 Uwt CHOICE H-l LOT »S.m. klr. Sou!* t Oranoe I-8R. DUPLEX + HOME Lm. yd. Rm. to build. Keel kick. :::MOO.RE LOVELY J-B*.-MATH -HUSEFAMaYaOOM - «ni ' extras b-i loaded-nt 1 sfirenlaces, toads ef closets 4. . Jtoraoa 4 sJiem. glass door so 4 charm patio. Top tocatloa Kk» , ws:k to an schools t Broadway ' Shonoino Centwr. Cal CE *74M-- - ton *t SOT E. Par. Coast Hwy. · W A L K E R LEE r-ABUtOUS STEF-DOWN UV1NS ROOM wllb fireplace, aidirod tohtin. I kiads of kceeaL Ultra snara f. BR. ft den. ceramic tit. fcatn, TA wirtn. many extras you'* tove. Has no equal at lust SlUsgt but can DOW. Tomorrow will b. too latr HA ty.t-f.1, at XI4 Woodruff Ave. W A L K E R LEE Homes (or Sol* 139 ROSSMOOR KITCHEN DEQGHT VM-B bo *M best cook, wilt bland stove and bankln. copper rood. *etn«. » frecer. far*. 4 Disfunaster. Dintna rm. + family rm. Or. wtvlc* POOL-4ldk. Dot detached paraae. Room for boat. Can HA (uaTeves; CE »232«. TOTE* REALTY MR. EXECUTIYE Ortolnal "Starllohltr" model reduced. 4 Bedrrns. anind-den. Busy man^ landscaelna. HJ^ aa possAle knprovemcnti. Includina air cond. See for yoursett. Cal RYERSOIC HAZLET, JONE CE S-KH Realtors -- - . JONES CE »«0t SOMETHING MiSSINS? Jio* thaf w« kriew 9f . , . tul - voy be the lueae^ "S!e«oer-!J 4^ bedroom, * turn, tarpers, draoes. " »4«ltf, drver. d;sti»». Lcadedl -tven sortnuier svstem. Came see A teH ws the amwtrl o K-. w * CFFtn"' 1 . . TiYiUOa 43ownl ' Ji.oco? tfev at . . . * 2091 BELLFLOVVER HA «5T3 ·-laUS-SCHRADER TAKE SOME TRADE NIW 4-UNIT AHS. . 4 (EDROOMS--M IATHS I Z-IEDROOM. l!ri BATHS tncomd tVS me. Has caroet draoes, bullt-lrts, ctoscri ealoro, Ptillmaa tains, tuo enclosures. Studio-type KH. S varages. Sep. washroom. Slljao equity, en era. "JOHN w. «b. REALTOR CAtTW 431 E. HjrLet CA 1-433 A (EAUTiFUL KOME 4AONTPELIE* MODEL win) kit tte eitras Irctuded. A outdoor kvma area around · SUMSET POCn_ A must m your snopomt ASK FOR CHUCK GE 0-im Cgmminos Rea!N CE S-4S43 Hornet for Sol* 139 AVRIGLEY HOME OF THE WEEK 3oot!e*s .VBeOATi*-, rew carDcTlno. W dining rm. · file kitctvea witt. fst. B4V. lot, pool 1:21 vtrd. IT!Xrfl dowit. CM . . BOBEMRICH.RItr. KA S-7*T ef HA **3a WANT LARGE ROOMif Se« thist Soacwus tidnn, panel carpci 4\ dram. ITt va ^7.^^^?^ ftEDUCED JIXCO! MUST SELU Xbr. * guest bout* with «· bam. Lee, tL H cH, win. breatiHt. »ar. i*oc.i COT, rate, ititr. HE l*f?4 Southlond Cities Prop. 140 NrL CATHOUC SCHL f'gJct t4jrms-. ft 2 tfttTts, sea. *,, " er.ntnB a^ta ft ifeo saver * fclTcnen ft large covered lanal HAPPINESS FOR YOU Vtcant. ImmeJ. PesaessToa J-B*dr«m txtme. snt. tfiunj rm^ tShed kite*, ctrsrom-brtL bkfst Book. Uxlj detacAed. rurngus rm. witn ffireDiaee. t car garaoe. jjjVKT'ssi ·a?-.TM FRED ROSE RLTT. G£ 4-0911 $2U50 Snara home -- Beautiful Tartf -Central tocaflon--fluiet street. CA nut Eves. CE irn MOULD REALTY ARTESIA Ofoag« Comfy Prep. 141 NORWALK NO DN. 61 Attrpc. »br. mod. stucco. sgs l^fe ba^ cov. patla wlts^BBd. toa. fenced yard, only «3 U mo. P4, I PIONEIP. BROk-EBS UN S-4J41 enly s PARA5IOUNT THIS IS IT S13B moves you k\ 3-bdrm._sfycca 20 OAy ORDERS NAVY COMDR. MUST GO 4-VX. Va'«. Cootf condition. B1RCAIK PRICE--LOW DOWt4 c. ROT ccm«i CE»«ij Evenings CE VCT«4 SEAL BEACH SEA-RAM1C BEAUTY! S-Bdra. t den come Win beaufl. fu4 eanorantc ocean view. ALL ELECTRIC with Individual roon beattna. Can Maureen wares-Cf V2S34: Eves. 4»4t71 REX L HODGES CO. ra k»ai« SI, Seal Beack - . " JOE WARREN REALTY ' - ' ,., U SLASHED $2000 U r Hare 4-Bedroom ft tarn nn-. m r .Uft*, Beautiful carpeting, drapes ·L decoraTor colors. Shea or g-jnt rm. to ftarage. Never so J mucfi for sa BtTie. Calf . . . :$TOTLER Realty SERVICE V Cn r. Canon, day^llte. HA « CTTI : .SUMMER UYING *·· IftvTfinff 70*40 pool wilft rode *· water- ' · ' ot HV ·'·"joTwARREN REALTY · KA l-Htl CE B.1C3 '. .NEAR STATE COLLEGE »'front krtcften,. snaGous dining . grea^J-car delacfwd garage. Out' at fowtt Haw owner. Quick pcss. Red Rose R}fY.GE4-0981 2720 WAREER - ' - _ · FO* YOU t _ J-tav * tarn. TT V*'' W erBt*-* Vms 6 "**'*""" rtl " f * *" * 2t?aL ? J£E"FUR» KLTY. ct »vicr Room* wea 1 br. home win tjH a.n. rm. ft brttst. rm. Beau- tituilv carpeted v.'secar rm, A Vi bam. JUso has Weal work shoo. gar. ft tool room. See ttii todwl HOWARD SUTLER. UTL 17« ATTAiXTtC AVE. GA *-U7t NOW SK THIS! 1 BEDROOM SPANISH Sharp, redecorated. Larva Ivtnd rm~ brkfsX. rm^ R t tot Cx!29. rvcar tarige. Room to tulld on JOHN W. REED. REALTOR CA S.7V41 401 E. lUarkel HA Sf7«4 2-BX.-- ML CHANGE AVE. An Ideal kome »im loa. tedrms. Jcar tar, SJ,1« ktf 4. wen kenL kst Can ow an ftifs Just ksted. IXTjr^irlced twne. HOWARD JUTLEU, ILJTL 4174 ATLANTIC AVf. CA 14471 2-8R. S GUEST HOUSE J or. Hacienda, dimng rm. G*- r«o* * Dues* house w/lubjfh kn rear. Room to park · tracer or boat. Peved illev. Only 11X750. C* »»:**, CAM7V4. 1ARRT MILLER. 4530 Orange den. I earn, firep( 4 RJ «·,«.·?· §S'/r«t, elt Hum " CE »n»lj HE »-3«51; HE 77774 REX L HODGES CO. $16,000 BARGAIN 3 tctfrms^ 3 talta. Hear Vat* Celleo* «, ,p-«9« kcAoot. Rrtecor. ta ·, «ut ViOQB dn. to rev FHA. Qukck ecnsrssFon. . BURDGERIty.GE 3-048? NEW USTING _ .^gnche home. 1 tdrms. den. 3 , ttnu, btt.-M r«no» t »v«n, ' · » . Forced air. clo t, saattoui. w. YOUU BE SURPRISED J B». komo esmnletev reluvekated: Swim POOL Under S1UOO. US PLATT ST. ROOM FOR POOL bullt-M ranee, even, waser an dryer. Choice tvianng V«t*. MORRIS HOLMQU1ST Jin Pacific P,«r. WE -»3Il ZONED FOR ANIMALS 4 bdrm, trtoden t»ome en tafoe lot. r/i cams* platter* tor "*- rm. has cam* ft 2 H»1 stable. Oese ta ridirtg S1UCO F. f. tijoa drw mavbe less. 3-BR. FAMILY ROOM Near new, TO bams, trots, ft drkDcs, .vtt.-lns, fl-»- kmuHtU dbii. gar. Loe. b*cktvir,t w/cttv der B oct fenced. JIUOO. Owner ·rurlOLrs. EDITH DAY GERSH I1K4 C. CARSOI4 HA 17211 HAVE CLIENTS Meed 1 4 4Sr. tomes, t^e nartet_evsluat;on. LIST ."'» £ « REX L HODGES CO. ta Ulan St, S;al teack RUSTIC MOD. 4-BR. FOR THE VNSECIMENTED HOH-COKFOS«IUNS INDlvtO- UALIST THAT WANTS EX- KO o We T ; H A R U AND AOET CE 4-2S4 SIGNAL HILL 3VIEWLOTS50il30«». CX.-NER VX.L SUBOROIH4TE Can BLANCHE, CA 1743 LEAR REALTY GA6-S9J5 STATE COLLEGE AREA SPLENDOR A^evtd If elegance ta color comclUnenTi 1hi» tovelv soiit level home win »iar* entry, fceauttrjl w/w carDefs ft draoes. toe r«nu v rm. w. fireplace ft feootxcases. 4 bru, 4 btms, naturar eaotnets, ' SUIMIT DOWN . 1-BEDROOM. FUP.MISHEO KLCO tram* near L-B. Blvd. tine** ·arase. Lot son. rna siino. . an nous. JOHN W. HEED. REALTOR GA S-Tm 401 C. kAarkrf HA V4O7 v . 2 RHEPLACES r a o r ouart. n a ... - - tea E. sarma KA ±s i-.-- RAPHAa REALTY COLLEGE ESTATES . OutEfvidingly beautkhjt 4 Bedroom *4jwrre. Large family - ' -- . . · r»arn. toKiaf 3 · ~Mfl Hear an schoo!*. 1 Bloc* from «nnpoin g. tnjoa Owner, ». i Cat CA »7Z7« OWNER SACRIFICE 4 Bdrnu 3 bath Vacant move In. t*l. Bar. Low on. tevmt. Trade? . -?REX L HboG l E?cbT" ·V. SPREAD OUT . wa so. It. 4l*-m. Ki College * Circle. Custom-built. S31JOO. : . EUR.DGEFJfy.6E3-048? ·room. Owner^.T?l7 .VAPLESJURKA AREA 3-BDRM. Fumi^ed. 1^« ba. Located ta LenewDod Estates Owner leaving, must sell--Cal CA J12S7: tIF SUM REX L HODGES CO. MILDRED ROBINSON GE 47407 Rfannr GE « W Vie totowln» extras: HOME * INCOME Two Bice J bedroom fcomes nr. .1 Horn* toss tnaa t 14 vri.' afd, ~Uirge~ family style ·araoe. Priced at' SZ4jao~£noe down wIR nndle. See R todavl HAUSER REAITT CO. «447 f. Arlesia Blvd. TO 4-17V1 HOME INCOME saw. MA. t IB REX L HODSES CO. $9900-2 IOHUS. w hardwood floors, 4 yrk. S500 on, v · m. pan an. tan Bernie Jones eves CE I i*TL MOUID REALTY HA 5-747* SILVERADO CANYON Money to Leon (OX REAL EtTATII A Home--Not 4 Hut ' }Br 4 plastered, w-w-carp^ t-pL, wr«4c«,_piasslvt porcn, oen, oar. U! t-2UJ STANTON BY OWNER LEASE PURCHASE Possible IBrs. n. bams, kdwd. fur, bn-kn. forced *ir Biro, vm on. WESTMINS1ER irs A BUY »BR. r« 14. kom. wllk bJL.kts. eov. pat.e. Can Spoknfieid CC V2S34; Eves. CE 4063 REX L HODGES CO. ta tAaia. St. Sea) B«ack $14.100 KO OCWN CL Nkt Ibedroom, 1 crvfr Ml. Katena TAvlor Htm Onl» Ue tri. H.L OrongeCoBntyProp. 141 $495 OOWN Ceaa as g pin, 3 tedroorn. S^S F.P. W*, mo, JkAove rtgftf in! AnENTlON INVESTORS Cider 3-bedroom, R » fct U50a CARSON ST. REALTY T213 E. Carson. Artesia VN S-4444 Gl SPECIAL Cute as can be and only S13JOO F.r. You'X like R. 100% toan, etc. Ask at Sadlerl Real Estate. real trplc^ plevfts*. ha rear. Fncx, ·nra only CS. I-Br. w-w. euro-. 21UO klorwalk Blvd. Arhnla. un «n»; im s-roi . NO DN. TO Gl BeouTlful VbdVmL, service eorch. fenced. 1 car flvaoe. In excel Lent area, etas* ta gramniar ft w « etesTrrg ccstx g'u AUTONETICS SPECIAL Lovely Provincial J-bedroom A family rm.. 2 tains, oa a klllslde ·- cuM*sac - raret BulB-M A oven, fenced yard. Only -ttod DC»m Vo NEa FHA. A K£AL B17Y. C4H . , . PAPtUEL REALTT 441B Katella CE_t»ll or TAylor 4«m ]BOR». flrealaca hardwood floors, floor furcaca. 4 miles to new DouBtes Soace Center Systems Facility. S-4.JOI Terms. 4X1 E. tail. VVesfminster. 151 Private Money LOANS KtONTHLV fATkfENTS CM 2NOS AS LOW AS $1000 $l«8 Trailer* .1*5 BIG DISCOUNTS lift. Ueal. clean K5a 17^1. Pan Am. beautiful -S1XSJ 3Ht Soarlan. Imp. man. _SI4SO 4S^t Howard; seotlcu SX45fl tOi5» Masnua. Ui pew --XU50 Bank Terms. Bandrtnga Reany 4I» Comctok Blvd- Paramount ««oa f W 00 _$isosa . . Coed kncame. terms, wary A. Smltn CC t-5S7: CE ittl* EATOM;«A»T KEALTY BK. TBA. Fam. rm. FrpL BIT.* Ins. Oraon. ratld » BB9. Fncd. · Soath Boy Property . 142 DOMLNGUEZ ,3500 ,5000 $18,000 Inf crest s tow is 8V. · . WHY PAT 4HOREI F»E£ Af PlUUSAiS NO OBUGATION Hanbery's rad E. BSOAOWAY C£ 4341 "112. E! 0 ""' *i J"^ .Prt»"» 3 EDRMS. 2 BATHS oa Kn R1 Sots. Full ertn Sll.nt BEACHWOODGA 2-1205 iECONO mot deed kans. 1 yrs. M aay. Prompt emdai scrvtce Burt Sm.ltt Co. TO 1 7771. ME451 SAN PEDRO OWNEt Must Sat 11 AUraiesta Foot- kiln M San Pedro. SKarp. we) bt. S-EP- kome w/aU blL-ws. Olshwasnerj ft so* washer, drver. S34A7S. Phene for aapL TE 1-3004 ANAHEIM Caiarrrv den. · '» crpt. drcs. mraut. »:1^ Ins, nJcelv kcot varo. comelinv femd wllk tana. Our dome B ceaa. Cootf »rea, near tJiurcties. «v Auima tJo.rsS'. m cutuct Or. piioscect 7 2*M »:vi r,0vl» von · Itdrm. 1 den. W CT. BUENAPARK VACANT-- 4-BDRM. BY OWNER Ibdmu T.t fcardwd. firs, * '"IVsTDOWN »1401 TISth St LE «4ta titti ftarb. dlia^ Firolact. Comolete- BY OWNER d!m"im.A. redvc. talanced pwr. J495 DOWN mg lam st LT rra eOR.»s. comer lot. fenced, stucco, k4rewocd, r,i cargaran. Kr. ·chools. snooolno. UKdovm. A steal af tm yuf, Bkr. BELLF1OWER stove 'ft refrto. 4, witer soffefttr i. kjvunous carsetlrto Hu 4W, toan. Prkcei under c tat CONK b HOUSES S SINGLES Income (IlSi no. Lot UX21S. Tk s H ideal tor home * Income, as toere to a fine 3 Bedrm, 4. den fcoma tor ewner. Tkis prooerty Is snarol Cood kxatiok to Belt- flower. 191.200-- 41SJQD down. WiH Com Ond tot. CHIe. (f»*rt ar. der Block fcnce. fireclc^ cov. atio, draoet. «sa «n._l«o *M ^. Broker. TA 7^S3 T OWME Crots. t. . . pianrers, pane, landscaped. slA}a drv (TOO ma. to Quality tor FHA «7J or LA ma. Kan. XEdwood l-lJ7e. WAtK TO KEW KAT CO. 1 4-tdrm. tames avail, wim or witnout Dools. l£0» SCHWWtTI SLTT, i691 Beaek Blvd. Buena Park till VIUO LA T447I turn dn.*?ldfI?M' Hi t.ti. w-w C4rp-. blL-ta ranea, patio, ·enctd. N» »d TA Oranoefalr Rlty. LA 1-7211 79H OranaelnorM Ln S-1404 S19S TOTAL ptoves vov today. · bdrm. dm. I battk fenced. C7J MULBERRY Ct MP7 CYPRESS "L4.ST UVlNSr Cory VBr. Small tot. Carpet. rtowd. Toy.? love f when you * JLAT*AJAC.C UTY. GA j-M6i 5?13 Orinpe. After i m. CA HJB7S THIS HOUSE IS A HOME J kalttL den, B** £nlno rm. ee. Rv. rm. Good area. Look -- SubnvL : 1 L STAKR CO. J3J SOtTH ST. CAlt4«7 S2SOO DOWN S klice 1-BR onrls. 7 vrs. old. 1 fu-ra., ] «ar»ors. Inc. J3« ma. C*« 5TEF1 . STEELE t MOSS CO. * JUST LISTED · J B » t Dfie. rt BATHS't tXCITHlC PEATUSSS 4, PRICE 1st 19 caa may be fre lucky Buwrt Ulafce fte erove IT* B.KUNKEL.RLTR.GAM77I LATE HOME $11300 t ." · 2 bedroom, win carDefin«. *~mic tt * kiYctten, 1 ' ' ev »v.r-«. e-irlnt.*l patio. ; TREASUIE ISLE HOME * _ - _ Large tururioui Jbdrm. · : *,- ' draoes. e'ectr. k;ic*i«TV fr* ' ' eiace. covd eaflo. The finest - 1 iDEAi WATEplFRO^47 . _ * BA, T/i taTns, Bfchre windows ta water, swim teach, prhr, pano. pier fleal A «r teat soace UUNTZ ilEALTY _ CC »71T Bgartors SSM E. frd ACROSS THE BAY from *e Caeta:e/s IKK. Oiartnmff , home ea · cnoce corner tocatloa. ramp (.' beai CLJYE GRAHAM'COr CT E. Ocean-Sealtort--HE 11841 OCEAN S BAY VIEW On the PtnimuTg, S rooms. 3 AdTTTrs. ft den, Blus rfnout room. ("JOT.*. 4DQO so. ft. Oigre.! tor · £tnu*l jytrct. 2 f.rexrHacxs, Wet ONLY $35 BUYS THIS » on t. J-bdrm. front. Jbdrm. rear. VtRy SHARP, nr. scnoolv s^ r ^ f Sf i -iSsr c ^^' f4TCH-C»*l«T KtALTT . * DELUXE I O14 t » Lovury Kv;n0 Iw stiara front rms. Xtras ea'ory 8*v 7 ced- T-M mcame rs» --· wrr R-^r FAMILY"KITCHEN~ 3 Br. den. 230 wirlnd. Obie. gar. wltn Vi tam_ 45xl3B R 2 tot. Drive ty 1477 E. Marker. By aopf CA2-4TS BtmkSRItv. CA 2-SZH tiooa DOWN OPE» VKTIt SOLO tSS9 Hammond. 2-Br, Vacant, kirw .ainf. Mod. rtdwd. Tfl. L. tot. HAMvtATZt KAU HA S-7484 HOWE 4 INCOME Start bulldtn. . kmn w* «.._ t SBertrni. bames. Yearly H. nme S2JSO--Uvf M an* i let fne etfier make your payments ^Submit on on. ktQQBE. CA m1 THE PRIDE of HI... Lovely 1 foe br. Hlpn .rade car., a arts. Brfcfst. nook, dinm. rm^. patio. fence, del (araoe. AH tor I17.PSB. Urv. eAHM9 . I bdrra. plus family rocm. 1 re- electric kitcften, sevirs rm. . REX L HODGES CO. EXQUISITE MODERN Jbdrm. «· famify rm^ fireolace, REX L HODGES CO. OPEN PJvt 6320 E. Ilih . features ealort. Y OWUER. SMit krvel »r- J ta. tam. rm. Uarty Imtiroverrienrs. A»mt taSOO. Xlnt. tlnanclno. CE \-T.n-, EX I-KC4 341 Peralta \VEST SIDE R, den. firrpt t% fc«- t3f BR. flrnL wTBanie 1.7JOO BR, ft dea (uraishej SU509 ftRt R J tot CasaOa Jli-Kfl BR. M F«n.on. OELLA BKICHAA*. REALTOR TSI W.WIIkny CA *. RE 4-4UO CA49in NEW USTING Loe. 1BR. ce tatti wim tub t f ait snwr. w:w cpL 4, draoes. A. HEAT * AIP. CON3. Irtrl rm. off Barege, tove'y «ard\ ffow- _ _ dn. Owner wia carry toan. f rcs'tent aria. eorti of svilic^ OM STrv-kV rtTT. O'tll IE FIRST TO SE£i! I BR. on Easy A^e. A rear Mice Home wilti cov, patio, many otter eo-ai. C-1S tot t priced to se CALL NOW! HOWARD linUR. U.TK. 4T7a ATLAXT AVE. CA 14471 TOOC1 ArJ«ra V5Iv4 Phone V2S 599S 5TO? SAVINS HEKT UCBRIS Vacann Uov« ta aovl t Br* tfin. rrn. sery. eortn. laroa tot tO1U. all fenced. Heeo kones. etilckens or what feava rev. For btfonri*- tlen cart Jim ar Irene Jteele. tU^OO FUU. PRICE -- Lew Or.! KA I-?"* Cvn. O36C MOULD IEAITY TORRANCE Ry SLSOO down. S107 monm kv cludln. taxes t Irs. 2 4. oen wlfk covered oatlo. Paradise SP S-lpa FA B41M WILMINGTON NO DOWN PAYMENT Homa t Irmm*. J-J B* houses 4i car garaoes OB 1 tot Payments cheaper man rent. Ino-a E JS5"* ***" va "' *VT ^ brtn....^^ F^lae, Out-ef-Town Prop. · 1 INVESTIGATE Cne-thlrd acre, parcels OR eavej road ta Lauen County. Best kunt- DEAL to bans exclusive* Prompt action on an aoollcanons K B. RoDertson. 20 Atlantic. HE 4-479 INSURANCE money to tun, »V _ g yrs. Hart, KE »^4; CE «-l»S3 Trust Deeds 152 NEW 1WS GUARANTEED '- ' $4960 bncL tal. Be. Local tfcltvery. set- «x ttn. cntom tunusrwl Class door. met. «0rt alum, awnina. ·58 Perry _$22T5 condnonlno. twid beds, awn, Ine enctosure. ·deduced-* Cta W FRY TRAILER SALES T\a PC Hi»ay-Lomita-OA 42290 '60 Mayflower--$5995 3xll wide an knmacul ' tenor, beautifully turnl CEO W, FRT TRAILER SALES nc PC rliweytjimta-OA 42200 Sport Compert ': U7-A C*»ft:« For R, a r pVfeou?SE.'aS Tracks Trcctort -C-" 1 iS IAF.SKT NEW t USED Truck Stock b) Lonf leadk BUYING-- SELLING Irani Ne^Vz-Tok Pkla» SI799 rrocK » U7 !« or can BIB Mansfield Jack Brown, CA 4-XTn Ma BURNS FORD ·" TR1X«. MPT. ' Vn LOTS Bead Blvd. . 38-Ft. GEder ,1895 wayT.oinlta-DAS-1i 12«a FT. I BEDROOJ4 CEjX.JPJ, F»»_TRA1LER. SALES T117 PC Vflwey "Lomlta" DA S-1961 31-Ft.MayfJowtr--$3195 CX IB, FRY TRAILCR SALES " ~~ I Ijmjta" DA 4-2208 24-H. HoBy " CEO. 21 17 "PERFECT CONOITIOtr- . w. FRY TRAILER SALE PC. Hi way t,omlta* DA S 1M '59 Sr-.asTj 16-Ff.-- $995 OUICK CASH FOR 1ST 1 3t»D TXUST OeEDS-NO »AIT INC jap E. 1 B«OAa»Ay CE 4-3^?' HAVE Secure 2nd TA. 10% Int., date. Xn. disc. 12100 DOTS 1UBC 2nd. Bkr. UK 14741 KA VE . 1 SJ n P t - K"* - "asBinp. 4AONE1 Saffie HIGHEST prices oaid tor any trust deed t note ME S244B utt H«f 30% DISC SXOOB 2nd TD. IV S30 _ mo. A duo » yrs. »A J-2P4 Money Wonted . - *nocoJR», airport raitre Sl^Vl. tertns. Vov Mift f VlQP2t, tJJO.U»r 4.400. mercl . itone, lAontana. For Intonnanon. U»rVE jumrTrrt tiome teti . »t33 dn. 1 vr. balance Conv cltf »:r field. 'Wn» Veiiowl HEMET 9927 MAPLE 3009 sq. ft J-becJroora ft den. + famitv room. Hemodcied iwi Rcallv ^armlrr* 2 battts. w-w carpet, drtprs, irearace. must be seen bv aopt. A family home Tou-kt likel Trr S3SOO down, can vs todavT MUUPHRTES REALTY TO 7707 »ta E. Alordra ervfl., fcetl flower I5i33 KEAUD POOL PUrs g reif Bice modernistic J- fcedroora and dea home, Fimlact. and mamr ettier extras. *'e must K t this love'v Home, ewner l«4»- tfale. Asking prtcg VCT5CO- 'TATiWaLER. 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Adults only. »4tH Cemtes A»E S,S503 Trailers for Rent U5-B Tnabn V/ented 165-C ft-E HA\TE J- t IBDRM. HOWES to trade tor Trailer Homes CERTIFIED P.EALTT SALES 1111 E. Artos.4. Betlflower TOrrey 4-3777 HA S-4CT REPOSSESSED T« Ford » loo FU_ V4. R. 4. H. Bice clean trvdu Call Mr. BelL TO 4-4J4 Olr. ·U CHEY. Fleetside V4 too, PU. Good work Kona. Rial clean. Can Mr. i/ellen. TO 44X4. dir. ·40 OiEY. Sedan Delivery. 2AOOO actual mL S39S. Week ua only see Boo. U27 W. Un St.-l R£ POSSESS KM4 -- -«2 Corvan. K. K4.K. »seed box Can Mr. BelL TO 4-4314. Dlr. - . , 'RIVATE Party, -37 Con. Vi-tom pickup, ton. bed. Cajovwr tear drop camper. V14 k-27Z2. ^ ·44 CHEV. VTOM. CUSTO* CAB norm Hoffman Trocu-KE J-4271 140 CHEV. frT, BICtUK LIU new. FYtv. ptv. Orro. owner, Csed aa b«ss. car. ISCf So. Aaanrtc, Cc*. ^Fi, '·t FORO V» ton pldtUB. Stick. IZT deliver ft ss per wk. dir. c*n twit!. .JULAU. uW *vrs« ·42 FORO *4 km pickup. V-4. Stick. S3 drivers t s:j per ·*. dir. Cafl «R. SMALL LT4 42781 ·54 INTERI«ATI01»AU TS Ford fC '60 EL CAMIWO PlCtvlU,*, CTJ9S It ft H- stick. A rare beauty. URC!N"5 CA WC7 . ·xiulBMd, make offer. TO WE WAKT TO Good vsed trailers. F IMG's. 10" wide. CEO. W. FRY TRAILER SALES Z l G P X . - - BUY From TfSl to . .Hwy.-Lomlta- CA IZSS BOAT trailer for ir beat^ arv staoe of construction. LU 1-noi tor clean trail SH la erm iler. WE 1 H.FT. Ski 1 FisMni Boat «o ded 7-otv IHIK. eiec startine, 2S bo^ tIK k-lr. 1CS/JA POWAT, scum of Esc4ndldo oft of Hwy. 3K. llracri ·alley, trot, u after I am. re view of oreen 4. tald tor. Can FREE BROCHURE. Land. San Diego County. Gordo* «:tv. Pa'a. O t 1 TO U acres M DalryUnd. Prin Uc53t3j cad Desert 143 tKt «ALt ^__^_^ ten. Ocn« M. ...m tnctoMti Ban.* «BO_ tar aarcoe. rVlcM LODGE H Crestllne--Sel or submit ywr Srade. Se. wftat a food deal nit could M tor ctfe. Owner's fcousa scpar, t modera. Trlo« Rlfy. CA 2- $195 DN. 3ar Hoar*, crptv, draort, . ·tr. TA r«KCE HOVSE-.For sa'e bv . _ : batns, protesslonpl Iandscaom4 tl4.e54L 4842 Vanouard Ave^ J-Wrm. »14.500 Immei. fon. - - - - w-w.. 3Jrj ctos. to acnrr* trvnu _ .. 6A 4-157? rriy t.oflt tm Pacific Ave. l SZffiS£jgSlf JIOOPE HA i ton 1-2 tOP«L 4 -l BOR.V. 124.0041 tsjoa down. P.ELSON1 Ct »Of; C-t 44T75 »rn REX L HODGES CO. IBOft. cvtrom paneled den wltk bwn-M bookcasd. w w qrv OISPL, aark-lik. yd, w^h flToodligntv CMS. to everyttMld. 1434 C. Mc- 44.nan. Corrtttoo. DOWNEY LA HIRADA NORWALK W. Ke.J Usfl.js--al l:nrs. R K Sreana HJfy. CA 4-H33 1 B*, r/i ka. Warn Vacan*. WiKSLOW REALTY HE M41J CHARLIS L'A'KC HARLfS LAKE CC 14a CUYE GRAHAM CO. BE* C- Ocee« Reanort Xt J jwl POLY HiGH DISTRICT I It don Ttras. Hew v w ea tng. »ig.lagL »«r^ nt HT^i WRIGLEY CUlTcn BUILT 1 yr, atd f4r*. rm. Sn*»e roof. Cprer -^sn*« RRST TIME OFFERED" C»l« 1 Bedroom. Unregncted. Cos. ta sfwcoirr. bua. very clean. Onr* Sl«tva Wiltl terms. BOBEMRICH.RIfr. HA lift or CA VTVt ROSS1IOOR OiannT.gj Saler. 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K2 Henry Ford Ave^ W kninoloii. iHOOES 1» 1 0-Oay~Bw7sa"iiers _F«t stan«o Alamitos Bay 430 E- Pac. Cst. Hwy. CE 4«74 Ai. w»2«- Bostxt LIOO If Ompfil Uarxa Bazaar Ed itan tvna'er. Saootv 0- TWI14 Enoln. Fly Bruto. IW2 KeveL Trad, lor Incom. prop. drt» or 1 CC r4n5 Motorcycles, Scooters 1 66 TRIUMPHS. SEE TODAY BELLFLOWER CYCLE SHOP tUS E- Cornpton. Beuflr. l?sjoe] FlKAKCmS 4ip | PBCtLEHl YAMAHA from $285 · Rabbit ~ Cmnmaa - Tohatsa TWUMPHS-NEW 1 USEO · LONG IEACH 424 » FC LST fRI AAOtOTCVI.!e_ ·47 "CUSM«A«l~icootar. som. new ·53 CM£V. Sedan DellverT. Good - . T£ J-.CS2, dir. 1 FORO to-toa FV. * cvu rtde and be-itrr. S5. UV-SUB. bumpers tor f Downey Ave Aato Parts at Repairs U9 rOnOAS. S24S op. Sales I Service HOtiSA OF HARBOR CITY. U3k Pac. CO. Hwy rM43»T» Brasher's Airfo Wrecting LOTS ta 40--aDprox. 15B cars ta pans. M »av. ew arc eaino to run · storm drl-. mr. tn. midd:. of tfiem. w. must Kouidale--who* sal* w retail. Lots of «ood f ans- porfario. cars--*« reasonati. after wia te refused. ir^O Sautk SL ArtniA 1TM S2471 WE'RE OPEN SUNPAy 4-4 P.m. STOP RITE B^ctd br afc- sT^e^ all cars t4SB .-^.lano. Bonded BraTe svtnie. 4T1 E. Anar«;m Fti 43 TUT LABOR tfe. cis atfom. trans, a.m. Eno:n. ..% or tuneup. Sman sery cttB. Auto Trade Scnools, IQ'E. Campton. Cmpf. KE l-TSU SPCT CASH FOR *f{3 lv S_ACRES ar. Carwut, S1*T5 fpreotace. KSOt F.P, rnotiTwood. HA HIM MoieytoLocm CO* REAL ESTATII 151 Vt ·» gppreoa^. f»re- ·ndve, civartTurv jmide ft gut. Cn« * * JC.I f ·t^ w1 2,,,,f OW l wvoncMrfuf wocafi*.* new Cerrflos p^S?K5r I0 -* rw J400DOWN Tat. y«r FHA ba. -,,.«»* . _ ». 24. -,Br. *e- ^duced. must be SOU, tkr. CA 4-4*11 NO OOWN levyy 4 BJrns. » Den. r* Bafn. f'epiaca. W. fenced tart 144 04 f 1 I · vets. Key t Pu. C* p r.4?r» UN M47 IJ2IJ E. filtSTONE NO DOWN 61 Lo« Down FHA i*V_L*·-.*·. «.C» lot tltJDow* Baytnfi. Ira ftap. ravf Vacanf-t^nty B*-m ± 2 talk. Hdwd. tira. B»» R-LO. Ftrod yart Ha ««aiify*«^_ 4ftov. 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