Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 19
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. i» INDEPENDENT (AM) -B-5 IDE F-AJRTTLTRJB3 © *i4*r LWM ftuch »rrf Oranft Cwrtr Marrwdttjn Ami: Sunny wfi* SOT* h tod4Y »nd TuMdir Low rJomJi I*** e«rlv Tund**. Cookf dart. frt «S. Hlghi todiy trrxn 41 *I bwch« to WAT 10 wsmwi Waal unUiH Ar»*t: Owr nVX^ ·"d vjrmt mJW dan through TunOiv. l_ocil rxrtt*«1 wind* IS to B*rchSknWiKrg loddy. Ovwnitfil kw* BVj «. t »tj Tuewiay SStotf. ** DtMrt Rttfcw Oar ntt^h *od vjrm firm dan Krowsh Tueitfcv. tt ow ** Vi^tf d«*rti »"d moiMr 3tH «w dnern. Hfcfa today atj y Kfc to*w *«rt» and 73 to tt ueew **«tv 1 S *3 P ACTIVE VESSELS 1M CcniMrd Cr M*rtiw Ex Ben* Op*f» ... .LB-A.-C LBIU 2 children die, 4 are ill after eating insecticide Celebrating our 7th year... DM 19 111 F*f lUEISwfc to 15 fcnoti Wl lllcfmxl One h) 2 fool .lin*OO«l»NDTIOE$ S'Hatv SwtMt: 4-06PJn.Mo»nrh«: I2:W ·: 5:53 I m. }«MI: 6.C1 pjn.M*MTil«: l.faiirv tY~i ltf«: Highs: II fc*l at l:DaJn. ard JJ feel II *:J7 PJn. · m. and 2.4 «ttalt.l2prn. 4ay1 tid*»: H^ts: 11 F«*l al 3 71 am. and : 13 S3 im-anj 2J fcvl It W.OS./TV J'NOAY-S WEATHER REPORTS l «c«[G'J Ij (Pa Ik] II ajn. U t e t l l l ! : J*l*rrcta do) . lA-A/v:. ?22 IBS EurePKi'k:. . twos Bnrt..... N Y X LJf* PwlaOilWartimogCorp. ........ Wrt. HctgMinn M2, SVwtort Crown 2*krtacti J.Z2. Ra'n'«- SdJXlla Slum Ni» V72, S.rr«rt A"las Seine (Li) Orach CO) H t Pre. Rogoe iwl S.un(bg) nK«w Jersey CY1 ..l^Are. 221 L6J m«9Llne. Klint . Rlvwwie SAatmtn'.d i»rv Bfmart'no .. .. W . LMI! . . U Savse Bna. Towing . Teuco. Inc. . 172. S. Ft art .... y?i COM Riy ...,171.Co»Ba» .. 171. Vmo f*r DL'RANT, Okla. (AP) Two children died nnd four olhers fell ill after apparently ingesting an unidentified poisonous insecticide, authorities said Sunday. Police said the children all lived at Hie s a m e apartment c o m p l e x . It was not known how they came in contact with the insecticide, a p p a r e n t l y accidentally ingested on Saturday, officers said. There was no indication what typo of poison was involved. The dead children were identified as J o s e p h Whaley, 2, and Tracy Beshirs, 3. C X AsonotU) Da Soil 111! Go*dwi Flecct I Bordcwen (N!)l . ..IB; . LEAS LWTOS BfTA. TcklUft Chevron Trsoi. SUncUnt OaCo . Nor*t PKH T(««. Inc .. 177. ... 3171, Ptrrtand . . X72. Vo . . V3I. . It?, R'cNwd X B . V Fr . Mww.-SI. P*v1 Porllind, A^l^r SI Reno Richmond. V W. LouK VESSELS DUE TODAY wtlJ . lyrtcc (Hi) OriwW Bartuff ail ... Pucftj Boi-var Tokyo Eir ............ Standv4 FroM I S,"S Ox . . . N Y K Ure ............ Standard O« Co. ........... Ajtft 6rotlrom Son ....... Htrtty IntefrwHy^i Co. .... , Batoa Pr»Acrtco ........ PK AiAtraJla Diftcl Lk* ., · l twrweralure - Lowes! wu -S* aT Intr L Prt J9 .ai : a1 Long . LflZ» . LM4S . tans JCP w NECK CHAINS WOULD GO who is being moved within a prison or transferred to The Ak PoHtfTon Co«iio1 Dhrrkl rcc'cti mtit vxw nd reduced vii- ibWlY UMhc Soulh Cv»sl No health advinxies afp L.B. court reporter announces retirement Roberta Wakeficld, senior court reporter in Long Beach and for 12 years the reporter in Judge Beach Vasey's superior c o u r t , has announced her retire- merit. During a career s p a n - ning 28 years, Mrs. Wakefield worked in the Los Angeles C o u n t y District Attorney's o f f i c e , w i t h several state agencies and in federal court in Hawaii before returning to Long Beach courts where she reported for 20 years. In that lime, she recorded for the court's official record everything from a .ID-second divorce hearing to an eight-month Commu- n i s t conspiracy trial in federal court--the last of the, government's seven m a j o r prosecutions on such charges in the early 1950s. Mrs. Wakefield is the holder of the state's Certified Shorthand Reporting license No. 87. There now arc some 3,200 certified reporters in the stale. She worked in the court of n o w - r e t i r e d J u d g e Vasey from 1356 to 1968, and l a t e r reported proceedings b e f o r e t h r e e presiding superior court judges in Long Beach- J u d g e s M a x W i s o t , Charles Stratlon and Roy Brown. A member of the local, stale and national court r e p o r t i n g associations, Mrs. Wakefield also is act i v e with local organizations including the Women's Council of the C h a m b e r of Commerce and the Women's GuUd of the Long Beach Symphony Association. SACRAMENTO (AP) The use of neck chains on prison inmates would be outlawed u n d e r a b i l l introduced by A s s e m b l y man A l a n Sicroty, D-Los Angeles. Sieroty c a l l e d n e c k - c h a i n i n g " a medieval practice no longer necessary or consistent with a modern system of corrections." He s a i d t h e State Department of Corrections recently put new restrictions OH the use of neck chains, b u t s t i l l allows them to control a prisoner a new prison. ADV Health Questions and Answers NERVHSNESS AND NERVOUS TENSION SPELL TROUBLE O; I used to have al- acts of nervousness and tac nervous tension auile often. I thought these were normal. Now I think maybe they are more harmful than normal. I fed so very uptight with tension in my shoulders and pain into my back and seem lo be feeling this way more nd more all the lime. I m also experiencing terri- jle headaches which sometimes have lasted for lays al a time. Could all if my present problems have any relation to my nervousness and nervous ensioof Do 1 have to live with all this? You a r e missing s o m e thing if you haven't tried a Classified Ad lately. HE 25059 your he.illh problems. Yes, I feel votir currenl problems definitely relate lo their minor besinnini; ( mere nervousness ,ind nervotrs lensitin. Re.illy, il is loo h.ul you dkl iwil pet expert C niropr.n lir t.ire while llic problem rel.itively minor. Now that il worsened, yrxj will ]\,T,V lo live with it .1 while longer unlil Millirienl tre.itmenl c.m be Riven lo get the problems .ill resolved ,ig.iin. mid- O: Can I just ignore rt inJ | and let it go away on its A: .usl | Classified Ad g Moves Estate :¥ G. E. Peterson of ;:j : S3607 Lime A v c . , x ':·: brought his estate sale ·:· ··i| to the Gassificd section $. S o f the Independent, ··: ·:i Press-Telegram and ·:· S sold everything. Peter- :·: :·: son began his ad mid- x x-week and had intended '· ·||: to continue it through :·: ij: the weekend, but Ihe ·:· ··:· response was so good '£· :·: lhat he was able la can- £ 3 celhis ad early. x S Whether your selling j: ;!· job is big or small, let :·: ·:: an I.P-T Classified ad S S handle the lask. 432- ;i: .:·· S959 1s the number to :j: j:j call to place your ad. ;:· S prCi i-39x-;? PVBIJC NOTICE Millions 'A people like yourself h.ive nervHjyie« .ind nervous lension a mere yxnethinR they h,id 10 pul up willi. 5xnclirrx~; Ihe ixowcms weren't rp.illy -- jiril simply jnnoy- Al first, this is the way 11 CK « tirs. Bui, .Ktu.illy they .ire like un.ikitpd indobt- eflcu",'; which if left un( h e t k e d , heiomt". h.i/.irduu"; by lIxMr very nalure. Souotf or Liter, ttio [X'rvin invoKcxI is ftri'O(i inlo ,) ( rxitrHi!.]Ti()n \vith tlx. prolrfcms. Il uninds likr- you h.ivc arrived .il yiHir (onfront.ilum with A: P.irdon my rudeness, but I feel your question is (|uilo imm.ilure. Are you sure you w.inl lo gel rid of Ihe |»oblem? Q: Well, you know how doctors can be expensive and I can not really afford treatment. A. Patients make rloclrx- ing more expensive, you krxAv. They do Ihis by pulling off proper and rxxxss,iry treatment lor minor problems. N.ilurally when ihe problems be- crxDe more severe so (J(x?s the blow lo the. pocket- IxKik. Mrst all insurame [Kjlii ies rxAv prrA'ioV pay- mcnl tit your Chiroprar. ti rare so yrxj- should stop Ihe progressiixi of your problems before permanent irreversible illnesses are (rralel. Public invited to a free SPINE CARE CLASS al WARD CHIROPKACTIC- ORTtlOPfniC OFFICES, 3535 F.. 7th St., Long Beach. Call 43J-0444. c l£W PlHllJT NOTKT. 7HJ71I H(T1TK)«i Bl'SINT^S TV roTVj M A W \SSOCUTT,S .^ f*TV"l irf t C. A . xwa We£ tf Anplo Wilk. . . Simufl A XuauKL ICT4 Pirk Ne. yn X!. Ktnort E^ith CM OUT, nu hutofti it coolacttd by i £nxr»J MtuwrU^ PAIXA- WtXC 7U HJIrtTHT.I w« IJ«d »Hh It* CCUTET CVrt ef LM Anr[«i CovKty CUTET CVrt e ircK M, Lr^ Pet. Mir li. rKTTTKHS BIXISTA NAJO! gTATT.HT.NT XETM-S it V/O . . SurJonJ L Sa'jdi, IC11S On . Cirtm Crert. Cil/inu u MfU. Ci Tin t*j*LA f rjl pirtwrttip STAS r-]M tuvir^cf Lfcl S NtlTESTATI'.KF.VT TV fofte« - x| pr*M fl if LEE'S HEATS II £* r, M Si td E»,fk. Cilt Km Virflru J clem^tu 311i Uin^u'j ^nBtitt. Cjli XM3 1st Orrwr.ts 31'6 Min^uu. I'-r. 'irh. CjW Vf-n T.ii t«iipj u cvid'.xtH t) TJ^T jl parjvnL-p VIRr.lMA I O.EV!f.N-r TSu iL»«nvrt a» (i^l »i:^ C r+ir.ty Ori 14 \f* AreflM Cw^-r jicht \n Xb lljr IS. 2. a. AM i 1«'4ULN 1)r CVrk 11 iiCf M,l 22. a 4 by TOaDL woorjs vKk [ C«;r.( S. i : lt,\ SAME STATTKENT AI/iTO CAI. CUMC ei« FUi rfc. Ct, . -l^ R Bjrtfi jlk. Apt " rKai.E-SR BARTEU- M 1) i Cour.ty Ork rA ISA Aocrfcl C«or.ty MirOi a. \r.i, Put X i r n 9. A f r S II. i n n u L B I PUBLIC NOTICF . Av» . Unl Bjirti. Cilrfix Jct_-. Viu Munco, Kl Ufi COKPA.VY II CD Flirt i rtf Filcx Avr Bfict, California 90W in buuntu M roniwt^ by mritvKJ JOIfN STTO HfNCO Tin* Ititfnwrt »n fJH »ah dy MiTctu. m " put Kit a. g, Apr i. H. Wl ilo IJI ncrmom MimKin SA*K STATEMENT TV foJV«'^. ptrwrj air r. Bf.ACH Mtni tn . Loc.t fc*. xm. m m si ^ CillfuTTJl SXUrk. 1517 Purtiv. Tf uf nut toimrti tf r«o{iKtn TKTSCS it 1M API ryn DiHii. by p-o^iJ p4ra*ntfp nrrrv KAKX Ttii lU^ir^rj *n rd *itb li* C«^xt7 Orb o( lyx AArriri C«vUr M M.rth II \n f-jb Mir n,3. Apr S. !!. \n .10 IJI ncmiois BUfrsTta VHMl JTATEMKVT ?rv«t irf firoi f) Bov ^.'j Wru.Cl TV.ii bvjw^t like uixtil you' mf | ADVIRnSCMENT | If your doctor recommends aspirin for your arthritis... hero's a special kind of aspirin tablet that does what no ordinary aspirin tablet can do- helus protect against stomach upset, J cooilrw tjlily You* I' lo sinotci' YCMJ'H i|i PAINLESSLY. W I T H O U T hln\M1 in Y O U I I* E X P L A N A T O R Y SESSION. ·W. . . . liv Apnl 30lli V(Ml \Vf*fi'l m L n C A T I O N S \spirin is itie wK-moxlic.iiion many iloclms u-ciimmciiil nioii for their ruihrilis pn- tieuls' pain, spelling urn! siilf- nc.s, I'ufoniin.itcly. aspirin somclimrt cnuvs Moni.icfi up- vi. \VTiaIS tnnjc. lhirc non- aspirin pain relies cis jmi't civc -OLI nil ihc ariluili^ relief lhat aspii in pivcs. 'lh:il's w h y we deivlojicd Doan's^ A f t h r i l i s l-'oi inuLu. li'i ^n :ispirin uhlcl w i t h ,1 rcnl illiTorencc. Noi nnly docs e v e r y lalifcl Invc the strL'np.iti of 2 rcpnlar a s p i r i n laMi'is . .. it .ilso tins .1 spv'cint e n t e r i c cnniinf. Ltclimlly help's. pf*X(-ci your stoni.icli ;ipainsi ^pirin iipvl. Set you get both siioiip aspiiin iclief /'f*A stomach prolccifon in one clfeclivc LiNel. Tor Ijnipor.iry relief of .ir- lluilis minor p-im, try I Vim's Ariluilis l'*OEmula inste.ul of orJiitfuy nspirtn, Sec if you ilon'i pt-l houii of relief, \viih- oul stoni.icll MfKcl. FREE SESSIONS fcpmt to iny tvni) S E M I N A R S T A R T S LONG RE ACM GdoevsMlw Hy.lll Houv MOO E. P«I!K CcxtM H*-y. NORWAI.K TiKkx Inn WANHA11ANOEACH Loroco's 61? S Scwlv«l» sntok^^nders "Ihc easy way In quhl si»«king" Arthritis Toitnula Kdiponhastn-crRO iilioH lips. I lere na' n few. EASY WAYS TO SAVE MONEY. Use your appliances wisely* Two years .ifro. just alxuil e\vr'0"C rcali/cd our nnlinii Iwid tncrfjy [iiot)- lems. Tod;iy, some people aren't sure those problems still cxisl. They do. Our country's enericy problems are si ill sx'ry real. And the imported low-sulphur fuel oil required for KCnerntinHclei-tridty isextrtniely expensive. S, il uuikcs sense to save rxir country's energy. Anri our cneiRy- saving suggestions cm s;rvc yim nwney, too. Don't forget to turn off f ho TV. Fvvrn if yu just plan lo le Mil of the room fw n sliort linio, shut off the television. It only lakes a second lo turn il back on. If you wn two TV's, gel Ihe family in from of one .is oflen its |ossil)1.-. No sense having the same program on tuo sels. Also, if your television has the "instant-on" feature, pull Ihe pint; when you're done watching. Thai S.TVI-S enerxy, loo. An t Tu.ll Oopolunil/ Emp PVB14C NOTICE FKTTTVH'H Bl'ltOfEM AERO PARTS *TXT il U11S ILi'l i)ik GinViu Cilil Mr, ktltir* T »«/f. Jr . !*» Hm . Ttul Tbu . filrf »·* CAJlKIOC POP SHOf it fli Pin rawBlk-l [jk*wvj.Ci Mt:! J-vf^i H pv,sii,-^ ^ pjtwn Art u X'u ri »a . x3 Jotewo A^ ttrrtjf \*S. t If. isrti J0!'_'. II fcOVAIS!) *at. tb* County ca lit TEJI I'jr fc«n( CVri ( LM K»rrf. I!, in Pub X j : a O. Aff S. 15. I'f. ill ^t Kic^ury. \ti l reridDrfif by JAM* W.RKT. *it rj*6 »nk Cv**j CVfk erf U» Aactki Cwly t* tctrtiryl m Put. xucii 1. 1. ii n, in .ID MI rKTTTKHS Ht*lXMa SAMK STATf-irEVT rACTORY IJ«UI*TOU rfRM VM il 1« t P"^ f«"! H«T . t-jii R'ft* 'At . Ciiii'nu ywi C*KTJy rVrk ol Irx A.irtki Cocsty «· TfU-uiry r.. 17:'. PO Mir I.I. 1'.. 22. :iTS«lI.BI ptisuc NOTICF. How to cut kilowatts with other appliances. II A-IOv.iill fluorestenl lamp will pr'idix'e nv.rc li^hl than a 100 watt inranrlcsrcul hull), ami costs yuii less for energy. Hul whal- ever kind of light you use, ilou'l forget to turn il off when not in use. [ ! In your wisher ami dryer, launder only full loads. And you cm irt p warm waler instead of hot fur almost all your clolhos. (J Unless you have a dishwasher, yon generally don't need Ihe MO'MfiO'' PVHI.IC NOTtCK settinf; on your v«iler healer. Often yriu ran use an energy saving IIO 0 -)^)." 11 Normally, il lakes less hoi WTilcr for a slxjwer than a Ijiith. If you lake a shwtr, make il a slorl one. Or use less waler if you take a iialli. LJ Kepnir leaky faurels. Wasling wilrr wasles Ihe energy In pump il lo your Inline. And Ivil uTilcr wi.sleseven nvirr', Die energy used to heal il. HI Avoid opening your refrigeralor or free/er nniiecess.-irily. Inslead, reinrm: (he items you need at one time. Freo conservation booklet. For inorconvlii/jn's wiys trir/Miscrvi- energy, wrile f'M^our free Ixxiklol: "Ojnsfi'vjilioii!' K/lison, MO. iiox WX). kr/^-nx-ad, CA DIV70. Southern California Edison rKTmom tixpwx VAMF. »T»Tf.MEHT T^ trjlltftji i*ivj.\ i;t ^/ir.f I'ju 'oiACXER BOX il 11^ PICL'K A.t 1/yU Bfldl. ClItf«fSU fcta F. KlVxx. SHU r»!ui. Ijl' m^.CiKornliHflS Au/d U Mlk«T. *« bttlc ljkr»«x(. Cll^orui WTIS TtJI twcim H CAfv?urEr4 by M II1| ·Viul iHuU»l t Viftl JOKX r XALOM;Y TUl Hl'^mret wli (ird vitil (Sr CJMUHJ Orfc of LAI Aj|r4« Cour^y ttlntrf !». 1« (·ub Mir. 1.1 IS. 22. inilt)L£l TV \-Jtrrj.t pervxi u J"H boi.r^i SHORE t.KtUOFLS il llT.t f. StrenJ . TVat Tbit C'AT.IJ O . IVx'j«nj. 12)1 FiJ i ru 1*7; ur^u ti «,f»Ji»f.«i H kttrtts. m Kir rk -4 \/A Ar.t^^ C^PJy tjf. 1 IJ ! . N A M E R T A T E M E X T OXFORD P.LSINtSS kACIIINES L LI'/J P. AtulKin Si . \/*l Rftfh. Ct',i (^rr.iiMil . Ill K Rirvlt tll VHf, lwt^ by it m4i Si . \e*l t'Hl. . l t' Thu KUI ROOEI.ION SAWCHfTZ Ttii KitPrr^l *n ri4 «ilk Of Cft'jfAy OrV of l/x Aa(rk*( rrbnurya IKi !'-J Mir 1. IS !J. ». l?7!'li) NAtrf. RTATEKKVT TV NV.vir.j [^ri^.. nfatt EliLST rlJl 11 ra K Xirk/l .St. lx| Oirb. Cil y^A Jimtl D Hr,vrD. 1^*» fmtffj A v » . Ivx.( P^itr. riirf Vfy/7 Thu taJir^i n cAklfuM by if xvj} ^aiL MMMD K)WflJ. Ttlt Kllsmrl %K !,!(d wirti [N Cfiyr.ty Ork X l^x A«/^l»* Cw-lj '." f rt. 27, l« Pi* «ir 1 !i 27 23. irt 'IliLBI pi.'Bur Nf/ncK f KTITIflUl R! R S s M R * TV (rj.«.r.f; f SOI.'vr.MR WOVLN r rtf:; l/jv : "i A v t . il.r' WA Erwil L »JK. 1 I/*J Pxith. f Ttel \tAV*\\ tt (, l/,t( H*« 1^)1 Oii/if. A . l.^114 'rt'* orf'J'^'l *fi Ifl ir itil/r^cr w * Oy»itjr O'rk of l/i A TtUuijy n. IT.', Ca, Hi/ 1 !S B 20. i O/fl«y 'xi iirrmoi* B ·^M Ttf MV*:r. t R E HffiLTHF. AMiAiS'i'lATH l 1711 \t*t B'i'li Kl4 . f.'/iv vfl. |yr.x xurt.Ci!.} X»^ RwjH E WrtiYf. Jim r/H«r'." ir.rirK*. riir! w:*i Tlai taif^ti ii ^,rx1v!H by jl nit ROVAUiE MrOI.THK t! »n fik'i w,lh iv pi-Rue fcmcr HP. p.rAi.Tiin, sr.irvifr. rr.. 1 . rKk II IVrt Mttille A v i w x . I"U KWd Vy U) bv!/ Tk.i I'Jf'irtt "ftvf.lj flrV of Miribl pafc Ki vn fdf4 »ltb cl' M Ai(ckt Owaly 1^1 11,23. 25. A(* V I C',-/r.*J rirrV ^ I H. /!!.:« PA UK C. r. ; :: :rcini.f.r CKTTTKilll MSrSEWl ·HHT. UTATIMriT TV WIwj| (»TI/* 11 *xr^ bi/ilr^ 1 III 1.1. DP.AI.TY il ll» Eli! P^i tl.l Kir))-*ir dwr rydAI l» r irh.fililoniiVJIlt C-nH JwpJi U Xwt* W. Kit ir»..l/.r[ ticH fiJ-.rui *!'. Thu bulJ^it n rr,Adwu4 EOI m tfirl . p-j, Kir n 2.2T A

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