Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 3
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HOPS OFF AFTER 4,500-FOOT RUN 251-Passenger DC-8 in 285-Minute Flight HM »MCk, ClMt., TlWli U.H. U, IN* INDEPENDENT--P*9« A-J By LEE CRAIG EAfOf Douglas Aircraft Company's newest and biggest j e t airliner, a monster Capable of carrying 251 'passengers, was aloft four 'hours and 45 minutes Monday on its maiden flight. . ' Billed as the largest com- 'mercial jet transport in the world, the gleaming red, white and blue craft 'took. off and landed at Long Beach Airport. At. takeoff, the l i n e r weighed 255,000 p o u n d s , about 70,000 pounds less than capacity. Test equipment accounted for 12,600 pounds. The craft was airborne in 4,500 feet. After l i f t i n g off, Ihe Super 61 rendezvoused with (\yo chase planes, an Air Force T33 jet trainer and a Douglas DC9 carrying photographers, at 11,000 feet over Catalina Island. . . * * * * TESTS OF the big aircraft's various systems and check* for stability characteristics, plus stall reac- . tions, were carried out on the way to Palmdale Airport, where several landings were fnade before the return to Long Beach. The giant transport fol- County Employes Flay Pay Proposal By DON BRACKENBURY Representatives of 12 Los Angeles County em- ploye groups appeared Monday before the Citizens Economy and Efficiency Committee to protest a subcommittee's recommendation on salaries' for county workers. , . The recommendations have nol'v, officially b e e n made publit, although the 30,000- menjber Los Angeles County Employes Association charged last week they would result in pay culs and diminished benefits. The 15-member c i t i z e n s committee hnd invited the em- ploye groups to the meeting Mojjday to give their views on the subcommittee report, copies of which had been sent -to the various worker organizations. * * AvjC. RUBRL, chairman of the ^Economy and Efficiency Committee, emphasized that the full committee has taken no stand on tfte recommendations of the special industry corrirnittee which it appointee to study compensation policies for.county employes. RUbel chided leaders o county employe groups who have publicly, criticized th proposals as an'effort to pu county workers in "a poverty ghetto." ""Criticism is all right, bu ve'd like some constructive uggestions," Rubel said. E. C. Holmes, general man ger of the Los Angeles Coun y Employes Association, said lowever, thai his group in ends to make no suggestion o the committee. He indicat ;d LACEA would t a k e its complaints to the Board o Supervisors. Irving Mazzei, president o :he Los Angeles County Fed eration of Labor and a rhem jer of the Economy and Effi ciency Committee, told th workers' representatives thai whatever the committee de cides, it could not be put int effect b e f o r e the 1967-6? judget year. Among those attending th informal session in the Ha of Administration was D Robert IX Gray, head df th Industrial Relations Center a Cal Tech, who was chairma of the subcommittee whit made tile recommendations. .The full committee 4 e ? the employe criticisms,; tlif took the matter under'suf mission. lows a current trend toward increasingly larger commercial craft. Reasons for their rise in favor include a better use of t r a i n e d -- and ' scarce -- personnel such as pilots, a relief of aircraft congestion at airports and greater economy. The Super 61, Douglas claims, will be the most efficient jet yet built, in terms of seat-mile cost. , MORE THAN 187 feet long, the Super 61 is powered by four turbofan engines, each d e v e l o p i n g 18,000 pounds of thrust, The plane is the first of hree enlarged versions of he DCS. The other two, .he Super 62 and Super 63, are ultra long-range trans- orts designed for inter- lational operations. Super 60 series total 68, with 28 of these for the Super 61. Test-flight program for he Super 61 is expected to ·equire 400 flight hours before anticipated certification by the Federal Aviation Agency by Oct. 1. A second Super 61 is scheduled to join the test program in May. DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT COMPANY'S giant DCS Super 61 jetliner roars off the.runway at Long Beach Airport Monday as it -SIMt IMM by ROSE* COAR makes its maiden flight. Plane will require an estimated 400 liours of engineering test flying before its aerification. Chamber Slates ''Goals' Lecture Topic of Long Beach Chamer of Commerce's Commun ty Forum this week will be 'Achieving C o m m u n i t y ·oals." E. James Rohn, of Beverly iils, who has l e c t u r e d hroughout the United States and Canada, will present program at Crown Cafeteria 101 Alamitos Ave., at 7:1E a.m. W e d n e s d a y . George Wichman is chairman of thi forum series. Memles-Fraiice to Speak Sunday Former French P r e m i e P i e r r e Mendes-France wi speak Sunday at 8 p.m Chapman College. , : Mendes-France, .who .serve as: 'the premier from 1954 t i956,-'will discuss "New Cor cepts of Democracy." WRITES LETTER ON OPPOSING HAYES Deuk Denies Disharmony By BOB HOUSER Pollllcil Etiilor ances, however, Deukmejinn's weekend letter to GOP leaders A s s e m b l y m a n George continued: 'eukmejian refused Monday cite his "m a n y reasons' or opposing James A. Hayes' Assembly candidacy and in- isted that the broaching of nspecified hut " g o o d rea- ons" does not violate liis Re- ublican Party's h a r m o n y commandment." Deukmejian gave his anti- layes pitch of March 6 a ramatic turn over the week- aid in the form of a letter to 'all Republican leaders in .ong Beach." He asked leaders to distribute his message 0 the general membership oi 'olunteer GOP clubs in the nterest of avoiding misunderstanding of his statements or ntentions. The l e t t e r recapitulated Deukmejian's annoyance at 1 a y e s campaign advertise nent which he felt was 'premeditated attempt to mis lead the voters" into thinking Deukmejian was supportini Hayes. He also took offensi at the ad's reference to hi "retirement," wlwn in fact hi is the unopposed Republicai candidate for State Senate i the new 37th District. - Apart from these annoy "There are many other reasons why I am not going to vote for Mr. Hayes. Observ- Parkinson's (State Re- ublican Chairman Dr. Gay- ord B. Parkinson) 'Eleventh ommahdraent' which says, rhou shall not speak ill of ny Republican,' 1 do not in- end to make these reasons ublic because I believe they vould give aid to the Demo ratio Party nominee shoulc rlr. Hayes win the primary.' w * * * ASKED EM a phone inter- 'lew from Sacramento if this unstated ca-ie against -Hayes which he felt would aid the 3emocratic nominee does no amount to speaking ill of a Republican, Deukmejian said 'I don't look at it that way :n fact L have made an extra effort to avoid that." The assemblyman alsi stressed the fact that his lei ter was not intended for pub ication. But, its wide cir cularizalion here and the st it created soon made its cor tents an open secret. DEUKMEJIAN said didn't wish to amplify letter except to make it clea I wouldn't have made my ecision that way I did If I id not have good reasons or doing so." He lias emphasized in each ommunication that lie will upport tile Republican nomi- ee in tiie November general lection, including Hayes if County Fight Asked to Ban Marijuana I, P-T Lax Awiei Bureau The district attorney's of ice Monday urged county lupervisors to o p p o s e thi initiative petition to legalize marijuana, and open a cam aign to "educate the publi on the danger inherent in it use." "Apparently s o m e unin lomied persons believe th the use of marijuana lead only to a harmless, m i l d Kappy state of intoxication Dist. Atty. Evelle J. Younge said. " E x p e r t medical opinio establishes that such USB r leases inhibitions and distor time, distance and space pe ception," he asserted. Barracks Purchase Opposed ayes should win nomination June for the 39th District ssembly seat. · · t * THROUGHOUT his letter, eukmejian insists he is ob- erving the party's harmony ule. He writes, "1 have not nd will not engage in any ntraparty name calling," and party unity Is not harmed by n open primary. H is not armed when Individual Re- ublicnns decide cither to sup- xrt or not support a particu- ar candidate in a primary budget contains funds ontest. Each of us is entitled barracks acquisition, o make his own choice. "... Party unity is harmed," SACRAMENTO -- The leg-' islative analyst's office Monday urged the deletion from the slate budget of $125,000 previously proposed for »tat«' Mirchaso of the Drum Barracks in Wilmington. ' ' It was part of tin $18 mil- ion reduction recommended · by Analyst. A. Alan Post lathe park-beach program. Gov. Edmund G. Brown's proposed for 16 continued, "either when me Republican makes demag- ng statements about another Republican or when, after a irimary, all Republicans fall behind o u r parly o unite nominee. "As a legislator, minority whip, officer o[ the Republican Slate Central Committee and the author of the 'Re publican Friendship* s t a t e ment that was signed by al assemblymen and senators, POST QUESTIONED t h « state-wide historical signifl-' cance of the barracks. ."The entire military facility s reported to have been !n- luential In keeping California n the union during the Civil War, but the Drum Barracks' nillding Itself p l a y e d no tnown special role in achieving tins result," Post said. He noted that private cltl-' zens have taken an option on, the property to preserve the k n o w the importance am value of party unity."; Neither candidate Haye nor his advisors had any iiri mediate comment on Ihe new development. barracks. "So there is no danger of the facility being' lost," declared Post, A legislative analyst's rec-' ommendation alone does not have the authority to chop out any funds. imports sing of tlie season to come . Fashion's light-hearted colors arc interpreted with a masterful Italian touch in (he softest of glove leathers. Imaginative meeting df the style moods of two continents reflect in strap-happy, cut-out and sling-back casuals that arc the 'now' aristocrats of the shoe v^nrid. Shown ftom our new collection: 'Altea', handwoven white leather. 21.00 'Dolva' in yellow or orange. lil.OO Ticinese' in French blue, white, bone, red or black. 21.00 'Malera' in white, orange, French blue, sand with black patent. 21.00 LONG BEACH Pi neat Broadway HE 6-984! MM. and Fri. 9:30 till 9:00 Other Days 9:30 lill 5:30 SANTA ANA Main at Tenth Kl 2-6262,Jfr!.9:30«H9:W Ctfcr Days 9.30 till 5:30 POMONA Top ol the Mill 623-4321 Won. and M. 10:00 lill 9'OQ Other Days 10:00 lill 6:00 PALOS VERDES C re nshaw at Silver EpufRd. f niinsuli Cenler377-737 Mon.andFr!,lCH30liit9:CO Other Days 10:00 till 6-.00 MARINA Pacific Coast Hwy.alZnJ Mw. and fcUOi 00 till 9:00 Other Days 10:00 till 5:30 LAKEWOOD Del Ama «t b iywe«f UUwo«!C«*rl!E4-U40 Won.. Ttwn., Fri. 103)0 SB 9:W Cttier Day's 10:00 till 6:00 .

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