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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, May 23, 1957
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^ FEATURES i INDEX '. ·' .. · V 1 '. J.' , t, t : Amusementa · Classified ···· Uenth Notices Editorial .... Inside Out .. ,B-7 *· .C-S ·- ,B-8 ' .A-8 ' .B-l * " i R»dlo-TV . ....C-18 '*} ' Hhlpplnr Guide C-5 w ,'." Sports 0-1, S *, Woman ...A-16, 18 */' "' Phone, HE 5-1161--Cl«iified No. HE 2-59S9 ' \ \.' -*fPASES '^ ++*+ Southland's m Finest Morning Newspaper LONG BEACH 12, CALIF., THURSDAY, MAY 23, 1957 , WEATHER 'Considerable cloudiness this mornlBf becoming partly iimny In the afternoon. High today near 72. Mostly sunny Friday and slightly warmer. \Vednwd.y-. high 71, low OS. . VOL 19 --NO. 267 HOME EDITION--10* ·New Code .'·· Financial Principles Established to Bar Union Fund Raids -, WASHINGTON (UP)-The AFL-CIO Executive Council Wednesday laid down a strict new code o ' financial "principles" designed to protect uplon funds against raids like " those charged to Teamsters .' President Dave Beck. AFL-CIO 'President George Meany said the code was no drawn up with Beck's case In . mind. But he said It "verj 1 definitely" would have preventcc ' various financial deals cited by . the Senate racket committee In Its Investigation of Beck. · The new financial code, which · will apply to all 140 national ' unions affiliated wflth the AFL- | CIO, wax annnounced as Walter Reuther said the Teamsters will - be kicked out of the AFL-CIO and replaced by a "clean un. Ion" If It falls to oust Beck. Reuther, p r e »1 d e n t of the .' United Auto Workers and an · AFL-CIO vice president, told a National Press Club lunch that ·· "we don't Intend to compromise ' with corruption" In the labor ·. union movement, · · · · IN OTHER developments: --John F. English, secretary- treasurer of the Teamsters who succeeded Beck on the AFL-CIO Federal Grand Jury : :·'·-·? *;"· ' · . - · , ' · ' · ' - · · ' \ ' */ Quizzes 'the Mick 9 Executive Council Tuesday, held a strategy huddle with several Teamsters vlco presidents on how to force a meejlng of the Teamsters executive council. They hope to oust Beck before the u n i o n ' s September con[ vcntlon. * --The AFL-CIO : postponed (J hearings on corruption charge ;· against the Teamsters to glv · union leaden more time to d their own housecleanlng. Th. union faces expulsion from th' parent federation unless It over '.,hauls Its leadership. --Beck's ally. Teamsters Vice · President Frank W,. Brewstei ' and two other union official! appealed tor H six-months delay In their congressional contemp trials. They said extensive pub- llclty had . "Inflamed" publli ; (Continued on Page A-7. Col. 7: SCHOOL EDICT REVERSED ;v Mrs. Rosalie Babas Sperling's right to graduate with her class In the Lodl Union High School exercises although pregnant Wednesday night was upheld by V the board of trustees In a reversal of a previous decision barring the 18-year-old Senior's participation. Rosalie Is married to another senior, Jerry Sperling. -Angry Boy , |r Kills Mother, !i -Older Sister RYE. N. Y. W--A 14-year- old boy, enraged by an argu- !v ment over his homework, killed ;; his mother and sister Wcdnes. .' day night with a ,22-callbcr ' rifle, police said, · 7,'.' The boy's father, public rela ; , V tlons man Eugene Casey, tele- ;' phoned police headquarters and (,. frantically pleaded: , 4 * "Send a policeman, my son's i. 'ihootlng everybody." ·i. The boy, Andrew Casey, put l / up no struggle and surrendered *, the gun meekly, Police Chief f, s Robert Warren said. ·· '^ ' The father, who later suffered j*, an apparent heart attack, was *'i able to get.a younger son out ·£.'. of the house unharmed during ··" the shooting. The mother was killed on the spot and Andrew's older sister died arrival at United Port Chester. soon after Hospital In SENATORS FIRE BACK Morse .Stands iPat ? : on Ike-Beck Blast * WASHINGTON (AP)--Republican senators linked hands Wednesday In a united assault on Sen. Morse (D- Dre) for saying that President Elsenhower and Dave Beck are "the same kind of Immorallsts." But Morse fought back, repeating the charge on the Senate door: "In my book the President of the United States Is guilty of political Immorality." Morse challenged the Republicans to offer a resolution to censure him. No one took the dare, "Shocking," "very offensive," 'unfair," "character assassination," "bad taste"--these were some of the verbal shells th GOP fired. The sharp-tongued Morse, wh used to be a Republican hlmsel compared Eisenhower to Pres dent Beck of the Teamster Jnlon In a speech at Detro last Saturday night. Beck has been accused b Chairman McClcllan (D-Ark) o he Senate Rackets Investlgattn Committee of misappropriate $320,000 of his union's funds. H la* been expelled from the AFL CIO Council and Indicted o barges of Income tax evasion MORSE Wednesday accuser lie administration of doing bl Inanclal favors for power com lanles, and said It was guilty o 'shocking betrayal" of the In crest of future generations 1 water resources. Hitting at the administrate n other scores, he said tha when Harold E. Talbott rcslgne s secretary of the Air Force h was given "a high medal." L.A:C. SAYS:- Narrowly Mixed · Th* htadlln* reporting lh» flock mark*! r»ad "Narrowly Mix»d," It was a good d«scrip)lon ol th* . . · ' day'* activity oi stocks. But it could hav* b**n as good · ··· a description on moil dayi (or th* past i*v*ral y*ar*. , In th* days of th* biggest boom as will an days ol ; r*c*stion stock mark*! profits and prices are mixed, . Th*'important factor, however, is that dire predictions : f- oi o bad market and business break hav* not occured. i ' · i For the past eight months the experts have esti- '. " mated a serious letdown in sales, profits and employ-^ menu Som* of the best known economists estimated , ' a much lower level of these three factors would prevail' ' belor* this time of 1957. But reports now .being re- '.. ;.- leased show that th* great majority of corporations ;· i hav* increased their profit for the first quart*! enrer ; , that of a y*ar ago. A list of 303 corporations in major · i - . : - f v ; , ; (Continued on Pacjs A-6) -,,-- :/ -,·»· ·,-..· "They should have given him a chisel," Morse said. "He was a chlselcr." ' The counter-offensive against Morse was planned by Sen. Bridges, of New Hampshire, who Is chairman of the-Senate Republican Policy Committee, and who from' time to time has differed with Elsenhower. , One of those who did so was Sen. Capchart (R-Ind), who called Morse's statements about Elsenhower an "almost unbelievable , , . assault on an honest, decent man," , SEN. HICKENLOOFER (R Iowa) recalled that the Senate condemned the late Sen. Me Carthy (R-Wls) for some of his conduct, and said the statement attributed to.Morse "Is far more odious and far more Inconsiderate of the President of the United States than anything Joe McCarthy ever said." ; Morse sat and smiled, ' Sen. Bridges, though far from a 100 per cent Elsenhower man, was all on the President's side Wednesday. He said Morse had said In a speech advocating public power policies that Eisenhower's was "the most political Immoral administration In our ilstory." Several more Republicans put In their criticisms, and several Democrats got up with words In Horse's behalf. Then Morse took the floor himself, ._- · . He said this support for Eiscn tower was In contrast with some of the-things the Republicans have been saying In cloakroom Windy Gty Police Cohen Busy CHICAGO (UP)--Fcder al agents Wednesday pickec up "reformed" hoodlum Mickey Cohen and hustlec him before a grand Jury In vestigating an elder states man of Chicago's under world. Chicago police joined the we] coming party for Cohen by ar resting his alleged bodyguart West Coast gang figure Frei Slca. Authorities kept the dapper beaming Cohen busy all da; answering a federal grand Jury 1 ' questions about Paul (The Walt er) Rlcca, onetime kingpin the Capone gang empire am reputedly still the top brain In the Chicago underworld. Rlcca Is already under Indict ment on income tax evasion charges and the federal govern ment In trying to deport him Prosecutors said the grand Jury Is still trying to figure out ram ideations of Rlcca's tax pay. ments. COHEN ·' PROFESSED 10 lave little Information to offer the grand Jury, It was reported, and he was released with the provision that he can be sum moned back from California for more testimony at any time. Police then hustled Cohen to leadquartcrs for questioning on 'general" subjects. His stay there was brief, however, lie- cause his lawyer hurried just as quickly to a courtroom and obtained a writ of habeas corpus Earlier Slca was dismissed by Criminal Court Judge Wllbert F, Crowley when police con ceded they had no . specific charges against him. Cohen and Slca returned to their hotel. It was Indicated police had made a strong ecstlon that they 'get out of :won,-.and the two men said they would leave for California Wednesday. ,.. .... · · · * . s, COHEN. WHO claims he Is leading an upright life as a Los Angeles florist under the spiritual guidance of evangelist Billy Graham, came to Chicago after challenging Los Angeles Police Chief William "arker to sue him for libel. Me made his statements about Parker in a nationally-televised Interview from New York Sun. day, challenged the chief to c lomethlng about It in anothe TV Interview, and repeated h dare In Chicago, "I'm betting 100 to 1 they' never sue me," Cohen said con fidently. Cohen, his dumpy flgur draped In a sporty dark blu suit, Insisted he had no Idea wh the grand Jury wanted to 'tal to him about Rlcca. He said h and Slca had merely stopped of In Chicago en route to Los An geles to talk with his lawyc about plans for a movie versloi of his life. Tl TV7*11 Ike Will CAUGHT IN BUSHES, HE FIGHTS Alice Lon 9 s'Lost'Mate Nabbed in Tryst Brawl PASADENA UE) _ Bruised lobert Waterman, 33, estranged nisband of TV singer Alice jon. Wednesday pleaded Innocent to c h a r g e s of assault and resisting arrest In an al- egcd pre-dawn brawl with four iherlff's deputies outside the lome of a girl acquaintance. Waterman, whose wife Is the 'Champagne Lady" of Lawrence Welk's orchestra, appeared In municipal court sporting a black eye and was released on $100 ball. A non-jury trial was scheduled for June 11, Deputies said they arrested rVaterman with a friend, James r, McGee, 32, hiding In some wshes alongside the home of Susan Graham, 18, In nearby Altadcna. MIH8 GRAHAM told officers hat Waterman knew she and a ; girl friend, Myrna Davis, 18, of 'ntudenn, would be alone In her , jome. She said she became ' Tightened when someone rang ler front door bell about 3 a. m. Vlonday, : ... . - ,.; .· . The arresting officers charged _; hey spotted Waterman and MeGee In the bushes and that ' iVaterman kicked and fought '* hlle they took him to Jail. He ecelvcd the black eye In being ubdued, they said. McGee was scheduled to enter plea to a charge of disturbing . le peace today. He surrendered ' uletly. Waterman reported he lived ' t the Pasadena Athletic Gub r here he Is an assistant man- ' gcr. He was separated from ·" {Iss Lon about a year ago and ·· cr agents said they were try- · ng ."lo work things out" for J he sake of their three children. ALICE LON... Estranged Hubby In Trouble discussions. . . '. . IN CHAIXENOINO the Republicans Morse said: "I repeat that In my code of ithlcs and my code of political morality, I can't see any differ- nee between a Dave Beck put Ing his hands In the pockets of members of the Teamsters Union for what amounts to nterest-free loansj and "an ad ministration headed by Dwlght X Elsenhower putting Its hands nto the pockets of the taxpayers f this country and taking out n Interest-free loan and giving Fiat loan to the Idaho Power Company," Morse said this private power company got fast tax writeoff certificates "with the full con- ent of the President" and "lii V judgment the President of le United States Is guilty of political Immorality." THE IDEA THAT hard-facrt characters with big bankroll were extra nice to him In New York was pure nonsense, Cohci told newsmen. "I'm hero broke," he sale 'Nobody passed out any money Anybody who says so Is blowing his Philadelphia Slca, who was once Indictee as the head of a million dolla icroln ring, Used the name 'McNamara" during the eastern visit, Cohen said, "McNamara 1 made the trip because he want ed to visit hjs 86-year-old mother In New Jersey, Cohen added , * · · · » · ,* ' IN NEW YORK, Los Angeles Police Capt. James Hamilton laughed at the Idea that Cohen Is a reformed character. Hamilton, who says he was also him libeled by Cohen, Called 'publicity maniac. 1 "Reformed? asked. "The Him?" Hamilton reformed ones aren'i driving '57 Eldorado's and throwing money around' as If there was no end to It." ' Algeria Claims;' 52 French Killed- TUNIS, Tunisia MV-A eonv munlque of the Algerian Na tlonal Liberation Army said Wednesday 52 French troops lave been killed In a battle In the Bou-Zegza' Mountains · In central Algeria. The fight began Saturday and was still raging, the communi- que said. It listed two Algerian rebels killed. . . . ,, , [Mayflower IJ ·". Picks Up 110 Miles LONDON UI! -- The May flower II sailed Its 2.200th mile Wednesday on the 32nd day ol the replica pilgrim ship's voyage from England to the United States. A radio report from Capt Alan Vllllcrs said the ship sailed 110 miles In the pait 24 hours, reported "all's well" and said he was steering a westerly course at four knots In light rade winds. ROBERT WATEBMAN Hports Shiner Vmson Urges Subsidence Law By WILLIAM BROOM (of th indp«nd«n|.pr«n-T«l«|r«ra Wuhlnitm Bumu) WASHINGTON--Rep. Carl Vlnson (D-Ga) Wednes lay called for state laws to prevent subsidence In Long Beach harbor by repressurlzlng tldelands oil fields. Vlnson Is chairman of the ~ louse armed services commit ee w h i c h has tentative!; locked further Navy spending four-year program of repair a o repair subsidence damage to Long Beach Naval Shipyard. He made the comment to Rep. Craig Hosmer (R-Long Beach] n a conference about the committee's battle over new Navy iproprlHtluns for the repairs. Hosmer said Vinson assurer Im he had no Intention ol bandonlng the shipyard, ,, , · * · · - i ~ ' -V THE COMMITTEE will re ume Its deliberations today on military construction bill con. aiding the Navy's request for 14,660,000 for further remedial ork. Hosmer has been granted permission to appear before the ·ommlttee to defend the ipend B. · , At Vlnson's prodding, the immlttee Wednesday tentative- deleted the $4,660,000 Item rom the construction bill. The lalrman said he would assign a bcommltte« to Investigate hether the Navy can gain a permanent victory over subsl denco through a J21,8-mllllon the shipyard. 'Vlnson said that before approving more spending, he want more details on how fast' the land Is sinking and whether the subsidence -rate Is expected to slow down In the near future. HOHMKIl HAID Vlnson admitted he had been mistaken In charging that Ford Motor Co nd Southern California Edison To. plan to abandon their plants n the area. ,. . : It was this contention that originally led Vlnson to strike out new appropriations after the committee had approved them. I told Vlnson about the city's recharging program and the current proposals before the leg. slature to require repressurlza- Ion of the oil'field," Hosmer aid. "He replied that the legU- Continued on Page A-3, Col. 1) Tornado-Hit Areas Fear New Blows Aides Get Notice of: Intention DALLAS, Tex. Wl--A tor- n»ilo smashed through H rural ·ITU near tha small town of Malone In Hill County of central Texas Wednesday night Injuring at least four persons. Tlio State. Police said seven homes were destroyed or seriously damaged. Other build- Inpi and cars were damaged, Thunderheads that had piled up over Texa* during the rflay had.brought Up to 4 Inches of ruin, high winds and hall to some places. ST. LOUIS CD--New tornado alerts, coming on the heels o two days of power-packe twisters that killed 51 In Ml sourl and « fringe strip o Kansas, kept residents of th rca Jittery Wednesday. The frightening black funnel were still on the move, havln eft 14 dead In the southeastern quarter of Missouri Tuesda; and. 37 In the Kansas City are vlonday. Heavy rains and high winds- mistaken for tornadoes at som joints--hit parts of southern Missouri Wednesday. Stream went out of their banks In the southwestern part of the state The government Weathei lurcau Issued a tornado aler or most of the southern half o Missouri and the northwest hall if Arkansas for a period end ng at 6 p.m. THE TWISTERS touched own at scattered points In Mis. sourl.and Illinois Tuesday from mid-afternoon on through to midnight. A farm home IS miles north- ast of hard-hit Desloge, Mo., here sever, members of a fam Leader Determined to Obtain Amount · Needed 'for Peace' · WASHINGTON (AP)-President Elsenhower declared Wednesday, with a *llnt of fire In his eve, that ie'11 fight to the end for his slash-threatened budget. Elsenhower told a news con- ercncc a s p e n d i n g reduc- lon voted Tuesday by the House . Appropriations C o m m i t t e e would "cut directly Into de. ensc"--In the vital fields of ilanes and guided missiles. The President said he would ;lve more enthusiastic support n next year's congressional . lections to those Republican awmakors who support his pro- ;runi than to those who buck It. . · · · · AND HE SERVED notlco hat, In trying to get his pro- * ram enacted, he'll work with sympathetic" lawmakers out. Ide the GOP leadership--but not, he emphasized, without let- Ing the Republican leaden know .that he's doing so. Elsenhower's comments came ess than 24 hours after his sec- , nd radio-TV address In a week n behalf of his $71,800.000,000 udgct, which a number of Re- ubllcans as well as Democrats n both houses of Congress have wen voting to whittle sharply. The Chief Executive said pub- c opinion, as reflected In let- rs and telegrams to the White ouse, 1 has been swinging Howard support of his spendlnz program. The White House salit ' later that such reaction to hli . talk Tuesday night has been favorable, 9-1. This speech dealt specifically with the J3,- 863,000,000 foreign aid bill. ' · · * * BUDGET AND related matters dominated Elsenhower's meeting with nearly 200 newsmen. The President's manner was emphatic rather than angry. He seemed to enjoy putting somo of his firmer views on the record. He commented to an aide, In fact, "Well, that was a ihort half-hour," when the session ended. About the only nondomestle matter of Importance that camo (Continued on Page A-7, Col, 1) -i Continued on Page A-3, Col. 1) Smallpox in Tibet DARJEELING, India government health officials say smallpox epidemic has broken ut In Chinese Communist-ruled Tibet All traveler! from Tibet to India must be vaccinated. HIS FILLTS FROM AEROJET BY AVTOETTE Weatherman's turned sportf car addict. Alia time he adjusts here, and prods there and cleans over there. Then he polishes up the brass on the chrome people catcher. While he wai d o i n g this hsj . polished off the I u s u a 1 cloudy- then-sunny fore- Jcait, Then back to the midget automotive love, New Love. Got to t a k · i pood care of the car, you know, f you want to keep pedestrians n good running condition. A PROSPECTIVE moratorium on the death penalty In California was killed uncere- ' moniously Wednesday In a one-sided vote by the State Senate, 31 to 9. Turn to Page A-2. - ,, , . . - · . , . . - . ,., BILLY GRAHAM'S crusad« ran Into a hint of labor trou- '· ble, supposedly over · pitcher ' of Ice water, but all's peaceful. Page A-12. . "1 i

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