Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1976 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1976
Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Thun., April ,11, ,197* Student Aid Fund Gels Supplement WASHINGTON DC -- Rep ito supplement iK student finan iabout 820 students this jear Paul H a m m e r s c h m i d t c i a l j r d f j n d for the rest x | . HEW .appropriated the Arthur Hill Angry , i NEA Withdraws Backing Of kcttsboro Boys Bid Accepted B BOB THOMAS'" , up «hen he learned thai the, t.OS ANGELES (AP) -- "A NBA had withdrawn its bless \\ork slucK grafts These funds will proMde an estimated 104 more student jobs suppose Hie ncUxrk figured it liad to do llial because of Iho The" new funds'bring the total} :. Tired . of. tripping over bicy ruling igamst a miscarriage of lall^atioul " p j;,, amount of mono the school has cles;- tricycles .ami-wagons left ' rccoi%cd i\i r ^csr f^r .t iork n t u c dr..eii} 7 Mark off justice in the famed 1933 "case] Bui the smpl is unchangec Ji b'ac 1 ' *»h me %o«H« ac I from what Hie NFA read and sluth program to S»4 031 parking sections "m the garage cused of rape I approved What \au read is Hiese funds logellicr vulh a for the kids' lovs Use bold red Most people think of Hill a s l u h a l \m get For Hie NtA to '0 pw cent matching fund from lines and print the name of the television's unflappable bnck dov\n no« slums a lack 01 the school or-an off campusUchicle to be parked in each Marshall But it should be re coinage n nrlm igencx hae provided'jobs for'arca , mcmbercd that he was also the, Tho theme of Judge Horton -- 1 original George m ' Who's and the Scoltsboro Bojs is ' Afraid of Virginia Woolf courage Hill remarked "The fight sequences ,.,,- are crunchingly orr - spectacular." HARD TIMES FEVER "BROUGHT BACKjBY MAtn REQUEST" "ONE OF OUR BIGGEST HITS" i LAST CHANCE I TO HI A DIRTY WESTERN 3C CONTINUOUS FROM BADK 2 SHOWS NITILT -3 Showings Fri Sot PH 791-1724 IJ * II · H W reatmg on Broad wa the ampageous role thai Richard 3urlon played in the film. Hill's Canadian dander w a s NEED HELP *· Far ewnfMentl*' taformitiNi «r asstettncc on: V.D., pregnancy, drugs. ptrents, tchiml, vocation. raawiys, eic. C.II YOUTH HOT LINE 442 too. Sun. thm Thars., ,7-11 p.ra Fri. and Sat. : , 7-12 p.m DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS ' Programs subject lo 'chaajge without notice KTEW, Tuba, CH. 2 KTUL, Tulsa, Ch. 8 Springfield, Ch. 3 KOTV, Tulsa, Ch. 6 KFSM, Fort Smith, Ch. 5 KOAM, Pittsburg, Ch. 7 KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Ch. 11 ,, _ _ _ . . . -. ., KODE, Joplin, Ch. 12 KUHI, Joplin, Ch. 16 O VAARNEU CABLE of FiyettnUi- 103 W. IMwintaia St. -- Phune sa-i:?' Complete Home Entortai Cd.l« Servk. All Area Tele vis! un l.v* FM Radio Tim* -;W*ath«r Special evenH Mathias Discounl Stores Inc. MOVIES ON TV Thursday Night 8:00 p.m. -- Ch. 2,3,5,7."Judge.Horton and the Scottsfaoro J Boys'-' (1973) E. Morton, Lewis J. Staalen T O 3 0 p m -- Ch 6,16 "The Gun" (1974) Stephen Elliott,'David HOffman, k Pepe Serna Friday Night 8 0 0 p m -- Ch 6,10,16'How Sweet Et Fsl"(1968) ' Jonies Garner, Debbie Reynolds S O O p r n -- C h 8,12 "Jenny" (1970) Mario Thomas, Alan Alda 1 0 3 0 p * m -- Ch 8'We're No Angels" (1955) Humphrey Bogarl, Peter Uslmby, Aldo Ray 1 0 3 0 p m -- Ch 16 "Dark of the Sun' (1968) Rod,Taylor, Jim Brown, Yvette Mimieux 1 . 3 0 a m -- C h 3 "The Lonely Man" (1957) Jack Pafance, Anthony Perkins HiniiiniiaiiigiiniiimiiBnmgiinNiiiiiniBiiiuing Today In History UIJIWIIHIIIIiliyiltJIIIIIiJIBIlllElllumillllilllllllllltllllllllllll By The Associakd Press Today ; is Thursday,-Aprii 22 (lie-113th'day of 1976: There an 253 days left in the year. Todaj s highlight in history Oh this"date in;1898, the lira shot of the Spanish AmciiLai War was ' fired : when the -US Nashville captured ,1 Spams merchant, ship oEf -Key : .\Ves' Fh 1 i On'this date: In 1541 St Ignatius de Lo jola w a s elect Ml the first hea of thei-Iosuit religious order. ·Tn 1793; the United Slates pn claimed its-neutrality m ; a , w a belwen : France 1 ; and Britain. In 1861, the U.S. Congress'au thonzeri the Mint to use tb motto In God We Trust, o American corns ' fn 1889 thousands of horn steariers swarmed into the 0 lahoma Territory ; :and 'slake out land, In" 1915 the German arm used poison gas for the fir time in World War I In 19G4, Ehe INew : . Yor World's-Fair opencrf. Ten j c a r ago A thartcre plane crashed ,;at Ardmor Okla killing 82 persons 76 them young Armv recruits Fi\e \ears ago The dictat of . Haiti, - Francbi^ ; Diivalic ('led at the age of 64 His so Jean CHnrle Dinahcr s\\orn in as president for life One \oar ago South Vietna \vas falling to the Conithunis and the .first Vietnamese rel gees a r r u r d nn (he U S We "The show points up how one dividual , ..caiii .change the iursc of events," ; the' .actor nd "Judge Hoi (on « ]c\cr in Ihe sepaialc but qnnal philosopln, 1ml he j cq lid not nllu\s perjuiy in s'courtroom; Ami so the.boys. ,igts langing from 13 lo ere saved from execution hey had been accused at,ratio livo i ol the town's -prosli- utes. ROSECUT10N CONTINUKD "Prosecution ot the boys con- nied.-.and oiic.oMhcin 1 didn't et out of prison until 1932 'dilh enougn it \sas incj Com Hini'slsAvho kept the case alive lid" prevented Hie · boys from 1 )rig i killed. 'Tjie"' ;Scottsboro ^icase : has een largely ignored'by today's cncration.i both - white · and lack. T Hunk that- is wrong, oung blacks ma\ be dis alisfiett with -concliiions today ut!\vhon they look back and 3ii ,wliat: it was like" in the 910s, Lhc will feel betlei bout 'the;; progress !that has een made.' LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Ihc stale Information Systems Executive committee Wediicsday authorized : Mic Mental Health s Division 'to accept a bid from the 1 Inlcnuiltonar Business 'Machines Corp. for a major upgrading system. of ils compute! The place ami will aboaf double (he divi sion's existing infonnaliDn slot new · computer .will re- 10\eai old age' capability. The tinision was also told It could accept a bid from In forcx, Inc.,- for a' new t dala en- · try syslcm to replace its out dated turd punch machinery Ihe diMsion will pay about $5 -iflfl a munlh foi Ihe new equipment timler a lease pur- cliasG agreement Rstslmg compiiler cquipjnenl costs tha agency $3,600 ier .month. _ Parole Request Of Youth Considered -TUCKER ··· INTERMEDIATE] REFORMATORY, Ark: (AP) -'he. state "Pardons - r and · Parole | Board riexl month will consider he parole 'request of -Joe New fin Ka'gebchv; who was' sen- cnced at age l r i to die in the eleclric chair. Kaebcin, how 20, was con- ,'Ecltd in tlic 1970 'shotgun' slaying of Jimmy Wayne Wampler, 27, a Cross,County; rice.farmei Kagcbcin was one oT four DeWitt teenagers lonudcd .he death The jouths chimed ,he\ killed W«mi]lpr m self do Tense but the pi execution s a i d :he youlhb weie a gang of hood .urns bent nn robhen and mur dci Kagebem spent t\\o \ears on deMh row after his first degree murder . conviction ·' in i Augusl 1971. He was given-a new tria in 1974, arid was sentenced to.21 years m prison for second dc gree : murder. Anita .Wamptcr Smith, --.\\ of the viclim, said she- wouh appear at the-parole, hearing lo argue '· against Kagebein's lea sc. "I Just can't imagine anyone committing a crime like tha and being able to get back 61 the streets" in 'such a shor time." BRING THIS COUPON AND RECEIVE 2 PIZZ* FOR THE PRICE OF "J Any Size Any Time Pizza Made Ireih to , 1'lanel l'i et! hu (no nv riarm lomalo ese arc just Pizza Supreme 4 ^0 ( T n m a f o sauce, blended cheese, pcpperoiii, green |epler, onions, mushrooms, sausage and anchovies on request.) Milbhronm 2 11 Ppppenim 2 10 Hoi Link . . 2 ID Reef 2 10 Sausigc . i 10 Italian Sausage . 210 Bacon Bits 2 10 Anehnv v i 18 Canadian Bacon ..... 210 Smoked Oysters . . Shrimp Onion -- . lalapeno Pepper . Green Pepper ~ Orecn Ulive . -r Black Olive -Double Cheese Cheese (A blend nf Mo7.7arc)la, Prove- lohe, and Chedar cheeses) Added Ingrcdienls 2 10 2 M 2 15 2 15 2 fi 2 K ^ W 1 90 3.70 3.70 3.70 3.71) 3.70 3.70 3.70 3.70 3.70 3.70 3.70 130 3.30 3 10 3.30 3.30 3.55 2.9: 645 4.85 4.S5 4.85 I H i 4.85 4.85 I Si 4.85 4 8 4.85 4 8a 4 2 5 4.25 4 2 i 4.25 4.25 415 375 40 EAT IN OR CARRY OUT r fanRy. Just ,idd he prlc atisfy JTXIT lASle.or Just to , rice o[ an add?d ui^ijrficn tor gredient of your creation PIZZA PLANET 2530 No. Colleg* FayeHevill* 521-8710 1111 So. Thompson Springdsle 751 3070 Today's bErthdais \'iohmst Yehudi M e n u h i n is 60. Actor Erlrlic Albert,15-68, Thought for lotiav: Behind bad luck comes good luck -- a Gyosy saying. Bicentennial fflolnote Tuo hundred years aeo today. General George Washinglon^ in Ncu Yrtrk reported lo the Con linental Congress in Phil a delnhia (hat tho mtlilia u h i r h had guarded Ne« York u n h ) hi. 1 ; arrival'had" to return home u ilhout bcins Tiaid a~nd he askrrl thai payment be ar ranged. HEARING AIDS SALES * SERVICE National! * known : brudi. laclodtat order p*rMR3l Iwirlni ·!«. V«tt«1«« WARDS HtARING 'AID DEPT. EVELYN BTLL5 CARPETS CLEANED in your home or place 1 of business by'Von Schrader dry-foam method. No fuss · No muss No odor Call today for free estimate. TRIPLE A CARPET CLEANERS 521-735' HAPPY HOUR 3 p.m.-7 P.m. Mon.-5a. The Working Class Hero ^l iV. Block 1-9 Mon.-Sal. Don't Lose husiness because of an unanswered phone When It rings--We answer! ^AYETTEVILLE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE, INC. 442-9827 We Rent Typewriters Humphries Typewriter Rentals 25 N. Blocfc 521-2540 Squrex * 10:55 -Take Kerr cirr» Break AdAtn.12 Thai Good Die Na«hriH« - M * II 30 Search (or Tomorrow Take My Ad if re AM My CJiiIir*D Phil Donahue Ssnfotd Donny Washirttt 7 30 - rRICAT AFTERNOON 2 00 - 0 0 . -- - dee Teaching 120,000 P y r a m i d * 2 nn - " All In Trie Family Another ,\Vcr!d '. General .Xospllal Mary Hartnun Oklahoma In R Ircnslde Johrny C * ."II:M - Bfir Valley Kasiclan * i;0t) - AUnmey A t - r^\» FRIDAY MORNING 6:15 -Thi of IXfe ·A- Prnjrrt !e vilchetl /nclc ZcTi * ame Stretl Take My ASvir* Elcdric 00 Beverly H)llti1ll1 ·k 5:M Brady Bunch New 5 lldfan's Heroes Adam-12 AKair A-5:30 Sign Pw*« n Circa* . Or^sJri Kanfiroo * 8 30 A . M Davis Convicted LITTLE ROCK ( A P I --. U.S District ^Courl Judge Terry L. j Sholl on Wednesdaj sentenced Larry C Daus of Little to 10 years in prison foi t h e J a n u a r y - 23 armed robbery ol the Heights branch of the First National Bank; Davis. .-27, \vas convicted last month o f ; t h e $5,803 robbery." T\o other I ittle Roek men, Bruco -.Raymond Swinton, and Wattei Ljiius Nr-Kon, of conspiracy robb^rj They avis' trial and will face trial emselvcs later. W« tuggcst r««rv»tioni M A L C O T H E A T E R S I N C N.W. ARK. PLAZA 521-7005 SHOW TIME 7:30 SPECIAL KIDS SHOn 1 CARTOONS (G) All Seats SOc Feat. Lassie Come Hume Show Times 10 nm-12:30pm-3 pm bAT ONLY' WED. thru TUES. PINK CAR" Starts 7:20 MftlHDRUH f ACE His Hint IS lnt»tiacc HIS BDSIIIISS IS SI1I1WC (MS. iMCKNKHOlSQN QMKFUWOWER TOCCUCKC^NCJT A PINK'CAR" I I W Y 7 I H . 52I.ID20 SHOW 'I'HIE 7:30 ALL WOMEN SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE! 34H. COLLEGE .. 442MS4I snow TIMF: BEST WESTERN SATIRE SINCE CAT BALLOU! The Gourmet Dinner at The Farmer's Daughter Friday Saturday features STEAK au POUVRE Tenderloin of beef with spices, marinated in burgundy wine, then rolled in crushed pepper and roasted. Of course, all regular menu .items are offered also. 521-8686 Jehnwn Rd. b*tw*«n 71 Byp*si *nd Township

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