Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 11, 1976 · Page 37
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 37

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1976
Page 37
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PAGE 38 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1976 . Soap Box race here June 26 The 39th Tucson Soap Box Derby will be held June 26, with registration for competitors to begin Feb. 21. Registration for the 1976 derby will be at El Con and at Park Mall Shopping Center from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the weekends of Feb. 21 and Feb. 28. All youngsters betwaen the ages of tl and 15 are eligible to compete in the race. The winner will go to the All American Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio, Aug. 21. A series of free clinics to help youngsters with the costruction of racers are scheduled for March. Specific dates and locations will be announced later. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1976 ' Shotgun' cures cited Cold remedy curbs sought W A S H I N G T O N ( A P ) -Many cough and cold remedies sold without prescription aim an unjustifiable "shotgun barrage" of active ingredients at patients, a scientific advisory panel has told the Food and Drug Administration. The panel's 1,000-page pre- l i m i n a r y r e p o r t to FDA Commissioner Alexander M. Schmidt would, if adopted, eventually require new labeling or reformulation of the hundreds of over-the-counter drugs for cough, cold and hayfever sufferers. The products have annual sales exceeding $680 million. The report did not mention any product by brand name and, instead, proposed general conclusions for the FDA to consider in regulating cough and cold medicines, it was learned yesterday. Only those products with active ingredients from no more than three pharmacological groups were supported by the panel. Those with a wider range of ingredients are directed at more symptoms than an individual could reasonably be expected to have, the report said. "It is the panel's opinion that presently the public has too little choice in selecting appropriate drug treatment for such symptoms because of the current OTC (over-the- counter) market scarcity of single-drug ingredient preparations," it said. The seven-member group said only 46 of the many cough and cold products submitted to it for review contained a single ingredient. The panelists said vitamin C alone has not been proven effective against colds, and that future sales for vitamin C should be prohibited from claiming that it promises any cold-curing or preventative properties. No other vitamin belongs in such products either, it said. The report urged FDA to allow nonprescription sales of six antihistamines and one decongestant which are now limited to prescription only. Extra antihistamines should be banned from night-time cold remedies if their purpose is to support advertising claims that they promote drowsiness, the pane! said, and caffeine should not be permitted in daytime cold remedies to counteract the drowsiness caused by antihis- I lamines. i The panel is scheduled lo meet again in March to finalize its conclusions and submit a complete report to Schmidt. As part of the FDA's review of the safety and effectiveness of between 100,000 and 500,000 nonprescription drug products, earlier panel reports on a n t a c i d s , a n t i m i c r o b i a l s (germ-fighter), sleep aids, and laxatives have reached similar conclusions. In anticipation of the cough and cold report, at least two drug companies already have begun m a r k e t i n g over-the- counter products containing ingredients approved only for prescription sales. They are Parke-Davis' Benylin cough syrup and Schering-Plough's Chlor-Trimeton antihistamine. The FDA said the companies were marketing those products "at their own peril" but there were indications the first two would be allowed lo remain on the market. We Sell Only USDA Choice Beef Cuts! Boneless Beef Stew Meat USDA Choice Grade Beef -"V_^^xv USDA CHOICE ),,,. Beef Cube Steaks USDA Choice Grade Beef -'" N -^^'v_'v. 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SUAVE SHAMPOO LIMIT ONE SAFEWAY COUPON 5'OFF Toword the purchase of one 802 the SUAVE NON-AERO HAI* SPRAY or 12 oi. lire SUAVE REFILL Good Ihru 5*1 . F*b 14.W» LIMIT ONE SAFEWAY COUPON 5'OFF Toward Ihe purchase* of one MtM MARS FUN-SIZE CANDY BAR Good lr.ru sat . Feb. 14. 1971 LIMIT ONE Slide rule: sales ; plummet Calculators ; taking over : CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) . -- Like a stock clerk who · grew up and eased out the company president, the pock- ; el calculator is replacing one ; of the pre-electronic age instruments that helped create it. In fact, the slide rule in the · electronic age is fast becom- ; ing a relic. ; "I'd buy one for a souvenir, . especially a bamboo one," · says Rami Mangoubi, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology student from Egypt. "I'd like to buy one for my son to show him how we had to slave." Mike Witham, another MIT student, says he hasn't used one since he was in high school. Another student says he uses one to figure out square roots because his calculator doesn't have a square root key. The calculator, with its easy, speedy and accurate operation, is the reason for the slide rule's downfall. No longer is a slide rule in a leather belt holster the standard traveling gear for an engineering student. Now it's a calculator in a shirt pocket. At the Harvard Cooperative Society, a large department store chain serving Harvard and MIT students, calculator sales went from infinitesimal a few years ago to more than $1 million in 1975. But in the past six months, says buyer Charles MacDonald, expensive slide rule sales have slipped to one-fifteenth of their former volume. As MacDonald talks, he points to a large stack of boxes, $4,600 in slide rules on their way back to the factory because no one wants them even at half price. MacDonald's situation echoes nationwide statistics. A Picket! Industries spokesman in Irvine, Calif., a major slide rule maker, says the industry's sales declined 75 per cent from 1973 to 1975. The Pickett spokesman, who asked not to be quoted by name, said a market remains for specialty slide rules, those used by soldiers in field artillery, those for aerial photography and those for the machine tool industry. Sales also remain fairly strong in slide rules costing less than $5. While the $20 and $40 rules are metal, the cheaper ones are plastic and "mainly being used by high school or junior high school kids," says MacDonald. Prince takes first command Los Angeles Times News Servjce LONDON -- Britain's 27- year-old Prince Charles has taken over his first Royal Navy command as captain of the 360-ton, 153-foot minehunt- er HMS Bronington. The Bronington's main task is locating mines, which her divers destroy. She also may be assigned coastal fishery protection duties. As a bosun's pipe shrilled, Charles, a lieutenant, boarded the minehunter at Scotland's Rosyth Dockyard at Fife on the North Sea, saluted, shook hands with his predecessor, Lt. Cmdr. Harry Bates, and went off with him to his 9 by 10 foot newly painted cabin to sign receipts for the ship's confidential papers and keys, It is a Royal Navy tradition that a new skipper's cabin gets a fresh coat of paint before he assumes command of his ship. In taking over the Broning- ton for the next 18 months, Charles, a qualified jet and helicopter pilot and graduate of the British army's commando training course, continues the military traditions which have been followed by many of his royal predecessors and British monarchs. His mother. Queen Elizabeth, is commander in chief of Britain's armed forces, his father served on Royal Navy warships and some of the country's previous monarchs -- Queen Boadicea, Harold, Richard the Ltonhearted and Henry the Fifth -- were warriors as well as rulers.

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