Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1966
Page 2
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Pag* A.2--INDEPENDENT L "» ·«·* CtlH - T««- **"· "' 1 Scions Seek Probe of Strikebreakers (Continued from Page A-l) predicted it could erupt into a general strike on California fanps-.within the next two yea'rs. : ~V:V '.] . ·_'.. ;.V "The '· people are getting restless . . . they want to become full Americans," said Chavez. . When Chavez pledged the Delano strike would continue "until the growers cave in" to demands that they recognize the right of collective bargaining, Williams said: "I agree with you com- pltely." Earlier, H a r r y Bridges, president of the International Longshoremen's - and Warehousemen's Union, told the committee he would favor the move of agriculture out of California and /into 'Mexico, saying "If they'can't pay decent wages, they ought to get out." Allan Grant, /president, of the California Farm Bureau Federation, said his 60,000 member organization opposes the minimum \yage,believing it would cut worker incentive : by' : undermining pie_ce rate wages! .- . . . .··· ye. warned' that collective bargaining "could mean the strangulation of our food sup ply by a relatively few persons," and said it would put the -farmer in an unequal bargaining position .because of the', perishable quality of his product.' ". ' ' .' . : WiIliams said other committee m e m b e r s , including Sen.'Robert. F. Kennedy, . hj.Y., would be on hand when the'hearings move to Visalia oh Tuesday' and Delano on Wednesday. As. the hearings opened Williams read into the record a statement from Gov. Brown strongly ; supporting federa legislation establishing a minimum wage and collective bargaining rights for farm workers. Meanwhile, a spokesman fqr the state's growers sail the move to unionize farm workers came not from thi workers but from "church am social-action g r o u p s , a m t r O.u b 1 e makers from th cities . ..." _ '_ : The statement came from Lester Heringer, president o the "'California-Arizona Farm Labor Association, who saic the wages of-California farm workers are tops in the na tion:. : Heringer said the' union: PEOPLE IN THE NEWS ~ r " '***' Dr. Latch Appointed House Chaplain The Day in Sacramento BV Ttv« Allfldlted Press THE GOVERNOR Bill Signed: Local--Valldati variant governmtnl tell of local M«K]M; AB4-7X/ LirUtr man* R-La Canada. THE ASSEMBLY CeflilltullonaL Amendmtnt Adopted: Edffcallan -- Cprrtdi mltfaki mad* IMS legitlitlan prepailng I hat vole lowtr from two-thirdi to *»S thi apgro al margin needed to pai? local si bonds; ACA U- Qarrfoui, D-RMdky. water prelect en Ytbt River; SI 15 3edgw1ck. R-Yuba Clly. Child--Adds school principal! attf Bills PIMM): Yofr* -- Ptrmllt Y»ba County Agency ID negotiate contract water prelect en Sedgwlck. R-Yuba ChtW--Addi sch per]*t*nd«it* to Hit *f perscni exem If t 4fx Ltmiwc. Bllli Introduced: Taxet--Empotei *% tax on ial« and u · ( iueh luxvrv 1lemj ai \tvittrf, fun a ceimrtrc); AS I, Dymaliv, D-L«i Ami el Schotli--rncreawj fay JW the ameunl minimum stale aid per skjtfenl in certa districts, wllh rnney lo b- uied only leather pay or hiil»g; AB !««. Oil 0 Los Arvgelet. Ed ncaHOft-- S it I UP state-iupixiriid i 1 em of nonprotMitanal aides to leach« In poverty area; AB III*. Dymally. THE SENATE Bills rnlrtxiuced: Gav-lncreaiet ilale tax M gasoline from 7 lo I cenli per galloa; SB 4, LonardJ, D-R*itvll^. Handicapped--Deletes provhlon llmltrng CESAR CHAVEZ Farm Union's Leader ad failed to recruit domestic bor to replace the Mexican ationals, and he questioned e ability of the state to do n adequate job of recruiting, ridges said the 1LWU has ad sugar and · pineapple orkers in Hawaii organized r 20 years. He said the low- st paid sugar worker gets .89 an hour and that the verage pay is $3 an hour. Bridges recalled Murphy's ork in movie unions during le 1930s and said: "You used to be a good an. I remember when you nd other movie stars foughl or farm workers. I'd like to ee you join the beef." When Bridges went on to upport calls for a genera rike, Murphy replied that he avored "a more enlightened ay. ! ' Bridges challenged conten- ons th : at California farm /orkers were the highest paid n the nation and said: "The difficulty (in Califor- ia) is nobody comes up with ie muscle to convince Di- Giorgio (a large farm corpora- on in the Delano area and Isewhere) and other growers hat they have to behave like mployers in o t h e r indus- ries." William L. Kircher, organ- zing director for the AFL- CIO, and Thomas Pitts, secre- ary-treasurer of the Califor- ia Labor Federation, AFL CIO, both : denied farm-work- r unions would have an un- air advantage because of the easonal nature of agriculture. "The workers'have a stake n bringing in the crops, just ike the growers," said Pitts. T h e s e things all can be vorked out. once collective argaining is started." Ctmbhrt Win Strvlco The House got its new chaplain Monday, a Methodist minister, The JJcv. Edward Gardiner Latch, D.D. who has been pastor of several churches in the Washington area over the years. 'House Speaker John W. McCormack, D-Mass., announced Dr. Latch's appointment as acting chaplain to succeed the late Dr. Bernard Braskamp, ' who died several weeks ago. Dr. Latch is expected to be elected formally to the 515,000-year post when the House organizes for its next session in January. He is now pastor of the M e t r o p o l i t a n Memorial Methodist Church in Washington. Before that he was pastor'of the Chevy Chase Methodist suburban Maryland and served in several Virginia area churches! Last fall, Dr. Latch became involved in a brief controversy when he refused to accept a Negro, Dorothy Horton, as a substitute soprano soloist at his 'church. Mrs. Horton had been selected by the regular soloist, Lynne Anders, who planned to be absent for a few weeks. Critics of his action said Dr. I.atch barred Mrs. Horton because of race. It resulted in choir director James R. Norris resigning and Dr. Latch was criticized by other clergymen, including Methodist Bishop John Wesley Lord. Dr. Latch denied that race was involved and said it was all a misunderstanding. On a following Sunday, Mrs. Horton sang with the choir, the choir director returned and the furor subsided. -AP Wtrnrtwlo by Cabb from LindM CANDIDATE Elisa Sheriff, 29, operator of a. cosmetics shop in London's Mayfair District, is seeking a seat in the House : of Commons as an Independent Liberal candidate against Labor's Michael Stewart, the British foreign secretary. STILL TICKETED Los Angeles motorcycle patrolman Floyd Klindt was writing out a ticket for following too closely Monday on the Harbor Freeway when he heard a crash behind him. He whirled around and saw an overturned automobile burst into flames. · Klindt rushed'to the car, found the doors stuck, then tried to kick out a window. He failed. Inside, Bernadine Bealty, 44, was -writhing in pain from severe burns. Just then the driver of. the car Klindt had stopped ran up and began smashing out a window with a heavy bumper jack. Together Klindt and Pelez Manchola, 41, pulled Miss Beatty through the window. As they carried her to safety, her. car exploded. Klindt later finished Svrit- ing out his ticket for Manchola. "But I think I'll go to court with him," Klindt s a i d , " a n d recommend clemency." HIGH S1TDOWN F o u r building workers staged a sitdown s t r i k e M, o n d a y night 250 feet above London's financial district. They refused to come down . from a huge crane, and fellow workers sent up food and blankets. The 'men were protesting against management plans to cut back the work force and cut bonus payments. Other workers also downed tools when 56 men were dismissed. M a n a g e m e n t charged that the labor force on the job had become unbalanced a n d production was suffering. The four men were identified by their mates only as Pat, Jim, Joe .and "Doorstep." They refused to give last names because they said the . building industry operates a blacklist. Their spokesmen on the ground : said they planned to stay up as long as they · could stand it. ELECTED Revolutionary Party candidate Julio Cesar Mendez M o n t e n e g r o has been elected president of Guatemala official returns from COMPLETE WEATHER 1*. · «*' «'*!/$ STTSlKft W ft' «J^SH$- »~ - ·' loday and Wetfws- *·-- '- downlown ""Javr'LTlile "lfmpera1ur«";aiange. ferltr and Dtscrf r and Wednesday. W to 90 fn kiwi and 50 lo « to *uBt ^asl? jiarrfgw; v*r TM lo II fcrwls In all*moons lod*V ar of 15 lo M knols a t ' limes ear I* oi v^il"rUr'VorecVU (f\. C«rK«KlOfl t» Mjttkan lOfdtT): ....... ffiMJra^ ;rx)ls in all*moons lod*V and WcdiK M knoli at-limes early oil .Pt. .Ct ln«dav--but rwrlhwesf winds in knoii »fiimn earir UM r.. CoocepclOO lo Cul«r Chanrwf L?w efwd? w3T?«al fM. wllh parllal clearing In airernooni. islands'. Llltlt tempcraluri a.m. SunMl: 6 p.m. AND TIDES Loo? Beach Lwig Beach ^l^'fe ^and 1 ") feet^af nft "m. AWHDAY'J WEATHER REPORTS C»1lfcrrrfi H L Prc. Alroorr.. ,, iakerillild .."JZ'J!TM"!.. 47 56 Sip Bear Lake 62 23 Bfshoo .. - 75 3? · Blyttw 85 50 El Cenlro ..,, M W Fresno « 44 H ' L Prc. Albvcucrou* ________ . ------ Tl yt AtlMlft _______ _______ i3 52 .09 BllrrurOt _ ------------ ^ 5? 31 Boston _________ ......... _____ *3 30 Bui la to --- ^ ------ ..... _.. S3 « Chicago __________________ «2 H Clevtland ---------------- 51 -p Denver ____________________ 41 M ____ Fairbanks ,, - - . Fort Worth _ ....... ..... -- M « Helena _____ ..... _______________ M 77 .01 ..... Mevrport Beach Palm Sortnoi .. RlvtrVd* -- vr San Bifnaroirio San Dlcgo" San FrancI; Sanla Barbal Torrance 19 51" 41 50 70 45 53 ------ ..... --.65 Mlan*l Beach MISvaukf - - MlrmeaDollvSt. Paul .... Mew Yock . -."-.-"~.~- . -" OVlahoma CHv Omaha _ - -. Phllartcrhla ___ PIIFsburgh _ .__. PorHano, Ore. . . R«« Richmond i... St. Louis ........... _ ... Sell LaV* Cllv .__ _.,, S? H L Prc. 73 A !.03 · 50 25 W 30 . ·. .69 57 51 33 . M II a 38 . . « 39 ' . S5 48 p -.37 - Scol.'.ne Sprlncs and'tfwrma'l wller, Vr. lem[era(ur« MoixfaV fn 1h« ^3 ad[*cfnl .._. , -' CalK.. aiid Glla. Bend, Ariz. Lowesl was 7 al Mo«l- 5? 35 44 41 was 19 at Palm : the March 6 elections indicated Monday.' , M e n d e z Montenegro failed to win an absolute majority in the three-way election, as required by the constitution, but the fact his party captured a congressional majority assured him election, the electoral tribunal said. HAS SURGERY Mrs. Robert F. Wagner, wife of New York City's former mayor, underwert't surgery Monday for re- m o va 1 of an intestinal tumor. Her condition afterward was termed excellent. Unruh's Tax-Shift Bill Clears Panel, Heads for Eventual Defeat SACRAMENTO (UPI)--Assembly Speaker Jesse M. Unruh's massive tax-shift bill cleared the Assembly Education Committee Monday night but hea'ded toward an almost- certain death-^eventually. Even Unruh wasn't optimistic about its future chances. The bill would boost the state's sales tax by 1 cent and use most of the $360 million- a-year it produces to pay for an average 25% cut in school property taxes. H · oassed the Education leagan is here--lo balance he'budget." Most of the opposition In he committee came from a ellow Democrat, Assemblyman Edward E.-Elliott, D-Los Angeles. ' ' - -~ · "I still feel the sales tax s a regressive-type'tax," El iott said. Francis Laufenberg, Long 3each school district business manager who attended the learing, expressed fears over lo cTghl Ihe number or rf'veloomenl callers which can te .established Far chrsl- cally handicapped by lehaM district eov- Resolution! rntrodaced: Constitution--ConlTnues existence of Con* Ullulion Revision CammiisUn through Oct. 1. Itl7; 5CR it, stuneon, R Paso Robles 80 Planes Hunt Flying Doctor MEXICO CITY (UPI)--An aerial armada of some 80 planes Monday s e a r c h e d lorthwestern and c e'n t r a 1 Mexico for traces of a missing aircraft bearing U.S. -internist Dr. Marcus Heller, and his wife, of Kansas City. The Hellers left Brownsville, Tex., last Wednesday in a Beechcraft Bonanza for Acapulco, where they were to have arrived lale the same day. Their f a i l u r e to arrive in the West Coast port set off a search that began with three planes from the United States and swelled into a fleet of 80 aircraft from official, company and private sources in Mexico. Committee on a sudden voice vote and was moved along to the more money-conscious Ways and Means committee. Unruh, D-Inglewood, wasn'1 willing to say the bill would clear Ways and Means or the Assembly floor. But he frankly admitted pessimism about its chances in the Senate. HE TOOK however, that the position if the schools Airspace -- . R e q u e s l s Trjnsporlariin Agency 10 study procetfurat, rcg*l, lichnl- HI, flnancUl aesthetic and pclkv aspects f t ilupKr development over and* under reewavi; SCR St. CcIUtr, D-Yr-ti. x--Special Session. INDEPENDENT PuhElthed dally except Sundi-y at Sixth St. and Pine Av«.. Lonn Beach ,2. Calif. Entered a* second class matter Mar. Zl, 1543, At Long Beach 2, Calif. A d j u d i c a t e d by Superior Court, Los Angelet Count/ Oct. 6, 1911. Decree No. C-10230. Per Per Av;i.ih V e d r Carrier Delivery .... 12.7$ nvOO By Mail 3.3S 39.00 Single Copy .10 were ever to get money from a one-cent tax boost in the sales tax, it would be fron tile 19GG session. Next year, lie said, the state faces a projected defici of $350 million and added: "They will use that one cent sales tax next year--so help me God--whether you, I, Pat Brown or Ronald otential loss of $1 million ver 25 years. . . However, the bill would irevent loss of this revenue o the school district by permitting it a special tax break f several cents to make up he difference. This woulc hift the burden to the local axpayer. Laufenberg took no stanc in the proposed legislation at he hearing. section egislation of the proposed under which half of the Long Beach .schools' ! ederal "impacted area" aid would revert to the state. This would represent a po- lential loss of 5420,000, Laufenberg said. In addition, the school official said, another section also would give the state 75% of the district's East Wilmington oil field revenues, a R. Blanco CUSTOM TAILORING MEN'S and LADIES' "Expert Delimiter" LATEST STYLES IN SUITS AND SLACKS All Garmtflfi Mod» . en Frmmlttt HEmlock 2-1974 139 East First St. Lonf Buch SCENIC COAST ROUTE Sfraiqhf Ihrir iemce . . . plus many rsgular ichfrjule.. $ 1 0 . 1 6 on« way, $ 1 8 . 3 2 rd. trip. PHONE HE 6 * 9 8 6 4 GO GREYHOUND «*=^^-£t L-.and leave the driving to us Frank Corshin ·tin TICCA S X(N MCdllNC SMI MARA LYNN BROWN AL!OMAR.19lh thru27rh Frank ,~ SinatraJr. , - New Tennyson smacks of fresh taste with menthol flavor you can't miss. Get the chill taste . of menthol every time. Charcoal in the filter. Rich tobacco, too, Tennyson, anyone? Buy no wand save! Ounce for ounce this special get acquainted Quart price is equal to $ 4 7 9 for the regular Fifth bottle. IF YOU CAN FIND A BETTER BOURBON... BUY IT! P.S. Buy the case.,. only '5« per quart (Save 60c extra) '

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