The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 10, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILT FREE PRESS and Davies fired together, - Ttey saw the bullets strlicS the water. -^(meBeard crouched dowij behind tfifc' •BglDe. Ther^ could b« no parleying! -frith such as he. "fhay. emptied, their .weapons In their * MacBeard was Just 6%t of B« started..tbe engine .again i to a halt fifty yards farther) "Trace! I want to apeak to iroVJ •fee yelled. , ! aimed their empty revolveraj started for -safety, "flS! poat disappeared round e distant paint •f the inland. • '.viol I-. ' .-' ;'-.••'.•.; *The «evll I" said Donald. Then he' toned to Davies. -I "Well .take on supplies, at any rate," he said.. r "One thing is sure: those devils might raise the .submarine, but they can never sink her, once the tanks; tee blown." . • . • • . i "They were blown., -when we sub-' fflerged, sir," answered : the middy.j "The deflected rudder kept us down.j But we can't go down unless we try to start her." . "Miss Kennedy!" Donald called toj Ida, who had disappeared within thei 'cave. • ' She did not answer Mm, and the two men approached to summon her. but just within the cave they saw: tomethlng that revived for a 'moment' the old horrors which they *' had! escaped. They were two human skele-: long, with fragments of clothing near! them. Donald-stooped "and picked up[ t morsel. "Khaki — government khaki 1" (aid. j'1 wonder who—" But the explanation became too rlous when, projecting from behind a rock near by, they.saw. the wing of an lirplana. The missing aviators had j>een' found. And the manner of their Jeath was only too clear; They must 'fcave been seized,- while sleeping, by 1he_sea_ devils. • f" The airplane, which was of the jlydroplane'type, had evidently been awn within the cave and left there the aviators. A hasty examination jhowed Donald that It was uninjured.! rerhaps MacBeard had Intended to! aake use of it; or It was possibletha£! ., -te had not seen It, for it wag. nardTy- Ustlngulshable among the shadows, j ."Miss Kennedy!" called Donald.i Ida! 'Where are you? Don't go too, ferl" No answer came, and they began to jrow uneasy. ' '"She went inside the cave, I think,"j ~ Bid Davies. j "Yes, I'm sure of It," answered Don-lid; and he entered farther into Itsj Jeccsses, calling "Ida! Ida !" i They 'began to be alarmed. They; mrrled from point to point. The cave ras a wide one, but tapered, some dis-i hnce back, into the neck of a bottle. £ seemed evident that Ida could not lave gone farther than this point. J 1 "Eun back. Davics, and see If she • •n't be outside," said Donald. , | And, while he called, Davies took vjp, he search without. Donald waited in) Error. He did not dare go farther! nto the .cave just then. • ' ' | Ten minutes later Davies returned. | I glance at his face told that his mis-. Ion had"been entirely fruitless. Tneyl boked at each fcther. I "There's light ahead," said Davies. They-proceeded cautiously, and sud- terily they -came upon a little entrance': ending up from the sea. . Close by I .jras the point around which MacBeard j I loci disappeared in his motorboat. I>avles t saw Donald shaking with Blxed terror and rage. He stared out topelessly toward the sea. Then, (rushing past Davies without a word,] -•te almost ran Into the .bottle neck of! fee Interior. The middy followed him. The ground grew damp, .the floor Deemed- to descend abruptly. Davies! hrald hardly keep his .feet. All at >nce he heard Donald's muffled volcij tailing to him. He saw the spurt o*j I match 6ame. Ten paces "farther Donald pulled Jim back as his foot slipped on the frdge, of a precipice. Donald struck inother • match and looked down. \ Tinder them was the level of the fceaa bed. They were upon the very ferge of a precipitous descent, a sheer jrall- having, however, natural loot-. 1 .kolds at regular intervals. Something white .fluttering near -Jrew their attention. Donald picked It up and held it out. It was a wom- in's handkerchief. "She slipped here—" began the little nlddy, but-Donald took the words from his mouth. . •-"-—•^SS.'cSiilJ '. "No!" he cried furiously. "She was" {aught In the cave by that d d KX>undrel MacBeard. He put his boat Jn at tlie tiny cove and came on her from behind. And he's taken her— 4y Gocl, he's taken her . . . That's ier message to me, that handker-' thief. ..." . His voice grew Incoherent and he. >roke flown. Then he raised It In f u-. ..Jlous declamation. "But I'll follow that cur until I die !"• |e swore. "I may not rescue her—I. )on't know, Davies, and I hardly darej -3^hope. -But I'll stay heire^and givej' TURK DECISION UPTO WILSON President 'Expected to Take Leading Part in the . , 1 ';.; • Imbroglio.- ; ;.. .. DELICATE STATE OF AFFAIRS Hurc. . ~ "No, I won't, Davies," he said— "It's, ny duty now to fly to England with all; ipeed. You'll stay here and do what rou, can. It may be .very little, old nan, bat we mustn't think of anything Hitveur Jobs."-: _• '.: - : . '"• ""No, sir," said Davies.' ; There was nothing'more to be done' >ut; prepare; for.:the. Journey. Donald', relt reasonably sure that the F55 wasj> lafe against the herd... The terrific• ipward pressure'O'f the-ritgrit had not' ftarted a rivet;Hying'as she was upon' ie beach, she wa$\ unassailable. iThey filled her o'11-tariks and carried be stores aboard. Then Donald filled fee gasWine tank of the hydroplane, and, entering, made a short trial flight jout 'to sea and back. The machine ,was In perfect condition. I A grasp of the hand, and Donald jwas gone upon his journey. From his ipost • in the conning, tower Davies jwatched the hydroplane rise and fall 'to the wind, and sweep Into the distance, to dwindle and disappear. CHAPTER XIII. 'The Swarming of the Herd. Davies had correctly divined the secret of the air under the. sea. Nature, who does nothing'In haste, had'pre- pared the sea monsters for thett change of environment by bestowing supon them the property of condensing I the(hydrogen in the water In'such-a •manner as to separate it from the other constituent of water—oxygen, j But, being too unstable to exist as a [separate gas, except under high pres- isure, the. oxygen combined with the jnltrogen that sustained the crlnolds 'and other plant life at "the bottom ol jthe sea. The resulting combination [was oxygen and nitrogen In place oi joxygen and 1 hydrogen, or air In lieu ol iwater._ _ _ '(Tirba coatxanao.) LONDON PAPER LAUDS WiLSON Times Praises President's Stand en the Adriatic Question as A(w?,ys 1 Consistent, London, March 10.—PrcsidtMH Wil- froin Ailritnic questions hy !l'n? hack tlnor. \viiich the ;illi<-*il minii-i-pi's hdil oprn I'm' him" :iro very sli-niiL? osics, SH.V-; the Loiuli-.n Tiinos in cniniiioniin^- on Mr. ^Yil?oll'y laiosr note to tin 1 iu-o- o7i" foiMitH'.ni in:; on Mu> .\!i!rr;--:iis liii'.i I'o;- li;ivin-_' ,- ; ys In on ctinsisr- ent \v7iiln the :t!'V^ h::v<- \vobl»!etl fec-tily f:-n:n onc> i:-.i[i,iss;:i'v snhilion "-$1^.000 : 000 Fi:-c in Algeria. Onin. AltT^j'in. March 10.—Kirc, v.'hidi siuritMl froni a .naioli oarele^s!v tlroppetl in n \v ( nvh:tuso. licix-, was brought iir.'lov control tifrcr it liati dy- stroyi'il ntjiny tlic-usaMi' bniTC-Ls of al- i-itliol and oilior in-oi^.M-ty.• t-au^in^ u loss estimated a! .70,000,(tOO francs. RHEUMATISM friustarine Subdues: .the Inflammation and Eases the Soreness Quicker Than Anything , Else on Earth. Pay only 30 cents and get a big box of Begy a Mustarlne, which 13 the original mustard plaster and Is made of strong, real, yellow - .mustard—jio substitutes are used. • • "- •' It's, known fas- tbe. quickest pain killer on earth, ' 'for' in hundreds of Instances !t stops headache, neuralgia; toothache, earache, and backache in ,5 minutes. Jt's a sure, speedy remedy—none better for bronchitis, - pleurisy, lumbago, and to draw the inflammation - from your sore feet there Is nothing so good. You get real action with Mustarlne—It goes after the pain and kills It right off the reel. Tea, It burns, but It won't blister-Mr.- doesn't give -'agonizing pain a slap on the wrist. . It .does give It a good hr.ilthy punch- in- ; tne 'jaw—it' kills - pam. Ask for and get Mustarlne always In the yellow box. French and British Differences May Compel the United States to Announce a More Definite'Stand In the Near East. > Washington;- March • 10.—President Wilson, especially In view of his criticism of the "militaristic ambitions and Imperialistic policies" In the councils of'nations, is expected to take a lead- Ing part In the Turkish controversy. * At the state department it was said th'at no communications of the decisions of the 'supreme-council with, regard to Turkey had been received, bur' as soon as any are they will be referred to the president. : It is realized -here that the delicate state of- affairs in the. near East, where France and Great Britain are at loggerheads,-may compel this country, despite tlie situation iu which the peace treaty is, to announce a more definite stand so far as Asia Minor and the Dardanelles are concerned. ', Will Fight'Land Grab. The general construction placed on that psirt of the president's letter to 'Senator Hitchcock,, in which ii« charges the is today in control of Krance, was that be referred to- the activities of the French In Syria, and Asia Minor. The president, it is understood, will under no circumstances countenance a general "land grab" in Asia Minor by either'France or Great Britain, and their knowledge of his position is probably tlie reason why II. .TuKserand, the French ambassador, has been instructed too "sound out" the-president on the tentative decisions reached,.by the supreme council. Ambassador. .Tusserand called at the state department, as did Ambassador Avezzana. the Italian envoy. The state department has been in close touch with, the Turkish situa : tion through 'Hugh C. Wallace, the American (iinJnissndor to France, and Admiral Mark Bristol.' the American commissioner to Constantinople. Italy Enters Problem. Tlie Asia Minor situation, -which will he presented ultimately to the president, is one of complexity. Italy, \yliic-h hns not fipin-pd hitherto, in the 'final adjustment of Asia Minor, dis- putos, is bringing ro tbe front her rte- mnnds for territory or at least a certain sphere of influence. Tliis attitude of Italy is giving concern (o tlie supreme council and the United States. It is believed certain here that' if Run dowii over-worked anaemic people catch Influenza as easily as a sponge absorbs water. The only condition. Plenty of rest, sleep, ' • , -M •. •"'"-,•'._ i A. i^ ' _A*H ' ..tnw.i. V tool is a contains Lilvjer and; IrwfcTonic. It of Iron and all of the - ~-ilding propertieiB of i^thouJoiL Combtaed GUIESS Please Read This Letter And See What Normal Health Will Do For Lancaster, Pa.—"I was weak and rundown, had pains in my head; baclc and stomarji .alii the time, ana. bearing down pains. I had used Lydia B,'Pjnk-: ham's _Vegetable Compound' 'and' it helped me, so my inother "got' ine^-to' try it again, and I 'am now feelingJiet- (( ter than'I have'for years. We"wer'e m'arried Bixteen — 1 years arid had ; no- dnldfen, but now we have- a- fihe' big rb.oyi^anTdWe always call him our 'Pink- ham'boy. The doctor was" afraid "of I my case, as I was 41 years old'when th« boy was; born, but. I came- through al! right;. You can use this as a .testimonial if you wish and.I.wnl certainly wriw> to any one who writes to me about it;" —Mrs. MABGARET'G. 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HENRY BAIN , '•- TRANSFER . . GET OUR PRICES Phone 342 K H.O.HALL:&CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES; Phone 233 Italian.demands in the.Adriatic qnes tion are not sntisflerl Italy will seek compensation elsewhere, and Asia Minor is 'the only "open spot" remaining. • . MORE "REDS" ARE INDICTED Five Members of Communist Party Subjects of True Bills .by Chicago Jury. Cliicapo,- JIaroli 10.—Indictments were returned before Chief Justice Robort E. Crowe in the criminal : court against live 'more so-called " "reds." Those indicted are members of thp Communist Labor party and were not included in the blanket indictment re-, turned'against the organization last month. • • • . Four of them are: Luilwig Loi-f, New York 'city, publisher of ..Class Struggle: Dr. O. .T. Brown, /-Dekalb, 111.,- delegate to the .national' convention of tho Communist L.'ilior party; Dr. Itarl P. X Sancllierg, Chicago, and M. .T. Christiansen, Chicago, delegate to the national -convention. W. A. BR^NBON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND THK ' T«»t»d, Virginia Bldg. Oarbondal*. ill, NOT GERMAN NATIONAL AIR, Npske. Prohibits,'p,layi'ng- o'f "Deutsch- ."".'"landrueb'e'r Alles" In Any : : Publ!c .Place; - Berlin, March' 10. : —:"Deutschland XJeber Alles" has sustained a disastrous defeat,-though by numerical'su- periority the Germans won a'victory over four members of the French mis- sion'in'the "'battle'of the..Adlon/' as the riot in' the'big hotel's dining'room Saturday-night'is popularly referred to. by, the press here. .:'•'-. '•'-• Aiinister- of .Defense. Noske'- forbade tbe playicg of 'this air in the Adlon or any other pubKc_dining rooms in Berlin, it. was the refusal of the' French"-' men-to stand up wiien : the .air was played that led 'to the fracas m 'the A'illqn. . . ' ''^... ...'••. '(. Prince Joachim Albrecht'of Prussia,' (lie ex-kaiser's cousin, is-still rest. The official German national, air has always been "Hell Dir Im. Sieger- kranz," the time of which is the same as that of "God Save the King" and "My Couutry' r Tis of Thee." HMPLYmDONTBE People Notice It Drive thm Off with Dr. Edward* Olive Tablets ' A pimply, face will not embarrass yon much longer if you get z package of Dr. Edwards'Olive Tablets. The skin should begin to clear after you ban taken the tablets a few nights. , Cleanse the blood, bowels and liver •with Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, .the successful substitute for calomel; there's no sickness or pain after taking than. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do that which calomel/does, and just as effectively, but their action is gentle and safe instead of severe and irritating. No one-"whb takes Olive Tablets is ever cursed/with a "dark brown taste," a bad breath, a dull, listless, "no good" feeling, constipation, torpid liver, Cad 'disposition or pimply face. Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable . compound mixed with olive oil; you will know them by their olive color. • Dr. Edwards spent years among patients! afflicted with : fiver and bowel complaints, and Olive Tablets are the immensely effective result. Take one or two nightly for a v?eek. See how much better you feel and look.- lOc and 25c. DALRYMPLE ON THE WARPATH Chicago Prohibition Officer Says He Will Put McDcnough and His Bunch in' Pen. Chicago. March -10.—"'I will' have McDonouph and his bunch-JE b.ooitleg- ,gers .In ,Hie penitentiary before I ani throujrh'with them.". .- . ~.. With these words Maj. A; V. Dalryin- pie, federal prohibition officer for this i'roplon. concluded nn address at the T. M. C. A., in which he explained the reason why he came liack from the "rum. bellion" at Iron Kivev empty handed About 200 attended the luncheon. "I've got tlie evidence to prove that McDonough was hand in hand witii the bootleggers at Iron River," he said. F.L.LINGLE,M.D. General PractlM attention to Eye, Ear, ••d Tbr»at QlaMM PltUd Phon»t: R««ldence 33O-2, Offle* HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* »'; Law Phono 212 K Suite 112-115 New Hamilton BulMln» DELIA CALDWELL, M. I), McANALLY BlXLCmQ • 211 Woat Main StraVi Offlc*' Hour»— 8 to lu A.M.; 2 to 4>.K, CARBONDALE CANDY '* KITCHEN Home Made Candlei and lo* Cr*»-» Telephone M4 Y ITGHI ..•Money back,-without'c. f if' HUNT'S Salve fail/ in thl RINGWORM, TETTER o. ether itching akin diseases. Trg. • 75 cent bor at our risk. "",. TTT'S DHDO tfTORF SEVEN PERISH IN FLAMES Patients of the Ohio State Hospital" for Epileptics at Gallipoiis . Victims'. : " . Galiipolis, 6., March 10,—Seven patients were dead and,two in a critical' condition as the result of a fire which, partly destroyed the male ward of the- state hospital for epileptics here early in the morning." The origin of tBe- flre Is unknown^ . The dead are: William ,Smith, of Toledo; Patrick DonnaDy, Norwalk. O.; ,Tohn S. i Bain, of Cumberland ^ Wayne Larimer, of Dixie'; , Harold. Helnlein. Wheeling, w: Va.J John M<v Nnl't-y and .Tnnws .Tnnfs. Glnoinnali. IT •'•• bEPEl^JDABLE-ABJOLUTELY TOR HEADACHES —.. .. . .-,..-. He broke" off suddenly, a spasm! •Assed across his features, and all at, tece >a«sb«came completely calm oncel ...*== ;, • f-f |7- '.- - 1VJC .1 : ~-^\ , "Raising the Family- H vvas perststense'ni>»'suspicion inat prompted .. THE DOOK. BE.LU.

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