Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 9
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I The World Around Albania Grabs Russ Buildings MOSCOW (UPI-The Soviet government Monday disclosed that Albania has seized five Soviet embassy buildings in Tirana, capital of the tiny Balkan Communist state which is allied with Comnvinist China in the political and ideological dispute with Moscow. The disclosure was made in the official Soviet government newspaper Izvestia. It said Moscow had protested the "hostile acts" and termed them unprecedented in international diplomatic 2 Priests Tell Africa Terrors practice. It demanded their immediate retum. (la London, authoritative sources said that Albania seized at least two Soviet submarines and a quantity of weapons shortly after relations between the Soviet Union and Albania were broken off two years ago. Th« submarines were based at the Adriatic port of V'alona. the sources said, and Albania refused to return them despite protests and threats from Moscow.) Irvestia said a main embassy building, two administrative buildings and two residents were taken over by the Albanians last Thursday. "The buildings had been in the hands of three Soviet caretakers since the 1961 suspension of diplomatic relations over Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev's de- Stalinization program. Pnlrol Attack Told NEW DELHI, India Cfl -- India charged Monday that Pakistani irregulars crossed the cease-fire line in disputed Kashmir and attacked a 25-man Indian police patrol. It said all but two of the Indians were killed or captured. In Pakistan, the official government radio said Pakistani forces, acting in self-defense, fired upon an Indian patrol that entered the Pakistani section of Kashmir. It made no mention of casualties. India filed a complaint with U.K. military observers along the cease-fire line and they set out for an investigation. Cuba Itcluni.s Itoul HAVANA l.t--An American shrimp- ing boat stolen by a defector was returned to its owners Monday by the Cuban government, the Suiss Embassy announced. M ? ba Fires Aides s LIBREVILLE, Gabon (UP!) -- Presi- f -- ........ dent Leon M'ba fired half of his cab- ff Saturda i'- ir.ct Monday and postponed parliamen- **· "*** ·«· Ury elections until April 12 la moves io appease the political opponents who toppled him briefly Feb. 18. M'ba retained for himself the key posts of foreign minister and interior minister, thus controlling relations with foreign countries -- especially France, the former motherland, and leadership of the 200-man French-officered gendarmerie which remained faithful to 11 LEOPOLDVILLE. The Con- ,, _ _ 3 go (UPl) -- Tuo Canadian' FRANKFURT. Germany !? priests woucded by terrorists 1 d-'PI)--A Jewish sumvor s :l using bows and arrows said 1 Monday described Ausch- VMonday they played dead for! *" tt "» such gruesome de- ·tmore than two hours with tjil tha ' » J"" 3 ?* suffered · jf rebels swarming all around » near-collapse and the de"* them during an attack on otntiMt in postwar U. est their Kwilu Province mission 1 G e r m a n y i biggest war i cnmes trial squirmed urt- , , The two priests were the' fc ° J 3r ' ill Revs. Raymond Bussiere. 25.' Dr - °"° Wolken. an in- H of Drummondville Que, and ralte doctor ai the infa- MGay Jean Bruneau 41 o f mouj Nazi death camp dur- *H Magog. Que. Their mission at' »"* WorM Wlr "· was ^ ' Makunzika 30 mile* south of first prosecution witness at TI/KV ACTED LIKE ANIMALS' Jewish Doctor Descril)es 'HelP in Nazi Death Camp INDLPtNOLNT-J^t A-, UK*. e«m- TWV. »«». a. w _ i him during the revolt. the provincial capital of Kik- wit, was overrun by hordes who killed two Belgains. 41 "WE \\TRE both bleeding j heavily and were very weak." ·i Father Bussiere told L'PI. ^ I "There we lay on the floor »j for more than two hours, /while the rebels were swarm-! '· ing around us. ! i '[ "One of the Belgian Jesuit * brothers had escaped to the usted b!ood lnd Iiked il " ' ' refecton- too. and was hiding' The defendants turned their 11 behind our cinema scretnJ '«e* away and shifted in M.They never fourd him. We' their chairs. * did not know how long we! Werner Hammerich. one FJ'had to stay there and we did "' e nin e ^S"- clutched I ' not dare bandage »ur wounds,! at his heart as Wolten ( 4 for rebels were all around. I -The Jesuit father there|the Msh, All three, with the, the trial of 21 former Nazi officials and a turncoat inmate accused in the murder of up to four million persons at Auschwitz. Pointing a trembling finger at the defendants, the bent, grayhaired Wolken said: "They acted like animals back in the stone age--animals that suddenly had tasted blood and liked it." Hank Cameras'"* I Catch Robbers^. j NEW YORK l*» -- The"; Chase Manhattan Bank iiid; [Friday it had installed electric j sequence-type cameras at all. 125 branch offices in New' York City and nearby Nassau and Westchester counties. ; The cameras are connected, 1 * " i? a-' i DR. OTTO WOLKEN Auschwitz Survivor said "Auschwitz was hell." The judge later halted the session, then recessed it until Thursday. A court official said "his h e a r t couldn't take it." Shortly after the session was recessed a man called the L'PI bureau in Frankfurt and said bombs had been planted in the courtroom. Police made a search, but fqond nothing. Earlier, Wolken pointed at one defendant--former guard Stefan BaretAi--and said he played "rabbit hunt" with prisoners. H: said the guards forced inmates to 'tern. Once activated -, rs run and "just shot them the cameras take two pictures down--they had their fun." 'a second. Each camera con- Former chief guard Franz |mands a view of the bantaafi Hofman--accused of select- ' floor of the office. " r ^.; in· Jewish children for the ! The bank said that duk£ cremation ovens--bit his [ji e installation period t tlia lip when Wolken said Ges- 'cameras photographed wild's tapo men "could not sleep | WM described as two "wouM without beating a few of ^ umbers ia action.- Bgjji their victims to death." ' . ere sentenced to prison Wolken r e c o u n t e d the ' terms on the basis of .th« horrors of the death camps ' p hoto identification. : 'i '· --rats, lice, starvation and _ _ \ «j tonure. He said women. children and the sick who were taken to the gas chambers on arrival suffered a "terrible fate." But, he added: "The others, who thought they were lucky, were actually worse off -- for most of them it ended also in death ... after terrible things happened. Final Scmucul ^7 i for I'Yeewuy j SACRAMENTO W -- The 'IMU.NCK' ON THIAI. Nicolas Sturd/a. 50. left, Paris decontor and self-styled Ro- maniin prince, leaves paddy wagon in Lausanne, Switzerland Monday to stand trial. He is accused of stealing $700.000 in jewelry from Mr}. Marjorie Winifred Bird. 64. of Oyster Bay, N.Y. \ heard our w-hispered ccnfes-'other refugees, were treated I sion and pave us Holy Abso- Monday in Queen Elizabeth r- lution ·while the terrorists Hospital in Leopold-vine, i fwere looting and screaming' Father Bussiere said he Diy . . f Hi h awardcj i \ around us.- thought the rebels attacked $5529019 ^J, Monday TI Father Bussiere suffered a the m.ssuxn because U had mstruct[on of 173 mil / s J i' deep arrow wound ,n his left quartered 10 Congo ese po: j arm. Father Bruneau xvas licemcn the night before and . . . . ,- ' :; v,-ounded in an arm and hand, had helped clear roadblocks Courtv · * » * the rebels set up. A Congo-, *·'· THEY A.ND 15 other Can- lese army unit arrived to' JJ* contra " fw the ; r ; adian and Belgain priests and dri\e off the marauders and ·-'teachers were flown out cf all whites were removed. \ oti , t the terror-stricken province! son. Jack L. Adams and Wade G. Ellis construction com- .. , provtncej Sunday after Canadian BngJ How every Califcrnian 65 and over can benefit because a new law made Western 65 Health Insurance possible This law, passed July 23,1963, has enabled 62 lead- in; insurance compar-Ies to combine their resources for just one purpose: to give senior Califorruaris more adequate healtii i^surar-ce. You get generous benefits, yet the premiums are reasonable. The name of the plan is Western 65. There is no medical exam. No health questionnaire. No upper age l_f-it- Spouses may be covered too, regardless of age. Your individual coverage cannot be cancelled because of your long or repeated illness. You'll have a choice of three good plans: one for Hospital Expenies: another covers Major Medical Expenses; and a third plan covers Comprehensive Medical e7id Hospital Expense. Even the plan with the most benefits would cost you only 76* 1 a day. For your free folder, fill out and mail the coupon belo-w. Or call an insurance agent today. Any one of them will gladly help you choose the coverage best suited to your needs. Hurry! Enrollment opens March 1. end* March 31. 194 Berlin Wall Easier Pass Plan Kef used »»-iv »lnt m ir»h»t« away aoout w reoeis- wh^a of . Sovicl-Gliana I'acl ACCRA t*i_ The Sovietpanies of Oakland. a cultural agreement arrang- last two-lane segment be- inTM for the exchange of stu-'tween Barstow and the Ne- and scientific vadi state line to full free-' rebels f.jrcej several cf the TMuTM»""i. W3 '- j missionaries to kneel in their JJ^SjI^'fS'^f^s^e station buildin;. One of the ulSrVJSjiCtfiS^jfJ rebels shot and tilled Belgain 6SJ*¥*SWf? : JP ii ^*~"' P ""^^^i teacher Robert Marechal. 24.'I-^1^1*"" * GREAT MEETING PLACE ThC Please rnail me the complete folder on Western 65. I understand there is r.o obligation. WESTERN 65 Dept. F Box 65, Los Angeles, Calif. 90054 flame. Address. dr/. ·w _Zor«. -SUte. ' "They d;d not give any _£' BERLIN lUPIV--Communist'warnin' just killed him like East Germany Monday flatlyjthat." he said. Another wit- = rejected West Berlin's terms ness said the rebels used a I for Easter passes throush the^-pou pou." s homemade muz- , 'antirtfugee wall. zle-loading rifle stuffed \vith-._. j Ncues Deutschlind. official lead and n3i!s. _-~" newspaper cf the East Ger-' He said M.-rechal and ^_1^ man Community Party, said Jacques Bolbcrts. 3*. iff St ET~" iWest Berlin Mayor Willy^ror.d. were hacked to pieces 1^ iBrandt was mistaken if he with machetes rfter they ^i thought his proposal would be were killed, accepted. \ . . . » Erandi's proposal provides A THIRD wounded Can- fur the issuance of passes at adian priest, the Rev. Mauthe wall as West Berliners rice Defossez. 50. uf \'ictcr- pass through it to \isit rela- iarille, Quebec, escaped into lives and loved ones in East; -- =--._----Berlin during the Easter holidays. He opposes the station- ling cf East German postal jworkers in West Berlin to process pass applications--a plan used when the wall was opened for 17 days during the iChristmas and New Year's holidays. BRANDT said there would be r.o chance for Easter passes if the Communists did not accept his proposal during jr.egotiations this week. The will be held Thursday in East Berlin. j West Berlin's position is 'that entry of postal workers' ' c o u l d undermine Western' j legal rights in the divided \ 'city and aid the Communist! J campaign to cut its ties with |West Germany. |, BEEFEATER BEEFEATER AT HOSPITALITT HOUR « 03 to i CO p m. I!^J f, f,U CDI*. P J:/, -- I ' R:iLr i l , . i J j Jt ti'-e (·! i'.c/*J C.»lfl;il.iMjry H:rl /, JIM STOCKMAN'S £dgewater/nn ; V f ^ 'MARINA ·fiBfai--;.?-' 1 ? nd Street at c i% t Pdofc Coast H ghway. Lonx Be^ch C^cr'oohirg the Long BeacT* Vtnnt PHONE: 434 8451 Distilled in London by the ; Burrough family, since 1820/-·-'. Martini men appreciate its identifiable excellence. ''.-.·:'·'· THE IMPORTED ONE BEEFEATER GIN F B C C ' · 100% J r,EUlt»l ifiliTS \. JL\KE MONEY any time «, through Classified ads! Sen no-lonser-used items for cash. » $10,000 ACCOV4T1 tHftO »» HM Mft «f AWT JHOHT4 !««· trio i« w. insured savings Sove more and earn more with the Fifit Federal whcr.c your savings, are insured f» S10.COOOO. A CcrfificcVc of Insurance protecting V 0 *"" Covings cqoms? loss by rhe Federal Savings end Loan .Insurance Co'pcratidn. en instrumentoKty of the U n i t e d Srotc*- Government, is printed in the m»dc cover of Cur po'-ibcck^ It c « - ploirrv bow coch savings account is insured FEDERAL (1st) SAYINGS Diral F I R S T and P I K E 135 LjOCIAN AVE. EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR f H O M I 7-1III New Orleans Z2I v» ^..Tlt^^S^ ·m^*~ fi p w .-$r Y:ric ·$* r;.::d:!phl3 ^te,. onlyft 1 "^te. * 1PJ '$$' %^V' ~ m «sa^ xn u,vS^ It's so easy and Inexpensive to visit the fun city of the U.S.A. on Delta--the Vieux Carre, Bourbon Street, gourmet dining, horse racing, Mardi Gras, it's all there. Stay a? long as you like; fly the other way non-stop if you \vish. Round Trip Tourist Parents AX;I:I.K.S/SAX IK.\xu.scu-xn\v MJHK. inrlinliiij; Xcw Orleans l(i|i(itrr, oulv $'t(K).2U. Or fh Jdouri'l 1'arnil* I'lan for an attract- f S-f»'?.'J." carli for tun, riiiunl Iriji. I'liunc Delia ot ,VK 9-6'Ay or »«·«· yotir Tranl . the air line ivith the BIG JETS

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