The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 21, 1957 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1957
Page 3
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Foce Two Rough Weekend Gomes.,,, WC In Major Spotlight Weekend weather conditions indicate a pcod run of both inland and deep sea ijshing but the weatherman has boon known to make sorrc abrupt changes. However, should the skies remain partly cloudy and the winjs mild, the fishing should yield Rood rnsui's. Activity Iiiu bec-'ii on the heavy side abound m.iny of the in- lanri :;of<t* ,u • i days with several good strings of fish being caught. • Trout, red 1 ! and flounder have been the major Inland fish lieing taken and they have come from Old East Union, the dead end of the Old Hiv.-r. Oyster Lake, West Bay, Drum and Christmas Bays. Activity and results in those areas are expected to be heavy this weekend. Some, lishing will be done from the surf and Jetties, where movement has been picking up (nr the past fp-.v days. Trout fishing has not been as good this week as it was a few weeks back, but still some small trout have been caught from the surf waters. Deep sea boats, all booked solid for the weekend, are "X- peain ; fiiiou .Mia iprr r'Ulls n;il are slated to move far out into the Gulf to make their catches. Sharks and Inrracudu have been making snapper fishing in the short bank:, rough lately. Calm winds arc also expt-it td to bring out lots of boat owners for a whirl in the Old Brazos waters. Several boats have boon ::po,t«o! in t'n 1 . lion over the past few days but the movement should pick up this weekend. Bait camps in the Bra/osport , 'area report they have a wood supply of largo shrimp on hand for the weekend pu.'i. County Baseball JVfst Columbia, unbeaten in son by a 4-2 score, thus drop-, Holmes Ellisor, WC Major Rrazoria County Major Teen- ping 1.1 to an even 2-2 /nark, 'manager will have a sta'f of Age warfare, draw a couple of which is still good enough for ' JV. * ',.:. ' u . ^" °' lough road games this week-; second in the rugged Major Clinrllc W.lloughby, Thomas end as they face both Freeport race. j McRpynolds and others ready and Lake Jackson. A West Columbia weekend for tlie important weekend set. Tonight the league leaders, sweep of Brazosporl teams,: Lake Jackson. <vinner over l-.oiding » 3-n mark, move into.which is a tough order, would Freeport and Bay City, also Frecporl's Lions Field for a'put. them welt ahead ot the!dropped a 6-; game to West 1 duel willi Ihe Optimists, last 'pack with around a third of the Columbia but will be shooting year's champions, while the .--cason gone. tne woiks trying lo draw even WC crew returns for a Satur-l Freeoort m.-mager Jimmy in 'be Saturday duel. day game with Lake Jackson. Sharp is ex.o:><-ted to have left- Both Lions Field games will : All Lake Jackson home liander Leo' Wlecryk ready for ,& et underway at 7:3(1 p.m.' games- will be played ./rom rervice while Dirk'ie Coulter or Freeport 'will be in Bay City; Lions Field In Freeport. David Ste.vens might get the for » Saturday night Major' | Freeport bounced back from starting nod. WC holds an ear- game. ; .three straight defeats last Wed-'ly 7-0 shutout over the Free-i Jerry Spence, Pat Hunt or' nesday by dumping Lake Jack- port entry. Larry Stephens are expected' 'to get the pitching n6d for the' Lake Jackson Optimists in' their test of West Columbia i Saturday. ' Other Teen-Age games tonight find West Columbia sen-! iors over in 1,1 for a single! Igame. Webb-Schmidt Field will' jbe Ihe site of the 7:30 duel. ! Lake Jackson Juniors play i tonight with the Ped Sox tak- •ing on the Pirates in the single tilt. ' ''' freeport Eagles Lose No. 10... Cards, Dodgers Win In LJ Little League Aftei luo straight rainouls, .imngs on walk.*, errors .and a FreeportTedsk^ns 'pl'/vTna out' second half play in Freeporfs'^ngle by Paul Jell to break O f the County Junior loop got! Litile League race finally got up , " riosc "• s Wnc. ,-, n eBsy |. ( , ];.,,.,„;, v j c i,-, ry finmi iinnerway last night with a : In Anglclon action the Yanks , he Velasco Yankees i iwinbill opening up the sriied- Uirn(>ri "ark the .'icd Sox by 1 he Rf ds'tlns rv;iitcd at'r.ion<-, "1". a , s ' ir " 2-n count with Ken Field but the Yankees failed Tonight's aiiion in Frei-poit ,' e "" an " ''""n Taylor while lo show iitf as they were wait-' >ends the first half kings, the. 1ne , R °' a O' won over the Ki- ing on their home grounds^.' Red Sox. against the second wants K-5. mixup in srh^-Iules caud-d W'-- :,)l,u-e duo, tie Cubs, in one of fames in Lake Jackson's Na- missed game -nit it was a cost- ihe highlights in courtly LL to- lonai loop , aw the Cards trim ly loss for Velasco who were »'*"'• , , , , ' , hii M VI! n ^ V " ' 2 ' 8 colim '"Rl'i'P in the Junior standings. Lake Ja<:k.<on sends their In- ^1'"^ the Dodgers walked past Clute's Red Sox held the " " " ' a Ifi - 5 "ore. league lead in the count o— dians, pnccsctter in the Amer- 'he Phillies by a 16-5 score, ican race, alter the Yanks in .* top M-'tmc while the Hod Sox clash in the second l^J ^ame. Doubleheatlcrs will be iccleri off tonight in Lake Jackson. Freeporl, Anglcum nnd West .Columbia. Tlu- Angleioti action will crime in the National loop. Only games on for Saturday State Champ On Sat. Card junior chase as they flipped past West Columbia by a 4-3 count. ' Freddie Bcene went the full <evtn innings for Clute and gave up fiye hits. The West Columbia twosome of Tex Frvsier and J.ii.vs W'e- yieldef! onry two hits but Jerry Whiteker worked on the mound for the winning Giants while Herbert Cain and Jim Wilson took care of the Cub pitching chores. The Cubs were paced by Jerry Gambino with a triple while Jack Sumler picked up three hits in three trps. The Red Sox. who are league leaders, go against the Pirates in LJ Junior activity tonight. County Team Wins In Pas. Brazoria . Countv's .junior Olympic team won over about 15 track teams .in an invitational tournament held in Pasadena on Thursday nieht. This was their ninth consecutive win in invitational tournaments. Bra?oria athletes col. leeted 182 1/4 points with the nearest opponent making under 9f points. Among the point winners from Brazoria were tne 14.15 year oM girls' 220-yard relay ;cam and .the Li-18 year old lifts in the 300-yard relay team. Among.the other first niece winners Were \Vilb«rt Patterson whn won first in the shot put and Sue Henry who won first in the runniiig broad jump. Other point winners included Billy Lowe. Robert Danford. Charles David Gordon. Melba Angell and Grace Moore. The next tournament will be held Thursday in Houston. Prncti-re is being held at B p.m. ca'.-h Thursday evening at the athletic fields. Hoyden Leus To Ploy For LJ Gofers Hayd«n L«u> is back in ih» Lake Jackson Gator fold. L«ui, a potent tpeedballer * f»w yearn back, was lured out of retirement recently to join the ttate champion Ga- tori ai a regular front line pitcher. The Galon, boasting a fine early Mason record, last ihe service* of Weldon Haney, one of their mound aces, thut { tearing all the pitching to Dink Mladenka. Gatot official! got Leus, t former Gator now living in Needrille, to rejoin the «qund, !hu« giTing LJ a fine twosome for regular season mound duly. Leus will join tin Gator lineup and will be in action on June 2», when ihe Gators face Hullo in a doub'eheader from WeBB-Schmlci; Field In Lake Jackson. The Gators have already won the Tri-Counfy Softball crown, an they have a 8-0 record with • 2-1 win over Airline Produce last Tuesday. Joining Leut and Mladen- ka for the Sfate tournaments will probably no Haney and Gene Silrer. thus giving L'J * strong staff. Hosf San Antonio In P air Saturday .... Gatois Sweep Twinbili After sweeping a Thursday in the night doubleheadcr from Rav 31. Ciiy, the Lake Jackson Gator:; Speedy Bullard return 10 Iheir home Webb, off in the fifth Schmidt Field for a Saturday.crarking a shirp pair with San Antonio's Pearl then scored ihe for win number (Tolhirl ! Glenn led 'hings inning by triple and 'icing run a triple, as Koenig *n< Llppman hart .singles ii the Gator attack. j Henry'Ciiy is credited with 'saying "I'd rather be right 'than president." Beer. when Joe Pitts tripled behind Lake Jackson '.vent to Bay .him. City last night to play a sin-! .lim Hombrer doubled home •tie game but enderl up in.Pills to put the Cators in front matching licks in a double .=-.•! a 2.1 count in the fifth The Gators hart 4-1 and R-fi Koenning aided his own .-irflories. i cause in the sixth by getting The Thursday sweep frcm * double that scored a run. 1 Bay City were wins No'. 31 while Billiard hit a single that nnd 32. while the defeats flreiwent for a three base error! cmlv two. those coming in! accounting for the final LJ '•ally season play. r run. : Game tim" for the Saturday Bullard had r- sinsle and a W< Ob-Schmidt Field contest'triple, while. Hembrce had a ••••ill be at 7 p.m. with Dir-k doubjr nnd single a,!one with Ml.'denka nnd Lrs Koenning !Koennin2. Rusty Koenis had ? '.!ue to handle the pitching. Isingle. ' vhile Pitts crime it:' Mladchka and Kocnnine;with a Iripio. I worked for Lake Jackson lasti The Gators poundcci out 12 i •lipht. ar.d each cnme through!hits in the second p,arne, which' .vith a win. Mladenka gave iip'wps jjst five innine.s. to aid' one hit in his R-f) fivoinnine Ml?denka in winning hi.s 14th •vin. while Koennine was jame w;tnou: a defeat, touched for five hits in a 4.] Tho Gifors- scored two in LJ victory. uhe first, two in the third.! Bay City put toee'her a paiMhirc in the fourth and one in of hits in the third inning »o the fifth for their eight runs, score their lone run in the' Lefty Underwood.' wish a: opener against Koenning and double and two singbs paced jgrabbed a 1-0 lead. the batters, nhiie Hemhree However. Lake Jackson came had a pair .of double?. Miadtn- iright back and added a pair,ka a double and single. Ross in the fifth and then two more Ivy a double and sinsle. fishifi' F||STA JULY 4-7! Gel ready now! Vou'll Find All Vonr nefdj At Palmtr's. Authorised Outboard Motors SMe.| A Servle* Sport* Hoadn.mrt<T» Johnvm Sportinj Goods J. Hwr Palmer's Clme 5-3415 Tiger Conway. the rough nnd saw walks and errors account ,are siatcd in Lake Jackson's nigged Negro wrestling "charn-. for Chile runs" minor loop with tilt? m tiie pion , an d Coon Froberg, the' West Columbia Card BHAZORIA COUNTY BASEBALL CARD Friday, June 21: Little LeaRtic — Freeport — White Sox \r Eedskins: Cubs vs Red Sox Lake Jackson iA> — Indians vs Y.inkees; Red Sox vs White Sox Aniileton 'N - Legion <s Tailtwistcrs; Braves vs Dodgers West Columbia .- Double- header at Galloway Field Tecn-Agc — Lake Jackson Juniors — Hcd Sox vs Pirates County Seniois— . West Col. at Lake Jackson County Majors — West Columbia at Freeport Saturday, June 22: Little League — Minor and Texas League gimes in Lake Jacl«on in MorninR and aitemoon Tecn-Age — Senior League-Bay f'ny at Alvm Major League— Frei'p'irt at n.i> Citv Wost'l'ol. vs Bay City at Fret'port Monday, June 24: Little League — Frecport .— Y.inks v 'led- skins; Knglpn v< Red Sox ..,01-mng nnd night m National, 'Alvin srappler. are expected lo" runs in the second, fourth and lAtrerican and Texas leagues. • , ls( . Hieir semi-final scrap on sixth innings while Chile got . Freeport games last night'the Saturday night mat card a pair in the second one in found the Braves winning from j n Angleton as a show ste.iler. each of the fifth and sixth in- ihe Yanks i-S in a minor However, the main event, nings. league tussle while the Bob- which materiel Don Leo Jon- Beene a«.-ountcd for one of cats tan past the Eagles lO-S n ihan. the Texas heavyweight 'be two Chile hits in the sixth :in tnc major roniest. . kinR| RXn i n tl Jop Blanchard. Is inninE -.-h»n h- lined out * lone The F.HCles defeat was ntmi- a | so expected to be a real triple to score tne tie breaking ber 10 in a ro v and their first hrawl run Teasing of the second half L as , w ,, ( , k Comva.v and Frn _ Thp vvin wg , Bet , ne -, foiirlh The game started out like a |, cr g kept the huge crowd on of the Junior Teen-Age season scoring match as the Bobcats ;hpjr (e(M mojt of )ne three H , , lad ,, strikeouts over the got t«o runs in the fust and f a i), . W i, h , hpjr |,|oody scrap West Columbia club'lan nieht : added four in the second Ihe an d they are slated to pick up In La ke Jackson Junior Laglrs added one in the first this week where they left off. lames, the Glints scored four .Griffm ^nrt FJryan Johnson T,, -,:,., o,,.-,-, ,,, ... - runs in the seventh inning to : walks to score four in ihe sue- Billy Wicks after Uos Wallick Pull out a 8-7 victory over the He who is prejudiced Is usually down on something he'< not up on in the opener while Marvin Cubs. ond. Van Salmans and Mike Mot- .i,,^ Wl 'jj "^ ihe'Teicree"' A single ak winked ort the mound for The matches will get started ' >'d fitcn :, the losing F.*Kles while Ronnie f, oro thp ,i r . C ooled Bramria Giant runs and then use Bobcat errors and County Fairgrounds main frame Handled the pitching for the building at 8:30 p m. Saturday -^-^ •- lx walks and » •' ,'!'""d f'-ir I'-K In Ihe seventh rats had in the it to rrs vs I'anls: Bn.\es vs Phillies Angleton (A' — Yank: \s Ki-.vanis; Ilol.irj' v» Rsd Snx ccn-Aiif County Junidis — Hcdskins vs Wamu's «t Fri'i"iorl; Velasco at t'l.ilo Laki- J,ick:.nn — lied Snx vs Cubs Senior LI>>II<UC~Lake Jin%s(/n at W.^l Col. FREEPORT INSURANCE AGENCY O1.DHST r.SI KA.Nt K AU1-M V IN HK.U.OK1.% ( ()l M'Y Phone 3-5";32 \M W. lli.ud Ki.T|Mirt Boheats. The winning 5coro four run' Angleton, WP Play In U Saturday Lake J a c k s o n '* Webb- Schmidt rVId will be the Sai- urdav afternoon brittle n-nuifljs for Wild IVach and Anidi'ion in their scrap for the first half i-hrtinpionshlji of ihe conn's TVi-n-Axi" soflball loop. Game tim« will he M 3 Jim. Mom the Lake J.irkson Gators' Wchb-Schmidt Field. The Teen-Age joftoall lrd»ur •s nnr of ;l.~ nc.v.M im, •. Brazona County and lias entries fiom Ura?oria, D.-i'ibury. Wild • 'i'jjih, Old Ocean anrl Angleton. An^Irton, behind the pitching of Gen" W>dM>, lake.: a 4-0 mark into the Satiintjv .-houdown si ramble \\hile Wild Pencil puts a 4-1 mark on the line The only ma! Wild IV.ich Miftor*'d this si^suii was a rt-,') 111 utmng loss in An:;lc- loii. Earl Uanford. lioi^ting a !1 Ii iiiarl,, will be un Inf mound «gauv-t Aii^kMon and W>clu-. .who is also :)•() in !nnp act,on. Wild t'ciich will In- i-at-i'l at ,hi- pij.e h.v Hi-inn Hai'.oi;, wiiii i.- ; b.i'tih^ .1 (at .75ti v, ,;n nine hits m 12 ti:iii's ui t' i' iiljtc. ' li « hl - SelMiulenttticatitin _ to solve a burglary by finding .in intoxicated man with a big black spot on the seat of- his pants. He also may t»e irmed. ' A burglar enteied a tavern Wednesday by sliding down a coal chute and stole two antique muskets and 35 bottle of whisky. V«ta For 0. L. "Mac" McKay fundidul* lot CANAI. COMMISSIONER nivfr Harbor .\»T!- ilion DHUItt Julv «, 19SJ «d»frll«m»nl Venr R. C. A. Whlrli»«l In Bramiport JIM VOORHIES RCA WHIRLPOOL APPLIANQES 32 Circle W»y. Lik» T«ck»on Phone 7-2S78 or 7-7771 AVHcomn You Scott Galbreath Insurance Agency Tli« m>« from r.((UII«h»»- INSt'RANrR E^CI.t'HVELt SINCE 1929 PHONE 72406 IN PI.ANTATION DR. LAKK JACKSON Fici'j:, Fulion Win Tournament AMBULANCE SERVICE Invalid ( with- tiacrgi-nc) PH. 5-2511 BRAZOSPCRT PUNEBAL HOME 138 LIKK JACKSON KI1. \Ve lUnUIr A Complete Line OF ALL TYPES OP INSURANCE SELLERS HARBOUR Insurance Agency PHONE 1-3&93 1U Puk Ave. Freeport Announcing the Opening of.. SHOP AMI M.RMCE nr.PT. OPEN 7• DAYS A WEEK PAT'S OUTBOARD SHOP SUNDAY — JUNE 23, 1957 SEE THE NEW 1957 b^ iT-ATW ATERS MffAM Ulinhcr \uut fi^t I'-^c i* filuiiv ^'.'itnig, fi*h:im. i-'iin*.' "r "H'IM- liiuijT. xou'll lo«« iu-ait l.i a ipefiiluicr! it nuv '•* ihf mm -:#fKH«*» of ile*igiiil,&i >uu'll f«il <>i-... ur neihapa that Murdy, Ktsi^-fav-UteSjwtalinfr i-oiuirui • :,'in 1.1 \iluc uill uke \uiir taiii'v. .lu.l a(-«;ll.ltmi-Vi«lil«fl«»hlliiJ spttr.i mid liif M.iou!il-rt»-*!!k pfl- i-irii:iiii »i lit rll iuii"Her«'» ir.e i)>at ti>r IHK " \Vtixte\er vmir l C..SUIU. \ou IllitfVfl- I rgl'tfl lht'08- ing * Si>ee.inner foi lifetime bout ing pleasure. S*« Our ConipUli Scitdien «f Wolar Sports Equipmint WE CARRY PFLUEGER FISHING TACKLE 1 NEW POWER!, NEW NEW COLOR CHOICE! 9 exciting new outbocirds 1U|( i;:?ib peif<,nmT.s Ihat t.»-.i ••IUHUIC] in o'jthtjarj-' ^ nc, ci'iivtni-'ice an i ^ easy hanillu:/ TieVrt »upei •, in .line!, ih»> h.ill \oiir boa! - If aat,'.i usX 'or a tin-' ;. 10 no A - tuj^y all Scull 44 the tliuKs of 3.>i SporUtcr a'»o avail- »bl« •eltitric tUrtUir avaiinble at extra cost -^citing PERFORMANCE J PAT'S OUTBOARD SHOP SURFSIDE ROAD PHONE 3-4721 YOUR HOME FOR AS LITTLE AS $5.00 DOWN YOU CAN HAVE INSTALLED IN YOUR HOME TODAY A 2 Full Years To Pay ROOM AIR CONDITIONER . . . givc:4 greatest comfort yei. — but takes '/i less space. Only Ifi'i" "thin"- no bulky projection inside or outside window! AS MORE COOLING FOR YuUR MONEY DEMONSTRATION Just Ask Us! GOODYEAR OPEN: 8 A.M. TO 6 P.M. MONDAY SAT SERVICE STORE CALL COLLECT 32228 222 W. 2nd FREEPORT

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