Independent from Long Beach, California on March 15, 1966 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, March 15, 1966
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\ffffi»^rtn»^fft a WEATHER Night and morning low clouds becoming mostly sunny In afternoon. High about 65. Complete weather on Page A-2. Independent SLAIN MARINE WILLS 84,000 TO VIET WAIFS --See Page B-l " Phons HE 5-1 161 -- Classified No. HE 2-5959 34 PAGES LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA 90801, TUESDAY. MARCH IS. 1966 VOL. 28 -- N O . 170 HOME EDITION - lOc Governor Asks--No LBJ Aid Brown Sayg Chief Lauds Him but No Vote Plea Likely By BAXTER OMQHUNDRO I, f-T N.tknH Burwu ^WASHINGTON -- White House intervention in California's primary election was discouraged by Gov. Brown Monday in a private interview with President Johnson. Brown told a press conference here he "volunteered' to -the President that he d9esn't expect White House support and doesn't expect the President to get involved in the June 7 primary election. ·' The governor said President Johnson made no commitment, but was "very complimentary" to Brown. t.'-'!The President said I've done an excellent job as gov- e'rnor," declared Brown. The governor said he broached the subjsct during a private audience with the President because Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty, who's seeking the D e m o c r a t i c gubernatorial nomination, had implied that he expects presidential backing. , "f can tell you I'd be very, very surprised -- to put it mildly--if he ever endorsed my opponent," said Brown, don't think he'll endorse me either." :0ther. areas touched upon by Brown: Housing -- Housing Urban' Development officials have promised to clear red tape for quick action on $28C million : in . urban - renewal _, funds blocked by litigation L ;--over .Proposition 1.4. .-This will release the funds quickly if the law approved-by voters in 1964 is judged unconstitu- Murphy Balks Red Hunt in Strike Quiz 2 Gravely Injured in Test Ride Gerald Morgan died short* ly before midnight of auto- crash injuries, Community Hospital reported. REMAINS OF CUSTOM AUTO · Shattering crash in which two received grave injuries Monday night, ripped the rear end of this souped-up 1940 coupe into tangled fragments of metal. Driver of the vehicle was the son of a Long Beach garage owner. Gemini 8 Grounded by Leaks 12 More Horses Knifed; 2 Suspects on Pun D-l) At least 12 more valuable ty sheriff's deputies, including riding horses were stabbed or units of the Sheriff's Mountet slashed -by .^Unknown: assail- tional, as Brown believes it will.' Otherwise up to seven Gemini months would be needed to 9APE : KENNEDY (UPI)-Double 'trouble with leaks Monday, long a : bugaboo "of the U. S. space program, postponed at least 24 hours the Verdes Peninsula to the north- complete processing of pend- antji jMonday.'in a series, of afea' : of-the South Bay coas attacks stretching from .the Rolling Hills section of Palos scheduled blastoff Tuesday of ing.applications. Poverty -- Brown urged waf-on-poverty chief Sargent Shriver to emphasize "jobs now" for the state's · "functional illiterates." He said a in Los Angeles, program whereby such persons given jobs in hospitals astronauts Neil Armstrong and David Scott on a rendezvous and space- walk mission. Technicians went to work immediately to correct an overflow leak in the Atlas booster rocket of ttie Agena rendezvous t a r g e t satellite and ern edge of Long Beach. Bands of Los Angeles Coun- Two of three young men on a demonstration ride in a custom 1940 coupe were'gravely injured Monday night when the car spun out of control on Lakewood Boulevard and slammed backwards into a San Diego Freeway overpass support. Near death at Community Hospital late Monday were the driver, Phillip W. Kelt, 22, of 1144 Umatilla Ave., Long Beach, and Gerald A. Morgan, 19, of 12081 Pine St., Los Alamitos. Listed in "serious" condi- ion with cuts and bruises vas Allen Chavez, 18, of 12371 Oakway Drive, Rossmoor. ' * * * * OFFICER John L. Finn said the trio was southbound on Lakewood Boulevard aboul 8:30 p.m. when the car went out of control, jumped the center divider and spun 50 Posse;':\vere ranging- a wide HARRY BRIDGES MAKES A POINT Longshore Leader Pushes for Farm Unionization early today on the trail of 'two or more" attackers. Sgts. George Reimer and Vernon V. Cook of the livestock detail directed the plac- yards down northbound lanes. It slammed rear end first into .the abutment, crushing the Morgan youth in the wreckage of the left rear fender, trunk and back seat. The driver was hurled headlong into the stony embankment beneath the over- are and an oxygen leak in the other institutions, might be extended. Vietnam--Stressing it was his' private opinion, Brown sfiid he approves the President's course "between two extremes," but sees the need - ' ·· . - . . i . i for ' eventual changes and cultural ex nonstrategic trade with the Red Chinese. "One of these days" we'll have to recognize the Peking regime, the governor said. ··Natural Resources -- A $3- million federal grant is expected soon for treatment of sewage to help stop pollution of Lake Tahoe, Brown said. He urged the slate to gel be- Gemini 8 spacecraft itself. The Federal Space Agency said a decision would be made this morning on whether the ambitious space twin l could start at 10 a.m. EST Wednesday with the launch of the Atlas-Agena exactly a d a y behind schedule, or whether the shot would have to be put off until Thursday or longer. · GROUND crewmen borrowed parts from the Gemini 9 spacecraft due for launch in May lo repair Gemini 8. Checks on the repairs were scheduled for early today. A valve and regulator were re- Cigarette Prices Up Cent a Pack NEW YORK UP) -- R. J. ing of stakeouts at pasture pass and Chavez was thrown back into the southbound anes, but got up and staggered into the center divider out of the way of oncoming traffic. 4 POLICE SAID Chavez had Reynolds Tobacco American Tobacco Co. Co., and the nation's two largest cigarette manufacturers, a n n o u n c e d p e n n y - a - p a c k increases on most brands Monday and other manufacturers followed suit. (Continued Page A-4, Col. 3) iplaced on the Alias. A MOB is something you don't belong to. American was the first to announce the 40-cent increase in wholesale prices per 1,000 cigarettes. The companies did not say why they were raising prices. * * * * A REYNOLDS spokesman in Winston-Salem, N.C., said the list price of W i n s t o n , Salem, Brandon, Tempo and Cavalier cigarettes will rise from $9 to 59.40 per 1,000 effective today. Camel regulars will advance from $8.80 to S9 but no change will be made on the Camel filters and Prince Albert filters. Liggett Myers and Philip Morris also joined in the price increase. American Tobacco's raise applied to Lucky Strike regulars, Lacky Strike filters, Tareyton, Carlton, Waterford, Half and Half, Montclair and Pall Mai) nonfilters. * * * * AN EXCEPTION to the price boosts were Pall Mall filters, reduced in price by $2.60 per 1,000. Philip Morris raised Marlboro, Philip Morris filters, Philip Morris Commander, fields and stables, and reported they had several clues to the identities of suspects in the series of horse mutilations that began almost a week ago. Latest slashing victims included two horses, owner l i s t e d as Loraine Fuller, which were attacked at 27115 Travis Lane; two owned by Theodore Halpern, 4659 Mar- loma Drive, Rolling Hills; one owned by Mrs. Leonard M Rose, 26730 Eastvale Road, Rolling Hills, and one owned by Dr. E. A. Keller, 3448 W. Tanglewood L a n e , Rolling Hills Estates. Six horses were slashed in Reveal Mob Attacks at Tourney in L.B. M i.S;:/ ';;' ,.'vil^-fe^ ·''. " '^M^ · Students and'faculty members from two schools participating in the GIF basketball tournament told Long Beach police Monday they were attack by "roving mobs of 4.0 or 50 teen-agers" after Saturday night's a mass predawn attack at Bob's Stables, located on the northwest corner of Del Amo Boulevard at the Los Angeles River, operated by Bob Broker, 6133 California Ave. Broker owns three of the horses attacked at his stable, and valued one of them at (Continued Page A-6, Col. 6) been pleading with Kelt to slow down" as the car roared out of the Long Beach runway underpass, heading for the freeway on-ramp. The car, which had a late- model engine, was registered to young Kelt's mother. His father, Dave, owns Kelt's Garage, 3846 E. Anaheim St. At the scene of the spec- acular crash a sign reading, 'For Sale, $1,500," lay near the bloody blanket which had covered Kelt. playoffs in the Arena. An assistant c o a c h was hospitalized with serious injuries and other athletes, students or t e a c h e r s , were treated for cuts and bruises, police were told. Violence broke out between 10:30 and 10:45 p.m.,, minutes after Poly High School of Long Beach lost the CIF "AAA" championship by one point to Sierra High School of Whittier. * * * * O F F I C I A L S from two schools ·-- S i e r r a Principal ?oger Weeks and Coach Dan Gonzalez of Bellarmine-J ef- of Bur- Division 'erson High School )ank--told Juvenile Parker Goes Home LOS ANGELES (CNS) -Police Chief William Parker 63, left Queen of Angels Hos pital Monday to begin one to three months of rest at home He is suffering a "temporary cardiac incapacity." Sgt. James Perry of the alleged incidents. Weeks theorized his groups Were attacked because some individuals were wearing red athletic w a r m u p jackets-Sierra's school colors. A Beltarmine-Jefferson assistant coach, Steve Tillon, 24, was in Burbank Community Hospital Monday receiving t r e a t m e n t for a broken jaw and s m a s h e d t e e t h plus "internal mouth damage," Gonzalez said. T w o Bellarmine-Jefferson players, Bill McCarty, 17, and Mike Terwilliger,'17, w e r e hospitalized briefly after being attacked, their coach said. McCarty s u f f e r e d a )rain concussion and Terwiliger, who minutes before the attack had been named to the all-tournament team, was cut and bruised. Coach Gonzalez said he and his brother Charles G. Gon zalez, suffered minor injuries in the melee. "We were just lucky to get to our car and drive away," he said. The Burbank school had Delano Debate Heated By DEREK SCHOEN S A C R A M E N T O W) --' Hints of Communist influence in the Delano grapa strike sparked a heated def bate Monday as a U.S. Senate subcommittee held its first California hearing on migrant labor. ;·. Rep. Harlan Hagen, D-Hanford, questioned strike leader. Cesar Chavez about a man he called one of the strike chief; tains. Hagen, sitting on tht subcommittee as a guest, said he had information the," man "was a Marxist or Trotskyite." ' · - ,-, "It Is not our purpose 1 Income here and name names and accuse people- of com* munism," interrupted. Sen'. George Murphy, R-Calif., ai many in the packed Capitol icaring room broke Into ap*: plause, * * * * THIS committee doesn't work that way," Chairrhart Harrison Williams, D-N.J., told-Hagen. Wtien'Hag'eh attempted to continue, Williams pounded his gavel and ended the talk. Earlier, Murphy and Williams said they would ask the district attorneys of Kern and Tulare counties to appear before the committee to arliwer charges by Chavez that the strikers' civil rights had been violated and state law broken. Chavez, a longtime 'farm l a b o r e r , said out-of -state workers were being brought in as strikebreakers without being told there was a strike under way. + * * * "THATS A .violation of state law and I want to know why trie district attorney's didn't enforce the law," said Murphy. He said .he a l s o would ask Gov. Brown to conduct an Investigation. ; Chavez said the Delano strike, now in its sixth month, involves 1,700 workers. He THE STATE POLL GOP Leaders, Today, Would Defeat Brown lost the "A" championship, also by one p o i n t , to Lutheran High School. Principal Weeks said "four or Jive separate groups of our people svere physically assaulted." He was not notified of the incidents, however, until Monday. No serious injuries were reported, he said. * * * * OFFICERS late M o n d a y were seeking to i d e n t i f y youths who may have joined in the mobs, Sgt. Perry said. A Long Beach U n i f i e d c h o o 1 District spokesman aid the district will inves- gate the reports and "take (Continued Page A-2, Col. 1) Gov. Edmund G. Brown would be defeated in, his bid for a third term by both Ronald Reagan and George Christopher if the election were being held today, The State Poll reported Monday. Actor Reagan currently leads in the Republican pri- lican nominees -- Reagan, C h r i s t o p h e r , businessman William Patrick and County Supervisor Warren Dorn. The results (percentages) NEW DOUGLAS 251-passenger DCS goes aloft for 285 minutes in its maiden flight. Page A-3. CONSERVATIVES ask Canadian Prime Minister Pearson to back up sex-spy scandal charges or resign. Page A-6. STOCK MARKET skids sharply again in slow trading. Page B-4. Imenthol, Alpine, Galaxy, and 'hilip Morris regular. The price of Benson and Hedges 100s was cut $2.60 per 1,000. Liggett Myers' boost applied across its lines. Brown P a r i a m e n t filter, Paxton ma ,7- as disclosed in a State ' . Tlnll vnnni-t Ci i n H a i r Vat in Amusements C-7 Classified D-2 Comics C-6 Dtath Notices ...D-1 Editorial B-2 Markets ...B-4 Radio-TV B-8 . Shipping C-5 Sports C-l-4 Women B-5-7 Baby for Susan HOLLYWOOD UP) -- Ac- Susan Strasberg, 28, wife of television actor Christopher Jones, gave birth Mon- Poll report Sunday. Yet in the general election match- ings, Reagan does not do as well against Brown as does [Christopher. Mayor Samuel W. Yorty, a Democratic candidate for governor, would defeat every Republican but Christopher if the election were held now the latest survey showed. A scientific sampling of the registered voters in .California Christopher 54.2 85.8 32.1 Don't Know 10.5 7.8 12.4 Reub-Dffrw- crat Lebanon hospital reported. Iteoub-Demo- Total Kcan crat 35.3 6.4 55.5 Toll) ToliT liean cral 40.0 10.5 61. 30.1 60.4 7.1 Brown [om Don't Know 29.9 29.1 31.5 Brown Patrick 41.7 12.8 62.0 28.3 57.8 7.3 Don't Know 30.0 29.4 30.7 R»ub-[ Tf!a! Ijcin ... 42.4 10.7 64.6 46.1 80.0 22. 0.3 13J a 7-pound, 10-ounce were asked for whom they girl,. spokesmen at Cedars of would vote between Brown, and the four potential Repub- Erown Reagan Don't Know It is obvious from the out come of the question tha Christopher has more support within the Republican Part lan Reagan, and also that -hrislopher culs into Brown's Democratic support more than Reagan. Brown probably suf ers from the fact that he is low presenting his budge md tax proposals to the legis ature. In a January survey ie did not run as poorly a n the current survey. The State Poll reported las January that Brown ran behind Reagan and 15.1% be hind Christopher. But he ra well ahead of both Patric and Dorn. It is axiomatic that any Re publican candidate for state wide office in California' mus attract more than 20% of th Democratic vote to win th election. Christopher at th time attracts some 32% o the Democrats; Reagan bare attains the needed Democra (Continued Page A-4, Col, I ppropriate action" again.t ny offenders. Reagan's S.F. Rival Sees Gain . l,r-T National WTM WASHINGTON -- Georgis Christopher said . Monday a new poll shows him breathing down the neck of Ronald Xeagan in the race for the R e p u b l i c a n gubernational nomination. Christopher said a sampling made for him by the Bucci P o l l of Swarthmore, Pa.', shows R e a g a n leading by 2.4 percentage points--51.2% for Reagan and 48.8% for Christopher. * · * * * EARLIER this month, a, California-based polling organization showed Christtf- States and its North Atlantic pher trailing by 8.7%---with Allies have r e a c h e d full agreement that NATO must e continued, without France f necessary, informed diplomatic sources said Monday, The French delegation was absent as the permanent rep- state-based · p o l l s , shows resentatives of the 14 other Christopher b e a t i n g Gov, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) members m e t to confirm their united stand in the face Allies Agree NATO Stays PARIS (UPI) --The United 43.8% for Reagan, 35.1% for Christopher and 21.1% don't know dates. and The for other candi- Bucci Poll gives "Don't knows" to R e a g a n , Christopher said. The Bucci Poll, like earlier of French President Charles de Gaulle's efforts to tear down the alliance, Brown if he goes into the genr eral election. The Bucci Poll and the other samplings show Reagan losing to Brown. Christopher said tho Bucci (Continued Page A-4, CoL 5)

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