Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 25, 1969 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1969
Page 6
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Edited by Geraldine Clift IH1EIDI I* I !i i! SMMTIUS! I'l 1,3111MJJI l«i! li. : i»IS.' luli'UH DttDttll lEUIIUHlEILIHUJB 6 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Fri., April 25, 1969 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Hints From Heloise-Reader Tells Way To See Who Is At The Front Door Dear llcloise: .course. white shoe polish Mv brother and I found a way; 1 ' 11 - liuit , . , . . I to sec who is at the Inir.t door w i t h o u t h a v i n g to open it. \\'o don't have one of those j l i t t l e peepholes that a lot of Inml doors have. lint we put a . small mirror on our I rout porch so that when we look out 01 I decided to keep a pair o: w h i t e terry shoe mitts in my car. the kind you use when pac king shoes for traveling. Now when I start for work I just slip them over my shoe Births WASHINGTON GENERAL Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. House, 12Wi Porter Road, a son, April 23. Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Jon es, 1350 N. Levcrctt, a daughter, April 26. Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Barnes Fort Worth, Tex., a son, April 22. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Carpenter, West Dickson, i son, April 22. Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett Eaton St. Paul, a daughter, April 22. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Jack man, West Fork, a son, Apri 22. Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Sinool. 2004 W. Berry, a son April 22. Mr. and Mrs. Koclie Stowcrs, Route 3, a son, April 22. and removed them before en l i o n i bedroom window into U i C j Results--spotless shoes repor- mirror. we can see who is stand j t j n g on duty and no scrubbing ing at our door. . heels and car mats! In this way when our M u m ' Miss B. E. Noone is home alone she always knows w h o is at the door before open- n ra i- Heloise: : ing it. j When ladies are trying to lose I I you don't have a front;weight they complain about porch, the mirror can be placed! losing it first in their face, and : m a shrub or on a tree in your 1 ! | lav e jurt discovered why: 'yard. i It's from chewing all those T a m m y . l e a f y , low calorie vegetables! i - ; Mrs. 0. E. B. Tammy, f bet yonr Mom a n d ' Dad arc' as "proud as punch"jix-ar llcloise: of you and your brother. i When making buttonholes, in! Just wish i could t a k e both stead of using scissors to start ·ol you out for chocolate sodns.ji.hcni. use the point of a "=" m Stay as sweet as you are. - Hcloisi Preparations Completed For Tea .Mrs. Keith .\e\vlinuse. membership chairman, Mrs. C. II. Wiggans. |iri'siilriit anil Mrs. (j.'t'. Thomas, inriiiniug sn- cial chairman mrl at the Headquarters House (his w o r k In limili/.t; plans dir the an- niiiil incnilierslilp lea sponsored by the Women's Civic Club. Thf tea. iiiiich also cummeni- oraU's lhc club's 3."th anniversary, will he held from 2:3(1 In ~i:'.W p.m. Tuesday, April « al Hie Headquarters Hiiuie. All wiiincii in \VasliiiiRlon Cniiuly are invited tn attend and In heeiime members nl' the oi-gani/.atmn. (TIJIKS- phnto by Ken SnnA'i seam . r i p p e r . Insert carefully and pull the , material up to and by the cutting edge. This makes a neater start and there's less chance ; Dear My hint is for lishcrnien: To avoid your hooks catching. ( ) f cutting the buttonhole, on every l i m b and shrub when I Also easier on tiny ones, you move from place to place Karen Helfert while fishing. . .simply w r a p a small piece of a l u m i n u m foil over them. It's .so easy to pui on and you take it off in a j i f f y . Sun 1 saves a lot of f r u s t r a - tion, t i m e and tempers. I ' a u l i n e .McCleve .; iii.:i»; J; PTA News Alpha Chi Omega; Members Honored ; i;:ii!:-f.! 1 i!iiivi!Hi:"iii.!: l i;-!,Mi'il'^ i ri:; i:,: 1 ;.. ;.j..i!i Announcements Alice Stidlcup. daughter oh Miss Marie Brown, recently Mr. and Mrs. 0. T. Stallcim. 1 '"" 1 " 1 l-'ayctteville's Teacher KM V i r g i n i a , FaycUcvillc, w a s i i ippncl by M o r t a r Board hi si j p*. r-\ · i Tom-day night, at the AWS PlODO T U p l l S Register For Auditions --.^ i'osti\iii. Mortar Board is a naiiona! honorary organiza-j i nil v. Inch each spring taps | , -iecK ioi- membership in re j j.-rci tu leadership, scholarship and service to their Universit* ' I w e i n y - s i x piano pupils Irom r A: '"',,''l-' ! M"''"-'''^'.'/! Alp 'n' llu ' '''"""' M ' kll ' e(l Roso lliivc ^·o'r rr H |or'ii| S '' 1 in' 1 |) V |-c'incdi'ciiic registered .is candidates f o r membership in the N a t i o n a l i-.h-r How ell, from Baylown. i.-,.;,^,-,-,,^()! student Musi- M\n!,vilhV B 'ne,n'l) l ers ! or AhTha TM'" s - sponsored by the National i 1 - : ii"i-:M wi-re also lapped by Giuld "I 1'iano Tcai hers ol nf the year by the J u n i o r Civic I. e a g u i'. w i l l be honor (ireil at a r e c e p I i o n Sunday Irom 2::in to 'I::!!) p.m. at Ashell School, under spon- Mirslnp of the Ashell PTA. The public, and especially former :pupils nl Miss Brown's, are invited to attend. Dear Heloise: I When 1 use my typewriter. !which is on a portable stand, the cover is a nuisance. My problem was solved w i t h a magnetic clip like the one I use on my kitchen cabinets to 'hold a recipe, i Now I lust fold the cover in h a l l and it hangs neatly on the side of my metal typewriter stand. Jayue Montgomery Dear He.lnis.e: I am a nurse and have been getting black marks on the heels of my white shoes from the black rubber car mats and. of ;':! i ·'.; II · ; ' I ] J il i :·! i ,·'! ii II sSIU ; i, 1! HTIHIIBIBII SILOAM SPRINGS-The last meeting of the year for the Par- ,ent--Teachers Association was held on April 17 and new officers Kveru named for the coming year. They are Mrs. Paul Nitz, (president; Bud Ritx. vicc-prcsi- jdent and Mrs. James Beech, secretary-treasurer. I Bob Knight has served the group as president this year. Principal Burton Elliott introducer! Dr. William Sistrunk, Head of the Horticulture Dept. at I be University of Arkansas, and Dr. Morris, his assistant. They discussed ways and mean! of securing financial assistance w h i l e attending the University. Pi Beta Phi Mothers Club Has Coffee The Pi Beta Phi Mothers Club! was entertained with a coffee. Tuesday morning in the home of Mrs. L.W. Sager, 208 Cleburn, with Mrs. Gerald Hudson and Mrs. Herman Tuck assisting. Twenty-five Pi Phi mothers attended. Mrs. W. R. McNair, president, conducted the business meeting. "Thank-you"notcs were read from the active chapter for the floral arrangements tor the Pan- hellenic open house which was held April 19. and for a monetary gift to the chapter. Mrs. Percy Renfrew, housemother, reported on the activi- ,ies and accomplishments of the Pi Beta Phis this spring. Mortar Board tapped Pam Seneff and Charlotte Cooley Anthony; Peggy Bosmeyer was elected president of AWS and Paula Johnson was named Campus Sweetheart. Cardinal Key seleted Candi Angst. Pal Debusk. Melinda Guard. Becky Wiliams and Susi Robinson. Reservations for the Mothers Day luncheon at the Country Club may he called to Mrs. A. D. McAllister Jr. New officers will be installed at the luncheon. They are Mrs. Orin Yoes, Mrs. Hudson. Mrs. Grady Harlan, Mrs. E. W. Fetter and Mrs. Sage- i!iii»iLfiginKiuuiiiii:iHn:iiu;iHNumntnwi!i( Bridge News lISafBIIBIB'BlifllliliaHIIHrJIlllliatBIHSIimilSIIISNIi To Be Married . . .M'i;-tHi- Boanl. .wbicli their teacher is a mem- , ,..,. '!"'ic i i m c r s i l v "I A r k a n s a s : n v i - n t i y he:d its associated stu- 1 Tins groi ...... ymam iiiano i., 'ML (·!'-,, hnns ,IIK| t u n Alpha I hobb'isls v . i l l pla\ r in the \'a' -.i O m e g a s -.inn senatorial 1 tjonai Piano Piayini! Auditions ,-a-s lor next ear's t e r m . ; M . | V 7 .^ Til( , v . |ri ,. - , . Carol A n n M a x u e l l . J a c k i . :,. ,.,,-. ,,,.,,,r position no. 2 ,,.,,,_ ,,. mv Pl|t , cl . K ] m K j ] 1 in the College ol A r l s a n d .,, jmlm . Ush ,,,, u . H - l n | v - u n c c , i-ii'i Sii/ie David Irom |;,, u|i( , Vi v,',,,, A l l l l -\, ., v c ; ; ; l a . v.!:o "on J u n i o r position . , . , , ; (; m| ,, , ,, , · ,,,,,.. : , ., ,,, ,h,- College of A r t *· v . |m . v fejesscn ,._ m , , y ;-:-.(! Sciences. Harden. K a t h y Lynn Maxwe" Sew And Chat Club Has Meet Mrs. Ethel Chirk \\as hostess j ( Wednesday when she entertain-! ed eight members of the Sew 1 and Chat Club al her home. j Tin 1 devotional w;is given by ! ·Mrs. Handley Rurton, and poems; ' ut'tv read by Mrs. Sum Olip- hiint and .Mrs. Hay Rinn. | Thf.' business session was e o n - j fhieted by the new president.. Mrs. Adrian (ircgg. Mrs. C l a r k , 1 secretary-treasurer, gave h e r . .report and Mrs. Gregg presented the demonstration. ; I During the social hour, rc- I iri'shments were served by the 'hostess, assisted by Mrs. Ki;n j in-Ill Chirk. I Has Auxiliary 'Gripe' Meet and Janet Selby a n d J a n a A / j c c P U i l l i r t C l l e m m i n g w a y . all of Fayeltc-' / Y U b b r n i M l p b , Pat S.mlsbiiry ni* Fort jiiVH'h-r.t. eomUK-led the u. a j U v ti)i; in\ i j r a t i o i : ivei: Mr-.. T i n : i i n \ e nor nl V,\\ elSex L!I-. ss { ! { · ! · : ( ] ( (J thai lhc (·:·.( L",i ar;i \\i'! meet Ma\ '.'. at nf Mrs. Mary Leduet ·'oil Smith, lo nuike [tlans I'.'.M' tnceiitig May '!'·' al ;. -,\ i.lfMTi"; will lie cU-eL ·: r -. ;!.c dinnei' \^ ill he · r i l..;rr. Unlocks Ignition ' AlMi. David and Deborah M » l - . C n f - f) U/ U4 n npr- l i n s and Lynn Hughs of W i n - J y * - LA V Y . n u y t ^ L slow; Marlise and ]\ohert W a r - ren of West. Fork: Hobby M a n - ( p . Rp M n r r J p H !,mu-. M a r k Riehardson ;i n d I U UC ' V l U I M C U Mar.L r ;iret M a n n i n g of P r a i r i e , ,. . ,. ,,, , ru.:^... ( ;,-ove and Cheryl Whilchonsc,,,,. 1 '-,';;:" 2Mls ^, l |;: ill1( .! 11 "r ()1 i-rcTiiiiimi. nounei; the engagement and np- proaehing marriage of t h e i r f l a u g h l e r . Wilm;i Aileno, to Sgt. I")oiiLj!as Wjiyne linger, son of X o m a s i e r k e v s c a n l m - n aulo^'V"" 1 ^ R ' C ' ""'"' " f ^c,,!,,,-. ,,,r «!,,, ^ - « i y i,,:'-;;; ; ); .^--; s; , , D e n i e d aul" secuntv system. H l , l l l i m i U ( ,,;,,,, Kcl , ()( ,, .,,,,, Hie m a n u l i i c t i u - e r says. ' is c u n r m l v cmplov,',! at K n u r ·'"'; r; 1 ' 1 ; ','T", .'.' l '"'" ," : "-*° n w^-- TM %··*· (ion lock lor k(\\-|css operatinn ^^^ Ihigec is a g r a d u a t e o! lo assure lop sccunh. \\licn (;|. ;1V1 .( IP ||j£|, School, and is combMia i is not corn-dly se j | n n v receiving I r a i n i n g in HHi lected. w i l l not s l a r t . u-oper mechanics at the .\ATTC l i B u l l i o n !·- turned lo nn ,,, Memphis. l i o - i l i o i i ,-it t i n , same l i m e , horn j The wedding w i l l be an en n! w i l l go o!f. The device al-.o pro n | M a y II al -I p.m. i n t h e lei Is ai/ai'isl i g n i l i d i i .iumping, u Kirsl Presbyterian Church al i-onnnoi; Ihel't technitnie. 'Gravi'tle. T h e Northwest Arkansas Bridge Club competed in a six and one half table Mitchell ovement session Friday eve- ng at the Legion Hut in ringdale. Winners and their positions of ay were: North - South: Mrs. Donald wing and Glenn Brewer, first; rs. Paul K. Heerwagen and om Utley. second and Mrs. ene Shaw and Mrs. Merle andefer. third. East-West: Mr. and Mrs. Roy arbee, first; Charles Glover nd Curtis Bourland. second nd Mrs. Norman McCartney id Mrs. Stanley Richmond, lird. MISS W I I . A I A A I MONK PHILLIPS . . . hrif/i'-c/cc/ nl .S(/(. nmitilas \V. llagcc Buf, something makes our customers smile a lot. 4.75°. PASSBOOK SAVINGS 5.25, VARIABLE RATE CERTIFICATES first federal savings I AYIiTICVIL'.i:. A K K A N S A H Bring Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning In To Us. We'll Give Your Clothes Thar Clean Crisp Look In Just One Hour. Laundry In by 9 a.m.---Out by 5 p.m. COMPLETE STORAGE FACILITIES ONE HOUR C L E A N E R S lit N t.ll... . ,,,,,,, riiinic n.",-tir,^ Open 7 a.m. to ,S p.m. Moil.-!''!'!. tvllU, Ark. K\(, 7 a.m. (n A p.m. The Fay-ettoville Duplicate ridge Club held its regular ·ssion Monday night. A p r i 1 , with seven tables playing a Mitchell Movement. Win- ers were: North-South: Dr. 0. K. Bow-er nd William Murphy, f i r s t , Irs. Don Ewing and Mrs. Lonie Hall, second, and tying for lird were Mr. and Mrs. Roy 3arbee and Mundy. East-West: Mrs. Carl Keys nd Mrs. Lester Graves, first; dr. and Mrs. Don McGinnis, econd and Mrs. T. S. Ellis anc Irs. Wilbur Watson, third. Legion Auxiliary Has Board Meeting The executive board of the American Legion Auxiliary met Monday evening in the home of Mrs. Mable Maddox. with Mrs. Louise Vaile, president, in charge. After music and piano reports were given by Mrs. Rose Me Clellan and Mrs. Tommye Dish- croon. Mrs. Virginia Earls announced that the ROTC awards given annually by the auxiliary would be presented May 6 at 2 p.m. Mrs. Maddox told the group of the flag presentation s h e attended at Bates School, and read a number of notes of thanks from the pupils. Mrs. Vaile reminded t h e members of the Department convention to be held July 11-13 at the Marion Hotel in Little Rock, and also to bring items for the rummage sale to the next meeting on May 1 at the Legion Hut. The hostess served refresh ments at the close of the meet- ir.g. Shower Honors Kathy Dodd Miss Kathy Dodd was com plimented with a wedding show cr at the Farmer church Satur day afternoon. Hostesses for tbi occasion were members of the ·'armer Extension Homemakers "Hub. The gift table was covered with a white and blue cloth. The honoree's sister assisted her with the opening and residing of the gifts. Among those attending wen Mrs. Alvin Dodd. the bride-elec t's mother, also her sisters am a brother, Owen and Sharroi and Roger Dodd, Mrs. Geralclin Beard. Mrs. Junior Westbrool and sou Teddy of Springdale. Purchase Power Low According to a n a t i o n a French poll of 13-to-21-year-ol girls, the average teenage gir in France has a monthly pur chasing power of only S24 month. . DITA'C 'OH HAIR KIT A 5 FASHIONS SALON OPES MON. TIIHO SAT. a A.M. DIAL 44J-JM! SCHOOL CIJXIC OI'KX 8 A.M. HON. TIIKU SAT. 19IIOLUNO NOW TOR ADVANCE HAIR STVUNfi CLASSES. CALL RITA'S SCHOOL 442-5181. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bishop of Route 4, Htmtsvillc, announce t h e engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Debbie, to Jerry Officer, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Jackson of Route 5, Hunlsville. The bride-elect attended Huntsville High School, and her fiance is a member of the 196(1 senior class at Hnntsville High. The wedding will he an event of May 31 at the A u r o r a Church of Christ. . UPHOLSTERY FABRICS 1 and ACCESSORIES I Fabric City has i t . . . and . more of it than anyone else! 1 FABRIC CITY I EVELYN HILL* ~ '·:'*·.«· IS ·!·:····' · · DOCTORS throughout the country AMERICA'S MOST ATTRACTIVE SHOE* *· COMPORT Only in these famous national!) advertised oxfords can you fine such extraordinary Fit, Comfort, and Service. See the new ttyltl. Buy 2 pairs ot a time for proved economy! Nationally Adnrtiwd $21.95 Mote periodic vrliff fo your Oocfor LANER BROS, SHOES S. Side Square 442-4181 Give her the ring that captured the heart of America The one and only and originallyfoc the mothwof three lovingdaughters, The Mollwi 's King was subsequently made available, at her rr(|ii",i, to the mothWJ of America... who gathered it to their IIIMTIS. Twin bands f.f 14 karat Rold siflnifyin!; mother and father .ur. joined by lu^rous synthetic slontb markins the hirth month of oath child. Insist on the true original--The Mother's Ring by Cucttin Brothers. * 10M Cucilm Cro'. M'K Coi|l. PERRY'S ^10 J E W E LRY Evelyn Hilli 443.4(12 THIS IS A MULTIPLE CHOICE AD Chock The Headline Which Best Describes Your Problem . . . n 1. You need a larger home hut yon don't know where to turn. Q2. You need a better ear hut you don't know where to get it. Q 3. You need a heller Job hut you don't know where lo find it. fj 4. You need to hire, a secretary lint you don't know where to find the right one. Q 5. You need home furnish, ings hut you don't know where to get the best buys. D 6. You want to sell yonr extra TV set but you don't know where to reach a buyer. Q7. You need rash but vTM don't know how to get it. Q 8. Any one ol the above but you're not sure what to do. No mailer which ones you checked, lhc Northwest Arkansas Time* Classified Ads arc Hie answer In your proh Icm. Krad lhc Classified A4« tn find homes, can, jobs and trmid IHI.VJ in thing* yon need. Use result-gelling Clanlfled Ads lo sell good things you M longer use or rnjoy (o MRCr rash buyers, .lust Dial 44Z- (244 '· start your ad. Don't Dtloy . . . get to work on your problem N O W !

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