Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 11, 1929 · Page 6
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1929
Page 6
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*^'' ;i l " 'V;p -T'l '.,;• ?H£ AEfftOKA M!RMR^Mj5Kf)A1?:...^V^M^^ Church, Society and Fraternal _ _ . . . , 9^ . , ...... ^_. __-- .-^-^i-, ---•• .^.J*n~^-lJ»»»JJ»-iaiJ—J»J—--^—J^J^^-^^—L^^L- SOCIETY NEWS Th* Phi Beta P*t sorority will hold * dinner meelliiK this evening Hi fi.M o'clock at the Perm-Alto hotel. AH member* 6f thii sorority dre nuked to be present. o On Saturday morning;, Nov. 23. at 10 o'clock And continuing all day, tht Dorcas class of t.hP fclon Lutheran Sun- dBy school will hold n hake, soup, npi-on afll fftnoy work sal* In the rhuVch. The patronage of th<> public Is cordially solicited. — o-~ Court Eugene A, flsrvev. 'No. ftM. nf th« Catholic Daughters of America will hold Us regular business mPctlnR In the Knights of Columbus home at tfiOA Twelfth « venue this evening. Th* meeting wilt he followed hy » .loclil session Irt .-liarg-e nf Mrs. Cecelln Dedarber. A very delightful time WHB .i|ient FrldAy evening when Mr. and M' 1 *' James Tlppitl entertained the member* and wive* of the Alto Entertaining duo at their home, 3827 West Chestnut, Bvenu*. After a short business session plans were made to hold t covered dish luncheon In the neftr future. A social time followed and de- IfclOUs refreshments were *e/-vert by the UyFavmte it« CHURCHNEWS The Amoma Bible dig* of thp Baptist Sunday school will IV monthly meeting tomorrow evtk'ng 1 at 7.45 o'clock in the'churcH. Alrfiiem- her.-t of the cluss flr« urged lo He Irt ftttendance. The Bfehman, iiiblH clasii of the Firnt LutHcrftrt Sunday /fc»60l will meet Itt fegulrtr spftslon tortiorrow Rve- nlng at. 1.M o'clock in the Henry Baker class room of the* church. All member* of the class *r« daked to be pr«»- ent. Tomorrow evening at 7. SO o'clock, Women's Home Mloslo/tary 46. dely of the Simpson Methodist church ' will' hold a public meeting lit tho j i church. Mrs. Chcesman and her group j Have arranged «. very interesting- pro' gram. A member of th* eke-cutlvfc ' botlrd will be present dnd It ,«»IIt be i the annual thank offering nieetlnfc. : AH members are urged ts b« pr<<*«nt. the The banns of rtiui-rlnge of Miss Anna Catherine Humeriolf, daughter of Mi'. and Mrs. Jackson A. HumericU, 1507 Fifth street, to George. Gregory Wssh- abBUgh, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. S. 1. Washabaugh, 22« East Bel! avenue, were read for th« first time at the services Iti St. Mark's church yeste.r- day morhirtR. Th« ceremony will occur At 8.30 a. m. Thanksgiving 'lay. — ^o — The Adnms PII rent-Teacher ossnrla- lion will hold its moiitllly meeting - thi* evening nl. 7.45 o'clock In tin- school building. Miss Annn C. Campbell -will be the speaker of the evening and will use as her suhjcr.l, "Bool(d." A fln« program has beeii prepared with the devotional period being In charf?« of Re.v. Fred R. Grenlnger, pastor of the. Temple Lutheran church. Ruth BrideiiHteln will give a reading entitled "Patsy Entertains," and TCIaine nnd Joseph Buy- lay will render a pluno duet. St. Murk's guild will meet In n-K- ulai- session tomorrow evening ut. 8.15 o'clock in tho Catholic; High school at Sixth avenue and Eleventh stri'el. All members are requested In be pfe«- «nt to help transact Important business and member* are. asked to return their orpluin card*. Following the business meiitlng', a, card session will b» held ot 8.4S o'clock to which all friends ol the. guild nre invlt«d. Refre.shmtmtB will he served. The lio/ltBSSon for the evening tire: Mrs. Charles' Dalre.i. Mrs. Clarence Mc- Culloiig-Ji, Mrs. ],. S. Blodgell nnd Mrs. Kerr. - o ••Th» regular mei'.tlng of the H. O. K club was held on Krlduy evening, Nov. 8, at tho home of Miss Elsie Fleming of 806 First avenue. Tim session was called to order by the president, Ivn. Hill, and Die devotlninil period followed by the reading of I he minute* of the previous meeting. After th» business (tension, many new and Interesting' gamns were played nnd ut 'a late hour, dellclouH refreshments wave serve.d hy the. Thn next ' meeting of th« club will be held on Friday evening, Dec. 13, «t the horn* of Mian Ruth Banks of 318 Fifth avenue. '— V Th* Wlilltlor. Sclicml Par«nt-T«*cher '•association will hold II* monthly meeting thU evening 1 ut 7.30 o'clock In th* school building at Fifth »v«nu» and Forty-second stvnet. The president, Lee Kniaely, will preside. Harry C, Smith, supervisor of the Aitoonn. school*, will be the speaker ot the '•venlnp. An this Is one of the nnwly annexed schools. It In desired Unit all patrons and friends attend the meet- Ing 1 to holy the new supervUor. MlsH Emma Ventres'ca will entertain, with iftveral violin polos nnd tho children at th» school will give a demonstration In folk danclnj*. •o A Vfry enjoyahlii Kiirprlna party WHS held at the home of Mr. «nd Mrs. T)it- trow of 20U East S'lHli avenue on Saturday evening In honor of Mrs, Duiroiv. Dancing 1 and BOO wire en- Joyed during the evening and at a latf hour a delicious luncheon was served. Thotia present were Mr. and Mrs. P. Dulrow and family of Duncans vlllo, Mr. and Mm. M. Dutrow and son, Mr. and Jfi'H. Al JtiiGraw and son, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Went and daughter, Mi', anil , Mr», Wicks and family, Mrs. Harry Grelghton and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Faul Oeosey and family, Mr. and ilr«. J. Wills, Mr. and Mrs. Hodeheavrr, Miss Helen Stroup, Earl Murrny, Mr. and Mrs. M. Cherry and Mr. and Mrs. Bo. xllll nnd knort' that 1 am God. PHBlm 56:10. » • • The Kingdom of Ciod Is within you. -LuU* 17:2). • • • Yr- sluill know thr Truth and the Truth .«ih»ll make you free. --John R:32. (Compiled by the Blbfe 1 Guild) TnemU.V: t'rnl W. Orr.rn, finfrnnr of MI FASHIONS AS SEEN BY FRANCES PAGET B.I r-HANCKM I'AOKT, iCnpyrlKlil, 1929. bv Blyle Hnurniiii.) NKVV YORK, Nov. 11.—Everything one wears Is growing either longer or Hhorler. Simultaneously wltli growing hair come growing skirts and growing gloves, the lutler fur above the Hlbow. Other things, notably coats, urn growing shorter. .Hoine predict .that HieeveH will follow tills lead and before many moons be content to stop liulf way. All .iorls ot Mrniig,: happenings are going on In sleeves. Some p.venlng gownn have started to sprout at the shoulder nnd there seemed to be H prophetic spirit of unrest about many alceveN iBiincheri thin HertHon. Apparently the sleeveless tad Is not to be allowed to continue for obviously the couture nre sleeve conHcious and are bending their energies to thin new lli-lfl to r.onquer, having succeeded in mixing n« nil up in our, ideas of skirts, waists and coiffures, The gauntlet has been thrown doVm at the feet of those whose stereotyped response to (lie season's development i« that (here Is nothing new. Nothing- new I Most of us have reached the point when we are thankful lo xalviign anything from last year's wardrobe!' The mld-HURH9n openings ai-«s bvw before most of us have, regniiled our breath from the former ones. Rltcliny, Anna Focklcr, Thelma Buchanan, Pearl Gibson, Eleanor Tlppltt, -Dick Gardner, Dean Smith, i HI eve Benton, Bud Fasick, Haul Gibson, Paul Ham?,!', Leroy Banks, Clarence Banks, William Davidson »nd Vincent Wea-kland. LABOR LYCEUM CLUB TO HOLD MASQUERADE DANCE The Dramatic club of th* Lnboi' Lyceum Is planning to hold a masquerade dance and card parly on Thursday evening, Nov. 14, at its homo I at 1827 Thirteenth avenue. Th« recre- i atlon hall will be decorated to cast. A suitable atmosphere for the dancers I wild r>n» of the city's best orchestras ; Ims boon obtained to furnish music' for the occasion. The balcony club room will be fitted , with tables and card* and bridge, 500, ctixlno and other games are-being plaii- I ned. The players will also have an itxcellent view of the dance floor. The kitchen and booth on the dance floor will serve refreshments and prize!) will he awarded for the costuming «s well an for the card playing. Many people popular with Hit younger set. are on the committee of arrangements snd a good llhie Is assured. AILEEN LAMONT'S STYLES OF TODAY By AIl-KEff f,AAlO\T, Stuff Orrfttnnnilrnt. 'Copyright, 19Z9, by Altoonft Mirror.) NEW YORK, Nov. 11. — More and more, the shoe exists for the buckle;; and begins to look positively Undressed without this adornment. Plain aatln | at moire pumps for* formalor «eml- formal occasions arc bursting forth Into large buckles of pule, semiprecious stories, ether transparent or translucent. Aquamarine*, In 'the heyday of favor with the r.<igu«- fbr green, mnUe, beautiful buckles. Ho also do rock crystal and th« more 1 faintly colored I'M, Hilt Shawls are beginning to make (hell 1 appearance, together with womanly gowns. Reboux has designed ft shawl In big lozenge's of two tones of rose, to be worn over a gown of ivory tulle, The shawl is druped off one shoulder anil held closely about the figure 1 In a way of which grandrnother -would thoroughly disapprove. You would never think, nor would grandmother that a. shawl could be so conspicuous or so revealing. But there It is. Dot and Dash. Now that we are back In tho fashion days of 1830, the-dot again becomea extremely dashing. Many of the new cottons and silks have dot patterns. These nre not mere dots spattered promiscuously' over the fabric, but dots arranged in cubist or floral patterns, dots made up of smaller dots, und dots dottlly in a variety of siaes of colors. As an offset to dots, there are patterns 1n buds, berries, fruits, snd even nnlmals. I On Velvet. ! Beds have become museum pieces with the vogue for velvet spreads. For. example, what cot wouldn't look chic under a spread of chiffon velvet embroidered in chenille, or of east Indian slllc appliqued In taffeta, or of simple rnoire in u plain color, or of silk ap- pliqued In modernist pattern and edged with a two inch velvet band. The thing to do Is to place one of these sumptuous coverings over your bed and then, rather than disturb It, 'sleep on the floor.. McMANUS MURDER TRIAL WILL COMMENCE TUESDAY NEW YORK, Nov. Jl.—George Mc- Mgnus goes on.trial In general sessions .court tomorrow on a. charge of murdering Arnold 'Rothatein, Broadway's most notorious gambler. Rothsteln wan shot. fatally a year ago In the Park Central hotel and although he lived for some tima after being wounded, he refused to discuss the case with polices About 100 wtt.- iloxse« will be called and the trial in I expected to lent three weeka, j NEAR NOKMAL i HAZLETON, Pa., NOV. 'll. — An- nuiincflnrtent that 171,981 tona of coul were loaded at anthracite mineu for : market during the week ending Satur- I day night, made by the Hazleton nnd i Mrihanoy division of the I..ehlgh Valley railroad show* that about BO per cent i of normal production has been reached, AMP Odfii NOT HANDICAP THEM. HONEV ' €rotfTM<NE&r WILL, SENP ITS ROOTS" &0 FEET DOWN WATER-. 0 ma, |v Mk *0mef, we. MECHANICS PLAN FORJQNVENTION Meeting .In the hall of- council No. 472, the local council* of the Junior Order United American Mechanic! on Saturday evening- began the formation of their plans for entertaining the 3930 state convention which will be held in Altoona. W. W. Shlplett -was elected general chairman of the committee on arrange- mcntH, he being a member of council No. 472. The vice chairman Is WH-' Ham Merrill of Altoona council No. 370! East End; decretory', J. J. Gluntz, No. 4?2, and treasurer, J. B, White, No. 370. There Will be committees on finance, reception, entertainment, program and publicity. Each of. the twenty-one councils In districts 02, 53'and 54 will be asked to eenfl five representatives to the next general committee meeting, one. for each of these committees. There wad a fair-representation of the three districts at Saturday's meeting. The districts are sometimes referred to ad Clearfleld No. 52, Huntingdon No. 63 and Altoona No. 84. Should sufficient candidate enroll the fourth degree, sometimes called the nhrine of Junioriam, will be conferred, at the convention. Children from the orphans' home located at Tiffin, O., will confer the degree, providing there is a. sufficient number of members who wish to take the degree. A committee will doubtless be appointed at the next meeting to take this matter in charge. The next meeting 1 will be held at the call of the chairman. The state convention will be held In Altoona on the weelc of Sept. 30, the nessions being held at the Fenn-AIto hotel. PROMINENT WOMAN ALTOONA VISITOR Ernestine M. Perkins of Dorchester, Mass., maharanl, • Nomads of Avru- daka, wa« a visitor In this city ]ast week, visiting the Altoona *antha and those nearby. The visitor arrived in thU city on Monday, Nov. 4, and waa the guest of honor at a covered dish luncheon held by the Past Chiefs' association that hight. Tuesday night, the maharanl waa entertained at the home of Past Regent Carrie Bowden; Wednesday night she paid her official visit to Zameri santha No. 20; on Thursday, Accompanied by Past Imperial Regent Kathryn J. England, she journeyed to Har risburg where she paid her official visit to Korazan santha No. 40. Friday night, the visitor and ,loca members and officials went to Hagerstown, Md., where an official visit -was made to Johara, santha No. Itt: Sat urday, Fast Regent Raymond Ehglanc motored to Hagerstown, the ladles ac companylng him home. Suflday, at the England's cottage a Petersburg, the was enter tained, being 1 highly pleased with the) MISSING OHBMIST IS BELIEVED ON LINER PHILADELPHIA, Nov. li.—Convinced fift Srne*6 W»t«),. Cl*v»)and chemist, la aboard a liner boilhd for South America, police- have abandoned the search which has been carried on between this city and' Fottstown for the la*t flVe day*. Just a» they ivert about to accept the theory that the chemist had been murdered and his body done away with, police yesterday learned he had offered a man in this city |60 for his birth certificate »o h« could' secure a passport to South America. The search for the missing man had been carried on since .last Thursday when Dr.. Watzl's burned automobile was found on the banks of the Schuyl kill near Pottstown, BARKER COLLEGE OF MUSIC LeMtiftoa Avenue antf Eleventh Street Altoona, Fa. CATALOG ON BEQO£8X ONE KILLED IN CHASII. HARRISBURG, Nov. 11.—Ell J 1 . Arndt, Ellzabcthtown. wag Hilled and ''Franklin Hershey, Kllzabethtown, «nd Ray Byberger, Drexel Hill, suffered fractured aktilla when the car in -which they were riding struck a trolley car, at Steelton last night. TOBIAS & LAUGHUN Funeral Service 2036 Broad Ate. Phone >810 A delightful birthday party ws« I held on Saturday evening ut the homo Of Mr. and Mrs. George Harahbargrr- of U28 Twenty-ninth avenue In honor of Mr, Harshberger snd Mrs. .lames C. Patterson as their anniversaries fall oh' the samo day. Tht evening was spent In games and mimic and »t the close of the festivities, delicious refreshments were served. Th,ose present were: Mr. and Urn,' George Hartihberger and family, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Patterson and son George, Charles Bowser nnd daughter, Mr, and Mrs. 4'ranli lisrihherger ,snd family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Harshbergur, Mr. and Mr* Edgar Harshborger and fiunlly, Mr. and Mr*. Amos Cockle nnd family, Milliard Merrill, Mr. and Mm. Ralph White, Miss Ida May Havens, Mils Gertrude Holten, Mr. Holton, Karl Harshber- g«r, James Harshbergtu-, Miss Daisy Glrard and Paul Tingling. A merry party of friends was onteu- taln«d by Miss Eleanor Tippltt at her hom«, 8827 West Chestnut avenue, last Wbdpeaday evening with a Hallowe'en party. The guest* wore costumes of •very description and the home WM decorated for the occasion in orang* and black, autumn Uavea und other decorations that gave a wlerd and Inviting appearance. A program of ' muilQ, garnen and dancing was en- ' joyed and the costume worn by Mm. . /Boyd Muaser made lota of fun tor the crowd. At the close of a splendid evening refreshments was served by Mm. H. I. Gib*on and Mr*. Tlppitt. Those present were Evelyn Overcast), Mary aimantore, Mary Ruusloy, Margaret DeArmenl Emma Ritrhey, Reba. To Rwtore the Beauty PARAGON TREATMENT 4080 -JULcUat ««rvi«« UuUvtly Altoona Beauty Shop 1JM Hth SI. 8»<on<l Floor car ...transformed with a new Dcco color scheme K -GHT ww yo«cw 4w« wffaeintm* tafcioMbk «w &atu*— with MMrt, modcta Dwo cotoa. TW oU faUk M praUUr M Mck caoditmi due dwarn Dwo cotaa CM be »p|*ita directly ower it. Tke taut it .fays nodente. Tlu« it Dmco Ifttbrmg. You car m»r and oolj- tvtcb-vp, or it «»r re<|iMi« cot»pi*w Dua> niauiuag. Whatever you atdl, M titty »tcp Ihc work U done by the MMtd BMthod approved by in* gtett maken of c*n— (lx J* ttut Priem. Here, with d« Foot •utetiaii throoghoot, u four »Mor- aoce of crafttauojhip and donbilit/. Enjoy this ycar'i motor »rylc with you* THIS SIGN I» YODE CM. Dm< » i«f »u CMIBMU today. r&OTJICfriON Duco-Incorporated, Distributors 1 803 Eighth Avenue, Altoona, Pa. AUTHORIZED DUCO REFINISHING STATIONS: Plenty of Time! Win $300 in Cash! Colonial, Modernistic, Early American, Lightolier and Moe-Bridge Lighting Fixtures Hamilton Beach Electric Sweeper Dexter-Twin Electric Washer Philco Electric Radio* Stiffler Electric Co. 512 Fourth Street • Christmas Treasure Hunt Contest Entry Blank will \M> 1au*d on Page 2 In tonight's Mirror. * w^. i 9 Bigley's 1309 Eleventh Avenue ALTOONA, PA. DoUMlmer Body Work*, 6U8 2211) Oettmaii Motor Cuiaf^ay, Uolou » Benle Ave>. a. A. HUC * aoiu, 2sio Tib AV«. O. U. Plvcr, 3300 Kfl Av«. ut.aroitu. PA. Lincoln Hljbwuy G»ra««. MUNTINOOON, FA. L. R. Gold I.KMO.M, fA. Si A IK CO Pena Bute Auio Co. D U € O t • matle •nly +y *« KidGl oves New sliipiiient ol gloves to maldi the fall costume. They ate made of llie finest quality. The most attractive styles and ail the wanted shades. All sizes. .95 " $4.95 Where Good Taste Is Rightly Priced tttMty, *p«Aking- Alto «Mh« bekuttt* ot Pennsylvania Atld MAI^Und tAlns. M«»d«irti«« Petkln* Aftd r»fc*lved *n*ny b»auti(ul gifts. Today At 11 6'cWcK, th« ttembew of hfe pftftjr left for PltUbttrftk to p&V a fraUrndl visit at the aanthA there. THe mfchftrftni ftrtd Fait ftegdttttf VIA* et and Frank Schadt were the house dts of Mrlr. BSngland while here. <fs. England i» a paat P«ace, with th« torch of love uplift«d High, Now walks aedure upon the wind touched hfH»; Artd in her heart once filled with war'* dark cloud, bnly contentment through her being thrill*. Smiling:, she fling* her banner o'er the land. Its folds rtach out from sea to fthlnlrig Ada, failing in ftpiehdor o'er a fruitful > -world, Shedding; its radiance o'«r a nation free. • , Its white, pure aa the Wind tossed elouda at dawn, • Red that can rival even siin»et» hut); Its stars of glowing light forever Shine, > Set in a field of heaven's eterhal blue. And high o'er all with ever watchful cars, Th« eagle emblem Of a nation's power, Watches ..with jealous care altd sleep-' •less .eye, The; bud of peace burst into perfect flower. 'wtectingly H* shields his wide domain, t Spreading his mighty wings O'er mount and stream, < Searching the nation, with his piercing glance, Brooding upon- the land with pride supreme, FREDA. L. CAMPBELLy •Wniiftmaburg, Fa. FAMILY HOMELESS BY FIRE FOR JIFTH TIME TVILLIAMSPOBT, *»., Nov. 11.— the fifth time since th»y have Hved in this city, Joh» H. flcbtt,' his wife and their three children are homeless as the result of fire. The blaze destroyed their apartment on the third floor, oi a. building Irt the downtown section. They lost all their belongings. This was the first occasion on which any of the fii'#» had started in rooms that they occupied; v , *~ v x * P,T j.&4uju, - Fa, f NOV. j.o..'—'J.-HB man ghdt by Mrt. John Sheaffer of Bea* valley, *h«ft she caught him ttjUnf to fetae a wiflaewffl hw tfouu, was hep brother; Oebfge W«*Sner, Sought for the murder of thei*,bfother last march, police believe today, after following *. blood ttatt leading to th« mountains. ELECTRICAL FIXTUftfiS Ai ft*Mf*i Met* ALTOONA ELEC. SUPPLY CO. 1120 l*th Ave. Dial MIM TWO-THIRDS TAKES PLACE IN THE MIXING Achieved with Rw*~ ford art dv* to fa tuition in rtlMtiitg two-third* <t/U» ItAvenium power in the t hitdin tht oven The Perfect 1 Leavening Vo portion ONE-THIRD TAKES PLACE IN THE OVEN THE right flavor! The right texture! The right degree of lightness! The Qualities you most de- aird in your cakes and hot breads are created • by petfect leavening. Leavening with Rumford can't be anything else but perfect because Rumford is so made that its leavening action takes place in the perfect proportion every time. Constant laboratory control in the manufacture of Rumford insures uniform strength and" quality in e\jery can. Give yourt family the r .benefit of healthful Rumford foods in their diet and give your baking the advantages of perfect TWO-TO-ONE leavening. Next time you order groceries, order Rumford. ' THE BUHFORD COMPANY, ExentthmOJfUnf,TCOWFOKD,'R.1t! Rti M FORD ALL- PHOSPHATE BAKING POWDER THRPe-tFECT TWO- T( >-ONE LEAVE*6R We have been appointed authorized dealers for the famous Screen-Grid Bosch Radio. Engineered beyond your expectations to the new Screen-Grid tabes, Bosch is the outstanding Qvalky Radio of the year—bwt not high priced. Come in and hear tfae new Boach 48—test its tone, power, clarity, its »m- plkity of operation—its satisfaction in distance. You will enjoy seeing the new cabinets, Let us demonstrate the full value of the Screen-Grid Bosch Radio before you buy any radio. The AJtoona Leather Store 1509 ELEVENTH AVENUE

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