The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 10, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS l>ocal News •Mr. and'Mrs.'J. T. Smith left this afternoon for Hot Springs, Ark., tor an indefinite 11 stay. Th'eir daughter, Miss Helen Smith, has-gone to Memphis, Tsnn., where she takes up a course In music, finishing about .the fl'rst of July. E. W. Birth, left this morning op his . semi-annual trip .to the Pacific coast. ,His. first stop: will 'be Reno, Neb.'- .'.;."., ':-.•- .When'Bear Oat went dry they went I to -FowlerlS' for tehir drinks.—Adver- * Ita'arvf. iiserrient;' - John Post leaves tonight lor Chicago •where he will locate. Mrs. Post^ will Join, him there next week: . Ralph Bailey -and Hansom Shefretz lave returned from Herrin where they •visited the tetter's brother, Lee Sherretz, and wife. , Positively no'one dressed up" will be admitted at the Elks property party Thursday night.* Old clotnes must be •worn.—Advertisement --••• '•'•/" ••*•'•'• Dr. F. Ij. Lingle and' Dr. W. A. "Brandon were business visitors in Murphysboro yesterday afternoon. NOTICE II you want to get in at the Elks Thursday night you must wear old shabby clothes.—Advertisement. When Beaif.Cat went dry they went to .Fowler's. tofr tehir drinks.—rAdver- iisement. "• • " , ; Get your state automobile, license at. the city hall. -The cop may get you it you don't—Advertisement. . -j, . ROYAL ARCH MASONS fcV r " A. S. Roberts has returned to .Harrisburg, Ark, after* a visit here ; -with j Mrs. Rctoerts. .".-..'._>-.-;..- . ]'.•):{.- Special meeting of Reynolds Chapter No; 75 March 10, at. 7:30 p. m. Work in the Royal Arch degree. Special meeting riday, March 12. Work in Mark 'Mason, degree. J.' B. Youngiblood; H. P. J. B: WJllougKby, Sep. Advertisement. Miss Befaice Baker ireturneilRafter a visit with. her-, 'brother , x Atoie Baker of GoreviUe. g-- ' " -. —' iffit:. Orville Mowery,, Citl Etherton. and Hermlan! iStiaiSrt' were among, those from here attending the basket ball tuorna.ment in Herrin Saturday. MISS L MEOCRA GERVAIS ' •"'"Miss Ruth Fryar-Has-gone to Stutt""'Sart, Ark.; for a visit with Mrs.-.Oia; King and other'friends. . ^ •Mrs. J. H. Ridgway is yisiting relatives In Hurst. - • • •. u HINTS. OF NEW/ MINE STRIKE Hkcn 'BfAitCAT You must wear old clothas and w6m- en gjngham and calico dresses at the Elks Poverty party. No one diressed up will be admitted.—Advertisement. Wtayne Walker of Vienna, .a former Normal student, is- visiting Lonnie Etherton. He is a medical student at '.jSprthwesterriL / Mrs. Ida Freidman- of Johnston City visited Mrs. Ella Murphy here yesterday enroute to St. Louis on a business trip. Mjrs. George Robinson returned yesterday from a visit with relatives in DnQuoin. She was accompanied ^by M^s. Robinson's cousin, Mrs. T. Harmon of- Centralia,, who •was enroute to Herrin to attend the funeral of her aunt, Mrs. Harris/ Harry and Everette Bebee and Rudolph Fink^aad sister, Miss Delores Fink, of .Centralia' have returned alter, a visit at the home of the latter's aunt, Mrs.' Geo. Robinson, and family. Bituminous Workers Give Warning Regarding Wag: Questions— Awaiting Decision. 'Indianapolis, March 10.—The United Mine Workers of America, will refuse to accept 'the findings of the bituminous conl commission unless a substantial increase in wages and improved, working conditions are provided; it was inferred from.a stat'" ""-^it Issued, from the headquarters < - -rife organization. • "Nothing short of a substantial increase, in wages and improved working conditions will be. acceptable to the United Mine Workers ot America." reads the Km^ment. "The miners are awaiting the decision with much anxiety. . \Ve lie-' lleve the public will understand our position." ursday • • " . • "'"& ' • j> Dashi&gton's Comedy Dog Circus ,_9 beautiful performing .pets. Something entirely new in animal training. See the little dogs operate KIDDIE KARS, Go'-De'vifs, do. .the Merry Widow waltz, etc. •. " Featuring Nary Jane the world's greatest somersault do; saults in lid* turning somer- air while jump- ling rope,' closing with a dog. merry-go-round. This act 'hasbeen playing the circuits from coast to coast.' Inasmuch as they have ~ah extra' ' this week we are enabled to show them at usual prices in connection with our picture program. "Our treat." lie and 22c. ITALY TO PUSH RUSS TRADE Rome Government Will Assist All Persons Who Desire to Transact Business With 'Bolsheviki. > Rome, March 10.—Minister of transport Farrari announced that tlie government ivoiild asulst all persons, desiring to sjo-to Russia on business. ' • / Why Pastor Is Worried. From California comes the story of i woman who made her pastor heir to $87,000 on condition he .would take care of 85 canaries, 31 dogs, IS cats, v and. a bun'clu of rabbits. He is getting along pretty well with most of- the menagerie, the story goes, but the rabbits are multiplying so rnitirfty he 1 tears he wil." Imve to spend all. the money to buy a ranch for them a year from now. Miss L. Medora Uervals or Great Falls, Mont., has gone abroad, to aid in the relief work -in Armenia and Syria. During the war she was an active worker and was known; as the "champion dancer of the A. B. F." m "-- -'THE Breezy,, sniiling, fighting/ George in one oi those dare-devil pictures which he alone is capable oi makmgy - . :'. v v SUNSHINE COMEDY ' | "Hungry Lions and Tender Hearts'' I Also MUTT AND JEFF I Iland22 1 Musical Selections 6:45 ; . Curtain at 7:00 j ANT1STRIKE BILL IN FRANCt ••vernment PropesM Arbitration for All Labor Dlcputec—Adrr,?!: Right to Strike. 1 'Paris, - March . lO/—The government presented in the chamber of deputies ^proposal for the amicable settlement 6f all labor disputes. ... ' . '' • The government while admitting the right' of workers to strike, demands that all means for a settlement of disputes be, exhausted before cessation of work. ' " The proposal establishes compulsory arbitration in Industries whose stoppage would interfere with the economic life .of the country. Gas to Fight Blackbirds. Columbus, In<l.—As a. method of ridding the city of blackbirds, which have .became so numerous as to cause, much damage, the police department has asked the city council for permission to use poisoned gaa to make war on the birds. x No. 4904. Report of Condition of Reserve Dist. No. 8. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK At Carbondale in the State of Illinois, at the close of Business on Feb. 28, 1920. HOUSE PAINT Look at the eaves of your house, "there around the rain-spout— : look at tho'se shutters and ^window-sills. ' \Tliey should be protected at once-by Acme Quality House Paint. , _^ .'„ It is cheaper to paint -than to repair. — ' . Save'the surface and you save all. Decay starts >at the.surface. So sbjOUia protection. You insure your house against fire. What about decay? Take out a little paint insurance. _' Have your painter provide '.y.qu with Acme Quality paint , insur- • ance.' He can get it" for you nere. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts including rediscounts, (except those shown in b and c) ; Overdrafts unsecured .I'..'..'.'; U. S. Government securities owned: •-, V Deposited to secure circulation (U.S.benda par value) ? 50,00000 Pledged to secure postal savings deposits (par value) 4,000.00 Pledged as collateral for State or other deposits or bills payable 7".. ,' 25,00000 Owned and unpledged 4555000 Total U.S. Government securities Bonds and securities (other than U. S. securities) ' pledged as collateral for state or other deposits (postal excluded) or bills payable ', 9,575.00 Securities, other than U. L S. bonds (not including : stocks), owned and unpledged 34,851.93 Total bonds securities, etc., other than U. S Stocks, other than Federal Reserve Bank stock ...... Stock of Federal Reserve Bank (BO per cent of subscription) .Value of banking house owned and unincumbered.. ' Lawful reserve with Federal Reserve:Bank '„ Cash in vault and net amounts d«» front' national banks .' ,.'.. ., ....'...;( Checks on other banks in the same city or town'as reporting bank (other than Item 16) ....'. Total of Items 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 ..;... 51,529.24 Checks on banks located outside of city or town of reporting- bank and other cash items ...... i Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer and due from U. S. Treasurer Interest earned 1 but not collected;—approximate^on Notes and Bills Receivable not past due • ' • ! u Total .-•'. LIABILITIES. •: Capital.stock paid In ;. Surplus fund •. Undivided profits i, 17,369^10 ..Less currant, expenses, interest, and taxes paid .... 2,103.71 ^. Interest and discount collected : or credited -in advance ' of mfaturity and-not earned—(approximate)^...-.. Circulating notes:'outstanding ;..'ounts duetto banks, banters, and. trust com: .janies (other--than'-included in Items 29 or 30) Certified checks'outstanding e.~..'...i. Cashier's checks'.on-own bank oiitg.t^idlng ......... Total jot Item& ; ' 29. 30, .32 arid 33 •/>/-.. ./: 306,"41 Demand deposits (other than bank deposits) subject to; Reserve (deposits payable within 30 days): Individual deposits subject to check Certificates of deposit due in less than, 30 days (other . • __ \ than money borrowed) .• •.- ~" State, county, or other "municipal deposits secured, by pledge of assets of this bank ,-t.' Total of demand deposits (other than bank deposits) subject to Reserve Items 34, 35, 36 ; -37, 38, and 39. 518,739.01 Postal savings deposits -./, ' j Total of time deposits''subject to Reserve, Items 40, v' ' ' 41, 42 and 43 -, .....'.; - .1,210.29 Liabilities other than stated above -. •.. . $369,937.96 1,605.83 124,550.00 44,426.93 1,500.00 1,950.00 IS.OOO.OO 1 37,110.31 50,133.39 ~ l.SSS.Sff 310.83 , 1,300.00 2,000.00 $651,221.10 f 60,000.04 15,000.0* 15,265:39 • 700.00 .50,000.00 226.41 70.00 . : •• 10.00 402,163.56 86,575.45 30,000.98 I,2i0.29 None '£%.. r Smith ' Carbondale, 111^^- .-'*"' Total • ; ' ' $651,221.10 Total contingent liabilities (55 a, b and cl ....... . • None Of the total loans and discounts shown above the amount on which Interest, and discount" was charged at ra^es in excess of -those permitted by law | (Sec. 5197 Rev. Stat.) exclusive of notes upon which total.,charge not to I exceed'50c was made, was"$1.890.10* The number of such loans was' 47 State of Illinois, County of Jackson, ss. . ' ' •-,;' ' .I, J. IS 1 . Mitchell, Cashier of the above named bank, do_ solemnly swear that the abo^e statement is true to the best ot my knowledge and belief . . J.'-E. Mitchell, Cashier., Correct—Attest: , • ••' ' . . : E. E. Mitchell, ' ' . . ' , W.,A. Schwartz, ' Frank Clements, ' • '-.-...•..-.• ..-'.. '•' •, Directors. . , j 'Subscribed and sworn to before me this ,9th day of March, 1920. .'''.'.. .-<„ William Hays, Notary Public. Thursday-Double Header | Madge Kennedy in "The Blooming Angel" ADDED ATTRACTION * : T>ASHINGTON'S "DOG CIRCUS" We are giving you a 40 cent entertainment for rr and 2^. (Our Treat/.. ; . THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN Cash In Advance, One moath, per word ,.t» One week, per word : v .01 One insertion, p«r word .01 Three insertions, per word 'M WANTID. - WANTED—-T6 trjm trees. Experienced. 'William O'Neill, 611 North Washington. " WANTED—To rent modern house by May 1st. Press. Address' -'A," care Free FOR SALE—Colonial Hotel building and furnishings, my new 'apartment building of 4 apartments, known as the Bastim: apartments,- also my residence property at corner of 10th and Harrison Sts., 1 block 1 from public square. For ' information write Mrs.' S. Bastin, Colonial Hotel, Mt. Vernon,. Ill; ' WANTED—To rent or buy, small | 'Press. or large, farm near Carbondale. Not farther than 5% miles from town. Farm improved. Ralph V. Wayne City, 111. R. R. No. 3. =• -LOST—Pair'of nose glasses in case.' • Reward iif returned to "W." at Free 1 FOR-RENT. FOR RENT—Two iront room* Style Shop, for office or Bleeping room*. Apply Mlsr Rieth, Normal and Home* St. ' ' - ' ' ' . LOST—Gentleman's pocket book' Dfckey, j con taining forty dollars ro bills, silver '• and receipt from Hardy's. grocery, to owner. Leave at .Free Press and receive liberal reward'." FOR RENT—Storage lor honsehoU goods. In the one story brick building, cement floors, en alley back of »«w Berth Theatre. Apply Mlai Rteth. FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms. ,,216 West .Walnut. Phone 370 L. FOR RENT—Furnished room, modern. Gentleman preferred. 210 Hospital Drive. Telephone 69. FOR RENT—Furnished room. Phone 414 X. , * . FOR RENT—Five furnished rooms. Couple with no children. Call- 366 X after 5 "p. m. FOR RENT—Two rooms suitable for light housekeeping. Furnished or unfurnished. 220 West Main St. ( FOR RENT—Farm, 40 acres, east of Carb>>ndale, good orchard and fine place-.- for cantaloupes. Also grain crops. Reasonable terms to reliable party. Apply Miss Maggie Rieth. FOR BALE. FOR SALE—Underwood No. 4 typewriter. Rebuilt : and in good repair. See O. I. Underwood, at the Mill. FOR SALE—Folding organ, Ainber- ola Ed;son. parlor .electric light, Bennett typewriter and projecting lantern. Phone 414 X. , ' FOR SALE—2 Ford touring cars, 1 Metz Roadster . and one • Baby Overland. Phone 414 X. FOR SALE. OR EXCHANGE—Vacant lot; University Place. What have you to trade for this; Address H. B. Metz, D'eSoto, 111. , For Liver and Bowels Dr. Carter's K.&B. Tea A. Mild, Gentle Vegetable laxatire and Healthful Drink. For the itomach, liver and bowel* *od to purify the blood, there's nothing more reliable. Give it to the little ones when they get !everi«h«ndcan't est. They like It and it does them lots.of good. EXPLOSION ON U. S. SHIP Cristobal Shaken by Gas Blast on Refloated Tanker Marne—Fire Still Burning in Hull! Panama, March 10.—Cristobal was shaken and windows were shattered all over" the city by an explosion In the hull of the ^United States shipping board tanker' Marne, which was re- celitiy refloated after having been sunk : b'y gunfire, 'following the outbxeak of fire on board. The Marne was raised late last month and towed to-a dock at Cristobal, and was being refitted when the explosion took- place. Last reports stated that fire was still burn- ,ing in tlie hull of the steamer, and it is-probable that gas which collected in the hull was- ignited, causing the explosion. ' ' ' •. ' FOR SALE—Six weeks' oia Fox Terrier pup. Good stock. Call .218. FOB. SALE—Two/, milch cows and two sows with pigs. C. T. Miller, Carbondale, 111., .Route 1.' : -'FOR .SALE—1918 Ford. Mrs. M. E! ; McGuir'e, Makanda. ' ' THE CHEERFUL CHER.U5" I dont jee Kow people. '. c-wv e.ver ID el bored; WitK duties ^nd pleasures trie wKole world is rife- It worries rrse sorv\etirrses to tKink of •s. w^ly To do •&.[] rvsy livirscS k\ — one sKort life.. " ;• TONIGHT 7:3O BAPTIST CHURCH

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