Independent from Long Beach, California on March 22, 1976 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1976
Page 17
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until, C»IH.. MOO., March 21. im INDtPENDENI (AM) Fantasizing together is risky There's another new book out U save your marriage or whatever. It's called, "Fantasex." The idea is that you both pick roles to play -like Pirate Captain or Slave Boy and Cruel Kmpress or Novice Nun. ·· Then you have a nice fantasy together. · · ' Well, there's certainly nothing wrong with fantasizing privately. But fantasizing together can pose problems. Take Fred and Felicia ..' Frisbee. They've been doing it for .years. "I'm home, girl!" shouted Frisbee, swaggering in the door the other evening. "Bring me my pipe -. and slippers." '·".. "THAT'S NO WAY to talk to a Cruel Empress," said Felicia with 'dignity. "Shut up and take out the garbage." "Oh, no you don't," said Fred. "I was a Slave Boy last night. Tonight I'm a Pirate Captain." "Then throw it over the side," said Felicia. "Why don't you be \rihur Hoppe HEALS Mini-race for a maxi-reason We guide our own fate SanFrartciico Chronicle Howard Hughes instead and lake me out for dinner?" "Bah, Humbug!" "I knew what would turn you inlo Ebenczer Scrooge as usual so 1 already cooked dinner. It's ready." "Great! You be Julia Child and I'll be Craig Claiborne." "Sorry, I'm a Kentucky Colonel tonight. Why don't you be a starving Indian peasant?" "Every night I have to be a starving Indian peasant at the din- .ner table," complained Fred. "It's ' no wonder I'm getting fal." Aflcr dinner they drove over lo the Hocksmuths for a dancing party. "Varoom! Varoom!" cried Fred, clutching the steering wheel. "I'm A n d y Granatelli about to win ..IhelndySOO." "You go through one m o r e S.T.P. sign, Andy," said Felicia, "and I'll be a nervous wreck." Once at the party Felicia kicked off her shoes. "Come on, Fred, I'm Ginger Rogers. Let's dance!" "CANT," SAID Fred, flicking a cigaret holder. "I'm FDR." But an hour later she caught him in the kilehen with the attractive Mrs. Hocksmulh. "I thought you were FDR," she said angrily. "I meant JFK," he said apologetically. "But you can be Jackie." "You're an SOB," she said. "And you can take me home." Fred tried to patch things up after he put the car away. "'1 know!" he said. "Let's pretend I'm Adam and you're Eve and . . . " "Not tonight," she said. "I'm Marie Antoinette and, boy, do I have a headache!" "So what else is new?" said Fred. Well, one thing led lo another. Today Fred thinks he's an uncared- for bachelor and Felicia thinks she's a lonely divorcee. And, for once, they're both right. Today's books The Modern World System. By Immanuel Wallerstein. Academic Press, Inc. I l l Fifth Ave., New ' " York, N.Y. 10003, $16.50. A brilliant sludy, sure to become a classic, the comprehensive first analysis ot the early development of a world economy -- N. Children o! the Raven: The Seven Indian Nations of the Northwest Coast. By H. R. H a y s . McGraw-Hill. $12.95. The Tlingit, Ihe Tsimshian, Ihe '·" Haida. the K w a k i u t l , t h e Bella Coola. the Nootka and the Coasl Salish -- Ihese Northwest coastal peoples have produced some of the · ' slrangest Iribal and place names of any Indians, bul Ihcy have also developed one of the richest cul- lures, in arts, crafts, and sagas. How much more they have produced than totem poles is eloquently told by f l . R. Hays (author of the f i n e work of the popular anthropology, "Apes and Angels") who bases his account on his own first-hand observations a n d o n p r i m a r y ' source documents. With Fremont to California and the Southwest in 1845-im By Thomas Martin. Kdited and with introduction and notes by Fero! F.gan. Lewis Osbornc, PO Box S47, Ashland. Ore. 97520. $22 50. The limited editions of Ixwis Osbornc are handsome examples of the printer's art; all arc certainly d e s t i n e d to b e c o m e collector's items. That is without doubt true of Thomas Martin's "! was there" acc o u n t of explorer J o h n C. Fremont's third and fourth expeditions across the plains and mountains to California. Martin took part in that adventure and in the Bear Flag revolt at Sonoma. With him in this journey we meet Kit Carson, "Old Bill" Williams, Joseph Reddeford Walker, the French-Canadian voy.v geur Alexi Godey. -- N. One of my sons is taking a course in d r a m a t i c literature, starling with the Greeks as il should, and he asked me the other day to explain the saying that "character is destiny." The idea of Fate, or the Falcs, is a recurrent one in early drama -- which began as a religious ritual -- but it has little to do with the concept of "fatalism" in Eastern cultures. To the ancient Greeks, your destiny was not written in the stars for all time, but sprang out ot tlie kind of person you were. AS AN EXAMPLE, petty but lo the point, I referred lo my recent accident. Was il really an "accident" like being struck by lightning or hit by a cornice falling from a building? Not a bit of il. II happened because I am the kind of person I am -- quick, active, and often impatient about little things. While my companion was opening the gate to our drive- w a y , 1 decided not to wail in Ihc car and dashed out lo open the door llurri.s and get the lights and heat turned on. There was absolutely no reason for this hurry, since Ihe rest of the family was not arriving in another car for a couple of hours. Twenty seconds later, I was on my back with a broken right a r m , iff cdlcinc «ml ijou IIV H K Z I V S K l l A drug called levamisolc, said to he successful in the treatment ot a number of disorders, has now been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of children with upper respiratory infections. Almost two-thirds of patients treated with the drug hencfiled. The youngsters had been suffering m i l d t o s e v e r e infections t h a i chronically relapsed during fall and winter. The youngsters were given a high dose of levamisolc twice daily for two consecutive days every week. Thirty-eight of 70 children got levamisole, Ihe others received a placebo (dummy drug). The number, duration and severity of infections was significantly lower among those who got' le- vamisole F o u r doctors I r o m Belgium report the findings in the journal La nee I. They say there is an almost complete absence of side-effects, j u s t i f y i n g the high dosage. The doctors tried a higher dosage of the drug than used by other researchers. The doctors conclude t h a t le- vamisole "has a beneficial effect in c h i l d r e n w i t h recurrent u p p e r respiratory tract infections." Nearsighted persons are generally believed lo be more intelligent than average. However, some have said the nearsighledncss is merely the result of excessive "near" work during school. Recently a researcher produced compelling evidence that nearsighted persons ARE more intelligent and that this intellectual gain precedes the development of n e a r sightedness. Now it is thought there may be a genetic link between superior intelligence a n d ncarsightcdness. according to an editorial in the British Medical Journal. How can one deal with bad b r e a t h , p a r t i c u l a r l y that caused by foods containing garlic and taken with beer'' Here are (he recommendations of Dr. Frederic J u n g of the American Medical Association's Department of Health Education: · Teelh and tongue should be brushed to m a k e sure that no odor- causing substance adheres lo them. · Time should be allowed for the oxidation of any alcohol that may have been drunk · W a t e r , tea or other nonalco- h o l i c , noncarbonated beverages should be d r u n k to help clear the mouth of volatile flavor- or taste- bearing oils. · A bit of chewing gum. kept in the mouth lo encourage a free flow K i l i l o r of s a l i v a , should reduce Ihe risk of offending persons who are in close proximity. The report is in the Journal of the American Medical Association. like a poled ox on a block of ice. It happened before 1 knew it. Bui was il an "accident" in the t r u l y adventitious s e n s e of the word? 0! course not. 1 knew the driveway was slippery, knew that a few moments made nn difference, and anyone with a more placid temperament would have been content to sit in the warm car until the chains were down and we could glide safely to Ihc front sleps. It is in tills trivial, b u t symbolic, illustration that we begin to perceive the trulh of the Greek saying that "character is destiny." The kinds of things t h a t happen ID us, in the m a i n , are like us. Sometimes a blow conies oul of Ihe blue, but in far more cases we go lo meet the blow h a l f - w a y . OK, AS THE Greeks would have put it, the ice was Hie efficient cause of t h e accident, hut my impulsiveness was the true cause. Jus! as, on a vastly grander scale, the bitter Russian winter was the material cause of Napoleon's ilc- f c a l , hut his v a n i t y and megalomania were Ihc real causes. Another kind of general would never have braved the Russian winter. Twenty y e a r s before il h a p - pened, I and m a n y others knew that Nixon would have his Watergate, just as Napoleon had his Waterloo. It had nothing to do with break-ins, tapes, huggings or bribery -- his character had already clearly prefigured his destiny. The ice was there, i m p l a c a b l y w a i t i n g for him to get out of the car, jusl as Euripides said it would be. I'M AN OLD stick-in-the-mud as far as the Long Beach Grain! Prix is concerned. As a matter ot fact, I don'l like racing of any kind -- cars, camels, it's all the same to me. I - l i k e lo see a m a j o r international race like (he Grant Prix Wcsl, upcoming in a tew days, as one of those Ihings lhat will "put Ixng Bench on Ihe map." But today, 1 renlly must make a pilch for a small race, a petit prix, thai will wave off Tuesday night al the I-ony Beach Arena. The cars (you've seen (hem in a couple of photos in t h e s e newspapers) arc only a couple of feet long. They arc radio controlled. They use the same sort of fuel t h a t the Big Racers use: some sort of mcllianc, some alcohol, and something else . . . 1 don't understand that sort of thing, bul I'm sure our sportswriliTs can tell you all about il. I want lo tell you alxml [lie excitement of such a race in tlie Arena. 1 iitlctnplcd lo race .1 cur in the hlockrd-off-tnick on Pine Avenue on Saturday, ami I can U'll you thai il is pure hell lo race ;i car, using only your eyes and three nidio controls, when you know thai cur can wind il.sclf up lo CO miles an honr. I will bet anybody lliat n 21-inch car, whizzing on a Irack at t h a i speed, is equal to at least 100 mph on tlie Heach Grand Prix (rack lluimgh town. As a mailer of fad. Ihe lxtig Bciicli Arena t r a c k is laid oul as Ibu Long Heacli formula One t r a c k . And Mime of the great Formula One drivers will attempt to race the m i n i a t u r e ciirs around the Arena track. They will be competing fur Ihe "World's Worst Driver" award, (he f i r s t ever presented to professional race drivers. Hul it won't be the last sucli a w a r d . A N D I T W O N ' T l w Ihe last such race, cither, anil there's Ihc story. Tliis race is sponsored by Ihc Lions Clubs of l/ng Beach, lo benefit Ihc Lion's special project, Sight Conservation. The proceeds go lo Ihe Lions program of eyeglasses In Ihe kids and old (icople who need them, tin: conical t r a n s p l a n t center, all t h e expensive Ihings down lo while canes for blind people. II goes for eye examinations for kids wlm have headaches t h a t are unexplained until some eye doctor fimls on I thai the headaches (ami sometimes f a i n t i n g spells) are due lo a blurring of the world thai most of you see so clearly. Such n great cause, such ;i cheap price! The balcony is $1.50. and it you want to gel closer, it's jusl $2.50. I saw (lie first Long Beach drawl Prix, Ihe Formula 5000, ami all I can tell you is, I was more e x c i t e d by (be radio-controlled mini-prix. Vilo llonians, chief of Downtown I,oiig Bench Associates ami a heavy man in the Lions Club Sight Conservation Program, said e x a c t l y w h a l 1 w a s thinking: "After a couple ot minutes, you forgd that there is no driver In thai car. You get to rooting for a certain car. and you really believe in it!" BELIEVING IN IT is s o m e thing Dial Vito ami 1 share. We believe in the Lions Club Sight Conservation Program. Sure, 1 know, I've plugged il More when 1 sell litlle plastic canes on street corners. Once :i year. But once a year doesn't quite gel the job done. This promotion could help a lot. The Big Gram! Prix iR'xt weekend will be hmimis worldwide. It will help lo promote Uing Beach, (il will lie up t r a f f i c along Ocean Boulevard tor a week). it miglil p a y o f f Ihe investors in tin 1 first race, or help t h e m b r e a k even. But liis show at Ihn Ixmg Beach Arena. Tuesday night, s t a r l i n g at 7 : H O p.m., can do much more Ulan lhal. .Insl Ihink of Ihr glasses for Ihe k i d s who don't see the world a you do. Think of Ihc professional racing driver who is going lo get the "World's Worst Driver" trophy In help those kids. AND H K K K ' S tlie big kicker: there are 1.300,000 Lions Club mem IHTS in t h i s world and tin: dub innga/.ine is p r i n t e d in Hi l a n - guages. This litlle race Ix'gins here, in I-ong Beach, ami within a year we hope In have similar races al! around the world -- tor the .same benefit. You can starl it oul, Citizen, righl here, riglil now. Buy Ihe lick- els al the Arena bnxnffire. l-ols of good seals Icfl, as promoters l i k e In sny. If it w a s n ' t a good cause, you k n o w 1 wouldn't tell you nlxml it. Columnists on t h e opinion panes are chosen (o represent diverse v i e w p o i n t s and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of thin newspaper. Sometimes b a n d a g e s w o n ' t slick lo the skin. A doctor says there's a simple solution: Before applying the bandage, painl the skin with acetone, benzene or tincture of benzoin. The advice is that of Dr. W i l - liam C. L. Dicfcnbach ot Southamp- t o n , N . Y . , i n t h e j o u r n a l ConsullanL Golden gleams PAINTING is silent poelry ami poetry is painting with Ihc gift of speech. -- Simonides. W I T H H U E like lhal when some groat painlcr dips H i s pencil in Ihe gloom of earthquake and eclipse. -- Shelley. WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL is good, and who is good wilt soon be beauli- ful. --Sappho. IN LIFE beauty perishes, hut not in art. -- 1/eonardo Da Vinci. A L L O R A T O R S a r e d u m b where beauty pleadcth. -- Shakespeare. BEAUTY should be kind, as w e l l as charm. -- George Granville. BEAUTY is trulh. truth beauty. -- John Keals. THE WORD IS OUT ... THE BUS IS IN... FOR THE L.B. GRAND PRIX RACES FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY Parking your car near the race will be almost an impossibility . . . we're recommending that you park your car along one of our bus routes and ride in with us for only 25' each way (exact fare, please). Will Rogers Says . . . "I been telling you for a year what t h e Republicans would do with lhat slock market jusl in time to k n o c k the p o o r , inoffensive Democrats out of their hard-earned votes in November. "Now they arc all a-huying and selling among themselves in slocks t h a t haven't shown a cent of increased earning power. That shows the thing is kinder cockeyed. "As d u m b as we are, we know we c a n ' t get prosperous l h a t quick." BEGINNING SATURDAY., MARCH 20 THRU 30TH BUS ROUTES #2 and #14 WILL BE DETOURED INBOUND: CHERRY AVE. - BROADWAY - ALAMITOS - 3RD ST. OUTBOUND: BROADWAY TO CHERRY AVE. OCEAN AVE. WILL BE CLOSED TO BUS TRAFFIC BETWEEN CHERRY AVE. AND PACIFIC AVE. L.B. PUBLIC TRANSPORTTM CO. 591-2301 FOR INFORMATION CALL THE EXPERTS IN TRANSPORTATION August 7, 1932

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