Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 12
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A-I4-INDEPENDENT TtMI. «Jrt t IW Antarctic's First Nuclear Reactor Soon to Be Energized by U.S. CHR1STCHURCH. New Zealand CSV-When the long winter night settles over the Antarctic In May, the U.S. Naval Station at McMurdo will glow with the power of the continent's first nuclear program in the Antarctic, reactor. Fast Installation of the reactor was one of the achievements that made the past season the most successful yet for Operation Deep Freeze, the U.S. scientific American s c i e n t i s t s at Christchurch, staging point for the Antarctic exploration, said the nuclear reactor would provide-ample power for lighting, heating and sci- research entific experiments. It is planned, too, to power water distillation and sewage-treat ment plants soon. Water is now won the hard way, melted down by diesel burners after being excavated from "snow mines" on the slopes of Ross Island. But volcanic contamination makes the water far from pure, and with up to 1.000 men moving In the area every year, clean snow mines must be sought farther and farther away from camp. About 200 Americans--scientists and Navy men -- arelmust service remaining at McMurdo during the winter. Scientific studies will In elude aurora, biology, meteorology, Ionosphere physics and geology, while the naval team machinery which was in operation for maxl muni periods during the sum 1 mcr, and in August begin preparation of the ski-way, ready for next September's summer "invasion." Other groups are wintering in a model village, built under the snow at Byrd Station, In the heart of Marie Byrd Land, and at the South Pole, each some COO miles front tha main iba;« at McMurdo and a similar distance apart. .The under-snow village, replacing the old Byrd encampment that was crushed by 35 feet of accumulated snow, has been built In huge tunnels cut through the snow, the tunnels later roofed and covered with snow. The buildings, s t a n d i n g within the tunnels, have an expected life of 20 years. U.S. Sees Gradual End of British Commonwealth Trade Preferences LONDON (UP!)--US- Undersecretary of State George Ball told officials h e r e Wednesday the United States is counting on Britain gradir ally to end its preferential trading arrangements with .Commonwealth countries aft er it joins the European Common Market reliable sources said. j Ball, accompanied by U.S. Ambassador David B r u c e , spent most of the day In private talks with Lord Privy Seal Edward Hath and his aides. Heath Is the minister responsible for negotiating Britain's entry into the Common Market. There was no formal com- munique ion the conferences and British officials only reported thit "mutual problems" had been discussed. But reliable sources said Ball spelled out In detail U.S. hopes for Britain's entry Into the . Common Market. The talks began at 10 un. and continued through lunch until late afternoon. Then Ball boarded a plane and headed back to Washington via New York., Diplomatic quarters said Ball expressed optimism that a strong common market -with Britain's backing--and a n economically s t r o n g United States would be able to work out a liberalization of International trade.' He emphasized the view that "ny "freezing" of existing preferential trade arrangements between Britain and the Commonwealth countries would be bad for future world trade, these sources said. It was explained that the United States ! acting only as an "interested bystander" and that Ball did not come here to try to "dictate" terms to Britain. Ball arrived here Tuesday after touring France and Germany. The U.S. view Is that liberalization of trade will bring benefits not only to the United States but also to big regional trading areas such as Latin America and the Faf East, the sources explained. However. Britain's position is complicated by pledges to do the utmost to safeguard not only the interests of the iNDEPENDENT-fig. A-IS LM« lucfc CD** Tton, Aw« L INI PROFIT FROM things you aren't using. Sell them with Inexpensive Classified ads. Dial HE 2-5959 how--start ycur ad. Commonwealth nations but also its current partners in the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). HI-QUALITY INSTANT COFFEE M I L K QUEEN'S TASTE WHIPPED O L E O DETERGENT F I S H E R ' S I R I S CHEESE F L O O R S P R E A D E 1 5-lb. 10-lb. 2-lb. Loaf SWIFTNING OR JEWEL SHORTENING 3-Lb. Can c TREAT TIME _ PEANUT BUTTER ll-oi. l-!b. 2-lb. 3-lb. Applan War PIZZA PIE PANS Applan Way -- 6-ei. |! PIZZA PIE SAUCE J t PetrUu -- No. 2"j Cra FRUIT MIX (or SWIFT'S PREMIUM WHOLE CHICKEN lit QUALITY 1S-CAUCC. 1S-DEHIER NYLONS OSCAR MAYER LUNCHEON MEAT. Colgln Shrimp -- S-ez, ! COCKTAIL SAUCE _ 101/,-oz. MARINAHA SAUCE _ 8-ci. Cells Pack DRIED APRICOTS Kleraex -- 4OTJ, 4 for 1.00 FACIAL TISSUE BUachtd -- Reg. 39c Fkg. FLOUR SACKS . for Solid Fack -- Ho. 301 Cam TOMATOES Borden's -- 10 to Can BISCUITS Colgln Hickory -- S or. LIQUID SMOKE Dawn Frtih Mushroom -- K*ei. STEAK SAUCE Laura Scuddtr'»--7.oz. Cani, Reg. 3Se SPANISH PEANUTS Herthey*! Giant -- Reg. 49c CHOCOLATE BLOCKS _ Hmhey's -- Reg. Sic -- 12-Oz. CHOCOLATE DAINTIES limber's -- Rtg. 27e -- S-Oz. ·· CHOCOLATE DAINTIES O Soup-R-Cal -- Reg. 49c -- 4 Flareri Q 900 CALORIE SOUP . . O __4 _ 3 .... a ****** %r _ 4 7 12 5 10 4 3 .3 (or for (or (nr f..r (or for McCOY'S POTATO CHIPS 3 4A/I FISHER'S "T PANCAKE MIX^. OSCAR MAYER A A* UBBY ' S ~ W 1 TM BEANS .c-39 CHttlCONCARNE. McCOY'S ALL PURPOSE ' . A 400 HOKOM1S -- Reg. E9e DETERGENT ,,,,,,,»_3 rc "l WILD RICE MAGNOLIA . 2 Ib. Box 2 PRUNES A A* 'C-HJ. -M CI - I5c 39 SYRUP_ A 41* OHA IDA MASHED -- Htg. 19e A A P* 39 POTATOES ».-- _2 '°"25 Mex - -- H-oi. BotUei. I lot 1.00 10.01. Bottlei CH.B. -- 24-oz* 3 {or 1.00 38-oz McCOY'S ALL PURPOSE l-lb. 2 F 1 J 00 /i-lb. »/4-lb. DETERGENT.,,,,1.49 RQ CELLO PKG. CJI OO .2"' NAPKINS 39' . 3SO to 7kg. * SALAD OIL ^ HO. 1/4 CANS * SARDINES IN OIL 2 . JAM SHEDD'S roR F PEANUT 100 STA ' CMSP ~ Mb - Bex ftl* 59 SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY, APRIL 5 THRU WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11 BORDEN'S CREAM SODACRACKERS___4 r ° R 89 C CHEESE ?9 8-oz _ mm v STMCH 2 5-SEW Elo-RON Reg. 1.19 FISHER'S BISCUIT MIX 40-OZ. BOX 29 Tint Battlet -- Make i IS Drtnki · FRUIT PUNCH O'Cedar -- Rtg. 79c -- lE-Or. CREAM POUSH R»a. 79c -- 7-Or. Can DRI-GLO WAX 2 ~ 29' sEmiSfiO ~ 69* R*7. 29e -DIXIE DRY WHITE SAUCE Kraft -- 5-Ot. CARAWAY CHEESE SPREAD Quart DURA-PLASTIC STARCH _ Market Queen -- 22-Ot. 25c DILL PICKLES _____ ... 19c 1 Snow P*ak Vegetables -- Peas, Peas and Carroll. Mixed Vegetables and -- l-oz. »| A «i(V) 49c LOWEST NEAT PRICES EVERY DAY ^ta^k^fc^fc^fc^^l Market Queen -- 22-Oi. 35 SWEET PICKLES Reg. I.E9 DUST MOPS . 54-01. DUBUQUE PULLMAN STYLE CANNED Hoillck'i -- Reg. EJc 900 CALORIE FOOD CONCENTRATE __ McCoT't -- Giant Sir* 39e LIQUID DETERGENT King siz. Marktt Quita -- 22-Oz. RELISH Horllck'i -- Reg. J9c -- H"/,-Oi. Jar MALTED MILK . SO to Fack LUNCH BAGS 49c 39c 25* C H U C K R O A S T 49 c Ib ROUND BONE ROAST 59 f EXTRA LEAN GROUND ROUND C H U C K STEAKS49 59 c Ib Shedd'i -- R»g. 29c OLD FASHIONED DRESSING Durke«'s Tai»d --Reg. 39e ITALIAN DRESSING · 12 to Package -- Reg. 13c SPRING CLOTHES PINS Energy -- Giant Size, Rtq. 2Se CLEANSER Superior Chill Mae or -- 8-oz. MACARONI CHEESE. 7 - T A A* STA-CIUSP A A* 39 GRAHAM CRACKERS ,.*,,, 29 «««». ~ -- 79'IuTTFRWAms 29* BRIQUETTES QQ nr ti_ Pffrr ^^^^r ^^^^V C21 Artw ^~ l ~ IAnAAI1 ^^ CHARCOAL cUTCORN Cat Fame -- E-os. LEMONADE. Snow Peak -- t-oz. STRING BEANS _ Tit Zcr Apple, Duttli Apple. Fesch. Bayunbtrrr. Pln*appl* and -- 21-O1. CHERRY PIES __ New Orltani Kltchrn Fancy Froztn STUFFED OYSTERS^:" Hew Oiltant Kitchen Fancy Frozen -- Reg. SOe M ft CRAB PATOES r 4 "" 1 10°1 joo ·loo ORANGE JUICE Col Font Froiin -- E-ox. Gorton'i Frozen Hew Orleans Kitchen Fancy Frozen OYSTER PAHIES Col Fame Frozen Lemon D R I N K S Feller*! Frozen -- Reg. 3.00 REEF PATTIES roR . 24 to Box 69 : 00 LIBBrS FROZEN RIPPLE CUT POTATOES ,,, 4 SHEEPHCRDER FROZEN -- l-oz. M ENGLISH MUFFINS 4 FOR FOR CLAM CHIPS Fradclli -- 12 Varletle* oo DINNERS Hrw Orleans.Froztn Crab A Shrimp He Gorton's Frozrn SCALLOPS _ n Gorton's Frozen -- l-oz. M Jli 19 FISHCAKES 4 r O R l Gorton's Froztn -- l-ez. · 4HR FISH BALLS * "*" nn . Gorton's Frozen .7-oz. MM A ro « 1 ( Gorton's Frozen *V A^ BREADED SHRIMP ,, 79 ,, 12-oz. I MUVIAn«WVWtA«MMMMMIW\/WtAA/WVU\AAAAAAnilA(VUVWiMAIWWWWWWWWM^^ Darlgold AA -- In Quaiteri BUTTER rt*tih«r'i -- Rea. 93c -- 31-Os. INSTANT COCOA Herthey's -- Rtg. 45e -- IC-Oi. INSTANT COCOA Vz Gallon WHISK Giant Size LUX.LIQUID i_ 4-Oz. lOe IMITATION VANILLA SO to rack SPRING CLOTHES PINS _ Herthey's -- 1.20 Value 120 COUNT Ic BARS Herthey's -- Me Value 10 PACK Sc BARS Lux -- Bath Size TOILET SOAP . 69c 79* 39« 1.29 McCoy'iPrlc* W A N T E D INDIAN HEAD PENNIES AND COINS BUY --SELL --TRADE COIN STAMP DEPT. Belltlown ft South St. Stort Onlr i (or fur Duna'f -- Full Auortmrot. 16-oz. J A M S Toner Elbitta -- No. 301 Cani «y FREESTONE PEACHES / Celgln Garlic -- l-ot. HOT SAUCE Xountr Kill -- 12-oz. VACUUM PACK CORN Xeuntr Klit -- No. 300 Cani CREAM CORN Contadlna -- No. Z'/i Cam TOMATOES Hunt't -- Ho. 300 Cam PORK BEANS Huofi -- Il-oi. PORK BEANS LJpton'i Initant POTATO SOUP MIX Copt Kilt All Red Meat-No. l/z Cant TUNA FOR CATS Full Atiottmtnt JELLO PUDDING Full Auortmmt JELLO DESSERT Irli -- it-oi. Cam APRICOT NECTAR _ * for McCoy'i Fancr Solid Pacfc. No. /, Can LIGHT MEAT TUNA . McCafi Fancy Solid Pack. Ho, /i Can · WHITE MEAT TUNA J Hunt'i -- No. 300 Cani. 10 (or 1.00 POTATOES No. 2'/, Cani 5 (or / (or / (or 5 I"' 8 ' r 3'« 4 '«r 8" I li 10 10 3 4 (nr fnr for fnr lor Finer Mad* -- 24-oz. Jan SWEET PICKLE CHIPS Upton's -- IE Bags TEA BAGS Quail -- 6-Oz. HOT SAUCE RlTlera -- 40-Oz. Can BARBECUED CHILI BEANS Plastic -- 30 to Pock SANDWICH BAGS Foremost -- l/z-Gal. BIG DIP ICE MILK Foremoit BUTTERMILK VrOaJ. Foremost New "Spring Harrett Salad" -- Pint COTTAGE CHEESE Blue B«ll -- Pint ' COTTAGE CHEESE 2 - 25* 35* 2 « 49* McCoy's EXTRA FANCY CENTRAL AMERICAN GOLDEN RIPE NO. 1 _39c __49c Qt15C __29c _.25* LEAN GROUND CHUCK BONELESS STEW MEAT FARMER JOHN'S Shoulder Roast CENTER CUT ROAST 39c Ib. PORK STEAKS _ BONELESS ROAST _ 59c Ib. , 45c Ib. TABLE BRAND Mado by Fanner John · YOUR CHOICE MORRELL'S PRIDE ROLL PORK SAUSAGE ^ t 12-oz. Pkgs. -- Hot or Mild FOH$1W Consistent With McCoy's Policy of Top Valuo at Low, Low Regular Prices I McCOY'S QUALITY V O D K A *ivwr 4/SQl or GIN McCoy's Quality Blended Whiskey SPECIAL -A( 99 4/5 Qt. £Ktl 2 Imported Italian Vintage CHIANTI Ic TV TUBES TESTED FREE! 1EWELRY DBPT.«~ G I F T S FOR ALL OCCASIONS * * * ; USE OUR LAYAWAY PLAN NO RILLS ARBECUE BARBECUED Chickens Pkg. Our Own -- Seasoned to Suit You COUNTRY STYLE SAUSAGE 39!, 3 LBS · LAKEWOOD M20 Btllllower BUd. · BELLFLOWER 17E02 B«llllow(i Blvd. · N. LONG BEACH 5500 Atlantic AT*. S4U Long Brach Bird. · HOLLYDALE IJ321 Carlltld AT*. · DOWNEY Woodruff TASTY --HOT RAVIOLA DELICATESSEN rsKuy EXTRA FANCY LARGE U. S. NO. 1 RUSSET ALL PURPOSE POTATOES LBS, OSCAR MAYER WIENERS MANHATTAN LARGE CHUNK BOLOGNA___ 39 ALEX'S -- 5-or. TAMALES. 8 roH$ 1 $100 MOHHELL'S FEDERALLY INSPECTED SLICED LUNCHEON MEATS ALL BEEF BOLOGNA ALL MEAT BOLOGNA COTTO SALAMI PICKLE PIMIENTO LOAF OLIVE LOAF SPICED LUNCHEON BRUNCH LOAF 4 McCOY'S LONGHORN CHEESED EXTRA FANCY WASHINGTON CRISP JUICY RED WINESAP PLES LBS. FANCY WASHINGTON CRISP JUICY RED STARRING DELICIOUS LES EXTRA FANCY LARGE THIN SKIN FULL OF JUICE · PARAMOUNT 7I2C Monroe AT*. · LONG BEACH Anaheim at Cherry S2K C. 2nd SL 2S24 C. Anaheim ' 4232 E. Anaheim 2290 Santa Fe Bird. 4IOO Oranqe Are. »S« Pacific AT*. · WILMINGTON UtOE So. Mala PATS BAKERY DEPT. Sjxclali (or Thurt. April 5 thru Suru April I 7" Angol Food Chocolate Chip CAKE Chocolate or Pineapple Rog. 79c 55 COOKIES Rog. 36c 29 C ' dor. LF U lj LB. EXTRA FANCY LARGE FUERTE AVOCADOS BEST ON THE MARKET FOR

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