Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 14, 1972 · Page 18
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 18

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1972
Page 18
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Medical Society Urged To Resume Indigent Care · WEST MEMPHIS. Ark, fAP) -- Rep. Bill Alexitndcr, D-Ai'lt., has urged the members of the Ai'knnans Medical Soeloty to HS- sirnio.tho role of leadership In providing health care for the Indigent,, Alcxaiulcr made Hie state- Saturday is Kiddie (g) Day at Golf King Kids Can Play All Morning ' For Only 75* Hours: 9-11 Mon.-Snl. 1-11 Son. SO W. Township Rd. Phone 443-2686 Party Rates Available ' MAKO THEATRES MALL CINEMA O "NORTHWEST ARKANSAS PLAZA p.m. -- I'cl. 1:30 0:11 3 p.m.-- Fet.. £ios ASK ANYONE WHO'S SEEN IT . ... THEN . COME LAUCH YOUR5ELFI ! MALL CINEMA O "NORTHWEST ARKANSAS PLAZA" 521-7005 area 1 p.m. -- pel. 7:30 - »:I8 CLINT EASTWOOD JOE KIDD MALCO CINEMA O. HWT.71 N. ft ROLLIHO KILLS 521-1920 Olirn 1 p.m. -- Fcl: 7:15-9;13 : Snndtiy Mallnce X p.m. A MWK3NAL GENERAL ' PICTURES RH.EASE TECHMCCtdfi,® MALCO CINEMA O HWY.TIN.tROUlNaHILW :. 521-1920 Oi«n t p.m. -- Frl. 1M · 6M Snnilny Mntlnee a p.m. Now you can see 'H]BGraduatB"agaIn erf or the first time. MADEMy AWARD WINKER MIKE NICHOLS tAWRENCE lURUm^cMmi'- THEGRADUATE O Z A R K DOWNTOWN--442-4561 Offn 7 p,m. Opefl 7 p.m. -- I'el, 7:15 Walt Disney's PINOCCHIO TKOMNICOLOR ctnd WAIT DISNEY'S 'THE BOATNIKS" mont 'Sunday n't x ono-rfny noddy mooting In West Mom- plils. "1 linvo (ilwuya hcllovcd In Ihe formulation of nallouiil pol- icy.'Krent'wct«lit slioullf liO'Kiv- on to. llinso who tlcni with proh- leins'oii n jir.-ifis'root love|," lio wild. nolliiK t l i u t I I 'major hoiilth euro hills linvo been In- trotlucd In this session of Congress, Alexander s'nld that Congress needs direction from those who are experienced in the practice of medicine. Sinrls At Dark 2 SHOWS NIGHTLY Plione 7S1-87W FOOD FOR THOUGHT Siibslilute soya grils or cornmeal for the usual breadcrumbs when coaling fish fillets, and 'ou'll gel a more delicate re-! ionie perfume companies nre low making nioljt-pack totyel. etlcs_ in: favorite cologne frae- ances. What a nlee'after-dTn. ner item /or barbeciie guests! That all'time favorite gaT, Apple Betty, takes on a new pcr- onallty when you add a gen- rous amount of chopped wal- uts. , ·' · ' * When Talllevcnt (Ihe p.«al oyal chef who wrote the first 'rench cookbook) died in 1335. his tombstone displayed his hleld emblazoned with three ooMng pots. f : a pie ,qr : casseroel dripi on he oven:flgor, cover the drips with salt' for easier clean-up ater, : . : : · ' Even heller, forget Ihe cooking am) cleaning and Ireal Ihe fam- ly to dinner at suziS WONG'S RICE BOWL. They'll enjoy our, wide choree or Interesting. dishes. : RICE BCK'L « 2- 2222 Highway 112 North Closed Mondays Open 5-9:30 p.m. D E N N I S THE MENACE By Krteham 'Ate JN DAOAKSOW 1 CWPINfi RH 0tK WCWiOM.. JW' MV AtoM IS syt 'Genius' Enjoys The Rides In Park By KENNETH L. DAVIS KINGS ISLAND, Ohio (Al r -- Bob Claver, .who produce: and directs "The Parlridgi Family" for television, said fretfully, "Where is that, boy?" ' He"'pa'ee'd up'and down below the spidery "Monster" ride i Kings Island, newest of Ihe gi fW-\ Joe presents Weekly LUNCHEON SPECIAL I T a.m.--2 p.m. U. S. Choice CHOPPED SIRLOIN STEAK · Italian Bread Butter '* Crisp Tossed Salad wllli choice ol Dressing * Choice of Baked Pofalo, French Fries or Spaghetti only $1.30 Julian Restaurant 2237 N. College onHwy.71 N. DELIVERS! CALL 521-3011 THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL ORIGINAL WILL ROGERS ·BAREBACK BRONC RIDING SADDLE BRONC RIDING GIRLS' BARREL RACE CALF ROPING STEER ROPING STEER WRESTLING BULL RIDING : . ·Tommy Shlfllbltl oncj l!i» Havana Tax! Spcclolly act ha- lurnlng Frank Rhoocfoj end Bob Romer, barrel men. The fop 10 calf and sfeor ropers will «ompola In tho finals Sunday. Soo world champion cowboyi vloing for more than $15,« 000 In eaih prlroj,- · . ; ' , 4 NIGHT SHOWS ~|AUG. 23-26 - 8 P.M. y^ 1 DAY SHOW-AUG. 27-2 P.M. Oliulo, '$3,50: Box seals, $3.00; Gen, . (at gale) Atlults, ?2,00; Cliildrcn, $1.00 V IN I T A, O K L A H O JUS ]ant amusement parks 'north of Cincinnati. "The Partridge Family" .._. on location, shooting a segmeh called "I Left My Heart In Cm cinnali," meaning David Cas sidy's: heart;: No' one ' though about -Danny Bonaduce's heart : ,Tlie park sound system blared, "Will Danny Bonaduci report to .the set,' please?" As sisfants scurried ' off through the curious thousands craning their ; necks to see a real tele vision show being- 1 filmed. ·'·'·· ' . D I S A P P E A R S ' Danny the Boy;- red-hairec Italian 13-year-old-' who plays the..Partridge Family,financial genius, had done" it' again^is- appe'ared . among .the park's scores df rides -in ' search dl thrills; · · - . ' · ' - "The roller-coaster was the obvious first place to search. The night before when "The Partridge Family"--42'strong-i-ar- rived at Kings Island, Danny ·pde the roller-coaster three times in a row. At 3 a.m. he prowled restlessly, too excited ,o sleep. . By the cocktail hour the second day Danny had ridden the ooping thrill - ride 22 m o r e limes. "These rides are "better than at Disneyland," "sale Danny. "You see those rides at Disneyland are beautiful, Ju And It's Successful Ihe Candidate'Is Blatant Political Film By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP) -for nsny years Hollywood held to tic maxim, "Political pictures lun'l sell." If Hint's true, then low do you explain Hie current ucccss of "The Candidate?" No dim within memory lias icon more blatantly political. It s a slcp-by-step analysis of a California race by a young liberal lawyer, played by Ilobert Bedford, for the U.S. Senate ;eal held by a confirmed cbn- icrvntlvo, Don Porler. There is no melodrama and scarcely any plot. It's a study of how « rolllical candidate Is "packaged" In the mass media, dropping a few of his ideals along he way. AMERICAN SCENE "The Candidate" originated vith Hcdford, who has a design o make a series of films de- ilcting the American scene, cs- ecially on the theme of ·whi- )ing. It was directed by MI- cliael Ritchie, who, made Red- "ord's "Downhill Racer," and produced by Walter Coblenz. The film has a script by Jeremy Lamer, a worker for the Eugene McCarthy campaign in 1808. A consultant on the picture was Nelson : Rising, who helped manage John Tunney's successful race: for the U.S Senate in 1970. Producer Coblenz and con sultant Rising were discusslnj at ' least partly dictated modest budget. " , .ve got something in return: remciidous freedom. Warner Irolhers let us go off and shoot t without any Interference. Six weeks after shooting, we prc- enled a rough cut, and there was no great discussion on changes." the success date.' of "The Candt "At a production cost of $1.5 million, the.picture )s bound to get into a profit situation," sak Coblenz. He .admitted ithal the film industry's traditional prej udice against political pictures beautiful, but they just si there, . . ' ' GOT SOMETHING "Now these rides, they've go something. They do something They don't just sit there." . Danny the Actor surfaced. He felt..his'long red hair, still we from a shower. "Is it getting dry?" he asked his mother anx iously. "Come on and circulate With me." ' · · ' " ' ' · ' " - . ' , : , '. Mrs. Betty Bonaduce, the mother, said, "Go ahead. I'll be with you- in a minute." 'She smiled at Danny's back. The day and the shooting wore along with young Cassidy losing his heart to a park attendan played by Mary Ann Mobley and Danny losing his to the roller-coaster. But, it looks as if Danny, will regain his heart from that ele yaleci thrill. The next d a y ' h e disappeared through' the :luncl hour--not to ride the roll ercoaslcr but to eat with to but irl he the "We felt we could make a ilg-looklng picture at irice," said the producer that "and CampaVgn expert Rising '\tx- lalned why "The Candidate" nay have overcome the pub- Wooden Trestle Destroyed By Fire Safurday MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - ''risco railroad "officials said iimday night it might lake until Wednesday to replace a trestle destroyed Saturday night by a 'relght train car. The Iwooden trestle, spanning the Mississippi River, and seven ' cars loaded with canned goods iwere destroyed. , G.| P..Chandler, Frisco divi slonj engineer, estimated the loss iat $150,000. There were no injuries. Construction crews began re building the trestle Sunday Traffic normally using tho trestle was rerouted over Miss Pacific tracks. , It was first thought-that the fire on the 85-car train was caused by lightning, but Sun day officials listed the cause a; undetermined. TKere were twi cars of ammunition aboard the train but it was riot touched by the blaze: Two hours after the .fin started, the' trestle, along will the burning box cars, collapsed Officials had decided to let th fire-burn : Itself out because'o the difficulty in reaching the fire.'.'.". . v . . Sunday a Frisco water car was brought to the scene to ex lingulsh the still smpulderins ruins.. 1 ,.'' : . / '.'."-.· '· \ The train route frori Kansas City, Mo., to Birniing ham, Ala. Queen Chosen BATESVILLE, Ark.. (AP) Rita Marie, Hargrave, 18, o Stuttgart -was named Q u e e n White . River Saturday nigh during the White River Watei Carnival at' Bales'vtlle. , ; First. runnerup, was Melisss Jane Miles, 22, of Warren, am second runnerup was Susan Tichenor. 22, of Pine Bluff, c's j "apathy llms: toward political "Mpst of them in the past avo teen melodramas, "r h e Candidate' Is the first lo reflect ic growing realization that wlltfcians are real people. It'a ill part of the electronic age; he tube has brought politicians nto people's living room." AMAZED . ; , Professionals who view "The Candidate" are amazed that it ould have been made-for $1.5 nilllon. Crowd scenes galore,. The bfg look to the film was the esult of careful planning -and the-campaign-know-how ol Rising, "For all the crowd scenes twe used real people,'not Hollywoot extras," said Coblenz. "Sorrie- imos we made contributions to political clubs. Wb did that to jet 2,500 people for the labor cmple scene, which wis filmec n the old'Paramount theater ir Oakland." The film makers,even .stoli some scenes from, a Democrat ic fund-raising dinner. By add ing a later scene, -Candidal Redford appeared to Be sitting on the dais with Senator Huber Humphrey and Los -Angele Mayor Sam Yorty. Two Texarkana Women Found Shot To Death TBXARKANA, .-Tex. (AP) · 'v/o middle-aged slst«rs wcr«^ oimd dead of multiple 'gunshot?! v o u ncls S 11 n'd a y } at', the Tf x a r- *J kana home 'of'one victim, j .''·!·% Authorities. said 'th'e two werif* Florence -Jones; .49. 'arid ! toi»-3 Jcrnlgan, 52. Their bodies 'Wnii", discovered by^Mrs, 'Jones' 'sos~X at r her home. ;··!/ , . , : ·% Officers snid It' appeared 1 that ~-l Mrs. Jernigan had been' shot '.i five . times . arid Mrs. Jon«3 Wice. Detective Lt.'. i Charllt-* amhell said several, ah'otj" were fired from less than a foot * . away from the victims. ;l He said- nine spent cartridges ; -j that fit an automatic i pistol" were; found in the living; room, * It had been reported that offf-'.J cers discovered a gun at lh»',, home, but Campbell said' rio '··· ' ' " gun was.' found. Police · the' body of-one»; . victim was found In the living:: room and-that the .other ijvasjy.3 ing in.a'hallivay near the front" door of the home. · £ NOW SHOWING Open 8:00 · Sluris 8:59" HWY.TJ HOCTH * MTFTTWIIU + 4 NOW SHOWING Open 8:15 -- "FROGS" 8:40 IfS the day that Nature strikes back! - PIUS VINCENT PRICE "The Conqueror Worm" -Plut James Gamer Skin LouGosdett SusanOlark P. ,/ sen' iKf DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without nolle* KTCW, Tuba, Channel 2 KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smlfh, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulso, Cflahnel6 KOAM, PIttsburg, Channel 7 KTU1, Tulso, Channel 8 [Channel 4 en Mbit in FayHtcvtllc) KOED-TV(FTV), Tulsc, CtaM* 17 KODE, JopHn, Channel 12 ' KUHI, Joplfn, Channel T6 (Chiiintl i CHI »bl« in KOTO, Fqyettevflle, ChanMl 36 (Ch.nn.l J on ubT» In FtytttwIlM 1973 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound J333 N. College 442-S575 on sterto linwa beautiful music doesn't just MEET NEW FRIENDS You arc a slrangcr but once at (he Huddle Club. We are known as (he Friendliest Place In Arkansas. The HUDDLE CLUB Highway 71, FnycKcvllle MOVIES ON TV Monday Night 8:00 p.m. Ch. 8-12 (C) - "War and Peace." Part ;3. Sergei Bondarchuk, Ludmila Savelyeva. i 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16-30 (C) --"Dr. Faustus." (English: 1967). Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor. LOANS FOR HOMES For Expansion of An Older Home, or The Need of a New One. We Have Loans to Suit Your Needs. FAYETTEVILLE SAVINGS LOAN ASSN. i MONDAY BVZNINft- * 5:fil) Sesame Street 11 Tour-A-J?ama 3« To Tell Tho Truth S ABC Ncwi I Beverly Hillbillies 16 I Dream ot Jemnnl* t * 5:31 -News I, S, S, «. T, It, I«, 38 Truth or Coiueitiencel ..- · **:**Mister Kogers · 11 News 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, *, 12, 16.36 *·:*- Green Acres ...: 2 Untamed World -.. 3 Hollin' On Tlie River 7 Dlcfc Van Dvke 16 Wanted: Dead or AUvo 5 Electric Company .- 11 Let's Make A Deal . 12 * 7;08 - NCAA Football Preview 8, 12 Howard-Hanson II Baseball Pre-Gamc Show 2. s. 5, 7 Gunsmoke 6, 16. 36 * 7:15 -BASEBALL. 2, 3. 5. 7 Oakland Athletic* vs. Baltimore Orioles * S:H- The Violin 11 Here's Lucy 6. 16, 38 Movie 8. 12 * 8:31 Book Beat 11 Dorlj Day 6, 16, 36 * 9:00 Cade's County 6, 16, 36 Dig Easel n II + 9:30 - Spaniih Review 11 * 1»:M -News .... 2, 3. S, 6, 7, 8, 12, 16, 38 *·«:*- Johnny Carson 2, 3, 5, 7 Dick Cavett 8. 1Z Movie 6, 16, 36 * H:M News S, S, 12 Paul Harvey 2 ·k 13:05 -New* 1 * 12:15 -Town Hall J ·A- 12:20 -Film ;... S TUESDAY MOKNTNO- ·k 6:30 -SMS Forum 3 *7:»- Country Music: Time 8 Today 2, 3, i, t News 8, 16, 36 Itenl McCoys li *7:»- Dennis the Menace 11 Early Bird Cartoon* ,.... 16 »;OI Cartoon Clrcua 8 Sesama Street L U Captain Kangaroo 6, 16, S£ 8:30 New Zoo Revu* · S 9:00 Woman's World 11 Lucille Ball «, 1« W Sesame Street 1 Dinah Shore 2, 3, 7 Movie 8 * »:*- Not For Women Only 12 Romper Room 5 PHILCO Coming V'our Way - . The PHILCQ- MATIC - The Newest, Hoftert Attraction In Phllco Color TV'f. j ARCADE FURNITURE Hwy. 71 S. In Sprtrigdale '"'. : Sew and Save i "Servite With o .Parsonol Touch" In fabrics and notions o} M typed Butterlck · McCatt's '· Simplicity Patterns '· ·· FAYEHE FABRICS 1700 N. College -- FayeitevUIe Thousands of Folks... check ilia TV directory every day ....find they'll read your ad in this space. It's priced at a special low monthly rate,'For Information call tho Northwest Arkansas TIMES, display advertising' department, 44216242. ' ;Allop!n? Gourmtt ronccntrsllon Bovorly KillbllLfM ir 1I:H- ·amlly A«nir AH My Chl!dr«n Snlo of tho Century .. 10:20 -- .uclllo niveri * »:»- tollywoorl Square] ... .ovn o( Lite Bewilclicd 11 :H- Vhcrc tho Heart It ... e, ,'."i,' Jcopnrdy *allo Talk pill Second Vl\o, What or Wliern ~earch for Tomorrow .... 6 TUESDAY AFTERNOON- '.yo On ArknnMaic Mm Chick Jrnva 6, 7, Republtcnn Plalform ,. 18 .. 2, 7 .. 6, 36 1«, 3« ... II 3, S, 7 1. 5, 7 I, 16, SB . I. 12 16, .lit S, 12 3. 3, 7 TV Bingo Women's Newa ..... .'. «:Z» - Nftws Three On A Match .. Lot's Make A Deal .. An The World Turns * 12:35 -Melody Matlnea Day« of Our Lives . 8, 12 2, a, 7 16, 36 it 12, 16 2, 3 S, S. ____ 6. 16. 2, J, S, 7 Love la a Manr Spltftdor«d Thing «, 18, 38 Ncwlywed Qama *, 1 * 1:S«- Doclors I, S, S, 1 Dating Gam* 9, II G u i d i n g Light 8, IS, 38 *»:»»- Another World 2, 3, 5. 7 Secret Storm ............ 8, IS, AS Oencral Hospital S, 12 * t-.H- . Return to Peyton n. ., 2, t, a, 7 Edge of Night ....'. «. It, .18 One Lift lo tilt 1, 11 * ' " My Three Sons Somerset Love, American St7l« * *»- Rifleman j Cartoon Camp I Love Lucy Dinah Shore Daniel Boon a R i f l e m a n Three On A Match ,. To T*ll Tha Truth .. Gllllffnn's Taland Mcrv Griffin Concentration Fllntalonea petticoat Junction Bun Bunny High Chaparral .., Green Acre* nsvn , t Love I/icy .'.f.'.V Wild Wild W««t .., Big '/Alloy Gre«n Acre* ...... V/»*on Train ....... * I:H - . . 6. 2, 3, 3, Beverly Hillbillies 16 Tour-A-Rama 38 To Tell The Truth 3 Sesame Street II I Dream of Jeaiuilo Anr 1 M«i»fl - * ABC Newi Truth or Consequences News 2, S, 5, 8, 7, «, 1J, 18, 1 TUESDAY EVENING- Ncw» .... 2. 3,' S. «, 7, a, 12, IS, 3S Mister Rogers 11 *!:»-- Maeli^ Circus s Ponderosa 2, 1 John Byner Comedy Hour .. 16, 56 EleclrLc Company ,..., U Mod Squad {, 8, 12 * 7:M All Id The Family 6 Opus ''2 U * 7:3» NBC Action Playhouse ...... 2, 3, 7 Movie 5, «, 12 Hawaii Fivc-O 6, 15, 38 Evening at Porn H * «:30 James Garner ., + Thia Exile Cannon * * · - ·A- 1:09 - . Evolution of A Tragedy ., Marcus Wclby ic 9:30 Oklahoma Forum ........ This I* Your Llfa ....,.,, Governor Se J. J, ,,,,*.,, All In Tlie Family ..... Until dip go rs «,,, Sp-inlsh Review ......«.,, N«w«, Weather .. 1. J. I, «, T, ir 1I:M- : , Wck Cavett ;.... Movie ,,,,, Johnny Carson ........ if 12:00 - . Paul Harvey .....,,,. News . , , . . , , , . , . , . . » M / .". 12:15- '· Doatlng .Safety ...i,.. 1 2 : 3 0 -- t. U, · · ! · '.,.. · ;i. ,, 3; '*·! '

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