Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1976 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1976
Page 6
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* · N«rthwe$« Arkansas TIMES, Thurs., April 22, 1976 Stock Investment Clubs Planning Again Looks Good By JOHN CUNN1FP . | Business Analyst : · NEW YORK AP) -- Interest in stock investment clubs is rising again after declining sharp* ly during ihe dark days of 111 e economy. Planning for the future, rather than merely securing the present, looks attractive again.. . , ,. , Also spurring interest is the quick recovers' of some dubs that continued to invest during (he big price decline of 1973 and 1974. and which tints picked up blue chip .shares at tarnished goods prices. Many clubs during Ihe past year have outperformed the're- turns obtained by professional portfolio managers- In the 14 or 15 months ending with December 174, one club reported its value increased 212 per cent. Thomas O'Hara, chairman of : he National Association of-In* o.stmcnt Clubs, reports ·.mines on the rise again, suggesting strongly that the number of member clubs soon wil' rise above the current" recession-induced total of 7,000. CLUBS SMALL The clubs, wbich-in effect are small, private mutual funds that are managed as well as owned by the members, gener ally involve about. 12 people pi similar goals, although often ol dissimilar but complemenlarj - skills. - ; earn about investing, to invest small amounts at a time, to spread l|io risk through diversification, to compare . investment research a n d , if they do well, to sen their assets 2 row. - , Their importance seems to liave been underscored by the recent decision of the- New York Stock "Exchange to discontinue sponsorship nf the M o n t h l y Investment Hnn, which permitted small vestors to buy even fractions of shares. l Merrill Lynch continues to operate its Sharpbuilder 'Plan, wiiicli is similar, but other brokers seem to have lost interest in -- and it is claimed, money on -- small accounts. Clubs fill this gap. Although their- purchases may he it round lots of 100 shares or more, the individual members percentage of the total often is an amount that most brokers wouldn't consider handling. INFORMAL BEGINNINGS Generally a club has informal beginnings among a few friends, each of whom invites others to an initial discussmr meeting at a home or office. I agreeable, a second meeting may be scheduled. Those who return usually 'fire genuinely interested in organ izing, the details of which ma; be obtained from the Associ i sum t h a t ' i s returned if. the] club becomes a member. tvUhoug-h some' large clubs n i g h t ' h a v e 25 or more mcni; jci's. t O'Hara believes most clubs initially opcnttc best with ibout 12. Officers generally arc. elected nt the second meeting, aiu' two or three* members arc o research and give reports on stocks: A broker also is, chosen ;cnta!ivtly and invited to tend future meetings. MOST COMMON The most common vestment per person is $20 to $25 each month, aHhough.$5 or $10 often is i as effective an amount as' $50 or $100. The ctubs regulnrly invest their as sets, usually each 1 month. Divi- dends'are reinvested; While successful clubs nevei need join the National Assad alion, there are advantages to doing so. Dues are $15 a year, plus $3 for each member, which entitles Ihe" club, among other things, to a $25,000 bond. The latter,- w h i c h " protect? in e m b e r s against - mis appropriation and theft, is at often-used' benefit; said O'Hara who relates the unfortunate news that some clubs forme* among the best or friends do not always share the best fates Membership also includes the monthly magazine, "Better In vesting." and the opportunity li g and -bookkeeping,items, foi vnniplc. The magazine is also vaitable to non-members for$ The . National, Association westmcnt Clubs is a t ' 1515 Cast Eleven 1 Mile Road, Roy a ak, Mfch.. -180G7, Jones Named Guest Speaker Ralph 'Jones of the Rehabi!: ation' Services Facility Sectio ill be guest speaker at nesting of the Board ol Direr ors of Abilities Unlimited Apr I Jones will discuss a new pi a o'shorten periods of'evaluritLo and work adjustment and trail ig for clients in the sheltere vorksliops. The meeting will:-begin : wit uncheon at.': the ·. Downtown Motor Lodge at 11:30: a.m. with he program to begin at 12 inon. Kindergarten Enrollment Set April 29 uipollmcnL' · Tor r ' .the 1976-77' iool year for -kindergarten idctils and first' grade stu- ·nts". who have liol attended lyctlevillc Public School - K i n - Tgar'tcn.'witl be' helrt April 29 all elementary schools in the Iv" Registration for first grade lEldren now in public school kindergartens is already completed, according to Mrs, Hcnrl- e 11 a ', Holcoitvb, elementary supervisor. Children who will be six; on or before Oct. 1, may enroll in lirsl grade and those who are five years old on the same dale may be enrolled in kindergarten, 'If enrollment, in any school exceeds the limits of the space available some children may be transferred to schools where vacancies'exist. Assignment to morning or afternoon sessions will be based primarily on age and will be made at a later date," Mrs, Holcorab said. Kindergarten children's par- nil's may enroll their child «ny- ime between Hie hours o[ a a.m. to 4 p.m. on the above dale. SMART SHOPPERS WATCH TIMES ADS 7 DAYS A WEEK! DillarcTs et us help vilh jour weddinr, ire ave , everrlhlnj 1o enhanrt Ihe pc- isioni Lin cos, »liver, crystal, cham agnt fountains. 3 Lot-Mi on* (Roff- rs, Spritijfdatr, FayeUevllle). Call spring book clearance! orlg. published at 2.50 to 37:50 sale $ 1 to 14 98 Dillards iclden Press Highlights Libiary Silling Ships, Great Casiks Pallets, Glas,s. 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