Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on January 4, 1959 · Page 30
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 4, 1959
Page 30
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14-INDEKNDENT.PRESS.TELEGRAM Imt lock. UW. Imirr. lm»y 4, IMt CAPITAL CAPERS Happy Demos Walk on Adams 1 Old Rug »y Wnttr T. Rldder. Robert E. Ut acd Bill Broom (Independent. Prtss-Telejrim Capital fiur**u) WASHINGTON-Seven pai of Democratic feet now ha pily trod the rug Bernard Gol fine didn't think was goo enough for Presidential Advise Sherman Adams. They belong to Congressmar elect Clem Miller of Californi Mrs. Miller and the five Mill daughters, who have leased th rustic house once inhabited Sherman and Rachel Adams, had stood vacant for almost In months while prospective R publican renters shied away. The case of the expensi Oriental rug captured almost many headlines as vicuna coa during the House investigatio of the Boston financier's rela tions with Ike's No. 1 ma Probers were told that Golr fine noted the frayed conditio of.the original rug (also Orion tal) on a visit to the Adam home. He sent around a ham some replacement which led t charges of "influence" an "favors." When Mr. and Mrs. Adam moved away after Sherm resignation, the Goldfine ru went with them. Meanwhile, th owners quietly returned the ol model. We've seen it, and stepped o It, arid can report it is fraye enough and threadbare enoug to please the most discrimina ing;antlque collector. It eve has a large noticeable patch i it. ·'·'; . ·^·Neither the rug, the patch ndr : -the ghosts of Republican past bother the Millers, who ar quite pleased with their quarters. T h e y do wonder though, why the direct tele phone lines connecting th Adams residence w i t h th White House and the Pentago were still there when the arrived. -Did Sherm intend to com back? · * * * ·'· WHO SAID the Civil War' Over? The following publicit; release from the Civil War Cen tenriial Commission arrived on the desk last week: "At least three engagement that occurred in the opening weeks of the Civil War appea to be- definitely slated for re enactment during the forthcom ing Centennial of the grea American conflict. 'These are the attack on Fort Sumter on April 12, the battle of Philippi, W. Va., on June 3, and the first battle o Manassas on July 21, all in 1861." · Maj. Gen. Ulysses S.' Gran 1H, incidentally, is chairman o the commission. * * * * A'WASHINGTON restauran specializes in the number o photographs of senators an congressmen which adorns it walls. When dining there re cently with a senator friend o ours, he cast his eyes over th photographic gallery and re marked: "Politics takes a ter rible toll. Over two-thirds o the guys who were in the Sen ate when I arrived have no\ departed." As a brooding after thought, he exclaimed: "M; heavens! I have to run in I960.' Considerately, we changed th: subject One of the departing, Rep Pat Hillings of California, asks his constituents to forgive him for feeling a little nostalgic in his farewell news letter. He re called highlights of his eight year career in Congress -- in eluding "diving under a table on the floor of the House o Representatives'to avoid a fu sillade of bullets fired by Puerto Rican terrorists" -- and-then A-Missiles Planned for 49th State W A S H I N G T O N (UPD- America plans to arm it* strategically placed 49th state with atomic-tipped guided missiles lor defense and ballistic missiles for retaliation against attack. Lying directly across the Bering Straits from Siberia, Alaska is ideally suited to serve as electronic watchdog for attack across the top of the world and as springboard for counterattack, according to military experts here. The new state is now manned by relatively small military forces but they are intensively trained, well-equipped and can be rapidly reinforced by air from the other states. This has been frequently demonstrated In maneuvers. TWO BATTALIONS of Niki Hercules antiaircraft missiles are due to be ready for operations in Alaska shortly. One near Anchorage and the other near Fairbanks. Each will have more than 500 officers and men. Eventually, authorities said today, Intermediate-range ballistic missiles are expected to b» based in the far northern itate, ready to strike back In event of attack from Soviet, targets 1,500 miles distant. I added a reminiscence lacking in the nostalgic that marked the rest of the letter. Noting that his district now has a population of more than 800,000, Hillings commented that it is also a "district of letter writers as is evidenced by the fact that my office has handled approximately o n e- quarter of a million pieces of mail during my tenure." N. Y. Newswoman Goes to Jail Monday SHERMAN ADAMS A I'atch on His Rug NEW YORK OB--An attractive, 34-year-old New York newspaperwoman must go to jail Monday unless she reveals the source of a story she wrote about singer Judy Garland. Marie Torre, television columnist for the New York Herald Tribune, will not discuss any aspect of the case. But persons in the television industry who know her are convinced that she will not disclose the name of the person whom she quoted anonymously in reference to Miss Garland. Last Tuesday Federal Judge Sylvester J. Ryan gave Miss Torre, mother of two young children, another chance to reveal the source of her report and purge herself of contempt of court When she respectfully declined. Judge Ryan said she must begin serving the 10-day term Monday--unless, at that time, she divulges the source. * * * * JUDGE RYAN, who in October called the columnist "the Joan of Arc of her profession," lectured her sternly last week on her duty as a loyal citizen and a newspaperwoman. After serving her prison term, he warned her, she faced being adjudged again in contempt if she persisted in refusing to name the person she quoted. The contempt proceedings grew out of a column in which Mies Torre quoted an unldentl tied "network executive" of the Columbia Broadcasting System in criticism of Miss Garland. Miss Garland then filed a $1.393,333 libel suit against CBS. In pre-trial examination Miss Torre was asked to identify the executive. She refused. . * * * * THKOL'GHOL'T the proceedings Miij Torre maintained the; position that as a general principle "forced divulgence would inflict upon the reporter permanent and irreparable harm" since her news sources might evaporate if disclosure of their identity could be forced.. Specifically, she invoked the First Amendment to the Con- stitution dealing with the free-: that jails are not the most dom of the press. | pleasant place in the world and When Miss Torre continued! that as the mother of two to maintain silence on her! young children Miss Torre had source and was sentenced to to make "certain arrange- 10 days in jail, the Herald Tribune appealed the ease to the Supreme Court. The court refused to review the matter. On Tuesday Judge Ryan stayed his own order to send Miss Torre to orison immediately on the plea of her attorney, Mathias F. Correa. ments." She has a 21-month- old son and an 8-month-old daughter. Her husband, Hal Friedman, is a television producer. Judge Ryan responded to Correa's bid for an adjourn- mane In these woros: "I'm inclined to commit her forthwith. . . . However, I'll CORREA, a former United grant her until Monday morn- States attorney, pointed out ing--not beyond that Perhaps DALE C A R N E G I E C O U R S E Effective Speaking--Memory Training--Human Relation! 511 ADVEITISEMENT PACE B-10 prices effective mon · tues · wed jan · 5 · 6 · 7 This colorful, modern dinnerware was a best-seller at the regular price. Now at these special 50%-off prices, it's a positive sensation! But you must hurry -- stocks are limited to colors and pieces on hand. (Yes, you can buy single "replacement" pieces,-too!) 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