Independent from Long Beach, California on May 22, 1957 · Page 40
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 40

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1957
Page 40
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Pag.C-16-1N DEPENDENT iM.h, MM.. Will, Mir Jl, HIT £·;. K." Television Kit* CwMMl 4 KtU Clwml I KTTVCkMMl II «0f KAIC Pi anil il II WEDNESDAY, MAY 22,1957 : ' · ' . · COLOR ON TV · ' · · * ' ' lulSO AM. '· 4--Club 60, Dennis James II NOON . ' ' ' 4-MiUnee Theater . .' 4l5U PJrt. ' 4--Tom Frandsen; Myron * Bennett (4:39) 6lM P. M. 4--Tom FrandwMi 8 P. M. '' 4_News Hour: Latham, Blac ', Pete.-son. Wright 8130 · 4--Sporti, Chick Hcarn ' 8141P.M. 4--Jack Latham, Newi . TM 0 4--Xavler Cugat Show ' 8 P. M. 4--Masquerade Party B P. M. 4--Kraft TV Theatre 6:00 A. M, . 4--Today, Dave Garrowiy '-' 7:00 A. M. ; 3--Panorama Pacific 9:00 A. M. " 2--ValIant Lady .. .4--Tic Tic Dough. Jack Birry ; 2--Love of Uft ·'-! . · ' . , got · ' . .'2--Search for Tomorrow · '4--It Could Be You. B. Leyde *. -7--KABC-TV Newt 9:40) ·3--Guiding Light '*- - 7--It'i Fun to Reduce , - . : · ' 10:00 A. M. . .24-Walter Cronklte. Newi 4--Clo»e-Up, Tex and Jinx 7-i-Chucko's Cartooni ., lOilu 2--Stand Up and Be Counted lOtM : 2--Ai the World Tumi 4-- (Color) Club 60, Dennis James 11:00 A. M., , · 2--Our Mlii Brooki · : .5--Cartooni . · 7--A Woman's Diary 11--Star Shoppers, Bill Welsh 2--Art Llnkletter House Party 4--Tennessee Ernie Ford 7-BI11 Gwlnn'i Mysteries "· ' 11-Sherirf John 12;00 NOON ' 2--The Big Pnyoft 4-- (Color) Matinee Theater: · · "Second-Hand Lover" 5--Chuck 'n 1 Luck, Eddie Cletro .1 · · · - '. UtM - - .' ' · 2--Boh Crosby Show 7--KABC-TV Newi (12:40) 11145 7--Chef Milan! Matinee 1:00 P.M. 2--The Brighter Day 4--Queen for a Day 5--Dorothy Gardiner Movie 11--Twin Bill. Nortna Gllchrlit . 1UB 2--The Secret Storm llM 2--The Edge of Night U4B ' 4--Modem Romance! 2:00 P.M. 2--Garry Moore Show 4--Topper, Leo G. Carroll 7-What's Name of that Song llM 2--Arthur Godfrey Time , 4--Truth or Coniequencei, Bob Barker · 7--Glamour Girl 11--My LJttlo Margie ' · ' · · - · ^3:00 P.M. 4--Home, Arlcne Francis 7--Brit. Movie: "It Started In Paradise." Terrence Morgan · 11--Wonderland, Sheriff John : - ma ' 11--Steve Martin Show ,: 2-Strlke It Rich. Warren Hull 5--Milady, Dorothy Gardiner 9--Fireman Joe 4:00 P.M. S--Afternoon Playhouie: "Storm Swept." A n g e l a ' · . Laiubury . 4-The Price Ii Right. BUI Cullen ' S--Cartoon Carousel 13--Variety Musical Parade : ««· 13--Destiny ' '······ . . 4lM ' . 1 · 2--Movie: "The Noose Hangs T High." Abbott and Costello "7 4--(Color) Tom Frandsen; My, ' ron J. Bennett (4:33) · 7--AI Jnrvls Show 9--Movie: "Movie Crazy." Har. old Lloyd 11--Del Moore Show 4i40 4--Movie: "So Long at the Fair." Jean Simmons 8:00 P.M. ' 7--Mickey Mouse dub : 13--Movie: 'Trail Blazen," Bob ' -Livingston ·B*e'S:-i · 5--Wettern Theater SIM ' · - ' 3--Weather Vane. Harry Gelse 4-- (Color) Tom Frandsen 0--Sports Time, Bill Brundlge 13-Jlmmle Fldler . . TV SERVICE - HE 5-6308 ·Urt to Tow» ' !J «. mt AMIRICAN RENT A TV PER 1 MONTH GEM JEWEURi 6:00 P.M. 2--6 o'clock Report (Newi) 4--(Color) Newi Hour 7--Kit Canon, BUI Williams 9--Cartoon Expresi 11--Teleplay:- "For the Love o Kitty," Bruce Bennett, Nan cy Ol«on . , 13--Baxter Ward. Newi ·U5 · " ' · · · 2--Doug Cdwardi, Newt · 13--Jungle! "Animal Disguises' ·rto 2- -Giant Step, Bert Parkt 4--(Color) Sporti, Chick Hcarn 5-GU Marty n. Newa ,, 7--Wild Bill Hlckok '. ' H_Wllly the Wolf ,,-' 13--The Range Rider "*, ai48 "' 4-- (Color) Jack Latham newt 5--Sam Balter'i Sporti Book 11--George Putnam. Newi 7:00 P. M. ' 2--U. S. Steel Hour: "Shadow In the Sky," Richard Klley Peter Cookion, , B o n 11 a Granvllle ·The 4--KRCA P1 n y h o u » e: DevH'n Other Name," Arthur Franz 5--Popeye Cartooni 7--Wednesday Night Flghti: Lane vs. Brown 9--The Little Rascals - ,l-»-Movle: "Three Comrades," Robert Taylor, Margaret Sullavan! Franchot Tone 3-Vagabond: "29 Palms" llM 4--(Color) Xavler Cugat Show 5-Wanted, Walter McGraw 9--Soldiers of Fortune, John Russell, Chick Chandler 3--Kingdom of the Sea: "King Ncptune'j Oil Fields ·7«46 · ' - , ' 4--News, Huntley-Brlnkley \_. 7--Hank Weaver 1 ! Corner .-';'' 8:00 P.M. ;., 2--Arthur Godfrey Show 4--(Color) Masquerade Party. Eddie Bracken 5--Errol Flynn Theater; "Re» cued", Mr. Flynn 7-- Disneyland: 'The Plausible Impossible" T--Star Performance: "Armed," Neville Brand 3--Wonders of the World: "Wedding of the Giants" SlSO 4--Father Knows Best, Robert Young, Jane Wyatt 5--Olympic Wrestling ' : »--Federal Men, Walter Greaza 3--American Legend: ,.-,,.. "Gentle Conqueror" 9:00 P.M. 2--The Millionaire. M. Miller 4--(Color) Kraft TV Theatre: "Men of Prey." Chester Morris, Georgann Johnson 7--Navy Log: "Mission to Mur- mansk" 9--Movie: "Sister Kenny," Rosalind Russell 1--Frontier Doctor. Rex Allen 3--Racket Squad, Reed Hadley BIM 2--I've Got a Secret, Hal " : March , 4 7--Ozzle and Harriet I--Jack L o n d o n Stories'. "The, Devil's Handmaiden" 3--Nlghtwatch 10:00 P.M. ' 2--KNXT Presents Ida Luplno: "The Stand-in" 4--This Is Your Life, Ralph Edwards 7--Ford Theater: "Mlller'i Millions," Thomas Mitchell, Otto Kruger- 11--George Putnam, Newi 3--Heart of the City 10UJ ··-- " 1--Movie: 'The Band Plays On," Robert Young, Preston Foster 10IM 2-- Big Newi: Roberta. Stout, Stratton, Green 4--Man Behind the Badge, Charles Blckford 7--Front Page Detective, Edmund Lowe 3--Tom Duggan Show · -· 10i40 ·World News: Weatherwtse 11:00 P.M. 2--Movie: "Flight From Destiny," Thomas Mitchell. Jane Wyman 4--Jack Latham. Newi S--Final Edition, Ken Graue 7--John Daly A the New* I ·Movie: "Th» Iron Major," Pat O'Brien 3--Baxter Ward. Newi , ; HUB -. UCleve Hermann, sporti 7--Doctor Weather; Movie (11:20): "The Knockout," Joe, (Palooka) Klrkwood --Tom DUKRan Show , 11IW ' " 4--Tonight! (Amer. after Dark) 11148 --Movie: "Council for Crime," Otto Kruger ' · . 12:30 2--Cross Current, G. Mohr 4--Swing Shift Theater: "Mr. Greentree and Friend," Hans Conrled, Jackie the Lion llOO A. M. ·- 4--Tom Frandsen Newiwrap MU» U n l v c r a o contestant may not become world famou an movie itars nor actual! "get anywhere" In that Indus try. but TV Ii perfectly wlllln to put the glrli to work. "Adventures of Ozzle , am Harriet" (7) at 9:30 p.m., fo Instance, has lined up appear ancei of threo of the girls wh have competed In our Interna tlonal beauty pageant. 'Miss Universe" herself, Car ol Morris, stari tonight as Da vld Nelnon'1 data to the fra ternlty dance. Unfortunately fo David, his fraternity brothers are' also longing for n dance with the world's most beautlfu girl. Ingrld Goudc, Mlsa Sweden o last year, ls booked for thl: show on June 12, and Jud; Dan, "Miss Hong Kong" of 1952 Is billed for June 26th. DAYTIME DATA Paul Anderson, the Olympic champion s t r o n g man, wll show off his muscles, as wll many other habitues of "Mils clo Beach" In Santa Monica when "Today" (4) airs from 8 to 9 a.m. , Vincent Price wll! 'Judge" an oil painting contest between two chimpanzees on ·House Party" (2) at 11:30 . . A successful a u t h o r vows to marry the first girl with a love strong enough to start his fa her's old clock running again during "Matinee Theatre" (4) n COLOR, at 12 noon. fliSO p.m. "' Blind J a m e s Moynlhan. 12, ook his final "Giant Step" last week so Is on his way to col egc followed by world travel. Celeste Brouse, 8, and Ronnie Labaton, 7, are still making the teps, on (2). Margaret O'I?rlen port r a y s Juliet" to Willy the Wolfs' Romeo" on the "Willy the tVolf" show (11). '; . -. r : 7 p.m. ' ' A trio of refugees plan to ake over an airplane and force he pilot to fly them to freedom ram 'behind the Iron Curtain urlng "U- S. Steel Hour" (2). Their plans arc discovered and secret agent smashes the In trumcnt panel and no one :nows In which direction the lane Is flying, Richard Klley, 'eter Co o k s o n and Bonlta Granvllle arc the stars. "Fight" (7) Is between Kenny -ane and Henry "Toothpick" irown. The MGM movie (11) will be Three Comrades" by Erich Ma la Remarque starring Roberl 'aylor, M a r g a r e t Sullavan, Franchot Tone and Robert oung. It Is a tale of the aftermath of World War 1 when hree men try to find somethlne o hang onto In a world filled with disillusionment and hate. A R p,m. ·-· · COLOR -- "Masquerade Pnr r- · '.., -·.:··:· . . . ' '., · Radio Programs K*K . KHJ _ MWI , KNX _ 7*0 _ f 10 ... VIO _ 1070 KXU . KIOX . KMC - KOII . , 1110 i 1110 1110 11*0 KWKW . KWI1 . KPOl .,, M M M M 1140 WEDNESDAY, MAY 22,1957 7:00 A. M. Kfl-- Pit Ulllinp Rlporll B»« llmw K H J -- KrinK Hlmliuwir K N X -- NIWI; Builniii *K1--Hit thl Re«4 ·' ' · KABC--NIWI KHJ--Briikrui »·« KNX--Bob Cr«l» Show KaLR-- Auhr.v LM r,ABC--FriVifnk mow "fiy-lT.nh oou NIWI O'HUr Mil. but Not for BONITA OKANVILLK - "Htral Hiiur" 8Ur ty" (4) has Ilka Chase, Bctay Palmer and Johnny Johnston as regular panelists and Eddie Brackon as the emcee, Walt Disney opens his "DIs neyland" (7) show by reciting examples In art and literature of things that arc Impossible, yet wcro plausible and accepted n their time, Show then de vclops this thcmo In cartoons and films. _ HiSK p.m. ' ' After a visit to the Anderson wme. an expectant mother decides the responsibilities of fnnv ly life are too much for her and that her marriage was a mistake, Margaret A n d e r s o n rlc« to convince her otherwise on "Father Knows .Best" (4), Chris White, who portrays the expectant mother, has b e e n pregnant ten times this year n various TV shows. 8 p.m. Chester Morris will star as a ouragrous r a n c h e r In the Southwest of the 1830's who deles lawless bounty seekers to irotoct a group of fleeing \ llahs on "Kraft TV Theater" 4) In COLOR. "Frontier Doctor" (11) Is be. 'rlendcd by Pancho Villa as he Ights a typhoid epidemic south of the border. BlSfl p.n. ' ' · · » ' "Adventures o( Ozzle , and larrlet" (7). See above. Hal March will sit In as host to "I've Got A Secret" (2) while Garry Moore continues a vacation. 8:00 A. M. KKI--N»»t. III! Ih. Hiwd K H J -- C H I I i',n«l«. NIWI KNX--boll OrMdl Snow K i * K R -- Wllhtir NtlKiD K l i n KIIJ--N.wi; Bporllltii K N X -- !·*· Vnlll NIWI SIM KFI --Anrt* and vtrtlnlt KARC--Orvil Ahflirion K N X -- H n w i r a M l l l i r Hl»w KOER--Blbli Truiurr 9:00 A. M. · KAHC- Hmkfiit rmi KHJ--NIWI; n. limrir; Bull Hithboni l»:ll| K N X - W i m l r Wirnn -. KOFIR--I.ulrnrir, Hour «!!· Kill--Ofor«i Crowtll KNX--HI4«.lim Will -I irtl."'"l.» ··-Norm. TMIIS · X -Hfl.n Tfinl ,t Cn--John Brown KNX--Our A" ·UMIT 10:00 A. M. KPI--NIWI: Truth or ~ , nniMuinrll tl n ^OA) t [1C--1I" Trill Htftn 1 )--Niwip, nl till AIT KNX-Nor. Onkl KPOX--K« Bin lt« 1J» ____ ____ KNX-- Urn Ptrklu i . KHJ-td Ilirl (now Kf*X-- AM binklillrr KUEIV--Or. Orr. Blhll KF1--MMiri'^kun rUnM 1:00 P.M. KFT-Nlwi; "HlJipllJ, KMI'C--BiMblll' Whin Htn It N. Y, Yinklll KAHI,' ll«n» Hlmiii. KHJ--O.o. Crow.II (to 1) K N X -- A l t h u r OOTIrev KOKR--Chirlii Turnir KQER--Ownj NIWI, Uuil I i9V KF1--Hilltop HOUM · mH^r'r. - - 2 : 0 0 P.M. ' KKl-Nl*.: Mirv Ilimn. KKOX--Bob IUM (to » JlM K P I -- W o m « n in Hj llu KNX--Huui Allilua MWI, WMIMI A lou II:4I)| KOEn--awn UeUlD KKI--Or a«ntrr KNX--fnilllp NiirmiB I1FU Klltll-World NIWI JJiOO P. M. ' ' KPI--NIWII DIM SlinU KABC wn»r KHJ--NIWI: QuMk. whit'i Itii Amwir KllKIl--Tl|* «n4 TopKl KNX-M.tlriL* · ., i KMJ--Lnn IM HMIrwmt KUKH--Win. Itllini KHJ--ll.r. i thi Amwii - 4:00 P. M. - KFI--NIWI. Dflfl Hhiw Burrlti Whiilir |4:1U) KIU--Xull.m Kwli Jr. KHJ-- rrmnt'H.mlnrwif KABC--l»rtln Block, 4:21 KABO-- llnVwilYir , H J -- TilkkTMl KOER--llllllh Tilk ,'· KHJ--dim llirm NIWI KflFR--funttnill.r n ' KNX--Cll Point ol KFI-- N t ^Hi HI ISiM HindltlM h*n nin Mqrr rn l-row.ll """iiToo A."M. '" 1C- Urlt Pur flhrrw KNX--Illuht ti HirMn«ii I K R - lr. t^iiU Tilbol M i l l KArtC--OufM · Tim.; B.It till RM-nrd t l l : ] 0 ' - lot · Di» I Mr i. Burton H I M n « k f r i rtki II Kl Kiu-q KNX- :in--Art [Nil--BH KQER--bunihlr. . K C ,-P,t V, N... i NX--Pit But trim Phow KOER--Pin nilbtrl 12:00 NOON m Rir*)ri»r Bob OmiM. n«wi --Bill Knn»ll .. ~X --TViwntnwn «tn 71 [OCR--tnroii«h in. Blbii Hill KK1-- Cllll. Airttultun '' KAHC-- Piul llir» (HJ--Tlotlf l,T»t»r. KWI [HX^Nflljir* HfInlBell KFI--tu ?ABC-- N KHJ--Bol l» Mltor (4:IW); I Ltw 11:53) 5:00 P. M. - J--NIWII Wnthit (AftC--NIWI; Builnlil H J -- B i l l Hrunrilie (NX--btwirrt It. Murrow KFI--NIWI, Hollli TTirmii {ABC--NIWI; Mil Allll K H J -- Niwiml KNX--Cirroli Alrolt KKOX--Todiv in Bixmi KF1 --r.ltur. WIN K A R O - wirt Killlir. N»wi KIM-1l(f Rn«ll. NIWI hNX--Vnm rlnrmcfl (K().*t--Tor, Tin Tlinil KORIt--Olri nravii 'VI! A R C - - O r v i l Aivflrlofl KHJ--TrilfK Turin KNX--Frink OoM; NIWI fi:00 P.M. . KFI--BUI Iliworth, NIWI (MPC--dno ni.ini ( A R C -- K i l w Vorflin n»wt CNX--Oilck HMrn. Hpti KKOX--Hunur llanrnck 'OKH--Am*r 81 · US JPI--Sporti Rltn... ABC-- NIWI BMt KHJ--Bniirtl«i; Wlimtf KNX--LowillTrwtnu KM--Min on thl Oo KABC-- Wllllin Wtnllf K M i - V l n l l pinklir KNX"llirm«D Hlcklnint Aiutr n:39l AI Hirl» SMt KABC--Rt'rt ttiek': Niwi KHJ--fetiu HiyM: NIWI KQER--Country Cbur'ki 7:00 P.M. Medical and Bar · Groups to Meet Lone Beach Medical Aisn. and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. In the Rar Asin. members will hold their annual joint meeting Lafayette Hotel, A film on med leal court testimony will b« shown. ' KIIJ_-- IIIUM.I Himlll . BIDII Hr. '--noting: Kinny LAIH vi. ll.nry Blown KHJ--rMhlixt IB. Hiorr KFI--Uoriin Unity PIWI KrtJ--Uin^Duil.ri KNX--Itoturt g. I^wli n(lkR u H|. ^iclui uicni 1141 KFI--Oil Hlli'l Kimllr 8:00 1'. M. KF1-NIWI- pMpll All ' Funny ts:Ud» KMI'C-- II.I.u.II: L. A, AIIKIU t., Portlmnd KABC--Buibull: Holly. ' wourt it Hunminlo KHJ--Uoritlo Uornbiowil ""'""""ill/""""" K1KR--A l, UKbllloi KFI--NUtil*'TM KlIj-^Vliwi; Kimll» Tntr Thl Urvvn Wivi " Phil rmny (Wiltir Brinnin, hMli K N X -- In. World Tonlu VAIri ol Chmft "-· Illbirt Bo tnii Ii itidlo K.tji 9:00 P. M. , KFI--NIWI; Mihillni V MlJ--MIWI KNX--Vim.1.1,1. KFOX--JcHiiriT Otll to t| KIU.H--11.. Unloriinn KHJ-Fuiion'uwii Jr. KQEH--Chfiin.n Couruil KFI--KFI VUfnnf KHJ-- Forwird Mirth · KNX--Oil Hinry dhow *H-- ur utr. MIDI* l\ · ill KJU--Muilril Uominll 10:00 P.M. KKI -- Rlehtit'd Rinortir ;I|J--J«k Wiinir Hhow KNX--111 o'clock Win KGER-- VOKI ol ciltiry KFI--A Jov K»n»r ·"X--Kinmilly ll.nlon I«i3« KFI--Thin, r.llM Ul. KMJ--Ilnh «nd II.v KNX--Htllllp Ni'min K F I -- A l t-fwlll Mlrnw KABr--Fndirlck Blllvl 11:00 P. M. AlMJ-- Murtlmt) Dili', Ktn. W(|ll»fTi KnowUnd ^N\^-Niwi Um\ Knnvi ~rrv-')o-fl/iit"i H I 101 KQKR--Ciirtfit* Wtleh KM--Rolli* Thomu flkli. V 1 . --Fr»rt*rlrk 'P-il1»t KABC-- **»y II with Mutle - » - tan tic ' t i l U»wp KFI-U»1 iSnt J '12:00 MIDMUHT KFl-Oln*r Bid* of D«T to--Huurk* Pirlr UM . -X -- HH*!( Till I'"WB [{FOX--Rivord Hie*: T»M Tin* (3 a.m., K ' t r - t t - Rlirilt* K«rtn«d» FACTORY MUNTZTYsAlis , W. S.U Otk.r lr.»di T» ' T. !· $.rw ·» : S Genuine Parts Service HI .·!(]] or HI t-ltj; mi Tub* T»n«* ·* lt«w«, D« It YMr,M ·f W« Will Dt M f«r T*vl NIW MUNTZTV2I" J I19" SERVICE CALLS ALL MAKES ICACH TV. INC. 225 E. 4th ST, TV Calli $2.00 Fait Ser»le» GA 2-7971 -- ·· «'· GA 7-4585 AF aff.r . P.M. TV SERVICI ]M IOUTH CT. IA«t*irttl«mnHJ_ DO IT RIGHT . . . ONCE! M*it IV (·lli*r«f ·*· mb** In fwttpr* RtDUClD COS».*A ··Ml |«b U !»»· Mly !···! TELEVISION DEN HE 8-2828 a.i_wiiriNOHOim . oiUNDio-MAjiiiir 1*111 In MtllfMtlM ONLY at ESTERN'S Jfrnerson HI-FI AT THIS SPECIAL LOW PRICE- P L U S THRILLING BONUS OFFER! , Automatic, 4-Sp»«d, ·' . HI-PI Phonoradlo , !' ,' t Con«ol« ' · Ptiyi 16,3) 1/3, 45 01 71 fpm rtcotdl iniiititn. »ThmtptiViilill th« room with Ihilllmi . ind ruliilic sound, · Pownlul mpithiHrodyni ridin · Modtrn conuliublmtditl(nid to blind . with mihdf injr or blond lumltun, Regular $198,00 -· THIS WEEK ONLY' 148 00 PLUS BONUS H I - F I ALBUM F-R-E-E!;. MUSIC in · 111 1AXIIP · HAT ANTHONY · NIHON IIDDII · HAllY IUKMAN A HOtt OF OtHIll HIT SONGS , . · IIIIOH »NIIOUA · AUTUMN IN NIW YORK · POOI PIOPII or P««II PIUI I OIMIII OPEN SUNDAYS NOON 'TIL 5 3344 E. PACIFIC COAST HWY. AT REDONDO ' '. AVENUE Phone HE 4-7457 1-Hour Service NO FIX - NO PAY JET TV 2174 PACIFIC Open Sundays HCmlock 5-2804 7-9672 U M M E R ( A M P F O R B O Y S tin I U 14 -- BIT ir StillMl -- TriMfirutlti rmlikit uthirn Cilltornli Military Aoidimy, 2065 Chirry AVI. HE 8-1185 II You Must v Repair Your Own TV Call ME 3-0791. Tell u« thi make and model number of your TV. We will look up the dla.| gram and tell you the location of the tubes which could be causlnc the trouble. Bring your tubes to our store where we carry a c o m p l e t e stock of SYLVANIA Tubes and they will be checked KUEE by a competent technician. Our store Is located at 4998 FACULTY, across from the Lnkewood Center Post Office, A sm.CI OF .. MOBILE TV ACTIVE HOUR SERVICE l -- Serving -- lM| lM4h, H«rtli l«f iMlh, LwblwIMl, 3 TRUCKS^ro'sERVE YOU DAIIT 10 tl 10 GA 3-0113 S42( LON» IIACH ILVD. LONG IIACH SEARS PRESENTS FRONTIER DOCTOR; Starring · REX ALLEN at Dr. Bill Bailer · W.dnoidoy, May 22 Dr, lulir, (IgM- Ing typhoid ipl- dimlc "Siuth cf thi Rio G'lndi," It bililindid by biridldo , Piilkn Villi. n PICTURE $1 ·TUBES Nr Ink ADD A PATIO PORCH At*? I* iMlllMl l«ll' TO YOUR HOUSE OR QARAOE 10'nlO' -- T»M PHu Imlwll.! , . W» ririt PlTiwmf 4»0 Dart WILL BUILD YOUR -; UNFINISHED CABIN IN " DESERT or MOUNTAIN AREA rmeis FROM $t»o JOHN DODD COMPANY luml liitKilin 2210 E. P«lflt Ctvnt Hwy.. LI. Ph.~ HI 1.1171) !··». HI 1.1107 I n» Tn 1.11 HP II. IIIIM, l»1. Ii" Tin JI "--I-Tin PMKry limitH-- I.IN HrllllllllH lk_Ptrll Ml Ul« 14 HT IIK. imiM in. 9 I i t W TIUVIIIII IirilPRIIIt IMI I, IMAlWtT III MUI t|M lily I Ii 14lHM) In. AND SERVICE CALLS to-Pay iHit«wtww fPhont HE 8-3428 LOHNER TV SERVICE k. ^ ^.1731 L 7TH IT. WE GUARANTEE., t* nft\t TV Ir r»»T k**w ·r .b..l.f.lT NO CHA'XGI , f - CAPRON TV FIX THAT VACUUM NOW Rtq. $4.50 Value, S2.75 ' . Wllk Tkll M Why put oil whit nilly ihouldb« don* todly-- whin you cm M clnn up" en · tirrilic birgiin? W« pick up cliinir, tuni-up motor, 11* pick biiringl, nturlici commuti- tor, chick ind riwrip ill wiring · nd bilinci. Dilivir cliinir, Oni- yur writtin guifintii on work dont. ICirj. U.50 vilui. Only 12,75 lor orn wnk only. , Call HE 6-7345 · i or TO 7-0113 . PEAIRS BROS BVICK "BUICK at Its FINEST" I5T14 KUFlorVER II.DO. IlllllOwd "OKI OK! OK! SO I'LL CALL THE SERVICEMAN!" We Rent I· TV SETS WASHERS TYPEWRITERS REFRIGERATORS SEWING MACHINES VACUUM CLEANERS RADIOS · RANGES FLOOR POLISHERS ETC. I / Immediate Repair en I \ TV and Appliance! f Opt* MM. «id Frl. ITM. - w Alexander Electric | Jl 01 E. Ai.oh.lm, HE J-74IS O.f Iff* tnr u r, 4ih $ 3 TV SERVICE ALL MAKES PICTURE TUBES '.' MUNTZ TV SALES SERVICE GA 7-4420 .-- GA 7-5415 1150 E. WARDLOWRD, OPIN IVININOt **t SUNOATI . ^ HEARD OF CULUGAN ? i YES, BUT GRANDMOTHER (UP! 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