The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 21, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1957
Page 1
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Friday—rush none -' LOW 8:03 p.m. . 2*^Sl* y - Hi(th 12: * s »•"»• and 9:50 a.m.—Law S:3J a.m. and 5:S2 p.m. VOL. 4t? KO""8Sf Forecast tonight Saturday. Low tonight ?S " nd * hi * h S «W QUANTITIES OF AHIMALi AHD th. kid. fh.r "" tnnu *' US May Relax Restriction On Red Trade! Br STEWARf HENSLEY i U. P. Staff Cbrf«pondiT,f i WASHINGTON - ffl _ Tlic j United States has agreed to a I .csfiious relaxation of the; i trade restrictions belweel Ja- Ipan and Red China, informed i sources .iaid today. I ^The trade question was one : to. the most delicate issues ta- ; I ken ; . up dining ta.ks here be-' i'wten Japanese Prime Minin- •r Nobusuke Kishi and top, 'American officials aimed at .Klrengthr.mnir U. S.-Japanw fjMXtwar lies. . Kishi scheduled a f.nai visit with President Eisenhower this[morning to approve a joint! Communique expected toj pledge clone cooperation be• Iween th? two countries in re, sisting Red expansion in Asia. The communique also vcajj i believed to conlain assurances! •that Japan will be given »"• greater voice in militan nn6 other cooperative arrange-' I menu between the two na-, iior.s. i Thr While House vi-,1 fol-l lowed a scheduled meeting b«J (ween the prime minister and 1 Secretary of State John Foster! Dulles. T Red K NfW FlAG FOR MCFS ON FRONT PAGf Arm l LEROY HANSEN Th. Braw.por, F«t, f. flying . ntw ,. n . g .. t In i,,w.p. pe , languagt, , h(( flgg „ ,,,, ntm< gf ^ paper carrier a. ,h. top of p,a- on ,„. „„, of «p«ci«! itciioiu. p 9 ,1, , 7*," h ° P ' f " 1H ' """" W '" "— wilh lh « •'•« ?,•,,"'" u * "• di " ineti " "><« «"i»'T .ppropri.1. to th. »imoiph.r« of Ih. Braioiporl ar... Th. ,.,. n ,Ml a.uu, „, ,„. dt§J!m ww w br .11 d. P ,,, mMU h.,d,, .nd lh . drawill , i,,,,, WM M .euled b r di, r !, T adrerJWn, .-,.. •nd gradual! aritil. Tr.ditional i»i».r ,iyl« „«. rultd out a. „, , d and o».rl,.eon«,,.iu,. ,!„„ n . ith . r Th . f f o«p«r« i. in th. iT r .«,».r«l group. h^ irf ° rm "" T - With lh « •»«"»• »-P 10 dl.- both pape, .„„ communilr .. T . xln< „ , h> f< !£?£5H»EP~*-5£ In GiVard Cose: Justices Study Appeals Bf CHAHLOTTE MOUI.TOrl' McCar|18 *thy upset (he , ov -| * •" WT ^^ •«» U. P. Slalf Corr«p 0 rttl»nl i 0 ""™"'' P'«n to let Japane., I "Our position l s , ha . ...,l -r... =.. . ... Party Set Tonight CHAHLOTTE MOUI.TOIT U- P. Slalf Corr.tportd WASHINGTON _ Ilfv-Ju, lices of the Supreme Com I corfer privately today on whether to accept appeals to T?u J' le legal complexities of the William S.. Girard case. Th» government Thuisdav .ao^Wfi'V' as "clearlv wrnn»'" J last Tuesday 1 ! rulm* hi lhe : ca w by Federal District Judwi Joseph C. McGXrraghy and I asked the high court to over-' turn it as soon «s possible. A teen-pge party will ,j, , held for West Columbia young | ueople tonigh'. star«in° at 7'JOJ £"?; ;at ,.'. hc .-l merican ^ff°n! BULLETINS- „„„•• ,, ro NEWPORT, F i. _ The Navy today reported , -mild en" °r °-"" i "" M "" NeUP ° rt nava ' bas <- A * e» miieri joo r , s ,.,. h* fn s; r , C j( en orl righ( of lhf [In ^^ ran«e. «<«"rr, g h ruled '"» v * *< that court rnartl»l. Anothw A pp.,) pi tnnK i ,1,,,' ,f Iaw3 " r(1 pl8nn<>d '°,<»«.»• lo file an .pp M , of , nnj own with (he Supreme Court They were seeking a writ of i'itr.e afte (i )p , is over. iriwT. It nprrnallv make.s down «|xtft<on> on but ha* departed froi in unu>ual circumstance* Court M»«r Adfoutnm.nt either ext-nd the curr* nt or provide for a special ^ '!_ ^^ in 1^53 in ncce : spy case f, t.rm term ' umhia summer gram. 'e<-kend baseball f the West recreation FARGO, N. ;},),. _ in thr tornado -r.a: .t-.vtpi Nine of 'he dean ,,re fr'.m en« family. Th? death toll 'h rough the D Fareo. a" * roc« 10 1(1 today i akota* last night. '" ""' "• 'n from eemenl meant that the «„, .u"^ would send into South Korea fleets of its | ate «. atomic bombers and fieh-ersl. ™me TOO miles closer to Red Lh.'na and Siberia. Later there may be atomic cannon and_ guided missies. C'Ornmanri ] 31 fir in Tnir* 5reC ' al me "'»i'andum a bro T g 0 a"e 0 ,h" V .'"f " '"<*«' "> vision of the a ment. because it ie strengh of •iih equal streu.,,.. 'There is no law. h, lmiin 0 divine, which obligates ,„" kmted Nations Command m empty-hand-d.' bereft „, n v.-eapons. and invite ''' w-hile the Commun'sK ilct >. 'heir own military buildup, it 5a id. *»dt Violate FlaBr.ntlr But rtoina so th,,,. „ „. ' _,_ The fi m v „ lhe decis -, 6n o expel the so-called "neu- ial nation truce sun'rvi " 'olish and Czech membori had to , hr S)w .. m Police Holt Students At US Embassy THk'Vrt ,im — .. "" -'""- Police broke' -"udent riemomtnrUon 'he u. <=. Embassv to " ilrr " tin '! 'out- of abont. "' W rouiln,- HOUSTON i r racts in brief Still Vacant The Lake Jackson City Council this week again po»t"- poned appointment of a re- placemeril for Mr«. W. E. McGarraghy had refund to i issue such t writ Dayton H. Harrington. . Gi- rarcl, Washington -attorney, told a reporter that f.ira-d now confined to Camp Whit' Imgton In Japan, has not beon (•barged with an offense , m . ( d»r V. S. law. Price of Prosperity Theater Re-Sets Day for Awards . the whole .r,ir»rd. tangle urodiom M be b» tl.e ,-xe< jtiie i In adm ion. nerr vill !<olf. ^;,n0. «wir, rung. t t horse'jacic riding and the rom branch of li,« Rovernn ; ™t'a'nd ,"*• ^ nfsds - v T-rti, Herb not by the courts for e ''rnemary y.vmir.ieii. i Gliard'.t coi'mel. on !!,e nth- n hand. ar«ueH that ihe <-me.- .tlon is one o ron<iiiuforal law and individual rights to «n dancin? or Harold Huisey died early today from : « hut svunach by bit »ecreUy-married ^ an argviment over Whether they went o « 1 1 mpriony. ,ri, A,-m c" d ? J ^"^ trial for A my Specialist 3C William C. G "? rfl "' Ottaya. III. . " rinH i "!. 0nstralors also car- Boss Good Skate CHICAGO —lip... Two 17- Name "Pops" Up KALAMAZOO. Mich — V -Kenneth Linens. 19, ,,, back in jail today as a pafole • solaror. Police had been look- ">g for hi m for three months •»t failed to find birr, until ''is name cropped up in a newspaper. He had become a ; .ther. OAIA-ESTOV - N,. riy „ „-,„.,„ , «er, dcs,rov,d o, Tcx». Ranger, , arl . v a h'.xe bontue. 1 -, 0 ,e -.has would not tur .mo the Gulf fu,. m ,; es ol;! . niachmes most in rl'.'mped - DEL RIO - The Del liquidated today l.t-c^j.^ a , exi-erdimj tile b..r.k '.< .apirai. 'he pfsirent \\-[ o refuse loans to innchers on year drought. National Bsn'« was Oping >-.di! snowed irregularities -.'• tank rum came because v.ncide .i-.ine n. could not nr-'ilc o,f rum during > 7- CHICAGO — w Holme. who'h.smi'Mfd'irom:^*" 0 le " "•'" •« "" th« city Park Board. ,, lo "* k h " 'oriune in the „__ lynued State,. Zarj.llo, now Dickson Named ' ' m ' ilwl hil Gil Dickson. consulting en. has been named as Ihe I'll, inviied :hadn't seen him for a visit tn frt had done in the ment to the' bylaws of group was accepted but w: to ih<.,"VouVe g (O(vn Freeport flood control Mudy , ummittee .aid when ih« viewed hi'. to he organised bv the B, ai o- ' peril v d hu pro «port Area Planning Commis- " lo, mother, who uu iur a TIT,-. in ihe'l.ilUe' new world. ] t „,.,. .,„, up tar,..* final vote »t Ihe next July fS »t 7:30 p.m fion. Change Starting this Sunday, the worship service at the Freeport Kint Presbv'eriftn Church will begin at 10:50 a in. rather than the former II » ,„ , Hlr \ eil according to an announcement night. by Kev. Lawience Malloy. B&PW To IiiBtall All Business and I'rofesstonnl women i Clubs of ihe Brazos- port area are invited to attend Ihe installation of offu-t-rs of the KTeeport club which will be held Thursday evening at 7.30 p m. in the Coral roon of the Dow Hotel. For reservation! call 3-428(1 or 3 391; i Robbery Assured ' <-H.O CO-,*-sol reuer -tern, 47, an insurance codec tor, has a hard time kcepins °J • hMd in his work. He has been "' lobbed six times in the D.KI she Isabella Kasl! had been ' a'p- pointed'hy the board to replace Board Member Eve Ktug w !>.> has resigned and is moving to Houston. It was also announced ihnt the Br>an Award Dinner, originally »el for this month has been re-scheduled for Ocl II Ihe Freeport Community House. has complained. E Jfast Bovine VERONA. Italy —OrV... San••• Pishellini. a ej-jesr-old f.irmer. was about to report Ihe ni.s^norai ance of his co\v to oo- hct- Wednesday w h«n he found it fast asleep — m his bed. Linda Oail Is New Attention, citi/ens of Lake IJIibaia 1 I.ind.i Gail is one of tm? new members nf \nur com -uinity and .she is the dauahte of Mr. and Mr... Wilbur Jos Special UN Meeting Is Urged Bf BRUCE W. MUNN UP Staff "<\ITF,D NATIONS, N Y. — if'-Some Western nations urged today that lhe General Assembly be recalled to discuss new details of SON let brutaht> in Hiingar... but a special scs sion appeared unlikely at thi.s •mild be attendi-d „. . .. second-string-rs. Tn ^ No di-d.«joii is exptctrd ,, ltf , ; , P < ,.a\- or lhe other until W«lne'; nf « o , • , ; rf>. when representatives of r, m >' '•i'- 21 whicli spon.sni-rti .)u;'dm :b,- special Hungary c.nmmiti.'c ..h,>.,,; n ircel heie at the: invitation .if ,i:c n rr . !v:r«r>av cited such act« »a\agerv as the wan• •' - o' undefended rflrcj tne r,arbarf>us ••' •-. .iintn and cnii- . eph Esciineu. Li da meeting. Dow Hospital. County Heart Workers: Turner To Head Association Australia is formally on record as favoring immediate As- .sembly debate on the special .•ommittee teport on Russian atrocities in the subjugated vjiellite nation. Britain and s.neial ntner countries were reported thinking along the same lines. The United S'ales, however is said lo feel that a special .session snould he deferred un- Marine Recruiters Plan Freeporf Visit July 3 I rebuilt *nd rearmed 'with So- jviet equipment I The entire buildup was in : violation of , ke y paragraph j m tne armistice a«ivemoni ( which front- the armed fore, s of each side, at its 1953 niili- 'ary strength. The (I. N. sa id the Co'iv, u •ni.-t buildup was a ••flagrant. —t .repealed and wilful" violation (if lhe agreement. | The Allied decision was read oui by ti s. Marine Corn, Ma, (•en Homer J,. l.iizenbcrg. ••"liior member r;f the {' ,\ military armistice, en,,mission and leader of a di"i•ion m some of the bitterest fiehtin» of Ih^ war. H was received oldcialU by .IUIIK in the Quonset hm eonferpnce rcx,m of this , lcll . •lung, short, h.'avy-set and :,,.iti|y diejsed, conferred in 1 hispers nilh his a\r. af diu me the six-,n!r,ite reading. He was impa<sive thrcinh- nui. But ai n.e , n( , ,, ; c , ;•„.,,,,„.: uie recess his impassn eness dispense.! the crowd. Five demon.strafors were ad muted to the „„,„„„_ "£?hey S ave Firs; Secretarv Rich? man Sn?ldpr a petition de—Girard. who killed a Jap- • anese woman on a U. S Armv firing ran 8 e j n January in w.,a he , airi WM an >cc : « be tried m a nativ» m,,r. n , h ned , n Japan, ok na"^, and Ko" lea. '-<waannKo- ' T '"' dlfl "oiisiration was es *,* n \!*"j ». P ro '«« gainst the rir.rH C ' rourt ''"""« lh « ^irarrt may not be tried bv the Japanese. iiivantastes arc the i:o'da> '"« Around Brazosport BRAZOSI'ORTERS who traveled thu Uike Jackson cutoff mat off 288 .>,!«(erday doing a double-take al Ihe big bniboairi which had been newly covered but with Hie ihects l! 1 ,,."-?'^^ " r '!er. It read—in BIC, letter* S?OKTBRAZ() Plumbuii & Heating \ n j Ja'ksor^s^cTed ,1 ^ (lf ^ J £",> *^ ~ *>*• ," n,,,, preilnei.l of the Hrazona GaUesion District of i"fi how the the Heart Association, Has:-* 1 *", and n, as Couni.v Heart A«socia>ion at i meeting held in tne Dow Hotel. Other officials of the O'-ijani .ation Include V/. [i. Hene of .Vest Oolunibu, vi. f president, incl Horace Owing* of y rec - pon. who w«, re-elected ai treasurer ami tms >,;„, t \ io ^ T. D«?ere wy» choAei iSdin a« chairman of th, i>o,ud. whirii Wl , s le-tlecied .'or ai'oliier year. Other dim '."". ": i .' hKU ' : T « K. FUnth.n local, present at the meeting and """ 1 " e district, urgaraca- Ha :r -- . FIESTA ndwil'', u „ E °' Hl " ckltta ". ",-,. changed to rnantio,, other- BfmnlsltM ' J B ' Ander- exenu as thfy come uo JV"' „ ( ' u> t' 101 '^. Thuiman ' 9, upt " n - ,'•"'" " «i«e, H Hol d'e«l(!e. Ralph Dr M Alld ' Cr c*j, Dr. y come uo NAN JENKINS, up brighl'.iid early and Into Krceport this nmrning . . . K KEU and EVE KBUG, who've made their , both Frteport and Jackson in recent >•.•»«, '* Housl °n where M "' , H M. Kelto, »„(! . Charle. «r, Ji<m« r O. McCsry Hendrm, Bill n !* ousl °n where, "' are. Hendrm, Bill will also be with Aujiin Cronn.v. Jack Waltnp, Charles ey'll be mlwe v . -h. Co. They'll be mlwed b . , sev . -h. W.nn.ll. Ed Wolm i " . . . lh t,*.! 6 * Ol '«« ni ««''>ns in Charle. E. Oeaklns, ,., d whch they'v. bwn top notch ing pr,«d, nl , D,. THANK •WEENEY, fi.ld , ¥ . •eua»» of ih. M.iion.i A i- »oci*JioB ol E«U»* at * Tutidtr m.titng of AMltoli. Tire Causes Minor Wreck • A f:at tire «|>rarentl'/ caused « one-car accident on the Suifsidtf R,,ad ih;, morning around 7SO am. but no one wss seriously injuted. Jack Jacksrn, Krcpuorl. ! 'h.. drKtr of ti»e au'o, while |hi.i wife. Rub.\. was taken to Bra/oFixirt Hospital' for minor Irciitmeru. .' Tho fht tire caused Jack-' <um to lose control of ii,« auto,! according |,j various report*. ''. Kiddies Obeyed MEMPHIS, Tenn. - W __ .Vlotoritf*. h,va begui/to heed the homemade tigns ol t volunteer kiddie patro! which •yarn of -Children At Play,"i -Slow. 1 ' and '-Stop." The .-h«rp- i •yed kiddiei .iot down license "ji-.ih..,.j c.f lhu.« v.-ho don'i •ib-y ilic sians and turn ever i toinanly ill in at a session have ,-c It appeared likel,, al TS Who CU.s- the start ,,( that a this tune , for a two-three or four \.>,u enlistment can be accompiisti- .'.1 during tins tune. The st-rgeanis, b<;ih caret'i- Marines, SMIB Ibat guarantees r.avir^ - n. llc ; and hnri- i,,,;r-3.ns v,nete 1IS.H. ind c.-|;ne l^dve together i" :ei\ e for ;<t ,r,i.i,;- io .hoove from if the. qualifi (or eni;.stir.ent ,n the Liuy Marines" aud the latest , -lyit-.s in MM-vicr waidiobes as a nieiiibc-r of this elite wom- «n s branch of tne seivice ne stormed bick .nlo the .Jiionset l,,,t. his \. ell-tailored iliform t|i,jvering witn i?.,,. r.d accused tne I' N. u / i r 1. ni to --over up us iiun ar- •ijsnce violations by actus:nK 'ie Reds of violatin? the four','.1 -old truce. Promins "Stror.geit Proleil" .«• ".'iionpeM piotest \. ih our s;de." He called for the iieaceful iinili. alien ' n' Kn- 'a and the withdrawal of al' ur.'iyn tioops. The historic mei-tmg lasted me hoi.r and li ininulr-.. Are Forecast fepr,t,owe^^ t today and nioir or the same v.'ere forecaM for mnfit sections' of the state through Saturday In addit,,,,,. , hp ou!nnk wa or warmer weather, except ,n »;e Panhandle and upper plains ere n Is S | al0f | , o ?e , fl |j, t j e No heavy rains ucj,- i t |)uried in Brazona .-ounty Ir.i: ,, f ew "Kht showers did fill m <ome showTs w MO ' e " f ' he '"* (1 ' end but temperatures' should remain in the high 80s or low -Minimui.i I. nip. laiurcs ranged oiermaht fu,m a «5 at Salt Hat m an even 3D at Galvcston. """ Manaffement DES MOINES. lo , r -•---.., ^..j. tuvvt. — J uv«» Hie Iowa Hoard of Social Wei- fare will S( , n d checks , o the ..'her instead of the mo ;her in ' 0 dt "" nden ' --'i'dren . •'Irs. M.IIV H,;nk c . board main, "1 welfare rolls because the ""»;•> d«n i know how to man• their household CLASSIFIED (o Ih* o, Appear th, Mme i-.i.iU or 3-i31J

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