Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1976 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 22, 1976
Page 5
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HINTS FROM HELOISE Demonstrating China Painting Mr* Grelchen Steele, third from left, demonstrates forget- me-nots at the recent meeting of China Decorators at the CHy.:Lihrary where Ihe group meets once a month Tor an all day session looking on are Mrs Virginia Pncketl, Mrs. Eirima Jean Walker and Mrs: Olive Eckman, front row, left right, and standing, Mrs. Jane Roberts and Airs. Lila Harris, The club was organized a ye a i* ago and now has 30. members. Officers are Mrs. Nell vail Pool, president; Mrs. HckmHn, first vice president^ Mrs. Leah Counts, second vice president; Mrs. Mary Kirk, secretary; Mrs. Cora Bates, treasurer; Mrs. Roberts, .his. torian; and Mrs. Thelma Kirk, sunshine c h a i r m a n . The cluh is open to persons who are in leresled in china painting arid they rnay ol(a;n more t n f o r - inatlon. by calling Mrs. Kck man at 839-2941. (TIMKSphoto by Leslie Suit on) Flora] Designers Symposium Will End With Weelding Mrs. Pennington President Of New Organization NlllllIlimillllBIII^^^ Arkansas or MEN Thursday, April 22, 1976 ·. 5 How lo Link Up Perfect Sausage )ear Heloise: We love sausage What i s ' t h e best way to get rid of it the, grease? -- Earl W most The Unuersilj or Arkansas Department or Horticulture and forestry the Du ision of Continuing Education and t h e Southern Chapter of Ihe American.'Institute of Floral Designers will sponsor a four , da\ symposium heie. Ihursdaj Friday, Saturday and Sunday Dr A b Einert, associate , professor of horticulture and f o r e s t r y , D r Gerald Klingaman, assistant professor and extension hortieulturist ·nd Bill Plummer president of the Southern Chapter AIFD tre coordinating the program which w i l l follow Ihe theme "America the Beautiful' More than'100 floral designers ind retailers from across l"h e nation are expected to attend Registration will begin at ' p m Thursday (April 22) m the Hospitality Bopm ' ot thi Faselleville BoMay Inn i Friday at 10 am , a bus lour of the Ozarks is planned Dinner that evening will be a I the ' Speak Easj , , On Saturday and Sundaj i number of sessions \\ill be helc tt the Arkansas Union Tfl speakers and the sessions thei will conduct are Ed Conner; o University Trio ; Will Be Heard On 'Melting Pol' A concert of contempor arji - A m e r i c a n chamber mus recorded -on the. University. Arkansas campus x bj tb i University Trio will be th "Musical Melting PoT'.progra for Sunday night at 7 p.m. ove the UA 'radio station, KUAF. Richard Fuehs, : violinis i .Stephen Gates, cellist, an/ Jerome Rappaport; pianist,' make up the UA'trio. Also on os Angeles Calif , Shells and tc."; IlersHel .'; Cannon " of rescott, "The -Art of Potlery_ laking"; Joan-Pare/ a Sou ! .h frican on.. lour' of the United talcs, "Flower's of South frica',":" Bales Hinds o f . Scott- d a l e Ariz , 'Staging d 'edding"; · D e a n - W h i t e of V i c h i fca Kan interior esign R o n Morgan oE akland Calif ' Dried and ilk Special" . Dr Klingaman Interior 1 andscape and Vhite, ''Banquet Decoration Vorkshop." Highlighting the four day ctivities '-will be, a '.'Wedding how" Saturday night at 8 p.m. . the Arka'nsas Union Ballroom onducled "by- Dick , Seekins, a [er York . City designer, and iulalnh. Overm'eyer, '.of, Lp s Angclos Calif commcntaloi A model v, edding reception u il 1 oltow The wedding show and eception are open lo the pubhi Because of hmilcd stating arrangements to attend nust be made : though" Ray's T l o r i s t s .of- Kayellcvillc, ?lumrner said. "Any person who works with weddings or r e c e p t i o n s should make arrangements to attend Hus open session of the s m josium. New officeis \si!l be elected at a business meeting The l be honored at Ihe ton eluding Presidents Bancjurt at 8 p m Sundaj in tht, AikTnsas Union. Officers currently ser \mg with Plummer are Cmd Vthile of Memphis Tcnn \ 'CL president and Don Stothard Mrs James A Pennington! has been elected president of the Women's Auxiliary of the Northwest Arkansas Home Builders' Association (NAHBA). The new organization iecei ved its charter-Tuesday night a t - a meeting'in Rogers, held in conjunction with the regular monthly : meeting of the NAH- BA. Se\en members including current-'and -prospective members, elected Mrs. Jim Lindsey as virp president and Mrs R.ustj Lauson of Springdale a secretary Mrs. 'yJcannie - \Viliiams o! Little Rpck, out-going National State representative " of the Women's, Auxiliary; o f - the National : Home Builders Association Assisted in the formation of the nev, chapter and pre sented the organization's char Several months ago a famous pancake house wrote, thai they always boil their-link sausagesj n \\uler for about 10 minutes, hen drain!" them in a colander will Moat on top of the hoi vater A f t e r the sausages are cool, they can be put in the refrigerator or freezer until you are ·*idv to use them, By boiling the sausages 10 to 30 minutes (depending on how much fat they contain), you will find that most of the meat is already cooked and all it needs th'cn is a slight browning. We have elso beentold by restaurateurs that o\ ercooking sausage is what toughens it, Thej recommend that you start sausage in a cold skillet and cook over a low fire. In case j o u are wondering iling the ftit out does no' itract from the flavor of the usage I find it is e\en more ast I never c o o k sausage ny other w a y now -- Heloise or sequins and put them in eacl egg section. By being careful, 1 can jus close the top find .store th trims in the cartons. -- Char lotte 'Briscoe She explained the purpose o the' auxiliary is lo serve as a public relalions task force I promote goodwill and to pro mote .the home ;,buildirig .pro fession "" Mrs William* suggested th organization meet in conjunc tion p with" -the NAHBA during (h formation stages arid 1 development 1 membership, of drive u r rge stron rccru members. Wives o f . both associate builder members of the NAHB are. eligible for membership an further information may I obtained by calling the newl elected officers. of Shre\eport Ireasurer. La secielari the program will be a'"Suite for Wind Quintet" by.; Ruth Craw ford Seeger, the i i rsi woman 1 ,to win a Guggenheim prize m composition a \\ork for flute oboe, cello and harp sichord by Elliot Carter, and "The Swords of Moda-Ling" for percussion ensemble by Gordon Peters The announcer ' i s Doyle « Martin' of f Fayetleville. Dr. Barbara Jackson; UA music professor, - prepared the script . an'd ' R a n d y --Johnson of ; t h e J o u r n a l i s m -Department, i s · engineer: Altrusans Meet Elaine Walker spoke to .,,,, rs of Altrusa Club al (heir luncheon meeting at the Farmer's Daughter and t o\ ri how 35 citizens in this area will be responding lo Ihe op porlunily in' Ihe Bicentennial celebration with landscaping projects which-will enhance the beauty of Ihe area. Mrs members She o u l h also working programs beaulificalion projects and other, projects, are 'being con sidered. Dinner Tonight Will Honor Contributors ear Heloise: As my [daughter left for.hei b .today and all the other; ft [or their various assign Vents, she smiled Mt me an lid "You, Mother, are the cha ilaine She alwavs had such a lo\el; ay ol putting things I thought I must write tha 3 Heloise The wort dneedjs eller word lhan housewife Vhat do you t h i n k 7 Would ou consider ad\oca ng the usage of chatelaine ather than "housewife" in you ;reat column? -- Anonymous Now you really threw me lurv'c with thai word so I : ra o m dirlionari lo find 01 vhat you were talking about. For any of you readers th. ere as much in the fork i _ \\as, chatelaine ' is a Fren woid meaning the ladj of chateau or castle -- Heloise Red Cross To Honor Volunteers The . a n n u a l , meeting arm 'olunlcer recognition 'Of the Vashtnglon County Chapter of he American Red Cross win )e held Sunday, al (Eic Roberta Fulbrighl Public · Library in ""ayettcville. The volunteer recognition will begin at 2 p.m. followed, by Ihe annual meeting with the elec- .ion of new hoard members. A reception honoring the voluti cera will follovs* the meeting, Co-chairmen for the event are Dr. Ruth Lcsh and Mrs. Roy Brjmfield assisted by Mrs. Kodticy R y a n , ; Mrs. Gordon Morgan and Mrs. Leo Van Scvoc for the reception and - for Reader Wants Confession Of All Previous 'Sins' B ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: So now you are giving spiritual .advice?-Who are y o u ' t o say t h a t husband and wife should not confess the sin of in'iulcllv -.0 ,,1-u, anotVr, When one has broken the .sacred marriage vows, the only way to make proper restitution is to make a full confession to Mrs. Philip BocucL ' ' · * - · · - -- * "-- ~ A volunteer recognition. I one Mrs. -Phil .Phillips and Mrs ' If m male wns against me he should confess his sin to Kenneth Gibson will groet the ME! It is my forgiveness that he needs in order to cleanse ms guests while Mrs. Carol'Wright soul. I think you should print a retraction, Abby. Many people will attend the guest book. P r e - j f a k e your advice seriously. · ' * siding at the tea table will be, Mrs. J.P. McGclrick, Mrs. Ncill DEAR SAVED: .Fulton and Airs. Paul Lewis. i an innocent p a r t y All Red -Cross volunteers are SAVKD IN STAUNTON VA believe t h a t a-"confession" t h a t will hurt should be withheld. There; are hcltcr ways invited to attend. car Folks, Sometime ago a sweet womar ate and suggested 1 cut baking potato in half an serl "a large thick slice ion between the halves be for rapping it in foil and baking It's out on cloud nine again! wish we lived there, don 1 I cm?) ; I cut my big slice of onion ?arly a half inch "thick, but DU can slice yours thinner if m like. I also learned to salt and *pper both cut halves of the otato before baking it. One day I used garlic salt place ,of the salt and pep- aer it was a knock-out too, but e sure to serve this only on eekends if you don't' wa our husband going to wo ith garlic breath next day! When this on ioh-potat o erved, cut through the foil II with ' " " ash it brk Eo break up the center so our butter or sour cream will jo down into the spud. The aroma and taste are out I this world. Why not give this a whirl som e day wh en you re in the potato baking mood? -- Potato Gal Heloise Alpha Delia Kappa Stale, Convention Set For Weekend Alpha 'Delta Kappa, Inter national Teachers' Sorority,,will hold its 19th state convention Friday and Saturday Sheraton , Inn in Little The -'convention - theme is "Reach Out -- for Friendship." Guest speaker for the bicnnn) event will he Agnes Robertson of making restitution, such as prayer, keeping a silent never to repeal the acl and a special measure ot kindness and consideration to the one heiraved. The puinshment is more severe when Iht guilt is I m i n p n silence b\ (be ginllj one There is nothing ' ttoblp" about clciiis ing one s conscience in the iLirs of another Read on for a surprising lelter from a reader who shams DEAR ABHY: Of ali the despicable people I will ever hjv e to contend \\ith. deh\er me from the kiss and tell hjpocnt" Confessions to ;clcar Ihe conscience? Rubbish! Most' confusions ot infidelity are niolivafcd (sometimes unconsciously) by the desire Co injure the innocent parly, and/or the wish to boast. Confession to "the Lord is good. Likewise, confession to a it the clergvman: Even to ,the bartender or the barber, But ne\er to Rock- the one who will be hurt to hear it- To break one's marriage vows is a mortal sin. But,-, it -is a human weakness, and the flesh is'- sometimes weak, But to in- [hcL needless pam on an innocent partv is also a sm Christ has been known to forgive the adulterer. ("Go forth, executive director of Alpha an d s j n no more.") But Christ had no good words for the hypo' crile a big X, and either a little bit or use a Who am I? A clergyman, who once tossed'his infidelity lo his wife. Delta Kappa. Mrs. Robertson, an educator herself, founded the sorority in 1947 out of a need Tor a cohe r sive organisation for women teachers dedicated to promoting high standards of education and strengthening .the status of the leaching profession. Through her continued influence and efforts. Alpha Delta Kappa has experienced tremendous growth and international recognition _ v ,, o _ _ ,. u .. . . the number of chaptersjn 1375" (hat way about it, I'd agree to be buried in New Albany.with n. Abhy, E don't have a thing to do in New Albany. Why,) my whole 1 : family is. in Louisville, and .that's where E want to;b« many years ago, con- REGRETS APLENTY DEAR ABBY: I was married before and so was BnVW« have been married for three years and get along fine. I'hap- pened to mention lo Bill (bat I had two plots bought and paid for in the cemetery right here in Louisville, Ky. Bill said! ha would rather be buried in New Albany, Ind. Bill left New Albany years ago because he didnM, like it; so hov, come he wants to go back there to be buried 7 I told-him that we belonged together, and he s a i d - i f . I;felt Guidance Center Will Present Workshop On Friday^ 'the O z a r k G u i d a n,c e Center will present a workshop on '-'Emotionally Disturbed and Socially Maladjusted .Children."- The seminar, to be: attended by exceeding more than 1630 with well over 60,000 members in all 50 states and five foreign countries. Arkansas has 40 chapter" and 1040 members. CharJene, Shehane, state president, "will 1 preside at the husi ness.sessions of the convention which, ·'will 1 begin oil Friday night with an executive hoard meeting at the home of Elsie Cox, state vice president. Mrs. Shehane is a speech and fc ng lish teacher at Lakeside High School in Hot Springs* past vice ngs* p Delia president ofAlpha Delia Kappa and has held numerous other offices at both the state ant local levels. A traditional" f e a t u r e o[ the stale, convention is the Prcsi dents 1 · Walk, ' a ceremon; HINTS FROM HIM Dear Heloise I am "a bachelor a n d , d o ' m own laundry. After many times of doing \rong 1 finally figured out r own p)aii of action. It rrailj got to be a pain to carrj the bleach and soap us the laundr You see I always seem to wait u«til there is nothing clean lo uc'ir except m c u t o f f s so there is a lot to carry. Now I figure out' about how m a n j loads" of l a u n d r j there are. then pour the amount of detergent for each .washer into sock and tie a loose knot at the top. .1 .just take it all ,(o the dry room throw the clothes in and pour the contents .ot, one sock in each washer. A special dinner mcelingj " I know ihi-s may seem rathej teachers from West Fork, Gravette, Decatur, and Elkins schools/ wilt begin at 2 p.m: at the Ozark Guidance Center, 219 South Thompson, in V h H n+^n. honoring the chapter president: Ihe Huntsville, · · . . * - t - , n i r n «th a «*c who have served for the pas luried. 1." ;are both in pur 50s and have a lot of time to settle this, ut I'd just like your opinion on who is right? LOVES LOUISVILLE \R I O V F S Does Bill ha%e iflo plots bought and paid for in New Albany? If not, he might just as well get down to 1 earth in Louisville. f o r Ahh's hooMet, "How to Haye a Lmetj Wedding," send $1 (o Abigail Van Buren, · 13Z Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 9^12. Please enclose a long, self-addressed, stamped (Z6c) envelope. (C) by Chicago Trihune-N.Y. News Synd. Inc. Springdalc, Dr. Virginia Krauft Lost Longer Game boards will last much longer and stay much smoother if you give Ihem -several coats of "shellac when Ihey are new. iiiTffliimiimiiiiniiMiTM Daily Calendar Of Events Tonight: J Alcoholics'Aivmymuos Student Group, Arkansas Union, 6:30 p.m. Washington County'Wheelmen, High Roller Cyclery, 6:30 p.m. Weight Watchers, Goff Building, 7 p m Jaycees, Wyatt's, 7 pm Goshen Eastern Star, Masonic Hall, 7:30 p.m. DAY Chapter 3, VA 'Hospital, 1 7!30 p.m. VRplli* Hudson Organ Concert, Ramay Junior High School ! ' . N e w "Singles Group, Springdale Legion Hut,. 8 p.m. lonighl will honor six .distin g'uishcd conlribiitors to pro-l fessionalism in education at the University of Arkansas. Members of Kappa Delta Pi will meet in. Ihe Arkansas Union Ballroom, with Dean Fred Ves- colani of the College of Education speaking on ''What's Happening in Ed neat Eon," The si x awa rds, na mcd 'Compatriots in Education 1976 " will be presented by Janie Vaster, a /senior from Stuttgart iand KDP president, and Glen .Mac-key, a graduate student from lone. Calif., KDP vice president Recipients will be Marcellr rider, associate professor ot lucation; George R. Holcomb, isislant professor of edu alion; Paul S. KrTdy, assislanl c g i s t r a r ; Helen CrosseU ssistant professor (retired); elen Graham, emeritus asso ate professor, and Dr/Charles' . Cross, emeritus professor. L illy but il saves me carrying he detergent box. -- Steve ·milt) "v )ear Heloise: Here is an. economical'hin 'or those thirsty children during the hot months. I save my gallon .plaslic milk jugs and w*jsh them out well Then f till them with ice tea, juice drinks, water, keep them in the refrigerator. The children know rig where they are and since the drinks are already SMITH'? Communication 2-Woy Radio TOUT 2-W7 t» N. Collej. For Your PmcripHon M U* QUAKER DRUG U E. CortCT - 442 4Z4« C*1 Ftrkisn Lot I* R*lt WoiTKin'J Charity League, Mrs. Sam McNair, 12:30 p.m. NWA Retired OffKcrs'Orouii, Wyatt's, 6:30 p.m. Akoholics Anonymous^ Women, Ozarks Guidance Center, p.m Single Adult- Fellowship Dutch Treat, Pepper Pot, 7:30 p.m . North Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, Men's Gym, 8 p.m. address the group on "Emotionally Distrubed and Socially Maladjusted Children: AVhp Are They and How. : C a n - T ' leld in- the following areas: reatment of the' emotionally listurbed or socially maladjus- lolism, drug abuse, child abuse ind neglect, · juvenile delin- iuency,~and school phobia. This is one of a series of ipproximately- 105 , .in_:i , raining seminars wtijch have been presented to teachers sixteen publ ic school* system s, and nine Head Start Centers during (be 1975-76 1_ year. The purpose of the semi-: lars has been .to i teachers' understanding effectiveness in riealiri u handicapped students, Funds for such workshops have been made available through (be State Department of Education as a result of Act 102. Earlier this year, teachers from the Shower Honors Miss Fedosky A miscellaneous sho\\er j icommales of the bndeel«ct honoring Miss busan Pedosky I from the se\en*h floor of w a s ? given by Miss Nancy| Humphreys Halli Tinzay of Jonesboro and Miss I T h e parly room was Nancy Calloway of'-Donaldson r decorated ·. with Jappropriats last \\ceK rlie parti ,«as held I signs an^ banners and after conference,' room c ot ""gifts uere opened, games u°re placed Miss Lmzas pre ided it punch bowl and shacks ;also served. Miss:' Fedosky will become the .bride of Ronald Gabbard on July 10 at University_Bapiist Church in Faycttevil!^ Announcements ' i ^ ^ The regular monthly, mepting f the N a t i o n a l Retired 'eachers iAssocialion : will be eld at 2 p.m., Tuesday in IhD lospilality Room of the First ational Bank in Springdale. Slides will be shown by Mrs. \ T ora B. Lingclbach followed by a social hour. PIONEER has Homeowne two years. A Necrology service in memory of those members who have dic_d, during the -past _ t wo yea rs , . \v ill be held S atur Elumphreys Hall on ihe campus day morning as will a business of lne U session and chapter presidents' Invif^d guest were friends and meeting. These will he followed by a luncheon, Presidents', Walk Personals where she visited her. son and daughter in law Mrs and Phillip L Snou, and their first child a son Chnstoplur Wilson of Liltle.Rock and offi 1 convention hostess Lois Wallers, also of Little Rock SWIFTS Phillip.' who was born April 2. He is Mrs. Snow's first grand son. . Etireka Springs, Green Forest, Bcrryville, Pea Ridge, Greenland, St. Paul, and Kingston schools also allended a work shop on Emotionally Disturbed and Socially Maladjusted Children. , there's no mess in my kitchen of FayetUville, April 18. make ideal craft containers.-I in starter egrrinqya nevf idea FABRIC MART EVELYN HILLS SHOPPING CENTER EAR PIERCING CLINIC Service Since 1932 -Gel ExUa Cash now Consolidate Oebts Cut Your Payments No Broker Fees or Points PIONEER FINANCE OF OKLAHOMA INC . our OF IOTN HU coiuci Siloam Strings 9I8B54-S186 \silh spoons and spills. They are especially handy [or picnics as they flrc already ice cold. -- Mrs. John Thompson LOANS S2.000-S15.000 .

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