Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 16, 1967 · Page 13
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 13

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1967
Page 13
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E 14 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N TUESDAY, MAY 16, 1967 Cuban Diplomats Buy U.S. Surplus it «"-·!·· /^ Military Gear * WASHINGTON (UPI) -u- ban diplomats at the United Nations have been making the rounds of Army surplus stores buying such necessities of city life as bayonets, jungle knives and combat boots, it was disclosed today. ' FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, in alerting Congress to the Cuban purchases of surplus U.S. Army equipment, said he found it "hard to visualize" why Fidel Castro's diplomatic corps needed the American-made weapons. He suggested that Castro may intend to plant the U.S. military hardware in certain Latin American nations to create the impression the United States was backing a coup. Hoover discussed the Cuban purchases Feb. 16 at a closed session of a House Appropriations subcommittee. The FBI is seeking a budget of $187 million for fiscal 1968. His testimony was made public today. "We have received information that certain members o) the Cuban mission to the United Nations during 1966 engaged in the purchase of surplus U.S. Army-type military equipment," Hoover said. "Items purchased have included combat boots, jungle hammocks, military canteens, leather holsters for,.45 caliber automatics/ cartridge belts bayonets, and combat knives," he added.. . He said Castro may plan to arrange for the capture of the U.S. equipment by authorities in :he "Latin American countries he is trying to subvert." The captured equipment, he said, might "create animosity and suspicion between Latin American countries and the United States." Hoover said Castro's "efforts to foment unrest and subversion throughout the Western Hemisphere" place heavy demands on FBI manpower. He told the panel the Cuban mission to the United Nations is 'engaged in a continuing program directed toward the recruitment of Cuban aliens in the United States to satisfy intelligence requirements of the Castro regime." On another topic, Hoover said the Communist Party in the United States is exploiting "a new upsurge of leftist thinking among young people" and would like to run a candidate for President next year. He said the Communist Party has shown a "pronounced increase" in activity in the civil rights movement and has actively supported peace demonstrations. Communist leaders hope to unite dissident elements of U.S. society into a "people's party," he said, and run an independent candidate for President. "The party leadership feels that now is the time to run Communist candidates for public office," Hoover said. "It sees the pendulum swinging to the left, creating a favorable climate for radicalism." -- thai ie»omil*l tuo*A i ® Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. JAROM ORNOll a SOLUBE DAMTLE /^^S v^ /^"N ^ / THIS \e VOU A YOU U5EPTO 9E. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. Print the SURPRISE ANSWER here Yesterday's JuruMen: HOARD DECAY (Answer* tomorrow) PEOPLE CHORUS Answer: Haw the fast Chinese butcher cut the meat -- "CHOP-CHOP American Nazi Leader Convicted At Chicago CHICAGO (AP) -- George Lincoln Rockwell has been convicted on three charges stemming from a disturbance last summer in a Cook County official's office and faces penalties of up to one year in prison and $1,600 in fines. Sentencing for the American Nazi party leader was set for today. Magistrate Maurice W. Lee set bond at $5,000. A jury of five men and seven women deliberated 2 hours and 46 minutes Monday night before declaring Rockwell guilty of disorderly conduct, obstructing a peace officer and criminal trespass to property. The charges were made after a disturbance in the office of former Sheriff Richard B. Ogilvie Aug. 29 where Rockwell demanded three times to be arrested. "I am utterly shocked that such a thing can happen in this country," Rockwell said after the jury's verdict'. "I'm too dis- urbed at various aspects of this ial to make further comment ow." ASU Coed's Killer Starts Life Term PHOENIX (AP) - Attorneys for David Mumbaugh, 19, convicted of slaying Laura Bernstein, Arizona State University coed, renewed their defense motions yesterday as Mumbaugh was sentenced to life in prison, Robert Corcoran, Mumbaugh's attorney, told the court he had nothing new" to offer before he sentencing, except to renew he previous motions filed during Mumbaugh's hour-long trial last week. Superior Court Judge George . Sterling denied the motions, and ordered the tall, black- haired youth to begin serving ris life sentence as of today. Mumbaugh was arrested a short time after Miss Bernstein's body was found Sept. 21, behind Tempe hotel. She had been stabbed several times. Corcoran has maintained that Mumbaugh was denied his constitutional rights when he gave officers a statement admitting the crime. Mumbaugh was tried without a jury at his request, with the judge convicting him on the basis of testimony given at a closed preliminary hearing. LEGAL NOTICE RESOLUTION, ORDER, AND NOTICE PROVIDING FOR A SPECIAL ELECTION ro BE HELD IN HIGH SLriOOL DISTRICT NO. ONE OF PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA, FOR THE .PURPOSE OF S U B M I T T I N G TO THE REAL PROPERTY TAXPAYERS WHO -.ARE QUALIFIED ELECTORS THEREOF THE PROPOSITION OF THE ISSUANCE OF ' BONDS OF SAIO'DISfRICT. WHEKEAS, d. resolution adopted by ifw Board ot Education of High School District No. r of Pima County, Arizona, has oeen filed with the Board ot Supervisors requestins that a special election be .called for the purpose Of votina bonds -of said District in the aggregate amount of FIVE MILLION SIX HUN- TM,5Sb,OOoY TY THOUSAND COLLARS NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AND ORDERED BY THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF THE COUNTY OF PIMA. STATE OF ARt- That' there be and hereby Is called an election for the purpose of submitting to the reai properly taxpayers who are also qualified electors of Hloh School District No. 1 of Pirn* County, Arizona, the question of -whether · or not the bonds of the School District shall be Issued In the aggregate amount of $5,650,000.. for the purpose of raisins money for purchasing school sites, construction of addition! bujkilnss, makins alterations and additions to existing buildings, p u r c h a s i n g or constructing portable classrooms, supplying said buildings with furniture and apparatus, and Improving the grounds thereof; and Installing wells pumps, and lanfcs thereon. That the aggregate sum be submitted to the real property taxpayers ot the District as one proposition on one ballot, tor the sum ot FIVE MILLION SIX HUNDRED f I P I Y T H O U S A N D D O L L A R S (S5,«50,000.), as hereinafter provided; and if authorized by the taxpayers, then to be embodied In one Issue of bonds. _.Jhat the election shall be held on Thursday, the 1st day of June, 1967, at «l e « 'i 00 ' 6 "' .Wiaaee, Mansfeld, Navlor Safford, Spring, Townsend, Vail, ant I f j * l el £ J H nl °r High School buildings and at Cragln, Davidson. Cutty, Howell »i!i- ow '«, H £ 9hes ' Kee "' Kellond. Lynn B w°_ p K k , Ocfl ° a - Pueblo Gardens Roblson, Steel*, and Wheeler Elementa open at trie hour of 4:00 a.m. of sal ry School buildings, all In said Hiqh School District; that the polls shall b« day and shall remain open until and be closed at the hour of 7:00 p.m. of ssl day. ,,I ha tl 5', sa /£ "lection there shall be submitted to the rea- property taxpayer of said District who are In all respect Qualified electors the following propos tlon. Vi. PROPOSITION Shalt H! 3 h School District No. t of Pima County. Arizona, Incur an Indebtedness above four per centum (4%) of the value ot the taxable property In ja!d_ District In the .DOLLARS (K.650,000.) and In evidence thereof issue Its negotiable J^rftf fl 3 ! n . e a as regale amount of FIVE MILLION SIX HUNDRED f ' F T Y T H O U S A-N D DOLL ARS (55,650,000 ) for the purpose of raising money for purchasing school tV, 61 -'. bul'dins a new high school nn Site IX, located at Pantano and Es- f'lante Roads In the southeast portion ot the . District; making alterations and additions to existing build- Ings; _ purchasing or constructing por- T = b e classrooms; supplying the samfe with furniture and apparatus; Improving the grounds thereof; and installing wells, pumps, and tanks thereon; In and for said High School District; said bonds to bear Interest at a rate of not exceeding five per semlsnrcually in each year in the denomination ot ONE THOUSAND DOLIARS fil.OOO.) each, or multiples thereof, and maturing serially over a oerlod of not exceeding twenty That the election shall be held, exceo as otherwise provided by law. In con form'ty with the peneral election law of Arizona; and only real property tax B'vcrs who are In all other resoect qualified electors of me District shall t» Dp'fnUted to vote. That Elsa .8. . Hsnna, Clerk of th Board of Supervisors; Is fierebv Instruc ted to cause this order and notice to b pasted and published ai required b law. PASSED AND ADOPTED this IWh da Of April, 1967. BOARD OF. SUPERVISORS O ATTEST: CHA '*"AN /s Elsa B. Hanna Clerk Publish: April 24, 25, 56, 27, 28, V, Ma fasts;? iwa C '£f Hall, Ti/cson, Arizona, until 4:K P.m. on the day of June 1. |«7 fo furnishing the, material, supplies, eoitl ment or services, or for the supplytn the materials and/or doing the wor H^TM ry for ! he repair, construction or Improvement, as the case may be as Indicated by 1tte Items hereunder Iist« wlth the . B ' D S DUE June Material and or Service Description Oty__PurchasIn9 Aoent, city recefpt-y%"*«£bJTMcptSB Publldy »v} read atoud m thfrt City.Hall. Tucson Arizona. Any bid received subsequent t the day «nd time set for recelvlno bid ·VIM be returned unopend and will no "WILSON AND NOBE nELo r 'IN OF FOR LEGAL NOTICE PAYERS WHO ARE . ELECTORS THEREOF THE -P. _ POSITION OF THE ISSUANCE OF BONDS OF SAID DISTRICT... WHEREAS, a resolution adopted by he Board-of Trustees of School District Mo. 1 of Pima County, Arizona, has seen filed with the Board of Supervisors eauesting that a special ekctlon be ailed for the purpose of voting ' bonds if said District to the aggregate amount f THREE MILLION THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($3,335,000). NUW, IHcneFORE, BE IT RE- OLVED AND ORDERED BY THE UAKU OF SUPEKViSOKS OF THE OUNTY OF PIMA, STATE OF ARIONA: That there be and hereby Is called an action for the purpose of submittina to he rea property taxpayers who are Iso qualified electors ot School District o. 1 of Plma County, Arizona, the uestlon of whether or not the bonds of School District shall b« issued in . aggregate amount of £3,335,000, for he purpose ot raising money tor pur- basing school sites, construction ot ad- itional buildings, making alterations nd additions to existing buildings, pur- haslna or constructing portable class- ooms, supplying said ouUainu* with tut iture and apparatus, improving the rounds thereof, and Installing we I is, umps, and tanks thereon. That the ag- regate sum be submitted to the real roperty taxpayers of the District as ne proposition on one ballot (or the um of $3,335,000, as hereinafter pto- Ided; and If authorized by the tax- avers then to be embodied In one Issue if bonds. That me election shall be held on Thursday, the tst day 01 June, iya/, ai tie uooien, Magee, Mdnsteia, Navlor, battora, Spring, lawnsena, van, ana WaKefield Junior High School Duiidinus, and at Craain, Oaviuson, uuny, nuwe... nuulow, hughes. Keen, Keilond, Lynn, Menlo Park, Uctioa, Hueuio ^arueiu. KOuiiorii atuele, ana Wheeler elementary School buildings, all in saia bcnooi uisiriu; thai tne polls shall oe opened at the hour at 6:uo a.m. ot saia day and shall remain open until ana ue closed at the hour ot 7:00 p.m. ot saia day. I hat at said elecilon there shall oe suumuteu to tne real property taxpayers, ot said District wno are in all quaimed eieciors me toilowina PPUPUSI tion: PROPUSI1ION Shall Schooi District Mo. 1 ot Plma (.ounty «mona, incur an inderjieu- rtrbs above ruur per (.emuin i*ruj ut the vaiue or rne raxauis property in said District m the amouni ot InKEb MILLION IHRcc HUN- DKtu I h l K i Y - M V b i nUUbHiiU UULLARS UJ,iJi,lAKi), and in evidence tnereoi issue Its negotiaoie bouas In me aggregate amouni ot IHKCE MILLION IMKct nUH- DKEu I H I K I Y - t - I V h InUUbMrtD DOLLARS HJ/iJViXiU}, tor me purpose of raising money tor purcnas- ing scnooi sue^; ouiiamg elementary : and 'lunior high scnoui nuuses, maK- ins alterations and additions to existing cniiiaings; purchasing or constructing portable classrooms; supplying the same wim furniture and apparatus; improving rne grounds thereof; and insiainng wens, pumps, ana tanks thereon; in and for said Scnooi District j said bonus to dear Interest at a rate ot not exceeding five per centum (i 1 *) per annum, payable semiannualiy In each year. In the denomination ot ONt I HuO- SAND DOLLARS (Jl.OOO) each, or multiples tnereot, and maturing serially over a period ot not exceeding twenty years? That the election shall be held, excep as otnerwise provided by law, tn con tormity witn ttie general election law ot Arizona; ana omy real property lax payers who are in all otner respect qualified electors of the District shall b permitted to vote. That Elsa a. Hanna, Clerk of th Board ot supervisors, Is hereoy instruc ted lo cause tnis order and notice to be posted and puolisned as required D law. PASSED AND ADOPTED this I9t day ot /tpril, IV67. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA /s/ THOMAS S. JAY ATTEST? 31 TM 3 "' /s/ Eisa B. Hanna Ct-EKH. Publish: April 24, 25, 2k, 27, 28, 29, Ma T, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, B ? 10 11, 13, 13, U 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 Tucson Daily Cinzen NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTJCE IS HEREBY GIVEN fha sealed bids will be received In the o flee of the Plma County Purchasin Agent, 2855 South 81h Avenue, Tucson Arizona, up to 10:00 a.m., May 26, 196 for the following: BID B-263 - OFFICE DESKS AND CHAIRS To furnish Plma County General Hos pita) with Three (3) each, Double Pec estal Desks; Two (2) each, Single Pec estal Desks; Three (3) each, Executlv Chairs, with Side Arms, Two (2) each Stenographic Chairs; and Eight (8 each. Side Chairs, Without Arms, as pe specifications called for by Plma Coun ty. Opening of the Bid S-2643 will be a 10:00 a.m., May 26, 1967 In the office o (he Plma County Purchasing Agent, 285 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the eforesal bid may be procured from the office o the Plma County Purchasing Agent, 285 South eth Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Successful vendor (s) shall be re quired lo furnish a sufficient perform ancc Bond acceptable to the Board o Supervisors, The Board of Supervisors reserves th right to relect any or all bids for an reason whatsoever or to waive ar;y Irre! ularftles or Informalities In the bids o bidding DONE BY ORDER of the Board o Supervisors this 12th day of M»y, 1967 THOMAS S. JAY, Chairma Board of Supervisors * . Plma 'County, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Dally Citizen May 15, 16, 17, 13, If 20, 22, 23, 24, and 25. NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY G'VEN tha sealed bids will be received in the ol flee of the, Plow County Furfho'.In Aa»ni; 2»55 South »tti Avenue, Tucson Arizona, up to 10:90 a.m., Jun« , 196 for the following: BID B-2iM - WHITE GOODS AND ASSOCIATED ITEMS ww.» To furnisn Plma County Gciwil Hos LEGAL NOTICE Ital with White Goods and Associated terns, as per specifications called for y Plma County. Opening of the Bid ·2638 will be at 10:00 a.m., June 8, 967 In the office of the Plma County urchaslng Agent, 2855 South 8lh Ave- ue. Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the atoresald Id may be procured from he olflce of IB Plma County Purchasing \genl, 2655 outh 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnish a ufficlent Bid and Performance Bond ac- eptable to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves the ! Bht fo refect any or all bids for any eason whatsoever or to waive any Irre- ularitles or Informalities In the bids or Iddmg. ONE BY ORDER of the Board of Su- ervlsors this 5th day of May, 1967. . THOMAS S. JAY, Chairman Board of Supervisors Plma County, Arizona UBLISH: Tucson Dally Citizen May 11, 12, 13, 15, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20 nd 22, 1967. NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ealed bids will be received In the of- ce of the Pima County Purchasing gent, 2855 South Bth Avenue, Tucson, rlzona up to 10:00 a.m., June 8, 1967 or the following: BID B-2634 - X-RAY FILM, SOLU- IONS AND ASSOCIATED SUPPLIES To furnish Plma County with X-Ray ilm. Solutions and Associated Supplies or a period of one (1) year, beginning uly 1, 1967 to and including June 30, 968, forthe Plma County General Hospl- al and the Plma County Health Department, as per specifications called for by Pima Countv. Opening of the bid B-J636 will be at 10:00 a.m., June 9, 1967 In he office of the Plma County Purchas- ng Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the aforesaid ild may be procured from the office of he Plma County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnish a sufficient Bid and Performance Bond acceptable to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to relect any or all bids for any reason whatsoever or to waive any Irregularities or Informalities In the bids or Bidding. DONE BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors this 4th day of May, 1967. THOMAS S. JAY, Chairman Board of Supervisors r,,.,, .- Plma County, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Dally Citizen NOTICE OF CALL POR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tha scaled bids will be received In the of flee of the Plma County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South Bth Avenue, ''ucson Arizona for the lollowlno: BID B -- No. 2432 ~ CATH ETERS (STERILE), THERMOMETER (CLINICAL), DISPOSABLE HYPODER MIC NEEDLES (STERILE), SYRINGE ANO TUBING (PLASTIC) To furnish Plma County General Hos oltal with Catheters (Sterile) (Pole' Type] In various sires; Thermometer (Clinical), Rectal and Oral; Disoosabl Hypodermic Needles (Sterile) In varlou sizes; Hvoodermic Syringes (Genera Purpose and Sceclal Purpose); and Tub Ins (plastic) for a period of one (1 year beginning July 1, m? to and In eluding June 30, 1«8, as per soeclflc atlons called for by Plma Countv Sealed Bids on Bid B -- No. JS32 wl be received up to 2-.no o.m.. 'une ) 'W Openlna of the Bfd B -- No. 16, will be at 2:00 p.m., June 7, 1947 in th office of the Plma Countv Purchasin Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue. Tucson Arizona. RO R SA E B S L|' B BID B -- No. 5433 -- SURGICAv To furnish Plma Countv General Hos pltal with Gauze Sponges; Dresslnqs r«~os?nii» Dlaners; Undernads^ Autorla vable Surgeons' Gloves snd Hems for a one (1} year O nlng July 1, 1947 to and Includlno Jun 30, 1%8. as per specifications ralkd fo by Plma Counlv. Sealed Bids on Bid I -- No. 2433 will be received uo to 2-4 o.m. June r. 1947. OPenlno o' the R' B -- No. J«3 will be at 2-45 n.m June 7, 1967 In the office of the Plm Countv P'lrcfi^slnq Aqent, J855 South 81 Avenue. Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the afnresai rvlos may be procured from 1he office o the Plma Counlv Purchasing 6,"ent, M5 Sonih Rth Avenue Tucson, Arizona. Successful bidder fs) shall hp reoiiire to furnish a sufficient Performnnrp Ron ar-*ot?hfe to the Board of Sunen/lsors. The Board of Supervisors r«^»rves th rlnht to --elect any or all bids for an reason whatsoever or fo waive inv frre 2"'»rlt'es or informalities in the bids o blddlrvg. DONE BY ORDER of the Board o Supervisors this 8th day of May, 1947. THOMAS S. JAY. Chairman Board of Suoervlsnr.' Plma County. ArlTnna PUBLISH: Tucson Dally Citizen May 19, 13, 15, IS, 17, 1«, 19, 20, 2J an 33. 1947 MOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY filVRN tha sealed bids wilt be received I" he o flcp of the Plma County Pun-basin Aaent. 2855 South 8th Avenue Tuc«i Arizona, nn fi 10:00 a.m., M»v V. '" for thp 'nl'owlnq: BIO B-1642 - ONE (I) POPTA"' Hi^H EFFICIENCY STEAM CLEANFS To furnish Plma County R»Mis fro' Center with One fll Por'shtr Efficiency Sfcam Clefjr. as TM»r. f Oop"lnp cf 'he "Id H-26'2 wli| ve n 10'Ofl *vm. f Ma'- 31. 19^7 '* th« o"lc n the Plma Countv Purrhaslno A-"n, " Specifications re.atir.g to the aforesai bid tnav oe procured rrom the office o the Hlma t_oumy Murcnasmg A"ent. 265 South 6th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Successtu 1 venaot snail be required t furnisn a sufficient r'erlormance Bon acceptable lo me Board of Supervisors. The Boarfl ol supervisors reserves th right lo reject eny or all bids for an reason whatsoever or *o waive *ny Irre aj'frllies or Informalities in the bids or Bidding. DONE BY OKUtR of (tie Board of Supervisors tt\lt inn day f May 1967. THOMAS S. JAY, (.hairman Board _of Supervisors PUBLISH: 23, U, 2S and SOMUIIING 0! SOUWKN I T A L Y BH HOR1H JflUHlH... Caruso s . ^* HRIZCM'S GlUfST «Nfl ' ' FINEST ITALIAN R C S T A U R A N T 434 N 4th AVE MA 2-9657 AN INVITATION TO GOOD EATING GHOST RANCH Restaurant OPEN EVERYDAY 3 MEALS , MEXICAN FOOD ITo Your liking. Served from T1s30AM)o 112 Midnighl-Sun. 3:30 to 12 Midnight Wines and Beers EL TORERO RESTAURANT 23IE.28THST. (14 BLOCK W. OF 4TH AVE.) I CLOSED TUESDAYS WITH S6T. MIKE u MANl_ THAT'S OPTIMISM.' Tucsoniaii Leads Boinbuig Mission SAIGON (AP) -- It took Robert A. Simmons, a Navy pilot from Tucson, Ariz., 200 combat flights before he led a mission into action. And he made it a good one. Simmons led a flight of Navy A4 Skyhawks on raid three miles northeast of Vinh which destroyed at least one petroleum installation. WEDNESDAY SPECIAL Grilled Liver Onions Mashed Potatoes Roll or Muffin Coffee or Tea EA 5-5116 1145 N. ALVERNON HOURS: 11:30 to 2:00 - 4:30 to 8:00 N. OF SPEEDWAY Sun. 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Spanish Slaw IS' DESSERTS butterscotch Pic with Whipped Cream 25' Surprise Pecan Pic , 25' Cherry Fruit Pic , 25-' Lemon Meringue Pic 22' Old Fasluon f-gg Custard Pie 22-' Spicy Hot Apple Dumplings 19 C Eastgate Shopping Center 5601 EAST SPEEDWAY Serving Hours U A.M. to 2 P.M. Daily Continuous Service Sunday 11 A.M. to S P.M. E V E N I N G F l - A T U R E S Filet Mi^non 5J.39 KC's Sirloin Strip $2.39 Fried Jumbo Shrimp, French Fries, Tangy Seafood Sauce 95 C Prime Rib Roast au Jus, Carved to Order 51.-I9 Thursday, May 18 Polish Sausage with Sauerkr.iuc 72 C Country Fried Steak and Pan Fried Potatoes. S9 Baked Chicken with Sage Dressing, Giblet Gravy, and Cranberry Sauce 6y Country Style Tomatoes. is' Spinach Souffle 20- Egg and Tomato Salad .-. 22 C Macaroni and Diced Cheese Salad '18-' Chocolate Angel Pie 25 e · Orange Pineapple Ambrosia Cake./. 20 C Friday, May 19 Sweet Sour Spareribs with Buttered Rice 89-' Corned Beef and Cabbage 75' Fried Shrimp with French Fried Potatoes and Seafood Sauce , : 95' Hot Cabbage Slaw. 18' Fried Okra..... .". 20 C Fresh Cauliflower Salad 22-' Orange Jello with Pineapple and Catrots 22' Strawberry Fruit Pie , 30' German Chocolate Pie 25' Saturday, May 20 Chicken Chow Mem with Noodles... .....6y Italian Meatballs and Spaghetti 59' Bacon Fried Carrots.'. ,......,,..,.·,... J.7' Green B«ns with New Potatoes...~~~... 18' Date Marshmallow Waldorf Salad ~...25 C Deviled Eggs '. 15' Lemon Ice Cream Pie 25-'. Hot-Apple Dumplings 19' Here's Still Another Chance To See "Alfie"- Atademy Award Runner Up For Best Picture! (RECGWMENDED/OR MATURE AUDIENCES) *'·.'· · ·'· · · · · · ·'· · · · · · · : MIRACLE DRIVE-IN open! · 1600 West Glenn 8:15? Box.Office Opens 6:30 P.M. . . 7:15 9:30 P.M. 255 50.W1LMOT RD.-29S-1S86 Tuc$on's Newest and Most Beautiful Theatre UN-RESERVED SEATING Matinee We d. Sat. Sun. Vted. 2:30-7:1 5-9:30 P.M. Saturday t Sunday At 2:30-4:45-7:1 5-9:30 P.M --WINNER OF 6 ACADEMY AWARDS INCLUDING-BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR! COLUMBIA PiCTURKS FRED ZINNEMANN'S ,,,*,» A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS FTM,,s,pi.,!,,.HOBKIIT HOLT · TECHNICOLOR*ft 22nd IT. AT AUKRKOH 326-2223 Last Night-Fabian "Thunder Alley "Rod Taylor "Hotel" Both in CeVer STARTS TOMORROW 1 ST. TUCSON SHOWING "IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE ONE PICTURE THIS YEAR, THIS JS ITJ SEARING, SHATTERING IMPACT!"-- Cleveland Amory ^^^^ NATION)It O C N E H A L C O R P O R A T I O N FOXSre 17 WEST CONGRESS · 623-9491 Fre« Parking After 5 P.M. Continuous from T P.M. TICKETS NOW ON SALE FOR INDY 500 Mil RACE FOX THEATRE - MA Y 30th. -FIRST TUCSON SHOWING- 1967 WINNER CANNES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL "ONE OF THE YEAR'S 10 BEST FILMS!" -CROWTHER, N.Y. TIMES A Carlo Ponti Production AntonkmiV BLOW-UP ] COLOR CAMPBUl AT mm 326-0641 .ast Night - "How to Succeed Buiiness Without Really Trying" Plui 'Not With My Wife You Don't" Both in Color FIRST TUCSON SHOWING STARTS TOMORROW A Premier Productions Re!eass| PLUS OUR WILD CO-HIT THE WILDEST OFFICE PARTY EVER TOSSEDl Nancy __jf KWAN in The WilPAfifr! Onehullet csn kill a town... iustlikea.manl KRYFON JANICE RUU MJUNOT AMD KRRRPHBUCIIOH..'MEmoci 3 Featurei-M.50 Carload 2 in Coter- Latt Night Hv'u Preilcy - "!o»y Comt.Eosy Co" "Hot KoJt To H««" "Operation C.I.A." HELD OVER 4TH WEEK ?T DRIVE-IN 1401 $..BtMDEtt/795-1377 ARIZONA PREMIERE 13 WEEKS FILMING IN TUCSON 4 FEATURES- M .S 0 CARLOAD STARTS TONIGHT PLUS! MCHABD1OOKE ZANNE PLESHETTE PLUS "Giant of Unknown*!

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