Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 11, 1929 · Page 4
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1929
Page 4
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THE MAIN FROM MOROCCO By EDGAR WALLACE. Copyright. 1925, by The Chicago Daily News Co. ciiAi'Tfctt TAT. THE BKCGAK HUSBAND. Hamon pushed the bcggnr out nftor his bride and slammed the goto on him. Joan trifd In wnlk, nturnblod, recovered iixnIn, and then she knew no irlore. She recovered from her faint, lying under the slmdow'of a big jiml- ppr bush. Her fare and nock worn Wet; a bowl of wiikT was by her Hide. Tho old beggar luul disappeared, and, rAlsing horself on her elbow, Him snw him unhnbbllnB his sorry-looking horse. VVImt should she ilo? Shi; culni; iihstcadily to her feet and looked around wilcllv. E.Hf.-nj»o was Impossible. And then she saw. far nway In the v'fclloy, u cloud of dust. A party wn£ approaching and, straining her eyes, sne caught sight of white jollnbs and the glint of stcol. It was u puny of Moors, probably Bndi Iliillx returning; there would b« no Help there. She looked again fit her hiiHb;i»i). The old man wan wrapping his face atld hi'iid In volumin'Mis scurfs until only ilia Iron-gray bciird iiml the lip of MB red-hooked nose, wus visible. • He saw her and came Inward her leading the horse and she obeyed his signal without a word find mounted. \Valking ahead, he kept Mis hum! on the bridle nnd she nnlieorl ihut he imik li path that was at right angles to the inaln rond to Tangier. Onc-c nr twice ho looked back, first at the hniisc and then at the swlft-muvlng party of llorsernen which was now in view. It vfas Sail!—Joan recognized the, figure rifling at tin; hen'l ot the party. Ami she saw, too, Unit cacli man curried a rlflo. Suddenly the beggar changed direction, moving parallel with tin; cavalcade, as far as she could guess, for they were now out of sight and mounting the hill toward a point which Would bring them clear of thij gardens. From tin; anxious glances lie. shot backward, she guessed thn.1 lie was in some fear lest Hamon, in a Barter moment, had relented Ills mad folly. He walked the horse down to the betl Of a hill .stream and followed its tortuous windings keeping tlin horse in U1e shallow watern. Suddenly «he heard a shot and then,jinother. The sound re-echoed from Uib hills and she looked down at tin; old JIIIIM anxiously. "What was that?" who uMkud in Spanish. Ho shook his head without looking round. Again came a shot and then she guessed the furtrion. Tho shots were to attract (he attention of the beggar unil to recall him, and ho evidently luul the Hume view, for he Jerked the reins of the horse ami the anlrmii broke into a trot, the beggar running nimbly by his animal's head. They came to a little wood of pines and ho brought tin: horse, up thij stenji slope into its cover, nnd, signaling her to wait, he went bark .on foot. ]t was nearly half an hour before, lie, returned, and then, holding up his hand, lie lined her from the saddle and she closed her eyes that she might not sec his face. After a time lie brought her water from the stream, and, opening a. little bundle, displayed food, hut Him Was too tired to do any more than drink the cold, refreshing liquid. So tlrefl that when shu lay down upon the rug he spread she forgot her terrible danger, forgot, the trick of fain that had miulo hoi' thn wife ot a beggar, and fell iiislantly into a sound and dreamless sleep. Ralph Hamon sat, crouched in hiw bedroom, his nails at ills teeth, feeling •Woak nnd ill. Wie mad gu«t of tcmpnr that had driven him to mich an act of lunacy had pusscd, leaving him «lmk- ing in every limb. From his window ho could see the beggar carrying, the girl down the hill, and at thu sight he started to Ills feet with a hoarse cry of rago. That folly could bu remedied and quickly. There was a man among his servants who hud been his pensioner for years, an old man, grizzled and' gray, and ho sent for him. "Aliab," hii said, "you know the beggar who rlilcs the horse'/" "Yea, lord." "He has taken with him at tills moment tho lady of my heart. Go bring her back and give tho old man tills money." He took a handful of notes from ills pocket and put, tliuin into the eager palm of his servltop. "If he gives you trouble—kill him.' Ralph went up to Ills bedroom to watch his emissary go through the gatea, and then for the (lent time lie uttW tho party of mounted mun wind- Ing their way up tho hllluld*. "Sndl," he said under his breath, and guessed what that visit Hlgnlllccl. Jt WIIH too lute to recall his messenger and he, run down to the gates to WOlcOmo his sometime; agent. Sadl Haflz threw hlmsulf fmm his hnrmi and his tone and mien were changed. Ho was no longer the polltn and polished pfoduct of tho mission school. He was the Moorish chieftain, insolent, over-bearing, unsmiling. "You know why l'v«i come, Hamon," lie aaid, bin hand's on bin hips, bin fe.ct apart, his hig head (lintst forward. "Where is the girl? I want her. I presume yoti sire not mnrrled, but, if you are It makes very little difference." "I am not married," suld Hamon, "but. she Is!" "What <lo you mean?' He was not left long In doubt. "My lady expressed a preference for » brggar. She snld she would rather marry the old man who asked for aims than miirry me—her wish bus been fulfilled.' K.-ifll's eyes were slits. "They were married half an hour ago and are I how." He took in the eouuU'y with a gesture 1 . "You're lying, Hamon," sn/d the other sli-arllly. "That story doesn't, deceive me. I shall search your house as Alorlnkc searched mine." Hamon said nothing. Them were twenty armed men behind Sadi and at !i word from their le.uder lie was a dead man. "You're at liberty to .search the from harem to kitchen," he | H.'iid coolly, nnd the Moor strode past I him. I He could not have had time to make a very complete Inspection, for he was I back again almost, immediately. "I'.xe spoken to your servants, who I tell me that what you have snid is I (rue. Which way did she go?" Hamon pointed and the Moor gave nn order to lil.s men. One of the horsemen llrnd In this ulr. A second nnd u. third shot followed. "If liiat does not bring him bank we will go and look for him," said Had! grimly. "Ko far as I am concerned"—-Ralph shrugged Ills shoulders—"yon may do a.s you wish. My Interest In the lady i has evaporated." I I to wa« nut Kpenklng the truth, but ills manner deceived the Moor. "You were a fool to let her go," he nald more mildly. "If I hadn't Jet her go you would probably have persuaded me," said Hairion, and Sadl'x slow smile confirmed his suspicion. A minute later the party was riding (town the hill, scattering left and right In an endeavor to pick up tlie trail of tin; beggar nnd his wife. Hamon watched them before ho returned to the house lo gather the pieces ot his Hc.iitte.rcd dreams and discover which ol the fragments had a solid value. From an inside pocket he took a black leather case and, emptying it of contents, laid them on Die table and examined them one by one. The last of tli'osc yjoriHessloiiH was Un oblong I document covered, with fine writing. Hlrulhead scorned for away—Hindhcad and Jim Morlake and the prying Welling, nnd Creith, with Its «.venues and meadow lands, lie knew tho document by heart, but ho read it again: "Believing that Ralph Hamon, who I thought was my friend, designs my death, I wish to explain thu circumstances under which 1 llnd myself a prisoner iii a. little house overlooking Hlmlhcad.' Acting on the representations find on tiiu iidvico of Hamon, I went to Morocco to inspect a mine, which I believed lo be Ills property. W« returned to London Hccretly, again on his advise, for ho said It would bo fatal to his plans if it were known that he was transferring any of his interests in the mine. Having a BUS- plel.sion that tho property, which he Hluted was his, had in reality nothing whatever to do with his company, I went to Hlndhead, determined 'not to part with my money until he could assure nil 1 that I was mistaken. I took a precaution which I believed and still believe la effective. At Hlndheud my suspicions were confirmed and I refused to part with the money. He locked me, up in the kitchen under the guardianship of a Moor whom he had brought back from Tangier with him. Ail attempt Jius already been made arid 1 fear the; next—" Here tho writing ended abruptly. Ho folded up tho damning charge and, returning it lo ills pocketbook with the other contents, slipped it Into ills inside poclict again. And, as ho did so lie recalled Jim Morliilic's description. This monkey's luind wax In the gourd and he had come to the place where ho could not release. Hie 1 fruit,' In the meantime one of Sndl's men had picked up the track of footprints RADIO ALTOONA RADIO & ELEC. CO. 1,118 mh Am. Dtnl 0318 MICKEY & SON Altoona's Longest Established FUNERAL SERVICE Lexington Avenue ALLEN'S PARLOR FURNACE A New Type Furnace A New Design New Exclusive Features D OES the work of several stoves, room beaters or fireplaces. Circulates clean, healthful, moist warm air just like a pipelesa furnace. Meats the whole house. Saves uel. Eliminates the ex- oense of a basement. Installed in a few minutes. Finished in porcelain enamel, natural walnut effect. As beautiful and easy to clean as a piece of furniture. Come in and see the New Allen's, We'll gladly explain how it gives wore beat for less money. Wbta tilt outer cabinet doom ire opened you hivt Mil ih» cjbetr «nd flow ot the 6rt—*a tzcluiive Allta fettuie. Heat Radiating Fins An improved construction that increases heating surface 100 percent—strengthens (be castings — prolongs the life of the heating unit. Only in Allen's do you get this improvement. Gately & Fitzgerald Credit Company U SEVENTH STKEET ANIJ EIGHTH A COKNEU AVENUE and Sadl nnd two 6f tho party had 'reached the cdfje of the Hlrearo. "J_.cavc your horses and como on foot," he ordered. They followed Hid course 6f tHe stvnnm downwat-d until It \van clear to the slirrerjf that they could not have pnne I" that direction. From there on ))r hud a view of the country. More- rivrr, thny pnased a pnrtlcularly shallow slri'leh with n snndy bottom and then 1 wc'iv no murks oC hoofs. "We will go bnck," he said, nnd led {})<• \vny. An limif's walk brought them to rt |il;ii:u where this stream rail between hiKh bunks nnd hof-e the Moor's rjtilck rye HIIW tho now mnrkH of horse's feet n'nd lio siKiinlcd his men <o silence. With romnrkaliln nullity he ran up to tho bank iind oropf. forward. ' .Inan woke from her sleep to meet Ihi! d.irk eyes of Sudl Haflz looking down fit hc'i\ "VVIi'Tp Is yout- fi-innd?" asked Sndl, ntoopln;; In iiKHlxt her to her fedt. She looked around, still dazed with sloe/). "My friend? You rnenn Abdul?" "Si; ymi know his name," suld Sacll pleasantly. "What do you want with me?" she nskcd. "I am Inking you with me to Tnn- tflci 1 , to your friends," ho said, but she knew ho wtis lyin^. Ixjoklng round, she saw no sign of thu hCKK" r - His horse still grazed be- nunth n. tree but tin- old man had dls- nppciirrd. Kadi sent one of his people to bring In thu animal and helped her to mount. "I was terribly worried," hos said In bis excellent English, "when our frtand llnmtm told me the stupid thing hn had done. There lire times when Hainan Is crazy and I am very angry with him. You like Morocco, Lady .roan?" "Not very much," she said, and he chuckled. 'I don't suppose you do." I-le looked up at tier admiringly. "How well the Moorish costume suits you ! It might have, been designed for your adornment." A I rick he had of using pretentious words Unit would fit any other time have amused her. He walked by her side, one of Jiis riflemen leading the liorsn, and after a while they caino to the place wliere they bad taken tbe stream. Tho remainder of his party were waiting for him, witting on the hank, find at. a .signal they mounted. "Perhaps it is as well I did not meet your husband," s;ikl Sndl omi-' nously. "I trust he has not given you any trouble." She was not In the mood for conversation and she answered curtly enough and he seemed nmuscid. No-.tlmu was lost. She was lifted from ,the beggar's liorso to a bountiful roan that had evidently been brought specially for her and she coukl not help reflecting on the certainty that, even if. Ralph hucl married her, she would still have ridden on that horse before the day was through. Sadi HaflK had 'come to take her back -with him to his little hoilso in tho hollow, married or unmarried. Hu rode by her side most of tbe day, talking pleasantly of the people and things, find she WIIH surprised at the widc.ticHH and catholicity of his knowledge. "I wus agent for Hamon in Tangier, and I Hilpposc you had an Idea that I was a. sort of superior servant," he snid. "But it suited me to act for him. He is a man without scruple or gratitude." That, was a sentiment which she thought came ill from Sadl I-iafU. Before sunset they halted and made a camp. In spite, of the coldness of tho night, the men prepared to sleep in the open, wrapped in their woolen cloaks, but for the girl a. tent was tnttcn from the pack horse and pitched in the mout sheltered position Sadi could find, "Wd will I'cat here until midnight," ho said. "I must reach my destination before daybreak." Sho Idy wide awake, listening to tho London's "WaW Street* "The American Stock KacliiittRc Is closed!" .... False Hanoi's, belated <|tintn«(ifis, IiewlMcflnf? drops In prices, brought unprecedented limitations, bewildering drops In prices, brought unprecedented CJfclte- miMit In the London financial world as reports at the fecord-bfealtlfie crash nt stocks In iVnll Street reilchcd Kiiffhlml. Pictured ilbove is tho scene oiilslilo thfi Stnclt Kxrtisinge In the British capital tig anxious throngs filled tho street while Anglo-American securities declined Bhnrply. Cabled transfers of money from America to England reached n record peak. .aik and watching the shadow of the smoking fires that, the sunset threw on ;he thin walls of tho tent, and then the talk gradually died down. There was no sound but an occasiorial whlnney from a horse. She looked at the watch on her wrist, the one article of jewelry she had retained. ' It Was 9 o'clock. She had three hours left n which she could make her escape. She drew aside the curtalil of the 1U- ,Ie tent and, looking out, saw a dark Igtire—a sentry, she guessed. Escape ivas impossible that way. She tried to ift the curtain at the back of the :ent, but it wa& pegged down tightly, forking her hand through under the jurtaln she groped around for the peg and presently .found it. It took all icr power to loosen it> but after a vhile, With a supf-cme effort, she pulled t from the earth and, exerting all her strength, she lifted the curtain a little 'arther and got her head beneath and, by dint of perseverancd, wriggled clear. '. Ahead of her were Impenetrable thorn bushes. She crept round the outside of the tent, conscious that her White dress would be detected if the sentry lurried his head. Afld then she found an opening in.the undergrowth and wriggled through. At the sound of cracking twigs the sentry turned and shouted something lit Arabic. And FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? Fa^tcctli, a new, greatly improved powder ttr be %prlnk!ed on upper of lowei 1 platcts, holds fulsc teeth firm nnd comfortable. Cttn not slide, slip, rock or pop-out. No gummy, Booey, pasty tnste or feeling. Makes breath Mvcet and plcasurtt. Get Fasteeth Iciduy at Yooum A. Kopp or any good drug store. Music, Books and Contests! Win $300 In Cash. 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It ttrfrf Sadl himself who was coming after her. She. khdW it was he Without seeing him, and, tcrrlfled, she increase;! her speed. But she could not hope to outpace the horse. Nearer and nearer he came, and then with a thunder of hoofs the horserrlah SWept past her and turned. "Oh no, my little roseM" he said exultantly. "That .Is Hot thd way to Manplhess!" He reached over and caught at her cloak and, swinging himself front the saddle, he caught her in his arms. "This night I live!" he crldd hoarsely. '• "This night yptl die!" Ho turned In a riash to confront the aged beggar and dropped his hand to the folds of his jellab. " •loan Carston stood, rooted to the spot, staring at the newcomer. She looked at the hideous face of Abdul Azlm, but It was the voice of Jim Morlake that had spoken. (To Ho Continued) PAID FOB PJLtiASUIlE. NAtlANT, Mtt'3., Nov. 11,—Giving eighteen friends an automobile ride in his flve-passenger sedan cost Theodore Dupois $2 In court here. 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