Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 2, 1950 · Page 12
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1950
Page 12
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From The Deep Forest To The Frying Pan From forest to frying pan Is. the guarantee of Preston Yeager, who owns a frozen food locker plan on Country Club and Grand rd. 'Yeager does all but shoot the deer in its fatal journey to the venison lovers of ,the country Since, the opening of antelope sea son the middle of October, 60 deer and antelope have met their fina' fate under Yeager's eyes. When successful hunters bring their deer to his plant, Yeager first puts them into the chill room, at 35 degrees for three or four days Then Al Swisher takes over with * his apt skinning knife and begins his operation. After skinning, the deer looks much like a head of beef to the · amateur's eye. Then the deer are cut according to its owner's specl fications for roasts, chops, steaks, and stews, before first going into a sharp freeze at 40 degrees telow zero. The last stage Is into the hunter's locker at zero, until the hunter's appetite brings him to call for the venison. This is Yeager's biggest year In the business, although most hunters are still coming home disappointed. Last year, he handled 75 deer and antelope throughout the season. This year, it will run over 150. Ordinarily, if the deer hasn been tqo badly shot, the yield i 75 psr cent meat. Besides deei Yeager will also take care of w-i! ducks and other game when th season arrives. .Of course, he als cuts, and freezes all varieties meats. Alcohol Need G e t s S t u d v WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. (IP)--The Turkeys May Bear Disease The contract Is retroactive-to last |Oct. 1 and provides for- a wage review in six'nionths.. ST. LOUIS, Nov. 2. (#·)---With.sist on having entrails and heads Thanksgiving approaching, h an- removed 'from purchased birds or, fliers'and buyers of turkeys were if they 'bought them with those urged yesterday to be on the look. National Production Authority and ° u ' for a previously - unsuspected J ! infection m the birds. . industry leaders today tackled the|. ^ Jf v _ Irong Qf the Texas state problem of getting more alcohol| department of hea ] th sa j d there ; s for the defense effort--especially '(highly suggestive evidence t h a t for the making of synthetic rubber.!these barnyard bigshots can bar- tee came in for their first meetin On another front in the defense drive; the new- Economic Stabilization Agency (ESA) yesterday took in another official' in its gradual, expansion. ESA Administrator Alan P arr . ocs ' He added, however, that proper cooking destroys all germs that may be present in meat or poultry. Definitely known to occur among trator for economic policy. Johnson has served In -the .wartime OPA.j the National Security Resources ! Board, and the budget bureau. In the industrial alcohol picture, the most urgent trouble spots are two government-owned butadiene love birds,' pigeons, cats, and even seagulls; this " " " . known a few While the-occurrence is relatively ,low, he said, the disease .is a matter of public health significance. And now, he continued, the strong suspicion that turkeys are a previ- things' intact,' to wear rubber gloves when preparing the turkey for the oven. . · ^assms^f^m^maism two government-ownca ouracuene ous i v overlooked source of virus ^ -,,i -P.o.o^PatMcGcwan plaat f at Louisvilje , K y., and Ko- TMUs for ln«£«j See. ! the U ' S ' * tmy Truman Presents Harmon Trophies WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. (JP)-President Truman planned to present the Harmon international aviation trophies to three American fliers today at the White House. The awards go to Lt. Gen. James H. Doolittle, Miss Jacqueline Cochran and Vice-Adm. Charles E. .Rosendahl for "the most outstanding international' achievements in the arts and science, .'of .aviation'" during the years 1940',to,'1949, the award trustees'.announced,. - . The trophies ·Jvere'.establJshed in 1925 by Col. Cliffor.d.',B Harmon of Wncsott Batty OHittznr 12 Tliurtdty. Evening,, Nov'. t, 1HO- VAL NORTHCUWT, left, and Al Swisher, right, work butaj p a-i now being reopened afterj fo Parrot fever vgilance/ i ranges in human! on cutting: the meat. Northcuwt is in the final stage be- la spell of peacetime slumber. Buta-| cases from m ild influenza-like at-1 Standard Oil fore wrapping for the sharp freeze, and Swisher is pre- jdiene is a key. ingredient of syn-[ tacks to severe feverish ailments paring to quarter the meat. GlT^S Pay Raise Contract troleum, . b u t ' t h e plants at Louis-! disease .occurred in Giddings, Tex., ' SAN F.EANCISCO, Nov. 2. (#}-, jville and Kobuta make butadienehri the fall of I9tS, with 20 cases, of|A nev thetic, rubber. resembling pneumonia Most butadiene is made from pe-j j rons sa ;j an outbreak .of the A careful locker record is kept so if you are thinking .about goinf out and trying to get some venison forget 1 if. Every item is checked in an oat. There are no extrr plenes . :. '.-unfortunately. This is Yeager's eighth year in Tucson, and his third in busines as the Insured Frozen Food Lock ers. . He hails from Lexington Ky., but is completely sold on Arl zonal*" and his rapidly growing frozen food business. · Shortage Of Spuds Causes Arrests BERLIN, Nov. 2. W 3 )--Mass arrests of farmers were reported ordered by East Germany's Communist government today in a desperate campaign to smash hoarding of the blighted potato crop. Over 100 landholders In five 'Soviet zone states were reported jaile'd and many more faced arrest as alleged saboteurs. Eighteen Mecklenburg farmers received prison terms,. . Communist officials , a c c u s e d "wealthy, reactionary" farmers of "dawdling" in filling potato quotas for the government. They called' for a speedup, in the collectivization of agriculture. The potato crop was hit hard In early summer by a plague of . Colorado beetties, which Communist propoganda attempted to blame on "bombing by Anglo-American planes." Is He Good Guy Or Isn't He?'5 · · · · «/ *, jfrom alcohol, and they will con- jsume alcohol at the ; rate of at least 120,000,pOO ggllons. a year. The en- whom three died. Most of those affected were Negro women who had been almost exclusively, engaged in NEW YORK, Nov. 2. (U.PJ--Politics, 'from 'a chorus girl's point of view, can be boiled down into a simple-question: "Is he a good guy or isn't he?" So far no confused voter has asked them, but a bevy of long- legged beauties discussed the good guy subject in their crowded dressing room at the Diamond Horseshoe night club. Political parties, pointed out Gregg Evans, a 6-foot-tall, blue- eyed blonde, reveal plenty. The trouble with most of those been out with is that the poli- .ician always wants, to talk about himself. It gets dull." "What man muffled, voice doesn't?" from a came a redhead Urge's Americans Carry On Revolt NEW YORK, Nov. 2. ()--Erwir D.. Canham, editor of the Christian Science Monitor, said .today tha Americans -- not Communists -- jshould. lead the world revolution to set men free. "By and large we have communi- tire output of the nation's indus-jplcking pin feathers from turkeys trial alcohol plants in the -yeariat a local poultry plant, ended last June 30 was 168,000,000 He suggested 'butchers wear rub- gallons, though the industry has a ber gloves at all times while ban- capacity of 340,000,000 gallons a dling the birds as the virus could year. Iget on the turkeys' bodies or into Putting the idle capacity backjthe air from internal discharges rif into, production is somewhat com-! the birds. - · * ' H e also urged housewives to in- struggling into a street dress to ;o out between shows. Talk About Selves "No," Gregg insisted, with a chorus of assent from several other ___ nterested girls, "politicians 'doj cate(1J to"our" brother "men" the im- more talking about themselves pre ssion that we are the reaction- Despite the damage, the gov- minded," ban, say, a businessman." Modesty, the girls decided, was a 'aluable trait to look for in a man vho wants to be elected to .public ffice. "You never can tell just by · the vay a man looks. You've just got 0 talk to him and find out what e stands for," thoughtfully added Jary Lou Bentley, a serious- minded, 21-year-old with inch-long yeJashes. Also, watch out for the man with ready flow of campaign promises Seen As 'Bad Sign' "I went out with some politicians ack home in Boston," 18-year-old rik Tone said. "They were too ager to please. I regarded it as a ad sign. Besides, it made them un iteresting." As for their freedom with a tax- ayer'.s dollar, the politicians got a nanimous if -unenthusiastic vote P confidence from the girls. "I've never seen a politician yet 'ho w a s - a big spender," Gregg aid. "They all seem very budget- eminent refused to reduce farmers' required deliveries. Although East Germany is confronted by a grave potato shortage, unofficial-,,,sources claimed thousands of tons are being diverted by Russian orders to Hungary. That satellite is reported worse off than the Soviet because of drought. even Next week's election was classed as "not very exciting, since none of the candidates is very dramatic," by the dressing room analysts, sitting st their oil-cloth covered dressing tables. But Gov. Earl Warren go.t their aries in the world, that we are defending the status -quo, and that the other force-'in the world -communism -- has the revolution,' Canham said. He spoke at the 37th annual national .foreign trade convention. "The precise opposite is the fact. We are the true revolutionaries in world history. We have the doctrine and the demonstration that sets men free. ... , We must awaken to the fact that we are the emancipators, that we have the doctrine and the experience which will set men free. Then we must project -this fact to all mankind." He continued: "The most power- fur force is truth in action. Let us prove to the world that we are: or£hv of 'our revolutionary heri- plicated by a shortage of molasses, which has been.the cheapest and| most common source, of industrial) alcohol. Molasses is being used! more and more in livestock feeding, and thus has become scarcer! and more expensive. Much additional alcohol capacity exists in the beverage industry. Industrial alcohol is chemically the same as "neutral spirits" used in the making of liquor, and- the government has already arranged to buy some, alcohol from distilleries for use in the butadiene plants at Louisville and Kobuta. ' , But the selling of beverage alcohol to private companies for Industrial purposes is banned by federal law. This law, and possible changes n it, were among the topics for' discussion at today's meeting. Industrial.. alcobM (a more technical name is ethyl alcohol) is normally used in/hundreds of industrial p r o c e s s e - s - and products antifreeze for one. Its importance has been greatly ncreased by U. S. military expan ;ion. Besides being in sudden .de mand for synthetic rubber, it is used in the production of smoke- ess powder and fuel for rockets. SQUEAKS TRACKED DOWN 7 .PROVIDENCE, S : . I. (U,PJ--When grease job failed \to eliminate w contract with pay raises for Standard Oil Co, service station a tendants was announced here b the Western States Service Static Employes .union (unaffiliated). The contract will cover abou 5,000; workers in seven states. P. .A, Carson, .union secretary treasurer, said the new',pact pro vides pay increases of from $17,5 to $35 a month, increases in com missions for certain classification and an additional paid holiday Plain a? iodized TUCSON'S ONLY MILLIONS of familiM KNOW FROM EXPIRIINCI wfcoS ANAHIST can cbl Another JFamlly Praises for Colds ANAHIST i*C0ld Symptom* in many case* in a tingle day f ; ' *~ ', 1\ *. \ tage, that we can jointly bring| the squeaks from Eeo Gauthier's :olution to the world's grievously I automobile, the filling station at- insolved -problems. tenrlant, lifted, the hood and dis- unsolved problems. "We can do this by awakening covered a trapped kitten. to, the spiritual nature of the free' __ system, by .demonstrating' it in social action at home and abroad, and. by driving home this truth with the power and passion of the free, world." FIRE STRIKES DOUBLE NACOGDOCHES, Tex. (U.R)-- Richard Simpson went to lome to get a chicken. The neigh- jor's house \vas on fire. After help- unanimous vote as the candidate ng fight the blaze, Simpson re- who "looks like a good -guy, a nice urned home to find his own house 3-6103 Prlrat* -or ' Insurance CLAWBON MTG. * REALTS 111 North Stone mOUGHStRVICE to the southeast J Travel in rfe/oxe DC-6'sofffheway ORLEANS ATLANTA with direct connections to BIRMINGHAM JACKSONVILLE f MIAMI · · There's no need to chcngt piortM / when you fly cross-country. For Am»r* / icon and Delta offer through DC-6 j service to the leading cities of th» . » Southeast, You simply moke one reservation and buy one. ticket for th» entire trip. For reservation!- !·· your travel agent call 2-6411 Toko ANAHIST upon cxpoiur* or at th» very flrit «lgn of a :old . . ."Our doctor recommended ANAHIST-- and it really works!" writes Mrs.. Pitts. ANAHIST contains pure antihistamine . . . promptly stops sniffles, sneezes and other similar cold .miseries in many cases in a single day. Just take in accordance with directions on label. Continue tablets for 3 days. Now in two companion products-- ANAHIST TABLETS and the new ANAHIST ATOMIZER, -which provides a fine-spray mist · of ANAHIST for direct application into the nasal 'passages'.' ANAHIST-- exclusive trademark of ANAHIST CO., INC., Yonkers 2, N. Y. ' ·« Buy at your DRUG STORE BREASTO'-CHICKENTu/m ANAHIST America's Number ONEiniihistanine OUTSELLS Alt OTHCKS SALMONS FLANNEL Glamour in Flannel at TERRIFIC SAVINGS. Th cse purchases were made early this year brfor* the PRICE RISES and we are PASSING THESE SAVINGS ON TO YOU. 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