Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 7
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Panama, U.S. Meet Secretly WASHINGTON U1 -- The United Stats and Panama have resumed secret talk! aimed at solving their con troversy over the Panama Canal, a qualified Latin Amer fcan source reported Monday ^.A meeting between the two countries' ambassadors t£Die Organization of Amer icJS States. Ellsworth Bunke c-fTJie United States and Mi guel G. Moreno of Panama, took place over the weeken at the Paraguayan embassy the source added. ! Ambassador Juan Plate o Paraguay heads a five-mem tier OAS delegation sent t investigate on the spot Pana fna's charge of aggression b the United States during th rioting in the U.S. Canal Zon Jan. 9 and 10 which leftmor than 20 person i dead an tome 200 wounded. OAS Tells of Cuba's session WASHINGTON Cf» -- An investigating committee of the Organization of American [States Monday said munist Cuba sought to over- ? »««*. cut. TMI. rrt. n. ntt INDEPENDENT--?«9« A/T K Says Peace, Coexistence Are Main Goals in His Life throw the government of m other countries. countries urged hemisphere to A RESCUE HERO, Boatswain's Mate David Bichrest is met in Portland, Maine, by his wife and month-old baby who was bom while he was en duty aboard Coast Guard weather ship Coos Bay. Birchrest, of Cindy's Harbor, Maine, will be cited by his skipper for heroism during rescue of crewmen from the British freighter Ambassador foundering in a North Atlantic storm. STORY OF HEROISM forces in the world is such." i to the annihilatioa of many Khrushchev said, that for nations and countries." 4 the first time in history man- Consequently. Khrushchev . . .kind can erect a reliable bar- --apparently thinking of th» mam goal and duty rier again$t wlr ^ prtvent;ultra-tough-line Chinese Coch- By HENRY SHAPIRO MOSCOW (UPI) -- Premier Latin American in life was to struggle for :' Aether.- " '"- Wrists--said "He who At the same time, Khrush-'siders himself an expos chev admitted that the pres- of the interests of the wor1( Wlr -' ent staggering defense costs ing classes, of all workeri Declaring peaceful coexist- are a burden on the whom the aspirations cf ·v*.^ - - -- · - -- ----- · ---------- i -- ---- - ------ - - - v But spokesmen for various to lhe world'i political parties sl id, "whether the need efforts to prevent such disas; .^_ ___ »_;«_ ____ __ _· i ___ · _ t ____ ' trt efcut* TT-»P *nd *n*o* trv _.:_** :_.:__ »v _ j^f ,._.. _^K« »*» *· * « n g a g« nations to take prompt action peaceful competition to dem- aeainst Cuba onstrate the superiority of supenonty their respective social systems. against Cuba. * · VENEZUELA'S ambassador, Enrique Tejera Paris, expressed dismay that "certain chev*! political philosophy. A reaffirmation of Khrush- maintaining the defense power of the U.S.S.R. at a modern level acts as a brake on expanding the welfare of the people. ier." "YES IT IS a brake. Rock- open trade with Cuba, tisely at the time such as this. The time is run- 1 ning short when such countries must choose ... whether they want to do business with Cuba or with Venezuela." w. tained able here Monday. Ship Survivors Describe 2-Day Fight Against Storm eign policy. "The balance of political ; PAN'AMA requested th OAS inquiry after failure cf an early mediation attempt by the Inter-American Peace' Committee, a permanent OAS agency. · In tending Plate's delegation to investigate Panama's 2RfiSKS?3 *- ua V f l § 111 ^guinsi oumns-z^^^ ^ tw ,,,,, Pa^nTin finding,Tfom^al PORTLAND. Maine «1 -'ore ship Fruen. now en route 'deserved credit, but he singled «« »*»* ^-. II is ° *\* oe!cf ' L * "** telephOrie to peacefully settle the dis- A sea * lor f °' heroism in a to Rotterdam. But H of the out Boatswain's Mate David," 5 ?* 1 . that "J 1011 * cl . the)or f 201 ? putt two-day battle against a'Ambassador crew were tostluichrest. 22, of Cund/s Har-'Amencas will lose no time^unicaUons^ and The source would not dis-violent Atlantic storm was'asthey sought to escape their ^bor. Maine. He said he will m ^"6 f^T^^l *f*^" \rn, Amninn r»nnMir« close «hat formulabothcoun-ltoM Monday by Coast Guards- foddering ship in the ^lent^ec^e^eC^astGuar^ ^"^££1 S'BO^, S Su!e S The rescued men were 'saving Medal, for him. [ance. approved by_hemisphere|and Uruguay, still maintain Colombia'* OAS ambassador, Alfredo Vasquez Carrizosa. said; "It is as obvious as the weather itself that there has been a clear case of aggres- consular relations: sion. against the democratic Venezuela. communism,! in a 12-page, Pensioners Get New GlassB WITHOUT COST *t The some thorough, " nc£r e ^T 5 eximiution (with glus'ci fitteJ to their ryo) a ncfw creasing the might of our| 1Ti;lli)le «° jn^f^r * P*°- . . . . .armed forces we could have! 5 "* 1 " 1 °AS «TM« cost «° FT win RF nuhiiOiw! swepty "ised the living * on -._ Cn ? e ra f 1 ' . 11 \ in* Bt. puDusneu. r' » identification cirJ ma soon as a preface to an Italian f 11 TM 1 " 1 " "" ~ " "" ;*^,»u A « piciaic vj«u luiikdu . . . . 'conliit vouT socil worker, la edition of. Khrushchev's covi« the near futu« make it the,TM£* ^ c{ ,, ^ ^ , lected pronouncements on for-i^Shest in the world. ' ' Arguing against a nuclear complete interruption of eco-| 'nomic relations or of rail, sea. "Such war would not dis- front , lead vcni DR. MILTON GUNBERG OpJoinrtrist -- 11 Pine ATC-.^ rtn-ell B l d g , Do*nstiTrl ?hone H'jnlock 6-21IJ -A| }0 Vein of Errcnence I r5^ telegraphic corn- use of tries might be trying to work m « and by II British sea out. men they plucked from their Panama stands firm on a'foundennz ship. request for an advance US.! ^ e Coast Guard cutter on life lines shot to thenv sea pledge to renegotiate the.*005 ^X arrived Monday from the Coast Guard vessel.' 1903 treaty under which the^ 111 th e 11 rescued men United States operates the. 111 * body cf canaL The United State* has Strickland of Portsmouth, winds were so violent. expressed willingness to dis-l^sl 11 "!. who died while b«-|ping up waves from 25 to cuss the difference with Pan-l^S rescued from his sinking feet high, that he was ov "" · or to hau^ a^V^jH B^T^ "^ thJlSj^^SL^^Sr^ -S ^ without a life line required, to . 'against aggression from other Cuba. , - -,,,, ,,,,-,,,,, ,,. / - Amencan nauons w frora The United States has boy- surv!vors too h^ hero ^ Jwlngest THESE CAN include one in ad\-ance t revision of the! Nine other survivors -,,.,,, treaty. .picked up by the Norwegian The source said that utmost care had been taken ta avoid leaks oa the nevr US.-Pinama talks. Only Ambassador Plate attended the reported talks. boats to the rescue. Bailey said all his crew cines. Other hemisphere countries have relatively little trade with Cuba, but England, Poles Delay Harvard Student's Departure first voyage. Burdette was one of 10 men who took to a life raft, iwhich almost immediately 'capsized. ! Burdette managed to haul himself back aboard the Ambassador. WARSAW, Poland «t--A ; bassy in Moscow made the "I yelled to the men to keep Harvard University student.|«n-or. calm and everything would convicted in a one-day trial .__ * * * * r ,. be .» n . ri | ht '"I le sa:i ""^^ , · .. ..... 1 . AFTER THE dispute. Field quieted down." of assaulting a Polish border] lad ^ ^ A ^ ey T ^ By ^ time mOiel , ife guard, has been b l o c k e d tinued across P o l a n d , but raft had been capsized and again in plans to leave this'Arthur was removed from the,some of her men lost, inchid- missions; breaking of diplo-jreported planning to |matic relations; breaking of .business with Havana. :Sul) Tender :iii Spain for Polaris Base *JROTA, SPAIN (.Vt--The UJS. submarine tender Pro- ... _ ,. . . . . tens arrived at this M ,,, «* told by PoUsh authorities base Monday and was expect-:^ . wl " n ? t . b ed to be ready to service Po-i5 1% * ur -t" it n ,»^j ··· « ^1^.**. ^^niu* »jytui laris-firing submarines within 1 *' st ?" '"^ no '*PP^ '^la week in jail then was freed BEST BUYS in LONG BEACH IIAIll LOSS ; WOK111ES YOU ACCEPT THIS ; SPECIAL OFFER.? GOOD NEXT 7 DAYS ONLY FOR ONLY $ 2.00 WHIN STARTING YOUR HAIR AND SCALP TREATMENTS AT THE TUROFF CLINIC YABI rcT° neCom P |ele45 ' Minu1e S. L TUlOFf )\natt II C«5fcni TUtOFF CUN1C1 INCLUDING country. Arthur Field. 25, Monday [train at the German frontier by officials with an arrest ing the ship's radio operator. Burdette operated the emergency radio until the bat- i * M r t Fie!d Utr re joined' teries gave out, then used a tleared tc \her husband for his enforced blinker light to communicate that sta y in Poland. Arthur spent with the Fruen. The Fruen shot lines to the sentence. THE FEB. IS trial verdict s ««· month suspended ,, $3,000 bail. The y o u n g Ambassador and hauled off couple is staying at a down- nine men before an the lines The trip had started out as sea. had been broken or lost in the would have become final last » holiday frora Field's Rus-t "If it weren't for that kid. two or three days. Jhe joint U.S.-Spanish Rota base win be the second Euro- _- -- . . . town hotel. pean base equipped to handle the missile firing subs. , . , ,- -- . the other is at Holy Loch,i weekend ""P 1 Oat go^^-^ian literature s t u d i e s in'we wouldn't be here," said Scotland. j ment P rosecutor » petitioned .Moscow. But Field, a Harvard Zeke Mobondo, 35, a native ,The Proteus whkh came for a w r i t t e n ^y °' ^ e teaching fellow, said he will of South Africa, now living in frcii Holy Lock, was wel-i 1 " g i nent- » utorcatlcall y P«-[abandon his w o r k in the Liverpool, and a donkey cgmed by Capt. August A.! glns two vet ** tfce iSoviet Union and go home'engine man on the sunken Banhes commander cf US ( tme " whKh lhe sute ^Xjwhen he can leave Poland, jship. naval activities in Spain. The. teci5e to *PP elK ' ~ I0*000-ton tender carrifj 60 " We shall make our deci- oferi and 1^00 crewmen s" 1011 ra two or three days," and will serve as mother ship'said prosecutor 3. Liberda. ta.ti£kt nuclear submarines.) Field, cf Cambridge, Mass, ^The United States an( was convicted of grabbing Ec«nced the openir.g cf the and shaking a Polish frontier Polaris base at Rota Friday, inspector by the coat lapels Establishment cf the base is last Jan. 21 as he entered a step in de-emphasis cf ra-] Poland from the Soviet Union surface and air activity, by train. The guard had asked and concentration of Polaris Field to leave the train on submarines on duty stations:the ground that his visa was iiphe. Atlantic and Mediter- incorrectly dated. Trial evi- riAean areas. Idence showed the Polish em- FEBRUARY SPECIAL Give your hair luster amd brilliance uith the rich lanolin permanent. Sharr-poo, set and haircut included · Rez. J20 perm.--J10 -- Especially coed for hard-tOTCUrt hair.--Pho«i* HE 7-6391. · For you with normal hair--a choice ot roMPirrr $5Q. J7.50, $i50 permanenti. IIWU-IJ.TI. Open 8 JO A. It to 5-JO P. 1L Including Saturdajt No Appointr^ent Necessary. Ann's Permanent Wave Shop 203 r- Broidwtj, Kama MS--HE T-C99I, lasf B»rk ·*-^^ ----^ Not long ago America's two great vodia$ costM.4 5.ThenWo!fschinidt lowered its price to*3.69. *~; Same premium vodka; only the price haj changed.The object is to make everyone buy\VolfscHi;udt. I ·/j . . \Tcro»FtscHa.*co,r.xrwTO^ti7.»cAOtr*cn4C«Aw.ioi'iioof.r»ocvcTOfv.s*. I Seat Covers Btntiiil WITH Jjru Untie, let Clur Untie licliitl liJTUUTlOB KIIG-SUE W1IOOW Mitt ir Uriel lilt mill custrtctiii--lit SIS AM a kr CM, tnUt. Urn, Line. USTHltO nil It I S HIIUTES ANTI-SMOG DEVICES Seat Belts $349 RETRACTORS. 2,99 Upholstery Long Beach SURE-FIT 548 LONG BEACH BLVD. HE 5-7467 Hair Scalp Trealmenf ThousinJs of ctenh have passed ihrough our Turoff cllnies since our first off- Ice grew fo many, in pruv. cipal cities. Through the" years, one fact rial oe-. come firmly established. The average man (or woman) has Plenty of warning, of approaching baldness.' 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Wt'»« maJ« if eoiy for you. Your first tr'al treatmtnt lif accept*d, and you wTili tfci Ireotmtn!) ..... It J7.00. DON'T PUT IT OFF! ijj Trode a few tniti»f«« of yo«jr ifm* a93mtt a Cfct!m« ef baldncit. Set tit today or I/I (OUT )', Kick Mitt .f St*n) Wt A»ft Al W«i.r «/ 01 C». Crt Oft* I . I M, I . t OrWr Orp: Cl««l liii TU110FF. HAIR SCALP EXPERTS; "He Aff»i*1ai**t '* Htctitarj" Long Beach , 110 Pine five. Suile 824-825 Phone 436-7284

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