Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 62
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 62

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 62
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Long Beach Independent, IDEAS FOR SHRIMP TRKAT Sauce h From Latin Word Meaning to Salt Until the !8th century when the French developed the basic sauces \ve use today, anything added to fish, meat or fowl was dubbed a sauce. In fact, the word "sauce" comes from the Latin "salsus" or "salire," meaning "to salt." T h e I n t e r n a t i o n a l Shrimp Council serves two rich sauces with crispy fried breaded shrimp. One sour cream based sauce is blended with horseradish and chives; the other sauce is a combination of mayonnaise, capers and curry. Serve one or both as a main-dish accent or as appetizer dips. SAUCES FOR BREADED SHRIMP Heat two packages of frozen breaded shrimp as Apple Cake for Dinner fish corne · Rainbow trout, a favor- Trout is also an excellent Fruit Cocktail Heat canned f r u i t cocktail with a dash of brandy or Port wine. Spoon the warm f r u i t inlo individual dishes and top each with a dab of creamy hard sauce. ite of game fishermen because of their fighting spirit, are now available year round to all those fishermen who prefer to do their fishing at seafood counters. They are raised in great numbers in large ponds of cold, clear, running water on trout farms in the United States. The trout are fed carefully balanced diets and are hand- selected for market while they are still swimming. They are cleaned and packaged, fresh or frozen, m i n u t e s after being- caught. The flesh of the rainbow trout is firm and white when cooked and is delicately flavored. It is high in nutritive value containing high quality, easily digested protein. source of vitamins while being low in fat. Market forms include whole, dressed, filleted, boned, and breaded. For best results, thaw the trout before cooking and do not overcook. Frozen trout are usually sold in packages containing two 4-ounce trout. Fresh trout, packed in ice, are usually from 5 to 10 ounces in weight. SOUTHERN BAKED RAINBOW TROUT 6 pan-dressed rainbow trout or other pan- dressed fish, fresh or frozen Salt Cornbread Stuffing 2 this, butter or margarine, melted Thaw frozen fish.'Clean, wash, and dry fish. Sprinkle inside of fish with salt. Place fish in a single layer on a well-greased bake and serve platter, 16x20 inches. Stuff fish loosely. Brush fish with butter. Bake in a moderate oven, 350-deg. F., for 20 to 30 minutes or until fish flake easily when tested with a fork. Makes 6 servings. CORNBREAD STUFFING l / 2 lb. mild pork sausage meat \/ 2 cup chopped celery '/ cup chopped onion 2 cups toasted cornbread cubes % cup chicken broth V4 tsp. poultry seasoning 1/2 tsp. sage Fry sausage meat until crumbly and brown. Add celery and onion. Cook until tender. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Makes approximately 2 cups stuffing. FOR LAGGING APPETITES Brown Betty, always a family favorite, is just the answer for lagging appetites when enhanced with zesty prunes. Old Favorite, Brown Betty A delicious version of an old favorite,' this "Brown Betty" will please the whole family. And best of all it's simple enough for your junior cook to make by herself. Economical, too. Put the pudding together layer- fashion in a shallow baking dish. Bread crumbs first, then apples, plumped prunes and a sprinkling of sugar and spice. Serve this desert either warm or cold with a dab of whipped cream and a glistening black prune on top. BROWN BETTY % cup butter or margarine 3 cups soft stale bread crumbs \\/i cups plump Calif, pitted prunes 3 apples l / 2 cup brown sugar (packed) V4 tsp. cinnamon l /i cup cooking form prunes 1 tblsp. lemon juice Melt butter and pour over bread, tossing to mix evenly. Cut prunes into small pieces. Pare, core and slice apples. In shallow, greased baking dish alternate layers of bread, apples and prunes, sprinkling sugar and cinnamon over fruit. Top layer should be bread crumbs. Combine prune cooking liquid and lemon juice, and sprinkle over all. Bake in moderately hui. oven (375 degrees F.) 40 to 45 minutes, until apples are tender and top is browned Serve warm or cold, plain or with cream. Serves 5 to 6. liquid Kitchen Triangle In planning a kitchen arrangement, concentrate on a triangle consisting of range, refrigerator and sink, Federal housing authorities say. Most walking in the kitchen takes place between these three pieces of equipment. Distance at the rim of the triangle should be no more than 22 feet. None of the work corners should be less than four feet or more than nine feet from the others. Here's a dinner built around Scandanavian apple cake: Roast Veal Potatoes Spinach with Bacon Salad Bowl Rolls Scandinavian Apple Cake SCANDINAVIAN APPLE CAKE ! /i cup butter 3 tbls. sugar 2 egg yolks Grated rind of V, lemon % cup unsifted regular flour, stir to aerate before measuring YJ cup grated blanched almonds (use rotary- cone hand-operated device or electric blender /i cup apricot jam Cooked Apples, see below Meringue, see below Prepare apples by direc- tions below. Cream butler and sugar; beat in yolks and lemon rind: blend in flour and almonds. Spread over bottom of a 9-inch oven-glass pie plale. Rake in a preheated 350-di'gree oven until edges are lightly browned -- 15 minutes. Spread jam over base. Arrange Cooked Apples, cut side down over jam. Spread Meringue over jam. Return to 350-deprpp oven u n t i l meringue is tinged with brown -- IS to 20 minutes. Serve warm. Cooked Apples: Pare, halve and core 6 small apples -- choose ones that retain their shape during rooking. Turn into a 10- inch skillet with '.4 cup sugar and juice of K lem- nn. Cover and cook over moderate heat, t u r n i n g as necessary to cook evenly, u n t i l apples are tender but still hold their shape -- in to 20 minutes. Remove from syrup with slotted spoon. Meringue: Beat 4 egg whiles u n t i l they hold soft peaks; beat in i cup superfine sugar. 1 tablespoon at a time, until sugar is dissolved and meringue is very stiff. directed on package. Serve with one or both of the following sauces. Makes 6 servings. Herb Cream Sauce 1 cup sour cream .1 tbh. chopped chives 2 tbls. chopped parsley 2 tbls. prepared horseradish Salt and pepper to taste Combine all ingredients; mix well. Chill thoroughly. Makes about 1 \-' t cups. Curry Caper Sauce 1 2 cup mayonnaise 1 this, capers 1 tsp. curry powder Combine all ingredients; mix well. Makes about \' 2 i-up: doubled makes 1 cup. way to let AddsS«r!ttn!S!totNOcilori!s! DtliciOUS. Eccnomicll. Buj liquid tot tibli, Tablets lor canpt. ilSweet FIRST STATE BANK 11277 Atlantic Ave.. Lynwood Paramount 16241 Paramount Blvd.. NE 3-2980 both bank. Nalley's time saver meals -- A great new idea -- to have a variety of main courses available all the time! And no mess, no fuss for you! The beef stewihas great big chunks of lean, ranch beef. The spaghetti is made from an authentic Italian recipe. And the mild western chili has lots of lean ranch beef, seasonings, beans --all adding up to more chili flavor. Your husband will love the man-sized flavor that sticks to his ribs. Kids love the variety. Start enjoying Nalley's time saver meals by using the 70 coupon below. And watch this paper -more coupons are coming! emeus* RAVIOLI '; · HEAT BALU MONE

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