Independent from Long Beach, California on January 23, 1975 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1975
Page 29
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PRESS-TELECTAM (PM) TIDES AND B ' WEATHER FORECASTS Low Beach Ant - Fair through Friday. Warmer today. Overnight tow in the upper iCs. Highs today and Friday in ttit upper 70s. Or*l»gf County MetroMntrt Am - Fair Through Friday. Warmer todav. Overnight low S to 4*. Highs todav and Friday in the mid 70s. Mowlam Area* - Fair through Friday but some high cloud* a* Hmev Gusty east to narine«t winds of 7$ to mpti al times this morning decreasing mis afternoon Slightly warmer. Overnlgfit lows at resort levels M to 38 with highs today *6 to « and Friday SI to*!. Desert Areas -- Fair through Friday but some hlah douds at (ttres. Local northeast winds ert 15 to 25 mph decreaslns this morning. Slightly warmer days OmnigM ICA-S in high deserts 28 to 38 with highs today 63 to 68 ant) Friday t to ?*. Overnight lows In IP* fleserts 36 to *t, Highs todav 77 to 76 and Friday U to M. OIHtvore Winfl «td Wester (Pvint Ccscpttea ts tt« Mexican Border) - Local northeast winds ol UP to M knots below coastal canyons and wind waves w to S feet oiherwise :r, other *re« lioht variable winds today but general!y wettedy at less than 12 knots in the afternoon. Smooth seas and 1 to 3 (oof westerly swells Fair today, SUN, MOON AND TIDES Today's sunrise: 7:03 a m Sunset: 5 22 p m. Moonrist: 1 25 p.m. Friday's sunrise; 7:0? a rn Sunset: S;J3 p.m. Mwnrrse: I 25 p.m. Today's tides: High?: S.5 rMt al 5:?0 a.m. and 3 feet a1 7.J3 p.m. Low 0.2 fee' at 12 SI P m ar3 3.2 loci at II :*S P m. Friday's fid«: Highs: 6.0 tee! at 6:09 a.m. and 3 7 feel at ii:S£p.m. Lows: -C.E lect at 1:31 p.m. Long Beach sea temperature: SI' WEDNESDAY'S WEATHER REPORTS California H L Prc. ....7? H tn ItF Catalina Terminal Norwalk aide denies Ife Long Beach Los Angeles. Bakcrsfieifl Big Bear Lat'e Bishop Blvthe ByrbanV ElCfnl-o Fresno Atlanta Bismarck Boise Boston ·Buffalo Chicago Cleveland Denver Des Mclnes .... Detroit FairbanVs Fort Worth... . Helena Hcrolulu Indianapolis ... Kansas City.... Las Vegas Memphis - . 2 0 ...W . .5 .. 44 ...36 .. a ...3S "".54 ...51 Ne*w) Beach Pa'rn Springs . Riversid* M San Dleoo $ San Francisco .. O Santa Ana 38 Santa Barbara. . Across the Nation '· L Prc. Miami B»sch ... Milwaukee fAIPs.-Sl. Paul .. Hew Orleans ... Hew Yorx Oklahoma City.. Omaha Philadelphia.... Phoenix H ... 67 70 77 M .. 67 7D SS 75 tt 7i 33 12 54 fl 13 Edmontcn H .......... 35 erh'pet a!u?ft~\ Pittsburgh Portland, We Portland. Ore Reno Richmond . SI. Louis Sail Lake City .... Seattle Spokane Washington Canada Prt. Montreal.. 25 73 34 IV ?s 70 1? 37 26 27 L 3 Prc. in the 4S"aaiacent siafes was 86 i ~af~F~6rT Myers, Florida. Lowest was 37' below al Internationa! Falls, Minnesota. Veiwl AHantic Endeavor Ilk) Buena Swrlc (Li-tM Caracas Bay (Na) Columbialand ($*·) naVerraranodtl EvgeniaG (Gr) Foss 301 (bg) LB76 . 232E. ... ?i1 »« Dut tD Slil FOT \m Moss Landing ... 1/13 Vancouver 1,1* Balboa ... l/» Vancouver .... 1/73 San Fran 1/73 Vancouver Fuiihijru Waru (Ja-tk) Glvfads Summer (CvJ Havashane Mam No. 1 (Ja) . tberien Reefer (U) Idaho Jslamohart (In) KrWIn Brovlg (No) KeitenMaru (Ja) .... . . L B 2 I I ACTIVE VESSELS IN PORT Compiled By Mir hi* Exchange Birth Operator Arco Continental Oil Co.,., Refrigerated Express HanwaHcVaasaLine Italian Line Orion Global Chart _ _ . _ Foss Launch Tug Co 1/23 Valdei Fos» Launch Tuo Co 1/23 Valdei Carglll, Inc Mil San Fran Y-S Line \rn Guaymas Refrigerated Express 1/39 Balboa Laurltren Peninsular VH Auckland St«t« Lines 1/24 San Fran . LBIt Sclndla Stm Nav LBMi R r t l a S S C o 1/73 San Diego ,. 938 Government of Japan 1/73 Honolulu Lake Paitxjrde (LKtfc) . .. tt Barracuda Tank Corp 1/23 Khars Is. Manchester Concepl (Br) 107 Sea Way Exp Line 1/2-1 Leelung Medea (Sw) . . . 731 Wallenlui Line l/23Yc*ohama Nchalem Ibs) 191 Sause Bros. Tow Co Indef Nootka Carrier (Ca) LBS! Canadian Transport Co tndef d |Ge) ANC Oriental Deslin Polar Paragua 1 Sea-Land Gallows; Sirara (Li) . Tf»aco Miss . _ . . Utah Standard Itk) Eliane (ti) .. Lurline Meonla (Da) . Pacprincp (L!) seiranMaru(Ja) .·skiv (RuJ . _. VESSELS DUE TODAY Veistl From Operator Berth Annie Johnson (Sw) Glaipow Johnson-Scan it a r 739 Asia Maru (Ja) To*.yo Miljui-OSK Lines, Ltd 131 H,H Maru (Ja) Tokyo Showa Line. Ltd JOB Nedllotff Kingston {Du) San Fran Ncdlkjyd Line !77 Pacific Bear . Busan Pacific Far East Llw 8-* Prudential Oceanic! Callao Prudential Line 715 Stoll Drayon (Li-Ik) Lake Charles The Stolt Tankers 70 Tapping (Gel New York Orient Overseas LB233 Te'eta (Ho) Puerto Bolivar United Brands Co M7 Tennessee Maru (Ja) Maiatlan "K." Line . 1 (Li) r (Gel *8y j t a ( t k ) ippl (tk) Ilk) 3) '.'.' "".".'.".'. tovskiy (Ru) LB23! LBIffl LB7Z8 107 709 '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 139 174 Orient Overseas Standard Fruit Co Sea-Land Service Texaco. Inc Texaco, Inc Slarwlard Oil Co Matson Nav. Co Lwco Shpfl. Co. TokalLine Ftsco Pac Line 1/nOaMand . 2/1 Khorramshar l/230akiand 1/K Eslero Bay ....1/23 Port Arthur 1/23 Sea 1/23 Honolulu 1 .73 Vancouver 1/24 Portland 1/24 Yokohama The Air Pollution Control District oredicts light smog today in all of the inland valleys in Los Angeles County. The APCD issued the following fore- 0:ono -- Maximum levels of .10 parts ocr million in most areas and .05 parts per million in the San Fernando and Pomona Valleys. Smog effects -- None. elsewhere in the basin. WEDNESDAY'S SMOG PEAKS Lon9 L« Or*n« Beach Angeles County Otone 04 .08 .W Carbon Monoxide 20 27 9 Oxides ol Nitrogen 69 ' .06 .45 Sulphur Dioxide 04 .05 .01 Readings are per million carls ol air MVzzantne Visibil 7 to 10 . ity -- Generally minimums of iles in the inland valleys and ceeded when orone reaches a count of .20 ppm for an hour, or when carbon monoxide reaches 5.0 pom any time. By JACK 0. BALDWIN Maritime Editor The Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners Wednesday acted to take o v e r operation of t h e C a t a l i n a T e r m i n a l b e cause the present operators owe the department approximately $50,000 in b a c k r e n t a n d o t h e r charges. Ordered forfeited by the board was a 30-year lease a g r e e m e n t a n d t h e Preferential Berth Assign- m e n t ( P B A ) u s e d b y Catalina Terminals, Inc., to berth the 2,200-passenger "Big White Steamer," the SS Catalina, the lease for the passenger termi- n a l , facilities f o r s u b leases to Catalina Airlines a n d C a t a l i n a M o t o r Cruises, and 15 acres of parking lots. TO AVOID interruption of passenger service between San P e d r o and Catalina Island, the comm i s s i o n a g r e e d to a t e m p o r a r y m o n t h - t o - m o n t h t e n a n c y f o r r e What's the- siren? The f o l l o w i n g emergency calls were answered by t h e Long Beach police and fire departments during (he 24-hour p e r i o d e n d i n g at 8 p.m. Wednesday : TUESDAY 8:05 p.m., first a i d , 3571 Monica Ave.; 8:34 p.m., first aid, Long Beach Boulevard and Sixth Street; 10:14 p.m., first- aid. 925 Appleton St.; 10:44 8 .m.. first aid, 809 W. Pacific oast Highway; 10:58 p.m., trash fire. Anaheim Street and Cota Avenue; 11:07 p.m., first aid. 225 Chestnut Avc.; 11:18 p.m.. trash firp. 1550 W. 12th St.: 11:39 p.m., first aid, 1M6 E. Seventh St.; 11:44 p.m., first aid, Los Coyotes Diagonal and Carson Street. WEDNESDAY 1:18 a.m., first aid, 415 W. Broadway; 2 : 4 1 a.m.. trash fire, Pacific Avenue and Ninth Street; 4:39 a.m., trash fire, 125 E. Eighth St.; 5:23 a.m., first aid. 23 E. Plymouth St.; 8:18 a.m.. noninjury traffic accident, Paramount and Artesia boulevards; 11:20 a.m., injury traffic accident. 2932 E. Anaheim St.; 11:34 .m., nonin- jury traffic accident, 2185 E South St.; 11:53 a.m.. injury t r a f f i c accident, 5860 R o s e Ave.: 11:59 a.m., injury traffic accident. C l a r k Avenue and W a y ; 1 : 2 4 p . m , d u c e d office area for Cdidiiiia Tci'iViitiala, liiO. The d e p a r t m e n t is to enter i n t o simlar agreements with the company's sub-lessees for use of the terminal facilites. Fred B. Crawford, Har- 'bor Department general manager, said the department may assume operation of the several parking lots at the terminal to be s u r e their operation is coordinated with ship and airplane a r r i v a l s a n d departures. J a c k Stanaland, presi- d e n t of Catalina T e r m i - nals, was not immediately available for comment. However, he indicated earlier that the SS Catalina would continue to provide service to the island this summer. It was reported the famous cross-channel cruise ship had been sold to a Kuwait sheikdom which intended to operate the ship off the Atlantic coast. Crawford told the commission t h a t Stanaland has said he will not pay the back charges for October t h r o u g h December amounting to $35,722 but w i l l continue operations under a month-to-month tenancy in a smaller area in the terminal. The general manager said the department will N1A.VTT SHI DPS Pier 7, Nav^itppac . Pier 6, NSY Pier 9, Navsuppac . Pier 9, Navsuppac Pier I, NSY Pier 2, NSY Pier 3, NSY Pier 3, NSY Bethlehem Steel Pier 2. NSY Pier ?, Navsuppac Pierf, NSY Todd Shipyard . .. Pier 1. NSY Pier 2. NSY Pier 9. Navsupoac A 1 Lsrson Best Shoo .) Pier!, NSY Pledoe .............. Pier 9, Navsuppac Phoebe ........... Pier 9, Navsuppac PI. Loma ... Fellows-Stewart Shipyard st Louis NWS Scat Beech Wichita ................... PlerlNSY n o n i n j u r y t r a f f i c accident. C e d a r A v e n u e a n d O c e a n Boulevard; 2:27 p.m., noninjury traffic accident, Artesia Boulevard at Altantic Ave.; 3;23 p.m., injury traffic accident. Seventh Street at Orange Avenue; and 7:05 p . m . . nonifijury traffic accident, Temple Avenue at Ana heira Street. I PlTiLIC NOTICE NOTICE Hou.'diold funii!unqj corisipnevi to U. M David M Davis »ill lie sold at public Bunion to the holies', bidder nt 9 a m. on Walnesday, .bnnarv' ^ I- 1 ".' 1 . 3' iiOl E- An^ljeini S:.. Ixmp Beach. Calii. Pub. Jan 16. a, 1J75 ctl LSI SttWSWSttWSW;:^ S NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS | :·: IF YOU DO NOT GET YOUR REGULAR CARRIER DELIVERED | INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM X- we will deliver it to you (pecially ;·';' Service Depl. Houri (oik lor the Circulation D«pt.) : ·/. Independent-Weekday! until 10:00 A.M. !· X; Preli-Telogrom -- Weekdays until 7:00 P.M. 'f ·X Saturday ond Sunday until 10:30 A.M. ;! :v Long Be»ch S Likewootj 435-1111 :· X; West Onme County S37-HJO '; /: South Bay Area and Cemplon, LynWMd US-7704 ·: X; Artesia, Bellflmnr, Cerritos, Norwjlk, Paramount tU-Uil '·; PUBLIC NOTICE 2?076 NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE No. NEP 17417 In tbo Sqienor Court of Ihe State of California, fir the Countv of Los Anede*. In the Matter oi the Estate of AGNES JEU.IS FALVEY. Deceased Notice i? hereby civen thst the under- sliced will sell at Private salt, to the highest ana best bidder, subject to confir- n^Uon of said Superior Conn, on or after :rv Tth dav r.f February !97?. at the office f'f Frank S. Whiting. 201 S. Lake -- Suite 6. Pj:ide.i2. County of Los Anceles. ?:^:r of California, si! the right, title and :r.i':-:v: o:' said deceased .it the time of ix.rr. :iik1 si! ihe righ;. title -inxi inUTM ·r.:-: ;he e?ts'e of y..\Q deceased has ac- ·ruin.^ by operatiori of law or otherwise f'lhiT '.han or in addition to thai of said rU-i.';;-d. at the time of death, ui and \o ;.;; :ht- t Tn.iin rvsi property situated in Ihv City of 1/mc Beach. CoLinty of Los Arrifli-s. State 01 Caiifi'iTiia, piiticuiarly r-^cnlnv; as [ollowf, te-'Ait ""*:·: '.^divided m^K'/ths interest in '.'·;-. 1- -'" 21 a:iij '£ ;n block ?i of the T- .-AT.-re Lf Ixir.j: Be^ch. in the c i t y o( :-·:-,; Ef.u-h, ec.unty of Los An:i-!e. -TU- oi Calif omij as jvr n. : p p-ir-rr't-vi :n Kxik 1-" p.iCf 1 et seq . '/'ML-;:,T;HVLJ Keconi in ihe office .·;' the rf-cordt-r of said r-mbi'd m the dwi from J W t'jiit, Anrl Oliiri A. Pun'., hibband and ^n;Y a-aird-ii Apnl 1_. iW. wS;ch rfci-d rt-citi'- shii ;; gran', i:- rnde of 'N e\^;Li^i\^ l ni;h: to ocrupy apirt- :::· ri 1 . No i" on ihe sft-ond fli^r i: :he ,i;*.:rt merit hivjM' building loc.ittvl on ··^·.\n i.ind. .';- y|iuMH on pis! attached '.' y;.id deed, ti.gethvr w i t h n»;hts of irtcrt'S-s and '?pri-ss to and from said iiji.-irtment and the use in wnimon w-,ih others of the public f-ortior.s and in s'nii dt^i. and which cieed a*ser\'ps .,r.,1 fxeept.* the use of al! apartmerils i M'vp! apartniC'iil No. 28 and all g.v r;i.'c.- in ssid building:, ss shown in -,i!d plat above mentioned. more commonly known as^)',' K. Kc.mhSt. Apartment 2t" Ix.ns Beach, Calif Tcrm of f'tk* fash in lawful money of t;i« L'liiU'fi Static on cofifini^tittn of sale. n;- p;irt r.i^h n n d lialaiire evidenced by r.i.ri- w n i r M i h\ Mfirii'.-ii-c or Tni-.! Dm! f - i i the property so sold Ton IVT ci-nt of iunounl liirl lo be ricixiMled with bid Hids or offers to be in writing and will U- rcci'ivcd M ihe aforesaid office .11 .iny lime after the first pub!icition herce-f and U'foredatr of sale Dated Ihis 15th day of Januarv, l?75. KI.HAF. BKA1. Administratrix with will .innrxcd of the (-Mate of said Decedent frankS. Whiting I'd) S. Lflkr - Suitt .W I'dsadtna.OH^mU Altomry (fir Admhiltratrix Pub. Jan. 2,1,24,30, 1975 (SOLDI Pl^BLlC NOTICE 24S35 ncnnoi's BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT 73-01266 The following person is doing business "'THE STYLING SHOP at 3437 E. Broadwav. Long Beach. Calif. WS03. Dorothy- D. VanWinkle. 37SO Los Coyotes. Long Beach, Calif- 9tV3C6. This business is conducted by an individual DOROTHY D. VANWINKLE This statement was filed with the Count v Clerk of Los Angeles County on January' 15, 1975. Pub. Jan. 23, 30. Feb. 6. 13, 1975 W LBI NOTICE TO OJNTRAtTORS Sealed Bid Proposals will be received at the Business Office of .the Metropolitan State Hospital. 11400 Norwalk Boulevard, Norwsik, California until 3 : W p.m. Thursday. Februar.' 13. 1?75 at which time they will publicly be opened and read" CLEAN AIR CONDITIONING Sl*P- PLY PfCTS IN R T BUILDING in accordance to plans and specifications Delations will not be considered and rj.iv be cause for the rejection of bid. Thij baid Stote Agency a % st'r\'es the n£h! to reject any or all bids Bid Proposals and Specifications may be obtained 'rom the Plant Operations Office at the above address. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1773 of the Labor Code, the Metropolitan State Hospital ha* ascertained the general prevailing rate of wages and employer Payments for health and welfare, vacation, pension and similar purposes in the County in which the work is to be performed, to be as $et forth in the current Publication State o/ California Business and Transportation Agency Department of Transportation "Equipment Rental R.itw and General Prevailing Wage Rate". Oi-Slte Inspection of job to be performed will be on February 4th aw February 5th 1?75 betwwn the hours of 1 00 p m. and 3 30 p m ONLY Pub Ja- r^.30. 197MWLB1 - NOTICE INVrnNC, Bias ^·OK THE WATER SYSTEM AND STREET IMPROVEMENT. GREEN- MKADOW ROAD BJ.7TWEEN FAtST , AVENUE AND CARFAX AVKNTF.. t i n ' OF i^KEn'OOD, CAIJFOR- ! MA. PUBLIC WORKS CONTRACT , 74-N 1 I NOTICE ;S HEREBY filVEN that on the 4th day of February, 1975 at the c hour of 2 00 o'clock P.M.. at thf Lakel wooe rrtj- !!ill. SftTA Cl.irk Avenue, Uke- wood, California, the City of Utawod «r,1 .-f-rn biffs for th? folbwinc dt.xTtw'd ., puUlcworkf project: r : :-fi : :-s:-:-awa-:-aW::g:::?::::?:::i:$' PUBLIC NOTICE Replacement of existing water service main, removal and replacement of curb and gutter and resurfacing of str«t on Greenmeadow Road between Faust Avenue and Carfax Avenue. City of Lakewood. California. Plans, project specifications and general provisions for the project are on file in the office of the City Oerk at 5050 Clark Avenue, Lakewood. California, and are available for inspection. Copies thereof may be obtained upon payment of ihe sum of Jo.30. non-refundable, including 30 cents sales tax. No bid will be considered unless it is made on a proposal form furnished by the City. Each bid must be accompanied by cash, a certified cashier's check, or a bidder's bond and made payable to ttw City of Lakewood for an amount equal to at least ten percent of the amount bid, such guarantee to be forfeited should the bidder to \rtrom the contract is awarded fail to furnish the required bonds and enter into a contract with the City within the period of time provided by the proposal requirements. In the event that surety bond is submitted in lieu of the foregoing, it shall be subject to the condition that the surety thereon and the form of the bond be approved by (ho City Attorney. TTie City Council has ascertained that the genera! prevailing rate of wages and employer payments tor health and welfare, vacation, pensions and similar purposes applicable to the locality in which the work is to be done and the same are set forth in Resolution Nos. 74-69 i 74-1S on file in the office of the City Clerk. U hal! be mandatory upon the contractor to whom the contract is awarded to pay not less than the said specified prevailing rates of wages to all workmen employed by him In me cxecntion of ihe agreement. All bids shall be sealed, contained under the sealed ctntr the bidder's security, and shall be filed with the City Qerk on or before the time hereinbefore set forth for opening of bids. Any bid recurved after said time shall be returned unopened. At the time fixed for receiving bids, they will be publicly opened, examined and declared. The bids will be calculated and the report of the res;lts of the bidding and the calculation of the bid? will be reported to the City Council at the hour of T 30 o'clock f.M. on the llth day of February. 197S in the City Council Chambers ol Ihe Cily of Ukrwonl al 5050 Clark Avenue. Ijkewood. California. The City reserve* i right to re.'ect any or 2Q bids and the right to waive minor irregularities or informalities in any bonds or in the contract proposal. Every original contractor awarded a contract shall file a payment bond «iUi the Cily in the form apnrovKl by the City. DATF.D this fib d.iv of January. TO. WANDA ANDKKSEN fily (rV Pub Jan.ai5T5iiiri.BI proceed t h r o u g h l e g a l L-'naiiiiL'ib io collect the past due charges. CRAWFORD said the company failed to submit m o n t h l y financial statements or the names of individuals, f i r m s and corporations o p e r a t i n g any vessel .operating out of the terminal. Crawford said an audit of the company's books revealed that it has not properly reported parking fees collected nor maintained an accurate count of vehicles using the parking lots. The port official said a plan will be developed for future use of the terminal facilities and surrounding area, including possible relocation of the C a t a l i na's services to another area within the port complex. THE BOARD postponed for one week voting on a recommendation that the recently enacted one-third i n c r e a s e in w h a r f a g e r a t e s be delayed u n t i l April 15. The board decided not to act until after a meeting of the Traffic and Practices Committee of the California Association of Port Authorities scheduled for today in Los Angeles. By ROBERT GORE Staff Writer N o r w a l k City Council- m a n J o h n Zimmerman said Wednesday he would not bow to the demaiuTof a citizens group to resign. The citizens--a remnant of the 3,500 who successfully scuttled a planned redevelopment agency at a D e c e m b e r hearing- h a v e a c c u s e d Zimmerman of lying and said they will attempt to recall the councilman if he does not resign. According to a spokesman for the group, the resignation request was sparked when Zimmerman went to one of their meetings accompanied by two uniformed sheriff's deputies. At the Jan. 13 council meeting, Al Palladino, who said he spoke for the citizens o r g a n i z a t i o n , asked for an apology from Zimmerman. The councilman then apologized and added that he had not asked for the deputies but had simply called the station to let someone know that he was going to the meeting. He said his wife was gone and r,s one was at City Hall at the late hour when he decided to go to the gathering. ' When he arrived at the parking lot the deputies followed him inside, Zimmerman said. N o r w a l k sheriff's officials said that he requested the deputies. Zimmerman said that his statements and the sheriff's department comments h a v e been misunderstood. He said he would issue another statement prior to Monday's council meeting. Businessman's Special This Coupon Entitles Yoiiio v Regular' $11.00 Value ME, OIL CHANGE i OIL FILTER ',; : ' y. For Only Includes All This: *0p tafm 5iiarh Quaker Stale Oil *lubrica!e Cliajsis to Factory Specs ·*lw Oil Filler..,, «iny tmerican Car Please call . for dppt. GOOD 4 DAYS ONty Only At TALIH THE TIRE MAN VAT THIS LOCATION ;V .ONLY.- LONG BEACH : .OPEN 8-5 Sat. 8:12 422-0437 (SMIRNOFF; WHITE CREME DE CACAO, IWBO This drink is aptly named. We couldn't discuss it among ourselves without arguing. Otherwise, we'd have told you about it ages ago. We agreed on the Smirnoff. We agreed on the creme de cacao. But was a White Elephant made with milk? About that, we couldn't agree. So, we tested the drink both ways. The milk version won hands down. "Delicious" tasters told us, "You hardly know you're drinking liquor." "That's why we opposed putting milk in the drink in the first place!" said the people who had opposed milk in the first place. "It goes down too easy," That's a problem we hadn't faced before. This drink has 2 ozs. of liquor in it and if you don't notice it at first,you are sure to feel it later. So.hopefully you'll treat it (and yourself) with respect. · U UUli UUUUU U lii liiiibU UUinllAJ Uo JJT ^ To make a White Elephant: ^ £| Pour 1 oz. Smirnoff, 1 oz. white ^ creme de cacao andi oz.milk 9 into a short glass with ice. Stir. A leaves you breathless'

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