Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 11, 1929 · Page 3
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1929
Page 3
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THE AtyTOONA MIRROR-MONDAY. NOVEMBER 11, 1929 TRY TO PUT CURB > ON INTERFERENCE By KOHKllT MACK, Staff Correspondent. (Jopyrlght, 1929, by Consolidated Press Association.) WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 11— Stringent measures to curb interference with broadcast reception are under consideration by tMa federal rudio commission. It is learned on high authority that the commission shortly will act upon a proposal that the permissible deviation of "wobble" of stations from their assigned frequencies be cut in half. "Wobbling" causes both heterodyne whistles and .-oss-talk, depending upon the distance from the off side station the listener happens to be. The present allowable deviation Is 500 cycles. That, is, a station may run off-courses' on either side of its assigned frequency to this extent. The proposal is to reduce this tolerance to 250 cycles each way, or a maximum swing of just one-half kilocycle, as against the present full kilocycle. And, as a second step, the commission's engineering division plans to recommend that all broadcasting sta- 'tions fl Irrespective of sizefl be required to install automatic cry I controls, which actually "police" the frequency of the transmitter to avoid off-fre- 'quency operation. Practically all of larger stations, of their owr have Installed automatic controls, but they i ro expensive, and many of the radio "tots" have been unable to" buy them. ' Manually operated transmitters, or those whose frequencies are controlled by hand, would be banned, if the engineering division has Its way. Any station not employing an automatic control should bo removed from the air, according to their way of thinking. Individual commissioners, however believe It would bo Indiscreet as wel as unnecessary to ban manually con trolled, stations. It is pointed out tha the reduction In the allowabli "wobble" practically would force sta tiong to install the automatic ap paratus. The "wobble" restriction will be part of the commission's campaign ti stamp out avoidable Interference Heterodyning and cross-talk have been the most bothersome of the man made Interferences,' and the commls sion already has made several sweep ing changes in station assignments sc that adequate separation between sta tipns might be effected as a methoc of doing away with excessive cross talk. The commission has just adbptei a new general order relating to th installation of apparatus to contro frequency of transmitters, with view of reducing interference betwee stations. This 'la seen as the forerun ner of the "wobble" reduction order. OUR HOARDING HOUSE By AHEKN AUIAV •FROMt A (30 I*i-Tb CLUB OR -TOOK Me LAsr BABA PALS- SPEAREP T EM A*) 1 -TUBS' TROM LOOT -TO "BEA'RPS VOL) wrrvl VOLJ A AM BREAK f PASCALS ?- ctiFF- -rb uJiid i-r ' PICE ^ -fries' SHOOK MS A PAIU OF THIS AND THAT. Near Peorla, 111., a duckhoat poked Its nose Into rushes which surrounded an Island tenanted by one Fred Jones. After arresting Jones, the federal agents who had been In the boat searched, found a still. When they looked about for Jones again, he had disappeared. Taking to the boat ngaln the yrowed out Into the stream, threw beams of light across .the water, saw the Jones nose protruding at a. shallow point. They rowed up, seized the nose, pulled Jones, dripping, Into the boat. • * * Near Carlisle, Pa., one Joseph Lynch, on night duty at the plant or the Carlisle Gas and Water company, was startled to see a six-pronged deer walk Into the room in which he was work- Ing, amble between the- humming dynamos, leave through another door, which was open, jump two fences, disappear. • • • In Bentleyvllle, Pa., one J. R. Michaels butchered a cow. Inside Its stomach he found five yards of baling wire and a strand of clothesline. Despite the spare parts, which had never been digested) the cow was still In good working order when butchered. » • • Off Ocean Park, Cal., one "Porky" Jacobs sat in an anchored floating barrel,stuck out his bearded face after more than 100 hours, proclaimed himself world's slt-ln-a-floatlng-barrel champion. • • • In Montpeller, Va., one Farmer Terrell put a hivo of bees on a pile of hen's eggs Interspersed With strips of flannel. When the eggs were hatched, Terrell whisked away his chicks lest the- bees Bting them. * • • In Waxahachle, Tex., a golfer drove a high ball that landed in a rising airplane and was carried 158,400 yards. STOP BAD BREATH Thousands of people afflicted with bnd breath find quick relief through Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets. The plensant, sugar-coated tablets are taken for bnd breath by all who know. v Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets act gently but firmly on the bowels and liver, stimulating them to natural action, clearing the blood and gently purifying the entire system. They do that which dangerous calomel does without any of the. bad after effecta. Olive. Tablets brings no griping pain or any disagreeable effects. Dr. P. M. Edwards discovered the formula aftor 20 years of practice among patients afflicted with bowel and liver complaint, with the attendant bad breath. OHvo Tablets are purely a vegetable compound; you will know them by their olive color. Takn nightly for a week and note tha effect. 15c, 30c, COc. EAST WASHER FOR Small First Payment Balance Monthly THE J. E. SPENCE ELECTRIC STORE 1310 Twelfth Ave. • Dial 4191 Tlio Home of the World's Lending Electrical Appliances and Rudloi ::It Is hereby ordered that In order to regulate the kind of apparatus to be used with respect to its external effects, and to reduce interference between stations, any automatic frequency control apparatus, the purpose of which is to maintain the frequency of a radio transmitter upon the fre-- quency assigned fry the commission, shall be Installed only upon receipt of, and in accordance with, written authorization from the commission," "Klutch" Holds False Teeth Tight • "Klutch" forms a comfort cushion holds the plate so snug It can't roclt drop, chafe or "be played with." You can eat and speak as well as you did with your own teeth. A 50c box gives^three montha of unbelievable comfort. At all druggists;—Adv states the new order. "Such authorization shall be applied for upon the form specifically provided by the commission for that purpose and such form shall be executed and submitted In the same manner as other application for authorizations from the commission." EMULSION : COD-LIVER OIL MADE ' !C. • ' I Start Today! Win $3OO In Cash Prizes! A. J. Harter Music Store Kdison and Philco Radios 913 Chestnut Avenue Enter The Christinas Treasure Hunt Contest •Entry Blank will be foilnd oil Fage 2 In tonight's Mirror. ^^ &#&&&*#&&*»&&**&&* THANKSGIVING TIME IS SUGGESTIVE OF THE FOLLOWING — SPECIALS— Blankets All colors and sizes In cotton wool and part wool. Nashua arid other famous mills make these blankets. There are many money saving bargains at $3.33 Up Automobile Robes Large, heavy robes done in col-, ors that will give long service without showing It. All wool and the warmth they keep under them Is surprising. Reasonably priced. $8.75 UP Toasters A beautiful line of electric toasters with patented features. Can't' burn the fingers and they accommodate an extra large slice of bread. $4.44 UP Lamps Cheerful lamp light always makes the home more cheerful. See our lino of different designs and colors In junior, floor, bridge and table lamps. $7.50 Up Comforters Large heavy comforters,. In beautiful colors. Heavy in weight. These covers will take the chill out of winter sleeping. The price is very low. S5.56 UP Waffle Irons An electric waffle iron of aluminum has a special feature—a well around the edge which retains the surplus batter keeping it .from running all over the outside and destroying the appearance of the iron, fully guaranteed. S9.00 Gas Ranges Estate & Prizer Painter ranges make kitchen work enjoyable. Finished in porcelain. In all colors these stoves make a very beautiful appearance and their cooking is unrivaled. 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Let us explain how these beautiful parlor heaters can save you money and insure you heat throughout the house on the coldest winter day. r 1429 Twelfth Avenue - Modern Home Furnisher Since 1890 Outing Flannel 27c yd. 30-inch outing llannel, heavy quality checks or stripes, deep nap. —Ixjwcr Floor. GOOD HOSIERY MEANS "MERVILLE" HOSIERY KLINE BROS Shaker Flannel I5c yd. White shaker flannel, 27 inches wide with a deep nap. —Lower Floor. Winter Underwear For Men, Women and Children So far it has been a pretty mild season. But it can't keep up that way. Once the cold days start, you'll have quite a time stocking up on warm underwear for the family, unless you will have befen farsighted enough to visit Kline's and stock up now. Below we mention a few numbers in underwear, that you should purchase now, to avoid a sniffless and coughless winter. Our prices will be found the lowest in Altoona for dependable underwear. Men's Part Wool Union Suits $1.50 Medium weight part wool union suits made with long sleeves and ankle length. All sizes 36 to 50. Men's Ribbed Union Suits $1.00 Grey cotton ribbed union suits made with long sleeves and ankle length. All sizes 34 to SO. Men's Wool Shirts and Drawers $1.75 "Winstead" natural wool shirts and drawers in medium or heavy weight. Regular and stouts, sizes 32 to 50. Men's Ribbed Shirts and Drawers 85c Gray or cream color, medium heavy ribbed shirts and drawers in sizes 32 to 50. Boys' Union Suits 98c Gray cotton ribbed union suits made with short sleeves and knee length. All ages 6 to 16 years. Boys' Part Wool Union Suits 98c Medium heavy part wool union suits, made with long sleeves and ankle length. All ages 6 to 16 years. Women's "Carter" Union Suits $1.00 Medium weight fine white ribbed union suits made with the built-up shoulder and knee length. All sizes 36 to 44. Women's Part Wool Union Suits $1.25 Rayon stripe part wool union suits made with the Dutchess neck, elbow sleeve, or low neck, no sleeves. All knee length. Women's Vests and Bloomers 59c and 69c Cream tinted rayon stripe vests and bloomers to match. All sizes 36 to 50. j Children's Waist Union Suits 69c Gray ribbed union suits made with the parity waist attached. 1 All ages 2 to 12 years. Children's Part Wool Union Suits 98c liayon stripe white ribbed and gray ribbed part wool union suits, made with long or short sleeves and ankle or knee length. All ages 2 to 12 years. Children's Sleeping Garments 98c and $1.49 "Certo Safe" soft knit sleeping garment will protect the baby against winter colds. Ages 1 to. 6 years. Kline Broil.—Main Floor.- This Most Unusual Group bf Women's Dresses $5.95 Velvets, Cantons, Flat Crepes, Georgettes, Prints and Jerseys Offers a variety of the smartest models of the new season—for here ate to be found the new princess silhouette, the modish circular effects, two and three-piece ensembles ... at this unbelievably low price. In dressy, tailored and sports models, and in all the new autumn shades. Kline limn.—HtciincI Flour. Infants' Sweater Sets $4.95 4 pieces, consisting of sweater, leggings, cap, mittens, 22-24-26, wanted colors. Flannelette Diapers, $1.49 27 by 27 inch size, of cotton flannelette. Neatly hemmed, 12 to a package. Infants' Bootie Sets, $1.98 All wool, white with pink and blue trimming. Dainty touches of handwork. lillno Bros.—Second Hour. Huck Towels 17c each Cotton litick towels, very absorbent, \vhite with blue borders. Bath Towels, 29c Heavy, fluffy bleached towels witli fast colored borders, si/.e 22 by 44 inches. Turkish Towels, 18c Turkish towels, heavy double thread, full bleached, size 18 by 36 inches. Kline Uru«.—Lxtucr Floor. Boys' Overcoats $ J Q 98 12 to 18 Years Made in a smart loose fitting, double-breasted style, nicely tailored, all wool fabrics, plaid, stripes and plain effects. Every mother who contemplates buying a new overcoat for the boy should inspect these coats. Blue Chinchilla Overcoats—$5.98 3 to 8 Years Made of a good quality chinchilla, double-breasted style, large con- certible collar. Plaid lining, emblem on sleeve. Kline Broa.—Third Floor. Cotton Blankets 85c Ea. Cotton plaid blankets, si/.e M bv 76 inches, fine to use as winter sheet. All colors. Wool Mixed Plaid Blankets, $3.98 pr. Beautiful, big fluffy woul mixed blankets. Finished with a deep sateen binding in colors to match vhe plaids, size 70 by 80 inches. Wool Filled Plaid Blankets, $5.95 Wool filled cotton warp, large block plaids of blue, rose, tan or gray, size 70 by 80 inches. Regularly $8.00. Kiltie Broa.—Lower Floor.

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