The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 20, 1957 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 12
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•VOU 0065 APE SO.lUCkY-.MOu CXiNT HAVE TO DRV THE .VOU'RS SAO FCU MV MORALS MAY I HAVE ANOTH THATS TH' BEST STUFF T' KEEP TH 1 tUOS OFP WHEN O'YOUR NEW PI LIKE YOU GAVE ME LAST YOU'RE FISHIN7// WEEK. GRANDMA?/ ' GRANDMA ,« PUME44IU6O/ THANKS f=OK US VOJNTAW* A6AH I BEETLE BAILEY / MOEOCrV ACCEPTS MV P*PCn I INVITATIONS ANV MORIf.? — V. WHEN HARKY W«,S WILD f ABOOT (,«-_, THEtJOIMT I WAS »JUMWM4.'r. I USED TO COME U> SIKKTE: THE NEW BUNCH A THOUSAND GUESTSA' NO*A I CAKJT EVtlN EKlTEKTAtM MyiKLf.r TWAT LIZARD IN CENTRA1. B^«K l& MORE POPULAR THANlAM//- UL' ABKER I WUZN'T UCOK1N' RjR VETIU. SUNUP WAAL-ITWUZ CIO. MAW- WE-UNS BROKE UP. USUAL PAWII I THOUGHT WUZ CARDS TONIShT WlP TH PEULERS <30T WHACKCO ON TWHEAO WIP A JIMMY-JOHN CHSADNT SNUFFY SMITH SANTA ROoA'* A leora 6STBACK AM» START TH1 TACTS frank Sw**n*y To VhIf Area Realtors Tuesday Brazosport and Bmork County, Thursday, Jmw JO. 1W7 I I T 1 "~" " "ii ' " """" ' ' ' " •-" n - Frank Sweeney, who la the fltld executive of the National .Association of R«sl Ks- tata Boards. Sweeney travels from the Lincoln, Neb., office of the association which has Its headquarters in Chicago. During his visit Sweeney will meet with the officers of the 3razoria County Board of Real;or« and he will address a meeting of the board at * luncheon. Other business leaders of the« will *l«o have an opportunity to consult with him, ' Prior to his service with the real'or's association, Sweeney was engaged in the general real estate business. He has been head of a mortgage buying department in government aery-, lee and for several years he, WM associated with the Chicago Title and Trust Company. Sareeney has worked In real estate for more than 20 years and was formerly a member of FRANK 8WEEPEY Popularity Of Actor Can Cause Change In Styles •_ urrr.r.ia.u BW A LD ia keen student of the curious do type Simptoms: T-shirt, j beer, tlger-under-the-skin lor [the Ivy League type Simptomi: , Natural shoulder suit, martinis, Jaguar-in-the-garage. And Marion Dougherty, is glad. Mi»« Dougherty, J4, is casting director of NBC-TV'K ."Kraft Theatre, a position ahe ihas held for seven years. She's the gal who picks the actors and aetresaes for each Kraft drama and, as such, she crosses swords with hundreds of aspiring youngsters each year. "We've entered a new era," proclaimed Miss Dougherty with evident enthusiasm. "The great unwashed fad seems to be dying. One actor actually apologized the other day whim he came in wearing a pair of blue Jeans." Lasted Two Yean _According to Miss Dougherty, .1!Hl'.'imi!il tOW CMMAKOf TWm NOW SHOWTNO JAMES DEAN "REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE" l/ELASCO NOW SHOWING "NO TTM1! TOR COMEDY 1 Flo* "FOOTSTEP*. IN THK NIGHl- Fln» -VANISHING AMMICAV- of actors, the Marlon era lasted about two years. "The boys came in wearing j T-shirts — preferably open, if [they had any hair on their jChest* — jeans, rumpled hair and sneakers, usually with • holes in them. I "They were muscular types and came in lookirg like Stanlley Kowalskl even when they were (uppoued la read for dignified parts. They usually mumbled. ' "This was about the time when young actresses were im- iitating Geraldine Page. They jwere all hesitant, quiet and I tried to copy the inflections of her speech." For a while, \oti, said Mi«s Dougherty, there WM a brief : vogue for the Jimmy Dean type. But that has Just about run its course, too. "For a while, there, everybody seemed to be whispering at me. I could barely hear anybody. And all of th»m were introverted and introspective and 'very sensitive — you know, | characteristics they thought | peculiar to Jimmy." I Hid Marilyn Types But things, reported Mi«s i Dougherty, have a way of run- ;ning their course. j "Styles in actors change like i styles in fashions," she said. "We even had a brief fling i with a Marilyn Monroe fad /or a while when Marilyn wai very popular — there must have been quite a run on black sweater* anJ peroxide. "But now, thank goodness, we aeera to b« getting back to just plain people again. Actors '. are dressing Just like anybody! else along Madison Avenue — you know, like any man who rniifht go into Brook* Brothers. "They're wearing suits now and they look neat and dignified when they come in. Instead of trying to ape some other person, there is quite a 'arge group of kids trying to develop something within them-; selves. ; 'And me? Well. I think it's all kind of funny what happened. You see, I run home every night from work and still change into blue jeans myself." Law Arm Shorter PARIS —«P_ The legal arm of the' French Republic collapsed Tuesday night Lightning struck the »t»nte of Marianne, symbol ot the Republic breaking off her right arm which held th« tables of' rrench law. Stars Strickftn The owner of an amusement park show was combing his dog or new talent today. Kis 20 star performers col..! apsed and died Tuesday oft leat prostration while iunning i msrry-go-round and compel-' ng in a chariot race in 100-degree weather. The victims 'ere members of a flea cus. ROCK and ROLL \ ENJOY THE BtST! "PETE MAYES A.VD HIS HOUSE ROCKERS Featuring DON WILKEHSOK, SAX FRIDAY, JUNE 21 I P.M. TO U MIDNIGHT CALL EARLY FOR RF8ERVAT1ON THE OAKS J«BM Creek • Ph. t-3»&l Optimist Outlook .bat Bars Door WASHINGTON —W!_ Man-1 "' ag»r Harry Lavajeito, whose I CHICAGO — Iffl — Beigie,"a list Washington Senators have ] trick- cat, lias ris«n t« her ; ' neen a second-division team greatest height* i-or about a decade, was ?cherl-1 Her owners, Mr and Ml* Vn,7 r "^ to £ ay o?" " How |B. F. Banks, say the cat laeJwd You Can Help th* Senators."!the bathroom door Tutedijr. His audjence: The National ] The lock is 21 feet abave the TELEVISION LOG V Channel t— SOUL-TV ChaasMl 11 KTBH-TV Channel ll—JCUHT-TV Channel • 4:00 THUBSOAY (2) Star Performance (13) Kitirik's Party (2) Looney Town <8) American Government til) I Led 3 Lives S:00 (2> Roy Rogeri (8) To Be Announced (11) Rang* Pider (13) Mickey Mouse Club 5:«0 (11) Sports & Weather S:4S (11) Doug Edwards and the News 1:25 (11) News Headline* 1:30 (11) Evening Hymm FBIBAT 8:25 (11) Morning Hymn 8:30 (2) Morning Devotional* (11) Riral Reveille 8:35 (2) George Roesner 8:45 (2) George Roesner fi:55 (11) Island Headlines (13) Sign On, Anthem, Prayer IX JOY A REAL IIU1AV PIZZA PIE ftptrenl; I!a!. 4n pork saa- •r plain. Oiim to jo CHCCSS KALVBOW I.NX Gulf Bl.d. Pfc. N. Frteport «;00 (2) World At Large (8) Recital (11) My Little Margin (13> T. V. News (Z) Today In Sports (13) Weathergal (2) Channel 2 Newsreel (13) John Daly and the News (2) Weathercast <2) Dinah Shore '8) To Be Announced (11) Sgt. Preston ot the Yukon (13) Lone Ranger (2) NBC News (2) People's Choice (11) Bob Gumming? Show (13) Jungle Jim (2) Tennessee Ernie '8) A Prospect of Literature (11) Playhouse 30 <13) Superman (2) Lux Viedo Theatre (8) America Looks Abroad (13) Danny Thomas Show '8) Sign Off (13) All-Star Theatre (2) Groucho Marx til; Conrad Nagel Theatre (13) Key Club Playhouse (11) Climax '2) O'Henry Playhouse (13) Cruna Smith i2i Fron'ier (13i Movietlme U S. A. (2) Final Edition News (11) Late Show (2) Wcath-rcast <2> Mann About SporU (2) Tonight U3i Late News (13) Sign Off i2) Sign Off «:10 6:15 8:25 6:30 8:45 7:00 7:30 8:00 7:00 (2) Today (11) Captain Kugire* (13) Soundtrrck 7:28 (2) Today'a Weather 7:30 (2) Today 7:4! (11) 11 Video Une 7:55 (2) Today In Heuste* (11) News 8:00 (2) Home (11) Garry Miore Show 8:30 12) Home 8:35 (2) Windov/ In Home 9:00 (2) The Prioe. It 9:30 (2) Truth or Cense- " quehoes (11) Strike It Rich (13) Romper Room 10:00 (2) Tie Tac Dough (11) Valiant Lady 10:15 (11) Love of Life 10:30 (2) It Could Be Y«i (11) Saarch For Tomorrow (13) Hollywood Theatre 10:45 (11) Guiding Li«ht ,11:00 (2) Movie Date ! dl< Amos 'n Andy i 11:30 (ID As The World Tunta [12:00 (11.) Our Mls» Brooka j (13) Tumbleweed Time J1S:JO (J) Tennessee Ernie (11) Linkletter's Houae • Party 1:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 10:40 10:45 11:00 11:55 12:00 (2) NBC Matinee Theatre (11) Th« Big Payoff (13) Afternoon Film Festival 1:30 (11) Bob Crosby Show 2:00 (2> Queen For A Day (ID Brighter Day 2.15 (11) Secret Storm 2:30 (11) Edge of Night (13) Action Calvacade 3:00 (2) Comedy Time 3:00 (11) Early Show 3:30 (2) Winners Circle (13) Krazy Kat Theatfs) J;45 (2) Modern Romance* JUNE CLEARANCt SALE! MODEL MAKE DESCBIPTION 56 PLYMOUTH 56 FORD" SALE PRIOE i-»v«y V-« Club >ed*n. Puihbntton Trajunts- !!««, lUdle. Hwiwr. Many other Minis. No nut. Oo« owiwr. Uk» new. only $1695 Cwrte«ll»« V8 1 door Mdan. Overdrivo, BxBo, Hutor. ThonderWrd Enjlne. Many other ntnu. GMnuilecd sk. 9e« It, nrlre it. Only $1695 NOTE — There Are Seven of Thesa Fords to Choose From. 56 PLYMOUTH aiS? 55FORD i«Ui. Pu-hlmllon . . Maay olhfr citnM. N* nnt. One Vtry low mtla«c«. $1595 KOW 8UOWU4O "Thunderstorm" Wltk - UNDA CBKKSTIAN riw "WHITE FIEE" THE BIO LAND ALAN LAOD vreccoA MAYO REHFIELD'S ADDING MACHINES - ELECTEIO & HAND; ALSO, TYPEWIUTERS, ALL MAKES, RECONDITIONED LIKE NEW, GUARANTEED USED MACHINES FROM $39.05 TO $89.95. LESS TRAPE-TNS ON ANY MACHINE 103 S. GULP BLVD. PHONE 3-3121 FOIi A GOOD DEAL - SEE REHFIELDS VM. Wl BAVS HXW MAOBEflM CM fUOt VI CiitUnoUnr 4 door. Owrdrire, HnUr. MIHT ottur rxtru. No rust. Onr owner. Hmuttfol 1- toa« flnith. $1395 55 FORD VI MaHritn. « door. JUdi«. Heater, Lu4« of RU-M. OM owner, \o ro«l Guaranteed Bfc. $1295 53 rUFVPHI CT JO VnCTKULCl 21 * »•'*«•». Paw'iud* Heater. Other »tru. N. rB.t. NBW f1lU , h . y-ry .!«». $795 53 DODGE r 53 CHEVROLET ^«* VllkTRVkl.! — V8 Coronet, 4 door sedan. OTCrdrift, rery n*ir *wner. N« Runt Origin*! ftnteh. $795 • 10 4 Origin talon, paint Only $695 51 DODGE H»rdU|», AuUautU truumiuiu, R»<lio, ?*• nut. New tutone fmlih. On* owiur, $395 51 DODGE 4 door at4>m. Rama tood. Little ruai. Good Un*. Prrfeet trmntmlMiom. $295 51 PLYMOUTH L^ run* food, ir,oki food, Is foo4. Only $295 Hu<tu » K » di °. Uutor. Oat owner. Llltle not. $295 51 OLDS M 4 door. Lewtt of eitru. In |ood iiip«. A fine ear *n tale ,t I his n<w law prix $395 52 FORD VI Hal/ Ton. Ptutl, Courirj-, Delivery <*r, ft*(Kt f»r Cletninf or Groccrr Dttntrj $495 Vi «oo<iOMi. ton. One o^ner. In re»l u work. $995 FORD ut> uuck »ith IS fool hydrtuUc gr»l« body. Looks and ruua Uke new. On* oanfr. No Ru»i. Only 33.000 mils*. MANY MORE CABS TO CHOSE FKOM — EEMEMB1R JAY GUARANTEES WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE! YOU CAN PAY BY THE WEEK, SEMI MONTHLY OR MONTHLY -SEE AND DRIVE THESE USED CARS ON SALE. JAY motors "26 Years Erperi«nc« ia Transportation Eagin«»riag" We Recondition ANY MAKE OF CAR ON Time Payment JPlam 113 W. MYRTLE ST. ANGELTON PHOWK «ltt

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