Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1964 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1964
Page 6
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CLEOPATRA' RUNS SECOND s, Cinema 'Oscar' Cliances Seem Very, Very British -- 300 -GOOD SEATS AT FIGHT TIME LISTON-CLAY FIGHT TICKETS . ON SALE NOW! Wilt Coast HE 6-42C9 BOX OFflCE OPEN 10 A.M. | HOLLYWOOD Cfl -- The:America" and "Lilies of the I British aren't coming--they're^neld." jhere. Almost half of the Acad- Three Englishmen. aH nora- emy Award nominations for inated for the first time, 'acting went to English per-! scored for best acton Albert formers Monday, and Tom'Flnney, Tom Jones," Richard Jones" scored more mentions Harris. This Sporting Life," thaa any other film. Rex Harrison, "Cleopatra." Tom Jones." as English as They were joined by Paul Yorkshire pudding, totaled 10 Newman of "Hud" and Sidney nominations and appeared to Poitier of "Lilies of the Field," [be the favorite to dommate^th previous nominees. Rachel Roberts, wife cfi p, g , A-A-lNDEf ENDEHT \ n IMCt. C*JC, TMV. F*. XL »M Census Puts Nigeria' First in Africa LAGOS, Nigeria «t -- Government census figures released Monday affirm that Nigeria is Africa's most populous nation, with a population of 55,653,821. The United Arab RepubKc. with about 264 minion, is Africa's second most populous nation. PATRICIA NEAL ·Hud" .the 38th «xt»iai Oscars Award, (Ceremonies April " " RACHEL ROBERTS This Sporting Life' NATALIE WOOD 'Proper Stranger* LESLIE CARON 'L Shaped Room' SHIRLEY MtAINE ·Inna La Douce* WEST COAST/ 13. It was!Harrison. ma ^ e *' * W*-*nd-:Rocta." Shirley MacLame forjSkala for "Lilies of the Held.".nine of the 20 acting nom-Elia Kazan for "America, followed by "Cleopatra" with'her nomination by being st-l-im^ i, Douce." Patricia * * * * inations (Miss Cilento, who America," Otto Preminger for 9 and -How the West Was^ected for best actress award'., . . ..,...,. _-., «.·.«» TOE SUPPORTING actor is the wife of actor Sean Con- "The Cardinal" Federico Fel- Won" with S. AH three were because of "This Sporting!" " ° " "f~ ' ^ ; race was more diverse. It in-nery, is Australian-born of lini for rgj$- «nd Martin Ritt named for best picture ofJLiie." Also nominated were!*TM? 1 for V ve "Deluded director -turned -actor Italian descent). Leslie Caron for "Hud" 1963. along with "America.[Leslie Caron for "L-Shaped.* r Stranger. John Huston (-The Cardinal"), might even be added to the The Italian FelUnTs "8^1" ~~~~~~~-- The best supporting actress onetime romantic star Melvyn,total, since she is married to was also nominated as best field was almost a British Douglas ("Hud"), past winner an Englishman and won her foreign language film along monopoly- Diane C l i e ntojHugh Griffith ('Tom Jones") ^ruination in an English-with "Knife in the Water" Edith Evans and Joyce Red-jand two youngsters, Nick'made film. [(Poland), "Los T a r a n t o s " :onor**V Tonv Richardson continued (Snain). "The Red Sisters of NO MOVIE TODAY DOORS OPEN t fM. FIGHT TIME T P.M. tmon M · Frtfl Parttol IHowuiirUwc' ' Paub Jrentiss J/larts Rvorite Who's Been steeping h My Bed?: :*. oowjitr NOIW4LK , r n I Mr ---«i«i riiniTi ··iii tutu ir IT in II* lUICt, lux; II I lilt i r. *. -- *·»! i uirt isni" ·IBJ.I1!I_B_III 1IU II IlltUl" t ».». -- liMMf't -«IIL11 JOBIf* ···i til tnis- IfCOMBO IFJCH ITUBI -- cm. 111 -- n 11101 l«l U»n -- *TI TCI Till" l»ll 111* tniri mt. -- MII »nn- "ITIl IT 111 I JtllS" IMTI a i HII imr'i -«nuf i TII inn i«i.| »t» n tl»:«l II U IIICI" tcnti inci KITI* mill iirirri in i im. i»-«n TII rn TM rut- "111 111 IIIIH- ..I« !! n TII SJNT4 4MJ ITITI IIT ni w. «* u i nil . *»rm ir TII u I--MI -T1ILIIT I9IIII- InKHI inifiown ma inn itmu» n. TI inn · ·Mill «I[J" In* 1:19111 TII STinr* i | ^i *iJ "in inn* firm-fa ^ U Illlll I:MT. fmtiM Bl Mill -1 It* ITII » IITI" -rim «r TII tcr* nn»««t. ii I JIM "TII »i».'«" IIUTI III til HUT* IIIIIWI IO «. VHluiftM tl ir»" _ Ml 111! »T M III I T»II rn ···ni ___ « nW n 4-mi SMIT* _ ___ »t n liiii ·II WITI HIT till" TBI III! IIIIIM* LAST DAY! UNITED ARTISTS "Goliath Sins «f Babylon" "Samson Slav* Qatta" UNITED ARTISTS 1I7LKUI nwa CREST CIRCLE MUVE4K «TMffi ttHSlJ STARTS TOMORROW! isfheDest American film of the yearr CO-KIT UJk. "LOVE OR MONET" CIIK DOU6LAS CO-KIT CI1CLE "Palm Sprint* Wetkind" CO-HIT CIEST "Thi Grial Caa»" Also running; Viennese Lilia The British could claim rection. Others named were For best song: "CaH Me Ir- ·esponsible" from "Papa's Delicate Condition." "More" rom "Mondo Cane;" "So Litle Time" from "55 Days at Peking;"* title songs from "Charade" and "It's a Mad. Mad, Mad. Mid World." PAUL WEST COAST! TOWNE I LOS ALTOS DRtVE*1 N unm STARTS TOMORROW! There b a moment-a long moment-when everything is risked with the proper stranger. e WITH THi Plus -- 2ND FEATURE AT ALL 3 THEATRES! PICK-UP robert hossein leamassari ^ matrice biraud t nm»3u»r tax**. ·IlocT SIDNEY 'Ulies of the Field" RICHARD HARRIS This Sporting Life* Bakeries Announce They Plan Merger SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-- merger. Directors of American Bak-j The merger is subject to eries Co. and Langendor^the signing of a definite agree- United Bakeries, Inc. Monday znent and approval by the announced they had agreed in'stockholders of each com- printipl*' upon terms of a pany. flKELUOOO HA5-2S3S 4SII I. C,, "GOLIATH AND SINS OF BABYLON" "SAMSON AND THE SLAVE QUEEN" PAUL nil SUSPENSE THRIILER! ^RIZE lim: irtarccj ItgiT--tout "PLUCKY PLUMBER" PACIFIC THEATRES FAMILY NIGHT TONIGHT! AT RIVOLI -- S t . O O ADMITS ENTIRE FAMILY SEE! 2 BJG EXCITING FEATURES "EL DID" "55 DAYS AT PEKING" T8WM CA 1-1221 T IIYOU JT" 5J5 L t Kit. ·JL HE tag * Witl DiSDIj'j "MERLII ICXES" "WHO'S HISD1EG THE iTCStr JTin "wiJ,fe G « TI 1M f. Ocean "W-ERLIM JONES* HE 7-27JH **C1M*BRCN" ATUNTIC j "Under Yum Yum Tree' * " " ~ -UAtT. MA«T- Dtll t KYNOLDS--»m U C.lcr Minding Store? -ELVIS PIEU.ET Acapulco" " " " E iHO«r 1TJLITI IT BVSK · CHTLCIEN UMOC« U fttl ciictt At Traffic Orel · CE IKI] ENDS TDNICHT1 -GOtlATH I SINS OF BASYLON" " L8S 11TOS B»«lflr« Sorrr.t MA 5-7C3 UltWOCO Canon. Cherry HI W1I M Nr. COn. Cr. L JE -SHOCIC tNOS TOiuiGHTI TRCATMEMT- -EYES OF AMVIE JON tS* tMOS TOSTMTI TKEA7IAEMT- - E Y E S OF AKHIIE JONES' ALBERT FLNNEY Tom Jones" %^ A SHANGRI-LA with a FREER ^ BOY-GIRL relationship/ s/^sv. customs and taboos! THR1UTO THE AOVINTORES1.. THE EXCITEMEHT!.. THE ACTIONS OP... . HiSSROBIMSOHCftUSQE IN THE STRAMGE lAHO.OP... REX IWRRISOV ·Cleopatra* SHOW TIME Here are starting times of features in Long Beach the- 'aters as listed by theater managers: THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE JT ° 4Hst! LYLE TALBOT «·-·"«- "TAKE HER, SHE'S MINE" TkuH. rn, I so. «»t «m. IK IElItTIOI B l * Batn ta Clahi k i-nns I A«. STARTS TOMORROW! OPPOSITE DISNEYLAND OPENS TYJOV.I rCAKZ JERRY VAN DYKE ''NOT|M E FOR H SERGEANTS'' Wapted from t ocvel bj MAC HYVA.H tweeted by ERNEST SA RK/(CIM UlSEOWS . Kti^i crnt Mai. - CMOKZ SEITS mw *vjuum » ox9Fpicx 1( 130 I.«, ; 'or ^«r*«- hftumtfin C..T AiuMm (TH) TJt-Jlli HA. ; Ttcirnfe»· t3:K|.BL * niuJ AIT ·WTia's Vinifnv Vi« Stor. Fw* M AcJOUtco." I «3 · HJWT1C fh« VurrvYunt Tr«," """· fSici r "' Wort Com,- 11 720. 12. I,- II If. »». I 3t I rt To C.A's." 12 5:^. 10 TX t.e. ·El Cii- · 11 -U Om to '·* · 10 22, \m. .919. 1.3*. "Wire* Oo".- 1231. » OZ :n M. 47. AUDITORIUM im n i r.R i^r bd Sa ·iiicim uininii . .. JWrutui) ttc i»rcr- IB. IMPERIAL, HARTS TOMORROW open n AM. crtu AU nisur Fr«« l*»*- CAIOIOJtTE e«nnr R EXPLOSIVE 1 BIG ! Mi til · Picfartt I SHOW! IB Pmt *n. -- PHOKI Hf -SETIM IUS TO CALAIS "TOIltD ZONf ·6AWIUS WOII 6BNS- hsf lid frea WtrU Tin JJmn tiTiral Tnti tilj-- l«t I IUS, lBnn lit B«rt HMTT. M C Otui rtXX/SlE-QARJrV'CUDIE'SHttV U*NauGHTa|BaBBSjc^ IsHwreSiagal.'' "-*~^ irf*waft£Si Illtr NIGHT IS U« NEW YfXR'S EYf . . . fOt BURLESQUE f.^u Gnus 17227 V l«U»..4 II.J, it.r Ar Tti lest ft til Hit! CKXliTIEilOEKOI GIRLS u« · N* Ctver LAKE CLUB Monday, March 9*hw8-Oitp.M. "America! America!" CHARITY BENEFIT SHOW Dswctowi Long Beech Associates* 12th Annual Festival of Fan Fastis* for the Benefit ef Long Beach Area United Way and Red Cross Amerlrift Finett Entertainment LONG BEACH AUDITORIUM * SURPRISE PERSONALITY S«*traT Tep Na^n** t«inf CemTd'tred! *TOP KAMEIAND W«tc!» for th« AnneuHcrmrdtr * CALL'S GOLD MEDAL TROPHY DANCERS * BOBBY BURGESS AND BARBARA SOYLAN fro* U»r»net WfVi TV S l c. * LEE CASS * CAST OF 104 FOR TICKETS Or 1*1 cw for tttl !·«·! TicVtH rt » M'« el 401 Pacific AT*. l^fiorfl** »f W^Hitr't Strvic* D«tt tfi8~« fia»rf · « « U«T»«J Wf «r ItJ Crtif er call Do««t«-. l»n« Itacfc Aiioc'»rti li HE $7377 «r HE I-42S* BALCONY 2.00 and 2.SO Retemc! MAIN FLOOR 4.00 ond 5.00 Re.err.d LOSES 4.00 and 10.00 Rttcrred GIRLS Ml Phone HE 6-4259 or HE 5-7377

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