The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on March 9, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREB PRESS ""Itonuld. was silent He, would ? not 7oice what was in his ownf mind,: test' -te knew that his explanation-was non- tense, meant to deceive not only Da- tiee, but himself also. She sea-mon-: tters must be pushing against the bot^ ttm of the F55,. to break her by oJelr ^wn weight and get at their prey with- ih. Uaddened by hunger In those bnr-_ icn solitudes o? dVrBneis, they were 1 frenzied army of destruction.' He wondered whether Clouts' act was 1ft. ftny way tUe cause of tnls new ^fessure increased. The steel crackjed «9 trees, snap In zero 1" Donald looked np and saw Ida •tending In the doorwayl •«••*»«»*.»»' "Is anything wrong?" .she, asked, *omlng forward to Donald. He could not answer her, and she jflld not repeat the question, but stood ilookinj* Intently at the two men, who watched each other. It was Impossible Itaat Ida could help understanding the {meaning of the sounds without. I She came close to Donald. "Forgive jme for what I said, dear," she whis- ipered, clinging to his ,nrra. "I was so jEfrnid—not, of death, dearest, but of |the loneliness in that room. I was iafrald for. you." • He patted her arms without speak- jlng, and led the way to the conning :tower again... 'It was preferable that :they should die, If they must, by suffocation, rather than in the itnaw of •'the monsters. Inclosed within those jstont walls of steel, they ecu Jd ntjeast jhopejto find a perpetual tomb there. ""• *n»e" pressure, was still -increasing. !The_Jloor__ctf jhe_connlnj^ower began •So tilt" "Surely thrs"was"the^endT t But the floor righted, tilted, righted once more, A sense of movement succeeded that of -pressure. Then, to their utter amazement, a white light bihot through the observation port, flooding the Inside of the conning tower, and the F55 scraped the rocks. Donald grasped at Davies. "Davies! tWe are at the surface again!" he cried. There was no doubting it. The moonlight flooded the interior of the .tower, and before their eyes, seen through the port, were the rugged outlines of Fair island. The monsters must have raised tlw submarine by the .united force of their massed bodies. "This time," said Donald, "we are going ashore to stay,"^._<;-,-M-^~^- : ». ...^ "Amen!" said DavJes solemnly, and the three grasped hnnds. A few moments Inter they emerged upon the drying- deck of the Z>55. Slit- was back In her old position upon the shelving beach, at the very edge of the waves. The moon, which rode high In the sky, was already paling before the increasing luster of the dawn. "Where's Clouts?" asked Donald suddenly. "Isn't he below?" queried Davies. - Donald raised his voice and shouted. He ran below, calling for Clouts. Bui there cnrhe no answer. It soon became evident that Clouts was not on the. submarine. r "Good Lord!" said Donald. It occurred to him then tha,t ne had told Clouts to look at'the rudder, but he had never supposed that the man would be able to adjust it Had.ivj forgotten, gone back to adjust it, and failed to return? He took a couple of revolvers and gave ,one of them to Davies. They went ashore. . The firm rocks underfoot seemed the most delicious par* of their strange'fortune, and gave reality to what was still hardly more than a >dream.. ; They knew that there was no danger of attar^ In the moonlight .Nevertheless, they remained near .the boat. Add each of them called for Clouts, firing his revolver, and listening for any response. But there was no. response. It was evident that, for some reason un- knownj Clouts'had gone into the sea. They went to a cave and.begun to make a quick examination of it In ,'Uooklno Over the Rockn, They Saw a Man (n •'Large Motorboat ^of thJB work a. wWrrtnj sound cnrhc fo their ears. It wasT that of a .gas engine. ••^•fli&lJSKIfc^ Looking over the rocks, they saw' a man in a large motolboat hurrying" round, the-promontory. Donald hailed him with a yell. There came .no 1m- Sjrer, J>ut.Jhe boat continued to -make towardThenT— 1 ~*f«l«s* i JBK««M...- ._'_ . The man in.the boat raised his head, It was MacBeard. He stopped the, engine and lay to, about a couple of hun-, dred yards away. He drew a handkerchief from his pocket and waved It "The d—rriP rogue !"_|nuttered Dahis 1?5volver7T-' vies, raising It was indeed Professor MacBeard. And £<r"5p"peared distressed. At least he flew the ^.distress, or parley, sijjnal, and his movevnents" seemed altogethe? ino¥e agitated, and his demeanor less bland than on the preceding after' • s*. ''li .' "A new note — we've struck i * — Chesterfield "sharps", no "flats", but my! how Chesterfields Whatever his nocturnal work had been, it seemed to have been cut short uy the dawn, which had driven the monsters to seek shelter in the ocean depths. He seemed to have come from the other side of the island. . • "Truce!" lie seemed to shout, although the sound, .echoing from rock to rock, was- not clearly audible. "Truco!" He waved the handkerchief frantically. (To be eonttiinett.) VOTE WOT TO STRIKE Rail Workers Decide to on The.T Jobs. Maintenance Mon to Give fJov/ Lcbor Board a Chnnce to Adjust Their Wages. (if oTS.OOO niiUviiy vm-kcrs in thi> l'n't- <•<! JJi-ifiliKi'Iiiuxl <i!' 3I.-iiiil('ji::i!;-(' -(if I" i-(>;n:iiii (in lin-ir joh.-; ;>iul ;;ivo til! ?.i-.".'lii::: in :!:<• Mii'sniiii- :-.-!:H'!;' .;:it.c i !i--c di\.vs of (Mnl'ci-.-ii.-c, ih;. :;<;<! .-rji."i>. s( .'>l;i;ivc> 1:11.!<T iiiv : ; vnli'.'-s, ! ii|i <>( .T -i. l-";;Ti:iiu, \-icc ^TMnil |i:'*-s!(!c::r.-c!: v V".~.T ::i(-i-.'.-i:~c..: f^n- lluir inori'l^ii'S. Al!:-ii '.'.. lisirki-r. jiritml |i;-csidont. v-i^.. v -.,^ rx]i^-i<-i| ; o (-oiiu. 1 ^o (."'i-.icn^o '/•r i.'ii^ i.-ici'iitijr, \v. ni in Vi'nslniifnnii ir,;-;('!i(l. I.ons-tlisln'iC'i 1 ich'pliniie nies- sn;/iv- f;-(Yi:i liim sa'.il thai ho ivoiilil iin- nii'ilinii'ly i'nlci- iniri t!n % WMKC :idjust- nii'in proceediiijis \vi1h the pr:i!id ofli= fcrs »f (iiht-i- hihur oi-g:inix;ilioi]s who an; no\v in NVu^lii'.n.'lnn. Six Killed as i rain Hits Auto. Bremen. Iinl., Ihii'cl) '.'<. —i-'-ix persons wore Uilluil wl'i'n « ".iitnu.v bus" in \vhlfli tiipy \voi-<- fidiiiK. «-;i>- struck by a piissoncor train nt a crossing- hero. Tlie drivpi- atteinptoil V: <.-ru.So in front of tin 1 train. Keeps -ir Stove Shining Bright Gives a brilliant glossy shine that does not rab off or dust off—that anneals to the iron—that lasts four times as long: as any other, Black SilkStove Polish Is ia a class by Itself. It's more from better materials. TVy it on yoar parlor Btove,your«ook stovo. or yoor gaz nuigo. If Tim don't End ft ever nsed, ^oar hardware or grocery dealer is fund nioney /-' . p— -. - . • . - , .^B».,p-*--«im^.^™-.— - t • . ^ A delightful selection of fine > Turkish and Domestic tobaccos, harmoniously blended in an en^ tirely nfew and exclusive way. . * v The blend is based on ow private formula—the outcome of ' many years of experiment. And the final result has justified theT time and money spent For eer-t: tainly, Chesterfields Jo "satisfy."^ i But don't take our word for'..-. it. Smdke Chesterfields today ? and find out for yourself. _^^s^j The special moisture- proof package keeps Chesterfields firm and fresh, whatever the weather. URGES NEWSPRINT ' ECONOMY Washington Official Asks Newspapers to Use 10 Per Cent Less Because of Shortage. Washington. Mni-ch 0.— Steenei'son of the lionsi> postomcf committee has written 'io\vsp:ipor publishers, cn-lllng attention to ilip conunir- tee's reiinost (h.-it-. thpy-'rciiiicp nnn . iii!w.-'iii-in o sictite i •sur,!]..rii>i! cause nf TJi:? |>ii. int'oj-inatiim as in psiper oi'insuii:(.'(I by th'. moHtlis ending March 1 the Kan'io jierinfl the ycni-' -& ' 111f ^ ^'^ .ire reminded Ili.-if riie <; \f'-'(fi\'<?.. '.Ynr! before it various ViUs ' owiinitlfe "fin's size (if pubiiciuions i><- '» 'restvlct t'Kh per shortage 1 . eoi&ze 'of Vlie "pii.; /•"! ' .' ..-"* '." '. '•'' • "K!DK"\P TRYST" IN MEXICO 10' JO'lilt of. 'the four Family- Oh surel Let's ail lauqn> &'a r rranza Officials Uncover "Co-Opera- 'live Association" .\Vor!::ng in North Border Stctts. Wiisliinsldii. March 0.-—Piscpverj' ot •"a "co-operative kidnaping association," IiavJnjr for its puvpiMJo "thtt. kidnaping and holding (or ransom of foreigners, preferably Americans,", is. nnnoiinced "oy Hie Tuoxlcan roi-Si-n oKce, ai-'cord- ing (« advices front Mexico City. ..•'JChe annouimenieut says this "uniqXi©'- company" is,j)iarte- yp-oi Mexicans a'ftd' Americans on the-.border,- Hiis sfate-- uietn being basett on- reports from'Vart-- ous consular nfffaers.-. The foreign office says the "iissoi-hition" also is' engaged in "ihi- ignoble -task' of creating: trouble between the two-countries."

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